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That was very helpful.
Thank you.


    yes jaun i agree with u

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      hi, it’s great opportunity to improve our English..

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        yes its very easy for us to improve …


          i like the teaching style of Ronnie.She explains the topic in a so easier method to understand and her acting is so marvelous to grip over the topic.


      This is of great help. Can you please talk about the use of ‘gerund’ in a manner to understand it.

      Shahid Iqbal

        I will try to make a lesson on gerunds for you! In the meantime, search ENGVID to see the other gerund lessons!
        Thanks for watching and good luck!

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          hellow and thanks for your good teaching

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          thanks u I got 100

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    I am Also agree with you Mr.Juan


    its very helpful and u r very good teacher

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    this was great thank u mabam n i from bhutan

    kalden wangmo

    these are a good lessons

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i like engvid


Ronnie let me tell you something You are a great teacher all the information in every class is very important for me.

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I’m so happy with your lesson. you teach so clear and very helpful for me. Thank you!


thanks Ronnie

Randa Awad

very very easy….


great explanations. I think now I know the difference between both.
Thank you very much


Uallll, now its so clear for me.

Rey - Brazil

hi.i join to this site now but i dont khow how can i start or open lesons.please guide me.


a am verey hape becase a can lere englesh of you


can you help me with the pronunciation of this and these?
I speak spanish and I have a hard time with that. Thanks!!


    This is a short, and fast and ends in a “S”
    These is like theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzze. Drag out the e and say z (zzzzz) at the end.
    Hope that helps!

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      it did

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That is very helpful.
Thank you so much.

Paul Gihugu

this is wonderful…thenk you for the class!!!
really i learned with this!!!


i love your way of teaching ronnie..your lessons help me a lot.


I see that you add videos but, the number of videos (189) is static, why?


Your lectures are fabulous. Also explain the difference between noun and proper noun. How we can convert a word from noun, adjective, adverb and verb. For example
situate, situation
slow, slowly


hi Ronnie
I’m interesting in your lessons
but i have a many question i do not now the answers of them , so if you give me your email maybe i can get the answers from you .

Husam AL-Sallal

    This is my email!

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      thank you so much
      but why you’re chose hasn’t ?
      where is your email ? becuase i have many question
      thank you second one ronnie

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        This is my email.

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          thank you very much miss Ronnie Ilike you very much you’re atalent ,helpful teacher may Allah bless you.by the way Ineed to know more about the common expression and Iwish Ibe like you.


          can you leave me your email plz.

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        all problem will solve here. :)

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      Hi Ronnie! First of all, thanks a lot. When you say “You gonna be a lot better off in english grammar” … I mean … It’s a mistake to say “You gonna be a lot better in english grammar”. We can say the both of them or we have to use “better off”. ***********************************I can’t give you a million dollar so please accept my million of thanks !) hugs!

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        Thanks for the abrasos! You are gonna be a lot better in English is more natural.

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          Ronnie, it’s “abraÇo” (abraços) :p

          By the way, excellent video!

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thank you.i ned help for frequency adverbs


I love engvid, this website helps me to learn and practice english in an easy way !!

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Ronnie will go to heaven! She helps a lot of people :)


    Absolutely agree with you!


Ms Ronnie ! I liked your English teaching mehthod very much,thanks.

azam iqbal


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Ronnie, this was my first lesson with you, and I love it! You’re funny, and teach very well! Thanks!


thank you Ronnie for very interesting and understandable for explaining.

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i like that lesson it was nice and it makes me understand the diffrents between the adjactive and the adverbs

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good lesson thanks 4ever


thank you ronnie , i want ask you please do you have questions section ? becuase i need help to pass in DLR exam . my question is :
peter has gone to the station ,…… he?
1- hasn’t
2- isn’t
3- didn’t
4- doesn’t
thank you so much

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    1- hasn’t

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    is this still correct Ronnie.
    peter was gone to the station, wasn’t he?
    Thank you :)

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This lesson is quiet easy, can I have a more different version of”Adjectives & Adverbs”?

Mang Kai Chow

ar… I got a question?

‘fast’ – this adjective(adverb) made me frustrated. Can you tell me how to use it?

Mang Kai Chow

thanks alot for the explenation

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you are very very clever teacher


clever it adverb or adjective?


    What do you think?
    I will tell you the answer when you tell me what you think it is!

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      yes..u r a god teacher..ur teaching is very helpful for us to learn english..


      i think the clever is the adjective because it describes a word teacher which is a noun




    adjective..because it’s explain the noun (teacher in this case)
    am i right?


    E.g mayur is clever boy

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hi, thanks a lot, very coooooooooooool


it’s a great lesson thanks ronnie it’s so helpful to me now i can understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs

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very helpful thanks

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Funny and after 26years I understand :)


Thank you all this web site is great as well as the teachers.


Hi, Ronnie, thanks for this lesson!!!I enjoy your classes!!!

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this is really fun, thank you so much! :)


Ronny, you are the best teacher for me.
thank’s for teach me in this form “for dummy’s”


Thanks Ronnie, this is the first time I got the difference between the adverb and adjective and I never forget your description. Thanks a lot.

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you are great teacher you gave me what i was looking thank you so much


teacher ronnie please i have another question
the basketball team …. just arrived in arena .
1- is
2- has
3- has been
4- is come
ronnie can explain grammar for as as and as than .
when i use hasn’t and when i use didn’t ?
thank a lot

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    2- has

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      hi teacher! what does ain’t mean?plz tell me.

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        Ain’t is bad grammar for “am not”.

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      Hi, thank you very much you are the best

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Good job !

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thnx Ronnie

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I’m Nishida.
Pleased meet you.
I live in Japanes Nagoya City.
English study was begun at this site today.
It was a little difficult though the video for the beginner of Ms.Ronnie was seen.
From now, thank you for your cooperation.

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very nice


merci, is myn first lesson, is verry easy,

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Ronnie ,your lessons

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sorry ..
Ronnie your lessons are very simple and usefull for many people ,well done !..a great teacher !!!

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I love engVid!

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thank you !)

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hi there thank for these lessons

sweet girl

I love EngVid. It’s very helpful.

SooYong Cheong

THANKS what is the difference between avenue and boulavard


    A boulevard usually has something separating the lanes – like trees or shops.

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please,is there someone who can tell me why i can watch the video here,the space where the video should show is blank.

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    I’m sorry I cannot help you…..I don’t know the how to explain it to you!

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    Hi bonny,
    it’s probably because youtube is blocked in your country for some reason. You could try to visit the official youtube site to doublecheck it. The results, must be the same.
    There is also a chance, flash content is blocked on your computer for safety reasons.
    In this case, contact whoever the supervisor is, to solve it for this particular site.

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    install newest version of Adobe Flash player


sorry,i can’t watch english videos here.

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    You have to install the flash player to watch these videos.

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Its really an amazing site for english learning.
Thanks EngVid.


This is my first lesson. Thanks Ronnie, your explaination is very useful…

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wowwwwwwww …….. its coollllllll




Your teaching style is very good

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Hello Ronnie,

I learning English grammar, I have request to make… Could create a lesson for these two words ” Then and Than” that will be very much appreciated. Thanks


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nice place to learn english

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You guys are really doing an awesome job.




Your really a great teacher ronnie, you’ve made it a lot easier to understand.
Thank you.

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hi ronnie how r u .u r always a wonderful teacher,i want to ask u when i can say is he? and does he?

Profile photo of alnahdy alnahdy

    Is he + adjective. Eg…Is he cold? Is she happy?
    Does he + verb. Eg…Does he ski? Does she like pizza?
    Hope that helps and thanks for watching!!!!!!!!

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thanks soooooooooooo much roonie .u r always great teacher and really im so happy to reply my question. wish u more success

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all i want to say to you is thank you.did i say it right? but i really want to thanks all of the person whom behind of this website it can help lot’s of people want to learn about part of speech thank you and good bless hope you can help more people just like us.

mollyn garcia

i want learn basic english


    hi teacher i want grow in english how is it possible


hi teacher reply my question


thanks so much

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Wow that was a great video. Thanks! =)

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Hi dear Ronnie
Thanks soooo much for whatever you`ve tought us. I just want to know your facebook address.

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I like this & it’ very helpful to learn.. thnx

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Your teaching style is amazing.


Your teaching so good I like it and I learn alot and the feature i will be follow your leason .

mujahid ghani

Hi Dear Ronni

im from Pakistan my language is Urdu ,now i start learn English but mi NT understand the grammar and also in writing English language also im poor so please u suggest me what i can do for improving my English language.

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hi roonie .i want to ask about when we can use have u seen? and when we can use did u see? plzzz whaiting ur answer eagerly

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thanks ……..you:))


That was really nice hyperbolic lesson, with the phonology, my very first lesson from this website and I actually took in everything you’ve said thanks to the use of that weird phonology so keep at it and THANK YOU so MUCH =D


you follow a well prepared strategy and methods of teaching thanks allot ronnie

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Great video very helpful! Thank you so much for this resoource.

Nicole A.

Please make videos about conversational english!!!


that is very cool


Hi Ronnie,

Wonderful teaching, now I understand what is Adjective and what is Adverb.

Thanks a lot.


Hello Dear Ronnie,
Thanks for your nice and useful teaching.
May i have a question regarding passive vice, so can you please explain it with the examples.
Waiting for your kind respond.

Ahmad Khalid

Thank you very much….

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The lesson is too helpful.Runnie is an excellant teacher with a lovely character. thanks


ronnie please explain differance between have ,had, has


Dear Ronnie, thanks for your simple and didatic explanation!

Marjori Soraia


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i can say this is one of the good oppertunity to develop Eng grammer…


i like this leassons so much


good day ms. ronnie.. can u pls help me .. im really confuse in somewhat and somehow.. i dont know wen and how do i use it … can u pls help to understand the differences bet. the two? can u pls discuss this briefly?

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love it. :)




I want to learn how to conjugation

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i just want to thank you and am really like da way you teach….


thanks a lot.
i enjoy the lesson

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i’m from Viet Nam, my English is not native languge, that why it hard to learn it if i don’t have a lot of money, but thought you have a lot of money and you learn English but you will not have the way to practice it. And my English is so…badly. Today, i know EngVid, i think this is realy a good English website to study it with no fee, and i can learn via video, i can read, listen and more…hehe

Thanks all of you EngVid, all of you are very kind, thanks you my Teacher!

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    same to me, this website is so great, love it too, nice to meet u ThuHV, come from VN too.

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thank you for this lesson now I know the difference between the adjective and the adverb

Juan Carlo

ur teaching very nice,I like it, thank u.


thanks, you are an efficient teacher!

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Thank you very much! Special thanks to Ronnie! I have a question to Ronnie. You said “I teach you THE English”… Is it a slip of the tongue? The English language and English – these are what we teach. Could you comment on it?


ohhhhhhhhh that’s ok


Hi EngVid, Thanks x100 times :)


i would like to thank you that’s really the easiest way

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Hello Ronnie! Your lesson is fantastic!!! I understood ever word, each sentences, every thing. Thank you very much! Now I can distinguish adjectives and adverbs.


P.S I love your lessons! Thank you very much again!


Hi Roonie,
What is the correct sentence?
It does not working or It is not working.


    It is not working.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      because this verb is working and present tense don’t use V-ing, i think the right way will be: it does not work.
      it is not working is the simple present continuous.

      Profile photo of midapham midapham

Thank you,Ronnie

Profile photo of nastya89 nastya89

Thank you.


but work is verb, why we can not say it does not.
i hate the grammar because it is very difficult and i think we can say it does not work without ing. why there are a lot of ways in english grammar… Regards,


Thank you for teaching!!!!!!!!!!
Short and präcidely explanations.
Where were You when i was in school?!!

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    Hi Farrozy7.

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please show us a videO of complete grammar lessOn. =)for ielts and toefl.. we’re glad that you guys help alOt of people…

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Now I am a fan of these free lessons.

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thanks Ronnie .

Profile photo of nadiaazam nadiaazam


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thanks again


Thank You very much, Ronnie. When you explain – it all becomes clear:) You have a gift. Thank You for the fact that You want it to share.

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hi thanksssssssssssssss


………good job, thank you so much, it`s so funny, to learn with you……….


ronny I’m new student in your classe,I want to learne english with my wife in your classe can you give ùe ypur é-mail ?

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engvid, is very helpful and this is one of the easiest way to improve our grammatical mistakes. this website makes me to understand better in reading and writing… thank you for all your help.


hi ma’am ronnie.


thanks ,its very easy.


Dear teacher,
I am a new comer in Engvid.com.Your lessons are grade and I think it’s useful whole students who like to learn English.Thank you Very much.


thanks for free english lessons but i need to learn more about adjectives and how to use it.

youcef h

Hello mam, I want to know one more thing form These sentences

He ran very fast.
Is “very” also adverb.?

Big and black beautiful dog.

Is “beautiful” also adjective here.?

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Great lesson


your class is great and very helpful to improve my english skills. thank you and may god bless you


thanks for this lesson


great work Ronnie … thanks alot


thank u yeacher alex

abdulmajid shuayb

Hi Ronnie How’s your day, by the way I’m Reynaldo, I like your way of teaching… but I have one thing to ask you… what are the deference between PERHAPS and MAYBE!


    Perhaps and maybe have the same meaning, but maybe is much more common in conversation!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

very ncie , i am so glad to join you . thanks alot


Dear Ronnie,
Thank you very much and to all teachers at engvid. Your kindness and teachings helped us all improved our English grammar. May God bless you all.

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Ronnie thank you again coz i know now the adjectives and adverb..because when im high school i can’t understand but my teacher also good maybe the problem is me…i know thank you is not enough to say to you because i learn more about english….God bless and more power….


Today I read in a book the sentence “His visitor opened the door and confidently walked in.” in which the adverb “confidently” comes before the verb “walked”.
Is it a “bad” English or a grammar error? Should this sentence be “…and walked in confidently” or “…and walked confidently in”?

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thank you very much for the woderful job……


I love your amazing way to teach!! THANKS!!

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I’am interesting to listen and all thing’s was clear and easy.
so happy to found this websit ..thank’s amillion u make my grammer understanding is so easy..


Thank you.

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thank you so muchhh,,, it’s help me alot,,, for undertand well the diference,, between both,, thanks


Qasin Ahmadly,
his class is very cool and fanny. Parabéns!!! ( congratulations)

your real name is nice

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many thanks

Profile photo of sherif79 sherif79

really nice teacher i like it is rallygood for our english?


Thank you Ronnie. That was very interesting and… just cool!))) Are you gonna do the lesson about using “a” and “the” standing in front of the noun (sorry, I forgot what they are called :-))) ) and cases where we use them and where not? It would be very very helpful. Wish you the best!!!)))

Profile photo of Natalie Natalie

    I will try to do this lesson for you!
    Please look at the website and search for a lesson like this – I think another teacher has done it! They are called “articles” (a, an, the)!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you for reminding, Ronnie. :-) (sometimes I am like an old lady :-) don`t remember anything :-) ) I`ll look for these lesson on EngVid. My best wishes to you!

      Profile photo of Natalie Natalie

      Mr. James did the lesson about articles. :-)

      Profile photo of kelly808 kelly808

    first of all thank u Mrs ronnie really you’re the best .i love the way you teach, thats good to improve and pik up our english. wish u the best .with respect..
    for miss natalie search on Mrs rebica video’s
    and good luck
    simo fromo morocco


Thank you Ronni,
I want to know, how to convert a sentence from adj to adverb without change the meaning


ronnie that was a very excellent lesson i love the way you explain things hope all the best for you

Profile photo of nageeb elmasry nageeb elmasry

You said “I’m sorry if I said your name wrong”. Should this be “wrongly”? I appreciate that English is a growing language and many terms of speech that are now commonplace do not actually follow their true grammatical rules; is this the case with wrong/wrongly?

Mr Gerund


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Your way of teaching is very easy for learners of English.
So I request you to give the lesson on tenses as Present, Past & Future.

Profile photo of zaheerzad12 zaheerzad12

Ronnie,can you make a video about Attributive and predicative Adjectives


Thnx alot =D that was really useful


Hi, Ronnie, thanks for this lesson!!!
can you describe for me about adjective word which end with ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.

what diffrence between both of them?

Nik Najmi

    If the adj. ends in “ed” (bored, excited) we are saying how we feel. Eg…. I am bored at school. I am excited about tomorrow!
    If it ends in “ing” (boring, exciting), we are talking about a noun. Eg…. The movie is boring. The game is exciitng!
    Remember “ed” = emotions, “ing” = thing!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you very much..!!
      i’m very happy for your reply..
      i appreciate thats.. ^_^

      thanks again..

      Nik Najmi

It was easy and interesting. Thanks a lot.

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hi this is waqas from pakistan i am really thankful to all of your team your effort is appreciatable i am learning grammar easily with the help of your lessons.

waqas baig

Sorry, Ronny you Are a good english teacher but I don’t understand why you ,as my english teacher continue to teach gramar rules. I can learn it just listening to you when you speaking (like a baby). I speak well italian language but I almost don’t know any gramar italian rules. Thanks for answare, bue


thanx alot…..it was interesting.. :)


Thanks for the lesson. Good way to teach. I’m a German teacher and I really like to know how long do you prepare for a 7 min lesson. Depends I know… :-)

Profile photo of englishlerner englishlerner

Hello ronnie, you are briliant..I like to watch your movies…
kisses for you…


hi dear miss
hy can we saya that the “ing” show continuation

Profile photo of Ahmadzai Ahmadzai

hi ronni
can we say like this
 Adverb: Adverb is a word which is used to modify an adjective, a verb, a noun, another adverb and whole clause and sentence.
and is it right???/////

Profile photo of Ahmadzai Ahmadzai

hi ronnie can you tell me the majordifeerence between an adverb and a verb in detail . i ll be waiting for the reply soon bye


    A verb is the action word in the sentence, an adverb describes HOW the verb (action) was done.
    He ran slowly. Ran = verb. Slowly=adverb

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks ronnie for replying me about this matter . iam very please with u . Thanks
and u ever been to nigara falls in canada if yes the please kindly tell me about some of its characterstics and natural features . i am quiet keen in knowing about such places . please send me soon . Bye


    I used to live quite near Niagara Falls. The waterfalls are spectacular but surrounded by a “concrete jungle”. There is very little nature around them. Then there are thousands of tourist shops and restaurants – we call “tourist traps”. The downtown part of Niagara Falls is disgusting – it is full of crackheads and prostitutes.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hi ronnie thanks for replying me about that message . i am again very please with u . 1 thing i would like to share concerning Canadian immigration and Canada . u know why i am asking u because you re a Canadian and u knows better about your country . how long will it take to get visa . if for instance we are five persons can we get visa within a years or some years later . Please if u know anything concerning it plz write me soon and takecare . bye


    Sorry I don’t know about getting a visa in Canada.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

this is very helpful..thanks a bundle


very nice describtion I fullu understand it


It is very easy


hi miz ronnie, how may i use the singular and plural verb?
thank u for your video.

Profile photo of karyll25 karyll25

Hi, Ms.Ronnie I just signed up here at your site. You really help us a lot. I like the way you teach(laugh). Keep it up! and more power to this site.

Profile photo of kelly808 kelly808

thanks miss ronnie i am happy


its very helpful thanx all teacher really i love engvid much

Profile photo of moorina moorina

gr8 teacher!

Profile photo of claudiotcjr claudiotcjr

thank you a lot .


Thanks :)


thanks ronni it was very helpful .

Profile photo of mahrifabilahi mahrifabilahi

thank you verymuch for your help.this chapter is very helpful

Profile photo of prakash24 prakash24

She is a v good teacher .
Her teaching method is sooooooooooo good.




Wow with your lessons I understand much better my native language.Thanks!!!!!


gracias ronni you 4 that


that’s good….


that’s good


Hello Ronnie…I watched your video and its really nice and very helpful to each and everyone wants to learned the English language. I just wanna ask if the word “don’t” can use also in singular person example “She don’t have or He don’t have..thanks and I really appreciated it if u can reply on me. Take care and Godbless :)

lara mae

    No, you cannot use “She/He don’t have”. You need to use “She/He doesn’t have.” ONLY!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thx ronnie for your lesson
am actualiy new for this sit am learning
from the si t as well as frome people who ever ask question each other


Thanks for that :)
God bless you guys for taking time to produce and educate.


Thank you teacher

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thanks this video verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice

soso adnan

thank you this really help im trying to get my ged


Dear Ronnie,

thank you very much,
I saw this lesson and other and I think you a best teacher for two reason first you use a lovely fun for learning and take attention second you use a simple word in explain the lessons.
thank you again


hi ronnie,
rally superb class u have taken. like it sooo much :)


Thank you lovely Ronnie this is the first time I understand what is the difference between adverb and adjective? Furthermore, I want to say ” I love you”

Profile photo of dreamman2011 dreamman2011

hey..that was so simple..to understand it now..thanksss a lottttt


Amazing class. Simple, funny and to the point. Thanks for your help Ronnie. Keep up the good work.


ronnie i think you are the best teacher
all your lessons is very important for me thank you very much


thank you for those lessons, really i don’t know what i’m going to say, thank you

simo abdelmalek

please explain about gerund…..


    I have made a lesson about gerunds!!! It will be up soon!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

How do you explain which part of speech the morpheme “many” belongs too. since the word functions as a adj., noun, and pronoun, how do you explain how it is functioning? Thanks.

Profile photo of virgo virgo

hello ms Ronnie
how are you?
excuseme before bye bye in this video you said what?
I don’t understand …
you said estetion ,,bye bye?

Profile photo of mcrahim2000 mcrahim2000

Please Ronnie put long quiz next time.

Profile photo of hussien613 hussien613

thanks so much ms

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Hi Ronnie,this is my first comment,I’ve been checking the site every now and then, I do like those leassons so much, but I don’t want to say specially yours because simply all of you are just great,not only simplifing everything like that you do, but also making it so umm,”CAN’T GET ENOUGH”, I was wondering if you could help me with ” I rather …. – I’d rather …. – I like …. – I’d like …. – I prefer …. – I’d prefer ….. , etc ” when do i say ” to go ” and when do i say ” going” and is there a like a rule for it, it would be really helpful. thank you for everything .

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    I like, and I prefer are the same. They are talking about what you like in present tense. Eg. I like ham. I prefer eggs.
    I`d rather, I`d like and I`d prefer have all the same meaning = I would rather or like or prefer. They all are comparisons. `Would you rather eat ham or baconÉ
    Answer…I`d rather eat ham. So we use these when we have to choose something!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

and also would you explain when and how to use
she is “MUCH” more beautiful than her sister
he is much smarter than …. ,


Profile photo of anwwf anwwf

    Much means a lot – He is a lot smarter than my brother. = He is much smarter than !

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thank you I will learn every your lesson.

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    This is the teachers’ email! What was your question?

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hi ronnie,
could you explain this a little bit more?
“Is he + adjective. Eg…Is he cold? Is she happy?
Does he + verb. Eg…Does he ski? Does she like pizza?”


    Your sentences are correct – You got it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you so much for caring Ronnie, your answer is quite clear, but first of all I was asking about when we say ,or is it even right to say “I’d rather TO eat …”, or ” I’d rather eat …”, or “I’d rather eating …” and the same question for like, prefer, suggest, … and such verbs that are proceeded with gerund or to+gerund.
Second I think the site removes the e-mail addresses automatically,so I have another request from you, my e-mail is same as my account name just add 2 underscores _ one after first letter and another one after the the second one and it’s on Yahooooodotcom. if any of you experienced teachers, “as yourself” could add me I’d never forget such favor :) .
But still thank you for everything.

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    We can only say I`d rather with a BASE verb (I’d rather eat).
    Prefer you can ONLY use I`d prefer TO + base verb. (I`d prefer to eat a hamburger.)

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plz teachar i wanna ask u about what is the difference between coordinating conjuction and subordinating….please answer to my guestion because i hav a quiz and i need understand this


Hmm it’s very clear


I thought i was the only one who says that the word adverb contains the word verb in it.
Thanks alot.


thank you.

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thanks for this lesson

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I did this exercise
But I’m not sure
can you help me?

Mel is a (slow – slowly ) but ( accurate – accurately)worker. He works (slow – slowly) but ( accurate – accurately)

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    Mel is a slow but accurate worker. He works slowly but accurately.

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you make it a lot more easier for me to learn :D thanks a ton !


Thanks Ronnie

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hello teacher Ronnie. can u teach me how to use present,past, past tense etc? .. thanks for advance ^_^

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    There is already a lesson on the tenses! Search the site!

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“She RAN fast” “He EATS slowly” teacher Ronnie, why is the word RAN has not “S” while the word “EATS” has?

Profile photo of nica nica

    Ran is past tense and eats is present tense!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


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Teacher, i have one more doubt when to use comma(,) while writing the sentence?

Edwin Pratheeb

Thank you a lot,this reminds me french grammar !


Thanks a lot. This is really a very helpful website.I have been looking for many website to improve my English, but now i find the right one.i always have a problem with adjective and adverb but not any no.


thnx you are very helpfull and cool =)


I made up my mind to write smth after watching you .sooo thank you very much!


The word Adjective should be replaced by the word Adnoun in order to make it easier to remember.


    hahah, I like that!!

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Romba thankz

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thank you very much, you so clear in the lesson


best luck 4 u.i hope that our God help u.with my respect


hi……could u suggest me any list of adjectives……kindly refer any link…..:)))))))) thanks…….


i mean degrees of adjectives….coperative and superlative……??:)))))


comperative not cooperative………lolzzzzz…..:)


thanks alot……best wishes for you mam…..
take great care……:)


Thank you so much :D


This video really helped me with my struggle of adverbs and adjectives!


now I know thanks to u Ronnie,I won’t forget u even I should.redhead,cute,funny,smart woman. a few adjectives about u.


Thank you so much ^_^

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Hi! Mis Ronnie If someone says,” Your handwriting is beautiful.” and I replied , not as much as you are. Is it correct? Thank you

Farouq Mohsen

    No, you have to say, “not as much as yours“ if you are talking about how beautiful the handwriting is.

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Thank you so much .
Good luck.

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I want to explain: word order with adverds of frequency: always..sometimes..never..etc.. regularly..Please respond I have a test tomorrow and thank you

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hi..ronnie i learn a lot to your lesson…i hope you will help me to improve my grammar and how to pronounce it correctly….thank you


hi..ms. ronnie thank you very much, i learn a lot to your lesson..i hope you teach me how to improve my grammar and how to pronounce it correctly…..thank you

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thanks ronnie;I think that the lessons with you very, very enjoyable

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Please I want to explain the rules: nether>
and vowels

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dear ronnie this video is very useful. thank you so much. I want to speak english . I hope so this videos make it. see you :)


I want to say a thank you has been successful in the test. Today will tell you a funny story about me: to know a girl named Natalia from London.Only want to help me learn English: We were talking via Skype my wife entered that is very scary I can not describe what happened to me;Each is married does not try to talk with a woman Hahahahaha:Advice do not try it now things are good there is no problem

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    hello rashad
    i’m sure that your wife loves you and she is jealous
    you are lucky

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Lecture is excellent for understading the difference between Adv & Adj

Nurul Haque

thanks a million.It was great.

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Thank-you Ronnie for your lessons.


Hi!Ronnie, your way of teaching is very good. Would you please tell how to speak English perfectly!? because i can’t speak English properly, even I’m speaking a lot

Adil phulpoto

Thank you!Is was very helpful for me to understand the difference between them. May you also add the information about participle.


please ronnie can you teach me how to write an essay because i find many difficulty when i writing it


Hi. I’m from the Philippines, and I find your videos very useful especially for us Asians who are not very good in English. Thank you for simplifying the lessons, which are, well, so difficult to learn just by simply reading it in the textbook. More power to you guys. Regards to Ronnie! You are terrific!

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Thank you for this lesson, it’s great, but after this lesson no quiz, why?

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i love this web page.thank all teacher

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Hi Ronnie! I can’t find any lesson about Adjective formation (-ful -less) or adverb formation (-ly)
Thank you very much for your help! You all are great!

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Thank you for this lesson, sometimes very confusing.

Eddy Auguste

you’re great teacher, but i think that it’d be great if you give exercises. i really like your lesson, thank you

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Hi teacher
Why did U use fast as an adverb & didn’t use fastly? please what is different?
thank U very much indeed.


    A lot of adverbs and English grammar have rules…then there are exceptions to the rules! This is one of many exceptions!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hello teacher
whould U mind telling how to deal with phrasal verbs in english because are very confused as I think. thanks alot.


Thanks alot mrs Ronnie
You’re really very great Believe me it is a fantastic lesson I really gained the benfit from you .


Hi,thanks for your grammar lessons
Because of you,my confusion between adjectives and adverb was completely over and even my exams were easiest


Hello Ronnie,

Kindly provide more quiz/objective question via following email address, ayub.8823@gmail.com

Hope i’m not disturbing to you and asking same question again and again.

Warm regards,
Mohammed Shahith (India)

Mohammed Shahith

Thank you for your great effort , but I have request . Can you please explain sentens structure

Heba emam

so so so helpful page.. thank u very much ))


Hello Teacher,
My name is Nidnoi, From Thailand. I’m a bit confuse about how to do a question sentence. Can u please explain in a easy way to remember for me. :( Cheers!! :)


Hello Teacher Ronnie!

You’re my favorite teacher! I’m learning a lot now, after watching four of your videos for beginners. Thank you so much! ;)

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amazing teaching
I think so this is the best way to learn English.


thank you ronnie

I need to understand

adverbs of degree tell about the intensity of a verb


sentence adverbs modify an entire sentence


many thanks miss Ronnie, you make it so easy

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nice lecture


Hi Ronnie. Congratulations. You’re a great teacher. I’m training to be a teacher “like you” :). I’m looking for a course for English teacher as a Second Language. Do you recommend one for me? I like your explanations a lot. Bye, bye!!!


    They are basically all the same I think – just make sure it is accredited with an organization that is recognized in your country or world wide. DO NOT do courses on the internet as they are not recognized as legitimate even though they say they are!!!! Also, you will learn 100% more in a class teaching then in any course. I suggest you do some volunteer teaching at schools – This is how I learned.

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      Hi Ronnie! Thanks a lot. You’re great.


why you dont plus ((s)) in ran ?

ali abriq

Hello , Ronnie
IWork With People From Difrent Nathonality we speak English All SO When Every Speak To Me Im not Understading him Exatly What He Mean and sometime understandig some thing and onther not , please advise me to Improve My English Skills.

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    You just have to try to listen/understand the different accents – watch tv shows from the different countries!!!

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This lesseons is very god. Thank you all teachers.

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Thank so much teach for this lesson I love it

Rissa ag Abdoulay

Ronnie u are great please we need more English lessons .I understand u because your way in speech is very simple thank you very much .


Thank you so much. My English is pretty good, but I never properly learned the difference between any of these things. I was taught when I was younger, but it never stuck with me.


Thank you miss Ronnie
your lesson is so funny and helpful

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thanks Ronnie rerly In fact I Consult a lot of your interesting lessons could you tell me how i know the coparatives and superlatives?

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    Search on Engvid “superlatives and comparatives”.

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it really help me .


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what is inflectional difference between urdu and english adjective and preposition as well

bahadar zeb

    Sorry I have no idea!

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Hey There Ronnie, I’m brad new here, but after watch your video on Youtube I decided to join this awesome web site too,. But your exemples on this video above let one doubt on my head. I learned thet in singular on third person like he,she , and it we have to add an “S” but on your exemple you says: she ran fast, and on the next line you wrote: he eats a lot… Could you explain if there are an another rule that I did reconize..
Cheers, and I will wait for more videos! Warm hug from BR.

Profile photo of josegualberto josegualberto

    Sure! Ran is past tense! When the verb is in the past tense, we don`t need to add the “s“.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Oh yeah, Sorry for my stupid question!
Thanks a lot Darling.

Jose Gualberto

thank u for your help. I just did the quiz I got full marks

Shubhangi Mani

Hi Ronnie,
This lesson really helps me to improve my grammar. Thank you so much!


Hello Ronnie,
You’ve helped me a lot these days..
Thank you very very much..
Can “YOU” please do a lesson for me on the topic of “CLAUSES”
It would be really great if “YOU” do..
I will be appearing for board examinations soon which is very important in my life and difficult too so need your help..
Waiting for a positive response……………



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Thank you soo much I enjoyed and I did learn from you teacher

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I have a request. Can you please make a video on how to use coordination and subordination in a sentence. Thanks

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I’m happy to find this site but I have proplem in listening the conversation of english I need overcome on this problem but I don’t knomw


Good day Ronnie! I’m Richard from Manila, Philippines! All your videos about English Grammar are simple but very useful and informative! As a citizen here in the Philippines, English is our daily part of our lives as it is our secondary language next to tagalog (our native language). Keep it up you’re doing a great job!


Hi Ronnie, this is Richard from Manila, Philippines, can i have a request? could you please upload a video that emphasizes the difference between the word ‘a’ and ‘the’ and how these two words use in a sentence? Sorry for that because it confuses me a lot and sometimes i have a hard time using these two words in my daily conversations and in writing sentence like this one! I hope you could point out some mistakes about the grammar of my letter to you. I will be waiting for the video. Thank you!


    I understand “a” and “the” (articles) are very very confusing!! I will make a video for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i like all of your lesson. unfortunately my director is closing website ‘youtube.com’ next monday. so i can’t watch your lesson. i am mongoila. my english is not good. i do want to study english very well. maby i have done many english grammar mistakes. but i hope you will unerstand my comment. if you possible sent to my mail your lesson. thank you. i will be waiting your letter.


    Sorry, I do not know how to send lessons to your email! Please contact the site director and ask!!
    That is terrible that your director is closing youtube……show him/her the site ENGIVD and ask them NOT TO!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      You can also tell your director to look at YouTube for Schools. This is a free project that allows schools to give access to educational content on YouTube, even if they want to block everything else. That way, you will still be able to watch engVid videos!

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hello miss. I want to ask you for the articles “a”,”an” and “the” what is the difference between them ?
and how do we use them in different case ?


Thank u Ronny!!!U r very good teacher))Your video veru funny!!!


thank you so much


mam you are very nice in teaching.will u please teach som advance english


Hi Ronnie, I just watch your video in youtube and now i already registered here in engvid site. I want also to ask you a favor to clear up my mind regarding the difference between “could, would and should”. It gives me a confusion when to use those words in a sentence or in a conversation. Thanks, I learned a lot from your video tutorial. More power and God Bless!

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hi ,pls teach me how to use verb “BE”.its little comlicated and doubt..has been /had been/have been


miss what is the difference between “a few” and “few”


    A few = not very many. I have a few coins.
    Few = Almost none! There are few people who would give you $1 million!!!

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thank you


miss could you give me some advices how to get my English fluent


Thank you very much mis Ronnie.


thank you ma’am! i got 5 out of 5 items in a test. because i learn that from you.


Hi Ronnie. I’m from Azerbaijan. I’m 31. I want to say thank you for your lessons! Your explanations are wonderful. Your lessons make the All difficult things so easy.
Can you explain in video, when we must use past perfect, present perfect, present in the past and etc. Best regards and thanks.

Natik Mirzoyev

    There are already videos – look at my other lessons!!

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I don’t know how to solved English Grammar?All subject right but English very poor condition.I have always learn Bengali medium.Please suggested me.

Irfan Habib Ali

mam, when v have 2 use ” been ” word? & also when 2 use these 3 words could would should … pls help


pls give a lecture on how 2 make sentences in english? when 2 use verb, adjectives etc etc


Thank you soo much, I like you lesson. It is clear and fun..


Thank Ronnie, excelent class.


Hello great Ronnie!! You’re being an amazing helpful person to my English learning..
Can you teach us the ADJECTIVES ORDER?
Thank you so much…. Love You girl!!!
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Hi Mrs. Ronnie
Thank you for your time and help of explain Adverb& Adjective for us. I have faced a confused question. here is it:

Select the adverb in the following sentence:
Jim cut the grass yesterday.
A. Jim
B. Cut
C. grass
D. yesterday

as far as my understanding, there is no correct answer in the above question. yet I’m not sure.

again thank you :).


    You are correct! There is no adverb!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you awfully teacher Ronnie. I got great benefits from your you tube lessons but I would like to ask you, can I be good at pronouncing English as you do ? Thank you.Qasem


    You can never loose your accent but you can practice and of course get better at pronouncing!!!!

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very easy thanks a lot
i study with many teachers never ever like him
but with you the lesson are wonderful


THANKS alot for the lesson with explanation


Hello teacher Ronnie,please could tell me differences about at school,and in school,which one is correct,or how I can use them.

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i love the way u teach thnx for teaching us grt job :)


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Thank u , u made it so easy. :)

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I’m a brazilian student. In portuguese,an
adverb describs a verb,an adjective,or a adverb.thanks for this lesson.


sorry about the last comment!!!I forgot to complete the e-mail!!!


in portuguese an adverb describs a adjective,a verb or a adverb.


hi Rannie thanks for teaches


hi ronnie thanks very much.


Thank you very much Ronnie:)..

Ronnnie is a beautiful Canuck..

Ronnie teaches grammar very well..

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Hello Ronnie, why use RAN instead of RUN? and you use EATS instead ate?
thanks before

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Thanks Ronnie , This is Really Useful.


hi mam please tell me what is correct “to get rid off” or “to get rid of”
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Hello my nice teacher, i really appreciate your interesting videos,personally i benefit alot from them,and i find them useful for my students. Actually i have a question about Adverbs of frequencies. Can we use them also with past tense??
Please give me an answer,i’m in neeeeeeeed of that,thank you so much in advance :)



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Hi Ronnie, why not rans only ran?


Hi, Ronnie!
Do you teach ESL courses in Toronto?

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Hi respcted teacher Ronnie Im big fane of u
I learent alot from ur video lesson .kindly tell me how to get video lesson .u tube is blocked in my country .any otherlink could u tell me

Profile photo of yasiralgee yasiralgee

    You’ll have to change your browser settings to use a proxy; here’s a list of some that should work. You can download add-ons for your browser that make it easier to switch to a proxy.

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Ronnie replay as possible u can.plz

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Hi Ronnie,

Thank you very much for teaching me very good english. I am very proud of your help and really appreciate the way you do it to get into our deepest brain. Please keep doing the best. I love you. Engvid@com is my only one.

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I have a question…
In this sentence ” The study its first of its kind because reviewing a climate forecast meaningfully requires at least 15 years of observations to compare against.” The word ‘meaningfully” coulb be classified as;

An adjective or an adverb? And why?

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*could. sorry.

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it’s really helpful
i like your lesson
thank you very much…….. :D

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Now I know what are adjectives and adverbs.

Thanks Miss Ronnie.

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Can you please suggest me what should be the sequence of following your video. I have done noun, verb, adverbs and adjective…

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Dear Ronnie, You makes me love English Language, you have very nice teaching and easy, I am realy thank you for your helpe.

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could i ask word order~I always confuse english word order.
how can i fix it? read book? practice wright?
Thank you

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practice write hehe:D

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Thank you Miss Ronnie,in my school have a english teacher,like you.

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Have one lesson,you say ‘W’ make me laguht!

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Hi Ronni thanks alot for this lesson.we can says:is it not her or we can says doesn’t her ? plz help me thank you so mutch

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when i use -ly at the end of the adverb?

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Thanks in advance

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Thanks Ronnie, I got 5/5

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Hi Ronnie,

I want to learn English from the basic, can you give the step by step of how are we going to start?

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Dear Ronnie
It was really perfect lecture ,
I am from State Of Kuwait and I am studying in the University of Dayton I always recommending Your lectures to my friends ,so i want more advance grammar with more example please

thanks and the best regards

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“A big,black….”

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Thanks you for teach me English, and let me teach you Chinese.
adjective =形容詞
adverbs =形容副詞

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Thank you . you are good , and i understand this lesson.

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Thanks! Very useful! A part of my FCE-exam, is ‘wordformation’. I can find video’s about it all over the site, but they aren’t really clear because the information is spread all over different video’s. Could you maybe make a video in which you make a review of all you need to know for wordformation? (so how to recognize which kind of word you have to fill in (adverb adj, etc.) and how you have to form the word when you know what kind of word it is. So for example, when you know it’s an adjective, you put ing or ed at the end. But also when you put ment, or less, or other suffixes.

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Thank you Ronnie,You are doing great job. My question is the word GREAT in previous sentence is adverb or adjective ? I think it is qualifying both criteria

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thanks for efforts :)

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in my comment above that I’m Dyslexic. FR

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thank you ….that was helpful
hope you talk about the modal verbs

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Can you exactly tell me where and when to use adverbs?
For example what’s the difference between these two:
.She quickly went out.
.She went out quickly.
Thank you.

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hello Ronnie i understand easily every thing you teach me but you don’t have every tenses lesson because of this i can’t understand about tenses.
if you have time pleas give to me(teach me)about tenses.
i really appreciate the way of your teaching system!

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OMG i love your classes, thanks for share and be so funny and professional at the time.
I´m your fan.
Greatings from México

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How to identify adjective and adverbs in a long sentence because short phrase is simple to figure out .according my idea could you make a vidéo for chat.thank you i love your course

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Hi teacher. I have a question about adverbs. In the first sentence we used ‘fast’ and in the second sentence we used ‘slowly’. Where we use ‘ly’? Thank you so much.!

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Ronnie I would like to please all the teacher of this website,fantastic teachers.
In my mind I have found the right place to improve my english grammar.

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could you make video a video for adjectives ?
as u said in the video shape then colour

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    HI! Hania, did you meant to said. ” Ronnie, could you please make a tutorial on ” adjectives. ” Furthermore, a tutorial that will teach us and explain the shapes and colors.? ” Thanks!


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I like her.

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my score: 10/10.

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I took one level course in American University in Cairo it didn’t different . thank you

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You are an amazing teacher; therefore, I’m giving you A+A+A+…:)
I really liked the way you teach the class, and I’m looking forward being your student for future to come. Thanks, again–keep up the excellent work.


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hey, can you please make all the diffrent between adver and adjective. like when the Word chang.? ily or ly, please i struggle With this a lot

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I have a question
What is the meaning of ain’t?

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Hi ronnie
We don’t have qasin name in my country but we have a name its called qhasim.the qhasim is a saint in 7th century.
I think ahmadly is wrong we say ahmady in persian language. the ahmad is another name for mohammad and when we put “y” after a name this is some sort of adjective

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I love the way you describe it, really helpful thank you so much!

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Love you very much from Myanmar(Burma)

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Thanks your ways teacher is awsome teach more it helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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Im from iran and i dont understand what you say in the end of your teacing about iran???????

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“blue silk tie” or “silk blue tie” which one is correct? Thank u in advance … By the way I love ur work…

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