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      In today´s lesson I learned to pronounce three new PH words (Exceptions to the rule).

      Once I was told that there are more exceptions than rules in English, is that so Ronnie?

      Your good sense of humour and teaching style made this pronunciation lesson really interesting.

      Looking forward to the upcoming lesson.

      By for now Ronnie!!!

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      Ps: I checked your blog. I really like it . Wish you best of luck :))

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“PH” sound is to be separated if the letter “H” introduces a new word, i.e.
shep-herd (-flock, -troop)
hap-hazard (-risk, -peril, -jeopardy)
peep-hole (-orifice, -aperture, -gap)
Am I right, Ronnie? Thank you!

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Good lesson, Thaks, Ronnie.

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