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Many thanks for your wonderful course and training .Your accent is very good and I really enjoy the training. I really understood this part .


    We watch their website
    we follow theirs

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    Thanks alot my teacher

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This part is very important and most of teacher can not teach it correctly .But your explanation was wonderful


Hi, Thanks for the lesson, they are always useful and I like so much!
I am Brazilian and I’m a EngVid new student,
this website has been a blessing to my life
Thanks Again!
I would like to know, Can I say: this is my cat’s toy, this toy is its?
… Bye


    I have been studying in ENGVID from 4 years. But no learning website blessed me too much than ENGVID, Tiago.Thanks for those, whom created such a helpful and beneficial site.


AH, I signed up in the website, but I have never received the email from the site and I don’t have my account…
please, can you do anything to help me?


I would like to put my photo…


Hi Alex!! thank you for the lesson!!!!

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    hi lynnetran do you want to practice your english skills?? add me on skype: caiofederici. see ya!

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    hello, lynnetran..i love english.i wanna practice my èglish skills .we can make a friend.
    i always willing speaking english with your.

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    cool .skype


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Man what a great way of making complex stuff more easier and clear to understand. thanks a lot now i know them well ,you are the best


thanks alex!! very useful tip.

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thank u for this lesson

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your lesson so much! You do a great job!

But I have a question: in the question number 4 “Whose MP3 player did you borrow?”, why the answer is “his” not “her, their or my”? I think all above choices are correct for this question. Could you please give me an explanation. Thank you in advance, Alex.


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    Hi Muopmap,

    I’d like to answer to your Question.
    In the Q.no.4 the answer is ‘his’ why because is, we need pronoun for this question. But her, their and my are adjectives which followed by something.
    hope you understand


      Now, I got it. Thanks so much ^^, Navin!

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    hi muopmap!! u r vietnamese!!! me too :P so Im gonna type in viet…
    Subject là He, Adjective là His and then Pronoun là his also. ko có change như they –> their–> theirs
    she–> her–> hers…. mà pronoun thường đứng cuối câu ko có kèm theo something… nên fải có ‘s’ : hers, yours, theirs… so in the Question number 4 only 1 the correct answer: his …. okay??? hope u get it!!!! :)

    Lynne Tran

Salam Yes i understood this lesson really i am a good girl or no? Thank you very much


I scored 9 out of 10. I think it’s good for starting :)

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so nice


hi alex thanks

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Hi! Alex you are doing great job.i always learn a new thing. thanks.


hi alex,
thankyou very much you and engvid team.

rajeev gidwani

thanks for the lesson,it really helps me a lot!:)


I really liked this class. I`ve always learned something else. Thanks a lot Engvid!!!


Great Job!!! Alex…Keep it up.


Hi Alex!
A very very helpful and comprehensible. I thought it difficult and complicated from grammar but you expressed the possession in English very easily. Thanks a lot.


    But sir,
    Can you tell why their is no pronoun for the word ‘it’?

    Thanks for your reply.


      Hi engvideos,
      may I answer your question.Ususaly we mentioned non living being as ‘it’ (e.g. pen, book, chair etc.). So they can’t possess any thing with them.But we mentioned animals as ‘it’. so we could say ‘this bones belongs to it (DOG)’. But it not sounds good.


Thanks Alex, it really remind me the bacis English class, very very important.


Hi Alex this parts is very important for me ,but I don’t understant. Sorry for my english.

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teacher! can you tell me difirent betwen SO THAT/BECAUSE/IN ORDER IN/TO.THNKS


Thanks Alex , it really good lesson

Many thanks


The method of teaching of ms Vallin is excellent way and everybody and get it easily , I personally appreciate her for her excellency!


hi alex thank you for lesson and quiz my english is worse iwant lessons in talking and reading thank you


Thanks a lot guys for your lessons


thank you for the class i did better then befor

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Thanks a lot Alex. Now I am clear on Possessive Adjectives and Adverbs.


Alex thanks a lot.


i really enjoying ur lesson!


thanks teacher. i’ve got 9 out of 10.hmmm, not bad=)

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    where did you find the quiz?

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Thanks teacher, it was really good class :)


Well done! I will keep practice my english with you of engvd.com


Thanks Alex. It’s atractive!!


this channel is very good. when i am done with this channel, m hear will be filled with english grammar.

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thanks alot teacher


Thanks Alex , it really good lesson

Many thanks

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Thanks a lot.


hello sir Alex sir I am feeling very well now-e-days, because your lesson very good and your toungh is very soft.

abrar khan

really nice way of explaining English possession teacher you have awesome way of explaining my English problem


Many Thank! it’s very important !


Thanks alot teacher.

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where is the quiz?

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Nice lesson! Thank you!

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nice one

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alex you are the best……….:)


hi thanks for the lession.i was interresting your lession.you are the good teacher.


aha, i scored 10 out of 10! thanks Alex! i wanna improve my English speaking ability. any wanna have a voice chat should add me on Skype. My Skype id is ” waqas1st “.

waqas khan

We calls teacher in Indian language GURU and you are real GURU .


really I am understand


hi Alex thanks for this lesson

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thank u
……… now i can use these

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is it important to have “is” before the possessive adjective?


Honestly, engVid is one of the best free website everyone could get benifit from it…


tnx for teaching alex,your the one.

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Thank you :)





Thank you for this lesson. Excellent pronunciation. Have a nice day teacher Alex.

Yulimar Arteaga

Whose MP3 player did you borrow?

Why “His”? I think “Her” and “Their” are right answers too.

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to alexdobr if you back to video you will find that her ,their and my are adjective and also his but his used as adjective and pronoun so we used it but her in pronoun convert to hers so we can not used it i hope that answer is adequate

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very very helpfull thanks a lot.


thank u Sir.Alex..God bless you.

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thanks a lot Mr. Alex it was very useful for me .

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thank you a lot , it is nice


Thank u sir…


10 out of 10!)))
Your lessons is very good for repetition of English grammar!So much info in a shot time!It’s amazing!I use all of them in my life!
Thanks)))I’m your favorite fan!:)

Any Russia

Hi Alex,

Thank u so much


Thanks. Could you explain what is the differents between adjective and pronoun.

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Great Job !! I like your vidios very much :)

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Being a non-native teacher of English with university education in linguistics, was quite surprised to learn that a posessive pronoun “my” all of a sudden turned out to be an ajective, and an absolute form of a posessive pronoun, “mine”, turned out to be just a pronoun. No offense, but you might like to check this out: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/american-english/my?q=my, and, in case that’s not enough, this might come in handy as well: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/my?rskey=9gMMxb&result=2. I see that teaching non-natives doesn’t require any i-depth research, but a simple dictionary check from time to time won’t hurt. Best regards and good luck with your next plunge into English grammar


P.S. Sorry, got a bit carried away – “adjective”.


thanks alex for all your lessons but i want from you to help me to understand the lesson(a kind of a sentenses)


thanks alex i want to explaine (a kind of a sentences)




Thank you a lot, Alex !


excellent lesson

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final i have already understood over.i love this web page.thanks a lot .teacher is good

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thank you a lot,Alex!!!great lesson.


this is useful lesson I’ll keep in my mind thanks .

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Thank so much.

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thank you so much you are amazing teacher

have a nice day teacher alex


I don’t understand . I’m not complete the Quiz
I don’t how USe


This lecture is really helpful for me.

Very Thank you teacher.


Very usefull.My congratulations for your class.Thanks

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thank you for very much….

jannatul islam

Hi Alex,

I gone through quiz and i have a question from the quiz/objective?

Hope you answer quickly!
Question # 1:
Whose watch is this?

And the Ans is it’s hers

Question # 2:

Whose jacket is that?
It’s her jacket.

Why the answer is not same for both the question. It’s hers instead of It’s her Jacket and also why not It’s her watch instead of It’s her.

Warm Regards,
Mohammed Shahith

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Hi my teacher ,i really like your job .May god bless you .Amina from Algeria


tanks for every thing alex :)


    thanks … ;)


hi alex thank you very mach.


Thanks a lot Teachers.


Thanks. It’s useful for me.


Whose MP3 player did you borrow?

why the solution of the above question is his

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tanks alex
you t doing good job

rahul jain

you are really wonderful


Thank you for your english classes it is very good.

Mohammad Zaman mohsini

thanks u for lesson.


hi alex:
in quiz
Whose MP3 player did you borrow?
tell me why do we select on his , why do we dont select on her
pls benifit me
mshmsh from Egypt

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thank you

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many thanks

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thank you it is a wonderful lesson :)


you are my idol i don’t know what i what i would do without you thanks!!


what is the pronoun for it



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Dear Sir;

Thanks a lot for your lessons



Hello! Why the answer of the fist question is “It’s hers”??? Isn’i it “It’s her”? Thanks! ;)


    Ops…!!! Sorry!!! I’ve made a mistake! :P


You are absolutely outstanding teacher, you have fantastic gift to explain things.

Thank you

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thanks a lot Alex…i enjoyned with the quiz! really! jajajaja, i like your manner of teaching! God bless you!

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Thank you very much.

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hi alex thank you for the wonderful lesson i am clearly understood. i’ve like the way you taught everything was cleared. i’ve been watching engvid for 6 months i was really enjoyed


hello sir James how r u ……sir i am weak in reading and doing mistake in writing as wall sir please help me i will be thank full to ……………..


thanks, it is very helpful topic.


thank U very much

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thankyou for the activity it was very fun .


Thank you, now I finally understand it!!


Thank you

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thanks for this interesting lesson .. I’ve got 10/10 . :D learning english in engvid is a great thing ! <3

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thank you so much.

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2nd time, I got 90%, First time was 70%

thank for this lesson

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Thank you Alex. You’re best teacher


Now I know the answer for no.1,just a bit confused when I answered it.i realia lied when I do the no.3..I just wanna ask the no.6 I think letter a & c are the same answere,am I wright?


thanxxx alex for your great & easy English lesson. it’ll definatly help me to improve my english. i’ve score 9 out of 10 :)


Thanks :)
really useful :)

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thank you. I got 100. but I have question in qestion no.9. I confused between the answer no.2 and no.3. I think the two answers are correct.
could you explain which one is correct and why the other is not correct.

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wow 10 point for me because you are good teacher . thx


Thanks so much Alex
I will use this way to teach my class Possessive adjectives.

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Wow, 10/10! Thanks!

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Thank you very much!:)

Ágnes Hajnal

Back to Basics ! :D great !

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Thank you Alex!

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Dude, thank you. You’re the best English teacher in the internet I’ve ever had.


6 is good number?

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I got 10 of 10! Wow! :D Thank you very much for lesson!


hi thank you so much i now understand it perfectly!

sarah tedeku

hi thank you so much for the lesson.

sarah tedeku

wow ten over ten!

sarah tedeku

sooooooo nice :)


your lessons are very useful …

I learn a lot with you ever

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thanks you, i got 100 points, incredible!

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thank you so much!

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thanks alot !

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You really did it well! Thanks a lot.

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thanks a lot :)

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thank you…

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Thank you very much Alex!!! .. Great Job.

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alex. i am happy to be got 10 in your text.

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Thank you,

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Thank you very much Mr Alex for explaining the difference between possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.

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That’s perfect Alex. Thanks. Quiz_10/10

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Thanks Alex :)

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Thank you very much Alex. I don’t have more doubt about this theme.

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot – your explanation was excellent
take care

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10/10 ;)

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Thanks a lot.You teach so good.

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This is good lesson:)

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Very useful, thank you teacher ALex ^_^

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I got 100. Congratulation to me :D

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this is good lesson,thanks.

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Thank you soo much!.. I was always confuse because I didn’t know where to use “Their” and “Theirs”. Very clear. Thanks.

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thank you very much

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thanks very much.I cleared my doubts by this lesson.
good lesson

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Thank you!!

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Thank you

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hello , if somebody want to speak with me on skype please live the email address and I will add you :)
Im not so good but i want to improve my skills :)

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Good job :-)

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Thank you

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Thank you

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I not understand ansver for question 4th. Help me please

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10 out of 10 Thanks,great lesson!!!

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English is very very hard to me. or to korean.
is hard more than japanese and chinese.
because it is very different each other
i know ‘Nuance’ but i can’t explain it.
korean Isolated languge. more than china and japan.
i can’t translate. English to korean or korean to English.
also i understood this video. and i get 10/10!
but i can’t explain.

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Thank you.

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Alex thanks for the lesson.
I have a question: why His? in the questions Whose MP3 player did you borrow? For me, His, Her and Their is the same. Thank you for your attention.

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Thanks you so much.

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4/10 i try again is very nice lesson thank’s teacher alex

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excellent class alex…thank you…I am following all class who you have made.

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Thanks Alex. I’m really enjoying your lessons.

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I didn’t understand the fourth question.

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Thanks Alex!

sometimes I confuse how I use her/hers… this is a great lesson!

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I got 9/10! Thanks Alex!

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Thank you Alex

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thank you very much

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Thanks Alex. I love it this lesson👏👏👏

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Why the answer of the quastion “Whose watch is this?” is “It’s hers watch.” ?

Profile photo of poory poory

    I realized that the computer had mistaken! because I gave the exam again and this time the correct answer was “It’s hers!”
    So in that case we cann’t trust the answers.

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i dont understand 4th question

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thanks, Alex.

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Thank you Mr. Alex , very clear lesson

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I got 100

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Thank you, Alex. One question, you said that possessive pronouns always come at the end which I totally agree, but isn’t there another case like sometimes we could say “Mine is there.” or “Mine is not here.” right? Sorry, just wanna make it more clear for me.

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I got 90


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love you Alex!

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thank you… Please!!!! I have a question…

How is your meal? Mine is delicious..

Is correct??

Thank you.. again

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I have a question sir.
I shall take my camera. Yours is in repairs.

Is this wrong ? yours is always at end end ?
where is your mobile. Mine is not working ? –is this wrong ?

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100 percent correct.Thanks.

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Hi iam new member

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Very good. Thanks

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you are so good teacher ! thanks :)

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i got 8/10

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