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you are the best from Envid. I watched all your videos and everything becomes simple with your explanations. Thank you.


    EngVid not EnVid


People turned away from Burger King when the manager said that the promoted burgers are sold out.


    haha haha


That was a great lesson. When I found out that you uploaded a new video. I saw it right away.


I really love Emma’s videos! She teaches so well! By the way, does anybody know what the difference between GET AWAY and RUN AWAY is? Thanks in advance.


Good lesson teacher

Azizi 11

I got it, 10/10! :D


Thanks a lot Emma!!!


This lesson is interesting by the subtles meaning we can learn.
Thank you Emma.


Ty engvid. Especially to you ma’am Emma.


Very good lesson. i love phrasal verbs. Got 10×10. Thanks.


Well to be honest still have not watched the video lesson but apparently I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be so productive Lesson as always.

It’s been so long since i’m on Engvid and believe me it’s great site for everyone improving their English.

Emma is one of my great teachers on Engvid.

Well I’ve got a question and it’s been bothering me since a while the question is below:
Why do native speaker sometimes go like “Tha”
I mean someone says and they go like “tha” in their conversion.

I hope Emma Ma’am will answer my query in case she notices it.

and last but not least wish you a very happy day ahead, Ma’am!

Have a happy reading to all people on Engvid!


A good Tutor.

Mansour Elsheikh

Thanks teacher to your informative lessons for vocabulary about word ” away”. I will try to take a quiz and i have passed the exam. I have learned “right away” a lot of words.


A very good lesson. I really did not know the meaning of some of those expressions. Thank you Emma!

John B

Thank you Emma. I got 8/10




Got 09. So useful lesson. Thank you Emma.


Thanks a lot Emma. You are a great teacher :)


Nice training, thanks Emma.


the lesson is very interesting. but I have a little bit confusing about turn away and fire away. Thank Emma so much

nguyen van long

    Turned away is like they can’t take you
    Fire away is like shoot, go ahead, ask me anything you want.

    Luan D

    Fire away: asking me Questions

    Mamadou Alpha DIALLO

Thanks Emma! Goog topic.


Hello! Could I use run away meaning that a person is not doing what they have to do? As in this example: ‘She’s always running away from her responsibilities’


    I don’t think this would be appropriate to use ‘run away’ in this meaning. I’d rather use ‘evade’ to mean the same.

    Khalid Saeed Khan

      According Cambridge Dictionary ‘to run away from one’s responsibilities is correct.

      Khalid Saeed Khan

i had all correct answers, thank you Emma.

ann ann

I need feienf to help me in teaching english…..follow my fb. Rustam xsm so we can learn english together…or make gruop “english learners”. Thank you for mrs. Emma your explainarion is easy to understand

Rustam xsm

Me too i had all correct. Thank you mrs. Emma.

Rustam xsm

Thank you,

Yunita Stemicima Iba

Hi Emma,

thanks for your lesson. Really very interesting and helpful.

Could you tell me please, if the Word AWAY is an adverb or an adjective in the sentence :

I´am away from the office until next week.

I cannot figure it out.

And it is quite important to understand, remember and use correctly this Word.

Thank you very much.


Thank you

hala Ahmed906

Emma, how about the “take away”? Did you explain it? Thanks a lot.


Thank you Emma


i got 10,thank you.


Thank you….!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thank you Prof. Emma for a such good lesson.


Thanks i got 8 of 10


Thanks i got 8 out of 10


I got 8/10. Thanks. ^^


Today was my first day. I loved your lesson! Thank you Emma!

Daisy Serretti Amorim

I think that is the best English lesson channel on Youtube.

Fabio Kalimba

go away
run away
took away
fire away
turn away
right away
go away
move away

Practicing these new expressions right away!


thanks for good job, i got 8/10, it s really wonderful,
must of the words i didn’t know,


Looks like you did not cover the expressions TAKE AWAY and GIVE AWAY that apparently were also part of the lesson. Great session anyway!


Great lesson Emma, everyday i’m improvementing my english, thanks!


This lesson is so cool. Thank you Emma !!!


Emma was very grateful for the information

malek barzo yerdoghdi

I got 10 :D. I love your lesson. Keep it up.


useful lesson & amazing teacher


I got 6 only in quiz :(


wao, actually this videos gave me many knowleage to improve convesation in english. thank you Emma


I´m away at the next quiz


I’m glad of you Emma, according to me , your are the best Teacher. I’ve followed your courses from my Country and every Day, I improve my skill and I hope to acquire others.
thank Emma

Mamadou Alpha DIALLO

Thank you very much Teacher Emma. I really appreciate your efforts so much.


You’re the best, Emma!


Thanks Emma,I learnt at least one new expressions that I did not have clue of–“Fire Away, besides I always thought “gone away” as if one was not present and not that he or she was on vacation or leave. Thanks for making it known to me.

I am not a native English speaker, could you please guide as to how to be able to be a reasonably appropriate to start writing as writer to be able to earn. Do you have some sort of test devised to ascertain/judge if one was at the required level for that matter. Thanks Yousaf


Pretty good this lesson, igot 100 at the quizz


God bless you Emma, for teaching me to my understanding level, thank you so much for impacting your knowledge unto me and always encourage me to learn I really appreciate.

Rosemary Pomaa

Two years ago I moved away to USA. I missed my mom and sisters a lot!!

Maria Love

    good for you my friend/ I wish I could immigrate like you:)


Thank you Emma, I learned some English again.


I am really impressed by your style of teaching style. The way you explain with examples from everyday life is commendable.

Khalid Saeed Khan

Thanks Emma. I passed with flying colours.

Kingsley Kunda

Thank you very much Ms. Emma.


Tanks a lot Ms.Emma you’re my favorite teacher.


Fantastic i got 10 of 10 points.i’ll going to watch all your video right away.


    Congrats Ammy you have got 10 out of 10. I’ve read your About section, it was quite interesting. And I would like to mention that learning English is not rocket science. It is as simple as your native language, so never let it becomes your headache. All you need is consistency and you’ll find yourself better than before.

    All the best wishes.

    If you have any queries, feel free to ask.


its so good. tnx emma


Excellent explanation!!


I got 10 out of 10 wow!! thank you Emma for your lessons

Mohamed Raouf

I love your lessons. You are my favorite English Teacher.

Maripaz Maldonado

I got 100 points.
Today was fun and I learned a lot,Thanks

JD kim

Thank you ?
You are amazing teacher

Elena Lapshyna

9/10! Thanks, Emma! Phrase is my weakness in English studying. I need to learn it with Emma right away!

Jerry Gu

thanks Emma


I got 9 correct out of 10

Thanks Emma


It’s pleasant to listen to you


Thanks a lot Emma, you’re the most beautiful teacher in the whole world. Best regards.

Hasan Soledad

i did the test right away after i watched the video and i get 10/10.


I got the Quizz and I confess that helps me a lot.


Thank Emma so much

Mohammad hdm

What is the correct expression to say to people to go away forever? I mean to be gone forever?


Thank you Emma.
Today, I got 100% at Quiz.
You are Good teacher!


Thanks a lot!

Klaus Atipo

thanks. my point is 50


thanks you very much indeed

Omar Salim Shamte

7 /10
Thanks a lot Emma,hugs. (Kazakhstan, 29Sept2021)
This lesson makes my English skills better


Thanks a lot, Emma!(Azores Islands, 10Oct2021);


Thank you Emma, you’re really good teacher


80/100, Thanks Emma


I got 8 correct out of 10.


80/100 Thanks teacher Emma.

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