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i wanna be to learn Enlish languase , i must to for a job in the future

naravit chaimontri

    Thank you for this lesson in English I have been looking for a site that will help me to become better at understanding our English language. This site is a blessing to people such as myself. Do to the fact that I don’t have the money to pay someone to tutor me. I will be using your site allot because I really want to learn our English language. God bless you’ll for this sited for all its subjects.
    Sign: Rickey

    My name: Rickey

      I’m so happy we can help, Rickey. The more people use our site, the more we will be able to add to the site.

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        thnk you so mach frome your usefull site i find this site new english is my secnd language i am sorry for my mistick i apriciat your this huge help for people


        thank you v.much i have learnt a lot of your videos.


    Hi alex thank you for your good lesson about the use of ALREADY and YET.,i have question regarding my grammar.i can’t write down by using should.could.would,i want to start as a beginner in english,although i know little bit in english.can you help me?thank you!

    Profile photo of ghienmars21 ghienmars21

      Hi Alex.how i improve my grammar?how i start,this is my problem always when i write in a sentence even simple sentence i made a mistake.can you give me some advice.please!
      thank you..

      Profile photo of ghienmars21 ghienmars21

    Thanks for the video script.
    I have a doubt, can I use this sentense?
    “I already arrived at Seoul”

    Profile photo of kissyuni kissyuni

    good for you

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    He has already done

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its nice english , engvid .com . i like so much because i just found for two day ago

sincerely ,, naravit cahimontri

naravit chaimontri

dear Mr: Alix
thank you so much, could you explan to me what is the different between do and make as well as take because that is deficult for me

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Thanks alot
but if you but more excample it’ll be better

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I have already finished the quiz and I got 100%! But I haven’t watched some lessons yet. So, I’m going to do that! Thanks, Alex, for a good explanation!By the way, I’m from Russia. До скорых встреч! or in English see you soon))

Profile photo of Alena20 Alena20

Has she finished her homework yet?

I have a confusion in the sentence.

please can you Mr.Alex explicate why this is right and other is wrong ?

I’m waiting you ,,

thank you ..

Profile photo of Eeng Eeng

    You can use both sentences:

    “Has she finished her homework yet?” means that she has likely not completed her homework, and you want to find out if she has completed it.

    “Has she finished her homework already?” is used as an expression of surprise. It means that she finished it very quickly, and you are surprised at how quickly she did finish it.

    I hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Dear Alex
      At the end of your answer you wrote…” and you are surprised at how quickly she did finish it.
      Well, why “did finish it” and not “finished it”? Can you tell (explain) the difference?. I read many books and the use of “did” in the affermative sentence is very common.
      Can you please give us a lesson about this form?
      Thanks in advance

      Profile photo of Roywolf Roywolf

      very clear explaining

      Profile photo of reza9402284 reza9402284

Yeah! Eeng, I even dont understand how different between 3nd and 4nd question? also thank so much !

Profile photo of nguyenchituyensd9 nguyenchituyensd9

Thanks you very much. II prefer still on more difficultly passes tests, help me please. I am from Tadjikistan.
Best regards to everyone.


I usually use already when I want to ask questions, for example: Have you already taken your medicine? and I use yet in negative sentences, for example: I haven’t traveled to USA yet. Am I correct?

Sueli Cardoso Tavares

hi Eeng

because we did not know if she finished her homework or not we just ask

and the next qustion ” Which question do you use if you want to show that you are surprised that something has been finished?
Have they arrived at the party already?!
Have they arrived at the party yet?!

we know that they arrived to the party
howwe know that ” they arrive to the party ” because in the question said “you are surprised that something has been finished?”

already comes with somthing done active you did it and finished and you know that

yet-> comes with negative “not” in the sentence
and in the question if you did not know if somthing done or not

i hope you got it

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thanks a millions Alex. I love very much this websize. I hope Alex,Valen,James …. can upload video lesson” how to use WHO,WHOM,WHICH,THAT…..”

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    Thanks for the suggestion!

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      ALEX you ‘re the best thanks alot

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      Hey A lex my name is dany and i wanna know about GANNA okay you can help me ?

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Heyyyy Alex you are the best!!!

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hey i am from BHUTAN. your lecture is fab one. thanks y a.

Profile photo of kin kin

Dear sir

Could you please tell me if this sentence has any faults.


dona shirani

hi alex
you are the best teacher frome who ever taught me. i m learning more and more good english.thanks


Its a useful program learning english online. i am too much glad to find video learning….
its very interesting and made me interested to learn english
once again thanks a lot

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do you have lesson more on spoken English?


Thanks for the lesson. Really usefull especially for beginner like me. Thanks from Malaysia.

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Thanks for the lesson

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dear mr alex

your are great thank you so much for all your lessons really every thing you said is wonderful .


hello Alex, thank you for your lesson, but i have a question in this sentence. i don’t understand. Could you explane me please this sentence, I


sorry, I HAVE NOT YET SEEN AFRICA. thank you. i will wait for your answer please


hi, i have a difficulty yet in english.is it a correct sentences.i will wait for your reply.

noureen khurshedi

I enjod this lesson thank you Alex.


oh good lesson !

oh thanks alex !

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Thanks for clarifying my doubts. Thanks for the lesson.

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Hi Alex………

Thank you so much for this lessons.


thanks Alex


How are you? Alex good teacher. thank you very much.I am national Mongolia


Alex, you´re a great teacher. I hope you contact me by messenger(val-decy2008@hotmail.com)I watch your lessons everyday.I haven´t seen Canada. I wish I had seen it.( is this sentence correct?)
By, Alex! You´re the best!

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Salam Alex How are you doing i hope you are fine and doing well I am from Afghanistan I love your lessons, you are great your lessons are great thanks a lot.
salam means Hello in Afghanistan language

Profile photo of Himatyar Himatyar

I’m sorry I’m not an expert in English, but in the quiz has a mistake(in my opinion):
“My aunt has not gotten her driver’s license _______.

Is “gotten” right?If I am not right,I apologize
And thank you, Alex, for the excellent lessons.


    “Gotten” is used in American English. In British English it is not used that much anymore.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Hi Alex!nice to see you!!Thank you for your giving us a big hand in our English!Take care!

Emil Ibragimov from Baku

and i’ve question)how can i change my photo hear?i wanna take my own photo!TIA

Emil Ibragimov from Baku

    Yes, Emil. When you are signed in to your account, click the small “profile” link in the top right corner of the site. There are instructions there on how to add your picture to gravatar.

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Thank you!

Profile photo of Emil Ibrahimov Emil Ibrahimov

that sentence is good to try us to understand that means.

paula riana

for the first time i learned how to use yet and already .thnk you very much. you colleage and you are fantastic. ilearned much from this web site .please revised my comment ,if possible .by


great lesson


i have so many times already sign up but you provider have not yet send any password . why ?

khem Raj(India)

A wonderfull webside. I would like to be a new user, I enter my username and my email. I logged in but how can I know my password.


Thanks alot, Sir Please clarify the use of “yet to be”.


AWESOME!!!I like your lessons.It is my routine work to watch your lessons atleast for one hour a day.Thank you ,I think Im getting better.THANKS once again


please help me..I just want learn how to use the word ‘yet’in different ways!!
Thank you sooooo much!!


Hi Alex…I’d like to know the difference between the use of YET and STILL because a few days ago I came up with the two options for a sentence and I wasn’t sure about the correct one…Cheers form Argentina…and THANKS


Thank you so much! I was preparing a lesson to teach the use of these two words, and I found this page… and It was so well explained! You are great! I’m your fan now! Bye the way, I teach spanish and sometimes English, like today. Thanks again. Paola


wonderful teacher. what i mostly liked is your quitness. thanks Alex

hassan hamza

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    Aww… that’s sweet of you. :)

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it is very nice thinku alex

meseret L D

I like this site very much.


thanks alex. I like your lessons very much. I think you and other English teachers are contributing knowledge to all people that are interested in English. And i hope in the future and right now English will make our world smaller.
Duy Lanh Nguyen

Duy Lanh Nguyen

thanks alex


Wow u are good teacher I like the way u teach tks!!


I like Alex, you’re really good… in just spending few minutes listening to your lessons, i can say “I’m Learning”


Dear Alex, nice website. I would like to know if the following is correct: “Please submit your form if you haven’t already done so.” Or should I use “yet” here….
Thanks beforehand for your reply


Excellent Alex!


Great Job !


Hi Alex your teaching is very well in this website. I like your teaching.I have one doubt ‘yet’ and ‘so far’ are same meaning or different.



Hello everybody is my first time in this page and think is very very nice and very necessary to learn more and more english
good job


Thanks a lot!


hi alex good lesson but I have a question for you can i answer in positive and negative way
has carmen arrived yet? please help me

ecuadorian teacher

    You can answer with “Yes, she has,” or “No, she hasn’t.” Or “No, she hasn’t arrived yet.” :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

please can you explain me how to answer in a yet question

ecuadorian teacher

Alex hi you’re the best teacher

Profile photo of danym2007 danym2007

Thank you Alex. I have a question to ask you. I’ve heard someone said ” not yet”. What does it mean?

Profile photo of thnatee thnatee

    Alex, just to confirm..
    In this lesson, the reason using past participle, like taken/seen is because got intention, right?

    Profile photo of lan1301 lan1301

thanks mr alex very good lesson


thank you so much Alex ,now i can understood how to use ALREADY&YET ,THANKS


ı have already understood lesson thanks a lot

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I say many thanks for the teacher Who prepared this lessons

ahmed nunow

yes ..is good

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this lesson is just about two words but truly useful. I’m grateful to those who spent their precious time to prepare this wonderful lesson and prepared it for the people who are starving for education. Anyway, Ii don’t know how to thank you completely


This site is awesome. I find it very resourceful. Keep on going.


hey i just confiused about how to use the already and yet


Dear Alex, your lecture is excellent. Thanks a lot. In the quiz, I am little bit confused about the following question.

Which question do you use if you want to find out if the following action has taken place before now?

* Has she finished her homework already?
* Has she finished her homework yet?

Could you please explain why second one is correct?
Another question is that, Suppose, My team leader has assigned me a task. But I could not do the task in time. So, can I tell, “I could not complete my task yet.”


Great video. Thank you Alex and EngVid.

Profile photo of heavenly heavenly

Thank you Alex for your video!
But I’ve a question about your example:
“I’ve not yet seen Africa”.
What is the difference between this statement and that: “I haven’t seen Africa yet”?


    There is no difference, except that “I”ve not yet seen Africa” is more formal. The other form is more commonly used.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank very much for helping me to understand how
end when I can use the words already and yet.
This little grammar lesson was very useful to me.


Tnx a lot. It was really helpful


thank Alex for explain to me about already and yet lesson, I love it very much, thanks


Your video very useful Thank you Alex and EngVid.


thank you m.Alex


thank you alex

Profile photo of ajamal25 ajamal25

hello alex,tnx a lot, i already understand it.




Thank you a lot Alex. But, I have YET questions about this difference.


Profile photo of renato79 renato79

hey Alex , could you please explain for me when we use got, getting,
I’ve seen a lot of people in American use it a lot like in these sentences:
today at school we got assigned to reading group.
he was the one that should be getting yelled at .
i got put in the gifted group
and so on

Profile photo of safa safa

i would like to know if is correct the following sentence.
haven’t you finished yet?
thank you very much


such an excellent explanation!!! I got it so fast, especially the meaning of questions when using already and yet!!! Alex you’re the best!!!

María Angélica

Dear teacher, It was really wonderful education. I want to say thank you very much to all of you.


Thanks Alex ! It’s really simple, but highly helpful.


I’m so confused, in question should I use already or yet? like…Are we there yet or already? and Is Tuesday already or yet?? AAAA help me please…Thanks


thank you sir for sharing this. now i know how to use YET and ALREADY. Thanks and more POWER!!!



Profile photo of Edyta Edyta


Profile photo of kmcatracha kmcatracha

Hi teacher Alex! how can I to use “already” wiht “to have lunch” in the past?.
can I say “I had already lunched”.?

Aldo Miranda

thanks again sir alex…

Profile photo of labko labko

thanks a lot alex , i like this web sit


You star, Alex! For people who haven’t master English yet like me, it’s very great to have such amiable teachers just like you. I think I’ve already learnt a lot from this video.


I understand it becuase this first time all correct test hahaha


Thank you so much Alex! You are the best teacher. Since i have studied from you my English is better


thanks for the lesson…keep coming back for more!

Profile photo of lenlen lenlen

Alex, I am really confused of this sentence I solve it, but I am not quite sure about its correctness.

A- Why did not you come by bus ?
B- Because it already (leave) the station by the time I arrived there.

I solve it:
It has already left, I am I right?

And why we did not say:
It had already left. And why ? :(

waiting your splendid answer


thanks for the lesson …….keep coming back more

Profile photo of amna amna

has the workshop started already or yet? pls sir help me.


    You can use both, but it depends on what you want to say.

    “Has the workshop started already?” (maybe you came late)

    “Has the workshop started yet?”
    (maybe you came early, and want to know if it will begin soon)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you very much sir.

Profile photo of ceylontimes ceylontimes

Thank you very much for those very well structured lessons, thus very understandable and useful. Definitely to be keeping safe. (Sorry for the mistakes, I’m only intermediate level).


hi alex thanks a lot


i’m confused..@_@

Profile photo of usman usman

hey there. I’d like to ask you what is the difference between these two sentences :
1) Its a fixed decision
2) Its a fix decision
please explain explicitly.. thanks a lot


    Hi Mimi: how I see that,fixed is an adjective means specific or constant,It’s a fixed decision means that decision can’t be changed.
    fix can be noun or verb,means repairing.It’s a fix decision means that decision leads to repair something=find the solution.
    I hope that’s clear and helpful :)

    Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

please explain whether these sentences are correct:
1) The girl has already finished her homework.
2) The girl already finished her homework
which one of these sentences is correct and please explain Sir..thanks


Thank you. I have already finished watching this lesson.

Profile photo of PrideProud PrideProud

i wanted to learn english..this site can help me more..tnx


Thank you Alex very much for your help!




great… but i still confused.. can you help me about “has” and “have” , already and yet”… owwhh no

Profile photo of srinelvia srinelvia

Alex ,this lesson was hard but You aré the best


Thanks alot Alex :)

Profile photo of worthytoberememvered worthytoberememvered

Thanks Alex, You are good teacher and how to I can speak and I learn well
Please tell me more via my E_mail address (welcom.bounlom)


it’s so great. thanks alot, Alex

Profile photo of silver164 silver164

I have already finished my work. Is it correct?
I have not completed yet my work.

Sir Alex both sentences are correct?


you are an awesome teacher alex thanks for learning english :)

Profile photo of hakago hakago

Hi teacher! You’re good teacher for us, but ain’t not sure to answe well. Could you give more exemples? Lily from Brazil


Thank you very much for your hilp I have 2 quition first 1 how can I use this is our family, when I have to use our or oar and second 1 in English use for one person how are you, how can I use 2 or 3 poeple I am relly Canfoise on these worlds thanks I am waiting for you response


I’m showing this site to my friends and relatives.Teachers are excellent!Thanks.

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Alex, thanks for the info.
Your teaching style is easy to follow and remember too!!

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thank you teacher

Profile photo of raina raina

thanksssssss mr Alex


Dear sir,

I want to know the uses of “Let” and “Yet”


Thanks for everything, realy it is a nice site for learning english.


Profile photo of golamfaruque golamfaruque

Thanks teacher. Have a nice weekend

Profile photo of vntaiduong vntaiduong

hello,mr.Alex,thanks a lot for this lesson.Really more useful for us your teaching.Finally I found this site 3 days ago and i am very glad.may i disturb you sometimes when i have any questions?so long,have a nice day

Vusale from Baki

Hello! this is very useful. I’m gonna be graduate student!
Hope it can help me improve my English!


It is better to say:
Why didnt you take the bus?


Thanks for a good lesson. Appreciated.


Thanks for your lesson, Alex!
I have a question about yet. What is the meaning of the sentence “I have yet to meet anyone who can run as fast as him”?

Profile photo of lena2012 lena2012

Hi Alex,
You are an excellent teacher, I love all your subjects. Keep up the good work. i wasn’t aware of this website before, was browsing so many English learning websites and I found this is a good one. Keep adding more lessons and preferably writing e-mails for the corporate offices. Thank you once again. Give my regards to Emma, Rebecca, Jon and Valen.Let me know if anythings needs to be corrected on the sentences i have written here, i like to learn from the mistakes


Thank you very much Alex for your effort. Your videos help us a lot. More power to http://www.engvid.com!


Thanks a lot!



Thank you very much Alex, I’ve found it really useful. Hope to see more from you.


I’m still a bit confused for no.3&4….can you help me for this mate?thanks Jayr


I have been very interesting about your lessons and i would like to know how you help me to check about my letter writing and sentences. If it is possible, i would like to have the e-mail address.
Thank you for everything.

Mr. Myat Win Htun



hi! i´m argentina, and tomorrow i will have a test and i did not remeber about this, thanks for all


hi Alex! ”have they arrived at the party yet!?” why is this sentence uncorrect? thenk you!


Hi Alex, I have problem here with this question in the exam: 3. Which question do you use if you want to find out if the following action has taken place before now?

Has she finished her homework already?
Has she finished her homework yet?

I marked first one because u say that if an action has finished or happened before now, we use “already.”
but the second one was correct!! So I have misunderstood here…
Thanks again dear Alex ;)

Profile photo of aida29 aida29

Hi Alex, I like your lessons a lot. Are these questions correct? Am I not allowed to use yet in other tenses ?

Can we leave yet?
I do not know yet.


    Both are perfect sentences. Nice work!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

how can i fix my exam resald

Profile photo of irmakserra67 irmakserra67

I must be study english and i try alot evryday and i reqards yours for yours nice and use foul site.
Best Regards

Ahmad Mansoor

thanks so much, for such a helpful lesson

Profile photo of argenis argenis

You will have already received….

Does this statement indicate future or past?
Does it imply that I will soon receive.. or I should have already received…


thank u very much..


Hi Alex,
I’ve learned a lot from your lessons!
Thank you so much.


Thank u sir :D
I got 6/6 :D:D


As always: very good. Thank you!


Thanks, Sir! I got 6/6.

Profile photo of chanchal17 chanchal17

thanks a lot


Thank you to teach us in such details, including emotion conveyed.

Profile photo of stupor67 stupor67

Alex, just to confirm..
In this lesson, the reason using past participle, like taken/seen is because got intention, right?

Profile photo of lan1301 lan1301

Interesting lesson, thank you!

Profile photo of unclefungus unclefungus

I got a perfect score :)

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thank you so much,it was a great lesson.

Profile photo of kaouthar kaouthar

I’m happy to take a quiz….i am also excited to get result out. i am so happy with this website. Thanks Alex :D

Profile photo of Pinky Phyo Pinky Phyo

are there more examples of ( yet and already )
such as : not yet or i already did it ?!

Profile photo of daad daad

Very good way to learn and improve my English
Hi everyone

Profile photo of Enri64 Enri64

It’s kind of weird for me to use Yet with a positive auxiliary verb in a question.

Has she arrived at the party yet?

Can I say…

Hasn’t she arrived at the party yet?

Thank you for the lesson. :D

Profile photo of Zero10 Zero10

Hi Alex, I love the way you have been teaching us. You did explain very clearly and easy to understand. Could you give us some more lesson about how we use “Do” and the verb to be “Is, am, are ” when we want to ask a question?

Profile photo of chaumaxim chaumaxim

Thank you very much!

Profile photo of chaumaxim chaumaxim

Thank you ! It’s very good lesson !

Profile photo of Yeleneel Yeleneel

I’ve already caught it!!! Thanks ;)

Profile photo of Patricia Godoy Patricia Godoy

i get 83 thanks

Profile photo of abduarhman abduarhman

yet or already, it’s an idiom that we must to remaind

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Thank you very much Alex.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

I already understand the statement of the phrase!
They aren’t bought the wallet yet?

:D Thank You.

Profile photo of chivialoco chivialoco

Thank You

Profile photo of yusufgerek yusufgerek

Thank you sir, i got the perfect score… Which means, I have perfectly learned from your lesson sir. Thank you..

Profile photo of seankylesueli@yahoo.com seankylesueli@yahoo.com

I’ve gotten the complete score in the quiz , and now I’m going to use it in my speaking , because I felt these grammar should be used to be in our mind .

Thank you so much for clarifying your lessons and make it crystal clear .

Profile photo of R5emy R5emy

Thanks Alex, the way you are teaching the stuff is great and easy to grasp.
And by the way, thank you so much for offering this website.
I use it everyday in order to improve my english step by step and it works.
Its a great chance for people like me who dont have the time and financial resources to visit an additional english class.

Profile photo of Chrisl Chrisl

Teacher, help-me please. I didn’t know the number 3 question, could you explaind me better.

3. Which question do you use if you want to find out if the following action has taken place before now?
Has she finished her homework already?
Has she finished her homework yet?

Profile photo of Moacir Silva Moacir Silva

thanks alex!

Profile photo of luoyong6 luoyong6

It is a very important topic. I am always confused about when to use YET or ALREADY. Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of John B John B

thanks Alex. i got 6/6

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Thanks Alex. I like your videos

Profile photo of Hannah.Truong Hannah.Truong

thank Alex.I benefited from the study

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Thank you for this lesson in English , Thanks alot Mr ALEX

Profile photo of Hussein Gabralla Hussein Gabralla

I got 6 out of 6 !!! :D

Profile photo of JavoDime JavoDime

Good for the Iranian like me.

Profile photo of tienhoangngu tienhoangngu

Thank you again _Alex!!

Profile photo of Ramiro. Ramiro.

useful lesson
i got 100%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

Thanks for this lesson

Profile photo of Barkha29 Barkha29

Hi, Alex. Question 3 make me confused, I think ‘yet’ only used in negative format. Am I right?

Profile photo of blinklv blinklv

my question is,how we could use has been finished? which type of tense is it? i have learned has been teaching or have been working
please explain me!

Profile photo of Suhale303 Suhale303

thanks! now the difference is more clear :)

Profile photo of Michele Vis. Michele Vis.


Profile photo of Sam007 Sam007

thanks Mr Alex
I hope to give us more examples
in your lessons.

Profile photo of alharth alharth


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Confused in yey

Profile photo of Abdul Rafae Abdul Rafae


Profile photo of Abdul Rafae Abdul Rafae

Hi Mr. Alex,
First of all, thank you for your useful lesson. I’ve been learning a lot with you. But I’m confused with something in the test. In question 3 the correct answer is the second one with yet “3. Which question do you use if you want to find out if the following action has taken place before now?
Has she finished her homework already?
Has she finished her homework yet?” But at the end of the quiz, you wrote a reminder saying that when an action has finished or happened before now, we use “already”. So, that is my problem. I’ve chosen the one with already and it was the wrong answer. Can you explain it to me, if it’s possible? I don’t know if my English is good enough to explain my doubt. However, I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Profile photo of PaulaDaisy PaulaDaisy

Thank you Mr. Alex, everything is clear.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thank u Alex :)

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