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Hi Alex, I got 9/9! Thanks a lot, teacher.

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    Great job!

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      hi alex u are an outstanding teacher. i got 8/9. i am unable to leave a message directly by clicking comments. could u please help me .

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      by clicking leave a comment icon, the comment box is not opening.

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      very useful! thanks a lot for this lesson.
      although i’m a teacher and i got 100 on your quiz it’s always useful to have a refreshment like this ;)

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      Excellent explanation Alex. Got 9 out of 9. Phasal verbs have always been a monster to me.

      Profile photo of Regiane Martins Regiane Martins

      Hi alex, I’m sandara. you’re a great teacher.
      do you mind if I make a request?. I was confused the word “QUITE”. I hope you understand my english. I’m not good in english. thank.

      Profile photo of sandara03 sandara03

I got 3 correct out of 9 :( OMG! I was really confused. I will review. I won’t give up :) Thank you, Alex :D

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    Keep working hard! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hey Alex! First of all thanks for your lesson. That’s a good job, believe me :) Would it be possible if you could focus on the following words in your future lessons: WHATEVER, WHENEVER, WHEREVER etc..and some examples of using them. Thans in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care!

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      Thank you, Alex. My score is getting better little by little :)

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last one was a little bit confusing.

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I am a bit confused

Profile photo of mine ahmedli mine ahmedli

thanks alex!

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Thank you, I got 9 of 9.
I’ve heard one more expression with Hold
“Could you hold off on that?”

One guy said to another whe he was trying to smoke inside a room.

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I got 78% All your lessons are very useful Thankyou mr.Alex!

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Could you hold on for a minute? I’m leaving a comment.
Don’t let someone to hold you onto depression. Control your feelings and emotions.
I don’t hold anything against your way of teaching.
I can’t hold in my gratefulness to your lessons, Alex!
I’ll never hold back the truth from people who deserves to know it!

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Good lesson, thanks!

Profile photo of Andre378 Andre378

Great lesson, thanks. 10/10. :)

“…if you ever want to suggest a lesson for myself or any other EngVid teacher, feel free to do so on the comment section below or LOOK me UP on Facebook, you can just LOOK UP Alex EngVid…”

Maybe some phrasal verbs with LOOK (if it is not covered on EngVid.

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I’m confused hold onto with hold in
Please,give me some explaintion

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great lesson as usual

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56 I got

Profile photo of ahmadi774 ahmadi774

Thank you for the interesting theme, Alex!

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thank you for this lesson. About a new one, (if not already done): the different ways to respond or to agree to a question (why not? yes, very interesting, great, etc)just for the beguiners to be more fluently in dialogue. thanks

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Thank you, it is a very useful lesson

Profile photo of franmr1979 franmr1979

Hello!! Teacher! Nice to meet you!
how’s it going?!

Anyway, Thank you for letting me know in terms of how to use Hold Phrasal verb.

I got the all answer, I made it because of you.

I guarantee that I will keep studying English through your Engvid~~! Thank you! have a great day!!

Profile photo of Rim Kang Rim Kang

thanks for the lesson
An idea of of new lesson is about this “little ” words like as well, either, neither, still, no longer
Thanks a lot

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Hi Alex! After watching this lesson 4 times I still don’t understand clearly about the number 4 :( Could you please explain it?

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Profile photo of Yusuf Yusuf

    This would be an interesting topic for a video lesson, Wicked words. But could it be possible?


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      I think it is possible. have you ever watch Ronnies lessons she is making lessons even she made about sex and so on.

      Profile photo of Yusuf Yusuf

        Remind that this site is open to everybody, even children! Alex is a gentleman :)

        Profile photo of byte byte

Thanks Alex, I completely understood the lesson, 10/10. Could you please explain to me the difference between thought and thinking?

Profile photo of RobinScallop RobinScallop

Interesting lesson on phrasal verbs Alex. Could you please pla a lesson on the causative pattern?
Have + someone + do + something. I would really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!!!

My best Regards

Profile photo of Regino Regino

Hi Alex! Your video-lesson has been interesting and useful as usual.I got easly 100 but, as you know, the usage of the phrasal verbs when a person has to use them in a quick dialoge can cause a great deal of problems . Usually the right particle doesn’t come in time or worse it comes wrong creating an embarrassing mess.
It could sound a bit weird but I would like to see a lesson about handworks; terms and verbs connected to them.
Thank you Alex!Don’t give up! You’re a great teacher.

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Profile photo of EmperorArthurII EmperorArthurII

Thanks Alex . I am going to give a presentation in English, but I fund out that I have problem to recall proper words for starting/finishing presentation and when I am changing slides. Most of them are simple words that are used as fillers and they help to make a explanation smooth and fluent. I wrote some of them for myself for example : in order to , first of all , finally , on the other hand , unlike , also … as well
And those kind of words that we use to explain diagram , charts , graphs etc.
Could you please help me and lots of other students with this issue?

Profile photo of MorVafa MorVafa

Hi Alex,
I got 100;
Thanks a lot.
You are a great teacher.
All the best.

Profile photo of Miramis Miramis

Hi Alex, I found your lessons VERY interesting.The most important thing , your voice is very clear and everyone can listen it. thank u a lot for such useful lessons

Profile photo of neet neet

Hi Alex,

Thank You so much for your help, I have got 8/9,

I need you to give me an advice because I am going to have an IELTS test after 2 Months,

Thank you, :)

Profile photo of asmaasaad14 asmaasaad14

great lesson

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HI ALEX! you are an excellent teacher! thanks for your lessons! JESUS LOVES YOU! Bye!

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

Sir, I got 33% marks! Thanks!

Profile photo of Waseem Malik Waseem Malik

Hi .. thank you for the lesson Alex .. It’s very useful !!!!!

I want to request a lesson.. can you do a lesson about

” bare infinity and full infinity ” ..

It’s a bit confusing me … :(

thank you again !!!

Profile photo of DaZun DaZun

I got 78. Not bad but it could be better ;-)
It’s a very good lesson, but I have to practice this test again…

Profile photo of Aloj Aloj

Hi Alex,thank you for the lesson

Can you please make a lesson about phrasal verbs we use often on gym ,like pull ups ,push up ….

Thanks forward :)

Profile photo of Med Saad Med Saad

I am so proud of myself I got 100%.Thanks Alex your explanations is just awesome.

Profile photo of brunusBrasil brunusBrasil

Hi Alex! Very nice video.I loved it. But I feel much difficulty to undersand how to use phrasal verbs. Could you explain the difference between, for example: “Turn on the ligths!” and “Turn the lights on!? I appreciate your help.

Profile photo of Jaderson Jaderson

    Both are correct. In some cases transitive phrasal verbs can be split and the object can be inserted between the verb and the preposition. This split does not alter the meaning of the sentence in any way.

    Profile photo of Ricardo PD Ricardo PD

      Thank you very much Ricardo!!!It’s very useful! God bless you!

      Profile photo of Jaderson Jaderson

Hi Alex! I have a suggestion.
How about a lesson about words with the same/similar meaning and the right circumstances to use them? For example: When should I use little instead or small; other instead of another? Someone/Somebody; No one/Nobody?

Profile photo of audrysilva audrysilva

HiAlex! I see I can reading English good but I can not speaking English. Can you show me a way to speaking English, please?

Profile photo of Annanguyen Annanguyen

    I can reading English good -> I can read in English well. / I am good at reading English.

    I can not speaking English -> I can not speak English. / I am not good at speaking English.

    When you use Helping Verbs(Can/Do/Will/…), you should put a Basic Verb after helping verbs.

    Way to speaking English -> Way to speak English.

    Your English will be getting better soon.
    Good Luck!

    Profile photo of Matilda03 Matilda03

      i will teach u

      Profile photo of ventura simoon ventura simoon

Hi Alex! Thanks for the lesson. I have one question. Are “hold onto and hold in” interchengeble?

Profile photo of pelopes pelopes

I have got 6 correct after I finished this quiz.

Profile photo of Andy Lim Andy Lim

Thanks Mr. Alex, got 78%. good lesson.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

please make more video about phrasal verbs,some words like: take,get,give,…. thanks u so much :)

Profile photo of trinhbaoduy trinhbaoduy

Hey Alex.You’re one of the best Teachers i have ever had in my entire life both in School and on Engvid Web :)
Thanks alot

Profile photo of Mahdi Hoseini Mahdi Hoseini

your videos are so great, I can understand them clearly. I am student and really want to improve my vocabulary but they are too much to remember. I am waiting more videos like this. thank you so much.

Profile photo of BaoChau BaoChau

    hi Guy, i want to improve my english too, so pls add my skype: buitiennhat, then we can practice eng together.

    Profile photo of buitiennhat buitiennhat

    Hi BaoChau, Why dont we ask Alex about hold up :)

    Profile photo of nguyenhungdk nguyenhungdk

Hi. I got 9/9 also . I’m very happy:D

Profile photo of jojowjd jojowjd

thanx man, i got 100% i’m grateful for your lessons and you are definitely an amazing teacher…

Profile photo of untouchable untouchable

It was a good lesson ,
Thank you Mr. Alex :)

Profile photo of SooRa SooRa

I got 8 correct out of 9! (:
Thanks Alex for your time! You’re are a great Teacher!

Profile photo of verin verin

thank u for the lesson =) can u Ms Alex make a lessons about the ver look like look after or look out …………… plzzzzz Ms alex ))

Profile photo of sami45 sami45

6/9. is that good? :( trying hard!!

Profile photo of quangman.cns quangman.cns

I got 8/9 because I misunderstood “To hold back”, but I did the exercise again and I got 9/9. Thanks, Alex!

Profile photo of joicesiqueira884 joicesiqueira884

What kind of difference between two words like restrict and restrain?

Profile photo of azad1982 azad1982

Thank you Alex about this video, I’ve misunderstanding to use this phrasal with some tenses. It’s better to show us more examples.
And for the last example that you wrote, how did you use “was” with the past tense of held. Could you explain me, please?

Profile photo of Eng.Rasheed Eng.Rasheed

9/9 Great, I can’t hold in my joy.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

I haven’t made a single mistake in this superb English lesson.Alex don’t hold on and made more interesting videos like this.

Profile photo of maicon55 maicon55

Great lesson, tks!

Profile photo of Schoenberger Schoenberger

Thank you very much, I thought this video ,was very helpful.

Profile photo of johnathan johnathan

I got 7/9, not bad i think, thanks a lot! :)

Profile photo of Poula Poula

i got 9 out of 9.

Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

Dear Alex,
This is me, Rion again. Thank you for this useful lesson. Could you possibly make a lesson about using “fun” and “funny” in sentences? I always get confused in using these two words as they can be both used like adjectives with the similar meaning, and my problem is that I have no idea when to use “fun” or “funny” correctly.
Thank you in advance and wish you all the best!
I’m looking forward to your support.

Best regards,

Profile photo of Rionvu Rionvu

very interessting lesson, thanks a lot alex, these PV are very useful for communication!

Profile photo of krachleur krachleur

Hi Dear Alex,
I just want to tell you that I’m so interested by your lessons and the way you explain .
But now I need your help in another subject which is Literature: I want to know how to do a critical analysis to literary work …
So please Dear Teacher do not ignore my demand … I’m waitin your answer as soon as you can… even if you can not do it.

Profile photo of halimblack halimblack

Great lesson! I got one mistake no.3/hold back/Thank you.

Profile photo of JanaJ JanaJ

Hi! How’s everything?

I’d like to ask what’s the difference between “Hold on to something” and “Hold onto something”

Example: The way to prevent fear from becoming panic is to hold onto your good sense.

The team hold on to first place with a 4-3 win last night.

Profile photo of henry19 henry19

Great lesson, as usual. I really like when I learn something new from you. You teach so clearly that I got 9/10. thank you, Alex.

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

Hi!thanks for your lesson dude!It`s very useful for me man,and i got 9/9.

Profile photo of walison mendes walison mendes

Hello,evereone.Hold on for a minute! let me give some examples with these phrasal words…Hold onto the theif do not let him go until police come….She always makes mistake but I don’t hold it against her – we all make mistakes….thanks a lot, dear Alex

Profile photo of Kudrat Kudrat

I got 7 correct out of 9.
I was quite confused about “Hold onto st” and “hold against st/so”.
Btw, Thank you alex for this lesson! It’s very useful to me! :) godbless.

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Profile photo of Menghan Menghan

I got 9 correct out 9, Thanks for clarifying my doubts about some uses of this word which is widely used in english language.

By the way, Can you please make a lesson with phrasal verbs in this case the word “together”

thanks in advance.

Profile photo of anma1011 anma1011

Hi Alex,
Thank you so much for your lesson.

Profile photo of vivanida vivanida

Hey best teacher i’ve ever seen , I got 9/9 !!
Thank’s lot Alex :)

Profile photo of AmbitionDz AmbitionDz

I love this Lesson.. very challenging. I’ve got 4pts out of 9,but I still happy because I learned a lot! Thank you very much Mr.Alex

Profile photo of Keempol Dimaranan Keempol Dimaranan

Another great lesson Alex, thanks so much!

I have a question that confuses me: “Does anybody have any ideas?” I have read it on the book that I’ve used to teach.Is this question correct? isn’t it “has” instead of “have”? because anybody is singular, right? Is it the

Profile photo of kulet_1010 kulet_1010

    Is it the book has mistaken?.. I need your help Alex, thanks in advance..

    Profile photo of kulet_1010 kulet_1010

      I think the question is correct because of ‘Does’.
      Does(helping verb) + anybody + have(basic verb)…
      Ex.) Does Sue wash the dishes?
      I hope it will be helpful!

      Profile photo of Matilda03 Matilda03

      Hi ..

      I see it’s correct because if we use singular form with the verb ( Do ) it will be ( Does ) so the other verb in the same sentence should be back to basic form ( have ) !!

      Profile photo of Brga Brga

      i’hv used to teach.
      this sentence is correct.
      look at structures,
      I,we,you they, PN+have+3rd form of verb.
      he,she,it,sn+has+3rd form of verb.
      best wishes

      Profile photo of innocent khan innocent khan

Thanks for your lesson i will learn more.

Profile photo of selams selams

Hold on hold back hold in hold onto hold against ……….great

Profile photo of baldeep baldeep

Thanks Alex, we cannot hold on till your next lesson .. REGARDS : )

Profile photo of Brga Brga

Hi Alex and everyone. I liked this lesson as usual (then, I really like it;). Pretty important for foreigners to learn phrasal verbs.
And: when you ask for ideas to develop, I have written some months ago about the possibility to repeat some of the first lessons regarding they are not recorded well (sometimes we are in trouble to hear it and the teachers are not actors, you are teachers ans sometimes tou did mistakes or the the discours was not fluent).
Thank you for paying me attention and you are the best!!!!

Profile photo of greenvelvet greenvelvet

Thank you Alex. I got 9/9.

I am confused about rudeness. They say it’s rude to say to someone wait.

Please, you Alex or any teacher of the engvid to make some lessons on linguistic rudeness.

Thank you in advance

Profile photo of koubalondon koubalondon

Hi Alex, I would to request a lesson for preposition with the use of: “for”,”of”,”with”,”over”,”to”,and”by”. I will really appreciate if you teach us this lesson. Thank You. :)

Profile photo of pabs12 pabs12

huhu, 5 correct of 9 sentences, bad, i will learn harder

Profile photo of rockdc rockdc

Hi Alex thanks for great lesson and thanks to engvid team.

Profile photo of m0dy m0dy

Thx teacher please I need advise, I can hear english very well but I can’t speak it the way I hear it, I’m living in Nigeria and the kind of English we r using is pidgin english broken, how wuld I keep on and maintain the correct english language, specially in speaking it ??? Advise pls thx a lot god bless you

Profile photo of Hussien@moussa Hussien@moussa

Thanks Alex for the lesson. Looking forward to the next one.

Profile photo of Katya Katya

Many thanks for such an effective lesson. I’ve got 9/9! You are a wizard! You’ve made me sing up to have an ability to say the words of gratitude. :)

Profile photo of too happy too happy

I got 9 correct out of 9.
Please can you give a lesson on the vrasal verbs based on “to stick” (to – at – with …). Il’s sometimes confusing. Thank you a lot.

Profile photo of nabih nabih

This time I haven’t done well . I have just got 6 right answers , Thank you Alex . Please help me .I can’t see the videos .

Profile photo of Zhaoyi57 Zhaoyi57

Thanks Alex, very useful lesson

Profile photo of scudstorm scudstorm

Hi Alex,
thanks a lot for your helpful lesson.
You clarify topic very well, but I’m still a little confused. I think “only practice born masters”, take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

so easy like that I got 100% :D thank you a lot

Profile photo of jijoue jijoue

hi thanks you so much.
Woh can your lesson ?

Profile photo of yousafhussainpor yousafhussainpor

hi alex..
how r u?
u talked about worth and i learned it.
would u plz explain about worthy and worst and differences between them and worth???
i would be pleased.i need to know it in the next 12 hours
this is my email adress:nazly1385@yahoo.com
thanks alex

Profile photo of tinampop tinampop

89 not bad, thanks)

Profile photo of ADNAR ADNAR

hey Alex I need a lesson about take and get. for some reason those words confused me a lot. when to use take or when to use get. please!!!
by the way youre a great teacher easy to understand.

Profile photo of lenlaura lenlaura

Oh thank you so much, you are great! ))

Profile photo of Nazik Nazik

I must hold back from continuing, I need some sleep. – thanks ;)

Profile photo of ecoologic ecoologic

Hello Alex
It was good explanation but hard to keep it and memorize it while we talk to some one I am sure we will get confuse easily but thanks any way

Profile photo of preemy preemy

    Hi preemy!! nice name..well, You just need to keep it in practice and try to use it every time as you can..!! the memory will make the rest..

    Profile photo of jorgepalaciios jorgepalaciios

I got 9/9, many thanks

Profile photo of Sadia Sadia

thanks teacher i got 8 out of 9 in just two minuets

Profile photo of ashraf mostafa ashraf mostafa

thank you alex :)

Profile photo of celiysf celiysf

I got a hundred

Profile photo of cupil27 cupil27

Are you familiar with Max Morenberg’s, “Doing Grammar”? Could you create a series of lessons on diagramming sentences after the manner of Morenberg’s tree diagramming style? And I think Poland is the greatest place with the greatest people.

Profile photo of jeffra jeffra

Its kinda easy test, I got 9/9. Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of felsefy felsefy

Alex, may i request you to make a video for the Phrasal verb HANG?

Profile photo of anika15 anika15

Have you taught about the correct use of “like” and “as” (differences, also). If yes, please!, give me the link.
Thanks a lot, GOD bless you!

Profile photo of luizvaleriodutra luizvaleriodutra

Got 6 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of Josuka Josuka

sir i need a lesson on can/could/may/might/should/will/would be+past participle or can be +noun.i need this lesson so badly because i’m very confused when we could use it …pls tell me asap pls

Profile photo of G.Vivek G.Vivek

Hi Alex! thanks!
I have one question. how to differentiate Hold onto and Hold in?

Profile photo of fatehazka fatehazka

Thanks gosh!

Profile photo of yzab

Exelente explicacion,exelentes resultados :) Thanks teacher!

Profile photo of Noe Tinajeros Noe Tinajeros

8/9, it is little bit tricky!!!!!!!!!Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Lamoussa Lamoussa

hi Alex I want to help me about the summary writing text and spoken please….

Profile photo of azheen azheen

Hey, teacher…. good day!!

I have a problem!! I don’t understand so much the verb “to hold”

Profile photo of jarmando jarmando

Hey Alex!! Hey everyone!! I really enjoy watching videos on engvid but there is something inconvenient about this website. I don’t receive any notifications upon receiving comments/replies as I log in. I have to enter the video I’ve already watched to find out if I have any replies.

Profile photo of erlich erlich

Hello Alex; your lessons very helpful in our future study:)

Profile photo of Tomas1010 Tomas1010

Hello, Alex!
I watched this video so many times because I couldn’t make out what you said at first. So I watched and listened over and over again. Eventually, I got it and I was tickled pink and I couldn’t hold back the feeling. That’s why I leave the comment. I frequently watch your videos to learn something good to study English by myself. Thank you so much!!!

Profile photo of terry68 terry68

hi Alex!!thanks about all

Profile photo of karimboulami karimboulami

Thank you,I got 11 correct out 11.:)

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.


I am a new member here

I also used to be a teacher but I like the way uou teach lesson very much

Your pronunciation

You leson is very simple to understand

Profile photo of Mandy2014 Mandy2014

100%. Thanks teacher!

Profile photo of Lfabian2013 Lfabian2013

thanks teacher, i’ve got 8/9…

Profile photo of andrebalao andrebalao

Hold in was not mentioned in ADAM’s lesson .. i got it here.

Profile photo of Stan28 Stan28

Hi Alex

Thanks Alex. Great classes.

A question:Hold in also can beused in positive way. Ex: Please Hold in the secret.
Thanks for your answer

Profile photo of LuisFco LuisFco

Great lesson
I got 9/9
Thank you

Profile photo of pontes pontes

Great teacher ….I got 9/9

Profile photo of harleyloco harleyloco


Profile photo of SAAB87 SAAB87

hi alex,i never think i can get 9/9,it means you are a good teacher,viva for ever

Profile photo of irantransfo irantransfo

Thanks Alex I got 100 .. what a great teacher you are !!

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994


Profile photo of ENTINON ENTINON


Profile photo of salodz salodz

Like usually. …. prefect score. But still not good enough in speaking directly. …Please add me on Skype if u want to help me improve my speaking skill. Soyadina25.

Profile photo of soyadina25 soyadina25

Hi, thank you so much.
Your way of teaching is excellent.

Profile photo of Matin Leila Matin Leila


Profile photo of Mehdii.hassioua Mehdii.hassioua

hi alex .. i got 8/9 .. thanks

Profile photo of Mehdii.hassioua Mehdii.hassioua

i got 7/9, i’m confuse between hold on and hold onto.
plz clarify

Profile photo of reza nikhah reza nikhah


Profile photo of masoud2040 masoud2040

Thank you.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of Eduardo Gorlomi Eduardo Gorlomi

Hi mr.alex i got 7/9 NOW and got 9/9 b/f sign in engvid
Can you believe that!?
I do! ,How? ,I don’t know anymore
and thanks alot

Profile photo of aliimat aliimat

Dear Mr. Alex
Please tell me if there are any differences between
Hold onto so/st and Hold st in?

Profile photo of nhoc9kt nhoc9kt

    ‘hold onto’ cậu cứ hiểu theo nghĩa đen luôn là giứ lấy cái gì đó
    còn ‘hold in’ thì có thể hiểu như là nhịn, không bộc phát ra bên ngoài ý!

    Profile photo of thuy.nguyen thuy.nguyen

      thanks very much.

      Profile photo of nhoc9kt nhoc9kt

got 9 out of 9! tnx for this..

Profile photo of anigoza anigoza

oh great! I’ve got 9/9. the lesson is so useful, Mr.Alex. thanks so much!!!

Profile photo of thuy.nguyen thuy.nguyen

I got 9 out of 10 That’s great!
Thanks to you Mr.Alex….you’re a perfect teacher!!!

Profile photo of Rosa Casiero Rosa Casiero

Hay Olek, I’m from Poland, I’m glad that you perform successfully in this project.
have you ever visit Poland?
Thank you for your replay!:)

Profile photo of Iwonaszumilas1974 Iwonaszumilas1974

THX for lesson Alex

Profile photo of Xeckin Xeckin

Hello! Alex you are a great teacher. I have learn a lot about English grammar and continue to improve myself in English subject. Hope you bring a lot of interesting lessons in future.
perhaps you are not aware how much you are helping us to learn English which is more demanding in any jobs. thanks for all engvid team

Profile photo of Saad786 Saad786

thanks ,i got 10/10

Profile photo of nino79 nino79


Profile photo of danielinha danielinha

thank you for the lesson. i got 9/9 you’re a good teacher

Profile photo of fatimaroseruiz fatimaroseruiz

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the lesson. Again, we have learned five more phrasal verbs. By the way, “hang on” and “hold on” have the same meaning.

Kind Regards,

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Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

i’m sorry i have done 4 on 9 , i feel like a donkey

Profile photo of Mariag.bol Mariag.bol

Thank u a lot for this wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of federer88 federer88

Hi, Alex Sir I also got 9/9. Thanks for teaching us.

Profile photo of ravinder1124 ravinder1124

Man! i should’ve listen very carefully. Only got 60%… i will.practice more about this lesson. Thanks alex…

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

As ever, great lesson. Alex, you are the best! I love your lessons.

Profile photo of frarlley frarlley

Thanks you,Alex! I like how you introduce information. Could you make a video about Participle 1 and 2 ?

Profile photo of Rebellevels Rebellevels

I made 3 mistakes, but I will continue working hard.

Profile photo of Edifields Edifields

Thank you very much, Alex!
1 mistake

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Very good lesson.Thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks for you help Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Very good lesson

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Nice teaching.
I got 67, too bad for me
I will keep learning ….
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Olimpus Olimpus

i like to make mistakes,it keep my attention on this lesson))))

Profile photo of Natalucky77 Natalucky77

Thank you very much Mr. Alex.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Excellent, as usual. thanks Alex.

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