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wow.. 100% correct answer…

Profile photo of Sher Karim Sher Karim

    Thank you so much for the lesson Emma.
    I got 90% correct.

    Profile photo of parnid nps parnid nps

Thanks Emma!!Interesting lesson

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

thank you 80%

Profile photo of zainablutfallah zainablutfallah

It’s an awesome lesson, I’d like to appreciate the effort you have gave, many thanks teacher.🌹🌺🌷

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of genilvan genilvan

I got 10 correct out of 10.thanks Emma.

Profile photo of Mr.aQ Mr.aQ

80% :(

Profile photo of Saul Joury Saul Joury

Hello! I would like to ask you about using present perfect. If I tell about my achievements and results, can I use present perfect instead past simple? For example:
(I) have implemented new planning process.
Or it will be mistake?

Profile photo of esde11 esde11

    I think that you can do that because even the present perfect can be used to express things of the past.

    Profile photo of LounesMath LounesMath

Thank you Emma. Even if I am retired and have no intend to find a job, I learned your lesson with pleasure.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

I wasn’t nice in the firts test.

Profile photo of william76 william76

Thank you 70%

Profile photo of william76 william76

Thank you Emma. You are a great teacher, but I still starting my english course. Congratulations

Profile photo of cristiano1969@ cristiano1969@

Thanks, Mam for your great lesson. The problem comes when we start writing the intro part of a cover letter. It is the most important and main part to make ourselves noticeable to someone. For the intro part, we need the power verb as you told on the video. In this part we some smart sentence but we are failed most of the time on that part.

It would be extremely helpful for us if you suggest us how we could structure a sentence with some powerful word and how to practice this?

Profile photo of Sojib-bd Sojib-bd

vow, 90 percent correct answer!

Profile photo of ali174alm ali174alm

Thank you Emma! Your lesson is great!

Profile photo of dolcom dolcom

09. Thanks Emma. <3 you!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Thank you. I got 8 out of 10. your lesson amazing.

Profile photo of alebachew alebachew

If I didn’t get 90 or 100
Make a review

Profile photo of CezarAragao CezarAragao

I got 7, but I understood the lesson! Thanks Emma

Profile photo of vgenaro vgenaro

Your class will be very useful. Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Timoni Timoni

Hii Emma! Please make one lesson on USE OF LIKE AND UNLIKE AS PREPOSITION.. ☺..
I really enjoy your lessons!

Profile photo of Shikha Sharma Shikha Sharma

The class was clear and easy to understand, thank you Emma. I have got 90 in the quiz.

Profile photo of jerezpj jerezpj

Thank you Mrs Emma , I benefited from this lesson, and I got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of HamzaTrabelsi HamzaTrabelsi

I get 100%
Thank you Emma 🥰

Profile photo of Uma maiza Uma maiza

Thank you Emma… great lesson.

Profile photo of Agxt Agxt

vow, 90 percent correct answer!

Profile photo of amadou sadio diallo amadou sadio diallo

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thanks…scored 100%

Profile photo of Irshadfaraz Irshadfaraz

thanks Emma, i was made 8 out of 10. Now i know that we can use paragraph in cover letters.. i wrong this one !!

Profile photo of Madrosa Madrosa

Now I’m ready to write CV: 100% correct answers ! ;-)

Profile photo of superyorick superyorick

nice lesson clear voice thanks alot Emma

Profile photo of gadim gadim

It is so interesting Emma thank you

Profile photo of menatallah mohammed menatallah mohammed

Wow 90% Thank you

Profile photo of menatallah mohammed menatallah mohammed

thanks a lot

Profile photo of saiadamin saiadamin

Thank you Enmma. Your video class are amazing. You are great !

Profile photo of melvir94 melvir94

Thank you for the video. It’s helpful for me.

Profile photo of Jeffrey Chang Jeffrey Chang

70% correct answer, thanks emma

Profile photo of sohyla awad sohyla awad

It’s my first test ,so thank you

Profile photo of Krishnendumanna63 Krishnendumanna63

i get 90% as well as usually

Profile photo of nassssssssser nassssssssser

Thx emma. This video so helpful for me

Profile photo of Serden44 Serden44

100 % . Thank you for test.

Profile photo of craber craber

100 % thank you for support.

Profile photo of boracansever boracansever

Nice tips and english lessons Emma, thank you!

Profile photo of Jonas Lima Jonas Lima

I got 90%. Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of Kobra Mahya Kobra Mahya

Great lesson, thank you.

Profile photo of Cheexong Cheexong

Thank you Maam!
100per it,s never possible before this support.

Profile photo of Noor84 Noor84

Thank you Maam!
100per it,s never possible before this wonderful teaching method.

Profile photo of Noor84 Noor84

80% Nice lesson. Thank you, Emma.

Profile photo of debby2271 debby2271

Hello my name is Emma …..i love when You say it dear teacher Emma awesome clase as always by the way please emma i would like you make a class about Canadá’cities its pronunciations ,spelling and a little bit of history about the names …Toronto,Alberga,Calgary ,Montreal And so on……bye greetings from surco

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

    That’s a good idea! I’ll add it to the list of lesson requests.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thanksgiving forma considering me

      Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

      Good lesson!

      Profile photo of roman galinove roman galinove

Thank you for lesson. It’s really nice

Profile photo of Yudjin Yudjin

Thank you very much Mrs. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thank u

Profile photo of TnBcorgi TnBcorgi

90% great :)

Profile photo of diaa.mahmoud diaa.mahmoud

Thank Emma. Every day I follow your lessons.

Profile photo of jukarmur jukarmur

I am really confused about the third question.. Could anyone explain it to me please.

Profile photo of RikerGrace RikerGrace

    “I increased sales by 20%.” better than others
    + active voice ( I do…)
    + strong word (increased)
    + no using slang

    Profile photo of superyorick superyorick

    I think that the structure differenc between a resume and cover letter explains the difference in grammer applied to them. In my opinion, cover letter is a bit like an essay, you should use full sentences and expresstions in a cover letter should use active voice as teacher Emma said in the video. while expressions in a resume are intended to let the interviewer know the achievements you got in your past working experience. Use bullet points and write down your achievements briefly without a subject. Hope it won’t make you more confused.

    Profile photo of Leon Zhang Leon Zhang

    the verb increased is more strong than others (made, ….)

    Profile photo of LounesMath LounesMath

100% Thanks

Profile photo of superyorick superyorick

Thank you Emma, your lessons are great.

Best regards!!

Profile photo of Krizz53 Krizz53

Thank you

Profile photo of Ticoam Ticoam

Thank you very much Emma! I recommended you to my friends!

Profile photo of Marabella Marabella

Ema, you are an excellent teacher.

Your lessons are very clear and the topics are very useful.

Profile photo of MDeLuca MDeLuca

i got 80%, Thank you

Profile photo of Hafizksa Hafizksa

80 2 were wrong.

Profile photo of Abhi.kabadi Abhi.kabadi

Thank you so much for this Emma. I love all of your classes!

Profile photo of Monnylu Monnylu

Thank you

Profile photo of al willis al willis

Thanks for the lesson, I got 100%.
You’re the best.

Profile photo of BOUAINLearner BOUAINLearner

thanks Emma for this great lesson, i almost understood 90% of your explication, now i’m able to write a cover letter and resume without practically so much mistakes, bu i have to practice more your tips and advice. from tomorrow i’ll start to write them and i’ll try to apply all those steps and tips, i feel i can really start writing cover letter and resume correctly. thank very much for this video and i hope you all the best in your podcast.

Profile photo of LounesMath LounesMath

Thank for this excelent test. I have a question for you or i need a suggestion about. I ear to you and I understood your explanation . But i have a hard problem with people that speed fast, am affected by the speed of some when they speak how I can improve this.

Profile photo of rcols rcols

oh i got 70. i should review this lesson again. tnx emma

Profile photo of kamandheidari kamandheidari

thanks a lot,Emma.

Profile photo of Moh.Omar Moh.Omar

I have appreciated this lesson. Very helpful, thanks!

Profile photo of Henrique Alves Henrique Alves

Thanks a lot Emma.
I got 100/100.

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