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i really hope you can help me because i feel it thanks


    iam studying english but i donn’t how to learn,how to listen,and how tolearn about seaking


i really hope you could help me with the past tense regular verbs ok see you soon as posible


Hi Hector

What exactly would you like to know about the past tense of regular verbs? If you need help with the pronunciation of these verbs, you can check my other videos and you’ll find one there. If you need help with the grammatical aspect, I’ll try and record a lesson for you. Thanks for your suggestions!



    hi rebecca ,i want to know more about this sentense: he has got to be sleeping. please answer me teacher rebecca.


    could you please tell me what can i do to speak english fluently a


      hi asmaa Um Egyptian too , if u wanna to chat with me to improve our english together its okai Azab.zeuz@fb.com


    hi rebecca, i really hope you coul help me with my speaking, is very difficult to me made sentences.


    you are so kind


Hi Mrs Rebecca

I would like to thank you for your lessons. It is very useful for me. I hope you can give us some lesson about how to use some of the verbs such as “make “, “get” and “take”. sometimes It make me confuse.


    Hi freindship,

    Yes, sure, I will create a lesson on make and do and also on get and take. Thanks for your suggestion.

    Keep watching,



Madka UK (London)
I would like to thank you for your lessons. It is very useful for me. I hope you can give us so many opportunity, as u have given us before.

what i would like to say to u today is, thanks 4 your hardwarkind D – & Night and god bless u.

thank u

Mohamed Aden

    Thanks to you too Mohamed. It’s always nice to know one’s work is appreciated. All the engVid teachers will be uploading new videos regularly, so stay tuned and please tell your friends. It will enable us to produce more lessons for you. All the best to you, Mohamed.


Hi Rebecca !!
I’m passing the TOEFL next friday. I’m ready but I have an important question about the writing section. In fact, I’ve a problem making the difference between a two-sided argument and a one-sided argument I’ve a problem with the stimulus. I don’t recognize if we have to express the both sides or only one side !
Please help me !


    Hi Coco

    Hope this message gets to you in time!

    If the question tells you to discuss both points of view on a particular topic, then you need to present both sides, and then your opinion.

    If it simply asks you what you prefer, then just give one side ( your opinion) and substantiate it with reasons, details and examples.

    I hope this helps. All the best,



I would like to know a forms to how to do an essay

ricardo ricardo

    Hi Ricardo

    Please watch my video on How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay,where I present a kind of easy formula you can use to write a well-structured answer to any essay question. The same technique can be applied to any essay, such as on the IELTS.

    All the best to you,



Hi Mrs Rebbeca,

Im going to take the TOEFL to send my application form to a european University, but in the requirements says these: “including a TWE of 4.5 with the TOEFL test”. What that is it means? Do I need to do another test besides the TOEFL? And also I still have doubst about the scored I need to have an scored of 92 on the computer test, is the maximun score 120?
thank you in advance for your help


    hey YAZ,
    yes the total score in TOEFL is 120 and most of the schools with credibility in US (i dont know about eur) require a score above 90.( at least schools that i was applying)

    good luck,

    You may want to try a university in US too may be they require less total score. One of them is www . pdx . edu


    Hi Yazmin

    The requirement for a TWE score is referring to the older exam which used to exist called the Test of Written English, which was part of the older TOEFL exam.

    Now there is the new TOEFL iBT in most parts of the world. This is the TOEFL Internet based test, which includes a writing section anyway, so you don’t need to do a separate writing exam. Sometimes the universities don’t update the information placed on their websites. But if you write to them, they will tell you the exact minimum score they need on the TOEFL iBT. The highest score you can get is 120, which means you scored 30 in each of the four sections – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Sometimes, they also need a minimum score in one of the areas, such as writing.

    Hope this helps you.


my question is why english lang. have some words which letters are not heard ever but they still are there and that complicates the ability to spell words correct.(know,knife,unknown,etc) and also how do i know when to put the K and when not.I mean how do i know that i am not suppose to spell “knews” but i have to spell “know”.


dont take me wrong i have been in the university now for 3 years and i am able to kind of figure out when to put the K and when not but doesnt that look confusing for a foriegner ?

Thank you Rebeca,
You guys are stares!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Rita

    Yes, I understand it is frustrating that English is not perfectly phonetic. This fact does make English spelling much more difficult, until you begin to recognize the patterns, as you have started to do. Like any language, English has its quirks, and this is a big one.

    Good for you that you have begun to overcome your difficulties with this aspect.


hey my question are how can i learning english to prepare to the tofel exam???and how are the difficult of the tofel exam???

bob chalhoub

    The TOEFL is quite difficult, because it is usually used to judge which students are capable of entering English-speaking universities. The reading passages and some listening passages are from a first-year university level. This gives you some idea of the level of difficulty.


i m searching for free toefl practice tests from along time. but i didn’t get. will u ?
waiting for ur great reply

thanking you rebecca..


hi Mrs Rebbeca,
I’m newcomer, i have a nice to meet you. I hope you’ll help to teach me become good english, I’m vietnamese so I can’t hear and speak good english because I never speak with foregn. you help me. thanks much. I see your reply


    Thanks for writing from Vietnam.

    There are many ways in which you can improve your English. Keep reading, writing, listening and speaking whenever you can. Use the many online resources available for ESL/EFL students.

    Glad our lessons can help you.


Hello Rebecca ! how are you !

well this is a wonderful and helping web site for all the persons (like me) who´s native language is not english. Thank you =)
Rebecca, next saturday I´m going to present the exam Toefl ibt. I already present it, and I got a very low score in the reading section, so please can you tell me some tips, so I can get a better score?

Thank youuu =)

Laura (panama)

    Please check the “Good Luck TOEFL” website for tips on each section of the exam.


thank alot I wish you always help us by teeching on line please tell us about present parfict tence.

said tariq

    Hi Said. James has recorded a lesson on the Present Perfect Continuous, and it will be uploaded to the site soon.


I like this video a lot. I knew some about Toefl test before but not clear like this. Thanks a lot, Rebecca.


    Glad I could help.


Hi Rebecca,
I saw your class on http://www.engvid.com and I am impressed very much. And you have replied to all of your commenters very politely and your class is also very polite and effective as well. Actually I want to go to the country like Canada, U S A, U K and Australia but my English is very poor and my Acedemic qualification is also only Intermediate passed. So how can i be able to get a good marks in TOEFL or IELTS and go to such a good country for my further study? And I hope that you would suggest me which course to study between TOEFL and IELTS. You are the one who could help me.
I would really be appriciated with you if I could have got a suggestion.

Rabin (From Nepal, currently in U A E)

    Hi Rabin

    First, thanks for your kind feedback. It is much appreciated.

    Second, I have just released a new video lesson exactly for you – it explains the differences between the TOEFL and the IELTS. It should help you to weigh the pros and cons of each exam.

    Third, improving your English is a goal you can definitely achieve, especially if you are motivated, as you sincerely seem to be. There are many actions you can take on your own such as working on your reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and so on. Watch the videos on our website as well as many other online learning lessons.

    Decide which exam you need to take and then start working with one of the pre-IELTS or pre-TOEFL guidebooks on the market. That way, you are improving your English, in the context of preparing for the exam. Longman’s TOEFL iBT guidebook offers easier materials to start working on the TOEFL exam, for example.

    Besides that, the best advice is to find a really good teacher and / or school to help you make steady progress in this direction. That way you will be able to keep up your motivation, as well. Consider taking private lessons, if your budget permits, but always monitor the progress you are making. If you feel you are stuck, choose a new teacher. Each instructor will be able to help you in his/ her own way.

    I wish you all the best. Let me know how it goes.


hi Rebecca
first of all i would like to thank you for all your efforts that you have done and you still do : really i appreciat all that
and which i m concerning is that really i have a big problem with writing as to know if you want to write an essaye or writing you always think about your mother language so please tell me
how can i make better writing without translating my mother tongue to the target language
to sum up please give us some advices about translation
thanks rebecca and all teachers


Hi Rebecca

Thank you very much for your learning videos materials, I am really fascinated with them. I have entered the toefl ibt exam one time before, and got score of 75. The main problem with me is that during the exam, I usually, miss some details in the listening section. Would you please help me to enhance my concentration and my skills in the listening section.

Thank you again for your help.

Best wishes,



    Hi Ahmed

    To do well on the listening section of the TOEFL, you have to learn not only to understand the accents, but also to take very good notes. Taking notes keeps you focused on the listening. I know it’s challenging to write and listen at the same time, but if you practice, you will certainly improve.

    Also, work through as many practice tests as you can, using the Delta or Barron’s or Longman’s TOEFL guidebooks.

    I wish you all the best.


Hi Rebecca! How are you? Well first of all I simply want to thank you for such helpful material about the TOEFL exam. There were a couple of things which were absolutely new for me and are, of course, so valuable to know. Second, there’s a question I’d like you to give me more details on. Several years ago, I took the FCE exam from Cambrigde University and passed it successfully. Now, I find myself in a situation of having to take the TOEFL, so I was thinking of using the same material I used for the FCE to prepare this one. Do you think that would be a good idea? Besides, I am currently very busy and almost have no time to attend lessons, so I’m just planning to “prepare myself”. I have been listening to a lot of lessons from this page and many others, and I also did a free sample of TOEFL at the EST web page. Do you think that will be enough?
Thanks very much for your help, and hope to get your answer asap!


    Hi Hernan

    Each English proficiency exam is different and it’s really important for you to work from the right materials when you are preparing for your exam.

    Even if you’re studying on your own, please get hold of either the Delta or Barron’s exam preparation guides, which will help you prepare for each section of this demanding exam.

    Also, I’m not sure which country you’re from so first make sure you will be doing the TOEFL iBT and then choose the appropriate exam preparation guidebook.

    Complete all four sections of the model tests in these books and they will give you a good idea of where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

    Also, FCE is a test of British English and the TOEFL tests American English used in an academic and campus context. You need to be used to the accents too.

    All the best to you!


hey there ,
i would like to know, how many part is for listening and speaking .

thanks for your help


Hi…i wanted to know whether its okay to use british spellings for the toefl ibt?Does it make a difference if i use british spellings and not amercian?

CFC 08

    You can use British spelling or American spelling, but whichever style you use, stay consistent throughout your writing.

    Hope this helps.


i want to know how to make exam toefl on internet?
is there any fees on it?
many thaks


There are practice exams available through the official TOEFL website. You would need to check them out. Why not try doing the many practice exams offered in TOEFL guidebooks? They can also help you know where you stand.

The official exam is done online in most countries, but you must register for that and go to the appropriate exam center in your country.

All the best, Amar.


Useful information, I hope that I’ll pass TOEFL. But now I don’t know when exactly will do it. :) Thank you!


Hi Rebecca,
Hope you are well. I can’t take notes while I’m listening. I used to use my long term memory. But I don’t know whether it is better to look at monitor or my front paper when I’m listening. Which way is better?
Please help me to know.
Thank you very much


Where should I submit my TOEFL writing for review and comments?


hi Rebbeca, your toefl videos was really wonderfull for like us…
I have taken toefl ibt exams four times but it was not good mark.
score rang was in line of 50 … which was not good and I need 80 in
ibt toefl exams to get admission, so is that possible to me acheive me 80 score in interval of one month or what section/part i should focus…
plz help me…


Thank you very much Mrs Rebbeca,

You are a very dignified woman.

Thank you for this information


HI Rebeca,

what is the best way to prepare for TOEFL iBT test? I suppose that you will answer … pay for some preparation course.
What if I want to study by myself?
Thank you for your response.


Hello Rebecca, I was wondering what’s the score to pass TOEFL? How many points to I have to get? Thanks

Simona Stefanakova

Hi, Rebecca
I liked your explanation about the Toefl Test. Thanks a lot for all the tips you’d been given through this online classes.I will keep them in mind in my next Toefl Ibt test, Thank U ,All of U are very Kind to help us to understand English. God bless U all. Grey.


Mrs Rebecca , I hope that I’ll pass TOEFL. But now I don’t know when exactly will do it,and is there any fees? :) Thank you very much !


Dear Rebecca,
I have one question regarding TOEFL IBT test/Listening part.Do you have an idea and easiest way to take important notes?I’m very fast,but sometimes forget to take important notes in hurry.
Many thanks in advance
Best regards


Hi Miss Rebecca

I had my TOEFL exam few days ago. Well, I had some problems in some parts, even though I didn’t give up.

Actually, my question is that how bad would it affect my score if I failed in giving a full response on 2 questions in the speaking section ?


hello mam,
i am living in india.
going to complete my bhms next year.
i am finding course to be done which will help me to do job abroad.
i am going to take the toefl test.
can u please tell me why is it essential for me to take the test..
what will be the fees for it?
is der any placements available?


Hi,Ms Rebecca,
I would like to express my unlimited thanks to you all for your wondeful assistance and efforts.I like you to give me precise information and strategies about how to be a good teacher.Thanks a lot.


hello Ms Rebecca!My name is Rohan.I belong to the country India.My English is not so good but still i want to give the toefl test so that i can study abroad especially USA.There is some question about the toefl test i.e.,(1)How many times do the toefl held in a year?
(2)How much scores is needed to study one of the best college in USA?
Mam please help me so that i can qualify toefl test.

Rohan khare

Mam there is also one question.Is toefl is for undergraduate students because i am class 11 student in india and i want to give the toefl test after class 12 board exam.

Rohan khare

Hi rebeca
I’m going to canada and I need TOEFL degree for university.can U tell me what score do i need? can U give me some information?
thank you so much


when can i again go for toefl exam ,when i did ot qualify in the 1st attempt.
how many days gap is needed


Hi Ms./Mrs. Rebecca,
Could you define “non-native speakers of English” a little more? As far as I know, a native English speaker is a person who learned English as his/her first language. What if I learned English and another language as my first language? Should I just wait till I get notified to take the TOEFL (if that ever happens) or should I just take it anyway?


Where can I fin a list of TOEFL idioms.


hi ! Mrs. Rebecca i’m newcomer, i hope you can help me for inhance my english in speaking, tell how can i get it ! i’m an Indonesian sorry my english is not good, please help me i interest english very much. thanks . . it’s nice to see you . . .


I just took the toefl exam today and I have to tell you it was hard. I had no idea how much comprehension was in it and how difficult it was to talk into a microphone when you only get 15 seconds to collect your thoughts!


I hope China will unblock YouTube in the future. For now, you will need to use a free proxy server to view our lessons from China.


Dear Rebecca,
I would like to recording special thanks to you for this lesson .so i want know how to wirte correct sentences. thanks again for your effort with us.
with regards
yours sincerely,


HI my teacher my name mariwan and i want take toefl which way is better for success in this exam and which book is better for toefl…thanks for u Dear My Teacher…

Mariwan Ahmad

Hi I am Amani. I did the Toefl exam before and i got 75 from the first time.Is that a good score ? is it better to do it again or not?
I need your advice…


hi amani
that is good score from the first time and i want u r explanation about this exam
i am mahmoud

ma7moud eljoker



thank you for your time to teach us


HI Rebecca,
I have recently attempted toefl. In the last question of reading section I was unable to press ok.
Will toefl consider my answer to that question or not?


Hi Rebecca,
I am really thankful for your english course.I am in intermediate level and I wonder if it possible with my level to take the toefl.If yes,how could you help me to achieve my goal?


Hi. Ms. Rebecca,
Thank you for this information.
I have a question: How many scores to pass toefl ibt?


i want to give toefl test


Hi,,Ms.Rebeca…thanks for your lessons…but i have aquestion about have,has and had in the tense i have a problem..in the speaking…actually i know the mean of the Have but when i speak with the people i don’t know how can we use it….best wishes..


Thanks you madam, i like your way explained in this clas


hii… i m jayesh from India.. I have 75 in toefl ibt test..is it very low score for admission.. can u tell me universities which i can apply on this score.. Thank you

Choco Boy

This is really great to prepare for Tofel Test, thank for this team.
Dr. Ahmad Rababah


    Ahmad why you have profile here??


can u explain about different between IELTS and TOEFL..???


Hi, Miss.Rebecca , which type of Toefl is good for the euorpean colleges iBT or iPT? Thankss for your lessons :)


txx a lot rebecca, especialy for the lessons


hello Rebecca,
my name is hayat and im from morocco , i took this online level english test and they said i should be preparing my self for the “Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)” and they said also my level is 6 .
i didn’t understand what they are trying to say , i hope you will answer as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot for what are you doing because it helps a lot of people :)


sorry but i forgot to say that im going to take the TOFEL test next month, i need it so i can continue my studies abroad and i really need your advice


really i like ur lectures. dear i want to lean about graphs. ability of graphs in to word.


Hi Rebecca.
I am really happy to discover this website. I never
studied grammar and now I want to improve my English,
my grammar.
I prefer all the time interactive websites.
This engVid is amazing. I like it.
Hope to be able in the future to be a teacher here:).

If you know more fun methods to improve grammar I’ll
be happy to know its.

See you soon!


I like your vedios and i need vedios on tenses.can you please help me



first of all i would like to say regarding your vedios really it it is very useful for our daliy conversation aind also i apprciate you to prepare Tofel test program and have shown the best way also i would like to pass Tofel tes if i have studied impresively obsolutly i would have passed the test .again i appriciate you the help with all students inCanada
Best regards



My dear teacher, Hello

hope to be fine and sounds good,

I would like to say you many many thank to show the good way for our learning English ,one of the best way to learn English is vedios really it is very intresting for me to pronunce and get expreince and improve my English I apreciated you and proud of you to help students to learn English.I want you to have long life and good health save and sound and away from any risk.

With the best wishes



He dear teacher
glad to listen u coz i have lot of knowledge…
i have no word to say u thank ..
ur invaluable work can only be awarded by God only..

Hassan Hasni

REBECCA i looooooooooove you you are a great teacer ,thank you for all your lessons


I would like to know how the points are awarded on each question in each section. please resposd as fast as possible.

vijay kumar

hello. I’ve got a quistion. How to make toefl’s exam. I don’t know about that Please answer me. Help?


thank you for this lesson
god blesses you


it is the most helpful site ,i ever saw ..


Hi Rebecca ,i actually would like to have an acknowledge of evaluating method of four different section.
i hope your response
and what about any idea of selecting us graduate college that fits with our gre and tofle score…
plese explain that i should be concerned about while choosing right college for my field” \Electronics and communication”.
Thank you.


Hello i really need some help how to write a philosophy essay is so complicate for me can you make a video


my score in toefl ibt is 92 out of 120.if i teke up toefl exam again and score less than this will that be considered or that in which i scored more?


why are u repeating what is on the ets web site? Your information is not necessary. I got th einformatgion within 3 minutes on line while you natter away . Disappointing presentation all aimed at turning a buck oln line

Toefl man

i got a score of 1650 at the sat do u think i can get about 90 in the tofel ibt ??


hi ! i will take toefl ibt sooner .and i must improve my writing section can you help me


ma’am i want to study abroad..
but that college need TOEFL 585 and IELTS 6.0
it’s very hard i think..
can you help me?


dear Rebecca,

actually i am from Sri Lanka. very first i would like to appreciate your teaching style. it is really interesting and touching. i completed my B.Sc Administration special degree and hope to read my MBA in a country like USA or Australia. but for that i need to get good marks for IELTS or TOEFL. but most of the USA universities request TOEFL marks. my problem is i can use and talk English in a manageable way but i want to speak English fluently. i followed some courses also but didn’t get any effective results. so pls give some guidelines. what should i do to overcome this matter? thanks


Hi im Abdoussalam damash I realy apreciate your lesson the you explain makes me understand.but I need your help sometimes I confuse to explain my students CAUSATIVES SENTENCES. sincerly yours Damash A

Abdoussalam damash

I want to know what is the Tofel exam out of?yes please tell me your answer will be much appriciated !Thanks !


how i can achieve high score in TOEFL ibt and my exams in 12/17


I am really pleased with you all for giving us a chance to watch free english classes.


hi Rebecca
how I can learn about TOEFL iBT, I will have atest on February, I just have a month to prepare my self..can you give me some suggests???

Juni trinita

hello Madam,
this is best site to learn English language. I would like to know about concept of preposition,gerund, infinitive and complex sentences ……
use of even , though yet,as if and lest.

Thank you
I hope next tutorial would be one of them.


i want to thak the team of engvid, because they make the english, easy and funny.
thank you again


Hey, thanks a lot for the excellent explanation. I didn’t know what it was either and was curious.I appreciate your making the time to educate us.

lawn maintenance bloomington in





Very nice videos!


thanks it is nice video


thank you very much


thanks alot


Hello Rebecca,
In this video you said a word that means every letter of TOEFL stands for a specific word. I wanted to know what that word is as I was not able to get it.
I hope you understood what I mean to ask.


millions thankx not enough
let me kiss your hands


As you Mention in your session that in TOEFL reading section sometimes ask more than 3 section which them we have to attend to get score?

Dhaval sagar

Thank teacher for your advice. i am very love it.


Hello Rebecca :)
I would like to know in detail about the writing section on the TOEFL. i have watched your videos on the structure of the essay and essay patterns, but i would like to know some key phrases which i could use when writing my essay. Thanks a lot! :)


Hi Rebecca
First I’m gratitude for your consulting. Would you please send me a file of listening that ask in international english exam?
Second, as you know in speak division, there are the same question that questionerer ask everyone, for example, inroduce yourself ,….
tell a good answer of it.
Thanks alot
your fan

hassan khanaki

Hi,Rebecca, first of all, thnaks for your lesson preparing for us and I have a question about toefl’s score. I received a toefl exam and I took fifty eight point but it is not enough for me I should take seventy nine and I do not know how I can improve this score. Help me !! My writing score is 17 Reading is 17 Speaking is 14 and Listening is 10. Help!! Thank you :D


hi, I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS ONE OF THESE QUESTION WHEN i say some thing IN english language I FILL NERVOUS and make a lot of mistike so please give me a good way to reduse that and thanks

abdullah sabah

Hello ma,
If I am unable to answer 10 questions out of 42 in the reading section, is it still possible I get up to 20 out of 30 in that section? Seun


Hi Ms. Rebecca. When asking using did, do and have, what should be the next verb? Is itregular, past tense or past perfect tense. Please let me know. Thanks


Hi Rebecca,
I am from India, and I have already taken my SAT general reasoning test. I got 2100 on the paper. I wanted to know if it’s necessary for me to take the TOEFL as well? can i be exempted from appearing for the TOEFL?

Lavanya Singh

i have a question .
can i give toefl exam to graduate in any subject or only english?
can i apply for the exam if i am 17 years old?


can i give toefl exam when i am 17 years old?
can the exam be given to graduate in any subject or only english?
i think you can help me .
thank you!


Hi, i need to learn more about INTEGRATED ESSAY for the TOEFL . could you post any video about it? thank you


I have a question. I took the toefl (the paper based test) and my score was 500. the university requires 530 minimum.So can you give me some tips to improve my listening and reading as well as the structure section please.When I listen I fell that I am lossing the track and I can’t remember anything because I can’t take notes.Please help me with these three section.
Thank you so much for your help,


Hello all.. I enjoyed a lot this site and this video too. Would you like to meet on the internet to chat through the Skype? My skype is renan_guava_goiaba
**Remember: We have to practice


Hello. Please i need your lectures on TOEFL IBT. Thanks,


hello i really need your help in writing Essay when my teacher asks me to write down an Essay about a specific topic i loss my memory i can,t get idea soon and i upset about it…SOS


Hi all . I’m a new member with you . I want to ask if there are online classes here . If yes, i wanna to be with you during this year in your toefl class . Thanks


thank you at first for the illuminating advices.
I wonder what is the process that I shall follow to teach English overseas as a foreign speaker. In detail I’d like to know what kind of certification I need to get (TOEFL first and after TESOL?)


I am English teacher , these works are very good every one can learn English through videos congra


Hi Rabecca,

Thanks for the wonderful video. Im preparing for toefl so as to join a German universality for my post graduation. I would like to know which are the study materials I can refer to ( books/ CDs can buy online) for toefl preparation. And please let me know the marking scheme for toefl IBT as well.



Hi All
I have a question about language requirements from many universities.
One example, universities often say: English requirement is Toefl iBT 100 with individual elements: R-18, L-19, S-20, W-19. If I add this scores together it gets equal 77 point.
My question
If I have 77 point for Toefl iBT, is it enough to apply for this course, or I have to gather 100 point at least to satisfy this requirement?
Please answer me.


Hi i just planned to write a toefl test in online.. but should i have to pay money for writing this test? And how long should i have to prepare in order to write this test?


Hello Rebecca i wanna know how to present a TOEFL and Where to present it because i need it a lot.Thank your for or Soon Answer Rebecca.Be blessed for your kindness.


sorry if you find this question irrelated…. waiting for your reply.. thanks


Thank you for your efforts


thank you


Thank you Rebecca, very interesting tips


My Dear Teacher :)
I took your gave “www.goodlcuktofel.com” although there is lot of on the white board.
Thank you so much…

Nihal TÜRK

Hi dear teachers
i would like to ask if i write an essey could you pleas correct it for me and give me a hand to improve my writing skill,because i really need to improve that.i will be wait for any kindly help you yours.
all the best


mam, I am very poor in listening. I can’t understand the listening lecture, can you please give me some tips for listening section


hey Rebecca,i am from Egypt at engineering university and i am in the second year so ,i want to ask ur advice about should i take toefl now or when i finish my university and the last one question what is the period of preparing for toefl exam…….thanks alot


I was wondering if you talk about collective nouns and the verb usage. I still confuse when I should say “My family is” or “my family are”…
Could you please help me?! Thank you very much!


Thank you, Rebecca!


Hi Rebica,
My name is Souzan I was wondering if I could have your contact info like email or mobile?

waiting for your reply
Thanks in advance


Would you be able help with SAT?


I teach English (starting TOEFL prep class tonight)and wish to encourage all learners on here to keep studying and to enjoy it. Some of the best advice I give my students is to take note of the tense questions are asked in and simply respond using the same tense:
“What are you doing?” “I am studying.” -present continuous.
“What did you do?” “I studied.” -past simple.
“What will you have been doing…?” “I will have been studying…” -future perfect continuous.
Think about grammar, but don’t worry about it.


thank you for the web site


I really enjoyed this video. Thank you Rebecca!!


Thank you , necessary information to know .

Seddek Nadhem

Thank you.

Abdul Qayum

Thanks a lot.


Hi my name is Serge and I’m in desperate need of help! I’m about to take a TOEFL iBT test in about 3 weeks and unfortunately


    I don’t know how to study for such an exam I really need some help


Rebecca. First of all CONGRATULATIONS for you job here! my students love your classes. We wish you could record this video again because the video and specially audio quality are too bad. Could you do that for the sake of everybody who loves you? :-)))))))).


really exciting lessons , i like the way that you teach English and i Can do all practice correctly


Thank you very much.it is very useful


Hi Rebecca, I want to learn speaking and writing an essay in toefl exam I’m just worried about these two things. Would you please guide me for doing best in Toefl


Hi Rebecca , I want to learn writing skills and reading skills will you please guide me
Thank you


After watching this video I started to feel more confident and encouraged to take the TOEFL exam. Thanks a lot Rebecca.

El Linguista

10 out of 10.
Hello Rebecca.I wish that all people in the world speak English the way you do. you’re an amazing teacher. thanks for your efforts.


Dear Rebecca,
Subject very interesting. I will go on the site ETS for more information.
Yours sincerely.


Hi Mrs Rebbeca,
I would like to get TOEFL test in some months and I need to keep up my English.
I like Your video lessons.


hi Rebecca am glad to watching your videos, and very thankful for you. now could you please explain us about integrated writing task? how can we get high score on this section, i really have no ideA

Mini Mouquet



Hello I’m from Kyrgyzstan Mrs.Rebecca I want to prepare to Toefl Ibt exam and how can I prepare, how can I get information, please help me


Great. Thank you very much Mrs. Rebecca. :)

Halifia Hendri

Thank you
so helpful

Asmaa Naciri

hello everybody first thanks for your video so i have an interview next week in embassy but i have no idea what can i do ?




Thank you!


Thank you so much!


Thank you Rebecca ,this is very helpful and useful all non native English speaker like me who need to pass test!
I’m preparing my IELT Test,and for sure these two websites including one you mentioned in the video, will help me get a good score.However, I don’t know whether TOEFL&IELT test have the same structure??




You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you..

M kartal

Hi Rebbeca
Hope you are doing fine. I am soon goin got give TOEFL ITP EXAM so I wanted to ask you do you have any resources for TOEFL ITP EXAM.
Thank you

Soma Silver

Very good
Thanks dear Rebecca


Hello Rebecca,
Please what is the good choice between TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC for both academic purpose and professional if I plan to travel in Canada?


good luck for all


Thanks for the website!


Hello! ma’am rebecca I have a question, I was frustrating because my grammar really bad. how do I overcome this situation?


thank you verry much


thanks for that information



Mouhcine 223

What do it abut the Resources

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