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Runnie you are a great teacher… And funny I can’t believe that you were shy. Anyway thanks so much for your class. I learn a lot of things with u. Officially you are my favorite teacher ;)


    Useful tips on how to overcome shyness. When it comes to language learning, however, avoiding making mistakes is not – I would say – a sign of shyness.



    I’m absolutely agree with you. She is nice :)


    I coudn’t agree more;)


    who wants to speak english for improve and to speak more smoothly please raise your hands up :) ım here and ı was waiting for people who lives arround or other side of the world… my skpy ıd apocan.kay or you can search livetowin1@outlook.com


Hi Ronnie, my name is Enilson, I’m from Brazil and I’m very shy because I think I don’t speak English very well but I’m working on it. I have to speak properly.
I love your lessons and thanks for helping us.
Bye bye


    Hi Enilson, I´m David. I´m from Colombia. I´m interested to know people to talk in english. If you want, we can take a meeting in skype. We could talk about anything.

    See you…


      Hey David, what is your SKYPE name? I from Brazil also, and I’m interested to know people to talk or try to talk..lol…

      See you…if you want…


        Hello U, a person from Brazil. I’m from Vietnam. Can I have your Skype name? Mine is vttl284@gmail.com or u can search : Lilly Gleek. and my profile picture is a group wearing red T-shirt. I think we can improve our english by talking via Skype
        Btw have a nice day

        Lilly Gleek

          Skype = CBR WILL….add


          Hi daniela, i’m Umesh from INDIA. You can add me.



          Hi here’s mine midomar808


        Hi Wellington. Are you from Mogi das Cruzes?


          so long time……yes, I am….lol….Do you know Mogi? or Do you know me?


          Actually I don’t know you, I also live here in Mogi! Saw it in your bio. (Y)


          ,,can we be friends?


          Hi everyone!My name is ovel zay.I am 26. I’m looking for a person, who wants to speak English for improving our skills,if you are a beginner please join with me to practice English. My Facebook is and this my skype id deep sam or dee.sam6 please add me thank you.


          i cant find your name in Facebook. nice to meet you, i am from Vietnam, i want to talk to you because i love Celine Dion, may be you not, :) any way, hope to receive your respond. my Facebook is Christian Bui. and my represent picture is Canada flag. really hope to have some one to talk to, my English is BAD,

          Nguyen Van Hau

        Hi!! me too I from Argentina


          Hi, I live in Argentina

          Lourdes Torres

      Hi dvdf, I’m Mohamed from Morocco.. I’m waiting for you at Skype, here’s my psodo nime midomar808.
      Good luck


    I was the same like you too, since i moved here. but i think its the best way to improve our language better.


i used to be shy because i was afraid to make mistakes in languages ( french and English ) but now i feel better


    Useful tips on how to overcome shyness. When it comes to language learning, however, avoiding making mistakes is not – I would say – a sign of shyness.



    me too, sometimes i mix the words French and English because i don’t know all the words.. Now it’s better to keep it up


i used to be a very shy person and i don’t like talk to people but you have a good point and great ideas
thanks a lot Ronnie you are a helpful person


Great lesson Ronnie thank you very much for your tips… I think they will be very useful for shy people.
I just wanted to tell you there’s a mistake in minute 2.30 and 4.57 in the transcriptions of the video, you say something but in the transcription appears another thing. But otherwise it was an awesome lesson!!!


Hey Ronnie.
I can’t believe you were shy!!!
You are very funny.


Great lesson Ronie. Thaks
I always feel shy of pronounciation mistake, or the moment that the words go wscape from me :)
and also the most thing i have fear of is what if i speak at public seminar or some thing like that, and make pauses during speaking. really hard when i think of that!


    I’d like to improve conversation skills.
    may you Add me on Skype: A_ra7man1


      Hi I would like to improve too. I added your skype.


        me too

        Anuar is from Kazakhstan

        Hi guys please add me to the list, my Skype username is asoxien. :) thank you in advance


          hey “asoxien” i invited you and i hope to accept my invitation on skype. my skype is “Rawnors Amarire” if there’s anybody wanna to talk and playing GAMES in the same time just send me invitation ty :)


        Hi friends. I need a friend to talk English. my skype is nzy.kefayat. plz add me friends


        Me too. I want to improve my english skills, But I consider that it is necesary speak a lot with more people.

        UPPSSS, Thank so much. Ronnie. I like your videos and learn so much.


      :D I want to improve my English too.


      i would like to improve my english as well so if u can make a group on skyoe so as to exchange our ideas and any one who is interrested can join us what do you think.?

      hassna lk

        my skype is Rawnors Amarire and it’s a good idea


I love this video thank you a lot :)

Loay Alalimi

Wow… Really I am more confidently after this lesson; thanks a lot Ronnie!


So good ,Ronnie ,you are a v good teacher , we need more lessons

amir nashed 300

Hi Ronnie i am a litle shy talking English because i feel bad for no understand that another people tell me.

benedicto varon

Thanks, Ronnie you are a clever teacher. you have good teaching methology.


Thank, I will try to overcome my shyness


hi, ronnie your lessons is very exciting i have a great time when watch you i really want to meet you because you funny and made feel happy.
about the lesson dont be shy is a simple thing but nervous ,confuse are hard some times especially when have hard job thank you


I have been shy because maybe I’m always worrying about people’s mind (after my mistake)…even Japanese. Thank you for your interesting tips, Ronnie :)


    Hi, how are you?


I totally agree with the item 3 “Get a job”. I used to be very shy a few years ago. I have not presented works when I was in high school, and I’ve had real problems to present works at the college. This year I’ve gotten a job where I am forced to talk to people, on the phone. It was a huge obstacle to me, because I was shy even to talk on the phone. After a few months I was already at ease to talk to people, even face to face. I am still shy, but not as much as I was before. Regarding English, I am not ashamed to talk to people. Curious, um?

Natalia Gusmao

    hi ı liked your text much as you know everybody wants to improve their english speaking skills :) like me if you have a skype and wanna to speak then go and add my skyp name apocan.kay or livetowin1@outlook.com


Hi Ronnie, I am new to this site and very recently have started watching most of your videos and I must say you make studying fun. Although I had asked my doubts in some of your old uploaded videos,but I wonder you are going to answer those or not. Anyways, I don’t know where to clarify my doubts other than commenting on any new video.
The other day I was watching Craig’s late night show and where he asked his guest about his brother “what he do(for living)?”. IS it correct? Shouldn’t it be “what he does?”. And one more thing I am having a hard time pronouncing words like ghosts, asks, guests, tests, I mean these words just sound weird when I say them, I try not to say the weak sound(like “t”,and “k”) but then for example word like asks just sound as if I am saying ass!. If possible do reply.


The more videos i watch from you guys, more i learn and love you guys :)


Everything is fine ,but dont give ideas to young people to do coke, Im from Mexico and in some areas the Hell is present for drugs, cheers.


thanks you Ronnie, i am from Viet Nam, i have been shy because i do not speak well English, i am worry to make mistakes in grammar

men doan

    Hi men doan. I’m Trang. I’m from VN,too. Let’s start a conversation,ok? ^^. Nice to meet you


      I think it’s a bad idea to speak in foreign language with the person who has same native language as you.


        Hey cardin, nice to meet you, I’m from vietnam too :D, If you free, could we talk to improve our english ? mine’s lehaianh94@hotmail.com
        My english so bad, and I’m so shy :<<<<
        Hope your add :p
        Have a nice day! ?^^"

        Le Hai Anh

It’s dificult sometimes to express your ideas in other language.


    I agree, me too


    Yeah, you’re right. Our first language always interferes with the learning of a second language.



Ronnie, my dear funny Teacher,
I love your video classes. You are simply the best.
You have the best pronunciation, the best accent, the best humor, the best time to speak with intermediate students,…, all the best. I love you! And you are not a shy person. No, no, no… You are the best!
Congratulations, Teacher!
Rudá Jr, a Brazilian guy trying to speak English.


Hi :) my name is Ibra. and I don’t like to talk that way I am shy person.


you are the best Ronnie! so kind and cool. thanks for your time. we enjoy it a lot your lessons!


    Hey Meche are you from Canada?


      Hi i want to improve my language in English,,, I just want to speak with others


        me too


Nice lesson!
I will try to talk with foreigners by English.


hi Every one always i am lesson to these teachers with rannie and she is the best but I want to learn English prefect but here i want help of every one of you dear friends please help to learn English this is my Skype ID add me and I will wait for your contacts (jamil.241)

Mohammad Jamil

i got 8 correct out of 10.funny

Thet thinzar

I’m from Kazakhstan. Nice to meet you too

Anuar is from Kazakhstan

Ronnie, you should become an actress

Anuar is from Kazakhstan

thanks ronnie. you are nice


Hi My Teacher RONNIE.. thanks for every your teachings..You have a facebook but i cant add you on facebook because of there is no add button on your facebook page.. please add me on facebook.. :)) this is my facebook account link… https://www.facebook.com/bayirridvan


Hi Ronnie :) what kind of music do you want to listen to ? I love reggae music, especially those of Bob Marley, Stick Figure and Rebelution :D Peace and Love from Tunisia


Oh, oh, oh, God Save the Queen, Ronnie like “Sex Pistols” oh my God…..!

Jorge Pedroso

Hi …


    What is your name?


    Hi! I think you could try to say a little bit more so that we could know you better*_*


      ok can we learn with each other
      skype trueman722


8. Ronnie used to be shy.
I have put “false” without thinking, hahahah it was wrong answer.


Many thanks Ronnie … you have solved a big problem for alot of english speakers . All the best to you .


i used to be a shy,,,thanks for the tios ronnie


sorry is tips


Hi Ronnie , I got 7 of 10 , I am shy because the english is anew languge but when I follow you I will improve

Asmaa. H.

    Hi ,, i got 9 of 10 ?


Thanks A Lot


Hi Ronnie,, do you know that shy in Arabic means tea?


how to talk with teacher on Skype?


Hi Ronnie! I’m shy whether when I speak Japanese or English. Besides I’m a cat parson. OMG! Should I go to the animal shelter right now to get a some dog?lol. Dogs are so cute! I think most Japanese people are shy when they talk to strangers. I’m also like that. I think it’s one of the bad culture of Japan. If the people are talked suddenly by stranger, they would be astonished and think “why the hell are you suddenly talk to me? Just leave me alone!” But they never say like that. Just thinking. While I used be working at music store, I wasn’t shy. I was switching my personality while I worked at there, like turning the TV on and off. I’m always wishing if I could easily change my personality just like that. But it’s not easy. I know I have to change it to survive this world though.


    you are right.change one’s personality is not that easy.


    Hi, how are you? I’m shy too, i’m trying to improve my english. In my country most people are extrovert. It’s hard to live like this. what do you think I should do?I like japanese language. You can write me if you like.


Thank you Ronnie! A very interesting and unusual lesson :). I was a bit shy when I studied at the university. Then I worked as a receptionist, so I overcame my shyness :).


    Great Success , wish myself the same :-)


Thank you Ronnie
I trying to overcome my shyness .


Hi Ronnie! Thanks for this great lesson:)
I have a disagreement about the second question.When I talk with someone and they say to me ‘Katerina don’t be shy’I take courage to continue το talk in English. Especially when they have the good intention to correct my mistakes.


    Getting feedback from peers is an excellent way to overcome shyness and learn a foreign language a bit faster.

    Keep in mind Katerin that we learn much more by making mistakes; making mistakes is an essential par of learning a language.

    All my best to you and good luck with your English.


      Thank you for your supportive words.


I’m shy because of my stuttering. It’s frustrating sometimes, especially when I speak in Polish. In English it’s hard to hear, but when I try to speak in English
I’m afraid of making mistakes; I’m scared that my conversation partner will laugh at me, especially when its native language is English. If you have the same fear as me, then we can improve our English skills together on Skype and maybe we’ll manage to overcome that fear :) Add me (same nick as my nick here)


    hi polly i send you request on skype but still its show pending and no response by you….i want to speak and improve my english
    my skype no is 09460040031
    email id is sanjeevwtp@gmail.com


I’m shy. I guess bcz I don’t have anything in common with people under 60.I’m just so old fashioned and things that I’m interested in is usually boring for young fellows!!!! Did I mentioned that I’m a bartender? even that is not helping. I love your lessons by the way.tnx


    Ati64 I share some thoughts with you to reflect on, hope it helps :

    Age is not a problem when it comes to learning a language (… and much less to making new friends. . .) as long as you have the conviction and desire to do it.

    Don’t let it get you down Ati!!! Come on, Cheer up!!!

    Keep in touch!

    Have a great weekend!!!


Hi Ronnie! Thanks for this great lesson ❤️
I don’t like shy ,but I can’t talk with anyone in Saudi Arabia


If you want to talk to me . this’s my skype meemoo7723


hi I want to with but no Skype because I don’t create Skype can tell you about new Skype ?

bros pok

    You from Cambodia !


hi Ronnie however I very bad but your lesson great. I have 60 point. thank you.

bros pok



thanks Ronnie i love these lessons and l will be more interested en the end thanks


It seems me a good idea…don’t be shy.


thank you so much my teacher , i’m a little bit shy but i’ll try to follow you topic to overcome my shyness.


Ronnie, you are THE BEST TEACHER EVER <3<3<3


    totally agree with you :-)


    I agree with you


I’m looking for a job now,wish the best for me guys!


    The best of luck with your search for a new job.

    I’m sure that a stroke of good luck is out there waiting for you Rahaf.

    All the best to you!!!


      Thanks my friend :)


Thank you Ronnie , really you are doing great job.
i recommend that shy people like me :D who have problems on speaking new language , is to add each other on skype for example to practice live conversation which can help us overcoming the shyness.
i will start , my Skype is rm_2g4e


Thanks for your lessons and the chosen topics. They are really helpful. Sometimes I am shy because I don’t pronounce some words correct, not very good listener to native speakers. Also I may be in a situation where can’t express what I want to say. Let me know your advice


Hi everybody, I just read all your comments,and I would like to know if are there someone interesting in to do a language exchange or something like that, by skype???

Excellent lesson by the way, really usefully


    i hope to do that


‘Easier said than done’ What does this mean RONNIE?


    Hello it means speaking abouth shyness if someone tell you “stop being so shy” they don´t know all the trouble you have to even say some words to some stranger so it is easier to they to say that because they don´t know !


      Thank you for the clarification.



Hi ronnie I want to learn how to write

nona saad

after listening to your lesson, I am less shy when speaking English.thank you!


Thank you. It’s a good tips.


Hell! I would have heard your advice before choosing a hottweiler as my pet … Try to approach someone when you are with a hottweiler beside you. People cross the street, take the pets to his lap, threaten to call the police … Sometimes I even wonder what they would do if I had chosen a lion …


I am new here, I have not explored the site. Are they some chat? or does some one wants to practice talking?


    I’m trying to team up with people who wants to practice on skype on different topics so I can improve my speaking skills, if you are interested add me on skype:atousa64, (pls write me that you are student on engvid,then)tnx,bye


I’m so shy because I think I am boring when talking

sahar ali

    Just be more interesting,read more,begin to learn new things,english words,read many texts in english and you will be more interesting…you are more interesting than you think…maybe bad and not interesting people surround you


very usel lesson, thanks


Thank you Engvid
Hello Engvid companions
Who wants yo practice his English he could be in touch with me
My Facebook account name is ” Anwar Aime Dieu”
Please feel free to be in touch


I’m so shy to talk with other people in english, so i can’t improve my english speaking skill :(
This lesson is very useful for me. Thank you so much, teacher!


I’m shy because i speak english badly .i feel that i bad at all skills of english


thank you

sahar ali

Maybe I’m really a little shy, but i’m trying to overcome this. :)
and yet i’m afraid to make a mistake :(


    don’t be shy, just say hi :D


    Someone said: the more I know the man, the more I love my dog. :-(


Hi Ronnie. I think shyness is the bigest problem for people who are learning English. That’s used to happen to me on my firsts (I don’t know if it’s right to write that! lol ) classes at English course. Now I’m better to deal with it. I really would like to travel by myself to improve my speaking skills. Thanks so much for the tips. :P You’re a great teacher!

Edneide Ramalho

Thank you for these lessons for life!


I just like you, Ronnie!


Thank you! A am a cat human being :)


The best tip is ´to get drunk
I try it all day long and guess what , it’s working! Hihi


I’m shy because of my stuttering. It’s frustrating sometimes, especially when I speak in Polish. In English it’s hard to hear, but when I try to speak in English
I’m afraid of making mistakes; I’m scared that my conversation partner will laugh at me, especially when its native language is English. If you have the same fear as me, then we can improve our English skills together on Skype and maybe we’ll manage to overcome that fear :) Add me (same nick as my nick here)


    Hello, I would like to talk with you, but I don’t talk well. If you not to bother. Call me!


Thank you Ronnie


I am shy because I don’t want to tell something about me. Other will laughing about me. It will hurt my soul.


    Forget about others.their laught at you just to hide their weakness. Don’t worry everyone has baggage.


thank you. i would like to say you that i became shy specialy with persone who are older than me and more intellectual. i don’t know what happened with me i feel like ……. i don’t know


thank you. i would like to say you that i became shy specialy with persone who are older than me and more intellectual. i don’t know what happened with me i feel like ……. i don’t know how to explain it


I love Ronnie, she is great


thank you Ronnie



I am a shy because i know my engish is not very good lookin and I dont have oportunities to practice. I only need to talk in english on a job and this situation isnt to practice. (that suposse a just know it)

Anybody want to practice to me by skype?
(skype user alfredo.vega.fernandez)


I`m usually shy when i try to speak english with someone that i ve just meet

Wella Jimmy

Hello Ronnie!!! I had to tell you that you always make me laugh!!! thanks for that!!! :D I think that I learn english easily with your laughing method. And by the way, thank you for your lessons, they are funny, and useful as well.


Hi Ronnie

U great & funny.I like your teaching method.It’s real help & very easy to understand. (Y)


Get drunk is one works on me thanks Ronnie your teaching technique is extraordinary.


Thanks for this worthy adviced Ronnie. :) Shyness, nervous and also confusing, these are the words what people feel or think including myself when speaking english since english is not our mother tongue.


thank you


Ronnie you re amazing ¡


i used to be shy …
then i try to speak to speak to other, even i don’t know what i’m talking about …
i’m just want to overcome my shyness…
then it’s help me a lot …
thank you ronnie ….\

do u have a skype id ??
i would like to talk to ,,,
we can compare about our culture …
thank you, GBU

Yohanes Mogot

Thank you so much Ronnie, you are truly great teacher. You always make me laughing. You are right! Don’t be shy to talk people even can be make mistake sometimes when, but I am learning English!

Mia Lee

    Hi, my English name is Lee. We have the same name, and we come from China. So I am very glad to see you.


      Hey I’m from Viet Nam , so nice to meet you.
      my facebook: anh.hai.5439
      Viet Nam and China can be good friends, add me ^^
      Have a nice day

      Le Hai Anh

hi.. ronnie maam….aftr watchn ds video i strtd to talk with strngers.ds video help me alot.i am tryn to get ajob . hw cn i ask d details of the job. its makes me difficult through phone.


I’m shy person too. I don’t know how to response to people who want to talk to me. I just know how to smile and say a short response to them. Help me, I want to be a talkative and friendly person.

Hanani A Haris

Hi Ronnie, I´m shy becouse I´m affraid to make a lot of mistakes!!
I´ve always thinking about my bad English =(




I don’t know what to speak about. I just forget when my turn comes.not only i am afraid of making mistakes but most of the times whenever i gather up courage to speak i do mistake and a u said my face go read.!(

shashank jhajharia

    #as #red

    shashank jhajharia

There is no doubts: You are a bad girl!!!!


Thanks it really helps me!I think that I becoming shy when afraid to make mistakes.Your advices are amazing ;)


it funny , thanks

abd el rahman

Hi Ronnie..thanks for these great tips about shyness.. I sometimes feel shy because I am afraid to miss the meaning of the words..what should I do if I do not understand a word in the conversation??? I’d like to add that I agree with Katerinapas because if someone tells me don’t be shy ..this will make more confident to continue the conversation..


Ronnie is a punk rocker,
Ronnie-ie-ie is a punk rocker /Ramones/
Ronnie is such fun to watch! I noticed you’re a fan of Sex Pistols and The Jam … oh, by the way there’s a song by punk revival band The Libertines called “Don’t Be Shy” I bet you know about it)! You’re really cool)


I am shy, because I have a fear that nobody will be understand me :D But tomorrow I am going from my country (the Czech republic) to the United Kingdom and I try find some job. I have a big fear! But I hope, I can do it. My dream job is in Starbuck Café. :)


Thanks a lot teacher :)


Thanks……Ronnie… Amazonas,Brazil


Hello Ronnie,thanks for this video. It’s interesting but I’m not as shy as when I’m speaking in English. But when I speak in my native language I’m pretty shy. Because I’m afraid of people. it’s confusing for me, because I cannot estimate how is the person going to respond…


Ronnie, you are amazing.


useful and funny lesson


it was interesting and i hope i’ll cope with my complaxes


this is my first time writing something….and I’m losing my shynes….jjjj
Ronnie, your videos are always very funny.
I’m not shy…I’m a talker…but when I’m learning English is more difficult.


The last year I was living in New Zealand and when i got a job there, i think, i started to improved a little bit my spoken english….you are right.

Thank you for all


Thanks for this lesson…….

ximena meza

thanks thanks thanks this is better to openenglish hehe you are greate teacher and you give me a nice tips,


Hi, Ronnie! You made a great class, as always.
I am shy mainly because I’m afraid that people be rude with me or simply not open to a conversation. Also, I usually don’t know what to say after saying “hi”.
Bye! Greetings from Brazil.
P.S.: Alcohol really works :D


Hi Ronnie. I loved your lesson. I’m a really shy person and I know my spoken English is bad because of that. I’m usually afraid of making mistakes or being judged by people (the classic problem of a shy person). I’ll try to follow some of your tips to improve that, specially the last one hahah. Thank you a lot! Your classes are always so funny. :)

Jess Vieira

    Hi Jess ! if u wanna speak in English then i can help u . i m also a shy person but we can try to speak in English :)


Ronnie You are such a funny person. I’m totally identified with this video. When I have to speak on my own language I’m not shy a lot all but in English is another story, I don’t want to make mistakes or say something wrong but you’re completely right, the only way to beat the fear is confront it and talk with anyone in anywhere.

Thank for another brilliant video.


Hello Ronnie, you are funny :) I like your videos


Thank you very much Ms. Ronnie, I got 80%.

Abdul Qayum

Can anyone talk to me on skype so that i could better improve my english.


awesome.this lesson was good and now i believe myself i can comeover :)


    i agree wid u :)


Hi Every body
Thanks for your presenting Ronnie. really i have got 5 out 10 , actually i m very excited because before watching a video i work a quiz, i will try to be better in this quiz . i appreciate you and your friends Engvid. before i begun engvid browser i was shying when make conversation someone but now i felt to change or improve my english language

asha a.mohamed

Hey Ronnie, how are you? I hope you are fine. I want to say “Congatulations” to you for your job. Always EXCELLENT! I love you and I love your lessons and your way. I went crazy when I saw the video lesson about “Gay & LGBT”. I am gay and I LOVE MYSELF!!! I want to ask you something: PLEASE make a video about the vocabulary said in porn movies. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! (laughs)Kisses.

antonio pedro

it was very attractive….thanks so much


Great! Wonderful lesson. 10/10. Thank you, Ronnie!


Hi, my name is cherasse like you can see on left…
Iam a francophone and I like English so much that is why I learn this language.
ronnie you are a very good and great teacher, your lesson is very simple to understand aand very important. you when you shy you can not learn more…
i have a question: Can I have this in CD version?
You can answer to me in box: cherasse01@gmail.com


this is very good and I encourage you….


Hi my name SOE Lwin Lwin .I love to speaking English but I am not well for English.I not shy to speaking English.you are the best teacher so I am need to know what is does mean (like 21)I heard people say like 21 guns.

soe lwin lwin

i can’t see the video? Do I have to change the seting?


Ronnie you’re amazing! I love you!!!


Thanks Ronnie Good video. Basic stuff to get started


you’re rrrright!!..Even though I completely understand when people around me speak English (in fact I live in the United States) I feel shy to express myself. When I try to communicate, I begin to feel that my mind is blank … I’ll try to follow your own advice. Thank you!


I used to be shy when i studied at the university, but when i got job which require to work with people alot i overcame my shyness. I realised that you like punk-rock fan. By the way nice punky pins bracelet. Usefull and fun as always. Keep up the good work. Thanks!


I used to be shy when i studied at the university, but when i got job which require to work with people alot i overcame my shyness. I realised that you like punk-rock. By the way nice punky pins bracelet. Usefull and fun as always. Keep up the good work. Thanks!


I’m shy man, too. I’m in USA right now. I don’t talk someone because I’m afraid of making right sentences. So I usually talk someone by words. I try to not be shy.


great class, amazing teatcher so much funny, thank you so much


Thanks a lot ronnie. You are creative.
I really wanna to practise English. I am almost perfect in grammar. If anyone interested . please add me on skype: abdo_fathy_ahmed


Thank you Ronnie.It was a good lesson of conversation skill and shyness .

Hom Bahadur Rana

Hi….I am shy person .my neighborhood r all speak very good English and ican’t .i affraid of making mistakes.


Iam very happy to watch this lesson and it is very simple to understand.
Iam so a shy man above when i avoid to make a mistake like when iam writting this message.
Thanks you Ronnie for all


Hi Ronnie! I love Your lessons! Make me laugh all the time :D I can’t belive You’re shy.. Thank You for making English lessons in enjoyable way. Greetings from Poland!


Ronnie you’re so positive person! I wasn’t shy when I was younger as you. But it changed. As a teenager I didn’t like to talk to the people. Everybody tried to force me to speaking but it didn’t make a expected result. Finally now I start to be more open to new people. I have a dog and your theory is working! When I go for a walk with my dog it’s easier to talk to the stranger (who has also a dog) than I would go without my animal friend. Thank you for this video, it’s really helpful.


Ronnie I really love the way you teaching it’s funny and very affective :D .. !!!

nahla mohamed

    you are right


i am often shy when i talk to foreigners because my speaking skill is not good. Your lesson is funny and helpful, i think so

Phuong Thao

    hi! Thao. May we add skype to practice together? How do you thing?

    Binh An

i am sign in engVID but saddnely my net can’t play videos :(

hasibullah wasiq asikzai

Great lesson Thanks Runnie .
Please i need friend to improve my conversation .
Sky be : sawah_ageely


I really love this video, I used to be shy in High School since i moved here. And i were afraid to talk to strangers. Everybody knows me. So when i get home, i started acting funny to avoid all the shyness. So by the way i figured out that ” There is no limit to be shy” I’m certainly good with everything. Thanks so much for your useful lesson .. love it <3


Hi beautiful people….mmmm….getting a job?…that’s the problem! Anybody may help me to find it? I’m certified as a comm. diver, but in italy they already fired me for unfair reason, I’d like to go to US but what about a working visa??


i’m shy too because i dont speak to people and am afraid to talk with someone


I like your lessons very much. Thank you.


Hey Ronnie.
this is my first lesson i have learned from you I can’t believe you were shy!You are very funny.


Thank you very much! I always like to watch your lessons!Hmm, and I don’t like to speak with people, especially when strangers asking me something at the street..)But..what me to do?I don’t like a dogs))I mean i like dogs..but when they are far from of me)I’m a cat person..cats are so cute)

Abisso Rain

Hi my name is Dina,Iam from Iraq
I am very SHY when I want to speak english because I am very very weak Ronni please help me


i’m shy… i get nervous whenever i speak to unknown person, give presentation in class even if i speak my native language


    same here… listen this lecture carefully again… and don’t care about others… it has happened with me…


I am shy, but less. Just I dont speak a lot in my mother language, that`s why my speaking isn`t improving.


I’m shy to speak with people, and this lesson helped me alot to understand why. Thank you Ronnie!


Thank you for your useful lesson.
I’ll try to get a rid of being shy.


I am kind of introvert and shy guy.I start thinking of my grammatical mistakes when i talk to people.


i really need help :)


Hi Ronnie I am a litle bit shy.in talking English (specially in english institute) because I afraid of make a mistake.why should i do?


U r my best friend.
And I’m not shy when speak a new language with stranger person.


I wanna know many foreigners I’m feeling a kind of alone :'(


hi teacher i wonot be shy thank u


hi, RONNIE you’re one of a best ESL teacher. ARIGATO GOZAIMASU.


i wonder if shyness is bad thing.i think not.By the way I am shy and i don’t care.Love Ronnie


thank`s a lot you have great idea , and some point you`re talking about is almost true


very nice lecture teacher. Thanx


Hi ronnei, i am very pleased to right to you and i want to say that in my opinion shyness is disappeared by more talking to people you do not knew.
thanks for your lesson

Andrew Adel

Hello everyone .It is first time I am writing comment . It’ll help to overcome shyness when trying to speak in English . Thank you teacher.


sometimes i feel shy and sometimes no i speak with other people but i fraid of mistake


Hi my name is Matthias, I’m shy, because I know little English, and this is my problem.


Hi Ronnie, I’m very interested by this lesson, because
I’m very shy, I think this is my blocking point to learn English, As i’m generally scared to Introduce myself to someone and open a conversation.


Good lesson for me.Thank you.


Even if I can listen completly this lesson, I take a time to read some comment. I couldn’t consider myself shy right. The process to learn is listening first. When you observed the baby, he didn’t speak, but he learns the new words, repeat them and talk. I know many people, they can’t read and write, but they speak a new language. I will do my part. Thank you for all


I love your lessons!
I have one consideration about that topic.
Everyone should be more like a dogs! :)
Less shy, more happier and open minded!


from now on, I am gonna be your student…
I hope I gain so many things from you Professor
I´m from angola and want to improve the little piece of knowledge I have regarding English

Filipe Cardoso

I’m “shy” because I don’t like loose talk. Stupid jokes are very annoying. But I like when the person, I am talking to, have some imagination or ability to understand.


You are the best


Hi Ronnie! Your great teacher thank you for teaching English. It’s help me a lot.


You are a very good and funny Teacher.

Thank you!


Hi dear friend’s
i think this subject is useful but maybe many people haven’t good opinion about it, so at the latest i think correct use form same as this subject for good live with husband or wife.


Thanks that was really good :)


Good. I got 8 answers from 10.


good lesson

fadi alnaamnah



Ronnie, you’re genial. The best teacher I have had.

Marcus Oliveira

Hi Ronnie my name is Hanh , I actually have the same problem, Im very shy when talking in front of a lot of people I know that feeling : scared if I speak some words wrong they will laugh at me, but it in the past now I much better because I know that if I speak im wrong they will fix for me.
I just wanna say your video very useful for me, thanks
If anyone wanna practice english with me add me on skype : ngochanh3894


Thanks, Ronnie. I really enjoy your video. I think I became shy while growing up. I always get shy meeting my big family. They always asks me not tho be shy. But specifically, I am really shy speaking English because I’m very afraid of making mistakes. I remember once, when I was still in junior high school, a foreigner came and asked me the location of a big shop in my city. Guess what, I stared at her, like for minutes, said nothing. She tried asking again to find find me saying nothing. Poor her. And poor me, again.

Anyway, fast forward 11 years, I am now working and taking English conversation course. Once, I met this native English man who asked me the reason why I took that course. I said that I am shy and want to tackle this problem. You know what, he said that for a person who declared herself a shy person, I didn’t look shy at all. He thought I was quite straight forward. Well, I guess, I have improved a bit. I try to loosen up a bit and not get discourage for making a little mistakes now and then. I still make mistakes, but who cares. I still can learn and have more new friends. :)


    What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing :)

    engVid Moderator

nice tips Ronnie!


hi, Ronnie my name is Luis from Venezuela, I like the way you teach english language, thanks for that….


Congratulations! Good lesson, Ronnie! But I cant’t believe you were shy. You are so funny!


She has a sense of humor. I love the way she teaches the students. I’m a little bit afraid to speak because they might understand me due to wrong grammar. Maybe, i need someone whom I can spoke to for me to practice speaking in English and to build my confidence. heheh.. Thanks Ronnie.


I’m like you. I speak so much, but shy too.


thx Ronnie u are awesome :)
if there someone wants to practice English with me by chat vice send me message to skype


Ronnie,Thanka alot, your lesson is very useful. I think being drunk doesn’t help us because our mind must be with us when we are speaking to remember that we can speak without being shy of ourselves.

Zelal Ez aldeen

Hello Ronni! Thank you very much :)
My name is Eumji Park from Korea
I don’t know you remember me! First day in my school, I surprised to see you because i used to watch your videos and it likes to meet entertainer haha
so I asked to take a picture with me ;P
I really happy to see you in person and I’m still leaning from you
It’s really helpful and I recommended your lesson to my friends!They also like you haha
Thank you and I will look forward your new creative lesson. I like variety kind of lesson ~
Oh and my school was finished! take care bye bye


Thanks teacher.


hihihi :) nkakatuwa nman to maraming matutunan

grace ann miranda

hi Ronnie I am Darwish I am a little shy and I want to improve English so I think this Web site is a good way to improve our english


i m shy because i m afraid to make mistake but now,i know how to overcome my shyness,thanks Ronnie.you are the best

hussein sarwar

Its hard to vercome shyness when speaking english,specially if the people around u are not familiar.


HELLO,,Ms Ronnie i am Charlie,,i am school in santa Patricia in jakarta(indonesian) i joined here because i want to Learn english i joined here because my english teacher told to Learn english PLEASE join in engvid…

Charlie Wijaya

hi Ronnie u are awesome :)


I used to be shy.


My great problem :) is that my pronunciation is confusing and I have a huge problem with “R”.

I am shy so when I try to speak to another “people” my ideas are not clear :( I always forget words or phrases. Although I am trying to overcome my shyness.


Ronnie you amazing teacher


hi Ronnie i’m Daniel i come from china
i’m study abroad and i know my english is very poor i want to talk about some but i don’t know how can i say . i’m friendly …. i like sports i want to make friends sometimes i’m feel alone …
thank you i might it will be help me !~

Daniel Nam

Ronnie! You are a great teacher!) You are so funny woman! I want to wath your lessons again and again!!!

Ksenia Tronina

Thank you .Ronnie

Amer 2

thank you Ronnie
I download all your video and all subtitled from YouTube but there some mistakes in YouTube subtitled and if you help me to fix this subtitles I will fast complete learn English I hope you help me if you can to fix all subtitles and share here in http://www.engvid.com


    We didn’t always have subtitles for our videos, so if you’re watching older ones, it will just be YouTube’s automatic captions which aren’t very accurate.

    engVid Moderator

    Not all of our videos are subtitled. Some of the subtitles you looked at were probably YouTube’s automatic ones. These are terrible. You should not use them at all.


it’s me again
link for Ronnie subtitles I hope fix this subtitles and share for all
thanks a lot


I’m very shy. All my life I struggle with it. I’ve moved in the USA and it’ s very difficult for me to speak with someone. I’ll take Ronnie’s advice and start a conversation first with my a topic is interesting for me. I think it helps me relax and be confident) thank you Ronnie!!!

Lisica S

You got 7 correct out of 10 :)
5. If you get a ___________, people will talk to you when you take it for a walk.
parrot X
7. The best way to start a conversation is to __________________.
stare at your shoes
stare at the other person X
say “Hi! My name is…”

8. Ronnie used to be shy.
false X


    Well, I guess people will talk to you if you take your parrot for a walk…

    engVid Moderator

I got 8 out of 10.
I have a question should i be capital or small when its alone?


I don’t have a friend to talk to with English.


    i am also seeking such a partner to practice english. So If you allow me we can make friendship to expedite our english skill.

    Lipon ghosh

Ronni you are a good teacher and funny.

Jghassemian @gmail.com

Hi Ronnie you are a good teacher.
I’m very shy too.While I’m talking becauseI don’t Know If I’m right or wrong.specially my grammar.


It was really interesting, actually when I started to learn english, I was kind of shy and I wasn’t feel comfortable speaking in english because of my pronunciation but I left those thoughts back and nowadays I really enjoy talking in english, of course I still making mistakes but I’m learning from them.

Alejandro Piñon

Wow! I like so much your lessons, I laugh and learn at the same time. You’re the best teacher that I’ve ever know. I hope to see soon your next video


Teacher Ronnie is the best. I like her for being cool, funny and friendly. I’m a typical shy person but for this video, I’m less shy. Thanks Ma’am Ronnie.


Hi everyone! :) I would like to have a friends to talk to in english :)
And Ronnie,thank you very much!You’re so funny and your lessons are very helpful!


    Hi DaGi , I am here you can talk to me maybe because my English is worse than you and thats why I wanna talk to someone in English to make a lot of progress thanks


Ronnie you are very nice….a fantastic teacher and like Sex Pistols…..uah…..


i am new subscriber. i want to download some English lessons yet how i will download.

Pls help me.

Lipon ghosh

why i can t see the video?
browser is important?IE or chrome?


I like english
But I can’t talk with anyone
I need friend can speak english
Skybe bashiralattar


i’m shy too
i’m scared when i try to talk to someone

Munendra Kumar

thanks so much for your class


coz my mother’s language is not English and i am not good in English so I am afraid of falling in mistakes , also i am so so beginner in it, and also there is a big problem people around don’t speak English, so I’m shy for these all.


    around me*


I think I am shy because I don’t speak English very well :(




because i feel people wont like me


Thank you, for encouraging me !


Hi. thank you it is very nice lesson .


Ronnie you are a good Teacher

hamada aziz

Thank you,it is very helpful lesson.


Hello every one

hamada aziz

Thank you


love your way to teach Ronnie… ur perfect


thank you ronnei


i love your way to teach Ronnie


Hi!thank you for this video..


i would like to improve my English language..so i want to talk with people in anything in skype..please add me. my skype is:hamada.aziz23

hamada aziz

Hello from Russia! I like this awesome videos! It’s great work! I am a bit shy sometimes, but i try to improve myself, it will be threat for my shy!


Ronnie warming greetings from Azerbaijan! Love you! You are the best!)


Hi everyone ! I’m Flavia from Argentina, i don’t know if i’m shy or if i need to practise my oral english… :/ i need a little faith in myself…. :)


hi ,no se ingles


nice lesson..


Hi Ronnie, i used to shy but after i know u were shy makes me confidence, thanks alot, u r a great teacher


Great lesson .Thanks Ronnie.


Nice I got 100…I’m shy too sometimes XD


Hi Ronnie. You are awesome teacher. Thank you.
If anyone would like to have a chat, I will be very happy. My SKYPE is krastan.krastanov


Love u Ronnie.Because of you i am less shy person now


Thanks Ronnie. You are just great :)




I scored 10/10.
Yes I know, I am shy so I know the lesson well!


Hello! Ronnie.
I’m shy to talk English with people. I can’t speak English well.
I don’t know what thing I have to talk with them. Normally, I just say hi! how are you and that’s it. The people sometimes ask me something but I can’t understand what did they say. So, it’s a result of my conversation too bad and then that make me shy. Can you please tell me how can I do to don’t be shy?


I’m newbie here, so i need to talk more to don’t be shy.
If someone want to speak about something in english by Skype, tell me.
This is so funny and help us to learn.


I am shy because I stutter. That’s it. Bye ..


Thanks Ronnie. It was a funny lesson as usually)


Yess..I got 9/10.. I do the quis before watching the video.
Anyway, i am shy to start a coversation to a stranger. But if i know them, i can try to speak about any topics. I dont care if mistakes, just try first then fix it step by step.

I realise my English is bad, but i want to try to improve and make some practise simple conversation with everyone here. If you mind please add me (awaluddin.arip) on SKYPE.

Thanks Ronnie…


    good choice

    Mohammed Hazem

Dear Ronnie,

I am not shy,I love talking with people, but the thing is: when I see foreigners people I start to become very nervous all the time. I used to be like this when I started to learn english until pre-intermidiate level, but now I feel more confident and comfortable too.
Your tips are really cool!
you are a wonderful person!


Great lesson Ronie. Thanks!


Thanks Ronnie,I don’t be shy anymore


Thanks Ronnie! I liked your lesson! That’s GREAT!!!! Thank youuuuuuu)))


ThanKs Rossie, i will try to be don’t shy anymore :)


Thank you Ronnie!! great lesson as usual…


hey guys. i think this lesson is very helpful. So I leave my Skype’s account in case u guys wanna improve english with me through Skype. I’m also really shy guys. So here is it:
vttl284@gmail.com or u can search: Lilly Gleek . They’re same
and my profile picture is a group wearing red T-shirts.

Lilly Gleek

Thanks Ronnie,

Ratha Proek

This score is very surprise for me.


You are the best teacher!


Hi Ronnie you are a great teacher I like your style when you teaching us.


vodeo not played here

shahid hussain Paki

    Our videos are all on Youtube; try a VPN or the Tor browser?

    engVid Moderator

hi Every one always i am lesson to these teachers with rannie and she is the best but I want to learn English prefect but here i want help of every one of you dear friends please help to learn English this is my Skype ID add me and I will wait for your contacts (sam-nutella)


:) 6:39


hi ronnie, your really helpful, that’s why I excited to learn a lot from you. I have a request could you please teach me on how I will share my favorite movie with my teachers and classmates. like tips or something to help.


nice I got 10/10………..


it was really good i loved it ^_^ i Can’t believe that you used to be shy !! was helpful thanks alot <3

Lekaa Ahmed

Hi Ronnie.great lesson) i`m not shy,but i haven`t peoples to speak english


thanks sorry i don t have more words to explain how i can describ to u the thanks any way u are the best and our engel here Learning english


my problem is i donot like to talk to pepole


Hello to everyone)) I will be glad to communicat with everyone here)) My e-mail: Valeria0395@ukr.net
I am also an English teacher and can help you if its needed) New frends and students, you are always welcome!))))




And Ronnie,you are WONDERFULL!!!! It can be grate to communicate with you…thanks a lot for your lessons…


Hi everyone. My name is Andrea. Nice to meet you. i really want to talk to other people from another country on Skype ^_^ add me :)

Andrea Thuy

Thanks Ronnie:D


Hi!thank you Ronnie !My Skype is malaxowaa


Ronnie is an excellent teacher and she’s got great skills as an actress. She’s so talented. She shouldn’t be shy and go straight to the Hollywood studio saying to those big bosses there: “I’m just the best, I can play big roles and I’m an Oscar nominee by my YouTube followers all around the world.”


Ronnie thanks for help us to learn english! Hello everyone, I’d like to improve my english skills too…I hope to meet you on skype or email. see you later!


hi everyone . am Ahmed from Egypt and am a lawyer . that’s my Skybe .
see u


ahmed elagamy

Thank you Ronnie! I’m afraid my English grammar have many mistake and my pronunciation not good. I’ll try to overcome shyness.


hi Im ahmed i feel full of shy .
what is the solution

ahmed aljefry

Thank you Ronnie

Ramzi Abdullah

after watched this one, this thought come to my mind ‘I really want to meet her!’ it really is ronnie! I really want to meet you, because I’ve been learned so much things from u n u seems a very nice, fun n easy going person that I think I must meet ya someday hahaha ;D ronnie, I’m from Indonesia n I still have a problem in confidence when I talk in english to others ;c I’m afraid if I make a mistake or I said a rude words, so yeah, that’s why. I think I still have a bad grammar too ;c I really want to master the english in anything, like it’s grammar, conversation, vocabs, idioms, anything~ maybe you can discuss it? hahaha ;D thank you so much for the lessons you gave ronnie, THANK YOU<3 I hope, really hope to meet ya somewhere ;D


hi,Ronnie.I’m Sana and very shy because my English too bad and thank you so much you are the best teacher :))

sana ibra

Thank you Ronnie,I come from china, in our traditional, talking too much is not praised,and When I meet new people,I really don’t know what to say,but now I can find a way to know the reason


Sorry in this Lesson, I disagree, I don’t think so that take drunk is good for the Shy person, I think that is better have the brain whitout drunk, and try to use topic about travel, or pet.


“I am a cow person” no that isn`t true, I don´t even know what that means haha. Tnks for this Ronnie.

Krl Ozz

I amn’t shy :)


    I’m shy because I don’t like talking to people, even though at home I talk so much.


Thnak you very much~~


Hi Ronnie,Really u r a good teacher. I watch ur video 2nd tym . i am a shy person. I dont understand what to talk with people . I know english and understand too but as u said whenever i try to talk with english people i get confuse that what to talk. Iget nervous.i think what i m saying is it right or wrong. I m indian but now i m in australia..i can’t understand how i overcome from this problem … Plzzz help me ronnie. I will be very thankfull to u… Thank u


you are the best, Ronnie!


yes i’m shy..because my problem is English. Please help me how to speak


Hi Ronnie
I try to learn English .
So you are teach to me .
I have a question about a story I read before, so I write the story here and ask question.
A: Did you feed the cat?
B: i will do that in a minute.
A:The cate is meowing. He is hungry.
B: Okey. i will feed him right now.
A: You should not make him wait.
B: I was doing my homework.
A: The cat does not care about your homework.
B: The cat does not care about anything.
A: That is the way cats are.
B: All they think about is themselves.
A; Maybe we should get rid of him.
B: Of course not! He is family.

my question.

All they think about is themselves.
why the verb use”is” instead of “are”.
Because subject is “they”.

mohsen hamzeloo

i want some english speaking partners to develop english speaking skill,,,, my skype id is—- ( jaber.hamed2 )

Jaber Ahmad

DEAR TEACHER Ronnie: thanks a lot for your lesson. I agree with other people: you are the best English teacher here. to resolve my shyness i drunk not 2 o 3 drinks…i drunk 2 bottles!!! this is not a joke..It was true. If some students want to chat with me…this my skype..jaime.rivera422. have a nice time dear Ronnie.

jaime rivera

    Whoa there! You want to actually remember the great conversations you have… :P

    engVid Moderator

    and what is result? :)


Hohoho!!! I have good result :) You got 10 correct out of 10.
my skype is egotist69
pls add me


Maby I Can Do It.
You are good teacher.
Thank you.


thank you :)


Yes,because my English is not well.that’s my shyness.
But now I am one step at a time to watch Ronnie’s lesson.


I got a confidence because of this great lesson and teacher. You rock Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie, thanks for your videos, I love it, I’m very Shy :(


    Hi there, why are you shy?


hello mam i am new here but i watched your lesions lot of time and i gained .lot of from your lesions

Tofique ali

    Welcome to engVid! We hope you stick around.

    engVid Moderator

hi Ronnie, I very like your lesson, it really encourage me. I hope next time I will speak to someone else in English.

Catherine Huang

I got 9 out of 10 and the question I failed was ( Rani Used to be shy) which I don’t think so but I lost 10 number… :(



It is true when you mentioned that “get drunk” help you to break the ice!… I mean as you said just a couple of beers can help.

In my first

Douglas Lagos

thanks for your tips,because I’m shy person


Hi Ronnie. Well, I consider that I am not a shy person, but inclusive when I am writing I have several mistakes. That’s why I am shy :’-(


Thanks Ronnie and you are good teacher

Ahmed Yuossry Ahmed

Hi dears
First I’m really thankful from the teacher that she presented us a good lesson
So,I’m an English student there I should have a group of friends to communicate with each of them it is good for an english student
So,send me friendship request in my skype account my skype account is here

AbdulHadi Quraishi

Hi Ronnie! I listen to your videos and I love you how you explain every details. It will help me as in thr near future my family will be migrating to Canada. I just want to have a favor. Can you do video lesson about how to talk to toddlers cause im going to babysit my brother’s son and daughter. I am not good in english speaking. Please help. Thank you very much.

Ann Lucas

Thx Ronie, you made me to overcome my shyness
I really appreciated


i’m not shy, i want you to be my friend Ronnie.

ann ann

It’s a second time that I join in EngVid. The first clip that I looked was the clip about shopping. It was your clip and the second was your clip too. I don’t know why but you’re very funny teacher. I like to learn with you and want to be your friend if you don’t mind. I’d like to practice my english skill. Thanks a lot for the great clip.
Ps. Sorry if I use wrong grammar or words. :)


im noooot shy all i need is improving my English and having new friends that can speak English too :)

hassna lk

im kinda shy to take drunk cause ive never


I am not shy when I speak Portuguese, but I’m too shy when I try to speak English.

I loved your class. Thank you!


I like the point 6, get some beers and try hah, thanks Ronnie


Thanks a lot, i’m not shy but my shyness is about talking english because i’m always worrying that i said something incorectly.


Ronnie,I’m very shy because i’m not speak english perfectly. Your English is very clean for me.You’re a great teacher .

Ronaldo Scarabelo

Thank you


thank you very much

Ayoub Akalal

You are just great teacher! You helped me a lot!!! Now i would like to mention that after your motivational video I can speak more fluently in Engish!!!


This is a very good video.Thank you Ronnie.


100% ok


It’s absolutely correct in my country.


Yes,I’m very shy.I speak English only in school’s English class.I do not know where can I find a friend who is willing to practice English-speaking with me. My English is very poor.


thanks ronnie, i’ll try as possible as i can


hey! i just wanna talk to other people to overcome from this problem.
my skype id : tahmid271 .add me please.:)


Hi Ronnie my name is Hajer i am an English student i think i can’t speak English fluently i believe i shy when i speak with people who know English sometimes i don’t want to talk to them because i afraid may they laugh at me or not so most of the time i avoid talking to people in English but from now i will try to talk a lot with them even they will laugh at me or not because it allows me to lean more and more about my studying ……. Thank you a lot for this video .

Hajer mohammed

hi ronnie, my name is augustin, i am from cameroon. I am very shy, because i dont speak english well


Thanks for this video! I love it. I hope I’ll not be shy anymore. By the way, you are with Valen and Emma one of my favourite teachers!


Hello everyone. My name is Philip and I’m from Vietnam.
If you have somethings and wana to share via English, please tell me. My skype: hoangthang_navi.
You’re welcome :)

philip hoang

Hi Ronnie , you are a good teacher but sometimes you seem not really serious . well, thank you for this useful lesson .

Dounia Miftah



thank you ronnie really you help me you are my favorite teacher because you are funny


Nice class. Thanks A LOT, Ronnie.
Sex Pistols is very cool. I love punk rock!


Thank you my teacher Ronnie

Yousef Awad

I ve got 9 out of 10 :)


HI Ronnie thank you for your lesson .


do you have a skaype?


HI thanks for the lesson Ronnie.it’s good to learn with you:)


Hi Ronnie
Can u give me ur email
I need to contact to u


Dear Ronnie, I’ve started listening to your lessons and I find them fantastic. As for this lesson, I’d be very much obliged if you tell me WHY you said “ Maybe the other person WILL HAVE ASKED you……”My question concerns the Tense. Why not “ the other person will ask you a question…” Thanks


hey, my name is Tereza I’m 15 y.o and my english is not good. Im almost 4 months in British International school and I’m not that type person which is shy. I really like talking with other people, meet new friends but when i must to talk in English, i don’t know what say, because i am worry that i say some mistakes, or that other people will not understand me… i just don’t know that stupid topics :/ thank you for your answer and sorry for mistakes in sentences.


Hi teacher. I love this lesson.


hi everyone. i want to talk to everyone. my nick skype is hathedon. someone adds my nick skype and then we can study english together. thanks you

Ha Don

Hi Ronnie how are you? i hope you are fine and i want to said you are a great teacher, let me tell you something about my shyness, i born shy when i was in the elementary school i was one of the most shy boys, then i pass to high school and continue shy but when i went to the collage i was enrolled special class to dominate my shyness, after that fell lake another person, also i worked for 10 years in SEARS lake delivery man, then i talking with all can of people an different topics, but the wire thing after 49 years of my life, i moved to a little town and now i fell shy again…that is wire, do you think it is? i hope you the way of my writing. thank you sorry for my spelling


Great lesson! very relax.
Thank you very much.


Thank you teacher … i’m glad to hear u ^_^
….. i came to this website to improve my speaking. . So if any body want to practice English language with me i will be ready ^__^
Ameenmulhi93@gmail.com … Skype ^_^

Tkd mulhi

thank you for this lesson. :)

Ahmed Samir

Thank you, Ronnie. Very good lesson. Or in russian: Спасибо, Ронни. Очень хороший урок.

Alexey Lember

Hi Ronnie, your the best teacher that i have studied. how can i contact you directly???


Hi Ronnie, I’m not a shy person, but i just afraid to talk to people. because i can’t use the exact tense during the conversation.


thank you so much ronnie.
I learn a lot of english with your lessons. ;)


Hi, Ronnie, How are you? I’m shy, this is a bad problem, but I’m trying to change that.


Ronnie, you’re so funny. Everyday I try to change that (I’m shy). I love your classes. You’re a great teacher! Congrats…


sank you Ronnie for your nice way of teatching.
I think this losson suitable for candian becuase dogs and drinking strong is not good things with other people round the world


good attempt


Hi Ronnie thanks for your great lesson ..can i get your contact please , this is my emil
(alan.soul@ymail.com) best regard


thank you , ronnie , it is very interesting and useful.


    and you is very nice


I’m very shy to speak in English and I scary, it’s big problem for me to learn and speaking English however my major study is English :(


you’re really good teacher. I like you and of course i like the way you teach us. Many thanks to you.


Ohh Honnie, this was the first class that I watched now and I reeeally liked!! you’ve got a cool way to teach and you’re my favourite here since now


It is great to meet you guys over the internet. especially you Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie.
I must say the truth, I think I am the shyest person in the world.
I don’t know why.
And I liked you anyway.

Ghalib Bin Talib



Hi Ronnie

And thank you so much

Hi guys

Elie. P

Thank you very much so now I don’t shy because you used to shy like me :)


thank you


Thank you Ronnie! I like yours lessons best of all. You really help me lean English. By the way, I believe you are a great actress :)


Thank you so much


Runnie your are so great teacher and those a great ways to be not shy

Abdu hedeajan

Wow! I just watched the very first lesson of yours and i have to admit that you are great! About shiness, i wouldnt say i’m a shy person just, same like you, i find most people boring, which is pretty annoying. BTW I’ve two cats:P


Hi,I am Ningjing, I was very shy when I coming to US. Probably I think that I can’t speak English very well.


Hi Ronnie your my favorite teacher in English.


Thanks for this video :)
Ronnie, I love your teaching’s manner!


Hi,Ronnie thanks for your teaching.
My English is so poor that i scare to talk other people . That’s a reason to be shy. I will keep learning with you.

tammy chun

Ronnie your lesson are very, very, great. I love your lessons


Ronnie your lessons are very, very, good. I love your lessons and you are a great teacher, very friendly with your students


I found your tips very useful and I haven´t thought about some of them. I enjoyed the dog one and that´s definitely true.I used to be a shy person in the past but I improved a lot. College pushed me ahead so I had to overcome my fears. I´m still shy depending on the situation but it doesn´t affect me as much as it used to, fortunately. Thanks.


that is true

Ali Rahimli

Hi! I’d like to improve my conversation skills. Add me.. my skype ID: luminianis or you can find me as Zsolt Daragus


It’s difficult to think of you as a shy person.

You make us feel totally at ease and encourage
us to talk! I must be a very happy person.
Thank you for being there for us.

I thank you a lot for your tips.


Sorry, I meant to say: ” YOU must be a very
happy person.”


hloooo mam are you on skype my id id buntygill95….nd wanna to improve my english


thanks a lot ronnie.i very glad because you are mt teacher now.


Thank you Ronnie


here they are, this is what i’m looking for , my favorite :D mentor !!! yay ! thanks ronnie , for ur explaining(i know i’m little bit (or maybe too) late :P , btw you guys on engvid are really generous , idk how you get money (but i believe you do) beside of it , many people really thank to you , because not all people have money to get explanation or clearness of english… maybe if you make a course it will take much money just to get those information, but you guys give those knowledge for free… guys i do really thanks to you … god bless you all


you are verry funny :D


Hi, hahaha Ronnie, you’re a cool, funny and energetic teacher, if you’re one of my teacher, i bet you i don’t sleep in your class..
Thank you and God Bless You..


thank you very much it was very very helpful lesson
in fact I am too shy when i speak English but no that is enough

rioha ahmd

thanks runnie it was amazing as a lesen i enjoyed it


Hi Ronnie, I am shy because I had a problem speaking English properly. How do I improve myself to speak English? I have also problem with the grammar? If you could help me that will be great? What do I need to do? I am glad I find the website. You’re a great teacher. Thank you.


I am soy because i speak like gloria in moderm family.
And the sad part its that i dont have the body of gloria.


Nice lesson! My favorite teacher, :)




Ronnie ! I really like canadians . I ve been in canada And i saw the people are really kindly .. If you go to canada you will see ;)


    can i add you on skype or facebook
    to speak togther ?


what an energy!! Love your teaching…

K. Ranjan

This is really funny but I have to tell you that I was one of those who got accents lol. I somehow still talk funny sometimes. Anyway, love the way you teach!


    hi, how long have you been lived in us? regards


Ronnie you are the best teacher ! Thanks a lot “!




I am not shy…this lesson very good..I am feeling the better

ghada jawad

Hi Ronnie. My name is Fatima from Iran. I am shy too. Cause I think my speaking is not good and dont want other think I am stupid! I live in US as a stdent and I really love to intract with other ppl from different countries but I dont how how to overcome this. I am always thinking about mistakes I might make.


Hi Ronnie Madam, How are you?
I am Naga.I am from India.I speak English with my friends Very Well.Sometimes When I attend Interviews at the time I am shy and nervous.
Could you please give your suggestion.
I look forward to your reply.


Thank you! Ronnie! Your tips are really useful!


Thanks Ronnie, very good lesson.


Hi Ronnie.I have a problem with tenses!I can not understand when I need to use e.g. try or trying.Please give more examples!


Thanks Ronnie.


one of the best English lesson I’ve ever seen. For sure “Top 10” :)


Ronnie, you’re a great teacher you’re really funny so I can learn much more. Thanks.


Ronnie really i love U


Hi Ronnie!!! when I was child I was very shy but now I’m less. I don’t speak english very well yet. you are an excellent teacher and very funny. Congratulations

Anna Maria de Paula

    Hello I’m also from Brazil , give me your Skype name so I can add you for practice english together okay ?
    I’m from Sao Paulo city


I’m really shy person and I always worry about making mistakes. This video inspired me. Thank you!

Hope Hopeless

thanks Ronnie


Nice… very nice lesson Ronnie!!


you’re very funny I can’t believe were you shy.


You are the best teacher! Thank you!!


You are a good teacher , I enjoyed with you
I want to talk on Skype, my Id is : mooddy89

Mohammad Asiri

Hello thank you Ronnie you re always the best !!!! what you say is very true but still sometimes I can not stay calm before speaking… if someone wanted to do a bit of conversation in Skype with me my name is aldo6845 my level is advanced beginner thank you bye


Hi, Thanks Ronnie. The reason why i’m shy is that i’m afraid that people might laugh at me if i made a mistake or my grammar/pronunciation are wrong. I’m here in canada now and still im afraid and shy talking to people and even to my boss, i only answer yes or no to his questions and i can’t even elaborate my answers. please help me about this if you don’t mind. thankyou.

p.s. please correct my sentences for some errors. thanks


Ronnie you are sugar


Hi Ronnie. I’m a student from Taiwan. I have watched your video and I think it is very helpful for me to learn English. I’m a shy person so I’m not often talk to foreigner. Your tips are really great and I’m going to take your advice. By the way, I have a dog , maybe I should try to talk to people who have a dog , haha!


Oh, long comments here, had to scroll down till I can write my own.

Anyway, scored 9/10 :( felt terrible..

The reason why am a shy person is that people in our society are not that friendly to talk to. They made a lot of queries why that person said to them so, e.g. Hi.my name is… and they came up with an imaginary answer of “Who cares!! Oh, he needs a favor”. Well, I don’t, thanks a lot.

I hope you get what I meant.
Best luck for all shy people.


Ronnie, i love your video class


Hi, I call me Dyego, I’m brazilian and I agree new friends. I don’t use skype, but I’ve a facebook. I’m not shy. Bye!


Ronnie that’s funny teacher!


Hi my favorit teacher Ronnie,
my problem is i didn’t get new words for talk to others. what i do ?? :P
Please HELP me

Ruk Bella

    talk to me ^_^


    sweet i think that you should read a lot, it will be helpful. regards.


why a lot of people who is commented from Brazil !!!


thnx teacher >> have you lovely day :)


Hi…i’m Francesco. I’m shy if i must speak in other languages (i.e english) but i’m working to overcome this obstacle. So..who wants to talk in english with me in Skipe?


Hi, everyone who wants to practice english with me is very well welcome. My name in skype is Ivanh0e3 and I’m using the same picture.


Really, that is great. I learn many words with you.


Hi. I`m shy too. I need to speak with other peoples .
My skype is vighome


Hi Ms.Ronnie!I’m Trang and I come from Vietnam,but my friends often call me as”Mina”.I’m just 14 years old and I want to be good at English Speaking.Thanks for your incredible video!Can I have your e-mail address?My e-mail is queenofwinter2202@gmail.com
You are the teacher that I like the most

Mina Nguyen

Hello, Bella.
You can use other site/books/translators to get new words and use engvid to improve spoken english.


one of my favorite lesson!
I am so shy..but i am working in store and i have a dog =)


    what is your dog´s name? is a male or a female? how old are u?


thanks teacher Ronnie.. you are my favorite., i like the way you teach., very funny and cool..


Valuable lesson, thank you, Ronie!


hi everybody i´d like to meet people from all over the world, and practice english my skype is sebastian9062@hotmail.com


Thanks Ronnie, you helped me a lot! You are a great teacher.


Don’t be shy Just believe in yourself!
Hi Ronnie,My name is hjr.


am really very shy person,because i think that my language is very bad.
but i am feeling better now after your lesson Ronnie,,,thank you


I think is very dificult to speak a new laguage is you don’t be in that country


thank you Ronnie you are a great. I learned so much with your presentation =-D


good lesson…thank you


Hello Ronnie, I don’t know why but I feel shy with those people that I know them. If I don’t know someone I don’t feel shy and naturally speak with. Could you advice me, please?


thank you Ronnie .
I think I am really very shy person.
But I am feeling better after your lesson .
Iam trying to get a job . thanks

hyunjin kim

    also i am studying English, in second year.
    what about you?
    are you in second year?


it very nice lesson
thank u so much my best teacher.


    yeas I am


You are amazing :)


    amazing and cute


Hi! Such a fascinating and inspiring video! Thank you! I was very-very shy, when I was a schoolgirl. But then I developed a strong self-confidence and now I’m able to speak from the stage to a large audience without any shyness… in Russian. But speaking English is really embarrassing. Every single sentance seems like a challenge you have to overcome. I want sometimes to find a native speaker to talk to in Skype, but I can’t bring myself to do it…


well I think I am shy because I didnt have good experiences talking to people at school or highschool. Even I had good friends at highschool and wasn’t hard for me. At university, I had some problems and had a few friends. It’s really interesting the advice you give in the lessons. I really like it !! Congrats..
Ana, from Ecuador :)


ur amazing Ronnie ;)


need help

zainab 123

I Indeed sometime I shy just because I don’t want speaking


ronnie i love your classes thanks, you are a good teacher, the way that you teach is awesome. thanks i learn every day, good advice. and yes sometimes i shy.


Dear Ronnie.You are a great teacher . I love your way of teaching I get some advice from you

abed al iraqi

Thank you very much, Ronnie, for your lessons, it’s really useful and funny!
My shyness often disturb me, it’s sad :(
But I do my best to learn English! And your video is help me to do that

Ann Skv

Dear Ronnie really you’re a excellent teacher I love the way of your speaking style or gesture really, i thought that body language is also do more to tell something for other…thanks

Anil Gharti

Thank you very much Ms Ronnie! You make me feel more confident and I love your lesson!

Tin Tran

Hi ronnie thank you. Your my idol :D


I think I’m a shy person because I don’t speak the language very well or maybe I have to learn more vocabulary. But with a teacher like you Ronnie I’ll get it. Thanks a lot ♥


hi ronnie i’m shy because sometime i speak quite bad in my pronunciation…


Hello Ronnie, i love this lesson. You’re wonderful! Sometimes i’m shy because i don’t know some words in english and sometimes i am nervous, it’s a crap! But i know if i study more i get!


I am new here. I have a great curiosity to speak english fluently. Can someone add me in your skype … my skype ID HE anju.astori459

zaheer abbas

Ronnie.You are a great teacher. Thank you.


Dear Ronnie. Thank you for your lessons. I think every English student enjoys your teaching.


Ronnie, thank you for your lessons. I realy enjoy them. It’s very interesting to watch your lessons. You make me smile. Thanks a lot! :)


SKYPE: fatih.elmali …. you can add me for conversation


Thank you Ronnie! Your lesson help me a lot, sometimes I realize that I am shy in some situations for afraid to speak silly things…hahaha


Hi ronnie,
I feel very shy to talk to others.Because i too shy… what i do? i need ur help….


thanks so much Ronnie you’re one of my favorite teacher , that’s very useful lesson , but actually i’m not feel shy to talk , many of my friend called me radio(well because they thought i’m a talkative ). but never mind. if you want to improve your speaking you need to be talkative :D .


Thanks a lot Ronnie you`r the Best i have been shy for a long time but after this video i`m sure ill gonna be not shy and i`m sure that i overcame my shyness thanks again….. can you add me in skype please to have a conversation :)


Hey Ronnie,

I am naturally a shy person as I was alien-like in my home country as well (so absent-minded and clumsy and…), but since I have moved to Scotland it’s got even worse as I do understand English (or supposed to understand) and am about upper-intermediate – advanced level but I cannot join in a conversation with native speakers. The first 2-3 months were so dreadful as I thought it wasn’t English what I learnt at school when I heard scottish accent.
When I am at college I’m able to write several essays or change a few words with lecturers but I am so frustrated to speak to other people as I supposed to be okay after 2 years. So it’s funny, but sometimes I feel my English is getting worse and worse as I don’t dare to speak.
However your lesson seems to be really helpful and I will catch regulars next time to speak to in the pub :D


Oh! Ronny!)))


I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you Ronnie. Really you are a great person, I always like to hear your lessons. Thank you. See you tomorrow.


10 out of 10! Thank you so much Ronnie :) I’ll definitely try to follow these tips

Carolina Bacelar

Hi, Ronni! Good pieces of advice, especially counting that they are based on your own experience!


Ronnie, I love Your videos.. Your way of teaching is perfect. And I really reply , when You talking to me.. :)


Dear Ronni .
Pleas tell me what should I do?
Im shy because Im afraid to talk to peple , I can not speak English well and this is big problem for me .


I love your video, Ronnie.


My Skype Id is ccieattacker@gmail.com please add me… and thank you so much ronnie. you are the best teacher


thank Ronni, u’re so cool and i love your video . It’s so funny and it work for me . I love English more when i watched your video. My English still bad hope You can understand :(

Lee Nguyen

Hi Ronnie, Thank you for the great lessons.I met not many people/teachers making learning fun and exciting!
My question is – I have a problem pronouncing the letter “L”. Depending in it position in the word, I can properly say “L” or wrongly say “V” instead of “L”. This cause a problem during conversation. What I should do to correct this? Thank you!


I’m not shy naturally, but when I’m going to speak English, I will be shy. Because I think I make a mistake and it’s terrible.
Excuse me if I made mistakes in comment.
I like your teachings. Thanks a lot


Big THANK YOU Ronnie , I like your vedio

islam 27

Hello , All and Mis Ronnie , I am so shy , I can’t imagine how i am , I really can’t enteract with other people , And i am lonely learner , Just with these videos .


thank you for this lesson!


hi all,. my english communication 2 out of 10 i wana improve this is my skype id:-


Ronnie is fantastic, thanks for the video:) I’m shy ’cause I’m not confident and also because I’m an ‘aloner by nature’. But becoming a teacher was a good way to overcome shyness, at least a little bit:)


Teacher Ronnie….. im not confident of my words and my grammar. So how.? i worry if people do not understand wht i trying to say.. help meeee

Farah Shazani

that is right ^^

coldness Lee

Good lesson! When you said if you can help us about being shy, I don’t think I’m shy, but some people tell me yet that I need to practice speaking! I need to practice conversation!


thank you Ronnie, your Grammar lessons very helpful to me to talk in English. I’m shy coz I’m afraid to I’ll make mistake and what ppl think of me…Also I know what is my problem, I dont have much friends and most of the time I’m at home. hoping to make more friends and talk fluently. thank you for all your lessons.


omg all of your lessons always fun and funny :v i like it . Thanks


Dear Ronnie!
How is it going?
It’s a great pleasure to watch your outstanding classes! Thank you very much!
Could you please add me in your Facebook? This is my link https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.ju.7 Let’s keep in touch! Edu


Great Lesson Ronie!!
But the way you are very outgoing haha thank you so much
Guys I wanna improve my English vocabulary. Give me your Skype and let’s practice!!!!


thank you so much Ronnie



ann ann

Hi …. my name is mohalb and Iwant improve my self confidence by improving my pronunciation and vocabulary to advice and communication this is my E-meal zingate122@gmail.com …. place help me


Hi ronnie,I feel shy! when I stay alone with someone that speak english because I think that this person couldn´t understand me.


Hi Ronnie. I am shy because I think that other people will not understand me, or they will not like me because I am not english. That is my biggest problem.


hi ronnie,i like this topic caused im shy person or i need more confident to talk,specially in my office,but i will talk with importnat matter related in my job,hope you can help me more,thanks ronnie,i really enjoy it,out of 10 i got 9

Hydelin Perillo

If someone wants to learn English together chatting here I am, my e mail :lumidol@net.hr


Hello Ronnie! I’m really shy! I’m afraid to talk to the audience, my face immediatly become red, I forget all words I know! I afraid to say something wrong and to answear on questions (suddenly I don’t know what to say). That’s it:)

Liudmyla Konovalchuk

I am also a shy person. Yay. So hard for me to make a conversation with a stranger. People will always think that I am so strict. The examples that you shared for us to overcome our shyness are perfect. been doing this before and really effective. Though I am still struggling right now to overcome this kind of behavior. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise Ronie. You really rock.


My the best teacher!))))


Many thanks Ronnie for your useful lesson, I’ll try to follow your steps to avoid shyness.


Im shy because i think people Not understand my ideas


great lesson
I used to shy but not any more I will take your tips to brake my shyness


great lesson
shyness is huge problem especially in my university because l thought there are many students better than me


Omg, I just watched two videos of Ronnie and I already feel more confident to talk in english. She is greeeeaaaat.

Bia Pacheco

    Hi , i want to improve my english and i am seeking a skype friend , my id is asad.shah400. you can add me .

    M.Asad Hussain

Thanks for your lesson.

Zerin Reehan

its really fun when i watching your videos.you are a good teacher.and its very easy to understand your lesson.thank you :-)

Zerin Reehan

You are a great teacher Ronnie
I would like to be your friend

rasha farid

Thank you, Ronnie! I love your lessons! They are funny, usefull and understandable. You are really wonderfull teacher!


very good. i was shy but now talkative

yasmin mohamed

Hi Ronnie , i like ur lesson a lot , actually need ur help.
I have been in London since 2 months n I get really nervous when I talk to native speakers as I don’t get their accent , that results in stupid responses from my side :( . With time m losing my confidence and now m bit reluctant to go outside alone. I have started watching movies and listen to music but it’s not helping much!
Please help me out of this situation

Javeria khan

Thanks a lot Mam

sherif mabrouk

Such a good teacher !!!


Ronnie, you are super!

Please advise the meaning of this…
“Six Pack Attack”, many thanks.

Hong Kong


Hi Ronnie, I love so much your lessons. You explain every lesson with fun, I love it. When I am watching your lesson, every time i’m smiling. Thank for your positive. You are my favorite teacher. Big Thank You!


Ronnie is so funny, I love your lessons!

Mary Lima

Ronnie you are amazing people. Thank you


HI Guys, I’m Mano.And am looking some people to talk with English.


I’m shy ’cause; i’m a loser! I have any talent or success. Even i can’t speak English very well. Other people have talent or smth i just envy them! I can watch people who live my dreams :/


    oh, hey friend


    Hii Ronnie!you are really great teacher. Thanks for all. I was shy too but i can’t believe that you were shy too :)


thank you Ronnie


your lesson is great Ronnie

thank you so much


    you’re very funny


hi Ronnie,i like you so much,you’re so funny and active.i want to tell you sth that i’m really shy and it’s becouse people say that my voice is too low that they can’t hear me and i feel like if i raise my voice more i’ll like i’m shouting


I really love her classes
I’ve used almost all the tips, and I can say “Get drunk” actually works … LOL

Fabiana Cardoso

Hi Ronnie. I think the reason why I am shy is simply I always cannot understand what people are saying. Even I ask for again, sometimes I can’t get them. It’ so embarrassing for me.q_q

Min Jiang

i love this website


If you where my teacher, i will pick up easily. Your style of teaching is sooooooo practical


Hi Ronnie, you’re cool. thank you for the lessons and teaching.


like you lessons, Ronnie!

Clyne Shi

Thank you Ronnie I like your videos in special this topic and the tips!


thanks my teacher


Hi, I want improve my English too. My e mail is memorozco32@gmail.com
And, thank you Ronni I like all your lessons


Thank you so much!!
I’m really shy person because I afraid of society a bit)


You’re the best, Ronnie!:)


Thank u so much Ronnie..you are such a great person and i love your way of teaching , but my problem is that when i talk i cant understand i don’t have words for speaking.Please help me.My skype id is asad.shah400. Any one who wants to talk, me can add me.

M.Asad Hussain

My whatsapp number- +917209416866
and my email id _ parveshmehta07@gmail.com
Please add me. i also want to talk to new people in english


interesting lesson!


“Get a job”. How? It’s crisis time akd there’s no job anymore X(

Lorcy Gabriel

Hello, I’m new to this site.I have been studying English for three months…..so I must learn much more


Ronnie… thanks for your lesson :) ,

kiki Mustikawati

Hi, Ronnie. After saying the magic word “Hi” I wonder “What do I say now?? oh lord!! Help me!! Oh!! Shoes!! I have shoes, Do you like my shoes? hahahaha You’re the best! Thank you a lot.


Thank you very much :)


I’m agree with you!


Big thanks to you ronnie,,


Omg, she just described me!! Great lesson, thank you!


I laughted so much with your expressions, It was a funny lesson ;)


i’m shy just because someone ever tell me, “your english really bad” but now i can say the magic word.. HI! .. well thankyou for your lesson :D


hey guys, i wanna improve my english so here i am. i should study about speaking. skype is pretty good choice. maybe you wanna be friends on skype. you can reply to me.


    That would be a great idea.

    Arijit Nandi

    Hello can you add me at SKYPE.
    Here my skype: vip.m7mad

    Mohamed Aldarwish

Wonderful lessons but the most beautiful thing is that the lessons were less like “Lessons” but more than ” Amazing Sharing Class”. thank you so much . I’ve learned so many things … You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Arijit Nandi

Sometimes I’m desperate because my accent is very strong and the people don’t understand what I’m saying, that make me feel shy, but I must keep talking if i want to improve my english.
Ronnie you are amazing teacher…as always…”love it”


Ronnie you are the best teacher ever

Rita shattahi

In this lesson, teacher asked if we can talk about why am I shy. It is an interesting topic. I’m not shy at all, actually I am a trainer on my job, I have to speak a lot every day, speak 6-7 hours per day. But in my spacetime I don’t like speak too much to others. It is because i’m introvert. Yes, introvert guy, I am! :-)


OMG! I got totally correct in 10 questions quiz! yeah!!!


Hi everyone!My name is ovel zay.I am 26. I’m looking for a person, who wants to speak English for improving our skills, if you are a beginner please join with me to practice English. My Facebook is and this my skype id deep sam or dee.sam6 please add me thank you.


Hi I love Ronnie’s videos, because the way she teach is very interesting and with lost of fun…thanks Ronnie….


Ronnie, you rock!


Hi everybody. If someone would like to chat with me to improve his own english, please add me on FB he/she is welcome:

Danilo D’Alba from Rome


Thanks Ronnie , i used to be shy but after finishing my education and start working i became more confidence


Hi! I’m a quiet person. I don’t like to speak. Also, I am afraid to make mistake when I’m speaking English. Now, I’m really shy. I’m going to practice your tips.
They are very helpful.


Great lesson, Ronnie ! Very useful ! I want to improve my english with speaking so if you want speak with me on Skype add me and let’s talk !

Thank you, bye


She so nice Im learning alot with her classes


hi Ronnie, i’m abdelaziz from egypt …i like your vidoes great lessons

abdelaziz kamal

heyy all. yeah the video was very useful.
I want to have a lot of friends from here.
so please add my skype, hardina.adilia and my email ahardina@ymail.com thanks, see you guys ^_^


is it a girl that i can talk ????in whats app???


    This is not a dating site, sorry

    engVid Moderator

      i dont want to make new friends by this site,i jus want a girl that know english that i can speak with her for improving my english!!!
      there are meny things that i can use them for making friend!!


Hi dear, I really need your help. I have a job that sometimes require to talke English answer even some time play the role of translator. But I really have very less confidence though some time I know I could full file that.


Thank you Ronnie,this lesson really helped me because i am naturally a shy person and i think i now know how to improve upon it.


I got 9 out of 10, I wish to do well next time.


I scored 100 for the quiz.


So true.


The best way to get don’t be shy is taking a video call whit someone on Skype??


hey Ronnie i’m shy because i couldn’t speak English fluently and when im writing i make spelling mistakes i just don’t want anyone to look at my notebook that’s embarrassing for me otherwise im an open person.


Hi ronnie, i’m shy with people when it comes to speak in english language because i’m afraid of making mistakes :( since my self esteem becomes low everytime I try to approach people, I tend to not start any conversation first. But thankyou for all your lessons, as it is reaally useful


Hi everyone!My name is sarah.I am 20. I’m looking for someone to speak english and practice it . My Facebook is: sarah arafi please add me thank you :)


hi teacher Ronnie. I am shy when i talk to someone in English. I worry about how to pronounce, vocaburary, grammar,…i am afraid of wrong things i said. Then i don’t know anything to say. You know. I hesitate. what should i do? Thanks for your answer.


I like your way in teaching Ronnie ,,


Thanks. I lke it.

Ynmaculada Ortiz

hello , iam franck and I wish to practice my listening also my oral.
thanks to reply to me.my native language is french
I use skype : kouassiclc
and facebook : franck.kouassi.921

thanks to add me


hi! every one here i’m hicham i’m try conquer to my shy, specaly with a stranger peopl in bus or public space as well no shy by now i agree with you Ronnie for your topics which you submited in vedio the key of t don’t be shy is a jop public like serves in resturant or guid call in callcenter for example
thank alot Ronnie realy was a helpful and fun


add me i would like to share any conversation with you and i want improve my english.
Skype ederemirherreradubon

eder herrera

Hi guys! I am shy too and i need to know people, because I want to train my english. I am brazilian too. Please, this is my profile facebook.
Add me

Thank you!

Jhony Carvalho

thank yo Ronni really you are the best Teacher ever
i am shy too because i need to improve my accent too
if you can add my Email dinafekry123@gmail.com

Dina fekry123

Hi!My name is Nga. I come from Vietnam. Nice to meet you all. We can make friend by facebook. My nickname is Nga Duong. I hope you all will add me. Thanks ^^

Nga Duong

Ronnie is great! If somebody have a time for talk, this my skype name, “tinbyh” add me please )


    Yes, we can talk to each other if you want


thanks Ronnie good job


Hi Ronnie I love your way to teach.thank you so much you are helping me a lot with your practical everyday clases.?

Carolina Martinez

i am looking forward to improve my English please add me. my skype name is eng_helmy_87

Egyptian Pharaoh

Thanks dear teacher


Awesome topic! Thank you so much Teacher Ronnie! this site really helps me a lot in improving my vocabulary and I enjoyed learning tips on how to overcome my shyness. I am working on improving my English speaking proficiency, If anyone has time and interested please add me in facebook; Jehdeiah Garcia and my skype Id is Jehdeiah87; help me pass the IELTS!!!


Hi ronnie i not shy person but i really want to talk to other persons but sometime its to difficult to communicate other people.


I’m shy because when i talk to the other people i’m scare that they will laugh at me because i can’t speak English very well :(


I’m always shy to start a conversation with other people, but once they started to talk to me my shyness is gone gradually.
Thank you Ronnie

Ali Alabdullah

Thanks Ronnie. You are great :)


Hi Ronnie, this is my first time I watched you and I had fun a lot with your english lesson!!! Five stars for you!!!Great teacher!!!


thank u Ronnie


thanks Ronie, for long time I have followed and wathced your lessons. you are so funny and make ys get results.


Please help me, I am very shy. It is out of my control.
I can not find friend. I feel bad and alone.
Please help meeeeee


Well… What happened to me? Why i’m always shy to start talking in english with people :v




wow 10/10 and just i were listen. Thank you Ronnie. İt would be better for me.


This is no problem. When you try to say something but silence, feeling a shy, it means better to silence. When you actually have anything to say, you will not a shying. The real problem is back side, when you speak with everyone abuot everything and can’t to stop it even if you want.


Thanks a lot for your lesson. I’m never shy when talking to people, but this could be the methods that I would use to teach for my sister =)….By the way, if anyone who want to practice English, here is my gmail: ashton.nguyen117@gmail.com


thank you very much for these precious advises ,, i really appreciate your work

Ahmed Ikjam

hi. Ronnie, please help me I want to know some words. well I´ve Heard them but I don´t Know write them. to be honest some of those words are slang. example: German KRAUT black person NIGGER gypsy ??? and so on, please help me


    Careful with these, as these words are not just slang but slurs—very personal insults that may start fights, get you kicked out of a gathering, etc.

    engVid Moderator

hank you so much! it’s very useful for me,actually I would like to talk with people but I really don’t know how to start the topic and express myselt.


Thanks Ronnie, I feel I’m also in the shy gang. My reason is I don’t like to talk much and fear to say anything wrong english, by the way I like the saying hi and dog trick. Hi I’m Vipul ;p


hi RONNIE i also have problem of shy.
but after when i watched this video i desied to make it dicrease.
any way thanks.


Hey guys,, I’d like to improve my level in english with you .
My skype ( lebroo7 ) Thanks in advance .


hi everyone, i would like to have friends from all around the world, my name is Angela from Mexico.
this is my e-mail
columba_garca@hotmail.com hope you write me down soon, bye bye!

Maria Angela Columba Garcia Bernabe

I’m shy because I don’t speak very well,but I will?


Ronnie, you are the best teacher.
My skype is pjsantoss.


Thanks Ronnie


i got 9 coorect

Awais Gujrati

Ronnie you are hyper duper fanny I like all your lessons.


skype id:erhant562


You’re the best teacher))) Thanks, Ronnie!


Hello :-) My name is ivan and i’m look for a person to begin a conversation my skype is ”ivancleyton_g3” and my facebook is ”ivan melo” thanks ^^


thanks Ronnie.


Wow. I don’t believe that i got 10 out of 10.


Love you, Ronnie, u r talent and humour. And u r always make me laugh. Thanks, eh!


thanks Ronnie.


I am jinaka. Thanks Ronnie you are good teacher.I want to improve my English knowledge.


Thank you, Ronnie!!




Hi Ronnie, My name is Rabbee. I am from Bangladesh. Watching EngVid and it is excellent. Skype: r.k2010. Please add me.


I like your video. It was very interesting.We are students in an ESL class in Alexandria, Virginia in the USA. Can we Skype with you during our class one day? Our teacher’s name is Patti. Her email is ppotter@wuv.edu.


Hi Ronnie, i really like your videos. You’re so funny!
I’m just shy and i don’t know why,when i talk with people who i don’t know i’m nervous and my face become red, i hope to change this condition.
Thank you for your lesson!

Sheila Karla

Hello Ronnie. Sometimes I am a little shy because English is not my first language and I don’t want to make some mistake or say something wrong… but I am studying every day and improving a little bit more each day.
Thanks a lot.


Thank so much Ronnie!


Hi, lovely teacher. I learn a lot with you. I’m trying don’t be shy, hahaha. Thank you so much!


hello Ronnie you are a excellent teacher!!! really


Thanks so much Ronnie..your lesson is very interesting


Seriously Ronnie ? Were you shy?


I agree with you. I think almost all the persons are boring.LOL I have a doubt… Can I use the word “coke” to the drug meaning too?


Thank you so much.


I want to improve my English
Alynour93@yahoo.com this is my email if anyone wants to communicate
Waiting for your reply and thank you

Aly 10



Hello everyone ! Does somebody want to practice the speaking Skillane by skype? I am from Mexico

Al Ramos

I am shy because I don’t like people and don’t like to speak with them BUT!!! with you Ronnie I definitely wish to talk and to drink :) I think we like the same music, you can talk to me about it! haha

hey guys, don’t be shy, let’s help each other ;))


naturally a shy person

Kyaw Tun Oo

Sometimes i choose to be shy because of my bad English!

Thank you! I LOVE YOU!


Drinking Alcohol is forbidding in my religion??

Ibrahim Mamdouh

Hi guys.
Great tips Ronnie.
Sometimes I’m shy to speak English.
But I’m Portuguese…I speak a lot (haha)
I love Ronnie’s Youtube channel. She looks so patient =)


You got 10 correct out of 10.

M kartal

I am shy because I don’t speak very well. I’m from Angola I speak Português. When a speak to someone a made a lot mistake.


thanks a lot, I am shy because I don’t speak very well. I’m from Iraq but I’m gonna be better and that’s with your help and by watching your amazing lessons.
thank you again Ms. Ronni


That was one of the easiest test. I think the last tip is the best. i am gonna try it today. Can I get drunk and do not talk with anybody ;) ?


Hello Ronnie hope you have a great day! Yes I’m shy because im afraid that people will not understand my English, but i will try to talk more, thank you so much for teaching me English ❤


Thanks Mrs. Ronnie.


Excellent video, Ronnie and thanks a lot for your tips! I have always been shy, and I would like to overcome my shyness. I wish I could do it! Cannot imagine that you were shy before, you are so funny and outgoing!!


Merci beaucoup Ronnie !

Dhouib wafa

Ronnie this is my first time listening to you and u r great


I love your lessons

Francisco cornejo



Dear Ronnie, you are such a kind of great teacher. I learned lots of useful English from your teaching style. I like the way you teach. Thank you.

Julia Zin

Thank you Ranni you are Great teacher.I like your simple way.

Bossy Kamal

I got 10 out of 10! Thanks a lot, Ronnie, for such a great video!


I am always shy to talk in English, especially with native people, first, because I don’t have a lot of vocab and I always have a Grammar mastics. and by the way, I am Egyptian and I live in the USA 3 years ago, and I’m still working in myself.


I swear she is the best :).
Thank you so much.


100 thanks teacher Ronnie


I just shy to talk with strange people. after this lesson, I believe I will change. Thank you Ronnie.


thank you Ronnie


Thank you Ronnie.
I am very very shy because of my poor of speaking English.

simenesh Abrar



thanks ronnie, alwais it is a pleasure to learn with you.


I watched this video twice on May 20, 2021, and I took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten correct out of 10.


9/10! Good! I used to be shy also. I didn’t like to talk with people. I only want to think by myself. But when I came to be a business seller at my second job, I started to phone everyone my job needs me to talk with customs. Thanks for my second job, let me don’t be shy! Thanks, Roonie! Let me recalling these things.

Jerry Gu

hello mrs ronnie how are you i was shy when i speak with people because I m didn’t study English at school I learned alome i have difficult


Thank you Ronnie


Wow, answered again 10 of 10! You great teacher, your emotions help me to understand words even if I don’t know it.


I got 80% percent
I’m happy


Just joking, I got 100% percent


i am shy because i don’t have self confidence to speaking with another persons.

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