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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks for wonderful lesson Ronnie!
PS my favorite colours are mint and peach.

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You gave us a very bright lesson, my sincere thanks.
P.S.: what do you think about white and black, aren’t they colors with some kind of special dignity?

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It’s always helpful to review the lessons of beginners.
Thank you Ronnie.

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This video is really useful and funny.

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Funny, for us Magenta is a primary colour (instead of red) And in the Pantone scale is more for a Pink…

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Very good.
Thank you

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I love you style wonderful ^_^

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Thank you very much Ronnie!!
Talking about colours, what do you think it´s the colour of EngVid.com webpage???

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    We’d call this color cyan. It’s mostly blue with some green in it.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

violet and purple is the same?

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i got 6 ^_^

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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Ronnie, thank you so much for this very useful lesson! Can you make a lesson about human body and the differences between arm\hand, feet\leg? Pleeeeease! :)

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Many thanks for this lesson.

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This is my first time here. (Is it correct ?! :-))
Thanks Ronnie!!

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My favourite colour (color?!) is purple!

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Hi! Thank you for colors lesson.
I love blue and Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

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Thank you for the great and helpful lesson.I love all your lesson. I’ve got 10/10.I’m very happy because you help me how to remember 7 colors of the rainbow easily.Thank you!

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thanks useful

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you make me feel conconfident again !thanks a lot !

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Thank you

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Thanks a lot, Lesson is very fun

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thanks Ronnie , u are amazing
what is the difference between this and that in questions ? eg I do not like this I do not like that … are they same or not .. thanks

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oooh Iam happy I love green colure

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Thanks, easy lessons are also helpful, nice to watch and listen.

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Thank you Ronnie =) It was funny =))

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Hi Ronnie! Nice video, thanks!!

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I’ve worked in graphics and basic colors to form the other were: Black, magenta, yellow and cyan.

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I thought mix blue and red to get brown

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    No, it makes purple! Try it yourself.

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You are an amazing teacher! Oh my God. I enjoy the lesson. ^_^
My English is bad maybe I can’t tell myself right. I hope you understand me ^_^

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Thanks a lot:)

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THank you very much Ronnie , it is vey usefulvideo , i have a request which is about pronounciation of CH with the vowels

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Basic English Lesson is really useful. I like this lesson. My favourite colour is violet and I like rainbow. Thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks very much

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Ronnie, My favorite colour is the colour of your eyes. :)

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when I was young I loved green then I changed and now I love blue. Bye Bye.

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Thanks, a lot of Ronnie.

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nice lesson for beginner like me

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Great lesson, Ronnie! Thank you so much. My favourite colour is red. Bye!

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Thank you Ronnie.

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great lesson, my favorite color is blue.

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thank you teacher….. amazing!!!!

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my lovely teacher miss ronnie with your skill and expraetion face to get the point good bleesd you. sorry about my spelllllll its my problem,

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how i can write the words with out mstaike

Profile photo of tawfiq70 tawfiq70

Thanks , I liked this lesson, it was fun.

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Thanks Ronnie
My favorite color is Brown

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Great video. Thanks.

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Thank you.

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Thanks you Ronnie!

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think you

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Thanks Ronnie.Your lessons are always

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Thanks Ronnie. I love mint green and indigo a lot.

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thank ^_^

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Hi there! My favourite colour is blue, but I also appreciate the shades of white.
I think I can say “off-white”

By the way…thanks Ronnie

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Thanks for wonderful lesson Ronnie
Many Thanks!!!!

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Thanks you Ronnie!

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Nice Teaching thanks….

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My favourite color is yellow.

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    mee too

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    yellow its nice Psychologists says that people who like this color are people Has a leading personality and determination and a very stubborn person .does not show feelings and tends to be isolated.. lol

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Thanks lady Ronnie

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Hi! I’m really sorry, but I can’t see any video on this website!!

Once I click PLAY, a sign come out, saying “This video contains content from LearnVid. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube”


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From Guatemala , thanks Ronnie!

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thank you
and my favorite color is mix black and red

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Thank you, Ronnie. When I was a kid, I once mixed violet and yellow and got brown) In Russia we have a rainbow poem – every hunter wonna know where sits pheasant)) (every – каждый – красный – red, hunter – охотник – оранжевый – orange, wonna – желает – желтый – yellow, know – знать – зеленый – green, where – где – голубой – blue, sits – сидит – синий – dark blue, pheasant – фазан – фиолетовый – violet.)

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    This is very cool to know!

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thank u my teacher

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Nice lesson, thanks Ronnie

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Congratulations and thank you.☺

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Thanks Ms. Ronnie, but purple is not same of violet. Thanks again. Very nice lessom

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Thank you so much

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Thank a lot, Ronnie. I always follow your class.

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Thank u Ronnie

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Awesome lesson Ronnie

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Hello Ronnie, my favourite colour is green.
The lesson is fun and instructive.
Thank you.

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it was very good lesson for me Ronnie thank you so much!!!

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i hope your videos really help me ,i know very words in English and my listening is great, but i’m very bad at production (speaking and writing)i really want practice to improve my English ,because i’m a English teaching student in 4th semester but i can’t speak good and it makes me sad and worry about the future!thanks a lot :)

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I got 1O correct :) 100% thank you :)

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I think you best teacher

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I got 9 correct, Thank you Ronnie.

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yeeeee 10/10 :) thank you Ronnie

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thank you ronnie, for you lesson

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thank you

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Thank you very much! It was wonderful lesson)))

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Thanks Ronnie

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Hey, Ronnie make a new class?

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thank you ronnie

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Hello , My name is Mohammed I’m a paralegal from Egypt Intend to practice English if any one interested please be in touch with me on whatsapp 01000456132

Profile photo of Saber11 Saber11

thanks so much :)

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Gray is my favorite color.

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Thank you

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thank you

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Hi Ronnie,

It’s a clear lesson. I like your mnemonic word “ROYGBIV”. Now I know the color and the order of the seven colors of the rainbow.


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My first day learn

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for the last few weeks i listen to your video lessons they are really helpful, and i appreciated. thank you Ronnie.

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Super lesson is this teached

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tks, i learn colors.. excellent teacher..

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i really love your lessons, you’re so active and funny. i always enjoy learning from you. thank you!

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Thanks Ronnie!

This is the way we learn about colors in the school. Very interesting. The process of color combinations is subtractive in ink mixture. Ink reflects colors, do not emits. Therefore, every color of ink that is added, is reflect less other color, until no color is reflected. This is why the mixture of these primary colors results in dark brown — almost black.

The computer monitor uses different primary colors: red, green and blue. The process of composition of colors in monitors is different, is additive, because the monitor emits light, do not reflects. In this case, the resulting secondary colors, mixing equal quantities of primary colors are: green + blue = cyan (EngVid background); red + blue = magenta; red + green = yellow.

The printers make the inverse of the monitor, because they use inks, which reflects colors — again the subtractive method. A common ink jet printer uses magenta, cyan and yellow to form the secondary colors red, green and blue. Magenta substracts green; cyan substracts red; yellow substracts blue. Therefore, magenta + cyan gives blue, because the corresponding inks substract green and red and reflect blue, that we see. When the three primary colors are combined, the result is a dark brown, not a perfect black. This is why these printers have a black ink also.

Excuse me for the lenght of this text, I really enjoyed this topic when I learned, then I thought interesting to share it.

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Yeeeeees!!!! Thank’s, perfect lesson!

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Thank’s Ronnie. You are the best!

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Thank you, Ronnie.

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thank you, Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie its very easy learn English with you

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Thanks, You are so cool! You help me alot.

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Amazing!!! I love the way you explain

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Love your way to learn us..
Thanks alot ronnie

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my favorite colours are balck and green , and I have a question we write it color or colour??

Profile photo of asrar88 asrar88

    Color and colour are different spellings of the same word. Color is the preferred spelling in American English, and colour is preferred in all other main varieties of English

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thank you Ronnie so much very easy to learn, my favorite color is blue:).

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Ronnie you are good because I am so happy to learn English abort color !it is fun!

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thank you i love ROYGBIV. RAINBOW we are don’t have in my country rainbow.

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I miss one of the quiz, but I know how to mix primary colors to get secondary, I’m a student arts and I like to use the most royalty color of this world, purple.

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Thanks Roonie¡¡ I like this lesson because your explanations are very clear and your tips are very useful….I like your smile and your sence of humor…nice day¡¡

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Hello Ronnie, thank you ! This is my first lessons in ENGVID and I will hope improve my english.

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thank you Ronnie

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thank you :D

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Thank you so much.

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thank you teacher ronnie. I understand what you teach us, that is why i choose your video..MORE VIDEO’S TO PLAY!!!!:))

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Thank you for good lesson!What is the difference between indigo and violet? not absolutely clear for me.

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my favorite color is Orang, i like it!

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thanks ^^

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Amazing!! ;-)

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I got all correct 10

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thank you, Ronnie….fantastic <3

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i got 8 correct out of 10.i love it’s thank you teacher

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thank’s ;)

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Thanks Ronnie,Indigo is my favorite colour :)

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thanks alot :)

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Hi! My favourite color is green.
I have 9/10.
Thank you teacher.

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10/10 thank you Ronnie

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I got 90 :D
Not bad..
I love painting anyway

Thank you rownnie..

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Thanks Ronnie! :)
You are amazing!
My favorite colour is green)

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You are great! My favorite color is blue. Like sky! Kisses.

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you are the best thank you

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Miss ronnie. Actualy in my country we always wrote colour. that is different

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Thank you Ronnie.

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No way! I have 7/10.:-((

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thanks you

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Your classes make very difference to me, Mrs. Ronnie. Thank you so much!

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Hi Ronnie
I think we have some more colour which are mixed of secondary colours such as magenta,beige…
can we consider gold and silver as a colour?

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Ronnie, I love you!!!

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You are the best teacher of the world!

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Ronnie you are great

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Thank you, Ronnie, I allways have fun with your lessons.

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my favorite color is red

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thanks for the video. I’m learning a lot.

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Love you Ronnie ❤❤❤❤

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Ronnie, thank you very much! You are very cool girl!

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Thanks RONNIE,I got 09 over 10

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thanks teacher

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You got 7 correct out of 10.

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I like all teachers
I got some of lessons and printed them and take in my bag and read in train until getting to work

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Hi Ronnie,
ı have question
black and white are primary colours or secondary colours

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I love your classes, Ronnie. Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, you’ve made my day

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yay! I like you so much cause I got ten out of ten
but first you told that if you mix these primary colors you did get brown and when you told that if we mix red and blue you did get purple I didn’t understand that part

please reply to this comment

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