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Could you review question number 4 in the quiz?
Because I think that the answers don’t match the question.

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    Thanks for being our eyes and ears, Fatima! The mistake has been corrected. All the best to you.

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Hi Rebecca,
Could I ask you for correct question nr 4? There is a mistake should be “we” but is “you” I am correct?

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    Thank you so much for alerting us to that. The quiz has been corrected. I wish you all the best, Grzegorz Bak. Take care!

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Thanks Rebecca!
now I know when to use those words.

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Thanks to you Rebecca, I’ll try to be polite when I ask for Something.

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Got 09/10. Thank you Rebecca ! <3

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Dorood Rebecca, dorood means Hello in Persian. Question number 4 !!!!

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    مرحبا also hello in arabic

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Thank you Rebecca I didn’t know these things about can, could and may. also I want to ask you might is the same as could yes?

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I got 10 out of 10 😋😎

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Perfect. I am here.

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9/10 good!

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Which is the corret way to ask my teacher permission to go to the bathroom, I should use “Can I go to the bathroom” or “Could I go to the bathroom”, because once i asked my teacher “Can I go to the bathroom” and he aswered me “I don’t know can you?” and he explained me that using “can” it’s like I was question myself if I’m capable of do something.Is it right?

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    Yes, he is right. Asking someone with the words “can I” where you know you can do it sounds silly. My teacher once told me this that it is not correct to use can for permission. “May” is the preferable one to use..

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    Yes, “could” or “may” is better in this situation.
    Some teachers want students to use “can” for ability, and not for permission. In real life, you will hear people using all three, depending on how formal the situation is, as I have explained in the lesson. Take care, and all the best, Jismar.

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Thank you teacher

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nice teaching skills to use of can / could & may in general day to day use.


You’re a marvelous teacher.
Could you review the question number 4, please? I have a doubt.

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guess Im not the only one with question #4. if Im not mistaken the correcto answer is Could

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Yes the question number 4,I think it’s wrong

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    why you think that

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It really help me in mu study. This site is crucial to the students seeking for knowledge about grammar. Thank You!

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I got 9 correct out of 10. It was not bad.
The last question was challenging.

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Thank you Rebecca, it was very clear.

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Thank you my teacher. It has a little mistake in Q4 could be correct it as soon as possible.

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Thanks Rebecca, iI love the way you teach. Got 9 out of 10.

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thanks Rebicca

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thank you Rebecca for your lessons, I really benefit from it

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Thank you Rebecca .

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Apologies for the mistake in the quiz, which has now been corrected. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. All the best to each of you.

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Thank you Rebeca

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I got 8 correct out of 10.thanks for your help now i could use can/could and may

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Excellent lesson. Thank you, Rebeca.

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Thank you so much,Rebecca

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thank you

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Thank you very much, Rebecca. You explained to me very useful and necessary rules for each day. 10/10

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    Thank you kindly, Cosimomsc. I wish you continued progress and success.

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Hello Rebecca!

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I have done a good quiz with 10 correct answers. All the results of this quiz are right due to the teacher’s explanations. Thanks a lot teacher Rebecca because it was a very fun video class

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Thank you, Rebecca….!!

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Thank you.

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Thank you so much mam.

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I recommend you the number of the lesson be appeared in the title of the lesson, so their numbers only can be pointed out by teachers. Also searching them would be more easy.
Thank you

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Rebecca

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I have got 10/10, I’d like to say thank for Emma so much

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I got 10/10. Thank you, very well explained.

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Hei Rebecca i realy appriciate. But if you could help me with more explanation please, shall, should. Thank you.

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Thank your for your lesson !

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My dear teacher your teaching style is excellent and you deliver the lesson easily by using easy words and clear voice.

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    Thank you for your kind words, shahidraza. I wish you all the best with your English and your future.

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9/10. Thank you

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Thank you so much Rebecca!!

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Hi! Good lesson! I got 100%! Thank you!

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Thank you, Rebecca

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Thank you! I’ve got 10/10

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You the best teacher i ever seen

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100. Thank you!!


Thanks, Rebbeca Could you share us, more important tips and grammatical rules.

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Thanks miss .

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Thank you. I really learned this lesson

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excellent lesson!!!!

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thanks a lot

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your lecture said to use “i,we,they,he/she,if” for could. bt i think here u can use “you” with could.

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I learn a lot through this

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    Great to hear it, anishraza. Thanks! All the best to you.

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it is a benefit lesson

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Thank you I’ve got 8 out of 10

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Thank you


Thank so much learn me by online

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May i thank you? Please tell me!

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Thanks for the good one lesson

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Very Good.

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Great job

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thanks :)

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Thanks a lot

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thanks teacher!

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Thaaaaanks Mrs.Rabbica for the awesome lesson… I got 100 …

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Thanks Rebecca, it’s too easy way for learning

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Thank you teacher

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Thanks you Rebecca. It was very useful lesson.

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thanks Rebecca.

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9 over 10 thanks a lot

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Thank you Rebecca. Your lessons are just great.

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thank you, Rebecca!!

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It’s good topic and quiz.Thanks a lot

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thank you

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Thank you, 8/10

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Thank you for that lesson, everything was clear. ı know better than before how can ı use Can? Could? May? question ı got 100 :)

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Thank you very much Mrs Rebecca

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All corret.100/100👌 Thanks,Rebecca.

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Thanks for your hep Rebecca. You are the best teacher!

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    I agree

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Thank so much Rebecca 😊

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Got 10 of 10

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Hi Rebecca, could you please tell me wich is the difference between “it looks” and “it seems “? Thank you😊

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well done

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Thank You Rebecca
This is very clear and easy way explaining .

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Hi Rebecca,

May I Know how to speak fluently in english without hesitation while talking some times I start to think whatever I am telling this is grammetically correct or not due to that I am facing gap between sentence formation.

Thanks & Regards,
Pankaj kumar

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When you’re talking for a customer you should use the word “may” why on the number 10 the answer is could?

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This is an awesome lesson. Thank you so much!

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10 out of 10 :P

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I did not know the differences between these 3 words and how to use them.
Thanks Rebeca. It is importan for speaking in the appropriate way.

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I’ve got 9

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Thanks Rebecca it was a nice lesson

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I have got 9

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Thanks to each of you for sharing your comments and your experiences. I wish you all the best in improving and strengthening your English.

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Thanks a lot

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Hi Rebecca,
I’m a new learner, absolute beginner.
Thanks for your explanation about Can, Could and May.
I’m loving learning with you.
May I ask you at any time about my doubts?
Victor Ribeiro

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Thanks a lot for this lesson.
I have gotten 09/10. I got a clear concept about these three words.

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Hello ma’am.I got 6 out of 10 but i think i have clear these three words

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Thank you teacher.

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Thank you ever so much Ms. Rebecca.

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thank you, Rebecca! S2

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Hi Mrs: Rebecca
I like the simple way that you’re using to explain things!

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Thank you Rebecca..
I want to talk other friends to improve my english level. Is it possible?

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Thank you

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Hi Mrs.Rebecca,
Thanks for your nice teaching, looking forward to your new lessons in the future.

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Thank you so much.

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Thanks. In each video u are so clear and helpful.

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Thank you so much.

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I’m learning a lot thanks you.

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Hello mam i’ve got 6 out of 10 this is poor marks 😞

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Dear Rebecca madam,
You are my favorite teacher. In this class i got 10/10.your Way of teaching and presentation are 100% effective for every one..

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I got 10 out of 10,thank you so much teacher Rebecca.

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I got 10 out of 10. Thanks dear.

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It is so useful for me.

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Good lesson.

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I got 10 out of 10. You’re amazing Rebecca wish you all the best.

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i m new and i appreciate you

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10 out of 10

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8 out of 10
Thank you Rebecca.

I love your lessons :)

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Thank you for lessons

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10/10 – thanks to you guys!

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Thank you, Ma’am,

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got 8 out of 10
all thanks to you ma’am

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Thank you Rebecca for useful lesson


Hi Rebecca, I have a little bit problem with one word..hahaha..please can you write me how can I pronounce the word “certainly” please?. Thanks

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Thank you!!!

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Thank you professor, I am happy

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Haha 9/10 Not bad…
I like this

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    hello, where are you come from?

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I got perfect score, thank you very much professor.

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Thank you Rebecca👍

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Thank you Rebecca

I got 10/10

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Thank you, Teacher Rebecca, now I’m very good

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i have one mistake that not bad thank you rebecca

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Thank you,Teacher.

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I am new ,I appreciate the way of your teaching.Thank you.

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Your explain is very easy
Thank you

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Thanks rabecca dear it will really help me

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Thank you. You’re a great teacher.

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I really appreciate your lessons Rebecca, everyday I improve my English conversations skills. Thank you

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May they enter the audiotorium but may should be use in I,We only

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The way of your teaching is good,I like it.

Profile photo of Sandhya Suman Sandhya Suman

every time i score 9 in quiz .thanks for teaching me well.

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thank you

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yes 9/10 good

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Thanks Rebecca.

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Thank you so much Rebecca mam,
I learn to speak in English,your lesson are most helpful to me and Again say thanks to your and your organization.

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It’s good

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Thank you so much Rebecca

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Thank you , it’s really help me.

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thank you very much

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Thanks Rebecca. You are a special teacher

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Thanks Ms Rebecca for your lesson.
Sorry, I’m not happy for my bad answer (May you !!!)

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Thank you Rebecca. Now I’m totally understood how to use Can/Could and May.

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90 porcent.I hope learn more

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It’s very helpful. Sometimes, I was really confused with these expressions. Now, thanks to this lesson, it’s quiet clear for me. Many thanks, teacher Rebecca!

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The best way of learning English thanks ma’am…

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Thank you so much
I have never learned that point. (May just use for I and We)

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Thank you very much Rebecca.

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yeeeeee i get 9 of 10 score

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Profile photo of kaymankay kaymankay

Now,I know how can I get used (can,could,may).

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I got Ten score yeah. Hope I can improve my english better and increase vocab quickly

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I have always wondering about could and can but now I know the different ways to say can or could thanks a lot Rebecca I love you from Algeria

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Yes, i got 8/10 so i watched only 1 timetime 😁, and thiss the first for quiz in Engvid hahahaha.. Ummmm actually in some part of this video i cannot understand but i try to end, so and i want to hear and speak english excellent you can recommend thank you

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Thank you!

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Nice lesson ,it looks simply but really teaches something essential, now I know when to use more properly those 3 words …
Thank You Rebbeca !!

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I understood your class.
the way you teach this lesson made me feel comfortable
Thank you

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thank yoy

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Hi rebecca
Thank you. It was my first lesson.but i didn’t understand the order of lessons.could i ask you to explain it,please?

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Thanks alot it was my first time here, I had a great time, the way which is chosene for understanding people like me is graet

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Thank you!

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Thank you, and now, I can understand how to use “Can I, Could I,May I”.

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Very nice

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Thank you!
All the best

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I need to label a box on a Software Application page, where the Enduser is required to enter the ‘On or before’ date. Is it ok to label the box as “Required by”??. But it implies that it’s to enter a person’s name who requires something. Isn’t it? e.g. “Required by” – Roger?? please clarify and what would be the correct word(s) to label this box? Thank you.

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I got 10 to 10 :)

Thank you!
You are very nice.

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This is so much and helpful. Thanks a ton. I’m loving these lessons.

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    I meant this is so much helpful.

    Profile photo of Arieh Dorjee Arieh Dorjee

Thank you so much Rebecca! I had fun learning!

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Thank you dear Rebecca

Profile photo of tebyan tebyan

Ohh! That’s an interesting lesson I learned. We also use “May, I come in Sir” in our classroom & interview. Thank you, Mam.

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This video is very nice.Thank you.

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This is helpful for me.

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hi, everyone.

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i would like to thank the teacher rebecca.

Profile photo of kevinngena kevinngena

so helpful way to teaching, I liked

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Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for the lesson.
Could you please clarify which is the correct way of saying: Can I help you wash the dishes? or Can I help you to wash the dishes? Are the both correct?
Thank you again!

Profile photo of Gala77 Gala77

Thanks Rebecca!
so helpful way to teaching, I liked

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Thank you so much you teach good….

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Thank you very much Rebecca. I am very grateful to you for your follow-up. I benefited a lot. This is the first video I watched. By the way, I got 80% in the quiz. Your encouragement.

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Your lesson helps me alot!

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Teacher you’re the best teacher, good job.

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9/10, thank you!

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I got 90/ 100
Thanks for your help by this lesson.

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100/100. Thanks!

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I love your lessons

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good ilike

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Hello, Rebecca. I believe that you’re a great teacher. thank you so much for you information and experience.

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9/10. Thankyou and Godbless.

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Thank you, it was useful

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Thank you very much

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Could you check question number 6 please, i answer may i but in the result is written could i
Thank you , you’re the best teacher

Profile photo of ijal ijal

Hundred percent is correct again, thanks!
Now, I have mastered the use of “could” in this content.

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Good afternoon,mam.I am an admirer of your brilliant teaching of English grammar along with being a serious learner of the language you are teaching.Will you kindly explain the answer of the question no.9?Thanking you.

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Thank you very much Rebecca

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Thank you mam for your wonderful lesson.I improve my english daily.you are explained very cleary.It’s so useful.Can I speak English with great fluency.

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you Rebecca for being an extraordinaire teacher. I scored 10

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Thank you Rebecca!

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Great lesson Rebecca, as usual! thanks from Argentina

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Great lesson, thank you 😊

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thank you so much

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I realy love your way of teaching, and love how you always smile.
Thank you very much for your great lessons on engvid.com.

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Thanks Madame Rebecca, I’m proud of you.something have been added in my me.

Profile photo of Ambe Derick Ambe Derick

this is a wanderfull lesson. i’hv one qustion here. may i’ve some orange juice? replying negatively [i’m afraid we’re all out. why afraid use here i didn’t get it?

Profile photo of Fariaalrahman Fariaalrahman

for asking qustion politely in english we use may i\can i/could i.wee can use can and could to all of the pronounce except may.we use may only with ‘i’ or we. these are two way to use ‘may’.that’s all i got..

Profile photo of Fariaalrahman Fariaalrahman
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