wow . cool you are the bast .thank you a lot .

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    many thanks , you learn the English language by simple methods

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Thank you so much Ronnie! You solved in 4 minutes, 10 years of difficulties!!! I’m french, I live in Italy and my customers are greek!! (as the greek alphabet is different, my customers spell their names and address email in English !)You can imagine when you mixed up the English pronounciation of some letters (like me before), how the spelling can drive you crazy!!! Thanks again.

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    yes..i feel the same.

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hi ms Ronnie i want to thank you so much for this lesson , realy you are amazing teacher .

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Thank you our teacher your lesson so useful i always attempt to learn all of your lesson god bless you


HI, Teacher thanks for wonderful lesson

could you explain difference between
“Do you ever” vs “Have you ever”


    Do you ever is asking about a routine… “Do you ever eat late at night?”
    Have you ever is asking about a past event… “Have you ever seen a lion?”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      dear i like you site and i am learning english also.
      i wannted to know that how can i pass my IELTS test


      hello dears all is there any native speaker just give me miss call on may number i will call you in this number 0093775069554 lol

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i have understood this lesson. it really good for us thanks ronni

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    Profile photo of Sandeep Sandeep

hey i have problem sounding out i, am, i’m and i have a lisp so its had for me to say my s…please i need help.. i get very insecure when i have to talk to a group of people.. thanks


u r best teacher on the internet plz plz plz always with us….. On the net


Thanks a lot Ronnie by help me with the vowels an consonants, your job is very important for the english beginer students


I always get confused when I use still, yet and already. Could you please explain them again with examples.

Profile photo of bma83 bma83

    Yet means something is not done/completed. I haven’t finished my dinner yet. (not done)
    Already means the action is completed. I’ve already finished my dinner! (done)
    Hope that helps!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of bma83 bma83

hi Ronnie… This is Arun from India.. I am an English teacher by profession… i really adore you Ronnie,,, the way you carry out every session is jus amazing… you are truly inspiring me with your teaching style.. Congrats and a million Thanks… keep posting more..

Best wishes


Hi bma83,

still is used when something doesn’t done yet and you’re surprised/concerned of this.
Sorry for my english, I’m learning it but I wanna try to write in english instead italian ;)
In contrast of yet, still usually is in the middle of sentence, while yet is at the end of sentence. Both refers at the future or present circustamces, while already refers to somethings that is in the present or recent past.
Hope it’s right ;)

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i want lesson for preposation

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Ronnie rocks teh way she teaches that really commandable. Hats off to you!


Thanks madam Ronnie.you are the best teacher for me.Will you please help me to speak english well??i need your help mam.

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Hi Ronnie can you explain the difference between still and till. so when can I use still or use till.

Profile photo of aysar70 aysar70

    Till is the short form of UNTIL! We use until to talk about a time limit or when an action will finish. “The store is open (until) till 7.”
    Still means the action is not done and will continue. “I still love you!” “I still want that new car.”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

really i learn alot of information from you and i love alot your manner in teaching.thanks alot ronnie


Hi Ronnie can you explain the difference between on and at.

Profile photo of aysar70 aysar70

Hi All,
How to get these videos..



hi 2 all
hello miss! RONNIE! miss!
how are u i hope u are fine and good!
i want to know about English!i have few questions so plz replay my ans thxxxxx
1)what is English?
2)mean of English?
who is the first writer of English book?
your good student: mattbond85
thnx you !!!!
God bless u and Canada

bye!!!love u !!!!

Profile photo of mattbond85 mattbond85

    i’m so happy to u !!!!!bye miss ronnie

    Profile photo of mattbond85 mattbond85

    1) a language
    2) I don`t know.
    3) I don`t know.

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      Hi Ronnie,my name is Tom i’m in Rwanda.
      so every day i contue your leson,and iwant to know what can i improving my english,i think the answer you may send me on my e-mail:thokamali@yahoo.com,thanks a lot and i wish u a happy new year 2012


Thanks madam Ronnie.you are the best teacher for me.Will you please help me to speak english well?

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Thanks Ronnie for the clarification.

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thanks Ronnie. I´m student, my inglish is poor…

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that’s really a good vidio


Hi miss Ronnie
First of all how are you?
I have a question Is Y a vowel or a consonant


    It is both!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Im from Brazil and i wanna talk to you by skype or msn to practice my english. Can we become friends?


    i’m from Viet Nam . i also wanna practice and improve my english skill.i hope i can talk to you . my email;
    thanhhuong14890@gmail.com. thanks.


      hello from Turkey:)) and im also searching for friends to practise and my e mail adress is esragultekin2000@gmail.com

      Profile photo of esragultekin esragultekin

Thank’s,it’s really agood video.

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Thank a lot! :D

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hai iam ram
i say mr.jon b and v pronunciation session . it is nice and useful……
thanks mr.jon……..
i need ur guidence to imporve my communication skill…will u help for that………..




Hi Ronnie.I’m from Vietnam.Could you explain difference between “Good job” and “Good way”? Thank U in advane.


    Good job is when someone did something well.
    Good way would be used when someone teaches us how to do something, you can say that was a good way to do something. Eg….She taught me a good way to make a cake!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i need to know what’s the differ ” till, still, until…..thx


    Till and until are the same.
    still means the action has not finished.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

wow you are a great teacher……..


Simple but most important.Thanks Ronnie.

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Very good, thnk u .

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Hey hi Ronnieeee!

Thankyou so much for this lesson.

Ronnie the thing is that I have a good vocabulary of English and I use to speak too but the thing is that usually I don’t pronoiunce accurately :(
But there is bad news so I hope its just because I can get benefit from you website and can tell others too surf it also :)

Trust you will appriciate my querry!


Shehzad Ahmed Shezzy

Hello mam

may i know the differences between the following three sentences?.
a)She fell down in the street.
b)She has fallen down in the street.
c)She was fall down in the street.


    She was fall down in the street… is wrong.
    a) is simple past
    b) is present perfect!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      it is simple past.

      Profile photo of ranne47 ranne47

      thank u

      Profile photo of HassanMohamed@mail.ru HassanMohamed@mail.ru

Hello Ronnie, I am new comer, thanks so much, I also want to improve my practice english. Can I chat with you by e-mail.


Hi Ronnie . I ve questions 2 discuss :
1 Can we add slang to our English while conversing with someone . Does slang aids in
enhancing our daily speech ex : aint , yo , whassup . cool babe ! Dude ! bro ! and many others . The second point 2 How can I boost my listening/understanding skills with folks cuz most of the folks are of native speaking so kindly tell me ways to enhance my skills . Bye

Jatz - le copain

    Slang is used when you want to talk to native speakers who are young…older people(50-100) don’t really like slang because they don’t understand it…..I’m sure it’s the same in your language. Oh yeah …don’t say ain’t – it makes you sound stupid/uneducated.
    To boost your listening…..listen to music with the lyrics, watch t.v with English subtitles,and just listen to other native speakers and try to remember what they’ve said!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      hi Ronnie. I hope you doing well

      firstly I like your style of teaching and wish to meet you some day.

      secondly I’ve commented to you a couple of times but you did reply to me.

      finally could you suggest a way to speak to native speakers or good english speaker on the internet on any means and i will be grateful to you

      thank you


Thanx Ronnie for replying my message . Bye


aNd Ronnie one thing more Is it necessary understanding English fast Plz tell me abt it . Thanx in advance . Bye


you from Poland polish or Germany


Thank a lot! :D


Hi Ronnie!

I have pronounce problems with some words! Like




and there is many words I can’t say it!

Any Advise!


Profile photo of Bob85 Bob85

    Those are hard words = un for chune at lee = unfortunately (5 syllables)
    fray-t-liners = freight liners (4 syllables)
    con-grats (us usually say instead of congratulations)! or you can say con-grad-U-lay-shuns!!!!! (5syllables)

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you very much

Profile photo of sdiammi sdiammi

Hi Ronnie
I am from china and i have difficulty in understanding English Language . Would you plz guide me and Plz can you tell me your nationality . Plz be honest ! Bye

Xianjiang xon bokrez

    I am Canadian! Thanks for watching and good luck!!!!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I have always problems with the A, E and I
A in English sounds like an E in Dutch;
E in English sounds like an I in Dutch…

Profile photo of rick1234 rick1234

Hello Teacher(Ronnie)I Like You Explanation. I Have
Only One Problem In Cannot Talk In English But i understand in English but poor in vocabulary So Give Me suggestion what should i do plz thank you miss ronnie bye bye see you letter

M.A Kareem

Hello, the teachers of EngVid! I want to improve my English, espeacally my speaking skills. Today i have watched and listened your English lessons.i have listened the prononciation lesson by Mr.Jon, and the grammar lesson by Mrs.Rebacca. They are really great. I liked so much. i’m so happy that i have found such a great site. I need your help. Please, help me to improve my English!
I hope you will recieve m message with pleasure.
Best Wishes,
Nodya, South Korea!


    Thanks for joining us, Nodya!

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Hi Ronni,me surendra from beautiful country Nepal,I have been watching your english lessons for few months,I found your way of teaching is the best & it is easier to understand your lessons,I really appreciate and respect to you, thank you so much for giving chance to know something more about English.Finally i have some problem with pharasel verbs,what can i do for that? could you please give me some suggestion about it? Thank you.


I want to improve my speaking. Give me an advice and thanks for all your classes.


hi Ronnie i’m an english teacher but i have a problem in pronounciation so i want u to learn me how to know the transcription of the word nd thanks alot

Profile photo of heba88 heba88

very nice class my regard to teacher and happy teachers day


it is very effort for those people who wants to learn english


I learn more and more from u thank u


thanx for ur helping us and i hope more. i hope the teachers will speak more slowly .
my best regards


u r such a wonderful teacher ronnie


really i like your method

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How to tell in interview if it ask:
” Tell me about yourself “

Profile photo of imranwarsi80 imranwarsi80

    Tell them positive things you have done in your life – education, travelling, sports etc.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I hope you will have more well lessons


Hi Ronnie!
I love you and your lessons. I learn English for myself at home. Everyday I do many mistakes, but when I look at you and your teaching I feel so good, because you make me better. Your transfer information is lovely like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes for you, Ronnie!!!!!!

Kamila from Poland

very clear lesson,tank’s ronnie..but i have question,,i was teach children ABC’s letters,now i’m going to teach them how to combine vowel letters and consnant letters,i was confuse how to teach them the change naoun..for exmpl :”B” and “A” we read it “BA” (BANANA)..but when we found B and A into the word “BACK” it,s will be B”ECK (naoun)..so how to teach them that cases..i hope u can explane it ronnie..tank you very much!

Profile photo of fahri fahri

    You should get a simple vowel pronunciation book or look on the internet for “vowel sounds in English”! This will help you! There are too many different sounds for me to explain!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      hhhmm..ok..tanks for the information.. “regard me for all the teachers engvid…

      Profile photo of fahri fahri

Good job teacher,you are very important for help my English!Tank you so much!Tupã,Brazil.


Hi, Miss Ronnie. how can i know if ‘y’ is a vowel or a consonant,thanks


hiiiiiiiiiiii Ronnie I want to know how to use either and niether


Hi I am from Oman Gulf country Arabic city> I have seen almost all video were nice and i like your a way when you teach> 10 years now and i try how speak english . I have studed in college 4 years and went to lot course but i still> give me advice my dear


Profile photo of athani athani

Hi Miss Ronnie. Good day to you. I’m really glad to know that I can learn more about English here. I like this site, really and thanks for this. And I hope my PUBLIC RELATION or the way I talk to people will improve Miss Ronnie. I don’t really know why when I’m in front of many people, delivering messages or sharing ideas, I ended up speechless and all my ideas in mind lost and left untold. I don’t know how I can fight this so called stage fright Miss Ronnie. I hope you can help me.


    When I was a kid, I had to do speeches in front of the class. I liked doing them because I thought my speech was funny and entertaining! I would practice in front of the mirror and then I would stand on the stairs to my parents room and make my speech to my family! My brother was very shy and he hated doing speeches but, he practiced the same way I did and he was able to speak in front of his class.
    1) Practice in front of a mirror, then in front of friends/family. This will help you over come your stage fright.
    2) Make sure that what you are going to talk about is interesting so that you really want to tell people about it, that way it will be much more natural for you!
    Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you Ronnie for helping me, how to learn English.
Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Federico cruz

thank you Ronnie
the pronounce of letters in english


that’s good for me . thanks


its very very good lessons i hope to learn english more with them

saeed algadwell

Hello, Marry ‘X’MAS to all the respected & dear teachers(James,Jon,Ronni,Alex,Rabecca,Valen)of “Engvid.com”.This is Satender from India sending my warm heartiest congratulation to all of you for the ‘X’Mas & New Year.I am surprised to see the “so easy definitions” by you of “so tough(for us)words” on any site. This site definitely gives great opportunities for the people like me to understand the English in so easy way. Your team is doing a great work. May god give you what you deserves. Again thank you.

Satender Singh Rawat

i like to learn english,can you teach every body more,please?

khuong tran

u r the best teacher i have ever met.
9o aheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Ronnie.. :)


keep moving forward , miss Ronnie

Profile photo of samehegypt89 samehegypt89

Thank you Ronnie for your excellent teaching.Would you tell me the uses of ‘Verb Watch’ eg: Some boys are fighting in the street. 1.Look at them. or Watch them. or see them or view them. and why?


I want to know the standard of a junior student. So which of these is the correct one-
1.What class do you read in?
2.Which class do you read in?
3.In which class do you read?
4.What is your education?
and your suggestion please


Thanks a lot teacher ronnie


thx alot teacher ronnie !

Profile photo of she3aa14 she3aa14

thank you a lot teacher

Rissa ag Abdoulay

hi Ronnie. I hope you doing well

firstly I like your style of teaching and wish to meet you some day.

secondly I’ve commented to you a couple of times but you did reply to me.

finally could you suggest a way to speak to native speakers or good english speaker on the internet on any means and i will be grateful to you

thank you a lot


    You should go to the Facebook Engvid page and post your Skype id name. Tell the other Engvid students you want to talk to them!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thanks for your reply and i’ll try it


Hi Ronnie!
Thank you so much Ronnie for your Lessons. please Ronnie can you send me your address mail to contact you, i have lot of errors grammar in my manuscript. I’m student Ph.D.
I’m waiting your message.
With my best regards, Driss.


    This is my email address! Ask me the questions!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i have seen your explaining about(of) do you ever and have you ever.but the question here are the both used to refer something happened in the past?whether routine or the second.please explain this

ali almasry

    Have you ever = present perfect = based on experience.
    Do you ever= present tense = routine.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, you are wonderful in your teaching,but the lesson is too short.

Profile photo of mcaustin mcaustin

Hi Rinnie, thanks for the lesson. It is so helpful.I have been having difficulty in pronouncing these words, for instance, word/world, cold/code, fire/file differently, which should be different. I also don’t know how to pronounce the “l” in “ball/fall/paul” and “feel/bill/meal” correctly. To me, it always sounds like “o” or “er” which I think is not correct. Hope I could get your help. Thanks.

Profile photo of myyathz myyathz

    What language do you speak?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, I speak Chinese. Thanks.


Hello Ronnie,
You’ve helped me a lot these days..
Thank you very very much..
Can “YOU” please do a lesson for me on the topic of “CLAUSES”
It would be really great if “YOU” do..
I will be appearing for board examinations soon which is very important in my life and difficult too so need your help..
Waiting for a positive response……………



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you so much..
Thanks a lot..
Will wait for your lesson on clauses..


And please explain every type of clause..
Like adjective clause,noun clause,adverb clause,adjective relative clause and some more of which I don’t even remember names…
Thanks again..


thank u a lot!!
simple but very important!


hello ronnie .. you are really good teacher .. can you teach me im already 3rd year college but im not good in english .. im a filipino and my language is not english .. eventhoug one sentence i cant write and i dont know when should put period . and kama ,, can you teach to learn english PLEASSSE send me a test on my email or teach through the skype
email zzzzz5c4@gmail.com


    Sorry, I do not do Skype lessons at this time!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

how i can pronounce word “total” how i move my tongue to pronounce it



    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello Ronnie, i have pronunciation problem in “a” sound. like fan, pan, man vs men, get, set. please give me advice how do i improve? As we listen to English lessons we can’t recognize the difference until anyone tell the difference. i need your advice please.


    !hen you say the “a” in fan/pan/man etc your mouth is tight, open a little and in a little smile position!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thank you for response. to elaborate, i say fan like i’m saying “Fain” my tongue position goes downward not in the middle.


Hi Ms. Ronnie
How do you pronounce the letter a when it comes as indefinite article: short a as in hat or long a as in train?


    A = ah (like hat)!!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hello…could u provide us a lesson on the difference between pronunciation of letters in both british and ameican english…..please reply it…

Profile photo of rahulrobinson100 rahulrobinson100

    No – there are way too many accents and different ways people in Britain and America speak – it is impossible.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi mam Ronnie, can u teach me please how to use these word “could and would” thanks

Profile photo of crislynfaith crislynfaith

    Would = “wood”
    Could = “kood”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      yes mam ronnie, could you give me some of example how to use in a sentence the word “would & could” and could you explain please what the difference of these two words. thanks

      Profile photo of crislynfaith crislynfaith

        Search the site for would and could – there is already a video for you!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Ronnie:
Thank you very much.


Dear Ronnie:

I am Ivan from Indonesia, and I am speak Bahasa Indonesia, I just want to say: Thank you so much, my english comming better everday, I like your style when you teach using video.
And for EngVid… This website is very amazing for me… Thank you…


Dear Ronnie:

I am Ivan from Indonesia, and I am speak Bahasa Indonesia, I just want to say: Thank you so much, my english comming better everday, I like your style when you teach using video.
And for EngVid… This website is very amazing for me… Thank you…

Profile photo of ivanjk ivanjk

Hi teacher Ronnie, can you please tell me the usage of ON and IN? I am confused!! Thanks.

Profile photo of octoaquarian octoaquarian

Ronnie is my favourite =D thanks for making this awesome video ! Can you please make some videos about phonetics ??????

My English teacher Sucks !
Ronnie is the Best =D

Profile photo of miffy miffy

really amazing lessons…
thanks mam for helping the needy and sharing your knowledge with everyone… :-)


Hi teacher Ronnie Thank you very much you are great. I am a cuban lady, I live in Miami and I love to see you I am learning a lot Thanks again.


Salam Ronnie how ch doing?really i followed patiently and really i like what you said about when someone fall in mistakes and as you said never be shy….really am always fell in mistakes like that…but i dont like to stop for am being to skills english very well..also i learn from my fault…so i hope to support me and each one too to knows more about english neither i need more senteces to memorize better cause i heard online sentences make you better to not forget vocabulary…i hope to hear from you soon inchallah…baytheway your action how to interoduce english so great and am laughing alot how to made us understanding…and thats why i contcat you….thank you so much Teacher.


Thank you teacher.I’m poor in English.I’m really wanna learn English.


Teacher Ronnie how to pronounce GULF and GOLF? please… thank you..


    They are said exactly the same!!! Ga-al-f!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello Ronnie.
How you doing?am your student my name Imad.i just i wanted to ask you about how i can memorize verbs and vecablory and in the same time i dont forget them.becuase i use anther language.so really i find defficult for that.i hope you advices me.am looking forward to hear from you Teacher.

Profile photo of mrsummer mrsummer

I want speak English very well. What should I do ?

Hello Ronnie.

I have a problem how to pronounce B and P


    There is already a lesson on B and P!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hello my great teacher Ronnie!I am from Kosovo, a very small country with far fewer inhabitants than have schools in Toronto haha.I am a second year student in the English language and now I see how much I have suffered for your lessons!You are rare talent and pleasant as so far I have not encountered in any such as you.I thank the GOD, that I live at the same time with you.I do not know if someone paid you this hard work,you do for us?!!!anyway thank you very much, maybe one day compensated you also own god.Greet you

Ilaz Krasniqi

hey your expression is too good for teaching English vowels & consonants…. thanks…



Profile photo of caesarsweet caesarsweet

hi roonie thanks for you you did good work for every one
but i have question if you can explain for me?
when we use
like and same
ex you like my sister or you same my sister


    You ARE like my sister = person does things/like things that your sister does/likes.
    You ARE the same as my sister = person has a similar personality as your sister.
    They are very similar words!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Iam from Shaurimoyo Zanzibar Tanzania. Yes I like you James Because I understand well when you provide your learsons, and also I have problems of pronociatin coz I like so murch American pronociation. so I need your advice about these is good or bad thank you.

Haji Mohammed Enzi

    And also how can I use the world In case of,because we have contradiction about the uses of it so we need the corect uses of it thank James.From Shaurimoyo Zanzibar Tanzania.

    Haji Mohammed Enzi

in fact i do not know how to thank you for your great help.for many years i was suffering from this problem but now it is so clear.once agian thank you very much and i look forward to seeing new vidoes like this.


Aweee back to basics :3 like at school :D

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

In Mexico in public Schools, english courses are awful, poor grammatical, terrible pronunciation…. ( you need to take expensive courses to get a good performance in this topics)…. I see this course like the way to learn english as a funny,practical and simple. I appreciate this new way to learn. Thanks so much engVid!!!

Profile photo of pepeurrea pepeurrea

Excellent…thanks a lot

Profile photo of argenis argenis

excellent you are very good teacher, you have a method of teaching .continue

Profile photo of ahmedbounif ahmedbounif



Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to present one thing again and help others like you aided me.

iphone restart

Excellent, Thank you very much.

Profile photo of sawai768 sawai768

Aqui puedes ver clases por niveles, es muy interesante Aprovechalo!!!

Elvira Hernandez

pls send ur e-mail id… ronnie…

Profile photo of vinuthana vinuthana

Hi Ronnie, thanks for all the lessons. I have IELTS exam but I still have problem to understand which vowel is pronouns in listening module. Please tell me is there any king of program or a game to help me with this problem?
Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

hi Ronnie. Thane you for your lesson. i am your fan.
I don’t know difference
between vowel “y” and consonants “y”

Profile photo of eunju7856 eunju7856

Hi Ronnie, I have a problem with Non-Action Verbs

Profile photo of Nour ElSafeer Nour ElSafeer

thanks ronnie

Profile photo of wuvu wuvu

you’re in synchrony with your destiny. You’re really good

Profile photo of Edeloa Edeloa

Muy bueno la lecciones, mil gracias

Profile photo of mocanito77 mocanito77

Hi Ronnie
thanks a lot
take care

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Profile photo of jigsam jigsam

great lesson teacher congratulations ! I´ve just enjoined in ENGVID that´s amazing the simple way of the learning !!! congratulations I hope to get a lot of tips here… regards from Brazil

Profile photo of neirodrigues neirodrigues

You are terrific!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

hi..Alex …i am learning British accent ..if i watch movies or videos comes with American accent ,will it affect my learning??

Profile photo of Devashish Devashish

hi..Ronnie …i am learning British accent ..if i watch movies or videos comes with American accent ,will it affect my learning??

Profile photo of Devashish Devashish

Hi Ronnie, would you please clear my following doubts:
1.What is the correct way to pronounce Zebra?
2.Why word “unit” doesn’t take an “an” even though it starts with a vowel “u”?
3.Does pronunciation of “w” is like double “u”?
4.How to pronounce “letter”, “latter”, “later”, “better”, “batter”?
Please do reply. And can you do a video on how to write formal letters because there are so many style of letter writing and i don’t know which one is the latest.Thank you a lot for all these nice videos and keep up this amazing work!

Profile photo of irinadiplo irinadiplo

miss Ronnie I will like to recuest spelling name class please

Profile photo of dianaf dianaf

i love it
ronnie i need to learn phonitics please made a video for this

Profile photo of k.chinna k.chinna

Thank you very much for this lesson!
I am looking for a lesson about spelling names, emails, web site address using code, e.g. “A” as in “alpha”, “J” as in “Juliett” etc.
I am also looking for a lesson about the correct pronunciation of the punctuation marks, special characters.
The spelling is quite often required on phone, quite important in business and daily life.
Could you please help me?

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Hi, where I found the free quiz?

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Thank You su much Ronnier for this important lessons

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hi ronny i dont know how to wright in english how to wright correctly wihout mistakes

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Thank you.

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Hi Ronnie, what is the difference between its, its’ and it’s? can you explain to me please?

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Thank u Ms. Ronnie, very helpful!

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Ronnie u are amazing teacher.

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You are wonderfull. I think you are the best English teacher.

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Ronnie the best
Thank you very much, i was confused about the vowels

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thanks dear ronnie

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Thanks you clear basics

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Thank you Ronnie

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Nice lesson..Thanks.
Just for curiosity…How about the Ñ?..What’s your experience with that letter?

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