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I just love your videos, you are so fun to watch and handsome too.(i am not hitting on you lol)

I am taking toefl a day after tom. and i am very nervous. last time i missed the reading for 4 points. hope this time i will do better.
tacke care and keep it english. LOL

you are great

Thanks James

and the ‘Th’ sounds like snake (lol)




Hi James, these videos are great but I have a question on “TH” sounds. I’m teaching one-to-one here in Spain. After watching your video it sems quite clear but when half way through your video when tou say “th” as in “that” you mention the word “thing” and it’s made me “think”. These are pronounced with a different “th” sound as the normal words starting in “th” “th” at the beginning as in “that” and “th” as in “thing”I’m sure I get a clever student who will ask me why we pronounce th one way or another. Do I just tell them there are exceptions?

Thanks a lot for your videos. Keep up the great work.


hi james, your videos are nice and helpfull..i’ve just strated the preparation for IELTS exam. Now i need you..;) so..keep it goin’
TH..ok i understood :)


    Me too just started the preparation for IELTS exam. So How many Have you points scored?


i have a problem in writing … i can’t wrait the lettres or the paragraphes because i’m moroccan i can’t speak frech verry good but the enGlish i have a little problem it so compleceted for me .. !!! So may you help me and found me a soulotion for my issue and thank you so much james you are a goood teacher ;)


who is the josh guy?


    Yes, James… tell us about that poor Josh without friend… :)


thanks sir james love it


Hi James

I am so thankfull for yours lessons and you have no ideia how many people you have been helping . I wacth yours videos over and over again.

Thanks again.



hi dear you didn`t mention that the(th) has tow sounds we pronounce ( the ) not like (three) there is different btween ( th ) in ( the they them that ) and )th) in ( three thanks throw )


Hi, thanks for your time and your effort trying to help us to learn.

but you didn,t tell us how to pronunce( th- the ) by using (T and T)


thanks for what were doing but i have a question what is the diferrence between j and g
and the difference between b and p
thx alot.

mm nuha

Would you give us some similar technical advice for the words: Train/Drain/Rain?

Uma Arudsothy

thanks for your lessons James, I think your videos are cool and the way you teach is really nice, but I have a question though…sometimes I’ve heard people pronouncing “d’s” and “t’s” instead of “TH’s”. Is that possible? dialects? urban speech? or is it just mispronounced?

I’ve also heard “f’s” for “th’s” like mouff as in mouth or ruffless as in ruthless.

what do you tihnk?

I hope I can get an answer soon
thanks a lot


very good . woderful


You are the best teacher I have ever seen, Thanks a lot, :)


Where is Mr “E”?
Can you explain “gh” sound, like “through”?
Thaks a lot


I don’t understand I can’t see your vid lesson. Pls let me know.


Hi James! I have a question for you.
As I understand from your lesson, there are three ways to pronoun “TH” depending on the position of “Th”- at the beginning, at the middle and at the end of the word. For example that, brother and both. However, as I know in some words “Th” at the beginning of the word also be pronounced in a similar way as the end of the word. For instance: thing, think, thick, thin etc. Can you give me an answer?


I always enjoy your classes, thanks to all of you
Great job!

Mirta Vasquez

thnx dear teacher it was really useful


Hi crazy teacher called (by) James! You show learning English can be fine (not easy).
Can you give a lessons about sound “R”?

Best wishes!

Сhristina from Russia

Great lesson! Thank you very much! My pupils like it a lot. Thank you! Good luck!

Diana mykolaivna

Hi James!

I’m a Brazilian and this is one of the most difficult sounds in English! This lesson was very helpful for me.

Thank you very much.


hi James, thank you so much for this useful lesson. I’m meeting difficult about sound of “z”. Please give me a lesson about it.

Best wishes!


thanks James, I think, you are the best teacher in engvid


th in brother is voiced


oh! very difficult for me


Thanks for the video its useful but could you tell us more about the word ‘three’. I have a french accent and always used to pronounce it as ‘free’. Recently, I realized I was wrong and thought I should pronounce it as ‘tree’ but one of my friend said its also wrong. So, can u help me?


It’s very help me to say “with” like native do, Thanks a lot james!


I guess ther should be also mention that the “th” sound at the beginning and ending of words is voiceless (pronouns being the exceptions) while this in the middle is voiced.


Hi James! I’m Brazilian, and I think you should’ve talked about the words “clothes” and “months”. I can’t say these words! :-(
Anyway, thank you for the lesson. Your videos are great!


The lesson was great. However, I would like to know the pronounciation of the sounds TH + R as in THREE.

Thanks a lot.


There’s nothing like the reielf of finding what you’re looking for.


thanks for you ,sir


I want speak with anyone if you can


Thank you for all advice. I hope to learn English quickly.


    no buddy for learn the f*cking english you requiere many many years to study I know cause Im learning the f*cking spanish and german and its very dificult. If you wanna learn a good english and travel u have 2 study in a good school prove whit ingles indevidual I think that it call so.


      Buena suerte con tu spanish. Igualmente este es un buen sitio para aprender!


hi, James please help me improve my English, i’m bit weird, during studies my English not bad like this, but when i got job my English speaking and writing very bad….I’m not sure why this could happen, sometimes it embarrassed me. I think i should continue my research why my English become like this..bit funny i think..he he..wel ltq James, this page help me lot..


when do we have to pronounce th as in thin? and as in these? i am confused. thanks for ur very helpful lessons


Dear James:
You are the best teacher in the world. I love you.


Hi Jame
Interesting. I like it
I think if you say that it can pronoun /ð/as in that and /θ/as in thin it would be much better.Thank you


No offence James but i donagree with Mary.You should have stated the difference.Thanks anyways


Good work James..


Hello James. What would happen if one of the finest classical musicians in the world performs before a traveling rush-hour audience in L’Enfant Plaza? As the Washington Post story tells, he performed dressed like a street violinist, who is lonely and doesn’t have friends, earning his money in an open violin suitcase. His name is Joshua Bell, who is a top violinist, and I think that he is the “Josh with no friends” in your puzzle. I like your lessons and I have learned a lot by watching your videos. I am studying for the TOEFL test, the marathon race, and when I get tired I always refresh myself with your lessons. Respects to you, your team, and your colleagues.


Thanks so much.
You don’t know how I’ve needed this lesson!
It was terrible for me speak ‘th’
I had fear.
You have no idea!
God bless you each day!

Jhonathan R.

Thanks for this lesson.


my brother try to understand.
sir please tell me why use (TO) in this sentense


james, what do you say ‘thank’ about?



mona sayed

Thank you..James for the really good lesson of “th” pronunciation..


you do always a good deed!!


good work teacher


thanks a million…


I love your teaching style,keep up your good hummer.


Thanx, James!
but I have a question of how to pronounce the following words:
“Thief”, “fith”,


thanks James!

Your english classes ares fantastic!


Hi I am from Dominican Republic, and my mother tongue is Spanish, but sometimes I am little confuse with ¨TH¨ sound because most of the time sounds as ¨Z¨ and in some cases as ¨d¨. I have to work that pronunciation, thanks…

Rafael Ceballos

Still laughing … nice job man ! That’s a very important pronunciation lesson. Spanish people have the same sound when saying ‘z’ and ‘c’. ex: Zaragoza, aceitunas, cazar, etc… French people have the funniest way of pronouncing the ‘th’ sound! They learn to make the zee sound and it’s very weird because for me it would be more natural to say the ‘d’ sound instead, even if as you said it’s not the correct way at least when speaking it sounds closer then the zee sound. So they say : Ze mozer and ze fazer of my friend are ze best … I made up my own technique by making the gesture as you do but pronouncing the ‘d’ sound in ‘they’ ‘the’ ‘mother’. Of course in some words I make the gesture but actually make the ‘c’ sound like ‘think’ ‘thirst’ ‘bath’ ‘both’. Keep up with this strategy to teach us! Many thanks, Carlos77.


hi ronnie


I’m actually english and i can’t even pronounce three :/ I have no problem pronouncing things like ‘then’, ‘father’ or ‘both’, however three is very different to me :3

Anonymous Jack

so interesting!!!


Another awesome lesoon…thaks so much


Thank you james its help a lot


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it’s great video..tnx..


Dammit! I bit my tongue trying to pronounce the TH sound’s!!!


Hi james. Why this lessen didn’t have quiz?


james has not interacted with the students in this lesson, what happened?


Does anybody know why James used ” a ” in a description of this film . ” in a series of lessons ” , I think that he shouldn’t use a determiner before ” series of lessons ” because it’s in plural . But i can be wrong , so any thoughts ?




Thx a lot!!!


Great lesson!!!


I’ve a big problem with “TH”.


Thank you so much, you are wonderful. Thank

Marta Lopez

thank you so much


An example would be “the father with…” with the sound “th” at the first, in the middle and at the end of the word, but when you use “something or anything or nothing” then it doesn’t sound like “mother or father” with the “th” in the middle of the word. That’s is the doubt. Good performance and explanation. Thanks teacher James from EngVid.


So great! Thanks!

Jonathas Wilhem



Thirsty and thankful! I must go to a to a thrift store to think throughly about the th think! ?


Thanks James.

Hasan Soledad

Thanks James for your help

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