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It is useful for travelling.I will go to Holland next week so I will use this words my conversations.thank you for this lesson.

Hasan Can

    By the way Hasan, is English spoken in Holland?
    What’s the official language there?



      Useful lesson for those who are travelling soon abroad/overseas.

      Learning new words/expressions by talking about the same topic, has helped me a lot to learn vocabulary faster.

      I think it is because of the immediate associations I can make with words related to the same field.

      Could there be another possible reason for this? (By the way, is this question right?).

      Many thanks Adam for sharing this great lesson with us.

      By for now.


        Hi Regino,

        Yes, well-expressed question :)


      official language is no English in Holland.Anyway my trip is for only one week and my cousins are there.generally we will speak Turkish but we will speak English with another people.

      Hasan Can

        Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Hasan.



      Dutch people (citizens of Holland) have their own language which a bit sounds like a mixture of German and English for me. On the other hand, definitely everybody can speak English well in that country, and they kindly speak it, not just can.


        Thanks for the answer to my question BenceBacsi.



        I never been to Holland but I just knew all of there people were too tell.It’s true or not?bencebacsi?


          I’m sorry but I can’t understand your statement.


The lesson was useful but you needed to add more information about the arrival time and the departure time a bit more about the the travel agency or the plane , because people are sometimes can’t get certain information throughout the internet….
Thanks Adam, well done.

Abdel Said

    Yes. I agree with you. The lesson was useful

    Ho Thanh Tuan

    You’re right Abdel,

    however, if I overload a lesson with vocab it gets confusing. I’ll make different versions to address other areas.


      I’ll have to concur with you guys. Useful information about travelling is never too much. Still, I agree with the teacher, because it can get too long and boring if he overloads the lesson.


Especially when you travel you mustn’t forget about the excess baggage because in the airport there is certain luggage allowance so have a good trip and don’t forget to get you baggage at the baggage reclaim…

Abdel Said

I got 9 correct out of 10. “Excursion” was my new word. So I was a little confused. When I traveled to L.A., I used ANA travel pack (itenerary) from travel agency. If I would go there or somewhere, I would like to book hotel myself. Thank you for your useful lesson, Adam :)


    Same here, I chose itinerary too over excursion :(


      meee toooo


    Me too like you and “excursion”is new word for me.Can I say I have dome a excursion for my partner in this vacation.Is correct or not?please help me .thanks a lot.Adam!


Hello teacher!!
I like so much your lessons!!!
In your next trip abroad, come to Brasil, it’s a hot and beautiful place.
I’m sure you will love it.

Thank you very much!


    I’m sure I will too, Fabinho :)


yesssssssss, i get 100 Adam i like your lessons very much, i went to suggest if possible a lesson about Returns, Exchanges and Refunds in the store


    I’ll get on it Amanis. Good idea.


oh I got 10. Thanks Mr Adam I really appreciate your efforts.

Mohamed Saleh

Thank you very much Adam for this useful lesson.
Yes you’re right ,maybe you need some vacations ,why you don’t think booking a flight in Eu ,it will be fun ! :)


    It’s very nice the text you posted on your profile!


      Thank you Edinho! I like books,novels,poems,poetry and all it has to do with writing. Especially what give a feel when you read something ,that is what I’m trying to find.Actually I want to be that writer,because I love transmit emotions .Is really rare to find it in these days … Don’t you think ? :)


        Yes, it’s very rare to find that. You have a good taste for reading. Feel free to write a drop to my e-mail or skype.
        Exchanging messages is a good way to practice English skills.
        See you!


          Thank you Edinho. Yes you’re right ,why not here’s my e-mail address e_manuela2004@yahoo.it.


    Thanks, Emanuela. Actually, I’ve been to Europe a few times. Haven’t made it to Albania though. Maybe next trip ;)


      Awesome!!! :) Tell me when your next trip will be.I will be glad to have you here ^_^. We have amazing places around waiting to be visited .
      P.s Don’t forget to bring me a copy of your novel signed by you , if you had already done it. ;)


        :) will do


Thank you Adam!


thank u sir.


Hello Adam!!
I wanna know whether “book” and “reserve” are different.


    “Booking” in generally use for type of accommodations (hotels, motel,hostel) reservation use often in (restaurants) ……


      And also thank you for your answer Mr.Arshad.


    Hi Pakpao,

    Essentially, no. You can use them interchangeably. Though, commonly you would book a room or a flight. You would reserve a space (at a table in a restaurant, etc.). Reserve means to save, while book means to register. But, again, people will understand either one.


      OK I got it. Thank you very much. You’re always my good teacher.


Book and reserve,they are very close but use differently like book the hotel room,airplane ticket reserve the seats at restaurant ,concert.


Thanks Adam,I like your lessons .They are very useful.I got 10 out of 10.


Could you make a video about using “due” in English writing and speaking? I often see this word when read for my job.


    Will do Kelkh. :)


9/10 because I need a “Boarding pass” not a “travel pass”.
By the way, what about the “schedule” word? This might be between the most common words when the subject is traveling.

Jorge Pedroso

    Hi Jorge,
    Do you mean itinerary? That’s the schedule the travel agent gives you that states your flight times and boarding times, etc.


hello guys
who like speaking in skype for learning more about speaking?
my skype id is aysanaysan10


Hi Adam, your lesson and quiz are useful and interesting for me. I improved my travel vocabulary. Many thanks for your working.


    Adam can you explain the difference between accommodation and accommodations? I didn’t understand.Thanks.


      Hi Nadia,

      accommodations is a place to saty/sleep at, like a hotel.

      accommodation is an act of making adjustments to help someone or make a situation easier. Its used more often as a verb
      E.g.: The new CEO asked all his senior managers to adjust their holiday schedules in order to accommodate the transition of the new staff.

      Does this help?


        Thanks for the answer to my question Adam.


        thanks for the explanation adam :)


Thanks Adam. Your lesson is clear and usful for visitors.


Hoohoo I got 10 out of 10. Thank you Adam for this lesson.


I disliked school with subtitle, we become lazy students!!!


    You can turn it off or ignore it Auggusto :)

    Actually, it does help a lot of people at the beginning of their studies.


Thank u Adam for this lesson.

Tianxue Yi

Hello Adam ! That was awesome I learned the words which are very important for any kind type travel arrangements .
I got 9 out of 10 (
But still I’m confused with boarding pass/ time could you please explain a bit more


    Hi Fariha,

    Once you check in and show your passport at the airport, the agent will give you a piece of paper that says when and where to get on the plane. You need to show this paper at the gate before they will allow you to get on. This is a boarding pass.


alas! i got 9 correct out of 10.


    alas alas :) you’ll get it next time Rasho


Thanks Adam, it’s very useful lessons with great advises for those who are going to travel.


It’s a very good lessons!:)

stephen lee

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks a lot! You are very funny and explain it very easy.


WOW! What a nice video! tks teacher ^^


Thanks, Adam!


Thank Adam for your lesson.


Thanks teacher Adam a lot. The lesson was useful

Ho Thanh Tuan

Thank you.


Wow…. Unbelievable I got 10.
Mr.Adam I want to know what is different between baggage / luggage ?
Is it the same ?
… Thank you for your good lesson ..
Keep posting more useful lesson ^_^


    I also want to asked the same question.Look,this is a sentence I find in google——Carry-on baggage and luggage that is checked in will also be weighed.


    Hi Amanda,

    They can be used interchangeably in most cases. the main difference is that luggage is only used to describe the bags you carry with you when traveling.
    Baggage has other uses, including idiomatic ones. Firstly, it is anything that you carry, whether traveling on not. On the subway, you small backpack is baggage more than luggage. The moving company transports your baggage, which might include luggage. Idiomatically, baggage can mean the emotional scars a person carries with them that affects their everyday life.

    Does this help?


      Adam I understood that baggage is a little thing and a luggage is big…Yes?

      Atash Muhammadi

Thank u Adam. It was an awesome lesson. I like your of way of teaching.


I like your way of teaching.


You got 9 correct out of 10.
Thanx! :)


Hi teacher! Are there a group of expressions in English you think are indispensable when travel for whom have no fluency in English? Which are this expressions? (beyond the classics: please, excuse me, I am sorry)

Caroline Pires Ayala

    No need to be sorry Caroline.

    I will do a lesson soon on what to expect to hear at an airport (customs especially).

    Other than that, you will have to be a little more specific. The main thing is to know how to ask for specific places:
    where is…?
    How can I get to…?
    where can I get…?
    Where can I (hire, rent, book, find out)…?

    Let me know the situations you want help with :)


I got 8 correct . thank you teacher Adam.it’s make me understand more about planing my trip.


I got 10 of 10 very useful lesson tanx Adam


Hi Adam how are you?
I think British people use ”hire” when they talk about short period, for example:
Hire a video tape, car or suit. Also hire somebody to fix, repair or do something and use rent when they talk about long time…. rent a flat, building ……..Etc.
Americans use ”rent” in the two cases short/long period.


    Good point Esmtco. Although you can only hire people, never rent them. They might be insulted if you say that. ;)


Hi Adam

Is it accommodation or accomodation?


    Hi Audry,

    Two m’s: accommodation


This lesson is great,also the website is wonderful,,i always see your videos and i try also to contact with the people to improve my pronunciation,,,what about my writing english????


    Your English writing is very good Miki :)


Thank you Adam. All your lessons are so useful, wonderful, and your voice is beautiful as well :)) Thanks again. Wish you all the best.


    hey, do you know the difference between itinerary and excursions?


      Hi Tthanlann,

      Firstly, thank you :)

      itinerary is the plan while excursion is the activity. The itinerary will be full of the excursions and the times for them.


Thank you.

Moacir Alves

Actually I can’t distinguish the different between itinerary and excursions.


    Hi Ziyoustep,

    Itinerary is the plan while excursion is the activity. The itinerary will be full of the excursions and the times for them.


thanks got 70%.

Abdul Qayum

i got 70%

mbuyi alpha

Very good tips Teacher!!! Thanks a lot!


I think this a very good recomendations


its really useful.actually i am weak to understand the sentence

muhammad usman Ali

thank you Mr. Adam. Welcome to Vietnam


Hi Adam,thanks a lot.you are the best teacher ever.could you plz help me with the following words LITERALLY, BUSTED, REGARDING.


    Hi Fari,

    Literally means something is exactly as the words describe. If I say someone is literally ten feet tall, that means he is ten feet tall, not just really tall.

    Busted means caught 9usually by the police)

    Regarding means about.

    Does this help?


I got 90
It’s so useful, Thanks Adam :D


thanks. could you please tell me how i can download lessons in site?


Thanks Adam!


thanks for that statement

Omar senceel

My English is better. Thanks :)


10/10 very useful vocabulary, thanks Adam


I liked the lesson. Thanks for all

Augusto klein

Thank you!


Once again a great vedio from you Adam.
THANKS A LOT for your efforts..there is one request for you and that is..it would be better if you can put some more vedios on vocabulary regarding TRAVEL..
I am looking forward for that..thank you again..:)


    will get on it Tejalkk


Thanks for share Adam!!


hi adam..ur lessons are clear and helpful..could you please add a lesson about model auxiliary verbs?
bcoz I’m confused to use can,could,will and would.
I’m looking forward for ur lesson.thanks


    I’ll see what I can do Meen.

    In the meantime, type can could will and would in the search box at the top of the page. There are some good lessons here to help you out.


this is lesson very useful for me :)) thank you so much


Hi everybody, this was great lesson with accurate vocabulary, thank you very much Adam and well done!


Today has been my first lesson here, and I like it. So, thanks Adam

Daniel Boom

Wow! I got 100%. That is great. Thank you, Mr.Adam, for this interesting lesson.Please, keep making such useful video lessons. I am looking forward the next one.


I cannot see your video…

somi lee

    Have you tried Youtube, Somi?


Thanks for the lesson! Loved the useful tips :-)


is very importan practice because is very easy make a mistakes

carlos becerra

100% !! I love travel topic!!!
Thanks Adam :D

Chiaoi Chang

Great : I got 100. Thanks a lot for this lesson


hello ,how are you all. so it’s fantastice so i have 8/10 as a result i still out of english level yet but i try thank you for that hand …bye good luck for all.


Adam help me! I don’t know what to do… Every new movie I must watch in first time with subtitles to understand everything(though I learn English during a few years). I’m very tired. Even don’t know what to do. I’m loosing my confidence. Pleeaasse…!!!(I began even write already not bad). But so difficult to understand bla bla bla.


    No, Katrin, it’s all good. Everybody goes through peaks and valleys when they learn a language. It’ll get better again soon.
    Actually, what you are doing with the subtitles is good. Just watch the movie again without subtitles and enjoy them. These things take time.
    Trust me :) you’re doing better than you think.


      Thank you for consolation Adam! I have no backroad.


I got a 100 porcent.


Adam, hi again. There is approuching World Cup 2014 in Brasil, can you make a lesson about Euro Football termins.


    Hi katrin, I think you have to try all of this videoes,
    and you wrote so perfect.
    success – Удачи




    Good idea. :) Though I’m Canadian, so more into hockey, but I’ll look up some terms.


      I have liked hockey when I was a child, but something changed in russian team since then.


        Yes, Russia used to be a powerhouse of hockey. Now the best Russian players are in the NHL ;)


      Alex seems to be a big fan of soccer, he mentions soccer teams and players names in his videos often. so he can do the soccer video and you Adam make us one about hockey… LoL! :D

      Yazeed Alsahafi

Hi Adam,
Please,can you explain the difference between ensure and assure?Which is true in this example?
“It assures/ensures a lucky transfer of happiness.
And I want to refer you one question too:”He will recognize her as soon as he sees her.”
Is this sentence grammatically right?


    Hi Anahit,

    ensure means make sure. assure also means make sure. the difference between these is in the meaning of the word ‘sure’. To ‘ensure’ something happens, you take the necessary precautions to avoid any problems. So ‘ensure’ means more to make safe, to avoid problems. ‘assure’ means to make someone confident that something will happen without problems.
    So, in your example sentence:
    It ensures a lucky transfer of happiness: this means that it blocks anything that might stop the happiness from coming.
    It assures a lucky transfer of happiness: it makes you feel confident that the happiness is coming.

    And, yes, the second sentence you asked about is grammatically correct.


Hi, Thank you so much,
I need someone to contact me in english, something like chat or phone,
my E.mail is: ielts_online@yahoo.com


Nice lesson.

I am newby here.
please don’t hesitate to make a message to me if I have something wrong. :)

Aprido Silalahi

    Welcome Aprido. So far, so good. :)


      hi Mr Adam.
      thank you for your response. :)

      Aprido Silalahi

hi Adam, an “at Barber shop” lesson is truly needed. i hope you make a video about it. many people find some difficulty to tell the Barber how they want their hair like…

Yazeed Alsahafi

    I’ll see what I can do Yazeed. ;)


Thank you Adam Sir! I got 90 out of 100.


Hi again Adam,

I want to ask you one question about the sequence of tenses.
“It was the most interesting concert I have ever attended.”
Is the use of present perfect right? Can’t I use past perfect?And which tense is grammatically right?


    Hi Anahit,

    In this case it would be better to use the past perfect. The reason is that you are speaking about a concert you attended in the past, and it can be assumed that you have attended others since then.

    If you said, “It is the most…I have ever attended.” then the present perfect would be correct.

    Does this help?


Again I can’t believe. I got 10/10 )


Thank you very much for attention and a perfect explanation .You are the best teacher ever


very good words to remember about travelling.


Thank you so much Adam.Now i understand.I have a little bit problems with some(not some a lot) words,what kind of dictionary do you recommend me.when i use dictionary i get confused cannot understand meaning properly.when you explain something i get it.you are a great teacher.


    Hi Fari,

    Try using a thesaurus (it gives synonyms, which might be easier to understand).

    m-w.com has a dictionary and thesaurus


      Thanks Adam.


Thank you very much 10 out of 10:)


Thanks Adam. I want to ask you. What kind of films would help me with my dictionary,would improve the perception. What do you recommend? Заранее спасибо. Thank in advance)


    Hi Alik,

    To be honest, I recommend watching movies you enjoy. If you get bored during a movie, you won’t pay attention anyway.


thanks dear adam.


it is very very useful than you very much adam

Dr.K.Akash Krishnan

hello Mr adam
iam new member in here
thank you very much for your lesson


    Welcome A-widi :)


I did not understand exact different between the worrds “itinerary” and “excursion” ? :( :(


    Hi Haman,

    Itinerary is the plan, and excursions are the activities. So… an itinerary will include all the excursions of the trip.

    Does this help?


      yes it does…I’ve got it exactly ;)

      Thank for your reply :)


ive got 9/10 again. it sounds that i am improving. i can say that learning is depending on the teacher also. hehe..


Hi, Adam, Thank you. It is a useful lesson. I got 100 points.


Thank you for this lesson.I have learned a lot about trraveling.


hi sir,
this is your amazing lesson.
could u tell the difference vaccinate,immunize and inoculate ..
thanks for such beautiful lesson


Hi Adam..I have a question.not on this topic but something else..Which one of the following is correct..
1). I’ll see what I can do?
2). I’ll see what can I do?
Hope you’ll reply..:):)


I got 8 correct out of 10.The lesson made me know more about traveling,thank you teacher.

chutima anest.

Adam, instead of writing ‘accommodation’, you wrote ‘accomodation’, you swallowed ‘m’ letter, but instead of writing ‘inoculation’, you wrote ‘innoculation’, you added extra ‘n’ letter. This really made me laugh, hahaha.
By the way, you’re the best teacher, not only on this site, but the best generally. I enjoy your lessons, and learn a lot from it. You give clear and clear explanations, keep it up. You’re the best! Way to go!


It’s good lesson for me. I can learned more about that lesson. Thanks you Adam.


Nice topic , very helpful for me.

And also can you make a topic about interview general conversation.


I got 9/10.The false was in the first sentence.I chose to book a room,but the quiz put it like a false.Please,explain meaning between verbs to rent and to book.Thanks,in advance.

Roman Porodzynsky

I wish one day have a trip in UK by the train!!!


thank you.


It was really helpful and useful. Everything was clear. Besides the basic vocabulary you explained in detail everything connected with these words. I got 10/10.
So thank you for clear pronounciation and perfect methodology.

Mariam 555

Hello teacher




This lesson help me understand more about travel.
tanks a lot.


thank you.

Abdu Sardor

my firts quiz was good.


Hi Adam, first of all thank you for this lesson.
Despite I got 10, I am not sure I understood well the difference of accommodation and accommodations. For example: The online booking system is providing accommodations, isn’t?
Thank you in advanced.

Li lit

10/10 I’m ready to go …


Ronnie is the best english teacher ever.


thank you dear adam for this useful lesson i got 40% i want to learn what is different between residence and accommodation thanks in advance


thank you how i used this words for writing about my travel


I have a question for you Sir Adam? What’s the different between Visa and Passport? Thanks in advance’s just incase you’ve response my question..


thanks adam!


Thank you.


Hi, Adam! Thanks for your lesson. I have a question. I don,t understand, what the difference between “exchange conversation” and “currency conversation”.
Please, help my.


nice lesson…thanks..10 from 10))


    Wow! You must really be good at learning new words Veronika. You pass the quiz with flying colors.


    Take care see you round.


Thanks a lot Adam.It’s a useful lesson for everyone.I got 80% because I confused between “Itinerary” and “excursion”.Would you mind if I’d like you explain 2 words again by reply my comment.Thank you very much for a kind of you. :)


i surrender to learning anglish :'(


Thanks for all what are you doing for us , I’m lacky to studie with you Adam.

Mohamec Amine

Yes! I’m the best:))) 100%!!!
Thanks Adam!


Thanks Adam ,after I have found your lessons ,I want to study Englısh more ! :) Next month I will be in England, these words are necessery for me ,again thanks.


    Did you have a nice time there in London Koseoglumerve?
    Did you really put into real practice what you learnt on this video-lesson?

    Have a great week! Take care.


thans Adam nice topic


whats the difference between booking and reservation


I learned two new Words by this lesson.


It can help.Thank you so much,Adam:-)


How many days will you stay if visiting visa only,sir Adam?


Omg I got 100, I can’t believe, You’re a great teacher Adam!

Thiago Alexandre

Dear Adam
I Know This Lesson Very Well
Thanks Adam I’ll Return ok

Muad Abdiaziz

Thanks adam..


Adam! great job. Keep it up


Thanks so much bro for helping us .


Thanks for lesson, Adam! It is very useful and easy to understand.

Alexey Murashov

Thank you so much. I got very useful advices.


It’s so pity…that…You were not our teacher at school or at the university ^_^

Elena Savva

I got a perfect score again… i really want to travel abroad someday, maybe if one day it will happen, i would really want to go to japan and experience winter… that would be awesome… thanks for this lesson adam…


Thank you Adam.


Adam i just find out your lessons you are a great teacher, i would like you could make a lesson about giving instrucions to others, for example to pass messages, you will help me a lot in my work at the call center, we are between the 2 parts.


Oh,not good for me.but I’ll practice this lesson again.


Hi Adam,
can ask you one question.
(1) When I came to England, I had an appointment in Home Office, But most question I don’t understand.

Does this question make sense?


good lesson Adam


I got perfect score ,Thx Sir Adam very useful and easy to understand . I will share this lesson to my niece for her school trip this coming December so glad I Found your travel lesson really big help specially first time to fly your lesson is Really always thank
you ,


that’s awesome. thanks a lot


Thanks a lot Adam. 10 out of 10 of in quiz. Very useful for traveling.


Iti’s a very interesting lesson ! Thank you very much !


Thank you Mr. Adam


May I ask you, what’s the difference between words “purchase” and “buy”? Why did you say “purchase currency”?
Thank you!

Elena Sht

Thanks adam I got 9 out of 10


It’s an interesting lesson with genius tutor :)
I got 10 out of 10.

Nashwan Nash

Hi teacher Adam !
this is my first time to join engvid.com and i’m very enjoy this class and I feel it’s very useful lesson. Thank you so much :)

Thana Chen

It’s very useful for traveling! Thank you Adam!


Thank you so much. Mr. Adam

SangHoon OH

Thanks, Adam! I got 10/10


to err is human


I hate the word “itinerary”. Every time I forget how to pronounce it!!!


Thak you Mr Adam ,
Always usefull .
Got 100% again …


Thank you

Heba Abu Mdegem

Hi Adam
I came juste to subscribe on your website and like it.
Thank you to help me improve my English.
I came juste to learn more vocabularies about travelling.
I’ll like to speak English like a native American.
That’s possible? Because I love American expressions.



Hi Adam
I’m from Brazil and here I teach English classes so I just ask you to use some your ideas to make my videos from my students and others people that ask me about things that you teach here in Engvid.com.
Can I ?


Thanks for the lesson , 9 of 10 :D


Hi Adam.. thanks for the lesson.. I can learn new vocabulary again..

Wawan Kurniawan

I went to Jakarta with my friends to make Schengen visas.


Thank you Mr. Adam.




Thanks for all your advantageous lessons Adam. You are a great teacher.


Hi Adam!I am a student from China.Do you use Wechat which is very popular in China?


Hi Adam!it is the first time for me to speak to a foreign friend,and I am so exciting. I hope you can come to China and enjoy the beautiful views in China.


8/10! Good! I just make a mistake with the itinerary and excursion. Before the COVID-19 started, I arranged an excursion for my family to Phuket Island which is the famous island in Thailand. The visa is the first thing need to get before we prepare our travel. Then, we booking the hotel and plane tickets, and exchange some currency in our city bank. Finally, the trip is amazing! Beautiful scenery, wonderful food, nice person we meet, everything is fantastic!

Jerry Gu

Hi,Adam!Like your lesson video! I am wondering how these travelling words are selected to be taught. Do you have any inclusive principles? Based on corpus? Frequency? Like Academic Word List (AWL) Thanks!

Estelle SONG

well done,Mr.Adam
Christmas greetings and best wishes from Kazakhstan
21 Dec2o21:)


9 out of 10


This class was very useful for me. Thank you very much!

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