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Oh. I got 60 I am going to improve my English better thanks a lot for the valuable lesson madam

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I still don’t understand the usage of “at Christmas” yet.

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    We use the preposition “at” in this case, because Christmas is a festival. An example, if I talk about Halloween, I don’t use “on”, but “at” because Halloween is a festival too. We just use “on” when we talk about a day, for example, “On Valentine’s Day”. I hope I have help you, and excuse me for any mistake in my vocabulary :)

    Profile photo of Joshua Guimaraes Joshua Guimaraes

    Hi, my friend!! “at Christmas” we use when we want to refer to the “holiday” Example: we always travel at Christmas (Christmas time, during the Christmas holiday)
    And we use “on Christmas” when we want to refer to the “day” we say: on Monday for example..”we usually get together on Christmas (On Christmas day).

    I hope it helped you at least a little bit… Bye! :D

    Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

      Excellent explanation TiagoAmericoo! I bet you are an English teacher.

      Prepositions are always a headache for English language learners, aren´t they?

      That’s it for now! Have a great day!

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      Thanks so much for your simple & appropriate explanation! You helped me more then “a little bit”;).

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      Like is missing ;)

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    Christmas is festival DAY…so only we use ‘at’…

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      ‘ on Christmas ‘ as it’s a day ..

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    ‘ on Christmas ‘ as it’s a day ..

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thank u

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Thanks a lot!

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thank u tetchier gill

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    thank you, teacher girl

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Love it. Thank Gill!

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Brilliant Gill !!!

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Thanks for this lesson…I learned a lot…;)

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I have problems when i have to use “at”.

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Hi Gil! Thanks for this video, it was really intersting.

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Thanks for this great lesson Gill

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Thank you for the interesting lesson.I like it alot.
I’ve got 10/10.I’m really happy.
Thank you!^-^

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Hi, Gill. Thank you for the great lesson, which is really easy to figure out. I realised one thing about the difference between at and in. When we think

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Thanks a lot Gill!!Great lesson ;)

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I am sorry. I pressed the wrong botton.
When we think about the position of a certain thing, “at“ shows a more specific place than “in“.Moreover, “in the” shows something is in a spacious area. And then, we can find out the distinct defference between

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Everybody, here. I am terribly sorry again.

Let me leave my comment. We can find out the distinct difference when to use at or in as for the time of the day. That is, at shows a shorter period of a day while in the shows a certain amount of time.

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thank you

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thank you, it is so helpful


Thank you!

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Hi Gill,
Your experession was very clear, it’s easy to undertsand with you. thank you.

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Hello, Gill! How do you do? I loved your lesson! Although I finished my English course some years ago, it is always useful a review of prepositions, which are so confusing for foreigners like me. I also liked the explanation about the word “fortnight” (fourteen nights”). I knew the meaning but I had never thought that before. I have read some books of Jane Austen, and I like her. However, my favourite British writer is Charles Dickens, no doubt! By the way, I love your pronunciation and accent! It is very beautiful and intelligible. See you in the next lesson!

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Thank you!!! :)

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Yes, i can handle it thanks maam =

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This is an informative lesson, Well Done Gill

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very helpfull

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Thanks Gill for your lesson! It’s always a pleasure to listen you!

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    Hi Mary, I´m trying to pick up some French on the Internet. Any piece of advice on the learning of French?

    Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful day!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi Regino! You want to learn French, if I understand correctly! You can send me a message on marylou27120@gmail.com
      See you later!

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9/10 :) not bad :) I was really confused about this topic ..but now I learn how to use propositions thank you very much :)

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Great lesson, Gill. You made me remember the first sentences that I learned in English a long time ago, They were:*Yesterday was Friday. *Today is Saturday. and *Tomorrow will be Sunday. Thank you and goodbye!

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I didn’t undertand différence between forthnight and 2 weeks. In which cases I have to use them both?

Profile photo of Aliusfr Aliusfr

    forthnight = is 14 nights, 14 nights = 2 weeks, one week 7 nights.
    i hope you understand my english is not cool hahah

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thank you my teacher :)

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Nice Lesson, tks a lot

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Fortnight is new for me! Congratulations on your amazing class!

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It’s a good lesson to learn talk about time.what’s more,it’s easy to understand.thanks a lot.

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A wonderful lesson.thank u!

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that´s a great test!!!

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An inch of time cannot be bought with an inch of gold, and your lessons are as precious as gold.
Thanks a lot Jill.

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thank you for nice lesson


thank you

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of course 100:))

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Hello Ms.Gill
Thanks for your excellent videos!
The Quiz module in every lesson is an interesting thing to assess our understanding in the topics you teach.

I have a request for you.

Can you please make a video on Gerund and Infinitives in your style of a great video with examples and a quiz?

Looking forward for more of your videos.
Keeping rocking!

Thanks again!

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thanks. “a fortnight” is a new word for me

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Hey teacher , Thanks for your video , That’s Amazing , I like it .

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Hey teacher. Thanks for your video. That`s amazing. Good luck :)

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It’s easy to understand and learn this lesson.It’s also very useful,I get it,thank u!

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100You got 10 correct out of 10.
1. I will meet you _____ lunchtime.
in the
2. He likes to sleep _____ middle of the day.

This is really nice

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Thanks a lot for your lesson. I am gonna improve my english more better in future

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Thanks Gill, It was very useful.

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Thanks Gill!

Tonight I’m learning more how to use preposition with time and date. The subtleness of using “at” and “in the” with parts of a day is new to me.

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Thanks you Gill

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Thank you Madame for this lessons.you make me emprove my english

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It’s more useful to me
Thank you

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A wonderful lesson.thank you.

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thank you

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I got 80 :0

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I got 10 out of 10, hurray !

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I am happy!!! Only one mistake!!! jejeje Tks Teacher you are the best!!! 90 % :) I got 9 correct out of 10

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i always hear a fortnight in game of thrones now i get it :).
thank you

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    Maybe we should do a Game of Thrones lesson, lol.

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Thank you Gill ^_^

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Hello, you are the best teacher

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I got 100 :) Thx for teaching You’re the best

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    What is your name exactly? Kanyavee?? What language is it?

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    thalita. could you me text your facebook? ate logo

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thank you,teacher,i have learn from you video very lot.

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Thank you!

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I still do not understand the difference between TO NIGHT and TONIGHT. any help?

Profile photo of Rapok Rapok

    Hi Rapok — TONIGHT is always one word — meaning ‘this night’ (we don’t say ‘this night’, we always say ‘tonight’). I can’t think of an example where the words ‘to’ and ‘night’ would appear next to each other as two separate words. You can say ‘the night’, eg ‘the night is dark’, but ‘tonight’ is for examples such as ‘see you tonight’, ‘there’s a party tonight’, etc. I hope this helps :-)

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      thank you a lot

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great good i love it

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thank you so much.

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A very good lesson Madam. Thank you very much.

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Thanks so much

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Yay I got 100 thank for your lesson,It very usefull for not only me but for everone
Once again thank you so much

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still confusing to me use “At On In : (

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thank you for making me aware of at and in the preposition for time

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Thank you so much. I’m understand. :)))))

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I got 80 out of 100
I’ll improve
Thanks for this lesson :)

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    I got 80 out of 100 too !

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      thank you Ma’am…

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thank you,Gill
i understand

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Thanks gill, you’re such a great teacher

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Thanks for this lovely lesson

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I got 60 out of 100… thanks my teach Girl..

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    you are good i got 8/10

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Thank you very much for this lesson.

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Hello, I’m English student and you videos they are helping me a lot. Thanks

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thanks Gill, easy to understand your lesson..

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thank you

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it’s okay. since ecuador.facebook. ephrayn ghuaman

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Thanks Gill, I enjoyed the lesson!

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This teacher explain very very good, and I like her pronuntiation.

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Thanks Gill , great lesson .

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hello all i got just 8/10 thanks

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thanks a lot

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oh my gosh! its really i got 9 from this lesson . i hope i will gain one day so guys i will be keep doing regularly so i hope i will gain one day

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Thank you very much Gill, very good lesson!you are a fantastic teacher!

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Thanks for the video lesson, Gill. I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thanks for this lesson! I didn’t watched a lesson in the last mornig, but this morning I appreciated this video.

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Cheers Teacher!

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I got 100, thanks Gill

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thank you

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Thank’s Gill

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Thanks Gill , It’s very helpful

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Thanks Gill, I got 100, need to improve my English

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I like this lesson !
Thanks a lot !

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i got 70 point yeah ! , thank you for you miss ;)

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thanks you my teacher i got 9/10

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Thank you madam

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Thank you :) ıt’s very well.

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Thank you!

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Thank you


I got 70😞

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Thanks a lot Gill!!!! Where are you living? UK?

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Thank you so much, you are wonderful teacher.

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That’s good for me.Through the video I can get 90marks in the quiz.But I have a question want to ask,what is the different by using in and at for the daytime?Thanks

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Thank you

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thanks a bundle

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Very useful! And clear!

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Thanks for the lesson!
It was really helpful. I got 10 of 10 which means I understood your lesson very well. You are requested to keep it up.

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Thanks a lot. I scored 10/10

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7/10 thanks

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i got 7 correct out of 10
thank you so much

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Thanks a lot teacher ,,,,

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I have got 10/10

Profile photo of Ahmed abdelazim Ahmed abdelazim

I got 90 , thanks

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hi Gill i want to ask one questions how to spell the words fluently?

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Thank you teacher! I was an amazing lesson.

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I got 90 out of 100 and It’s very useful for me. Thank you Teacher.

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I got 90 thanks for this lession

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I GOT 80,…

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Thank you Gill, yours classes are very special for me. I got 10 out 10.

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Thanks Mrs Gill. I got 70/100.

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Uau I got 90, I’m só happy. Thank’s for this lesson.

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Oh yeah !!! I got 9, it’s really motivated i’m not an english native speaker so i’m sorry if i make some mistakes ^^.. please Gill can you give me some astuce to improve my english speak (if i can say that) ??

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I got 90 =D

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Oh, I got 80.

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Hello Gill. That was a very good lesson about time. I got 90. I wrong in the phrase with “daytime”. Thanks for the lesson :D

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thanks!very useful and eazy…but I got 8/10

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Thanks you Gill, my teacher! your lessons are very perfect. I’m very love them.

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Thanks a lot

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70 thanks

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Thankyou Gill.

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great Gill very easy to understand

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Thanks Mrs. Gill, very precise

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thank you. this lesson really help me.

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Thank you Gill, I liked your lesson… Very good to his explanation of the lesson .

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That you so much for this lesson!
I do like your lessons!!!

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i got 100 thanx alote really it usful course

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Thank you Gill!!
I got 10)))

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Thank you gill . I got 70 :)

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Thanks for such an important lesson !
but I’m literally confused about “Weekend”
Is it ‘At , In or On ‘ I know it be different from a country to another country ,I want it in the British English . Thanks again

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Thank you Gill, I like your lessons and you are the beast teacher…… I have had all my life.
I like you to come to my place for 3 or 6 months.
I’m sorry for this question!!


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    Excuse me Mr. Sep, but,do you really want to use the word “beast”, because she’s lovely and the best teacher ever.

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hello Gill, i like your courses i got 7 correct thank you

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10 / 10 thanks

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Thanks Mrs Gill, lovely work!

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Thank you , I Appreciate it!

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Thanks, 9/10

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I got 100 marks. Thank you teacher.

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thank you so much. u r teaching i understood very easy . thank u madam . i want your good student please update you more video.

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HO IT’S HARD 60/100


90/100. Thank you

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I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Gill!!! :)

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Thank you my dear teacher.

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almost finish Mrs.Gill’s lessons,thanks a lot to Gill for teaching valueable English knowledge and love Gill’s accent so much :}

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Hi Gil, Thanks for this very usefull lesson. My wife and me got 10 out to 10. We like your british accent.

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I got 100 Thank you so much Gill

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thanks you very much

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Thahks Gill <3 !

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thank you dear teacher .

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Thank you

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thanks lot teacher

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Thank You this lessons is very important

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I got 100 but i still want to improve it more.thanks

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9/10, this lesson is helpful for me.

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Thanks Gill…

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Thank Gill! You are great teacher!I love your lessons!

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Thans, I love your detail knowledge.
Sincere regards

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Something was new.Thanks.

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I got 90, thaks for this lesson.

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I got 100. Thanks Miss Gill

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thanks miss gill .
i got 80

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Thanks teacher!!
I have got 8.0, much better than I expected. I need to review the rules again….

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opps!I got 9.0, i loose 1.0 marks for a silly mistake. I’ve chosen to night instead of tonight.i loose the full marks due to that silly space.

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Thank u madam Gill.you gave such a clear explanation which will be very helpful to increase my knowledge.Thank u again.

Profile photo of mousumi@95 mousumi@95

Hi Gil,thank you for the useful lesson.
I love your pronunciation it is very clear and easy to understand. Last night I watched your vídeo about use the verb keep.I started to learn
English at 7:00 PM

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Yes!!! I have 100 :)

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I got 9/10! Thanks for the lesson! Very useful!

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i got 9 correct out of 10.
:)tks teacher

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Difficult subject for me, I’ll repeat it tomorrow.

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You got 9 correct out of 10. it is good

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easy to understand! Thanks a lot, madam!

Profile photo of Mary Cristina Mary Cristina

Please, explain something that I am not sure that I have understand it well. If today is Friday and I want to tell that something happened four days ago, the correct is “This happened last Monday” or “This happened this Monday”

Profile photo of Christ62 Christ62

    I’ve heard people use both, and it is very confusing. “Last Monday” could also mean 11 days ago (Monday of the previous week) and “this Monday” could also mean “this Monday coming up” (next week). You could also say “this past Monday”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks for your clarify.

Profile photo of Christ62 Christ62

hello friends,I got 90%,I need more practice,thank you teacher.

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Hi Gill

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useful lesson thanks Gill

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Very nice teacher!

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lol in the question they said ”fortnight” lol thats a game btw im a pro at it i won 13 games

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tks u

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This lesson without littering.

Profile photo of Serik Serik

Hi Dear teacher, Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks for this very useful great lesson. I get a lot from.

I have a question if you have time to give an answer.

You said ‘we use this Monday for this week and we use last Monday for last week. For example we are in the Thursday of this week right now but we have to talk about the Monday of this week. Do we have to say this Monday still? because the Monday of the this week passed. There is a confusion in my head it seems like we have to say last Monday because it’s been 3 days we have passed the Monday of this week.

So what do we need to say for the Monday of this week when we are in the Thursday of the this week.?

Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of dr.besir dr.besir

how do you do?
thank you to explain this matter i was confused about fortnight, after this lesson i didn’t now the mining.
eg: i will have a vacation in London for fortnight

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thanks a lot

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Thank you

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100% thank you Gill

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Thanks sweet dear

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Ye Ye, i got 10

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Mrs. Teacher is a pleasure to know in you method for the arch English, you have great ability to teach very good. Excellent teacher.

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Surprisingly, I got 90. I have always problem with
“at or in”. Thank you Gill

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I got 100, thanks Gill

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