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Thank you

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    Thanks Ronnie

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      I’m not too much keen on astrology, however there were some earth sign features that drew powerfully my attention.

      I am a persistent, har-working, patient, and open-minded person. Before taking a decision, I think it twice. As noticed, I do not like taking chances.

      These features match perfectly with the information Ronnie presented in today’s lesson. I must confess, I could harly believe it!

      Well, from now on I’m going to read more on astrology to hopefully find out a bit more about people’s personalities. This may be useful, especially when starting a new relationship.

      Superb lesson Ronnie as usual!

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    Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie, this lesson was great.

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Thank you so much for giving me the lesson of English, my teacher.

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Great lesson, Ronnie!
I definitely agree with all things about Earth – it’s all about me. And I guess you’re a Fire, aren’t you?

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8 / 9 thanks Ronnie.

Profile photo of Thiago Melo Thiago Melo

I loved this class Ronnie, I identify me with my signo…I’m
Virgo signo and everything writes or talks about my
Signo is really true… I feel me this way!!

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Great, Pisces, I am going to the right College, helping people with disabilities. But about the ascendant sign? Mine is Aries. Difficult to decide, eh? lolol

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Pressed the buttons in random order and I have 100% result

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Thanks Ronnie!!
I was wondering which horoscope you are…
Am I right if I say that you´re a fire horoscope???

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Great lesson! Thanks Ronnie!! :)

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Maybe or not certain, sometimes is true but not always, there is a certain degree of the acquaintance in this topic to develop our acknowledgement, believing it or not I am always confusing the different types of horoscopes. It’s possible to study them but I don’t remember all the types of personalities on them. Anyway, thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, a curious horoscope-Chinese suit to perform the video class.

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thank you

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Thanks, Ronnie. That’s the cool lesson. I have never known that I have been working in the perfect job, engineer, because I’m in Earth element.

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The class was well explained and interesting, Thanks¡

Profile photo of Zuleyner Zuleyner

    Absolutely! It was well-explained and interesting.

    Are you passionate about learning languages? That’s great! Which languages do you speak besides English and Spanish?

    See you round Zuleyner.

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Thanks for your videos

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Stars and astrology have always fascinated people of all ages and cultures.
Thanks for this amusing video, Ronnie!

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madam ..am new student

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which lesson should start?

Profile photo of juvenile juvenile

is it about personality or improving our vocabulary?

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It´s fantastic to learn with EngVid.

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Ronni. When is your birthday?

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I got more wrong answers than the right ones.(๑˙ー˙๑)

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All that Ronnie says is true. I’m a Taurus and I love an office job.

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Thank you!!! It was a very good class


Wow,Chinese-style suit with a loong(Chinese version of dragon),looks nice! But you’ll be shocked when you know the fact that back to about 105 years ago you’d be BEHEADED by the emperor if you worn a suit like this.Because wearing a suit with the loong is exclusive to the royals.hahaha!

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Thank you Ronnie!
There is same conception in Eastern culture, we called it” Feng Shui”. Have you heard that before?

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Thanks Ronnie! Score 9/9

Profile photo of jdpp0613 jdpp0613

Thank you, Ronnie for sharing such an interesting things with us. I love to study astrology. BTW, I love your Chinese-style cloth too. :)

Profile photo of Yongshan Lin Yongshan Lin

Thank you very much Ronnie!

Profile photo of IsraelKaveski IsraelKaveski

Thank Ronnie. By The Way, I’m living here in Toronto Canda, but I’m Filipino from Philippines. I like to meet you and to learn more about english. :) Thank you again for helping us😘

Profile photo of MJhay MJhay

Thank you very much Ronnie, this lesson in very intersting.
In reality my personality and my profession are different! :-))

Profile photo of cvg75 cvg75

Thanks Ronnie. By The Way, I’m living here in Toronto Canda, but I’m Filipino from Philippines. I like to meet you and to learn more about english. :) Thank you again for helping us😘

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You are great. Thanks for your lessons.

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thank youuuu

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Thanks Ronnie! I’ve been empowering my vocabulary since I watched your “engVid” videos!

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please can you upload the active and passive voice videos ???

Profile photo of Islam Ul Haq064 Islam Ul Haq064

Excellent. Many thanks.

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9/10 that’s ok and i love your lesson

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Hi, Ronnie!Help me, please…I can’t understand why we write some Present Simple questions with: Are you a student? Why we can’t use Do you a student? I can’t understand difference between these two.

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Thanks Ronnie, I love your classes and also your quizes. You have a very fun and creative teaching style. Thank you!!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian

thanks. it is 78

Profile photo of Satilmis Satilmis

hi Ronnie,
always enjoy your Performance!
I am an English instructor out of Egypt who could use your coaching on ESP ( English for specific purpose)course i am currently running.
need you email for correspondence.

Profile photo of khaled mahmoud khaled mahmoud

I know you are gonna open my eyes so easy. Thank you

Profile photo of pemageorge2003 pemageorge2003

I definite agreed with water because I am very emotional and I’m also an introvert person. I learned a lot from you!

Profile photo of jenniferfromri jenniferfromri

    Opps! water but Air..

    Profile photo of jenniferfromri jenniferfromri

Thanks Ronnie, your lessons are so cool ))

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I think I may need to change my job ;D

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I am actually Fire!

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Thank you so much for all your help, and great charisma!👏

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Ronnie the Chef :D

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It’s very interesting~ Thanks, Ronnie.

Profile photo of Annabanana2017 Annabanana2017

Thank you!

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I thought I’m a capricorn since childhood but I’m aquarius according to your lecture as my date of birth is 20 jan :(
-well thanks for your valuable teaching!

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LOL I am a half taurus and half leo lol

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Very good lessons

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Hiii Ronnie, nice to see you on this YouTube EngVid,
one thing, that i want to talk tou you,
what the method for me to remember The Common Words in English, do you have a trick or some method.


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ohh ya, i am sorry please this is the first time, that i joined in this EngVid.

Profile photo of ardian rony ardian rony

thank you for ur assistance may god bless u #Ronnie

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Firstly I would like to thank you very much teacher Ronnie, as you are really very excellent ,great and funny teacher . As well from the first moment when i watched one of your videos on YouTube i loved you very much and also I liked you and your fantastic system of teaching very very much . So I came here specially for being able to see you and watch easily all of your videos .

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Thank you for your lesson


thanks for lesson

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Love your videos! They are always informative, funny and extremely entertaining!

Profile photo of ShootAnastasia ShootAnastasia

Ronnie, please tell us which horoscope sign you are

Profile photo of AngelicaCroatia AngelicaCroatia

You got 6 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for your teaching. I’m a new comer here. I’m from Indonesia.

Profile photo of Gino007 Gino007

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thanks Ronnie! I’m scorpio and recently I’ve decided to become…a social worker after beeing in business stuff, tourism, childcare… Later I would like to be a therapist so your course wasn’t that far from who I am and how I act ;)

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thank u

Profile photo of al willis al willis

U make all the lessons very easy Roonie Thanks U r the best

Profile photo of Mohammed Korchi Mohammed Korchi

Bravo, Ronnie!!!
I loved this class. I learned tons and some things about my friends make sense now.
I’m an air sign. Now, I get why communicating in front of a large audience is easy for me. Great!!
Thank you, Ronnie :)

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