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First comment! Thakns a lot!

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Thanks Ronnie

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    Hi Ronnie, good to hear from you again. This lesson adds variety to our spoken English. I’m used to using the traditional responses when comitting mistakes.

    These set of informal expression, I must say, broadens our scope and makes our English much more colorful, that’s for sure.

    How about some expressions to be used in formal context?


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      Oh darn! . . . another mistake as always.

      “THIS set of informal espressionS, . . .”

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        S#*t!. . . I mucked it up again ! ! !

        “THIS set of informal eXpressionS, . . .”

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Thanks a lot.Very fascinating as usual.

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I always enjoy your lessons Ronnie.
I am fan of your teaching.

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if i were you you i would cut down with swearing::its not funny at all

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Thanks, teacher Ronnie! I am glad that, I am now able to use these words. I feel so cool!

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That’s the word but I used to speak SHOOT! Instead of SHIT.

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do you make a private english class in app verbling or other?

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I’ve been practicing English for thirty minutes every morning on Engvid.com. I don’t know if my writing is correct, but for sure my understanding is almost perfect. Thank you Ronnie

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I love your lessons Lion Ronnie

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thanks Ronnie!

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Thank you for the lesson, very useful for me….!!!

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I enjoyed your video. I love improving my English. Kisses from Peru.

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It’s my first lesson and my first quiz. Thanks ronnie, you are a great teacher.

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yay..i scored full marks…very useful and glad to learn

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This slang isn’t my strong topic but I will try to learn it. Thanks a lot, Teacher Ronnie, it has been a curious and amazing lesson.

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I’m a new leaner on this website.

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Thanks Ronnie !
your way to teach english is awesome

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Instead, what to say when we make stuff right?

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First lesson I am not sure to understand how does it works
thank you

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Thanks Ronnie!!See you soon!

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thank you!

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You got 7 correct out of 10.

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I f@##$ up the quiz.

oh my gosh!

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Thanks Ronnie! I love your lessons. 10/10 :)

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Thanks Ronnie,it is very useful.

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You are the best and amazing teacher. I don’t understand English, but i completely understand your lessons.))) Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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I fucked up your quiz lmfaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thank you, Ronnie!Your lessons are great fun! 10/10 :)

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Thank you. I ‘m learning and practising English every day …

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Thank you.

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Thank you, Ronnie you are rocks!!

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DearRonnie, you have really positive character. I’ve never seen before like you in my hole life.you are amazing. Appreciate for taking your time.

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You are so funny)))

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this my first lesson..I like it.

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Put subtitles in english on your videos,it will be better to understand,I love you…

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Only 60… :(
I blew this test!

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    good way to use the ward

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Δ± really loved this video but there are so much such a bad words in english regrettably these words calling by these lessons.Δ± think we mustnt say some bad words in our life(like:f*@ked up ) .but Δ± love your cute and such a lovely gestures^-^

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    Is it Betul a shorter form of be-autif-ul?? It should be!!

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Thanks i like the way you are teaching

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Thanks Ronnie..

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This lion is quite strange,but lesson is useful))))

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I like Ronnie’s suit! It is amazing! Hey Ronnie, what about unicorn suit???

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Your the best

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Thank you so much !! That was awesome <3

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hi ronnie this is sam from india i saw your videos on Youtube. Roonie i am here to learn english

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Thank you Ronnie , it was interesting!!!!!!

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thank you Ronne

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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Thank you, Ronnie!! I always enjoy your lessons and find some really funny options on your test that make me laugh a lot. Thanks!!

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Hello,Ronnie.My son and many kids I know they all like your lessons very much.But for some reason we cann’t log in Youtbe and never see your lessons again from July 1.So can you help us? If you can please connect me. menma@21cn.com

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i really like Ronnie’s courses :)
thanks a lot

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this video was really helpful

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I really like it.

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Thanks a lot 😊

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it’s really useful, thank’s a lot

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hello mam
why you use (to) instead of (in)in this sentence (to the soup)???
I messed _____ by adding too much salt to the soup.
And if I did any mistake in this comment. Please do correct it

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Thanks a lot

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Wow in this page there are the good the teachers but for me the the best is Ronnie I like it.

thanks for yours videos are very good.

respects: from Dominican republic

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it is very good video for learning oral.

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Tank you

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That was great, thank you.

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What the duck was that. I fucked up speak English like a mom boy.

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I got 7/10! Thanks for the lesson!

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thanks ronnie love u so much and love the way u teach <3

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Thank you Ronnie. I enjoyed this lesson.

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very cool, thanks, Ronnie.

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very good , thanks a lot

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i love you Ronnie , thank you

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Ronnie you are the best! Very funny :-)

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Thanks Ronnie,,,,,

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I always love your lesson and quiz. Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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Ronnie is awsome. she makes so easy imrpove my english. thanks Ronnie

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First comment! Thakns a lot!

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I love this website ! I love you Ronnie!

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very nice

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You rock Ronnie! Thanks for this lesson!

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Oh My Goodness..
U r really awesome Ronnie!
The way u r explaining is really damn good, i love to see all ur videos n try to learn it..

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Love your style Ronnie,Many Thanks.

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Now, I have a lot of expressions when I make a mistake! !

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Very good lesson. Thanks

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thank you so much

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Thank you very much Ronnie for your lessons, very helpful for understanding…

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Ronnie you are the best tracher in the world

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thank you teacher

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thank you teacher Ronnie i get good marks for the quiz
i only i miss two question 7 and 9 i hope next quiz to get 100% . this quiz i have 80% thank you teacher again

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Perfect teacher

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Oh my gosh! I’ve been learning so much with you Ronnie. Your explanation is so easy to understand and so fun at the same time.Thank you, you’re a great teacher. You rock girl! ;)

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Your comment is waiting to be approved by engVid.
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I Rommie learning english with you is funny. Thanks. Today is my first day in engvid.

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Thanks Ronnie! It is a very useful and informative lesson

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this is the best English learning class that i ever seen. thanks Ronnie

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Thank you 😍

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Why did the video suddenly zoom in?

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    Apparently my smart phone messed up. Now how do I delete that comment? ☝

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      you already fucked up everything astri

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        I was about to say “That was very rude” and then saw what post this was on. Correct use of “fucked up” but I would maybe leave off “everything” πŸ‘

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thank you

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I’m from China.it’s a good way to learn here.thank you πŸ’˜

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Thanks so much Ronnie, I enjoy a lot of your lesson.

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I always use the typical words to express that somethings are wrong, so your lesson is is very useful. learned words today will add savor to my conversations. Thanks a lot

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thanks a lot

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thanks ronnie

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Thanks ronnie, you’re the bestπŸ‘

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Your costume is perfect. :)

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thank you teacher ronnier

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give me advice how can i improve the lesson

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oh dach i messed up the quiz with 3 mistakes i think i can not adapt to all of them but really i am grateful ronnie thanks alot

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Thank you very much Ronnie, I got full mark in the quiz which means i didn’t messed up anything

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Súper I am in love 😍 with this classes thank you Ronnie

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thanks ronnie 80%

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Thanks, Ronnie!
Practising time now.
1. My daughter and her friends mess up her room, so she must clean up.
2. Do not pity him. He blows all of the salaries on drinking and gamble.
3. Oh, dash! My computer crashed in an important meeting, but I fix it up immediately.
4. I blow my job interview.
5. Don’t worry, it’s only a job, it’s nothing. Please don’t be sad. It couldn’t choke up your dream.

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Thank u so much Ronnie.

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u r awesome, Ronny dear

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she is very crazy tutor hahahahhaha

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Thank you Ronnie, You R best teacher!

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Thanks for this lesson!
β—‡β—‡β—‡ :)))🦁🦁🦁

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What is the difference between
I fucked up and I am fucked up?

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