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What a strange and cruel tale!
I think I’m gonna deepen this topic….
See you soon Ronnie.

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I only wanted to say I’m the first one ! I’m not so interested in this topic. Have a nice time.

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    I think it should be ‘just’,instead of ‘only’

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      Ok, thanks.

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        Not at all bro

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    Yes me 2 I will leave this lesson

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Hello Ronnie interesting story, but l want to add a detail.
The wolf is not the mother of Romulus and Remus, it the animal which raised the children.
See you soon.

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Thanks Ronnie ! Have a good day !

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Hello;Im still insisting about the quality of the videos why its syill unclear

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thanks ronnie It was intresting

Profile photo of Bab Edjdid Bab Edjdid

thanks Ronnie

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Nice day for cupple but alone for me not interested so borring…..

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Thanks for this video.

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anybody wanna improve english speaking skills..owais.khan325

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Yeah, strange and freaky story. The name of this video is absolutely right. I think people don´t know about the history of St Valentine´s day when they´re buying presents. Otherwise….it wouldn´t be so romantic XD
Thanks Ronnie, and happy Valentine´s day to all EngVid teachers and students!!

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Thank you and have a lovely day. ☺👏

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Yes iam go along with u on that
and u know why we are not fond of this topic

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great infomation should we know about this day. thank you ronnie but where you were in this long time ago.

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    she is very nice i love her to much

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why your photo in the panel where we subscribe is overturned ?

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    Hello SKIKDA. How’s every thing going?? I miss our group. I miss our conversations, me, you, Nataanna, and other people who attend in our group. And I also miss our competition.In these days I’ve not been visiting the website. What about you???

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      Recently, the website is not as interesting as before for me. Everything is so NORMAL and USUAL in the web.

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    Maybe you’re the one who is overturned?

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      I didn’t know saying Hi as the first comment is not good ! Now I know why you deleted my Hi .

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Thank you Ronnie:)
As you may know, in Japan, girls give guys chocolates. Why does it have to be chocolates? I don’t get it. Then just a month later march 14, guys give cookies or something back to girls, the day called white day. I wonder other countries have white day. I feel it’s weird custom.

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    Hi! About White Day… We’ve got such one in Russia, but it’s called International Women’s Day and it’s celebrated on march 8. The most popular present of this day is a bouquet of flowers, then chocolates, then jewelry… Weird, tasty and beautiful, isn’t?

    Profile photo of Max Druck Max Druck

      Thank you for the reply and I’m sorry about my too late reply.
      Giving flowers is so romantic! A person who received them must be happy!
      Thank you for the information 😀

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    Hi juneriver, we Armenians like Russians celebrate the International Woman’s Day on March 8; but lucky we to have a month of celebrations, not just a day because it lasts up to April 7. Of course, it doesn’t mean that boys should give presents each day (economics should be economical), but there’re lots of fests, concerts; besides the shops gives discounts and overall, we have spring mood and are very festive. And thank you for informing us about the white day!

    Profile photo of StellaPoghosyan StellaPoghosyan

      Hi Stella! Thank you for informing about your country! And sorry about my too late reply 😥
      Long lasting festive mood is nice! We don’t have such events here. It’s really good to know about your country because we don’t hear about Armenia that often. Thank you so much for telling me!

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Very good explanation, Ronnie (and very funny too, haha)! Here in Brazil, we celebrate our Valentine’s Day in June 12th and in portuguese it is called “Dia dos Namorados”.

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Thank you emma for those wonderful and really helpful lessons you are doing a great job keep doing n keep helping people like me☺☺☺

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hello teacher nice topic
i am waiting your next topic

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goin’ out on a killing spree !!

thanks a bunch, ronnie

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Very interesting ! Thanks!

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Thanks Ronnie

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    hi nkh i feel like you too i think the latest topics are not intresting enough too and to be honest i’ve lost a little exciting to compete too because we’ve lost the leader of that i hope good luck for you my freind.

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what ‘s the relation between your lion costume and the topic of this lesson ronnie ?

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    None :D
    That’s why she wear it, because Valentine’s Day is based on a story that has everything but romance

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Well Ronnie, I like your sense of humor so much! You are so crazy, and this make you very special! I had a good time with this video. Is so cool Lol

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Ronnie, you could be a stand up comedy star. Think about it :-) I’m your first fan.

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You are great Ronny. I find your work very funny.
I like it.

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Perfect lesson! Thank you!

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I`ve had a lot of fun.Thanks.Poore goats.

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Nice to know that not everyone goes crazy about days like Valentine’s Day. I like that attitude. I’ve always found that strange that I have to proof my love to sb. just on February 14-th.

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Dear nice lion Ronnie,
Thank you for this interesting lesson. I hope you celebrated the Valentine’s day. Anyhow I wish you happiness. Kind regards, loveXXX Francis

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Thanks Ronnie! Great lesson. Unfortunately, in Brazil Valentine’s day is not so relevant, but I’m glad to know about the story.

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Hello every one. I want to suggest something. In these days, engvid is not so exiting and interesting. I like to put a topic and make you talk about it. But I don’t know what a topic is more interesting. So if you’re agree, recommend a funny topic. Let’s make here a better place like a few days ago.

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    Hello. Cool ! It also will help us to improve our writing skll .I have a topic in my mind . If you are interested in knowing it please let me know !

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        It’s cool. I agree with this topic.
        So, please let us know, in wich subjects are you skillful? How did you achieve this skill???

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          Are you skillful in your teaching??? Are your students satisfied with your method???

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          I wrote Skill again since I wanted to correct my mistake .

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          Pay attention please I said US . Yes I am. But no one knows everything. I wanted you to talk about your own funny childhood experiences .And also me.

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          Oh that’s right. At first, I didn’t understand at all. Sorry, if I made you upset or even angry. I though you suggested skill as a topic, so I felt it’s better to ask you about your skills and experiences in your teaching. Beg pardon again.

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          I remember ,when I was 8 years old , my mother told me to buy some bread on my way to home. I forgot completely, and I bought some ice creams for my classmates and myself! After getting home ……

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          I can imagine what happened next. 😊
          But my stories are stranger.
          For example when I was just eight, I went to our neighbors house and changed their bills with together!!! But I did it for two times; so no one could realize
          (I)bothered them!!!

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          But now, I’m so quiet. In school and english class, I say and do nothing. In these days I prefer be quiet and calm.

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          How nice ! One day I found a coin in my friend’s father’s store ! I took it and bought some sweets from the same store and had a lot of fun that day ! Imagine ! I’m talking about more than 40 years ago !

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          Hi, everyone! I`ll be back (do you remember “The Terminator” with Arni?). And I`m back at the moment.
          I had nice trip, but it`s over. My husband promised me flowers blossoming on Valentain`s day in Greece. So, I`ve got all flowers of Greece this year.
          The most funny impression about Greece this time: a lot of FAT stray dogs and cats on streets.
          One day we were strolling along the intersection and the police car was going down the street and beeping (I don`t know if I`m correct to write like this). One of the dogs started barking imitating the police`s siren, another one joined the song. The car had gone away, but the dogs continued singing. Everyone were laughing and applauding to the animals.The dogs looked smiling!!!
          So, I unexpectedly attended opera that day!
          See you!

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          Hello Nataanna. It’s me, nkh.453.
          I really miss you. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. I’ve never seen you and I really don’t know who you are, but at least I know you here as a GREAT member.
          I wanted to say to you, after you left the website for a short time, SKIKDA and I left our group too. In these days I’ve not been visiting the website.
          Have a nice trip and please come back soon.☺

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          Hi, again!
          I`m back and I`m on the game….

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          Hi.Nataanna you are a very good writer ! Excellent ! I can imagine all the things that you have tole me. You shared your enjoyment. Thanks a lot.

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          told !

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          Mostly the people who are active in childhood , become calm and quiet when they grow up . But it’s not correct about me . I’m as active as before .

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hello, Ronnie!
I’m from Brazil!
I love you!

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i laughed a lot with this video. Thanks :)

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im sorry that myself is very hard

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Hello, dear teacher! I was glad to see you! Why you don’t like the band Linkin Park? Just curious, nothing personal ;)

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Hi all value,
I’m looking for partner to practice English.
if anyone wanna join, mail me chhanseng20@gmail.com
thanks u xD

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    I am ready to study

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I think I’m going to follow one of your advice. I’m goint to kill….a goat because I’m starving. Cheers!

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Thanks Ronnie !

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Thank you.

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thanks for this video it’s very exciting

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i didn’t like this topic.. im not intersting in this sh***..

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Am I the only one that hear two hundred and seven not 270?

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nice topic

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In Brazil, the Valentine’s day is
celebrated in July 12 and, ” o dia dos namorados”.
I don’t like this lesson, It did not have good informations.

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So interesting the history about valentines day!!

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thank you

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Oh Ronny…. I m your huge fan lols. I have started watching this channel since i first watched your video. I need help from Engvid team to please help us in Linguistics and phonetics (IPA) there are many topics to talk about. I can provide you many topics it will be very useful for Foreign learners to be good in accent and pronunciation by phonetics and by linguistics will know the actual purposes of language and its variation.

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hello ronnie! you are my favourite teacher. i have one doubt,that is “has been finished” which type of tense is it ? after been comes verb+ing should come why they using ed in the ending???

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cool video,thanks as always

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What an interesting history! :0 You’re the best Ronnie ;) Thanks for share this information!

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I really have fun watching you Ronnie

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Great Lesson

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Ronnie, before I liked to study English at all except you, but now the situation has cardinally changed, and I want to learn English just under your leadership;) Thanks!

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wow!! that’s interesting

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Remus and Romulus are the people who founded The Roman Empire in İtaly. This is the myth of Roman Empire.
I knew this legend but I did not know Ronnie’s story.
My favorite teacher thanks.

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Valentine’s Day is celebrating the death of Valentino omg what a cruel ><

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Hello, dear teacher! I was glad to see you! Why you don’t like the band Linkin Park? Just curious, nothing personal ;)

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My name’s Nicole, I’m from Greece.
I need someone for practice.
I’m beginner 34 years old.

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By the way Ronny you are my favourite teacher!

Profile photo of fraugreekgirl fraugreekgirl

It was great, thank you Ronnie!!

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You’re sooo funny! One of the best teachers! Thank you!

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My comment is the 100th!!!

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I am ready to study English hardly .please I need partner ..any help

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Roniehelo.Thank youfor a very interesting story about St. Valentine’s Day.It was wponderful I got 9 of 9!

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great, great lesson I love it!

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Ronnie you so funny! This lion custome is hilarious.

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thank you

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Hi Ronnie
Thanks it was perfect.As it happiness today is Feb 14 that I learned it
Happy valentine day

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