I think it’s very useful for me. Now, I have been learning english, specially in conversation program. May you send it (video about english conversation) to my email?


Hi Indar. I’m glad you found the video useful. We’ll be uploading more video English lessons soon. Please let your friends know about our site.


    hii…rebeca i have a lot of questions to ask u , actually when we need to report something which happend in the past most of the people are making mistakes ..for instance he says “He is working in a factory”.when I report it to someone I think I must say he told me he was working in a factory but most of the people saying he told he is working in a factory.I didn’t get a good clarification from anyone yet,ther are saying written english and spoken english are entirley different and grammer is only using for writing not speaking.I am looking forward to getting a reply soon




    Hi, Rebecca, Thank you very much for your comprehensible lessons. The information you give is very useful.I am a teacher of English and i still want to improve my writing skill.
    I’ve read in one of your comments that the best way to do that is to write a lot and to have thw writing checked by a teacher. Actually, i feel the same. Therefore, i have a question: “Can you help me somehow?”
    Looking forward to your answer
    Thank you.


    Thanks Rebecca. It’s going to very useful for beginners like me.


Thanks for the useful video. I wish i could do it now.


    I would like to improve English Learning to prepare TOEFL or IELTS is how can I complete the grammar to success for the Exam.


hi rebecca, I found you in the best time. I have a toefl exam on may30th.08, I was wondering do you have any cd which you explained all the way to get high mark in the toefl exam in reading and listening and speakind … parts. I really need a teacher like you to explain everything for me, please let me know by mailing me and give me the price and tell me how can I get your cd if you have something similar to what I want. I forgot to tell you I live in Canada in toronto,on. One more thing is my main problem is in the reading and the listening part please help me if you can. thatbk you sooo much.


Thanks a lot Mrs.rebecca the video really helped


Hi Dear Rebecca,

I am very glad that I found this …It does help me a lot…I was always confused with my writing skill…I feel like I am lack of ideas and have almost nothing..Plus I think I am scared to the truth of my score after I wrote something..Do you want to suggest me something that can improve my writing skill ..I am considering to take the test in Oct-Nov….One more problem of mine is grammar,i guess…Unluckily I don’t live in the same city with you and we are not able to meet in person..But I still hope you can guide me thorough on internet…Thanks and look forward to hear from you…


Thank you everyone for the kind remarks. I’m happy that the lesson has helped you. I will be adding more lessons to the site in the near future.

Zar — have you checked out http://www.goodluckTOEFL.com ? That site has a lot of material that explains in detail the structure of the TOEFL exam and tips for how to do well in each of the sections. If you need more help, you can read the reviews of the various TOEFL guidebooks on that site and see which one would be best for you.


Hello Mrs Rebecca!
So glad to find your website,thank you so much for your great effort you are doing a good job.I like your clear and simple way of teaching your method is very attractive. I wish I had a such smart teacher like you.
thanks again and keep well.we are looking forward to seeing more videos from you.
Good luck.

Morrocan girl

HI I am Hassan I am pharmacist I want to emprove my ENLISH but Free


Hello Rebecca!

I hope this comment finds you well and your family too. I just came accross to your web site and I watched your Video in writing essays session and liked too much and now I feel that Writing a Essay for me is ‘just piece of cake’ after hearing your suggestions, advice, ideas….

I am really grateful to you and wish you a lot success in your up-coming involvement.


Respected mam,
Thankyou for giving the tips for essays formation, can you give me the lists of other topics essay formation.
I would be glad if you give me, they would really support me to score in writing section.


Hello Rebecca! :)

So nice to meet you and so nice to be aware of this wonderful site! Thank you, I (and I am sure everybody who know) appreciate your help and work!

I need to improve my academic English well, I am going to study English language and the literature and I have a proficiency exam to pass. Therefore, I would LOVE you to help me(and others who need) more in academic essay writing.

I have read about your individual lessons from skype, is it possible for you to check, score and feedback on our essays?

I am waiting for an answer.

I wish your heart never gets in trouble dear Rebecca :)



Thanks everybody for the kind comments. Hope all of you did well on your TOEFL exams, and especially on the essays. I’ll be uploading some more TOEFL and IELTS videos soon. Remember that IELTS videos can give you helpful pointers for TOEFL and vice versa.


I am very glad that I found this …It does help me a lot…I was always

thanks a lot


    Please see the comment below, Hakk. Thanks.


Dear Rebecca,

I’m a Vietnamese, I’m very like to learn English. I want to improve my english skills. I’m really happy when I discover this website. Can you share me how to improve my english. Now I’m downloading videos on the webiste to learn it. Please send me something if you think it’s helpful.

Bests and Regards


    Thanks to Hakk and Quy. Glad I was able to help you through the lessons. There are so many great online learning resources available today to improve your English. There are also magazines, books, CDs, DVDs, movies, TV shows, songs…not to mention English schools where you can learn the language privately or in a group, in your own countries, or in English-speaking countries.

    Many thousands of international students come to Canada every year just to improve their English, as an investment in their personal and professional future.

    Good luck to both of you and please tell your friends about our website so we can continue to produce more lessons for you. Thanks.


Hello Rebecca, I’d like you to know that these videos are VERY helpful for any student who is interested in taking the TOEFL test, or even to those that won’t take the test but still, are interested in improving their english.

I’d like to see more videos like these and I’m already visiting goodlucktoefl.com and finding it VERY useful and helpful as well!!!

Thank you very much!!!!


    Hey Rodrigo

    With feedback like yours, it is easy to be motivated to keep producing new lessons! Thanks so much for your comments and glad I was able to help you.

    We are working on more TOEFL lessons, which as you rightly said, as useful to many English learners.

    Will you be appearing for the TOEFL yourself?


thank you


Dear Rebecca,
Thank your for your teaching. I want to get TOEFL but I can’t speak, write, listen or understand well. But I think my goal is to learn english very well. I will be able to speak english well in a year than I’m going to study abroad. It’s my dream. I can do it.

Yours sincerely.


    Yes, Nandin, you have the right idea. Continue to improve your general English first and then you will be able to understand the academic English needed for the TOEFL.

    If you decide to study in Toronto, I would be happy to help you.


hi rebecca, I found you in the best time. I have a ielts exam on 4th of July 2009, I was wondering do you have any cd which you explained all the way to get high mark in the toefl exam in reading and listening and speakind … parts. I really need a teacher like you to explain everything for me, please let me know by mailing me and give me the price and tell me how can I get your cd if you have something similar to what I want. I forgot to tell you I live in Nottingham, United kingdom. One more thing is my main problem is in the reading and the listening part please help me if you can. thatbk you sooo much


    Hi Shakeel

    Glad I was able to help. We are working on the kind of DVDs you mentioned, but they’re not available yet.

    You could check my websites, where there are a number of suggestions to help you with each part of the TOEFL and IELTS exams:


    All the best!


thanks a lot…how to download this vidio


hi Rebecca,

my name is jude.

and i thank you so much for this english video lesson….

please can you send one english video lesson on my mail please? bj.jude@yahoo.fr

i would like to study english in your class, but too bad
i hope one day i will get an english scholarship from toronto to come to study english in your class….if you know something about english scholarship in toronto please Rebecca let me know.
my name is jude…
mail : bj.jude@yahoo.fr


HI Rebecca i am glad to see your web .now can learn english video lesson with you. so all the best for you and family


    Thanks kindly, and the best to you and yours as well.


Hi Rebecca,
I would like to thank you so much for this fabulous website. It is really helpful and you and your staff are more friendly, and each member has his fascinating way of presenting the lessons with the best manner. Thanks again and good luck with more motivating.



Hi Rebecca,
I’m sorry about wrote “each member” in the above comment it must written as ” every member”. Thank you



Thnx 4 all these videoes!!! They really help me alot when i prepare the TOEFL ibt test by myself


Hi Rebecca,

First of all, I want to thank you for this amazing videos!! Before watching them I was seriously scared of writing essays… These videos have showed me that I can even enjoy writing them!! I have one doubt: You have showed us how to state our reasons in the essay introduction ( Professional, Academic, Social…)Can I use ” Personal reasons” as one of my reasons? When I say Personal reasons I mean personal qualities of a person. For example, if I want to say that success has nothing to do with money can I say something like : ” ( intro) Success has nothing to do with money for personal and academic reasons… ( Body 1) Personal reasons such as qualities like responsibility and maturity are essencial in order to succeed in life”.

Thank you again!!


    So glad that you have started to enjoy writing essays. Whenever we have a key, it is much easier to walk through a door, isn’t it?

    In answer to your question, yes certainly you can use personally as one of the reasons. In fact, you can use any number of words like this to organize your ideas, details and examples into well-organized paragraphs. You can use “personally’ in the way you have mentioned, no problem.

    All the best with your writing for the exam and in life.


Glad all of you find the website useful.

We must actually thank Josh, who is the brain behind this website, and who puts in all the effort to make it a reality. Without Josh, there would be no engvid.

Hats off to you, Josh, and thank you from all of the teachers and students around the world.


this site is like vary vary good teacher for who want to learn english not a learn english but also fullentaly speak english.


I’d like to express my thanks to Rebecca and the very useful website. The lesson helps me a lot. Thank you ^^


Hi Rebecca
I am sorry
What is the different between “Will & Shall ” how to use both Please explain to me


thanks teacher I from Afghanistan i am very happy today to found this site teacher I working in Mazar-e-sharf international Airport I want to improve my English skills teacher could you send me some useful video to my email address I will be very happy thanks teacher


Hi Rebecca
I am Hossam I watched this lecture ,I think this is an good information because all the students have to take notes before they start to write essay this is an sufficent information.This year,I repare about how can I get 7.0 in Ielts.In the first trier,I have gotten 5.5 I know this is low grades but in the future I am gonna get 7.0 because I have an incidence for getting Ielts and I will arrive for that.I search about teacher to help me in getting Ielts exam but I didn’t find .If you have idea ,I wrote my email.Thanks so much about information.


Dear Rebecca,
Hi! I having problem on how to end my introduction and how to introduce my body in essay writing..like for example..For the Question which do you prefer to raise your children, in a country or city? My introduction would be something like..” I really enjoy the nature and friendly people when i was growing up in the country way back then, that is why I prefer to raise my children in the country for the following reasons.” -Rebecca, is this enough introduction for toefl IBT essay writng test. I will have my test on the 22nd of this month hope you could help me. Thanks.



Hi Rebecca :
so i’m just a new comer to join on this education it’s more utility to future language grade ,but i mising a lot of english becouse i’m mixed between work and english learning but alone there’s no quide to help me at now or already and that why i come more to internet till i find some classes or people have enough experince to given to other who are missing the helpful that what i have for now………..have a luck time in your work and i wish all people have respect and make a successful on their stuff with you and others bye


hello,Ms Rebecca
i’m glad to know this website and i love your lessons so much.i think it’s useful for me.i’m a student.and i’m really enjoy in learning TOEFL but i have a trouble about writing.
so,please,can you give me some advices about how to write an outline for an essay effectively?
thank you very much and i’m look forward to seeing your answering.


I really appreciated the video on how to structure the TOEFL essay and shall be grateful if you could help me with the structure of the discursive essay.


Excellent! engvid.com is most powerful site to learn English very easily. thanks a lot god bless you all………………………


I can’t see any video in this site, what is the problem? (How can i manage my adobe flash player to watch and download videos?)


    You need to be able watch YouTube to watch lessons on this site. Some countries do not allow YouTube (Turkey, China, etc.)

    Also update your Flash player and use a good browser like Chrome or Firefox.


Dear madam,
I would like to write a business letters,
but I am not able to do it.I Want learn writing a business letters. please help me how write and where i can get exampls. please let me know


thank you so much, it is really helpful i’m really glad from these lessons, but i need more videos specially the writing part..


hello dear stuffs. i have to thank you all for this amazing website it is really treasure for english pirates (like me lol). blv it or not i’m from IRAQ(kurdistan)and told all my friends about this pearl(your website). Wish you more success.thanks again

shvan jassim

Dear Rebeka
First of all, I would like to thank you for everything I have got from you. I got you at the critical point of my life.
Secondly, would you tell me how can I get TOEFL books for free? because My families can’t afford its price and buy me.
Thank you for everything!

Ketema Sileshi

very generous of you to upload such a brilliant lessons….they help a lot …..thanks again ….and Dear Rebeka your teaching is both interesting and knowledgeable….thanks for the videos…may god bless u…


Thank you for this useful video!

Iuliana Maria

ı am from turkey ı will cry really how can ı watch please help me.


    Please ask people in your country how you can access YouTube, and it will then work for you. Even the president of Turkey has said he uses YouTube!


Rebeca, Thank you very much for all the videos. They are so helpful!! I’m taking the toefl soon and I have a little bit of problem writting. Do you do any kind of tutoring online. I live in Houston. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you


Hi Rebecca
i’m a new comer to U.S and now i’m struggled with English Grammars. i want to improve my English so i can’t find any helpful video can you upload for me and video help me a lot so far, i’m looking for more video from you.

Best regard

Andy Kpa

hi.i live in iran. i want learn english and your website is very good and exceptional.in iran intenet conection speed very slow and i have promblem during watch video if you praper video for diect download obviated many problems .
thank you


Hi Rebecca Thank you very much for all the videos.
Now can learn English video lesson with you. so all the best for you and family.

Thank you


Hi rebecca…. I wanted to thank you for uploading such useful videos and i have my TOEFL next month and your videos really helped me in preparing essays..!!


Dear in charge ,
i was really hopeful to find some interesting and helpful teaching videos here to download , but unfortunately I can’t . would you please guide me where i can access some down loadable videos?
appreciate , Vahid from Iran.


    Our videos are only on YouTube, sorry!


i want to learn toefl help me


Dear rebecca,

My name is federico,

I would like to know if is it possible to state a key word that relate to why I do not prefer to leave in a small town instead of giving 3 explanations of why I prefer a big city.

for example I will chose BIG CITY because:
1) social reasons
2) education reasons
3) because I hate the isolation of living in a small town

Thank you !


Federico Mulas

hi my name is carlos and i really need help on how to make an essay i’m taking ESL 6A and i need to learn how to make an essay but i’m very frustaded i just can’t get it and i don’t want to withdraw this curse i can’t affort to do it i’m 38 years and i want to be able to graduate to from college, please help me.


dear rebecca. I am an english teacher. i have done sth for faster and deeper writing. would it be possible for us to keep contact by mail?


Thank you so much for your efforts
please,I need special videos for speaking.




I really love it! pretty useful to me~


hi i’m ousmane i’m planning of prepairing my TEOFEL exam on june.so i’d like you help me with your wonderful videos.thank you.

DIARRA Ousmane

Dear Rebecca,

First of all thanks for a helpful lessons. I have a IBT TOEFL exam on April 30th. My weakest point is writing. Is it possible to send you one or 2 essay to check and to grade. I think your comments will help me a lot. If yes, tell me how I can send to you.


hi Rebecca, I want to write an essay for a competition. the topic is “I shudder to think” . Can you please give some tips regarding this essay
What example can be taken to explain the essay and would i will be required to ask a question or not in this type of essay..???? plz ANSWER..!!!


Hi Rebecca,
I used to very confuse about structuring my essay. I could not qualify many essay writing test because I do not know structure my essay. I think this tutorial will be very helpful for me.


I am Narith. I am interested in this. I want to improve my english listening skill, how should I do to improve it? Can you share any kits regarding to english listening improvement? Thanks

Por Narith

Dear Rebecca
I’ve jointed this web site 3 weeks ago and actually it was very helpful for me to improve my English.I wish the Engvid.com website will be developing more in the future. Rebeca has a strong health, to keep up your teaching.
Thank you so much…




hi,Miss it’s pleasure to find a new frieds as u,realy your lessons are very wonderful,thnk u so much




dear Rebecca,
I am new in USA. I want to learn english. How way do you recommend me to learn english?


very good ;)


Hi from İstanbul, many thanks for sharing these crucial knowledge I will need them soon, good job, Rebecca.


Hi Rebbecca, thank you for your very useful videos. I’m from Vietnam. I learn french but I’m going to pass a TOEFL PBT not iPT. You know, it’s quiet difficul for a beginner like me :(, the reading part is too long, could you give me some advises for doing well this part. Thank a lot!


i hope useful from that


wow it can be taken as an example for any essay theme.
thanks a lot.


do you have online training?


Like your lessons

Kunthy Sok

Thanks for this wonderful site. I really like the way you emphasized your point of view right here.I learned a lot and I obtain much knowledge upon reading this.

classic football shirts

hi teacher …i don’t understand this lesson.{big city} i cannot see.I’m Mongolia.


Hi Professor
I really like your teachings and it also very helpful for the students who try to develop their academic career and language abilities. In addition,I also an ESL student, so your explanations are very clear.I know you have a lot of capabilities to teach other because some teachers have knowledge in variety, but they are unable to explain in lucid and simple way. I always bless for your teaching career and prosperous future. All the blessings be with you. Thank you Iam Dhampi


Thank you


Thanks a Ton! mam


Hi Rebeca
Congratulations! You teach very well. I am enjying it a lot.
I want to know what are the words that have the same spelling for singular and plural, like: deer, sheep, fish…..
I am Tarcisio from Brazil
Thanks a lot!


It was very intersting and I’ll aperciat you. So how can I find bigner and ……until advance plz help me to lean it step by step ..
thanks again FP KBL

Ghoulam Farooq

hello Ms.Rebecca!
For along time i dont study english carefully so i don’t know how can i get the correct english gramar,help me to study,step by step..


Tank you rebeca
please help me easy way of English language but not full confidence speaking any other person and other problem past or present or future tense is always complected speaking other person

Hi Rebeca

Firstly, thank u for teaching us ;)
I wonder if I find a source to learn these keywords which u mentioned. For example; academic, economic, historical, health, cultural and so on..
TCOY ;))


thanks alot for all these lessons
yours scincerly


Hi.I need help
I want improve my english language because I have toefl I need native speaker to be speaking all the time


Hi, Rebica i m an M.A English bt i want to improve myself more and more even to the extent where nobody can dare to do with me in English, plz keep guiding me with ur valued suggestions, waiting for ur immediate response


Thank u very much for clear explanation.


I’ve given 3 times toefl. I am getting good score i all the areas, my only concern is writing . I need excellent score in this area too, please help me.
Thank you


hi thank you for the Vid but i have a remark .why your lessons have noise on the sound and have less quality of filming .


hi rebecca thanj u for your great lessons.
engvids all the teacher is very good.
i want to study and improve my english in america.
i like engvid lessons.
can i get invitation from ur school.
i want study in ur school.
please help me.
thank u very much


I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

marketing and social media

plz make me leran structer of been to and how can i improve my english???????? plz reply


Hello Rebeca,
it is the first time l open this site, it is formidable,what l m looking for


thanks rebeca it sounds o useful


Hi, having found your website, I got happpy in order to get lessons . it is also mentionable to tell you; tjough I have studied English languge for many years, I can’t pass TOEFL exam. I hope that if you follow your teaching , I will pass it easily, so your are requested to help me more in TOEFL exam.
thanks alot.

Noor Ullah

hello from Georgia. thanks such a wonderful lesson.I think,it helps me improving my writing skills. Rebecca you are a great teacher.good job.


Thank you very much.
This video is really useful for me.


Hi Teacher,
I would like to know if you are offering any online toefl ibt classes for students who are interested to improve their writing, speaking, and reading skills. Please, let me know as soon as u can :))


Hello Teacher Rebecca. “I love your lessons; all brilliant”
Please: Can you correct to me this bellow little text?
Peace not is those than meet in places without problems; without hard job and without noises. But, it’s what allow to keep peace in our hearts, same in situations more difficult.



the video quality isn’t good, my eyes pained when i had seen the video x,x!


Thank you very much.


Thank You very much Rebeca , after this explanation writting en esssay seem to me very easy )))


Thank you for all materials. Can you also give information about writing task two.


Hello Miss Rebecca,
I have no words to thank you for such good tutorials.The way you explain things is so nice and easy.I would be giving my toefl test very soon and if I succeed,the credit would be all yours. Thanks again and May God Bless you.


hi there just wantted to say thank you i did my homewrok related to one of your topics thanks so much bye :-);-)


thank Teacher Rebecca i am from Afghanistan
and I wish to go america or Canada so wish to improve my TOFEL with best efficiency so can add me to get more information by you as i selected the TOEFL test i face with many problems because i wouldn’t, find the correct answer soon can you tell me the easy way for that.
i wish that you may please add me

SKYPE ID. muhib122


REALLY you are my favorite teacher here ,THANKS A LOT

haitham egypt

This video is really helped! Thank you so much :)


thank you so much for these videos


Its very much affective……. Thank u so much for the all teacher of engVid…




hi ..i want to thank you so much for these vidios really we are enjoying with it


thank you Rebecce….Very Very helpful tips


i don’t know really how i can thank you for this geast useful work , but i guess i get the right way to do :) is to lean and looking ahead to be as good as you :)


Hi Rebecca, You are a nice teacher. Please can you make a presentation on”how to write thesis and blueprints in 5 paragarph essay” Thank you so much for teaching.


thanks so much for useful video !


Thank you for giving us opportunities to leran more about this section. :)


Thanx for your great lession.
I always have great problem in coming up with good reasons to support my ideas!!!! maybe just because of anxiety!
Is there any good way to prepare some good reasons in advance or at least have some backup reasons?


Thank you for your wonderful videos. You are a fabulous teacher. I am so happy to have found your website.


Rebeca, thank you for your extraordinary lessons. I am six weeks away from my TOEFLtest and your videos have relaxed me because now I understand better the structure of the test.
However, I have one specific question about the Independent Writing Task. Does it require students to write a title for their essay? The Official Guide for the TOEFL test shows titles in its sample answers. Should I write it in my test?


Thank you for this good advice!




Dear Rebecca,
You are a down-to-earth sort of woman with no pretensions. I love all teachers of Engvid, but you are an exceptional one. you are a formidable figure who commands a great deal of respect, like the mother who only wants what is best for her children. Thank you indeed.


Thank you Miss Rebecca.


hallo teacher I am ashish Kumar, I should be write correct grammar essay plz help me.

ashish anand

thank you very much, your site is very useful, it provides a lot of lessons for free !


hi rebecca,greetings from peru,thank u for your help.I really need to take this such important test for my progress in the english language.I’m looking forward to working as an english teacher in a prestigious institute and with the toefl certificate on hand I can get it easily


Thank you so much for the helpful tip about writing independent essays :)


Thanks you.

Abdul Qayum

thanks so much for useful video !


Thank you very much! when I took the TOEFL iBT I was higuer in Writing section, I got like 20 points, I think I need to improve when there are two people talking about a topic; do you have an example like that? thank you so much! :)


Thank you so much!!

engvid the best!!


A meaningful class, thanks , I´ll need it for the TOEFL test ;)


State my preference.

Give reasons.

Support the reason with the examples or further details.

Lucas kang

Thank you so much for this useful lesson. But the words were not clear at all.

Ati ag

Your explanation was so clear.

Ati ag

I do like


Good afternoon Rebecca, my toefl test is scheduled for May 2nd, but I’m not well prepared for the writing section. Can I write an essay and send it to you? I’d like to practice and if it’s possible you can correct my mistakes. Thank you.


Dear Rebecca,
I discover what is a TOEFL test, thank you.
Best regards.


No quiz Rebecca?

chakim hamzah

This lesson is very useful to preparing for IELTS exam as well, thanks Rebecca.


Thanks for the techniques ^_^


I guess the planning is crucial. Thank you Rebecca for your advice!


Thank you so much, like always very useful information.

Marta Lopez

Thank you. This mind map will help.


THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!


how many body paragraphs do i need to write for the TOEFL?

Eun Ah Choi

Dear Rebecca,
I would appreciate if you could indicate your family name. The researchers who are interested in citing your videos in their research projects need your family name to appropriately indicate sources of information.
Kind Regards


Hello and warm regarding to all members of this site. madam i want to improve my writing and speaking skills how can i improve kindly guide me. thank you very much


¡Thank you so much!. This video is very useful.

Herlen Murieles

the best place to learn english in excelent level, ever! every video and lesson gives great info about how improve the language. Thanks so much!




here’re just seven days ago than learned -learning alone english through by account and the web and with your sit that i find useful so thank you finally i want to says everyone eveybody to all friends are in here
i’m happy to write some sentences it’s many words but it’s very import from me
thanks and thank you teacher

algeria country : (:


Hello Rebeca,

Thanks for your nice video. It’s really helpful.

saiful faisal

Thank you Ms. Rebecca!


Thanks Ms. Rebecca, this video was very important for my learning. God bless you.


it’s so good
thank you Rebecca
i am very like this kind of learning study english.


I watched the video twice on September 28.


I watched the video twice on September 26, 2021.


I watched the video twice on September 28, 2021.


Dear rebeca i’m in tanzania i want to know the use of than and then.

Nati akbar laoussati comedian

Hey rebecca.what can i do to increase my english?

Nati akbar laoussati comedian

hey .. thank you teacher rebecca for this lesson, i learned new basic rule

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