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Thanks, Ronnie…It was really interesting explanation about the bucket list…


    By the way Edu, did you make your bucket list? I strongly recomend that you see the film “The Bucket List” by Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson (two great American Actors.

    It’s an excellent movie; it gives plenty of food for thought.

    Bye for now, take care.


      What do I want to do before I pass away?

      I much prefer making New Year’s Resolutions to bucket lists. Sticking to them -resolutions- is a means to an end, to make the dreams of my life come true.

      (See below Mr. Nakar’s comment about this post).

      See ya rouund!


One thing of my bucket list is to be perfect in English. Thank you Ronnie for helpful lesson.


In my bucket list, I wrote to go on holiday in Toronto for a tour with Ronnie. Yep !

Danilo Manzoni

Great Ronnie! About one thing I’m sure… You are not shy :P
Ps. My bucket list is very long


Thank you for the best lesson in the world.


Definitely, go to Canada is in my bucket list. I would love to know Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.


Got 10 out of 10. I’m so happy. Thanks for this lesson teacher.


Talking about bucket list could be similar from resolutions but bucket list is something more in the future but resolutions is near future? or maybe i think so! anyway thanks ronny for this class, was nice and useful as usual, every time i see your class i feel like if i was not in class, i mean it’s relaxing, i say it in a good way.



    JGeorge I have wrotten your profile, too – do not apologize for the mistakes, you just do them, they are part of our lives. In time, there will be less. :)


Regino’s already mentioned it, but the movie The Bucket List shows this idea pretty well. The dialogue, accents, and speed of speech are also very good for new English learners.


    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the movie tip!!


    Hi Alex, I am glad to see you commenting in here. I enjoy watching your English videos as well. Hope to see you soon in a new English video.


      There’s usually a new one put up every 2 weeks. :) You won’t have to wait too long.


Thank you very much Ronnie!!!
Have you ever been in Spain??


    I thought tha think you had in your hands was a bow, but they are just a guitar and a microphone!


Thank you Ronnie.I like very much your lessons.


Thank you for this feeling, this video outcome my intense for learning English, and I know I will be perfect in English with your help)))))))


I enjoyed your lesson Ronnie. By the way I’m going to have a look at your fb account.So far I’ve taught Italian and English in Perú, I’ve done rafting, written a book, attended a lot of programs for parents and babies here in Toronto. I’d like to write a book again and it might be great to meet you and improve my English. I dream to speak English as a native speaker, I promise to cook yummy Peruvian food for you.


Thanks ti was easy and very undersood,


Ronnie, you’re really fun and teach well.
So, to write a book is one of the things of my bucket list. Now, I’m thinking knowing Toronto with you. I’ll see your page on Facebook.


Your lessons is very good and funny?.


Great lesson ! I guess I have an intermediate english lvl, but didn’t know about this “bucket list” expression, although I have heard it before. Having a threesome and travel all over the world would definitely be on my bucket list!


I think lots of people wanna come to Toronto and hang out with Ronnie and other teachers including me…..


very good lesson Ronnie i never hear about.is of course the dream of any students in engvid is to meet all the teachers and hong out with them especially you ronnie


    i hope one day you come visit me in morocco you going to love it trust me


i dont know where should i start

Hani shalabe

Thank you Ronnie.Thailand should be in your bucket list for traveling around the world.


Thanks Ronnie… Btw, Have you cheked indonesia off your bucket list?


I just can say … Great !!!!!

elier lopez

thank Ronnie, the way you teching very easy too understand.


A “bucket list” sounds interesting :) Before my pass away? I wish I would travel to Pari, Canada or New York. Thank you, Ronnie :)


My busket list is can speaking english nature..tq Ronnie..I will NEVER GIVE UP!


Yeah, I wanna visit Toronto so bad. Canada is the best place to live IMHO.

Mr. Lawyer

Nice lesson!Thanks Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie, I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused about a phrase in the quiz: If I were a rock star.. Shouldn’t we write: If I was? Thanks Ronnie


Thank you Ronnie and happy new year.


Thanks Ronnie, your effort is very appreciate by us.
Long life for a good people as you!


If I said “my bucket list”, did my friends in Australia understand what i am talking about?


Thank you Ronnie for the Bucket Lists lesson. I listened the lesson and it was very clear. I tried to answer the questions on the quiz and I scored 100%. Thank you indeed Ronnie for making me practice English through Engvid.
Happy new year 2016 Ronnie.


i have understand the lesson.so i cheeck it off my bucklet lesson.

nadia aboali

thanks Ronnie,you are amazing.I love your videos. So I think we have the same dream, travel the world. See you around and good luck for us.


Thank you…i like your lessons..


Thank you again.Can I have a small question:What does “sex” mean.Thanks.


    If you are a man and a woman, you need to have sex to make a baby.


Thanks, I will think about it…

Marta Lopez

it was my new experiance!!


Thank you I really enjoyed


Thank you so much


Very interesting! After the video I felt like making my bucket list. I think this is a good idea for self motivation.


Many thanks Ronnie. I liked this lesson very much and I try to practise more.


Great lesson Ronnie! I hope one day I can go to Toronto and travel inside Canada. Thanks again.

John B

I got 10/10 Ronnie


no comprendo

carlos gomez

Thank you Ronnie that the lesson of the what’s the bucket list is very clear.My bucket list definitely contain the learn English well and go to toronto to meet you~ haha

Arm Cheng

great lesson…


Hello Ronnie,
Thank for this lesson .
Is the expression bucket-list related with “kick the bucket ” which means “pass away ” ? Does the following sentence make sens ? : I must check off the list of my bucket before I kick it .


    yes kick the bucket wants to say pass away. You have an interesting book about it.
    It’s name is : ” Harrap’s idioms


      Hello villainpetitcrapaud
      Thanks for your comment . I have known what “kick the bucket means ” I just want to know if my sentence “I must check off the list of my bucket before I kick it” makes sense for an english speaker . Do you have any idea ?
      I watched since this lesson , the movie ” The bucket list ” in French , which title is ” Sans plus attendre ” I recommand to everybody to see it . It is very emotional and very positive . I can’t understand why didn’t I see it earlier since it had been first broadcasted in the late 2007?
      Thanks again .


thank you Ronnie, i wish i can visit you someday and thank you face to face : )


Thanks ronnie
These good idea. Thanks keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Very good!!! I loved!! Thank you Ronnie!!!

Millena Resende

Happy news year to you and engvid’s teachers. In my bucket list, I wish to walk better (I’m handicaped) to win lotto so I will be able to be more generous, to fold great origamis. ( that is my favorite hobby) Thank you for your marvellous lessons kind regards love XXX


You make me think of death,Ronnie;and I hate that


    Oh no :(

    engVid Moderator

can you explain bucket list please ?

Heng Kry Try

I WANT TO ASK in previous video u talked about nouns and verb.
Can u HELP ME PLEASE with this sentence

He made his DEBUT in 2005
In this sentence DEBUT is used as a noun or Verb please tell me why?


    Hi Arush. It’s a noun.


      Why it’s noun I thought it is a verb please explain?


        It’s after HIS ( poossessive adjective ) so, it’s a noun.


      Thanks for the reply.I have learnt the basic concepts like adjective describes noun and adverb describes verb but I have problems in making sentence by using noun and verb.
      With adjectives and adverbs it’s easy.
      Help me tell me how to make sentences with words like enthrall (verb) and debut which is both noun and verb.what are the points to be kept in mind.


Thanks Ronnie ??


The film marked his DEBUT as a director. In this sentence Ronnie please tell me ,debut is used as a noun why? What is verb in this sentence?
Verb– denotes an action
Noun–denotes name of a place,person or a thing
But HOW to use it while making sentence with word DEBUT.


    Hi arush12. “Marked” is the verb in this sentence, and “debut” is the noun. A debut is a thing. :)


      Hi Alex, thanks a lot for answer.can u use debut as a verb.please tell me what I should do in order to make sentences easily by using noun or Verb.


        The place of a noun & a verb and also their rolles in a sentence is different from each other.This can help a lot if you keep in mind.I hope it helps.




          SO SORRY….roles…..


          I didn’t understand what are u trying to say soei.please explain?


          Hi. My friend ,I mean when you want to write a sentence your mind is important !For example Record as a noun and as a verb has one spelling but two pronunciations! When you write: My record , surely you don’t mean record as a verb and also when you write : They record, you haven’t used it as a noun. I mean this Arush. I am afraid if it doesn’t help you more.


          Thanks for the reply.But I want u to tell me simple procedure while using word as a noun and verb.I know basics,but problem comes while making sentence.
          PLEASE tell like he made his DEBUT,here DEBUT IS NOUN because his is pronoun.it’s simple.
          How can Debut be used as a verb.Give an example what should come before and after verb.


          Debut can not be used alone as a verb. TO MAKE ONE’S DEBUT:
          She MADE her debut in London in 2013. Debut has his own role , and the verb is MADE. A verb comes after a noun or a subject pronoun.


          And after a verb you may have a noun or object pronoun as the object . Or you may have an adverb,it depends on your verb and your sentence.


Hi, Ronnie. Have you ever seen a Germany movie “Knockin’ on heaven’s door”?
It’s about two men diagnosed they’re going to die soon. Then they head to the sea because in heaven, everybody talks about the sea. But they have never seen the sea. That’s why they head to the sea so that they don’t get isolated. In the movie, they exchange their bucket list about before they die. One of them wrote “I wanna have threesome”.
It’s one of my favorite movie. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you to see it. So nice BGMs and so nice humors right there.
By the way did you buy your bucket at ikea? I think I have same one as yours.


thanks Ronnie for the lesson. I like you.


I sometimes use your videos in my TV Program. I use songs to teach english.

Jayzie Dou-k

Thank you Ronnie for this lesson.


My bucket list… to jump with a parachute. As I’ll fall I’ll be a shout, in English of course, all my lives. Now, I wish that this jump was so long… and my life worth shouting.

Alex, you here?
Ronnie thank you.


thanks ronnie and my bucket list is : go to outside with my family in new year, go to the my hometown and meet my grandparents,meet everyone,speaking english fluency.


Very interesting, Ronnie.


you are amazing Ronni


thanks alot


this is a veru useful video, i have just lern a few new words :)) in my bucket list is travelling by my own. Thank you, Ronnie!


    Good going ronnie mam,
    keep continue……
    enjoy learn with fun..


thanks ronnie


Great Ronnie. I like all your lessons.

Leandro Cleber

Hi I´m from Costa Rica and I need help with Pronunciation to be more specific with the VOWELS SOUNDS and the diphthongs. I lost two jobs opportunities due to a bad pronunciation. I have strong grammar but I don´t use my pronunciation for 5 years please HELP


    Hi I´m from Costa Rica and I need help with Pronunciation to be more specific with the VOWELS SOUNDS and the diphthongs. I lost two jobs opportunities due to a bad pronunciation. I have strong grammar but I don´t use my pronunciation for 5 years please HELP


Hi Ronnie. Now its new word for me to my major Goals..
And Thank You…

Bhaskar Ketham

thanks Ronnie,
oh… i have to practice….


Funny lesson! Thank you Ronnie.

Bucket List

1: be Canadian citizen
2: travel all over the World
3:meet Ronnie:)


Hi Ronnie, thx for the lesson. I enjoyed it.


its esey way to learn english .but idont know whare to start learn .because we arrive couple of week before in canada .so ronni you can help me wich one first lesson.

ata ul noor

Thanks Ronnie. I have seen some of your videos. You are great.

Eduardo Hemingway

Good and funny lesson! Thank you. Ronnie.


Thanks teacher.


Thank you very much. she are great teacher. I hope see you in future.


one of my bucket list to travel to korea and america
thanks alot ronnie


Thanks .. Ronnie
Learning and speak English in my bucket list!


learning speake English in my buket list


Thanks Ronnie, I started my class today and my points is Good! I was in Toronto in November/2015, it´s a Fantastic place.


Thank you Ronnie.


Ronnie, thanks a lot! Now I want to write my own bucket list) I think, there will be my visit in Canada sometime))


Thank you Ronnie, it was first Time for me hearing about bucket list.


Thank you Ronnie!


Thank you, Ronnie


Bucket list of TyST:
1.i have a dream : famous person.
2.travel around the world
3.write a bestseller book
4.become a best english
5.hang out everyone
6.write a book,comic.
7.become police.
8.first human in the world walking to the Mars.
9. Top 10 of stupid men

10.discovery the Moon


Today my bucket list is learn english. I need, I want, I’ll learn.

Thank you for your video, Ronnie!


I can’t take an exam because “Next Question” button dosen’t work for me. I was trying with both “chrome” and “Mozila” browser. :(

asm towhid

Thank you Ronnie!
I have a short bucket list:
1) become loved wife of happy husband and have 2 pretty children
2) travelling aroud the world
3) open my own restourant with fresh and delicious food and charity days.


Thanks a lot ronnie …

the bucket list, its mean like my many dreams in my head and i hope it will be achieve one by one… :)

kiki Mustikawati

Thank you for lesson. It’s good idea to wright my own bucket list!)))

Ksusha Shevela

Thank you Ronnie
I got 9 not bad huh? I have something to tell you about, Now I’m stopped to use Facebook for 1 week already! Trying to learn more and more English lesson. You help me a lot I’v never getting bored when I watched the videos.

Sorry if I write something wrong, I’m better to listening. Thx again xoxo


thank you


My dream ,I can speak English very well.
Runni you are the best teacher .I interest meet u


To know english well is one thing from my bucket list that I can`t to check off.


Good attempt..


Hi Ronnie, I’m a fan of your videos because you are so good !!!! Can you make a video about Australia accents and the differences between Australia with American and British ??? I hope you will respond to me soon…. Thanks a lot


Thanks Ronnie it’s interedting.


Thanks Ronnie, I hope I can go to Toronto to see you.


thank you


i have to work hard

Bah Hady Bodie

that is very good help from you

milad Omar

Thanks for this lesson, Ronnie!

Some day I want to go back and visit Toronto again. I have already been there in 2004. This is a marvelous city with very educated and kind people! Happy of you, Ronnie, that lives there. This day, I’ll try to find you for your tour.

Fabio Cicerre

Ronnie, complementing my message:

Happy of you who lives there and who makes, collectively, that city be marvelous.

Fabio Cicerre


“Happy of you” doesn’t make sense in English, or, at least, it isn’t a common expression, than I mean “It’s great for you…”

Fabio Cicerre


Fabio Cicerre

thank you it’s very good job

mahmoud shahen

I think my bucket list will include:
– Traveling across the globe
– Adventure Sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, a long road trip
– Build my own company


Can anyone please suggest me if there is a specific order in which lessons are to be done or is it totally random??


I felt so happy when I find this. Thanks for this lesson, Ronnie! One of the things on my bucket lists is to learn English well in the near future. I am looking foward to checking it off one day.

jack guan

The bucket list is peace in the world.


    You may have to live for a very long time… :/

    engVid Moderator

me encantan tus videos ronnie, u r the best, love ya!!!!!


its interesting I’Would like to re do again.


You are the best Ronnie!!!


Thanks alot.. I wanna ask you a qustion..which way will be better for memorizing new words ..is to get the translation of the word into my native language or to get the meaning of the english word maybe the explanation myabe word with the same meaning maybe word with the opposite meaning ..whatever but rather than getting the translation of the word into my native language (with considration that if i try to get the word english english..some word i will not know its meaning in my native language

ebrahim shrief

Thanks to teacher.


thanks Ronnie..! and on of the 1st things in my backet list is becoming a professional in english language , meet an english person ,visit the world , drive an airbus….etc


    one* and please correct me.. if i made a mistake..! bcs that was my 1st comment in engVid


Hi Ronnie! Thank you so much for your lesson, and one of my favorite dreams in my pocket list is to travel around the world too!


hahahaah)))))It was funny. I like your lessons!


Hi Ronnie! Thank you so much for your lesson

Ammar Alzain

Thank you Ronnie for the lesson. This page is amazing, I’m very happy. :)


You’re very good teacher, Ronnie. Thank you very much. I like you can explain many things in a natural way like when you talked about “threesome”


Hi Ronnie, I’m so glad to know you. Thanks for this lesson¡¡


Thanks Ronnie. Yeah Welcome to Mongolia . …


One of my bucket list is to be an English teacher. This topic is awesome!


Good Idea Thanks Ronnie

Ahmed Abo-Elsoud


younus meo

Thank Ronnie,



larissa de paula de souza inacio

Thanks for very fun and beautiful lesson! You are the one of apple of my eye on this website. :)

My bucket list is:
Have a drive licence
Have a very good English
Travel some different countries.
That’s it as for now.


Thanks ronnie


thank U for a great lesson


Thanks Ronnie


the first thing on my bucket list is having a good job in Toronto to continue my pharmaceutical career.

thanks @Ronnie


thanks so much ronnie it’t really interesting lesson..
I like you :D


My bucket list. Teach english like you. Invite you visit my school. Share your ideas with my colleages


I want to meet you, and hang out with you this is the very first thing in my bucket list.


hello there, the bucket list also is an outstanding stunning movie for Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman. so is your lesson was after or before the movie?)))


Thanks for the lesson Ronnie.
The next thing in my bucket list is travel to Toronto so, maybe we can hangout! :)


Ronnie thanks for amazing lesson!


Even though i
got 70%, but your teaching style is very good.

joan yun

thanks for help


I have 3 things on my bucket list at the moment. The first thing that I want to do is to travel by car in Italy with my favorite one. The second thing is to be perfect in English and I hope you will help me. In the end, I want to find a job that I really will love to do.


Thanks Ronnie! Your lessons are amazing and emotional! Some of them I’ve watched several times:)


I want to have threesome.haha

Yang Yu

Thanks a lot. It was great Ronnie.


Hello everybody! It’s amazing! I’m Jen and it is really my dream to travel over the world just like in engvid test :)
Thank you very much, Ronnie.

Jen Kasprzyk



Great, natural way of teaching


Certainly!! To speak and understan English is in my pocket list..
Thanks..you’re the best.


Tank you Ronnie , I think to speak and understand English is in first place on my bucket list


Thanks roony it was very fantastic class, and my bucket list contain travel , achieve a good english and have a son . thanks for everything take care


Having a nice small house surrounded by a lot of trees and flowers and cycling on a beautiful road are on my bucket list.


its time to make my own “bucket list”


I would like to hang out with Ronnie! I´d like that ronnie come to colombia…She is so cute and I love your lessons ! Kiss for ronnie!


In my bucket list , there’s only one dream, it’s to get nobel prize for my succes in this quiz.ha..ha..


Hi Ronnie, thank you very much for the lesson!


Oh it’s a great idea to visit Toronto , explore toronto with Ronnie oh thats amazing.


hi gays



    engVid Moderator



love u Ronnie… I’ve got 9/10

Jewelry Hanie

Hi Ronnie, welcome you in Kazakhstan, looking on my bucket list, I realized that I missed one, is invite Ronnie to my hometown, have a good day, hope to see you!bye

Dauren Tapal

i like visiting engvid :D :D


i got 10/10 :D


Thanks Ronnie


Thanks a lot Ronnie


Without a doubt this was an extraordinary lesson, lovely! I had heard ”To do list”, but this was fabulous, I went online and searched some good Bucket List ideas, and it was a nice experience. Thank you for this marvelous lesson!


Btw! I visited Toronto the last year, and now I regret about no knowing that meeting us was on your bucket list. I am sorry.


Oh! meeting you guys from Engvid are in my bucket list now! thank you Ronnie!


I want to be an English teacher


like Ronnie


There is a wonderful movie named Bucket List. 30+ Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Thoroughly as Ronnie said. Recommend to watch. Thanks Ronnie


i love this lady! such a good teacher!!


You got 8 correct out of 10.

M kartal

Ronnie,I really wanna get to Toronto.I don’t wanna live in my country?.

kay zin nyein

9/10! Good! Threesome! No! I want Ninesome! What a ridiculous thing. Forgot it!

Jerry Gu

thank you

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