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Hello Ronnie,
Thank you for this lesson . In colloquial French when we are too busy we use the adjective ” overbooké” which is not really French and not in the dictionnaries. . It looks like ” overbooked ” . Can I use overbooked to say that I am too busy in English . It could be in that sens that too much people asked me to do someting and I said yes to everybody and now I can’t say yes to other demands.
Thank in advance to your reply .
See you

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im sorry its my first time to quiz and please teach me more lesson about how to speak english properly. thankyou

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    Hi, I am America Central, I need learn about how to speak english properly too. SO, We can practice with writting if you want. thank you

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    hi gelai

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    hi gelai,you can join us for some conversation on whats app or skype if you want.best of luck

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Thank you Ronnie, your lesson is very useful, Those often use all situation. I love it but I should practice more for speaking.

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Hi Ronnie , Nice lesson… Thank you

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Thank you, Ronnie ^^
I had a good lesson.

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Nice Lesson,

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Hi Ronnie, Thank you for your lessons.
“Too much” is negative?? and “I love you too much”?? is negative too?

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    i think too much is talk about the bad thing. if you say ” i love you too much ” it means ” i shouldn’t love you like that” and ” i love you so much ” is a good thing. :D

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As usually you are the best teacher ever

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    I agree with you man.

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Thank you Ronnie very nice lesson

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Ok, I’ve done. It’s all over.
Thanks a lot for your lesson.

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you are the best teacher!

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thank you!!it was so clear and easy to learn!! you are a great teacher)!

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Nice, Thanks!


Really nice leasson and i enjoed it well

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Thank you, Ronnie!
Hello, everybody. I don’t have practice in speaking. If you have the same problem, add me to skype: romka198810. We will talk.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie for this great lesson

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Thank you so much, teacher! I have learned interesting expressions with ‘over’ word. :) See you, then.

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Thank you Ronnie ….

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Hi, Ronnie!
Firstly, Thanks for this Lesson.
I have a question for you.
You told OVER is negative.
Can I say : “I did not overstudy for my English test last week, but i got overscore (too much score)” ?
Is there this word? (overscore)

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    Hi, Ronnie:)
    I still don’t understand that “overfriendly”, the meaning is like a guys too friendly too bad?

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      “Over” is always no good, that’s what she said ;-)

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Thank for the another good lesson Ronnie!

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Game over the video?

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Hi Ronnie! Thanks for this video, phrasal verbs are important to learn because they are used on daily conversations.

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Thanks Ronnie. It was really helpful

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Nice topic to learn.

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thanks very usuful!

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Thank you
It’s a good lesson

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    hey, can we take a conversation because i want to speak english fastly

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I’m over studying English….

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Hi …Thank you for this lesson

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Thanks your easy lesson, I hope more lessons for beginner

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from where i will get result after exam.

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i got 9. I will see and study more your video because it was very great and really useful for me. Thanks Ronnie. You a good teacher.

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Hello! teacher Ronnie, please, could you “hit us”(give us) a new lesson about how we use (Y) in writing?? example:
you write (in your mother language) : I studied English. (Here you take out “Y” and put IED), but there are some examples that this rule does not work, like( to play: I played footbal). I hope i was able to explain your guys my request, and thank you a lot, have a good day, see you.

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Thank you very much Ronnie!!
Nice to hear your Spanish accent ;)

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I love the way how you teach Ronnie,

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Thanks a lot for your lesson. I like your teaching style.

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thnak u for the lesson

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Greate style of teaching!

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thank you. so if someone want to practice english just add me on skype “batl.1” . good luck *

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10/10 I really enjoyed your lesson. Thanks Ronnie!

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woww… thank you… I know how to use “over”…

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hi ronnie excuses moi je suis débutante donc je trouve que u vas un peu fort

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Thanks ,Ronnie

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Hi Ronnie! Great lesson. Thanks a lot!

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i think video is very interesting becouse i learn to uses the expressions with over.

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Thanks, Ronnie.

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Thank, Ms Ronnie that help me a lot

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Ronnie, you are very sunny person! I do appreciate you lessons. I hope you will keep on making them. I wish you the very best!

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What about “over there” and “over night”. I think theese phrasal verbs do not mean “too” and do not have negative meaninds. Is’t it?

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thank you a lot , you are so cute
I always love your lesson

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9/10 Thanks Ronnie :)

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Great phrasal verbs Ronnie!
I’m well enough over English.

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hii ronnie…how to pronounce letter G and I I having a trouble with these letters and always make mistakes when I try to read the words containing these letters …so please please give me a help

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Thanks so much, I got 10 right answers. It was all over.

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I got 10 right answers. It was all over. Thank you very much.

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I love the lesson. Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you was over amazing :)

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Hi Ronnie , Nice lesson… Thank you

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Thank you, Ronnie! As always – very interesting, informative and useful!

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this is a useful leason! thank you so much!

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Thank you good lesson

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Hi Ronnie!
Would you be so kind to explain the word “set”?
I have found lots of meanings so it’s over my head now :(

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Thank you really good class.

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Ronnie this is the score I got on Evey phrasal verbs on engvid

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson!

It’s a pity it was over so quickly.

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HI Friends
i am very much weak in english
i wanted to improve my speacking skill as well as grammar.
if any body interest please connect with skype
my Skype is npkirankumarkoneru

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Ronnie , you are over reacting …

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10/10 i dont know how:)
thank you Ronnie!!!

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Thank you very much, Ronnie.
Your lessen is very very fun.

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Funny <3 love your lessons !!!

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Thanks Ronnie.
this lesson very useful for me

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10/10. Not bad for the beginning :). Thanks

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Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for this useful lesson!

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Thankyou Ronnie

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Wow, this place is literaly overcrowded (but this is a good thing, I suppose). :)

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thank you its nice…….

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Ronnie it’s a quite useful lesson. I used to be confused in over all the time.

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Thanks Ronnie! You always know how to attract me to your lessons.

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Thank you :)
But what about “overlooked”? Is that means that someone or something was shown to many times, to often?

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Thank you!

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Great, it’s very useful, Thanks

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i got 10 out of 10 . thanks for the info.

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Great lesson Ronnie…as always.
You are the best!!

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Hello Ronnie,
Nice lesson.
Thank you

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Hello, Ronnie! Thanks a lot for all your lessons! I love it! In the quiz (i gues) i found small mistake :) 7. Why Peter could possibly love Cindy, especially after she cheated on him, is ________. (it’s ________.) Am i right?

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    Ronnie still the best – she is my favorite teacher!
    But Ronnie please, reply to Mr. Bianev is that really seems like a mistake of “is over my head” or “it is over my head”?

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Thank you Ronnie

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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i like the way you teach. miss ronnie :)

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i like the way you teach.:)

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Hi Ronnie,

Got 10 out of 10, Thank you.

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Thanks for the lesson!!!

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Thank yo Ronnie :)

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Thank you Ronnie :)

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Thank you so much Ronnie. I am a beginner of this site. Your lesson today is very good. I have never known over mean too much or too many, and over my head means don’t understand. I learnt a lot today. Thank you.

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Thank you teacher Ronnie for teaching us I like the way you explain the lesson because the other teacher did not giving an example for the lesson

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This lesson is very useful.

Thanks Ronnie.

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Hey Ronnie

Please I have an exam after 22 days..
Can you put for me an intensive course grammer ..
Because I have a proplem with garmmer..
Second thing can you explain between tow this grammer because I’m confuced


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this lesson was usefull a lot!!!
thanks ronnie, you are a amazing teacher i´ve never seen before. thanks a lot!!!

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Thanks, Ronny. Your lesson is good!

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90% I got

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thank you for a good lesson)
i got 100%

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Ronnie, you´re SUPER. Super fun, super funny and you got a super sense of humor… so easy to learn from interisting people. Thank you for being so you.

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-We’re averbooked!
-Hm you have too many books?

Great lesson teacher, I love how you teach English, you are funny :D

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Thank You.

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Thank you, you aré THE BEST

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Hi thank you so much !I am understand so much

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I like your lessons because you are overreact in teaching students!

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thank you ^^

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Hi Ronnie. You my favourite one. Your classes are super memorable. I mean easy to memorize. Thank you thank you thank you!

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hi roonie, sorry about the quiz, you are the best teacher in the world

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Thank U Ronnie for this amazing lesson…i have learnt a lot.

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Profile photo of Laurentdanaud Laurentdanaud

Excelent lesson!!! Ronnie is very funny. It is my first time here. greetings from Peru. :)

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thank you very much it is very useful lessons

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Thank you Teacher!

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Good lesson teacher, I have a few vocabulary, her lessons help me a lot.

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Very useful lesson , and great teaching method ,

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Thank you teacher… you make my english better… Love ya S2…

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excellent lesson! thank you!

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thank you! nice!!!!

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Thank you, dear Ronnie) useful lesson)

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over my head

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    It’s Over React.

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Great. Thanks for this leasson. It was very useful

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thank you Ronie, very important lesson =D

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I love it

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thank you ronnii

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Thanks alot ❤️

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Thank you ronnie

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Thank you so much, you are helping me a lot!

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thank you

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thank you :D

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Dear Ronnie,

I am very happy that I found an English teacher like you. You really help me to learn English. Thank you very much, Ronnie.

Best regards,
Nenzi – Indonesia

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Thank you so much, very good explanation.

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really fantastic ^^

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Thank you Ronnie, it was another good lesson. You are my favorite teacher, I really enjoy your lessons, they are so fun and useful at the same time :)

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Hi!! Ronnie pleas if you don’t mind help me i over my head for some Phrasal verb so if you can
what mean (cheer down / take off / fit up/down.. etc)
thank’s alot for this useful lesson

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Thank you for the lesson, i like it!

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thank you

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you’re the best

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thanks :)

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thank you very much i like this lesson in second lessening

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Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Got 10 out of 10 Ronnie 😇😇😇. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Hi Ronnie.
I overuse my cellphone to take your nice lessons. Thanks to you my cell will be broken sooner than average lol.

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I’ve got 10 correct answers. This lesson is really useful. Thank you so much.

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tnq Ronnie…..have a good day…:)

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why i chose the correct answer but the result is not same i chose?

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i didn’t like th subtitle in fresh it is disturbing

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it is easy. u done a good job but i can not perform as expectation.

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thanks Ronnia ..
What about “overcoming” ?

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Thanks Ronnie! You are great!

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hello ronnie its really helpful thanks for your lesson :)

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Hello Ronnie you’re the best teacher I ever had, you have really helped me to talk and write in english with more confidence , thank you so much I really love you😀 I home I can meet you one day.

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i love your lesson

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thanks ronnie mam,
can somebody help me for improve my speaking,

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thanks for lessons)

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i got 8 of 10 at dat quiz Lol :)

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hi ronnie i have ask you when we use in and on thank you………

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how i keep remembering those phrases while seldom practising them ?

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thank you Ronnie :)

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Thank you! 9/10

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Soon cool

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I Got 90, thanks ronnie

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hi. Ronnie . she comes over my head it´s a lyric of a foursome called Interpol. and now I can understand. thanks a lot Ronnie

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Ronnie, thanks for this useful class. It has some new words.

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie
I invite you to visit Egypt

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I understood everything,:D

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Thank you Ronnie! Amazing teaching!!

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Thanks a ;of Roonie for your simplified way of teaching

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thank you very much..

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thank you sooo much madam Ronnie!
it helped a lot..

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It was great lesson.Thanks.

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can you please explain overwhelmed and where to use it?

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wow that’s cool

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hello mam
where we use over here and over there ???

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Hi Ronnie It was a good lesson

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Hi Ronnie…Where are you ?

Keep teaching us…Thanks…

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Ronnie you are best teacher in the world :D

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thank you Ronnie

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A good lesson!
I learned a lot of different words :)

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Hello, thanks Ronnie! On lesson… “Why Peter could possibly love Cindy, especially after she cheated on him, is over MY head”… It’s correct? Would not be “is over his head”? What does my head have to do with his action?

Profile photo of Lelemay Lelemay

    In Fact, she doesn’t love him because she cheated herself. This is my opinion.

    Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

      She doesn’t loves him.

      Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

Thank you Ronnie

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Ronnie, You are the best!

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

thank you great Ronnie

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thank Ronnie you are a best teacher for me

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thank you ronnie , you are vry nice . ciao from brooklyn ny

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    Profile photo of rosario lamberti rosario lamberti

You got 8 correct out of 10.

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It’s practising time. Sometimes I’m overreacting my kids’ behaviour, I want to be a patient and soft mommy. What should I do? Maybe you can talk an example. For example, they always overused iPad at the weekend, they watch an overplayed cartoon all day, even if they have seen it so many times. I will overreact when I see that. I think you should calm down now. It’s normal every family.

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It’s practising time. All of our families want to have a vocation on Japan this winter. But we have a problem now. What’s up? The aeroplane tickets have been overbooked one month ago. Maybe it’s a good thing. Why do say that? You will stay home so that you can’t overdraw your credit card.

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

Kids, please be careful, you’ll knock the little trees over. Mom, you find those trees have taken over our playground finally. Where did you get them? Yesterday , I came bach from the street, the GIFT STORE

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

Kids, please be careful, you’ll knock the little trees over. Mom, you find those trees have taken over our playground finally. Where did you get them? Yesterday, I came back from the street, I find those trees were overstocked.

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

This tutorial is so useful &
I’ve got 90 marks

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Thanks, Ronnie, you are a nice teacher. I had taught very much. I like gone to learn with your videos. From Colombia, send you a lot of kisses and hugs.

Profile photo of jprojasv jprojasv

I got 100% with flying color! Thanks madam

Profile photo of Kingsley Kunda Kingsley Kunda

Hi Ronnie, i did get a 100%. But most importantly, i really enjoy your method of teaching, it is very interesting and fun. Preparing for my IELTS test (General)soon in January. Wish me luck.

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Hi Ronnie, thanks for your good lesson.
you’re a great teacher and helpful :)

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