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Nice lesson Ronnie, thank you))

Ashurov 1986@

    Lessons was interested. Today I learn many things related to online class.


Ronnie your lessons are very helpful,thanks a lot


Good Lesson Thank you very much that’s your effort of knowledge that you spread. fantastic

Muhammad Abbas

Hi Ronnie,
Interesting lesson to work from home. Today with the confinement (lockdown) due to the global pandemic, teleworking and video conferencing is increasing.
Have fun too and thank you for your work.


thank you Ronnie for my first lesson with you.


Ronnie, you’re very funny. We love your classes and we like beer too.


Hi Ronnie, I love your lesson,really a learn so much, I can understand easily, this is nice for me, this lesson was fun, I can´t imagine in a video conference wearing pijamas, jajaajj thanks

Damaris Pico

    hahaha))) I almost always put on a shirt and a tie and sitting only in my shorts)))


good to know


I just want to know is there any online classes there?


Thank you, Ronnie. Very helpful.


Thanks Ronnie!!


Rebecca, thank you for being such an awesome instructor!


I got 100% help your explanation is very clearly, the lesson useful recently the world have pandemic Covid-19 so everybody must to work online, thank Ronnie

nguyen van long

Do anybody want to practice with me.

abduullah 1

Fantastic Ronnie. Thanks!!


I am Hakm Arabic I am seeking person who can practice English and maybe I can teach him Arabic


very Nice lesson


That was a very good lesson. Thanks so much Ronnie!

Henrique Alves

that was a useful lesson.


Thanks Ronnie.

Marta Maria

Your classes are funny and very useful, with great day by day tips. Thanks, Ronnie!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Osman had a giddy and tough boss. When he made an online conference, he would always want all the stuff to be ready just like in their office. Because only his boss spoke during the meeting, Osman would think that sitting in front of the computer screen was undue. He got a discarded mannequin from a store. He covered its face with plaster, and then he tried to make it look like his face by carving. He got some hair, very similar to him, from a barber shop. He carefully glued them on the head of the mannequin. He blow-dried its hair and put on make-up. The final result was amazing. The mannequin seemed now more handsome than him. Of course, he dressed it up as a business person. One day Osman got a message saying he had to be online at 7 pm. At the meeting time, he made the mannequin sit in front of the computer screen, and now his boss could see it as him. During the meeting he did not only listen to his boss but also did housework. Best he got a lot of messages from women colleagues saying how attractive he really was. Having seen this great result, Osman now tries to look like his mannequin. Remember you can learn a lot of things from everyone. This may even be a mannequin.


Thanks Ronnie!This lesson was very helpful!

Camila Talmacs

Ronnie you rocks ! Thank you very much


Hello Ronnie. I would like to have a lesson with you. Where do I log in?




this lesson is awesome, thank you Roonie!!!

Elida Padilla Mendoza



thank you

Abdulbasit Mauhoob

nice lesson not to be afraid


this one is a really cool teacher love it

Oskr Maister

thank you


Best regards, Ronny (Kazakhstan 17 oct2021)
your explanation was very clear


Sorry , Ronnie


6/6! Great! These tips are useful for the online meeting. Thanks, Ronnie!

Jerry Gu
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