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Hey Emma !I liked this…..it’s too interesting…thanks a lot for this lesson….

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    it’s too interestin. thanks a lot

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    thanks emma mam,and alison

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    If you find a person for improving your english skill you can contact me on skype as ”ellezam”

    Thank you so much :)

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I love this lesson …I love my life ….I love everything …I just love “OF” ….love is love ….and I should love this word

Profile photo of royarezaee royarezaee

    ;-; You love the word “OF” maybe in the future… YOU WILL MARRY THIS WORD!!! XD
    Sorry, it just a joke don’t care about it! :3

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10/10 in quiz….

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I got 10 correct out of 10.
OF=pronounce every where = a
this is important

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40/10 😕 What should I do if my ears heard “ov” instead of “a” ☺ Nice lesson. Needs more and more such lessons. Emma , you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you million . <3 You.

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    Clean your up ears 👂

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thank you Emma

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Thank you, Emma.

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thank you Emma 10/10

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Your appearance and teaching are simple I like that ;)

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10/10 This lesson it was important, to someone like mine who as difficulties hearing

Profile photo of quesney Jacqueline quesney Jacqueline

Hi Emma! Simple but really hard. Mostly because I’ve been mispronouncing of many many years. Actually I’ve not been pronouncing of like ov but like off.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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10|10 Thank you Emma

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thank you Emma!

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Thank you Emma! I’ve never thought of this tricky pronunciation!

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Thanks Emma!!

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Interesting and amazing thanks all the best for you

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Thank you very much, Emma….!!

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Thanks Emma, this lesson was easy…

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Thanks Emma, I like the way you teach.

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Talking about Of.
I brushed off the dust ‘from’ my shoes.
Cout it be:
I brushed off the dust ‘of’ my shoes. ¿?

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Hi Emma, thank you for this video.9/10

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Thanks very much! I am Bulgarian and already learn with your lessons. They are useful and easy then others lessons. You are grate teachers!

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Tanks Emma.

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Great lesson.Thanks.

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Thank You Emma

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This quiz was a piece of cake

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10/10. Thank you Emma.

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i have learnt englaish recentlly .think you .your wonderfull.

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Thank you Emma :)

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10/10 Thank you Emma

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This is my first time here. I liked it! Thank you very much!

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I like

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Thank you

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What a catch!

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thank you i got 10

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Wow! Great!!

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Thanks Emma. 10/10

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I like this lesson and my score 10/10,Thank you Emma!

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Hi, Emma.
First of all, please forgive me for the long text, but I’ll try to make my point as briefly as I can.
In the lesson, I agree with everything you’d explained, even thinking that the situation with vowel sounds was not explored.
But, in the Quiz, the question:
How would you say the following sentence?
“Snap out of it.”
I used the advice:
“After you choose the correct answer, say the sentence out loud to practice pronunciation”
and I thought the correct answer was:
“Snap out ov it.”
Then I see that the expect answer was:
“Snap outta it.”
So I must add that I think this answer doesn’t consider the linking I think it’s correct to assume, in cases like this. In other words, I think the lesson and quiz should consider (even not mentioning it), the differences when the next sound is a vowel or a consonant sound, when we pronounce the “ov”.
And I ask you: could you please, comment this?
Thank you very much for all the good lessons in EngVid.
Best regards.

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On no, I have failed 😭😭

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I have to study harder 🤗

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Well, I got 💯 % on my second chance 🤭

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I have to confess, It’s hard to ´´unlearn the learned´´ I am so used to say a lot of, However your lesson is so usefull, I just have to practicing.

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Thanks, wonderfull class!

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    Hi From Mexico.
    would you like to practice English with me?

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Thank you Emma

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Hi Emma, thanks a lot. I am new here and I like it

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10/10 thanks alot

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Thanks Emma

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Thank you ,we are together


thank you, my dear teacher.

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10/10 thanks dear!

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Nice video, excellent content.


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I agree with you and you’re right when you say “the prime minister of Canada is handsome” thank you, Emma.

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Thanks. 10

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Thanks. 10/10

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thank you Emmma

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Thank you Emma. You are good at teaching.

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thank you very much Emma

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I got 10/10, excellent lessons..Thank you Emma

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Hi, Emma. Your explanation was amazing. I really love your lessons, because they are always simple and useful. Thank you so much!

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Hy everybody! I love to learn English but I haven’t anyone to talk to in English. If there is someone who wants to talk to me on WhatsApp my phone is 0040772164194.
I’m from Romania.

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Thanks Emma. You are an excellent teacher.

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Thank you Emma

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Hello how can I write and read English through you, teacher

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I have got 10/10 so thank you teacher i love u

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Hello,Emma,I found your class so interesting,But I’m a Chinese student who can’t open the Video on Youtobe,Could you please give a download link for us to take it,such as “baiduyun”,I would appreciate it if you could do it for me,you devoted fan.

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Thank you. 10/10

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks, Emma

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Thanks emma :)

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I’ve always spoken “ov”. Thanks for the tip, Emma.

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Thank you for the video. But It seems difficult to practice as a non native speaker.I prefer to pronounce OV

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Thanks, I love your pronunciation. It’s so clear that I can easily follow.

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thanks emma

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wow for these secrets a(=of) English conversation. It is equivalent to have conversation practicing for years to get know that

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Very nice tip!!! =]

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Emma, I like your class 100%.

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Thanks Emma!!! 10|10

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Thank you so mush Emma.



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thanks so much…I got it 100

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Thank you Emma.”it was piece of cake”

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Thank you Emma. I like your class

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Thank you, Emma! You are the best teacher of pronunciation for me! It was easy, 100% :)

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Thank you,Emma

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Thanks Emma

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thank you Emma

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Much thanks Emma

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I’ve made 11/10. Thank you, Emma. Great lesson.

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Thanks emma

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Thanks emma

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Dear Beloved Professor Emma,
This lesson is great lesson and very practical.

1. It seems to be easy to change the Pronunciation from ( of, eV,) to ( a) but it is not so. That is why your lesson requires quite a lot of practice. DEAR PROFESSOR EMMA PLS PREPARR LESSON TWO ABOUT THIS ISSUE. Kindly let us ( the students) follow your smooth pronunciation. There are two difficulties ( a) is not the same sound in English and in my mother tune. Then as you said OF pronunced ( a) has to be unstressed and pronunced in lower pitch.

2. You did not say how to say properly special cases.

” I have an apple of Albanian origin ”
(… A P l a A L banan)
How to say it correctly?

I know that my teacher Emma do no like to write in comment. Perhaps the team of engvid.com platform transfer my request to my admired Professor Emma ( another lesson) and on behalf of Professor Emma answer how to proceed pronunciation when ending ( a) meets ( a) in the next word.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

    I cannot understand why my comment is waiting so long for engvid approval. Strange!
    My questions are in line with the content of the Professors’ Emma lesson. If my English is not correct it is not a big trouble to moderate it.

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i like teacher thanks

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Thanks Emma!

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10/10 Thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma

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Thank you million

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Thanks very much teacher

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Very usefull
lesson! Great teacher! Simple and efficient!

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thanks a lot emma!

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Thanks you, dear emma

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New to this website. I love English

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I got 10/10
it’s an interesting lesson ..it seems to be simple, but it isn’t so..

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That is the first time of know that , Thank u 💜

Profile photo of Layan . Layan .

That a great explainations!!

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thank you Emma!.

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5/10 I didn’t understand when read “of” is “a” or “ov” :(

Profile photo of Baoq2015 Baoq2015

    It OF sounds A, just replace it!

    Profile photo of noemisud noemisud

Thank you Emma

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This’s very interesting, i enjoy it

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Thank u Emma. I really enjoy it..

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Thanks a lot!

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It,s very good

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thanks so much

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The section is simple,but is easy to learn. Ths Amma

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thank u teache me English learn

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I got 10 points~~~
It’s importanta pronounce from native speaker

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Thank you so much Emma…

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I got 10 outta 10, thank you so much for your lesson. It’s very useful for me.

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I got D!
That’s very nice-a you!!!

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Awesome, I got 10 out of 10. Thank you

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thank you so much for your lessons

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yes, i did it

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Thank you!
Straight lesson

Profile photo of fabio jose de assis ramalho fabio jose de assis ramalho

I really enjoyed the lesson, it helped me a lot.Thank you Emma.

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thanks Emma 10/10 but I need someone to correct me when pronouncing

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Thankd Emma.

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Thank you Emma. You teach me a lot off pronunciation.

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Useful lesson, Thanks for sharing.

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It’s a very helpful class. Thanks Emma.

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Thanks! Nice a tip

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Excellent test, I like, I need more practic thank teacher

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Thanks, Emma

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of = a

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confused this lesson.
got 20% first chance.
but got 90% second try.
Thanks Emma.

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I got a third try 100%.
I perpect undetstand this lesson!

Profile photo of Byeong jin Jo Byeong jin Jo

Hi, i always thing how a native people pronounces some word very quickly, it is so confuse for me. But, tks for this.

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How to say “Son of a bitch?”

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Thanks you very mach

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Thank you Ms. Emma.

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Thank you Emma

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I got 100 marks.

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