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New effects. Nice.


    Thanks! Soon we will have engVid 3D!

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    Thank’s for guiding me in my test…

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    Thanks I enjoy the quiz..

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    This quiz is easy.

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Alex, could you please make a lesson about difference between JOB and WORK. Thanks.


    Hi Kasper! Work is a verb…(I work,she works,we work) , and Job is synonim of employment.


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Hi Alex, Good job


thanks a lot Alex!!! god bless you


tnx, very interesting.



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Thank you Alex! Goodluck!

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Thanks Alex for this easy lesson.


thanx so much ,very intresting lesson

mohammad qayyum


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thank for your lecture.

Alex makes me happy in english.

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thkx for this good job go on we wait the new thkx again


alex i really interest this leason and i like the way teach


alex im still confusin this words •This apple.
•That apple.
•These apples.
•Those apples

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    This and that are singular
    These and those are plural

    This can be used when you are near by persons or something.

    Example for this: You and your friend are sitting together and referring/looking some picture/photo and you are saying to your friend “see this picture is very nice”

    These can be used when you are near/very close by persons or something but it should be plural manner.

    Example for these: You and your friend are sitting together and referring/looking some pictures’/photos’ and you are saying to your friend “see these pictures’ are very nice”

    Now I’m giving an explanation about “that”

    Please read this scenario carefully:

    That can be used when something is far or you are ignoring something.

    Example for something far “That”:

    Just make an assumption you are walking on street with your girl friend and you are saying “see that rose is awesome”

    Example for something far “Those”:

    Just make an assumption you are walking on street with your girl friend and you are saying “see those roses’ are awesome”

    Note: When you are combing more than one rose you should say “those” and if it is only one rose then you should say “that”.

    Example for ignoring something “That”:

    If anyone giving chocolate to you for his/her birthday and you are saying I don’t want this “5 star” chocolate and I want that Diary milk chocolate.

    Hope you are perfect with these examples!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith(India)

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      very good.
      This and That are use to indicate singular
      -this:use when item or person is close by or in your hands.
      -that:when is away from you.
      These and Those are use to indicate plural;
      -these:items or peoples are close to you.
      -those:items or peoples are away from you.



      that are great examplos i do know if i wrote is correct to you because i am learning english together that website thanks for the tips.

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Very very good lesson

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hi,thanks for all your help.

noureen khurshedi

Thank you very much Alex !! you did a very good job..could you please make a lesson on would have, could have and should have..

Rummy Vasudeva

thanx Alex…

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    meraba, bu videoları nasıl izleyebiliriz bende açılmıyo videoyu göstermiyo yardımcı olabilir misin?

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hiiiiiiii alex u r amazing……..
u r gr8 teacher,its really help for me…
thankx a lot..


thanks for this session

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Good Day sir,
I m sorry. I haven’t rated this one cause i didn’t watch it. I am just collecting all the videos so i can i watch it later. sir i have one request can you pls upload video or mail me…..how to use “has/have been, would, could, can, has, have, do, does, did…in sentence coz sometime i really get confused when to use what depending on the situation. It will be of great help….Thanking you in anticipation.

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    good day sir
    i am deaf and mute . so i can i watch it later. sir i have one request can you pls upload video of mail me. how to use has /have, been ,would , could , do, does, did , this,that,these,those. it will be of great help .. thanking u very

    justin k j

thank you very much,Alex

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i get it all those things…
thanx Alex…..

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Hi Alex! Thanks for the lesson ;-)
May I ask you something?
How is right to say with the noun “days
like for example if I wanna say: I’ve been working hard these days
Is it right?
and another example the sentence “these couple days” – Does it sound wrong and english speakers don’t say like this?

Thanks ;-)


Thanx, alex, uor movies are very usefull =)


first of all , i want to thank you Alex for another great lesson . all right .
i’ve got a question for you .. why shouldn’t i say those boys are wearing a red hat??

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    Absolutely fine and please go-ahead!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith(India)

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Thank you so much for this lesson,
i get it every thing, It was useful lesson,Just keep it up .

i wish the best for you

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Thank you sit this example is very helpful.

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you are really great alex
pls continue like many classes

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It’s Great

Luong Van Ha

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Thank you so much…
This mv really helpful for my writing…


you did your great job, it is very useful to me
Venky – India


Thanks Alex about everything it is very good lessons


I am struggling with the five “w”s I would really like it if I had a lesson on it.


thanks Iam v. happy to hear u but where is Alain bye


hello , first of all I want to say hi to everyone here , because I’ am a new user here, and i want to thanks all teachers that did their best to teach people free on the internet..and for teh lessons it’s very important for somone who wants learn english fluently..finally i want to say that, i am going to pass my Toefl paper based next month and i need to comunicat with people who are interesting on toefl…good luck see you freinds

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This lesson is very fine to me. Thanks.

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Hello Alex! Your lessons are easy to learn, you are a very good teacher. Thank you.


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear vry nice…………………………………. i like thaz engvid


Hi Alex, thanks so much

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Respect the maximum.
Your are capable to explain my 4 important words in 5 min.
My lousy school teacher needed more than 2 years.

Thank you a lot!

Greetings fom
Thomas from Germany

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I am Naveed Khattak from Pakistan
I thanks a lot to the whole eng vid teams

Naveed khattal

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Thx :) Kisses from Poland :)

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thanks Alex
very nice, very simple, really you are the best teacher i listen to.


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Alex, it’s one of greatest classes that I ever seen, and I use to really confused with using those and ( this / these) but now it’s crystal clear, so Thanks again Alex, God bless u..

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very good. thanks Alex.


thank you very mush

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cool! thanks for this video, i like the way you teach and the way you speak. your accent is easy to understand

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pl.give instruction me.how to listen your lessen

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    Please focus your attention at him, remove fearness/Scareness and create confidence on you like you can do anything.

    I wanted to say one important thought to entire readers and especially for you.

    When you are something nervous or unconfidence please read below mentioned note:

    Scareness is the greatest weakness of success for human being so remove your fearness from your life and
    Create confidence on you like anything you can do it without objecting – Mohammed Shahith (India)

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith(India)

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Really…these video is very helpful to improve good english…From India

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This is my f***ing comment jejeje… Many thanks for this lesson. also thank you for those lesson that you gave me.

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Very good!

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Thanks, Alex.
from Mongolia.


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from jordan


Thanks Alex . nice lesson


Thanks Alex. too good.


Alex you are better than others teachers because
you speak slowly.Thanks a lot!


Thanks Alex for good lecture

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Thanks a lot guys you are amazing , I am planning to give my IELTS possibly next month , aiming at 7 in all modules , your teaching will really help me to achieve that.

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good job, your video can help improving my english course. thank you, alex


thank you very much,it was very helpuful,you are a good and nice teacher :)


hi,sir nice your program

satish gaurav



when i am watching program on tv and want to talk about someone in the program can i use this


hi Mr alex
how to answer this question
A: i`lost my books.
B: were did you lost (these/those) books


This teacher( Alex) is very very good.
Thanks so much!

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Hey Alex! Greetings from Germany!
First of all I wanted to mention that your explanation is just great! I always understand everything you say! But I’ve still a question about these, those, this and that. I talked to my friend from the US recently and we were talking on the phone ( if that matters ) about some topics and themes.
What shall I use in this case? ” Yeah I love this topic we are talking about right now ” ?
Or “that”? I mean.. a topic can’t be close to me or far away from me so I’m really confused about that. There are many words like that. Another one is “situation”. ” I don’t like “this?” situation ” ” I didn’t like “this?” situation “? I mean, the situation happened, but still, its neither close to me nor far away
Thank your alot for your help and your lessons!
I appreciate that alot!!


    With respect to phone conversation you and your friend are for away so better you can say Yeah, I love “that” topic because its too tragedy

    Please let me know if you have any question!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

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I’m liking this website. I am new here, thank you. I would like to learn more.


very good lesson



THAT was a good lesson.


Hi Alex, thanks for the video. I have a question about how to use “his, her, its, their, our and mine”, I know how to use most of them but for example when you say “That person was with his/her/its?? dog? when you don’t specify a gender, how do you know which of these 3 options you have to use? the same case happens when you use “anyone/someone/everybody/etc… Thank you!


Alex,couid you please make a lesson about parts of speech…


Good lesson but I would like to see my teacher in Avatar version.



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thank’s sir

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It’s very useful


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Nice lesson, thank u very much


thanks.. i took this lesson in my school today

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one mystake. I likely cannot read:) – incorrect no correct :)

EngVid dot com is pretty good engine for practising of skills:)


    or single mystake, the only mistake? Alex, which of these posibilities is a better?


      omg mistake in word mistake :D.. so just “mistake” :-))


really it’s easy,and nice. Thank very much alexs

bhanu teja

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i have got 5 out 6.

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is this correct?(one of these days)


Very easy. I liked!
Nice video.

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Thanks alot Mr.Alex…nice video

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I can’t understanding.Why the sentence: (These sunglasses are great!)is incorrect.(That boys is wearing a red hat.) is correct.


    Hi Angela,

    You are right. The sentence “These sunglasses are great” is correct, and “That boys is wearing a red hat” is incorrect. Does the quiz say something different?

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      Hi teacher can you tell me that where we can use “IT” because you said that this is used for near,and that is used for far. Reply me please

      Diyar khan

Sorry.I know where I went wrong.


Hi sir
First I like to say:Tashidelek!!! in my native langauge it’s mean’s greating. thank you very much!!! From Tibetan.


Thanks!!…..it can help me to improved my english..

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thanks so much Alex! this was very helpful.


simply great Mr.Alex

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hi Alex, you are a wonderful, you always did a good job. I appreciat it,Good bless you.

Soheir Hassan

    sorry, I made mistake, God bless you

    Soheir Hassan

haha so good (?) zz


thank you .. :)

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can u plz tell me how i can undrestant the last quation


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this lesson is very helpful to me!
thank you again


Really useful lesson ,thanks

God bless you

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could u help me?The goverment wants to…a new scheme to encourage people to start their own businesses.Which one i can put? Hand out, find out, try out or pass by.


thank you alex


nice,very great..thanks

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interesting….but your audio is mute i hear nothing..


i love to learn english because it is useful in communicating different people all over the world…thank your for making it…


It really helps.Thanks a lot!


It really helps. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Alex for the demo on this, that, etc. I am taking a grammar exam this Wed to complete my Tefl Certificate. Having left school age 14 & I’m now 53 I’m really struggling to understand, but working hard at it. Right now I’m studying past exam questions & trying to answer them. I am doing error corrections right now, I must write the sentence in the correct form & explain the rule I would describe to the student. The latter part of the question is giving me the most trouble. Can you please help me to understand how to explain the rules simply. I am in Granada right now, the students I’ve been practicing with are spanish. I firstly need to understand these rules or how can I possibly help speakers of another language to understand. Thats really difficult in a 4 week programme.
The immediate question is:
1. This box contains less oranges than that one.
2.The new book is gooder than the previous one.
3.The eggs are adding to the cake mixture.
4.If I were rich, I will buy a swimming pool.
Alex I have tried to correct 2 previous sentences & spent hours doing so. I dont think they are entirely correct but if I continue this way it will be next Wed. before I finish this sample paper. Would you please help me somewhat get a handle on the rules for the above 4 so that I can then go ahead & try to correct & explain rules for the next 6 questions myself. Many thanks. Hope I hear from you. I will be really appreciative of any help. Sandy (FRom Dublin Ireland)Go raibh maith agat.

sandra kelly

i think you should put more questions in quizes :)


thanks , u teach really nice



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thanks alex for learn about the grammer:-


It’s very helpful and a very good thing that you guys do for helping me in english.


Finally I understood these pronouns. Thank you, Alex. This site helps lots of people in the world to learn English in a easy and simple way. You and the EngVid team are doing an important social and educational work. Congratulations!!

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Great job, Alex. Best regards from Uruguay.


thats cool. thanks


Thank you, Alex. I wish to learn more! More power to Engvid :)


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Thank u very much
That all teachers of the world can not match with you & the others .. You are the best.

Shayma EL.

oh !!and you wrote That boy is wearing a red hat. wrong you wrote it with S (boys)check it out

Shayma EL.

Why we wrote (S) if it right??????

Shayma EL.


    Mr Alex is right but he forgot to mention apostrophe before s and please see my comments in below column. Hope this might help you!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith .KH

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Dear Teacher
When I do the quiz I chose the second sentence as correct one but when I checked the answers it was wrong and third one is the correct , but it is not the same while boy have s in the end!!While “this” is for single!! Can you please explain that to me?
Which sentence is incorrect?
These sunglasses are great!
This movie is boring.
That boys is wearing a red hat.
Those pants look good on you.
We must say “That boy,” because “that” is for single objects that are far away from us.



    You can say that boy but you can’t say that boys.

    For more details please refer my note on comment sections.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

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THIS VIDEO is very GOOD….ALex … Thanks.

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thanks a lot. I am confusing between these and there. What’s the different between them ???Thanks!


hello alex! you are a very good teacher. thanks a lot. may i ask why i can’t use the quiz? everytime i click the quiz box it is empty

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Hello Alex, Thank you man. Now I understand

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excelent.it explanation help me a lot can you send me simple examples for a kindergarden ???


thank you Sir, :)

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very nice lesson.

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Hallo Alex, why That “boys” is wearing a red hat.
Why the count noun boyS still using singular is instead of are ?



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I have result – 100 out of 100.

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This explanation is fine for with a knowledge of English; but I teach this to students with very little knowledge of English.


Hi! Alex.
Thank You.
(Those Boys are Wearing Red Hat) is correct!



    Yes, absolutely!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Shahith (India)

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you are a good instructor nd u have a smile face .. nice work nd thanks for all your hard work and dedication .. Hope To give us more lessons about grammer rules


hi alex sir you are really good


hi alex thanks good job


well done Mr Alex


hi alex you are’s way of teaching is simple and intresting

vikhil reddy

Thank you! :))


thankyou i want teach us when use the in spaking for example i go to the par ? but what is wrong when itell i go to the london? thanks


kindly make a lecture on would have been, did have and has had,plz plz plz plz plz plz??


thanks alex..

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Is more easy memorize with this draw, thanks!

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very authentic


you are very good thanks for u

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Very well explained thxx


It is a Good way of teaching beginners.
Thank you


very good alex..easly to understand..tank’s

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thank u sir your method of teaching is very goo0000d

Muhhamad Nasir ul Mulk

hi, alex.very good lesson.thanksssss…


Good morning,I been try to learn english for 20 year, I never speak right,I never read the right way, I never improve my the way suppose be, I am so frustrate,but most my pronunciation


What’s d part of speach of “that” plz?!
4instance that boy,Is it an adj??!


    It’s a pronoun or an adjective.

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what should I write now ‘I like those/that apples best of all? which one?

sadia islam

hi sadia islam we can say that apple if it is ( single and far away from us ) and we say this apple if it is ( single and close to us )and in the plural we say ( these apples / close to us ) and (those apples / far of us ) i hope that you understand the rule , thanks


very good……..!!!!!!


thank you very much sir
I’m beginning to learn English new


Hi Readers,

The quiz # 4 answer is incorrect because no apostrophe between boys example “boy’s”. If you want to bring this answer in right way you should write or say “That boy’s is wearing a red hat”.

Note: when you use the term boys, Womans and Childs it always express plural term only and if you wanted to say something in singular manner please place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession.
Note: Use the apostrophe to show possession whenever it’s required.

Warm regards,
Mohammed Shahith (India)

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thank you very much

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Avatar version.

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i got 100 out of 100


Hello Alex, Cauld you please explain me the uses of it and this (or that). I am always confusing between it and this (or that)


nice lesson i learned a lot from you! thank you very much alex! you’r great teacher, but why is it my score is only 83.33 i got only one mistake right? anyway that only a joke! hehehe…..


Hello,Mr alex you are so great ane i suggesion to yau that should teaching tha advance english. Thanks




thanks mr alwx


Thanks mr. Alex… You are very good teacher… I liked ”this” lesson so much.. I never forget it..

Victor Hugo

nice, is clear!


Thanks Sir Alex and to the engvid team.God bless you all for helping people.

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[…] Basic English Grammar – THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE · engVidIn this free grammar lesson, learn the difference between four common English words — this, that, these, and those. Perfect for beginners. […]

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Doing Everything Online

thanks.It realy helps.


yes it realy helps

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I still don’t get it. Can someone explain which of the demonstratives (this or that) I should use in the following phrase “for this/that purpose”?

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Those lessons are crazy


Good on you Alex.
Finally, I understood much better the difference with no confusions in the mind now.


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I have failed or I failed?
I think I have failed or I think I failed?


Thanks Mr Alex, for agood job i got u well although i failed one but i got u. this is near, That is fur and these are near but plulars and also those are fur which are more than one thanks Mr Alex.


Mr Alex, am extremly sorry but PLI!!!!!!!!! help me what can i do to leane spealings, That’s my big prob. advise me what can i do? u as a english teature thanks.


Hello, it’s a basic lesson and understable, but i have a question.
what’s the diference betwen ‘this’ and ‘these’ in pronuciation?


Thank you Alex,

It has been very clear.

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thank you Alex
Really you are great
i will watch you everyday .. Explain a very simple


i m not getting” Those pants look good on you”is correct but “That boys is wearing a red hat” isn,t.

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thank you Alex.

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Thanks alex this is Very useful to learn english well. I got 5 out of 6 questions u’ve made. Thanks a lot. I am enjoying this lesson.


thanks so much




Yes I did it!!!thanks alex… You’re a great teacher for me….Salamat!!


hello, Alex. sorry for asking that but could you explain the difference between “this/that” and “it”. i can’t differentiate such sentences as “this/that is you book” and “it is you book”. thanks in advance.
p.s. sorry for my mistakes


this is very simple way to speaking……tnqu alex


this is very simple and understandable lessons. thnx.


hi,alek i am very thankful you.before i ca,nt understand this,that words mean.how make i this words sentence? but now i quickley understand. plz more have, had, has,these words how can use.send me more vidoes.thnx again.


I need to download these lessons because they are really usefull

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thanks. these lessions are very nice.


Thanks for your support, guys! Keep the comments coming!

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tank you mr alex good job


Thank you Alex. This was a helpful lesson.

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he Alex! many thanks this lesson was helpful for me. leson was great. I have to tell you that for me very difficul to use would, could, and passive. can you give me some example.

have a lovely christmas and new year.


This explanation is nice


Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I was looking for. It became clear now :)


6/6… Thanks teacher!!!

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is it right? That boys is wearing a red hat./that – fof sing., /

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Hello Alex! I made a quiz and found a mistake there. An ex. number 4 has no right answers. All are wrong. Find out please!


Thank you very much for your lesson !

prem khati

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4. Which sentence is incorrect?
These sunglasses are great!
This movie is boring.
That boys is wearing a red hat.
Those pants look good on you.
We must say “That boy,” because “that” is for single objects that are far away from us.

It should be THAT BOY or THOSE BOYS, right?

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thanks all of you teachers actually Mr. alex but i want to know what is the corect answer for number for /It should be THAT BOY or THOSE BOYS, right?

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Can you please, create a video for the Slovak (Russian) people for proper pronunciation (sounds) and English intonation. I know that each culture has its own difficulties and things that they should to pay more attention than others.

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thanx so much ,very intresting lesson

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thanks a lot, nice lesson
take care

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This, that, these and those are demonstrative pronouns.
This is used when you are pointing at something near that is just singular.
That is when you are pointing something far and singular.
These is when you are pointing something near and plural.
Those,far and plural.
A friend of mine gave me a link for me to learn English even further.
Here: http://global.epiclanguage.com/ .
Try it.

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Hi Alex, please could you help me out? I don’t know how to use these or those in context of the sentence. For instance:

Sonny has many qualities worth recognizing, and the purpose of this letter is to point out two of [these/those] qualities.

There is any gramatic rule for apply in this kind of cases?

Thanks in advance

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Thank You Alex :)

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Alex, in the sentence number 4 is write: That boys is wearing a red hat. Is it correct? Because boys is plural. And it showed to me in the quiz, like correct answer.

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Thanks for the lesson. great.

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that boys or those boys?

4. Which sentence is incorrect?
These sunglasses are great!
This movie is boring.
That boys is wearing a red hat.
Those pants look good on you.
We must say “That boy,” because “that” is for single objects that are far away from us.

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Oh well the answer is correct…for incorrect sentence

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Thanks Alex For the test .. Would you mind if you made an video talks about Got And Get … i little bit confusing about this 2 thanks again .. God bless it’s very helpful to us your video …

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Thank you!

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Alex, can I say “This book in your hand is mine!”?

Because it is close to whom I speak? Or even in this situation, because it is far from me, I must use that?

Thank you very much!

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The best explanation ever! ty

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Excellent lesson and very useful.


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Hello, Alex! There is a mistake in your quiz question #2.
2. If one apple is far away from you, you say…
This apple.
These apples.
That apple.
Those apples.

The right variant of answers is 3, not 4.

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didn’t know it, thank you

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I got it.
Thank you!

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j’ai apprécié cette leçon. Souvent, je me trompe en utilisant these and those.
Merci Alex.

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Thank you for the upload of this video on – This, That, These and Those. Your video is very useful and very well explained…Well done!

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God bless.

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