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very good

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    how is it possible?

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    Thank you

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Love you Ronnie! Thanks & regards from Venezuela :)

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    I remember you two were not the first?
    maybe a miracle or sth else

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      hi nice too know you

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Great lesson, thank you Ronnie!

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    I like your teaching style. It was very good lessons thanks Ronnie

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i like it, to be succesful in life we have to be confident

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Light comes after darkness

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    Ohh kotoz this time u missed.
    I hope you get this position on next lesson.

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      Ty kindly o’sayed
      I hope u will be the first next time
      Good luck
      Best wishes

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thanks ronnie!! you are great

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you so much!!! I love your lessons :)))

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    same here

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thank you, I love your class.

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Nobody teach like you.

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Hello everyone! The most impressive tip for my future confidence was showing the copybook! Every time I watch the videos I thought: “They are so gorgeous while teaching. I’ll never be like them! NEVER!” I know every lesson aren’t the improvised, but prepared. But now we were shown how much prepared! So, Nata, study more! Thank you, Ronnie

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Thankyou ronnie.Now i feel more confident😊

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    could you please tell me how your language is Persian ? whereas you are from Canada???

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    me too …this lesson was perfect .

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This is not an English course, but a real surviving course!
I think I’m going to show it to my adolescent daughter, this video is a real treasure of keen tips.

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Thanks Rooney! I learn a lot from you

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    Roonie not Rooney !
    Rooney is a football player ;)

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Great,Thank you,ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie ^_^

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yes 90% quiz! thanks Mam :D

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Thanks Ronnie , you are good teacher !

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This Vedio is very nice and easy to understand..

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Great! Thanks! I want to ask you to make a lesson about american people’s names and their short forms like William is Bill for short. And one more favor about the lesson with using the word “fancy” as a verb. Thanks a lot for your lessons.

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thankyou bonnie … i can understand what you would like t tell us .. be confident.

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9 out of 10 , thanks Ronnie . as u mentioned u r weird

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Your tips are so simple and so awesome at the same time! You are someone that I would like to be close! Thank you for the motivation video!!!

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Ronnie, you are beloved – thank you so much! I am a little shy but now, I am more confident. Thanks for your tips – now them have to put into practice ;) My regards! – and I wish you smile and joy of life :) P.S. I have got 10/10

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Thanks, precious tips

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knowledge is power
the more you practice the better you become

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    Hello bro, I am from Iraq

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      Hi, good for you!

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You’re great!

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Ronnie, you are so funny, I really like your style.. See U darling!

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I am lucky, because you are my teacher.I hope i can come to Canada to meet you and say thank you very much teacher Ronnie, you make more confident.

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Hi Ronnie! I really like this lesson! It help me to realize the reasons for my lack of confidence when I need to talk with other people in English. Thanks!!

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Ronnie, I love you! Thank you for your lessons :)

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Madam Ronnie I’am sorry! I wanted to be the first one to give the comment but I had attended my English examination today and so I couldn’t reply or comment the first!
but your teaching was very cool as you do every time!
thank you ssssoooo much for such a cool lesson, and I ‘am talking in English with my friends confidently! only due to the lessons I learn’t, am learning, in engvid and I would learn English in future …..
this is all because of engvid crew or faculties…..
I heartly thank engvid!

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    That’s a pretty good reason to not be commenting! I hope you did well on your exam :)

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MasterStoke by Ronnie,.
I am fun of your teaching style, I never saw before teacher like you.
Ronnie Bonnie;)

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson, it was great..

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Thank you very much, Ronnie!
You’re awesome. Speaking easy about not easy things. I love your lessons.

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Confident in life. Confident in english speaking. How wonderful the lesson is. Thanks Ronnie. Thanks Engvid.

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Hi Ronnie,
I watch engvid videos daily but i cant retain all i get shy and nervous when it comes to speaking even in my native language.

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Thanks to my English teacher.

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Hi Ronnie.
Your tips are very important. Thanks.

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I love your lessons Ronnie!!! Thank you!!!!

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amazing video , thank you so much teacher

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“Grab life by the balls” Ronnie you cool !!! :)

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Thank you ronnie you are amazing… and I am unique!
greetings from Poland

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thank you ronnie

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Ronnie, thank u soo much for your lesson :)

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    Greeting Russia ;)

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      Greeting Azerbaijan))

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        Thank you so much, you look so kind :) If it is not a problem for you, I would like to keep in touch with you :)

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Good advices not only for English

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thank you for lesson teacher

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Good night, Ronnie!
I would like to know if you have a school in Engvid where I can study there in Canada I want to do an exchange and I would like to do in a school that you teaching.
thank you

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10/10 I’m very happy , thank you Ronnie you’re the best teacher☺

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It such a fun lesson. Thank you Ronnie. I feel more confident now.

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Lack of confidence makes things worse. The tips you taught is simple and supposed to be easier than I think. One of my bad habits is to take things negative. I need to be less shy, not afraid of doing something new and making mistakes.
Fear doesn’t produce anything.
Thanks to you, I’ve become more confident and known it’s important thing for not only learning English but also surviving this life!

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thanks ronny this will help me a lot i liked how you finished the video let’s rock it lml

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Thanks Ronny this lesson help me a lot.

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Hi everyone,
I hope you know how great you are, Ronnie.
Thank you very much. I’m gonna reply this movie from time to time to be more confident when I have a presentation or want to speak in English.

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Thank you Ronnie for this very inspiring video.

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Ronnie, you’re a very good teacher, thank you to teaching me this

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You are great teacher, Ronnie! Thanks a lot

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Rudeness is the first sign of weakness and insecurity.

We, as women, are very lucky because we are sweet by nature:)What do you think, Ronny?

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She’s amazing! And i’m a catperson))

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Why I never saw engVid before?
This site is amazing!

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Thank Ronnie

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this lesson is brilliant!!! i was laughing out loud ))))

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Hi Ronnie, great lesson! I try to tell EFL learners about all you said, it’s quite meaningful.
Talkin about the story you mentioned on eye contact let me tell you, I’m from Colombia. What you said is real with those men who are obsessed and like controling their wifes, but that’s not general in the Colombian society. On the contrary, here men an girls like to flirt through eye contactm with respect of course. I cannot say it for Venezuela, but I believe is pretty similar to here.
Thanks for the lesson and more than welcome to come to Colombia, you’ll enjoy it. !! Hugs!

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Amazing, thank you for this vid Ronnie.

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Great lesson, thanks Ronnie

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you are awesome..think you

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    thank you ..i’m very grateful

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Thanks Ronnie

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thanks Ronnie teacher for your nice teaching

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks Ronnie the video really good.

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I am super-confident now, and now i can say i love you Ronnie!

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ronnie you are man :):)which means you are good

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Thanks for the good lesson

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thank you so much
can you give us lessons about most 3000 common words in english

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thanks for the lecture, it is very helpful.

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Very good job!

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Ronnie, you are perfect! Thank you.

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10 out of 10. Thank you so much Ronnie! You`re the best!

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Ronnie…I’m from Brazil and I’m going’ (or I´m gonna lol) to Toronto in the final of June and I´m stay’ until final of July. How could I meet you, my teacher?

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thank you very much

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Great lesson, thank you Ronnie!

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Awesome. Thanks

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I have seen a couple of words in the questionary that I didn’t know their meanings, they are “slouch” and “origami”, they are new to my learning of English. Good advice to implement your knowledge and feedback, be positive and don’t worry about the future, you have to be prepared to afford whatever you want, avoiding negative situations with people and things. Speaking slowly and confident with yourself, I will try to follow this rules. Thank a lot teacher Ronnie, it has been a very interesting lesson.

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Good lesson;
Good Teacher;
Great job…
I´m very proud and happy for everyone who teach us
God bless you

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Very useful information, Ronnie. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Ronnie

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I can not download the vidio klip, plesae guide me.

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    Sorry, our videos are only available on YouTube, not for download. Our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which lets us offer all these lessons for free. We hope you understand.

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      I think in IRAN the government had stopped to use Youtube channel.That is why you should choose another way to get these videos.

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That was really awesome

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Thank you $very much
is great your teach way

God be with You Alwa€ys!

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thank you so much Ronnie <3

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Thanks for very useful lesson!

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you Ronnie! :)

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thank you. I got 100 marks.

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It was love at first sight!! =) wonderful lesson, thanks Ronnie =)

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Thank you so much.
I watched to the end and got 10/10 questions.
Your lesson is very easy to understand and I think I’ve learnt a lot of things after watching it.
Thank you!

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thanks Ronny, you make that english study is fun

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Wow, I have 100% correct answers. Thank you for this lesson, Ronnie!

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thank you, i want to try it

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Thanks for this leason ronnie!

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Ronnie, thank you!
You’re amazing and very funny!
I like you! So much!!

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thanks, and i need practise much more to be confident

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THx, Ronnie! The lesson was great as always. I really like a way how you teach :)

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie! I like your lessons!

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This is more than English lesson, thank you very much!

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hello ronnie my name is minh hang and i come from viet nam
i write these question about my mother
she afraid that she will say wrong and peopele laugh at her so can you give me some strong direction to make her better
i told her that she must to be cofident by herself but you know she doesn’t want . so can you help me thanks very much
minh hang

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I from colombia and I never hear about that ronie

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This Video is very nice and easy to understand
Thanks Ronnie video

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Ronnie thanks for such a motivating lesson.You are really unique and you made us unique too :)Keep rocking!

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tanks!….Bob suck it!……nice!!! : )

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Thank you for great explanation. Sometimes me and my friend make a joke and We just remember your some words,tenses and face mimicry :) Greeting from Azerbaijan

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Whao, I never imagine I could get 80

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Really happy for this.

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oh im good 10 correct out of 10

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thank you very much ron! c:

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Ronnie you are an amazing teacher and person . I can’t stop laughing when you make a comment . thank you

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Thanks!!! An excellent class :)

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It’s good and Thanks

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Ronnie you are great….

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10 correct

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I really loved this class! congrulations!

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thank you for teaching how to be confident. I learned a lot of things from it.

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You speak so clearly that I can understand everything you says, definitely you are a little nut but that’s amazing, you are awesome. you´re more than teacher English, you sound like a good friend helping other, your videos are really funny and helpful, I appreciate it, thanks!

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10 correct.. Thanks Ronnie that was a great lesson😄

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Thank you Ronnie.You are a funny teacher. I like this lesdon and try to use these ideas in my life. Hope I can be more confident in speaking Emglish!:)

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Hello Ronnie. Thank you for videos! I am not able to finish to watch your videos. I love them. All of them. 😊

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Hai Ronnie, I have a doubt in pronunciation of RESUME . I heard two type pronunciation, pardon me for my english


Thanks, Ronnie! That was really inspiring and encouraging! And you are awesome, as usually:)

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Hi Ronnie,
I like your teaching style; it’s practical and fun.

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Ronnie and EngVid Team, with this, I finished all the Ronnies Videos, quiz included, preparing me for study in Ireland until the end of this year. I’d like to thank you all of you for the excellent job. I learned and laughed a lot with you! Thank you very much!

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This is amazing! Love Ronnie! I´m learning, finally!

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Perfect lesson!

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Good tips. Thank you!

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Very good thank You.

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Wonderfull lesson, this video is a real source of motivation.

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Thanks you for the wonderful lesson

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I agree with you about how to become confident. I really like the way you explain this topic. Thank you.

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thank you Ronnie

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Perfect Ronnie, you are the best

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I loved this lesson.
Thank you!!
Help me very much!

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You are so comfortable to me ❤❤ thanks

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Dear Ronnie, I love the way you teach and your personality is awesome. I have to tell you that about the eye contact issue is not true for Colombia. Or Maybe 100 years ago. Thank you.☺️

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Hi Ronnie, I love your lessons! And your just too funny, can’t stop laughing watching your lessons. I’m thinking about becoming an English teacher myself and want to ask you to make a lesson about the ten things you should do as a beginning teacher and ten things you absolutely shouldn’t do.

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Ronnie is real amazing teacher. I like her lessons very much.

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Hi Ronnie , way you teach is Excellent but I wish you speake slowlay To distinguish each word

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Hi Ronnie , thank you

Profile photo of abojawad abojawad

Hi Ronnie ,I wish you speake slowlay To distinguish each word

Profile photo of abojawad abojawad

Excellent! Thanks

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Thanks Ronnie. You make me more confident.

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oh my god.my score is 10 out of 10.how is it possible?

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Thanks Ronnie

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Profile photo of Hussein Awad Hussein Awad

Wow!I have got 9/10.Thank you so much Ronnie.I just love you.

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thank your for your lesson.I liked very much. It was my first lesson on engvid.com

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I’ve got 100/100, Always easy to understand.

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Hi Ronnie, I think that you are such a great teacher! You really make us understand fully the topic. The story somebody told you about colombian and venezuelan ladys, is false, at least in my country Colombia. It sounds like something that might happened really long time ago, when women didn´t have rights and even slavery was O.K. Anyway thank you for your lessons!

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I love your lessons Ronnie, and yes sometimes it happens to me that I feel that I have a terrible pronunciation but I have to try this, is the only way and thanks for the advice about recording myself while I’m speak so I can notice my mistakes and learn from them.

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Yeiy i got it perfect..i think i can be more confident now..KUDOS for you Ronnie 😇👏😘

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Haha okay! I’ve got 9 out of 10 since i watched this last week and tried to remember. Not bad😅

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I love the way she teach! She made me laugh by her expression of her face and also i learned it too.:)))

Profile photo of Cellove Cellove

Great, actually Ronnie, you are a quite positive person and I enjoy all your talks. You make it easier, thank you

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Many thanks,Ronnie.
You are my lovely teacher to make me confident .

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Great lesson Ronnie.Thank you

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Thanks Ronnie, you are a confident person…

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Your teaching style is stimulating, enthusiastic and exciting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are an angel.

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Thanks you, Ronnie!

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Thanks, Ms. Ronnie. you’re sooo cool.

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Thank you Roonie. You are the best!

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Thums up Ronnie………… How about being interactive with the listeners (attendees of meeting etc.)? What is your opinion about this?

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Thanks for your teaching and I want to be perfect in english.

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Ronnie is my favorite.

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Great) So inspirely, thank’s for video.

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thank Roni

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thanks Ronnie ,i’ve got a lot form this lesson. i’ll be more confident. millions thanks

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i get 100 ^^ thank’s ronnie love you

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you are great, Ronnie!!

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good, thanks Ronnie

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ronnie you are amazing !!!!tks

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Great Ronnie!!! ;-)

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Hello Ronnie, thank you for this lesson. It was so great that I instantly registered to leave a comment under your video. I wish I had such teacher as you are at my school but anyway I am glad I found you on youtube and this site.

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Roonnie you are amazing!!!

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thank you ronnie mam … it was interesting to lesion your teaching style ..and without boring .. how is it possible mam tell me the truth behind that now i want to become like u .. i’m madhan m.sc microbiology student tamilnadu

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Great job! Thank you Ronnie!

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Your amazing girl. I love your lesson thanks so much for bing yourself and an inspiration for us.😜😝😄👍👍🙉

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Nice Ronnie man, really i got confidence.

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10 out of 10! I pretty like your style of teaching :-) Thank you, Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie! You are my favourite teacher!

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You´re great Ronnie, I like the way you teach us and the way you see the life. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

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Love you Ronnie so much
I am learning alot from you x

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I like the lesson you thought Ronnie.

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thanks Ronnie, my score is 100

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thank you Ronnie . i love your way to teach us ^^

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Thank you so much Ronnie!!!
I love your video.can help me a lot!

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Excellent lesson!!!! thank you so much Ronnie!!!!

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thank you :)

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Hi Ronnie!! I really loved your lesson. Your an amazing teacher!!! I have to say you something. I´m from Colombia and the story that you told about Colombia or Venezuela is not true. Off course in my country you can see the men in the eyes, also when you are married, that´s something absolutely normal. And I think that the teachers of lenguages don´t teach only the lenguage, but also a culture, because of it, it´s very important don´t promote steriotypes like that. =)

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Tks Ronnie. Thats was amazing vídeo!

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But how can I ignore my parents or my siblings? they are always trying to put me down. :(

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Great video! Great lesson! Great teacher! Thanks Ronnie.

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Lesson for lives… you are amazing Ronnie!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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i love the way you are useing in talk
this is first i see for you and you are greet person
carry on ♥

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    hello do you want to improve your English
    i just read your message and i find a mistake in

    using – great
    thank you

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It´s absolutely great this lesson, love you, please come to Colombia, women we are so proud, gorgeous, smart and confident, thanks, thanks, thanks.

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how can i overcome those criticism and gettin’ learn from it?

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now i feel more confident !

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yes confident the number one instrument to represent own self like an interview or other someone intelligence can be able deliberating.

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Thank you
Nice to start learning English

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very important for me this lesson!

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Hi everyone! :-)

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Thank you so much :)

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You will seem more confident if you speak slowly

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Hi Ronnie,
The story that you mentioned is absolutely false. I never heard that before.
Talking in a general way, Venezuelans and Colombians are people educated, qualified, and civilized our women are wonderful and really confident.
I admire you because I believe in you, your method really helps with my English.
Please… Do not repeat that again, it’s false and people won’t believe in you anymore.
Take care.

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very helpful. thank you teacher ronnie

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Ronnie, thank you! That lecture was very interesting and useful for me. Tell me, please, are you a psychologist? Sorry for my question, but this lecture was on a psychological topic.

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10 correct out of 10 this is why I’m amazing :)))))))))

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Thanks a lot.

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That’s not true about the Colombian girls not making an eye contact. On the contrary, they are very beautiful and look at your eyes when they talk to you.

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You are good teaching Ronnie

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Hi Ronnie, you’re simple THE BEST!!!

Always I take the quizes, you make me laughing a lot!!
I like you’re really straight in whatever you said, I love that. I agree when you said “smile at all time”, I think that is the main gate when someone fells some nervous, believe it or not, that action lets you get relaxation, but also take a deep breathe before you take the floor is important too.
I had take too much advantage on your English lessons, so I just want say THANK YOU SO MUCH (with a big smile in my face)


thank you very much

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Thank you for the video. It is very helpful. I started making the positive list. But, I answered one of the quiz questions as practice makes “perfect”, but it turned out the right answer is “percent”, I am a little bit confused, I always thought the right phrase is “practice makes perfect”

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I will try to make me more confident from now on.

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i am honour to learn with all of u
really ronni you are amazing

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Sorry but your anecdote about women in Colombia or Venezuela is totally false. I don’t know who told you that but it is NOT TRUE AT ALL!!

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Love your lesson, Ronnie. I got so much fun in your lesson and I learn a lot of English, I learn English around 20 years but I still can’t good to use English, your lesson make me don’t worry about that, I will always watch your video to learn more, thank you so much!

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I will practice daily

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After this, I hope improve my confidence for the future presentations.

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Useful lesson, also for learning English.
Thank you for that.

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I always had a fear but now that I have learned I don’t fear!!
Plus, whenever I come in front of so many people I have a smile on my face like this—-> :D
I also love your vids and how u teach us
I am also scared of COVID-19
so I stay home stay safe

THNX Ronnie ma’am

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