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    Hi Roonie i just wanna tell you , i like you also its in spanish me caes muy bien!so thats its you re amusing AMAZING coach!

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      Hi roonie do you have facebook for cheat with you as you know improve my english!

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    me too
    Thank you dear Ronnie

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10x Ronnie your lessons is very useful………. i always like your videos thanks thanks alot


i like your voice and teaching
i am daily check your video and teaching


Great lesson Ronnie!!!

But I have a doubt: what’s the diference between the pronunciation of “see” and “sea”??

thx a lot

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    There is no difference. They are both said the exact same way!

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      kindly add me mam plz on facebook please i,m very enjoying ur lesson mam ur teaching style very wounderful


      Awesome Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Carolina Scaramucci



    hi there . You don’t be worry , when you say with someone about something . It’s up to situation that they will know what you say with them …. i have met this case and I have asked my foreign teacher . Can i make friend with you ?


    hi there , you don’t worry about that .. when you say a sentence then they will know what you say ( this is verb or noun ) .It’s up to situation of sentence …. beacause have very many countries said English , them hear very fast (even the voices are small )

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Thanks a million Ronnie… I got what your teaching.. it’s very easy… I will wait another video…

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thanks ronnie so much, I love your lesson it’s very easy to understand

nha quyen

Hi Ronnie! Thenks for your lesson, you are perfect as always!

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Thanks a lot , it was a good lesson.

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Thank you!!

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thank you ~~i come from malaysia …my grammar is not very well …the important exam is coming soon …..i will keep watching the video .

bear young

Alex i like ur teaching i wish i could like u


i wish i could like u


    I wish i could be like you

    Wasim Omer

respected madam iam ravibabu iam studying engineering but i have not such knowledge of english what will i do and my pronutation very bad
how to improve my english knowledge…from india


Respected mam your teaching style is very amazing.
Kidly tell me how i improve my english

fahim khan


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Hello Ronnie!
Your lessons are very helpful (I’ve seen all of them)und I’m grateful for what you do for all of us.
I have some questions, or it’s better to say, a suggestion.
I wonder if you could create a lesson about the differences between “start” and “begin” (and on the other hand “finish” and “end”).
I’ve looked up by a dictionary, aber the explanation there is so, “start means to begin…”
It’s a circle :(
It will be also interesting, if you explain, when we should use:
– finish + verb-ing/+to infinitive
– start + verb-ing/+to infinitive
– begin + verb-ing/+to infinitive
Thanks a lot in advance. I keep watching.

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    I meant, what is the difference:
    – between “start” and “begin”
    – and also between “finish” and “end”

    Profile photo of dari dari

    Start and begin are the same but we usually use start in conversation. Begin seems too formal.
    Finish and end are essentially the same but we use end to talk about roads, streets, lines.
    Finish we to talk about tasks…I finished my homework. I finished the book.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      now you two to mention it. What is the difference between finish and end up. I’m getting quite confused with this. thanks and kind regards

      Profile photo of javierdediego javierdediego

        Finish means you stopped doing something. I finished my homework.
        End up is the result of something. I ended up in Siberia.

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thanks alot Ronnie


absolutely fantastic teaching by ronnie.. :)



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thanks ronnie


thanks so much it’s amazing
can u but a lesson about can , could , able to be


thanks teacher

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can you teach me online ?
english business and how to write formal letter .thank you soo much


im from Qatar,can you teach online english business,writing formal letters


thanx ronnie


thanks teacher Ronnie
saludos desde méxico

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hi your lesson is very good for me thanks .can you tell me what is mean (share)and(twitter)


    Share and Twitter…..Twitter is a social networking site like “Facebook”.
    Share (verb) means to give something to someone else. On Twitter and Facebook you share information.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

u r great,thank u very much:)

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Thank you so much for making a webside like this. Im from Norway, so websides like this makes it easier!!:)


Hi Teacher Ronnie Can u tell me how to post our pics in facebook and u are a great teacher i have ever met worldwide


    Sorry I cannot explain how to post pics on Facebook. You can use the verb have/has but in North American it is more common to use the axillary verb “do”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Ronnie, sorry to say, but you are making too much grammar mistakes. It is correct to write “auxiliary verb” etc. Don’t be angry, I’m just noticing all mistakes I can, and it is the best way to learn something. I wish you all the best


        I meant too many mistakes, I made one too. . .


and one thing more i would like to suggest regarding a matter in question Tags can we write have nt it instead on doesnt it


Because of that, I prefer to say: ” sheet of paper”….lol

Thanks for the video, dear teacher!

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Thanks Ronnie for informing me about this matter . 1 thing more i would like to suggest that can we use grand pa instead of granpa or grandma instead of gramma


Ronnie your teaching power is oustanding and a power that no one can win it .


Thank you


hello, I am first time watch this video and I’m flad that it so easy! I learnt english 3 years, but I have problem with pronunciation still, but diferents betwen s end sh is esay!!!


Thank you,………ssss! sh (the hospital)!!!…


that’s good for me it’s really easy

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Ronnie, you are so cute and unusual))) It`s a pleasure to watch your lessons. Keep teaching us and we`ll try to get better in knowledge. May I suggest something? Could you do lesson about such words as “wanna”, “gonna”, “gotta”? It would be very helpful for your students. Best regards. Natalie.

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    Ok I will try to do that lesson for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thanks a lot Ronnie! :-) I am looking forward to it. Many hugs from Russia! :-)

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your lesson ‘s so funny ^^

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i like u active teaching one line …. i speak english fast now


Thankyou ronnie
I like your conversation it is very intersating.


Thank you ronnie
I like your conversation it is very intersating.


hello Ronnie
I liked so much your classes of english.


great¡¡ nice page

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thanks for your lesson, Ronnie :D can u tell me the difference among : “s”, “z” and “x”. tkz :D

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that’s good, thank you so much! ^^

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ssss .. shhhh ..SO it’s simple

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In my language Tamil Ronnie (Rani) means Queen.
You are really a Queen in English teaching.



Ms. Ronnie you’re very effective teacher for me..the way you teach is very very cool not boring..and I can easily understand what you are saying.. ;) good luck

angela espinosa

Dear Ronnie,
thank you for your lesson which was very clear. I have a strange request!! Would it be possible for you to make a video with all the letters of the alphabet? (spelling) I mean I’d like you pronounce them all once (a,b,c…z!) because I confuse the pronounciation of some letters and I’m not always able to understand the address email of my customers on the phone!!! (when they spell it!)Thank you for your help.


Hi Ronnie,
your way of teaching is sooo charismatic! I love it:-)
And I have a question regarding this lesson about “s” sound in the middle of words or in word junctions. For example, when people say “classroom”, it seems that they pronounce “clashroom”..? Is this correct?


    It is not correct to pronounce classroom as “clashroom”. A lot of ESL students make this mistake because the “SSSSSS” is difficult to say for some people!
    Also, a lot of times we say “s” like a “Z” sound – for example boys sounds like ” boyz”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Ronnie,
I really need your help! I mix up the pronunciation of some letters of the alphabet. It’s a big problem for me because I can’t write the names of the persons during a spelling. (I can’t write correctly their address email!)Please make a video about the pronunciation of the english alphabet!! Thank you!


    Ok I will do that for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      hi ronnie , i want to asked you a question . the “s” and “z” sounds in the end of word .Eg ” Lips –> lipz “. when we say fast . this ” z “sound hear like “s” sound . Is it right ? and Is this sound important in communication . when i said like that , do everyone understand ?

      Profile photo of martin123 martin123

        Hai! I hope my answer can give you helpful.
        The sound of lips no /lipz/, is / lips/ because when the endings of the word such as p, t, k, f, th, we should sound the ending word is /-s/. If you want more clearly explanation, i suggest you can watch Emma’s video which is ” pronunciation S endings”.

        Good luck.


thank you so much

junior jeune

Thank you so much Ronnie, I really like your lesson. I’m very interesting in Your explanation that make me easy to understand your lesson.




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Ronnie! I am very struggle to pronoun this s & sh words. But now I have an confident to speaks this words. Tks a lot

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Ronnie, i want to know how to pronounce “next,rest,best,just,rust,essential,excuse” and word like these in terms of s and shh.
Please help.


    Alll of the words are a long sssss sound!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

please tell me about different sound of england and america



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great thank but can you tell me how can i improve my speaking?

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Ronnie, your video is useful.Thanks a lot. I always have difficulty in sss and shh…
I am still confused about some words such as ‘sure’ and ‘sugar’, which is ‘s’ but pronounce shh. Can you please do a video on such special rules? Thanks


    Sure and sugar are exceptions – you are right! I will try to do a video for you!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      hı Ronnie, ı have just taken part in between you. Sarah’s question is sensible. does it has a video about that or ı missed???

      Profile photo of aysenur aysenur

    i am also bro , even i am able to pronounce sh

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I love the way you teach it is fantastic,Now I still needed to learn pronounciation it helps me a lot while I am watching you on video…

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thank you ronnie for your work

kamal kabil

Hi Ronnie, how we pronounce cell & sell


    They are pronounced exactly the same!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks for your reply


Good lessons..it help me.


ure very kind ronne really i wish agood life to you so ,i want invite you to come to egypt to see theOldest civilization in the world i will wait you, and i have qestion im confused dear from the hearing the english words i know te words but if any one speak fast i cabt understand im what i can do????

Profile photo of moorina moorina

    Thanks for the invite, I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt!
    Listening is very difficult in English! You should watch movies in English with English and your language. This way, you can hear what the people are saying AND read what you don’t understand! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thx alot ronne and i promise you if you decide come to egypt i will wait you and i will be your best friend there ,so please can i have your facebook account or yahoo mail or any means of communications to you??
and thx for your advice

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    This is my email!!!!

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wheres it???!!! i cant get it ????

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hi ronnie…ur english lessons are really excellent and very useful for us…but basically i have some probs. Tht i cant speak english confidently even though i can easily understand all accent english.but cant speak what should i do now..its been a very big problem for me how can i fix this prob. Pls help me i want to speak english without any hesitation….pls give me some advice to fix my prob…

Profile photo of jinnarazz jinnarazz

hi Ronnie , i want to asked you a question . the “s” and “z” sounds in the end of word .Eg ” Lips –> lipz “. when we say fast . this ” z “sound hear like “s” sound . Is it right ? and Is this sound important in communication . when i said like that , do everyone understand ?

Profile photo of martin123 martin123

    Lips – sounds like an “s” all the time – never a “z”.
    The basic rules are – if the END of the word is voiced = your throat vibrates you say it as a “Z”. (n,d,v,e,r) eg —pens, reads, goes, lives cars, sees, hears.
    If it is unvoiced =your throat doesn’t vibrate. ( t, p, k, c, g.) You sound it like a “S” gets, bags, looks, stops, rice.
    Hope that helps!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks so much …. i hope you have good many lesson

      Profile photo of martin123 martin123

Hi Ronnie ,I like this lesson but I just wanted to ask what is the meaning Of Clash ? :))


Hi Ronnie,

I completly become your fan now!!! There are few more teachers on this portal, but the way you present is phenomenal…I mean they are also good, but you are supperb. After watching every video i feel so much thrilled. I would like to convey my sincere thanks for such nice online resources and hope that you will keep helping us.


Narendra Shukla

tnx Ronnie

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Hi, I love your English classes………


I realy like your vidio. i can see improvement in mine english . thanks a lot

mahendra sharma

thans alot




hello teacher can i ask you a question i want just to know the difference between for and since please thanks a lot


thanka alot but I want more and moe

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I’m Indian and trying to learn English. I had attended lot of classes to learn English but no class could make me understand difference between s and sh.Today,I have watch only 7 minute video of Ronnie.And after watching this,I am able to speak correctly s and sh.Thanks to Ronnie and Thanks to all, who made this free spoken English programme.Now I always keep learning through http://www.entvid.com.
Deepak Soni

deepak soni

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, will you please do a lesson on subject-verb agreement and when to use “s” to tell tense. Thanks.

Janette Kay



OMG !! The Clash ROOOOOOCKS !!! Thank ya Ronnie .

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    *I faught the law*

    Profile photo of salimayoubi salimayoubi

      I fought the law. It was originally done by the “Bobby Fuller Four”.

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks a lot for all of this lesson it’s really helped me and my friends.

I would like to ask why we spell “S” in consumer and not “SH” as in sure??

thanks again and waiting your reply


    I don’t know. I did not make up the stupid English rules!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I feel well at there and got more knowledge about grammar thanks for that

Mohammad Yaseen

Thank you so much for these excellent class you the best pleaseeeeeeee help me with the pronunciation in ch sh and I never never never never I can say world I don’t know why I trying and trying pleaseeeeeeeee help me out to figure out how to do it ……………

Profile photo of aleruizl25 aleruizl25

    Ch you start with your back teeth closed and let the sound escape off your tongue and out between your front teeth= keep your back teeth closed. With SH put your lips out like you are telling someone to be quiet and blow the air out!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

And also all the word with w and d like world word war worth words it’s toooooooooooo difficult whyyyyyyy it’s impossible for me pronounce in a correct way please give me some trick.

Thank you you the best.

Profile photo of aleruizl25 aleruizl25

    When you want to say W make your lips like you are going to kiss, then blow the sound out, ending in a small smile.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie

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Hi, Ronnie! I like your teaching. it’s very fun. you are good teacher.! I’m from Thailand. and i’m student exchange in Canada. I’ve lived here for almost 5 months and 5 more months im gonna back to Thailand. but my goal, my english language skills, aren’t good right now! My English speaking and listening aren’t good! i’ll try to do. and I think i have some problem about pronouncing words.! and im always quiet. how should i do for my english? i’ll take your lessons to use it here. Thank you.

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thanks a lot…


thank you

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hey ronnie…. i am hopeless.. today i was rejected by an interviewer because of the same as above mentioned lesson problem. he told me that i have a problem in my communication and the problem is the pronounce s and sh. now i got a little bit about this problem from your video. thnks a lot. will be waiting for your next lesson.
thnk you once again.


thank u


Thanks you so much!.Can you help me how to pronunce the l sound at the end of the word such as will, hill.It is really difficult for me.


Hello Ronnie! I’m from VietNam and I want to speak English influently. So, thanks alot for your lessons. It’s very useful for me.

Profile photo of mailinh mailinh

Hai Madam Ronnie!

Teacher, if i want to bless my teacher or teacher’s illness quickly to be recovered, how i can say to them? What the idiom is suitable in this case? I heard they said ” pink health” and ” blue health”. What these meaning?

These questions are vital to me. I hope to hear back from you ASAP. Thanks a million my lovely teacher Ronnie!!!

Best regards,


    For anyone you can say “I hope you get better soon”.
    I have never heard of pink or blue health – google the meanings!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie



i think that i know enaugh words grammar and sounds …i started listen english about 2years ago…
but when i try to speak i be shy fair and my voice be high … how can i be comfortable and flexible ? …
thanks from egypt
iam mohamed
thanks ranni ..


Thanks you so much.
Would you show me the difference between 2 ways of pronunciation:
The first is /faiv/
The second is /faivə/
or anything like this.


Thank you so much much much !
: )

Profile photo of nuzthakarn nuzthakarn

Thanks so much! I will come back!


Your teaching is very interesting, Ronnie!
But tell me how differently are pronounced these words:
“see” and “sea”, “sow” and “saw”,


    See and sea are the same “c”.
    Sow = “so”
    saw = saw.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thankyou Ronnie mam im verry happy. your classss atending time im handershod when you talk in the classss. (classss was “sh” shoot. thankyou verrmuch
Giri gokul INDIA

Giri gokul

Thanksh for this leshon.


Ronnie, I am still having serious issues with “sh”, no matter how much I try it always sounds “s”. Is there any way I can improve it?


this lesson is Useful So thank you very much :D

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U r the best ronnie coz i always used to have the problem with s ans sh,after saw ur vidieo I get much better.thank u so mch and appriciate it.


Thank you teacher Ronnie. I always have problem with s and sh sounds and never have a better way to overcome them until I learn your way.


awesome mam real now i can speak s ans sh very easily after watch this video thank you so much….


hi ronnie , i am alaa from palestine , your lessons are very very beautiful , my english langauge not strong , please send me in my email , my email is ala_ardah@yahoo.com


you are a good teacher and i enjoyed your lesson

paul boateng

hi guys, I just wanted to say your that was very helpful.
Ronnie you’re my fav teacher, I like the way you teach it makes everything so easy, thanks a lot :)


you really good woman
thank you


Thank you teacher Ronnie Please how to pronounc ph – ch – and anthor letters lik that please i need lesson in this .you really good teacher thank you

aqeel salim

I live in the countryside where I cannot have conversations with E speaking foreigners.You’ve opened a new door to E pronounciation for me. This helps me improve my E. Your teaching is really great! Thank you so much!


Thanks Ronnie.

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can you teach me how to pronounce paper..

Profile photo of kamal3510 kamal3510

Dear Ronnie,
I would like to know how to improve my english speaking because some people do not understand my speak and pronunciation. Please, suggest and advise me. I am waiting your reply. Thank you so much your lessons.
You are my favorite teacher.

Your’s Sincerely,

Myo Myint Maw

Hey Mam

First of all thank you for such a fantastic lesson.I was not aware that i have this sort of problems but now i am trying for sme international bpo they told me about this>But i can overcome from this whn i speak fast then tounge slipped automatically.Also i wna speak fast i.e general english plz give me some tips so that i can improve myself.

Thak you in advance


Could you take a lesson from the expressions needed in the work-waitress, housekeeper?
Thank you for lesson. :)

Profile photo of Mary Mary

wow its too good . now i can speak the s and sh very well without any mistake


Interesting and awesome Ronnie


Thanks for the video is going to help me in my pronuntiation.

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please, what’s the difference between BOAT and Ship?? thank you very much for your leesons !!!

Profile photo of nanou17 nanou17

thanks You’re amazing!!!
will be possible a video with Can’t o can and
would have in contraccion and isn’t please.

Profile photo of ericalifornia ericalifornia

Dear Ronnie, Should I crunch teeth when I prounce “S”? Thank you.

Profile photo of meihua meihua

Hi Ronnie, thanks for your lesson
take care

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thankyou_merci pour touts le techere

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Dear, Teacher Ronie.
i hope you will give us a lesson about how to pronoun the words ending -s?

Profile photo of tuanbi tuanbi

Hi Ronnie, thanks for your lesson . i am trying to speak sh from some year . still i am very afraid to speak something that start with sh like ship , sugar etc . i am trying but not able to improve please suggest some idea . i was have some problem with
i speak both cases
vo and oo — oo (resolve but not perfect)
sh and s — s ( have problem and afraid)
th and k – th (resolved)

waiting for your reply

Profile photo of ermahesh2009 ermahesh2009

hi Ronnie…I am from Philippines, I have a question about the letter s, some people think that I have a problem pronouncing it. I just hope you could hear me, because someone told me that there’s no problem. pronouncing different from what they do, does it means I’m wrong. And if I do, what should I do to make it right.

Profile photo of lorenze lorenze

Thanks Ronnie for your help it was an amazing video you’re really sssssmart! Take care

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thank u

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Thank you.

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Thanks Ronnie, you are an amazing teacher.

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thank you soo much madam <3

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I am so happy to be with you

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hi,can you please guide my on this words :=• Sour
• Sore
• Shore
how to pronounce or how should i pronounce these type of words.

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I liked this lesson a lot. I wish all the best for you!! Thanks so much!!

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thank you my mom

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I like yours advised and now I am trying to speak exact

Profile photo of amit1296 amit1296

Hey Ronnie, I have very weird problem in pronuncing words like for example
“English speaking ”
In this the first word ends with sound sh and second word starts with s
I find it difficult to pronounce such phrases
Hope you understand my problem

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Thank you.

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Thank you Ronnie , This lesson will increase my pronunciation skill

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