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hi,thanks for your all help.best wishes for you.god bless you.

noureen khurshedi


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      Useful tips on how to use “listent to” and “hear” appropriately.

      All the best

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        Oh Gosh!!! Making mistakes as usual!

        Spelling also counts, isn’t it?

        Useful tips on how to use “listeN to” and “hear”. . .

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          . . . spelling also counts, doesn’t it? . . .

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    I want to improve my Listening and speaking in English so I think that we can make group and speak with us in English so how with me ?

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    iam gonna listen to this lesson

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    I don´t think you always need “to”+listen. Not if you are using listen as a call or request
    Like in beynce´s song listen. It starts with “Listen, I am alone at a crossroads

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Hi, I´m from México, and I just want to say thank you so much for all the clases, all of you are great!!!!!
You make me feel very happy cause I can understand everything.

Alicia G.

Hello, thank you very much ….your lessons are cool
How we use “listen” and “hear” in past and future ?
take care

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    In the future tense, you can say “I will listen/hear” or “I am going to listen/hear”. In the simple past: “I listened”, or “I heard”. (pronounced like “herd” – the “a” is silent).

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      Hı Ronnie,
      I would like to speak very vell,I hope you will help me,I love you


I like to listen to my teacher and I like her acting during the lesson, and she is very intelegent teacher.


Thanks for your lesson :-)

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I always enjoy your interesting and useful classes
Thanks Teacher again

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Thank you for this interesting lesson. :)


Hi all,

I am listening to you all the time.

it is really interesting lecture.

Good luck,

See you ^_^




Thanks very much, it’s a good lesson.
Have a nice day!


Those videos are interesting ,me used the word mixing when speaking and i am trying to learn a lot because all days used english thanks for teaching lesson free


ever since i started to learn english i studied with only ugly teachers till today,i’ll never forget what i’m learning at the present… c u in the other videos.

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Hello, you are one of my favourite teachers. I am from Brazil and I am writing just to thank you for the great lessons. I am learning so much
I would like to do (Or make or…I have a question about it) a suggestion: Please, upload lessons on possessive case, it would help me and so many people.

Thanks for every lesson. May God bless you!
Your sincerely,

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    Thanks Valldecy,
    You can say “I would make a suggestion”, or “I have a request”, or “Could you please make a video about…”
    I’m so sorry but I don’t understand what you video you want… I don’t know what you mean by “possessive case”. Could you please give me an example so that I can help you?

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      he wanted to tell you i think possesive pronouns like mine,my,yours,ours,their,hers,his.

      kare payano

      mam, i thing he wanted to say,”could you please make a video about case”
      anyway, I’m from Bangladesh and I am also want to learnt English from you.as beginnerwould you please help me to learn very well English,I’ll be greatful to you if you suggest me methodically .

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Thank you!


i will be taking my ielts..and this site is of great help.
thank you


Hello! I love your lessons! I know the difference between listen and hear. Thank you^^

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Good lesson, thank you.
Have a great day!


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i wuold like all the lessons and i wish to emprove my English langueg and i thank all the share this web thk u.

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There is a spelling mistake with “concentrating”.

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Hi,Im Naeem Khan from Pakistan and i’m really happy for this site.tnx

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Thank you for the lesson. It helps! Goodluck!

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thats great !!!

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Thank you!!!

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Dear instructor
I was listen to you and I was very happy knowing the differnce between listen and hear.
thanks keep on

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Thank you a lot!!!
I was listening to you my teacher. We must listen and not hear to understand our teachers.


I love your voice.

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Thanks for your presentation…It’s nice..and i’m understand…

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it is a very nice and simple lesson but very important as it shows who can talk English professional ( he knows that difference for sure) .,
thanks a lot .


I like it coz theirs a test after


i must be listen about your lesson because i hearing your voice…. :)
thank a lot teacher…..

thu won

thanke you
It is useful lesson.
thanks alot


hi there you all are great

kevin mcleod

I am waiting for your following video.
I am waiting it impatiently.
Please, please, please……
I love your voice.

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thak you so much
you are great teacher

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i am always listening your teach with 100% attention. Thanks a lot.

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thank you for your lesson

Khem Raj (India)

Thank you very much!
I’m from Russia.
You are great teacher!

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Thank You!!!!!!!

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thank you, you make me listen to you Automatically

Sameh Abdel Hakeem

Listen and hear, are both important so I learned a lot.

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I’m from Brasil. His classes are wonderful. I have learned a lot. Thank you and God be with you.


Thanks Ronnie, your class about listen and hear was so good, and the others ones are good too. =)


Thanks Ronnie , l love you alot . I’m new studnt learn english I hope help me


Hi! Im from Russia. Thanks a lot! it`s a very usefull lesson.


very great work u r doing
good way of teaching waoooo
i like most
i pry to my allah to bestow u a great virtue for that

salman mayar

all thanks are sent to all teachers in this unique and awesome website. i do really understand English better and better.

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hi! I’m very thankful I found this website of yours. Thank you for all the information… Those grammar, pronounciation and confusing words. My english are becoming better now. You’re great! keep it up!

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thank you..i have learned alot from your lessons…!!!


thank you so much teacher for that lesson
and I wait more of them


I like your lesson so much

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Good lesson! It made me clear.Thank you
Dildar khan

Dildar khan

Thank you!!! You are very good teacher and your lessons are very interesting…I can understand everything…:)


Learn english by you, is very fanny, and course instructive. Thanks!

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Salam and thanks for your vedios i am waiating for another vedios.

Ali Madad

I’m vary lucky that I’ve found this page. is very very good.
THANKs for all team.


I don’t know how to thank you because you are a very good teacher when I joined you my english is better now after watching your lesson I teached alot.

Kashif ahmed

you are the best teacher for us..
Thanks you kindly.

san ei

Thanks a lot for your effort. I enjoy this kind of learning


thank you kindly

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I think I should watch your lessons to improve my English


I am from Polish. This is a country in central Europe. Many thanks for the lesson. I would like to have such a teacher like you :-).
Regards Andrew


the clip is very useful
i hope to be friend and chat with U
U’re very funny, i think


Teacher, excuse me.
The word correct is concentrating, not concretating.
Thanks, your lessons are very important for me.


it,s great. but sometime it’s so hard to understand all what you said

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Hi to all teachers
It is my pleasure to listen your wisdom. I am from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. I was wondering if we could get together sometime in this year in order to listen your valuable lectures of English.

I am looking forward to hearing from

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Hi, thank you very much for you interesting lessons, i really enjoy your different way in teaching english, i like English because of you.

ahmed saleh

thank you,,, i just now start to learn english


Was great this lesson, congratulations teacher I’m gratefull


Hi Ronnie,how are you?My name is Cornelia,I’m from Romania.You are very,very swit and very,very good teacher.You are amaizing!Sorry,my english is verry bed,but I study very hard evry day,because next month I gonna go to London.Congratulation!


I love the way you explain things . thanks a lot, this site is very help full for learning English .


I found your website through youtube.com, it is very helpful and Ronnie you are a really good teacher. The information you are providing about the english words and grammer that is so helpful. I apriciate it. Thanks

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thank you for your lesson but it’s dificult for me to hear you. i can’t hear you clearly. Can you help me. I’m a Vietnammese, but i really want to improve my English. Thanks.

Thuy Duong

hi all of teachers.you all of is realy good.i love you alls.but miss sara steve i dont know his name.but she is my best teacher…..and she is best all in the world….thanks and bye

Kamran Khan

I have a question. When we talk on the phone, the other person can ask like this: ” Can you hear me (what I am saying)?” I think we concentrate on talking on the phone. Then why do we say like that?

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Your comment is awaiting approval.—> what does this mean? what do I need to do? It is bothering me!

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    We check the comments before they appear on the site, so that people cannot leave spam or garbage comments. This simply means that your comment has not been checked yet. Once it is checked, it will appear on the site and everyone will be able to see it.

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thank you teacher ,
i need that another question alot


Thank you :)

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it is exciting

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Thank you so much. I love your teaching style.




I like u
please more quation




Thank you for this interesting lesson.

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im your fan number one!!!

Thank your for lessons


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thank u so mch! now it will gonna help me to speaking english :)


Thank you ………


dear Ronnie

you are writting on the black board concretrating do you mean concetrating ?

thank you


    Yes! Thank you! I made a mistake!

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    She means “concentrating” That means “focus”.

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Thank you a lot for you lessons. I’m very happy with this site. I’ll watch all the videos…

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Hello, dear teacher. I like to your teaching methods. I’m going to watch your all videos. Goodluck

Soko e

mam u were saying pronounciation but it is pronunciation kindly clarify

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tnx for the lesson..it is very helpful..

pearl jam



great, i like it, thanks for your lesson


hi you are great,and im of brazil.thank you for this lesson,and now,i know the difference,have a nice day.

jorge dos santos

Hi Ronnie.i’m from pakistan.you are doing great job keep it up thnx.plz can u explain me.hw to use words keep & put.plz i will wait

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    Keep means to remain. Eg.. I will keep this apple for 3 days. (The apple will remain for 3 days).
    Put means to place or position something somewhere. Eg.. I put the apple on the table. (I placed/positioned the apple on the table).

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    Put or keep … whats major difference??

    What if I write ” We should keep a complain box in all police station”

    Or should I write ” We should put a complain box in all police station”


      Keep means to have something already there and not remove it.
      Put means it was not there before and it is a new thing!

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        thakn you so much i get it,now when ever i get confuse in english,i WIll ask for a help to u,will u help me always na?

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thank you so much.

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thank you so much.i am not expecting that u will reply me.well thnx


    sorry i mean i was not expecting

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I always listen when Ms. Ronnie teach.


can you explain us,what’s the difrence between look and see.thanx


    I have already done a lesson on that topic! Search Engvid and you will find it!

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HELLO! I’comefrom Thailand.I am interesting with you because your viodeo is good.


i am pretty much interested abut your lessons


Thanks for your lesson, very clear y simple.
I learn more with your videos what in my ESL and I see my mistakes.

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very gooooooooooooooooooooood


Thanks for your helps, by the time very kind of you

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i don´t understand when i need used was and did..


    Was is the past of the verb “to be”. Did is the past of “do”.

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thanks.I wish that your are replace with my teacher.

Shayma EL,

you are best teacher ever Ronnie!!!!

Shayma EL.

i want to thank you about all your efforts in order to help us to improve our skills in the english language thank you very much


your lesson is very easy and i like your way of teaching…that is very help full…i learned many things from your lessons…thanks Miss Ronnie

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hello ms Ronnie
thanks for you good lecture
good luck *_*

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Hello Ms Ronnie.

Thank you very much for the lesson. It is very useful to me. (On white board is the word
“concretrating or concentrating?)Anyway you have good time.

Paul Gihugu


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hi , i m from india. i like the way of ur teaching.. thank u very much.. i love ur lessons

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teacher,it’s not to say but it must be said that u wrote wrong spelling of CONCENTRATION on board, i hope u won’t mind


    I ALSO noted it dear,but dear mistakes made by a persons,even by a scholars,so its ok


Thank you,I am learning a lot with these classes.


I like it thanks


I love these lesons..inrestng & useful
tanx teacher


Hi Ronnie,Hope u are Ok.Your lesson is ver interesting and helpful to me.Thanks a lot.


Tks for your help, i enjoyed your class a lot!

Daniel San

It was wanderful lesson. I love EngVid site so much because of two reason: the first one it is free and the second one makes you understand easily… Thanks


thank you Ronnie, I really enjoy your lesson and I understand %100 best teacher your.

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Hi Ronnie,thanks 4 the effort u make to teaching us. alway listen to yuor heart babe.


HEY RONNNIE,hye,,need ur some help,which sentence is More preferable,I am hearing to you,Or,I am listening to you


    I am listening to you

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      but whenever,usually we taLK ON PHONE,if we cant hear the other person,they usually ask r u hearing me,even if we r concentrating on what they are saying,then y they prefer to use,r u hearing me?

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        All the time it happens…

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        Well,actually when we talk on phone,we’re sending sounds,so the talker says:”are u hearing me??” means are you receiving my sounds? and when the talker says :” are you listening to me?” here the focus is on the inforamtion and the speech he is giving to you.
        Bievely,as Ms Ronnie said,listening has to do with concentration,and hearing has to do with sounds regardless its meanings.
        i hope that my sharing was clear and helpful!!


Thanks you very much

Muhammad saad ali

Hi, I have one question and that is Are you hearing to me ? Is this sentence is Correct?


    No, There isn’t the preposition when you use the verb Hear… Only the verb listen to!

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This lession, I like it very much


I was just hearing it!
I’m kidding… Thanks for Helping me!

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Good lesson, thank you


Thanks a lot.Now I learned. Lily from Brazil


cud u plz tel me how do we pronounce dese words
‘cotyledon’nd ‘opinionated’


    ‘cotyledon’nd =????????? I have no idea what you mean – this is not an English word.
    opinionated = O-pin-yin-a-tid

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      The meaning of ‘cotyledon’ is leaf.I look it up in the dictionary .By the way, you can find the word in science book..

      Its pronounce is koti-li-den.

      I hope i can help you~

      Profile photo of fong fong

Thanks Ronnie. Lily from Brazil


Thanks Ronnie…
You are the best English instructor to me & your style very exciting…
Nesma from Egypt.


Hi Ronnie,
i have understand the difference between listen & hear. thanks.
South Sudan


Hi! Ronnie,
Very interesting lesson i’ve learned a lot on this site and i begin to improve my english even for a couple of days. I enjoyed listening to your video lessons it is very useful and help me a lot beacause I’m not good in grammar I can undersntand english but it feels me so hard to speak when someone is talking with me.

Thank you so much…


Hi! Thanks for the explanation it will help me to write an essay about these two verbs.


Hi! Thanks for the explanation I was really listening this video.


hi Ronnie!! We always have fun with engvid classes. The best teachers that you tube has ever had!!


hi i come her first time. i lkied here. but i want speak english very vell.pls help to me. if i listening here can i learning english?

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    Yes, you can learn English! Good Luck!

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      thank pls help to me how i use here?and i learning english

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I like your lessons,they are nice and usefull for us.Thanks


I am learning english so I want say and talk with english teacher, but in my school everyone is vietnames so it is dificult to learn, but I like it


Hello my bessssssst teacher Ronnie!! First i hope you’re doing well.I just want to tell you that all your videos are so important for me due to the great explanations you give,and for this reason i listen to all of them carefuly,there is no chance for the verb”hear” while watching your interesting videos lol,so i listen to your videos and i don’t just hear them.
Thank you so much(by the way please keep to be cheerful and smily all time because you look very nice my best teacher!)


Hi Ronnie!
Thank you for the lesson.
I have a one question. What about poetry? Do we listen to the poetry or do we hear the poetry? I remember that once I faced with the phrase “I heard the poetry”. Is it an exception? Or we just don’t pay much attention to the poetry? :)
Is there any other exception?


    No we listen to poetry.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Thank you for your response!


Hi Ronnie, your videos are excellent, I have a little trouble with verbs wich need “to” to work, Could you do a video about that? It would be very useful for me. Thank you

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Very Nice and useful lectures.
Are you know Ronnie, You are great

Muhammad Nasir

hi Ronnie iam from kurdstan..i like u r lessons..iam student in english department


Thank you so much

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what is the past form of learn?? Its learnt or learned??? I always use learnt…. but above my mates are using learned as past form…. That’s why I’m confused now…. :S O R WE CAN USE BOTH AS PAST OF LEARN???

Profile photo of romie romie

    In British English (and Canadian) we use learnt.
    In American English, they use learned!

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Thanks alot for the lessons.iam really enjoyed with it. Please if you can give us lesson for speaking in IELTS exam.iam so worry about it. Please tell us how to pass these exam in easily way


    Sorry I do not know about the IELTS test.

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thank you some much Ronnie relay was good lesson thanks again

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thankyou :)


Thank you for your lesson ,, :)

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Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of ibramsedky ibramsedky

You are great teacher

Profile photo of qasem55 qasem55

Thank you Ronny and you are the best


Hi… which one is correct sentence? Im listening you. or Im listening to you . … ?

Profile photo of romie romie

    I’m listening to you.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I like very much your class, thank you.
It’s easy to understand.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie..you all doing a very useful job


this was awesome ….exactly what I needed. tanks ronnie :)


how are you?
and i am very thankful of you because you have my changed life in english.
and i always appreciate of you
thanks vey very very much
God bless you.



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hi! i like this web site :)…but i need more practice with english speakers…maybe you”ll recommend me something

Profile photo of taras87 taras87

This classes helped me a lot…Thank you!!!!


Hı Ronnie,
I wish to understand English,I hope you will help,already thanks
I will follow up you,today I learn your page,it was suprise for me


Is it true when i say

I’m hearing you ??


    It is “true”, but slang!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks u are wonderful


mam i got 4 out of 4 thanks….. so am moving to next level intermediate


TANK YOU for your tieme


thanks alot for this listen, i enjoyed alot

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hi ronnie…i really don’t know when/how to use “understood and understand” please help me, ronnie!!!thanks!!!!

Profile photo of maeangelyn maeangelyn

thank you


i scored full mark.iam listening your class every day.is this sentence is correct?


This video is so good.so cool


This video is so good.so good


hi I am fr. Philippines thank you eV esp to Ms. ronnie. I love watching her and listen to her lesson. I have learned so many things thank you!


Hey Ronnie! :)
How is you going?
I’m from Brazil, and I’d make a request, eh! could you, please, upload more lessions about canadian words and so?

because I looooove Canada, is the land of my favourite band, Simple Plan!

please, send us more canadian things :D


Hello Ronnie!
Can you help me clear about “start” & ” begin “?
Thank you so much for your helping!

Profile photo of minhthien minhthien

    Look the words up in a dictionary.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie

I really love your body language. You making me laugh. You are the best one that I’ve ever seen.

Profile photo of tamer21021964 tamer21021964

hello ronie you’re my best teacher i like you so much and i want you tell me what’s the difference between maybe and perhaps ?

Profile photo of hindoucha hindoucha

I want to ask you that what is the difference between Reach and Arrive?


Hi ronnie,my favorite teacher.
When i listen to you teaching,i feel good.even if i hear my children speaking next to me.
From jacmel,haiti. Thanks…

salomon pierre

hi miss ronnie i like you teaching method and i love you i hope to get alot of things from you take care :)


hi miss ronie this is manisha your new student ,there was many teacher but i liked you you are lookoing so friendly miss and can i learn english when i am listening to these videos umm? i love you plz reply me i am waitinf for you my cut teacher :*


Thanks a lot! …I’m listening to you, but I don’t hear you!


thank you Ronnie …..for helping us …
Ilove you


Thanks a bundle.

Profile photo of geop147 geop147

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for the lesson , It’s help me a lot with my Pronunciation. I am sure you are a big help with a lot students and many people from another country with no English Speaking like me.

Many Thanks.


Thank you so much


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks a lot for your interesting lessons. Could you explain the difference between “to convince” and “to persuade” if there is any.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



thanks a lot:)

mystica tolibas

thanks a lot from Turkey, Ronnie :)


Hi Ronnie, I enjoy a lot your lesson and this web site, perhaps, I am studing in a good English college, but is my perfect complement..

Juan Garcia de la Hoz

Juan Garcia de la Hoz

Thank you for your help Ronnie.
You are wonderful !

Profile photo of oumryad oumryad

I’m afraid you spelt the word “concentrating”
wrongly. I’m not a faultfinder and spelling corrector though.

Yuki Tanda

ronnie help me please give an explain can write will not as won’t why not as willn’t explain me


    Willn’t is not a word!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

    I think that he wanted to say: Will not. But will not can be the same as won’t. I don’t know another contraction to will, beyond won’t.

    Profile photo of Louis Louis

Thank for this lesson.


Your Lessons are so great Ronnie.

Profile photo of bargozide bargozide

Thanks Ronnie for your lessons. they are my best helpers. this lessons really attractive with your tech method. take care!!! thanks.


Thank you Ronnie , i was listening to ur lesson
I like ur way of teaching


Hie Ronnie
Hats off to you.
you are unique in pedagogy. teaching methodology as such EXCELLENT.particularly body language and the kind of intermittent sound you produce to suit the situation.It’s a kind of tickling experience to the viewers.I have become your “fan” I kill my leisure hours in gluing to your humorous lessons.so thanks a lot.
I expect grammatical explanation for the linguistic error i.e.” I am hearing the news”. It is said-” I hear the news” is correct.why?


i think that your lesson is so useful.
i want to know it is correct that ” i heard some information from my friend” .if this is correct, could you explain? why doesn’t it use “listen” for that sentence.


Hi, Ronnie! You are very very good teacher! Her explanation are very simple and easy understand.

bye Adriano

Profile photo of adrianoramos43 adrianoramos43

very good , thanks so much….


Thank you Ronnie , it was helpful :)

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I need somebody to chat with in english , british english please

Profile photo of adel2013 adel2013

Hi Ronnie, I have one question about this lesson. What’s right (or more common) to say: “I’ve never listened about it” or “I’ve never heard about it” ?? Again, tks a lot 4 your help :-)


well, nothing to say about you just that your style to attract a student and teaching style is amazing, perfect and well experienced.so, i would like to request you and i’ll appreciate if you will upload some more videos about interview for jobs.And if you don’t mind also suggest me a book or author for my vocabulary and English improvement.have a good time and thanks for teaching.i am accepting a good reply..God bless you..


Hello my teacher!
May I ask a question about question #3?
I’m being a party. I’m listening a friend. I’m hearing backround music.
And then I hear a my favorite song. I’m paying attention to it.
I can say: “I’m listening background music.” Can’t I?


Thank you very much!


Hi Ronnie,

Many thanks for your lessons.

I live in France and I’m dying that my children would be motivated to learn English.
But they are not.

I think that the only thing that might convince them is seeing something that moves on the computer.

I really like the way you are talking.
Do you have any lessons for children that don’t know English?
I guess that it’s quite a challenge!!
Mine are 8 and 6 years old.

Thanks a lot

a French father


You got 4 correct out of 4.

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thanks my teacher

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100 thank you very much

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would you pleas explain how to use ” then , for then and just then” in a sentence.

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Hi, Ronnie! I think that is acceptable to put hear and listen at the third question. But… looking better, we can use ‘I can hear THE background music’… will be right?

Thank you for sharing.

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I’ll you give a example…

“He sometimes pretends he can’t ……. a single word you are saying but all the time he’s taking it all in.”…

so… what should I use in this case?… “Hear” because he was pretending or “listen to” because he was paying attention actually?

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