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thank you Ronnie and keep smiling and laughing !

Homophones in French : vert=green, verre=glass, vers=towards, vair=variety of fur, ver=worm and verse :))

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Thanks alot

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Great! Thank you, Ronnie!
Here is my homework. Do everybody hear?:)
-Do you know your weight? -Wait….No:)
If a girl eats a lot of sweets she will waste her waist.
Tom buries five berries every night.

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I remember Sheldon Cooper (in The Big Bang Theory) who, to comfort someone, said “There, there, there…”; but maybe he was actually saying “They’re, their, there…”

(oh my God, it’s so bad…)

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Thank you. You are the best teacher!!! =))

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I got 10/10 your lesson today is very useful and your explaination’s very clear so I can understand everything. Thank Ronnie a lot

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one question regarding ‘do – dew – due’.
Is this an alternative pronunciation?
I learned to pronounce dew and due
like ‘d-you’
Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot!!


There is a third homophone to so – sew. It´s sow: to put seeds in or on the ground so that plants will grow

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    Good point! Sow /səʊ/ also has a heteronym, sow /saʊ/ (rhymes with “cow” and “how”), that means “female pig”.

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Thanks you for your teaching

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Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9.


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Thank you so much!!!

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So, do you like sew? This question may confuse me)

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Loved this lesson-I can now see why I get confuse with pronunciation. I am not crazy it is probably just a homophone.

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100You got 10 correct out of 10.


I love it!!! :)

Ronie, Can we meat today in the lunch time to eat some meet? Rsrs… :)

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Thank you a lot Ronnie , it was so fun

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Thank you a lot!

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Hi, Ronnie!

Thank you so much! You are my favourite teacher. In a lesson at school, I did not understand this topic. Thank you for explaining!

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Even ( Thanks so much ) Not enough to your great efforts .. all of best wishes & regards Teacher Ronnie


Hi Ronnie your wordchoice is excellent and unbeliveable. I like it.

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Which music bands do bees love best?
the Bee Gees :))

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Sweet, suite
Mousse, moose
We’ll, wheel
Sea, see
Flew, flu, flue
Whole, hole
Coarse, course
Principal, principle
Mist, missed
bye, bye

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Thanks Ronnie!!!

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Thank you so much!!!8/10 ;)

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super cour

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thanks a lot for the great effort.

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Thanks a lot

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ThanQ it was interesting

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9/10 Thanks Ronnie, Excelent Class

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I love English language ,l really benefit alot through these online free lessons,thanks to the sponsors and supporters

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great teacher

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I turned pale when I dropped the water pail

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Really I like the way you explain

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I’ve got 10 of 10.It was easy and funny.Thanks a lot Ronnie !

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thanks a lot

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Thank you Ronnie you’re the best

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keep learning .thanks

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Thank you so much!

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thank you so much!

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Thank you Ronnie, I got 10/10 , You are the best of all the teachers that I have meet.

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Thank you

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thanks Ronnie , it was very nice
I got 90

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Hey Ronnie ! I got wrong about brake pedal question. I also looked it up on dictionary. I think that question was wrong. ? Because you can brake pedal and break something.. you cant just break pedal..?

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thank you teacherr¡¡¡

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Ronnie, you’re a great educator.

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Your English pronunciation sounds very sincere to me.
For this reason, we can watch you comfortably.

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It’s super Ronnie

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I was confused about the words “horse” and “whores”

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Ronnie you are my favourite teacher!! you are so funny!!:) I enjoyed every lesson. Thank you very much.

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We reap what we sow

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I saw my son holding a saw. is it correct ?

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Nice class! thanks a lot!

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I just want to say thank you so much to Ms Ronnie :”)

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100 ponits

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