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Tell me please, how I can get u.
Don’t make me wrong,but what I mean is, I wanna speak to u directly face to face.????????

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    You have to go to Canada, she gives tours and you can speak to her face to face.

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Hi Ronnie!
Thank you for your lessons! I love them!
I would like to ask you for a lesson about “cleft sentences” in the near future.
Have a nice day!

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Good job Mrs Ronnie!..
And there were words like ripped,chipper,pieces that was new for me..
simple way of better understanding about NOUN,VERB and ADJECTIVE…

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Thanks Ronnie for this interesting lesson.

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Hi,Ronnie. how are you?
Thank you for the way you explain the lessons.
Thank you very much from my heart.
good job

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Thank mam!????

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Thanks a lot

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There is a tear in my paper
There is a stain on my pants
There are holes in my jeans
There are pieces missing from my teeth
I tore my paper
I stained my pants
I ripped my jeans
I chipped my teeth
My paper is torn
My pants are stained
My jeans are ripped
My teeth are chipped
thank you Ronnie for those beautiful words

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Great lesson! I got 100% on the quiz.

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“I tore my paper.” “My paper was torn.”
Is the second sentence active (Verb to be + Adjective) or passive voice (Verb to be + Past Participle) ?

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    I think it depends on which sentences comes before or after it. Don’t touch my arm. My arm is broken. In this examle be + adj.. I hate bikes because my arm was broken by one of them, in this example be + past part. This is my opinion with my poor english

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Thank you so much for your videos Ronnie! Greats from Argentina!

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thanks Ronnie,really helpful

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10 outta 10 thanks Ronnie

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    Good Job. :)

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Gracias Ronnie!

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superb site i want learn english that …interesting as well as ..

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thanks ronnie…

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The time was spent with favor. Thank you Ronnie, keep doing yours funny vids, you’re the best.

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Thank you so much! I’m so glad that I found this website..

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Nice lesson,

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    Hi, Alex. I always see your comments at EngVid, and I am sure you are studying English. So, if you want to speak English, I am here for help you because I also want to improve my speaking and listening skills. Thank you.

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      Hey there. If someone want to study English speaking by skype I am always ready to share it opportunity. You can see my contact in my description.

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        Thank you. Have a good day, (Sorry, I do not have Skype) May I have your Instagram, I would like to follow you. Thank you/.

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          Unfortunetly I don’t have instagram, only facebook account

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          Hi Alex, what is your Facebook Address?

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          And I really wonder how you wanna learn to speak English without Skype.

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          Okay. I have Skype now. Thank you.

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Thank you Ronnie!!

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Great! Thank you, Ronnie.

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Cool! :)

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

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Thank you soo much sir this helpfull

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Ronnie, I looooooooove your classes. You’re very friendly and crazy girl lol
Regards from Brazil

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Good Morning, I come to an office early because I want to study English language from EngVid.com. Actually, my working time is 9 am but I always arrive office at 8.30am for study English. Thank you for all of good lessons.

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Good lesson Ronnie thanks!!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie

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    ilan ang nakuha mo ate sweet?

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꒰⁎×﹏×⁎꒱ ༘ؓ ँั๊ྃ 7/10

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    we are same the score.

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      Siguro nag improve ako 9 out of 10.

      Thank you teacher ronnie you are the best.

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Hi Ronnie!
You are cool! The lesson is cool, even your quiz is cool!
Thank you so much!

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Hi Ronnie. How are you? I got 10/10. Thanks so much.

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Thanks for Ronnie! A magic lession

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    i think so, :) i like your comment

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thanks :)

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Hi Ronnie. I try to use what I learned from this video in my sentences!

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Is it one can help me to speak English

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Hi Ronnie. How are you? I got 10/6. I will can improve my English language. Thanks so much.

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Thanks teacher Ronnie. I got 10 out of 10.

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Thank you.You are the best. HiHi…

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Thanks Ronnie

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thanks Ronnie. the lesson is very useful . i got 10/10

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thanks ronnie

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Awesome magic show, Ronnie. I think I stained my pants while watching this lesson due to its awesomeness.

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thx, the magic is worked. :)

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i got 9/10 :)

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I got 10/10! I loved this magic! Thanks, Ronnie! :)

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great 100%

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Thank u Ronnie.

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Ronnie the best teacher ever.

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Thank u Ronnie!

Hey Alex..

By the away guys, how could we turn a noun into an adjective with “ing” in the end?

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Thank you Ronnie, i will come here to improve my english via Engvid.com

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Thanks Ronnie, I’ve been learned a lot with you.

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Thanks a lot

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Thank you, Ronnie.
It was very usefull and enjoyable :)

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Thanks, you are a good teacher.

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Thank you for your class, Ronnie! I didn’t get why you say there are missing peaces from my theet instead of between my theet!

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    Hy!Are you italian? Nice to meet you. I think, like me, you want improve your english!

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you are amazing!

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Thank you for your lesson. I got 7/10 :)

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Thanks Ronni. I enjoyed this lesson. I like how you teach.

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Thnak you for today Ronnie!”See” you tomorrow!:)

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I understand very good your lessons! Thanks so much Ronnie! Kisses!


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Thank you Ronnie, I wanna ask you something;
Could you please make a lessons about whatever, wherever, whenever, somehow and however…etc. thank you.

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9/10 yeahhh !

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i got 10/10 !

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    Good job :)

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    me to

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Hi Ronnie, thanks a lot about the lesson but I have a question isn’t this a passive?

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80% not bad

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Thank you teacher, you are too good.

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Thanks sweet teacher

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thank you for the lesson

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Thanks for this lesson, Ronnie!

Because of your teaching performance, now I can’t forget the meaning of “rrrrripped”.

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    Kkkk.She”s great

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wow! comedy. not boring teacher huh?.and the magic happened..im perfect.yes! that’s because of you maam.

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TNX, Ronnie for this lesson. It was very usufull.

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You rocks hehe:)

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i got a perfect score. :D thank you for the lesson.

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thanks mam, love u

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Thank you.

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thank you teacher im nouveau student i have got question for you
I want my own video for
my name

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ihave got quesyion for you iwant a video for me about my name

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thank you Ronnie!

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Thank you so much Ronnie

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I love teacher Ronnie.

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Hi Ronnie ^_^ i have problems with listening comprehension but i really want to attend TOEIC contest :( :( What shold i do at the moment? huhu

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You are my favorite teacher

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Thank you Ronni, you are always amaizing!!!

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Thanks a lot from Japan(^O^)

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I love your lessons!!!, really I understand you when you talk :3, it is amazing

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Thanks Ronnie. You are a great teacher. I hit 100%

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Thanks you ,I love your lessons

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Thanks a lot Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie , i GOT 10 of 10 correct ;)

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I love Ronnie. Thank you. 10/10 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

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English is the most important of all because many people needs it and have that skills to speak better and faster in English…

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Ronnie my teacher, it was a helpful class, you gave me directly in the point of my weakness, I believe weakness most of us, thanks because my English is “expanded” from today

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that’s super cool! god bless you :)


i would like to ask if it is possible to talk about the verbs that comes from actions!
for exemple if sombody just keep talking you would proboly say something like shhhhh
we can say that you just SHUSHED him


My leg was broken
He was hit by a car
I write a massage
It was written by khaled

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Thanks teacher Ronnie.
I love this lesson.

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i really like the way you teach. it’s so amazing and useful. thank you so much.

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Hello Ronni;
Firstly, Thank you very much for such good effort.
Secondly, I’m going to have an IELTS exam on Dec. 12 and wanna ask about some questiones if you please.

Can you kindly give us some examples and advices about the (Idiomatic).

I heared that at/in (which is correct please) IELTS exam it is very recommended to use unfamiliar and traditional words to express something.
For instance, Do not say HATE it’s better to say LOATHE or DETEST.

Instead of saying (I am concentrating at watch TV) its better to say (glued to the box)

Things like that.

So again may you kindly teach us about that ASAP if you please.

Thanks in advance;

Kind regards;


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Hello Ronni;
Again, I’ve watech a magnificent vid for you about Adverbs and Adjectives.

Adv. is a describe of a verb.
Adj. is a describe of a noun.

That was tremendous, but the question is:
As far I understood from previous vid that Adj. are NOT words in the PP form.
Ex: I’ve a new, brown car.
NEW & BROWN are the Adj. because they are words describing the CAR which is noun.

But in this vid you described NOUNS through the PP form.
Ex: The water is boiled.
As far I understood here BOILD is Adj. Correct?

So is there any defference between the two forms of Adj. and is there is a rule to tell when to use this or that or it dependes on the scence of need?

Also, may u kindly tell if we can use the form of: (IT HAS BEEN BROKEN)as an Adj.?
If yes, what is the deference between (IT HAS BEEN BROKEN) and (IT IS BROKEN) and when to use this one or that one please?

Many thanks again;

Kind regards;


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thank you

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thank you you are awesomeeeee…

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Really,you’r husband is a lucky man ;) ;)

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10 / 10 :) I got 100 thanks Ronnie

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Oh my God! I got 10 /10, unbeliveable!
Thans Ronnie!

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thank you ronnie

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thanks you ronnie!

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I love your lesson. very nice teacher

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Tnx a lot

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i got 10 correct. thks

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beşiktaş çarşı

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Hello friend I’m new in this group

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thank you Ronnie for lesson.

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I got a lot from this lesson thanks Ronni

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yeah! 100! I understood well, thank you! :0)

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Same as passive voice grammar, but we should be carefully about the verb tense.
For example: I broke my arm
Or My arm was broken

Profile photo of suadbensaud@yahoo.com suadbensaud@yahoo.com

Hi Ronnie,

I want to ask you about the word (debut)it can be used as a noun and verb.How to use it properly

1)Peter made his debut in 1986
2)he debuted in television programme
3)federer made his tennis debut in 1998

In the above sentences Please tell me where it is used as a noun and verb and why?
What’s the method to use a word as a noun and verb

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Wow 100%. Thaks Ronnie for your magic. You’re very funny and you lesson are always very funny.
see you soon

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8 out of 10 ..i like to study more ..there any teacher, who teaching online..?

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Fantastic Lesson Thanks a lot !

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thank you Ronni, you’re so funny, I was laughing so hard while I watched your Video..
Can you teach us about passive grammar?, sometimes I get confused with that
Thanks anyway

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It feels so good when you told me that past participle is called pp. Thanks!!

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Thanks to you, Ronnie!You’re a very positive person I’ve ever seen! Your lesson was very helpful.

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Thanks Ronnie!
God bless you Ronnie,i pray that you go more forward.

You are best…

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hi teacher ronnie,make me confusing the adjectives past participle, why you used to be in pp?
My paper is torn why not my paper was torn? :(
My arm is broken why not my arms was broken??

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Thanks Ronnie! i got 10 out of 10 yey

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Thank you so much Ronnie.

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ronnie ur the brilliant teacher ;)

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Great! Thank you, Ronnie.

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Ronnie!!Thanks for the help. This lesson is great. :) ♥♥

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thank you very much~~~~

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never seen nothing like this course … these lessons are simple to manage and the teachers are simply amazing. They doing any topic so easy to understand. They want make sure you really are understanding. That’s priceless

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Thank´s Ronnie for this usefull lesson.

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Thank you for sharing this little magic with us.

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really iam so intersting in your lesson its working well thanke you so much

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10 correct out of 10.

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Ronnie you’re the best teacher!

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Ronnie, thanks

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Thank u so much for your teaching

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So far I always get perfect score. thank you so much. I had difficulty with this lesson during my university years. Two thumbs up Ronnie xoxo

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thank u so much for lessons
i love u

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Thank you for your wonderful lesson! <3

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Thanks ronnie, I learned to much…

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Great job !

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thanks ronnie :)

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Thanks Ronnie, it was cool as the way u talk with us. Great lesson. The problem is remember those things daily. Btw it is a cool challange. R u from Toronto?

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Great lesson Ronnie! 😃

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thank you miss it is very useful lesson for me I have gotten many thing from it

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thanks ronnie

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I got 10/10 but still I’m confused making my own grammar.. i don’t know how to use them properly. especially the past participle?

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I got 10, yehey…..!!!

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I’m so much glad to watching your episodes how can i get you address to learning English directly

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Hi Ronnie,
Thank you for this great lesson.
Ronnie, I spoke a simple english language and I want to increase my level of english. Could you please suggest me a book that will help me to improve my english? I find difficulty in writing and understanding complex and compound sentences. I make mistakes when selecting appropriate verb in complex sentences or choosing singular or plural. I will wait for your reply.

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Thank you ronnie, i learned a lot from you :) .

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thank you Ronnie, i got it

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Dear Ronnie, I have a question. is this the same as passive voice?
Thanks a lot…

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That was awesome!! and quite easy tho.

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Thank you! You made this lesson easy .

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Thank you!Your teaching style very nice Ronnie.

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Thank you Ronnie. I want to give a few examples too.

There is a trace on my bag. My bag is traced.
There is a light in my room. My room is lighted.

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great lesson
i got 100%

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Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of sevketnedim sevketnedim

Thank you Ronnie..

Profile photo of sevketnedim sevketnedim

Hello, I got 100%

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Hello Ronnie,
I have difficulty to describe a noun with another noun. I am always confused to remember which noun should come first. For example when there is a combination of two nouns like “coach potato” I don’t know whether I should say “potato coach” or “coach potato? It happens all the time. I was wondering if there is any lesson about this available on engvid or you are willing to provide one?
Thank you,

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Oh! I like your lessons madam Ronnie! Madam Ronnie’s lessons are liked by Me…. :D

Profile photo of Thanu Thanu

    not only by me, but by everybody!

    Profile photo of Thanu Thanu


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thanks Ronnie, i know is very importan to improve the vocabularty

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Very good lesson.Thanks.

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THANKS.10 out of 10

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Ronnie, I wished you where my English teacher growing up. You have taught me some things. You make it exciting instead of same oh class!!!!!, Thank you, Dawn

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hi Ronnie this lesson is very useful for me. I would like to ask about daily conversation sentences.
thank u

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thank you so much.

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

Hi Ronnie!
Thank you for your lessons! I love them!

Profile photo of vahidvahidi vahidvahidi

thank you our lovely teacher

Profile photo of abosheaba abosheaba


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Profile photo of JohnSang JohnSang

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

how r u mam

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hi im saman .can you teach us noun modifer as an adjective please

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it is a great lesson , thank you

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