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wow, it’s amazing how increases my vocabulary with these lessons, Thank you very much Alex!!!

Profile photo of Dr.Hanna Dr.Hanna

    I absolutely agree with you Dr. Hanna.

    Learning vocabulary in context is much easier to remember than learning word lists out of context.

    Now the next step is to put all these “new” words into practice (use). Remember, practice makes perfect.

    Good luck with your English Dr. Hanna.

    By for now.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Thank you Regino, I wish good luck for you too.

      Profile photo of Dr.Hanna Dr.Hanna

      Ooooops! Making mistakes as always.

      Correction: “BYE for now”

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

This is the very fiirst time I leave a comment . I just want to say thank you Alex and all engvid ´s teachers . Interesting lesson on how dealing with a futur flu . It is not easy to speak when you got a cold because of your clogged up nose and sour throat . I imagine how difficult it would be to explain how you feel , what you want , in a language that is not yours and having a kind of grippe . Maybe a lesson on ” how to deal with GPs and chemists ” would help every one . Thanks and carry on .

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    That’s a really good idea! I’ve added it to the list of lesson requests, so we’ll see which teacher picks it.

    (I remember travelling in Poland with a terrible cough and trying to find medicine when all I knew in Polish was “how are you”, “excuse me”, and “cheers”. It was very difficult…)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Hi, EngVid Moderator. Can you please access the “100 Common Phrasal Verbs”papers in PDF form, so that we will be able to download it. Thank You.

      Profile photo of Yazeed Alsahafi Yazeed Alsahafi

Hi Alex!
you explain all issue so nice.I like your way of teaching.Good luck

Profile photo of kami88 kami88

I think nose hair plucker is a tweezers.. :)

Profile photo of Olive Olive

    yeah, that’s right.

    Profile photo of Sharlene Noora Sharlene Noora

Hello Alex. I wish you always touch on medical terminology. You omitted the dropping nose. Swelling of the nose. Nasal congestion. Allergic rhinitis. Nose aesthetic forms.thanks.

Profile photo of Dr.solaiman Dr.solaiman

Thank you for your interesting lesson, Alex :) BTW my daughter’s nose is usually full of snots ^^;

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thank Teacher Alex.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thanks Alex
I’m now ready for the next “english flue” :)
P.s. I guarantee to each girl that i don’t pick my nose! ;)

Profile photo of Luke Luke

    (flu not flue)

    Profile photo of Luke Luke

Thank you Alex , I enjoyed your all lessons so much……
I’m expecting lessons on
1.Vocabulary with the help of root words
synonyms and antonyms…
2.Idioms and phrases
3.Foreign Words and Expressions.
Ex. de jure,deja vu, en route…
4.Sentence corrections/Improvement…..

Profile photo of Sudhakar.Kommu Sudhakar.Kommu

It was great.I like the way of your teaching
Please teach us everyday vocabularies used in Kitchen like making tea and how to take taxi.

Profile photo of majidgbox majidgbox

Great class

Profile photo of kaiserxxiii kaiserxxiii


Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

thank u so much Alex

Profile photo of ali ali

thanks Alex ..I like your good method of teaching and choosing the topic ..good luck !

Profile photo of Al-Hakimi Al-Hakimi

thanks Alex! very interesting lesson, nobody has taught me that before!you`re great!!

Profile photo of gabriellla gabriellla

Very good lesson! I need very bad to improve my vocabulary in this kind of way!

Profile photo of Johnny1987 Johnny1987


Profile photo of masoud2040 masoud2040

Thanks a lot, Alex. This is the kind of everyday vocabulary that we need.( and it’s not disgusting) It’s real life.

I learned the difference between ” every day” and “everyday” with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thaks a lot, again.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

thanks very much alex

Profile photo of Amar Amor Amar Amor

Boogers, boogers, boogers, boogers, I need pick my nose, DON’T do that, it’s disgusting! TOO LATE, I did it, I’m picking my nose, boogers, boogers, boogers……….boogers, till the next lesson.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Hi dear Alex
Wowwww it’s really important for me to learn lots of vocabulary on nose. Now, I know how to describe my nose when I trim my nose hairs. by the way teacher Alex please how to describe my eyes when I wake up on morning. Sometimes I see some things on my corner eyes. I don’t know how to call it

Profile photo of frankyforlife frankyforlife


Profile photo of vismbr vismbr

Thank you Alex.. I think that lesson was very funny..
Congratulations on your way to teach!!

Profile photo of fabinho86 fabinho86

thank you Alex, it was funny to swallow this lesson. the clown fish and the shark to. It has been great to see your videos, teacher.

Profile photo of luferver luferver

Thanks Alex, great lesson, very important for foreigners to know these kind of thing… I’m happy with this… Thank you!

Profile photo of Alexandre Banks Alexandre Banks

Thanks to you teacher Alex, my english vocabulary is extremely better, thank you!!

Profile photo of Macfly Macfly

thank you teacher it is very useful words

Profile photo of fawad.araam fawad.araam

Great lesson, thanks…

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Profile photo of shahidali888 shahidali888

You are a great teacher . Ver clever and accurate . Thank you very much. Amazing, I loved this simples way U presented this lesson. My best wishes.

Profile photo of Del Carmen Del Carmen

Nice lesson! Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

hey alex thank you

Profile photo of mubarek mubarek

Legal, Alex!, você explica muito bem! Uma pronúncia muito clara, parabéns! you are a Great Teacher!!!

Profile photo of mariaamalia mariaamalia

I got 100%
Thank you very much!!!

Profile photo of Azad Ahmedov Azad Ahmedov

Thank you! Interesting class!

Profile photo of Xiaohua Xiaohua

Thanks Alex!It is really good to improve vocabulary and daily conversations.

Profile photo of henri henri

thank alot

Profile photo of alfarazdeg alfarazdeg

Alex,thanks for your fabulous video.I have a question for you: If”Do you have my pen”means “did you take my pen” could I say”Does father have my pen”to ask someone if father took my pen?

Profile photo of AlinaGilbert AlinaGilbert

Ich schaue mir Ihre Videos wegen Ihrer sehr deutlichen aussprache gerne an!

Profile photo of Hesiod Hesiod

am miss jasmine i am interested to know you, Please contact me at (jasmineawa26@hotmail.com)

Profile photo of jas4god jas4god

Hi Alex
I saw a science fiction movie and there was a word ‘ U.F.O.S’.I think the meaning of that is spatial creatures.could you please tell me what it is? Am I wrong?Thank you

Profile photo of kami88 kami88

so fuuny))And your quizes are very good!

Profile photo of Yakushina Yakushina

Thank you Alex .Happy New Year.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Thank you. Everything is clear and easy to remember.

Profile photo of Aliya Tokmurzina Aliya Tokmurzina

Thank you for this great lesson!

Profile photo of Aloj Aloj

Hi Alex
Thanks for your amazing videos.
I am Mohammad from Iran.
Unfortunately your videos on the website are blocked so we cannot access to your videos. But there is a way to watch them and that is using a VPN. It is too slow to use a VPN but there is no way to watch.

Please store your videos on any host except YouTube.
Is it possible ???

Thanks a lot


Profile photo of Mohammad Sinaei Mohammad Sinaei

    I’m really sorry, but our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which is how we’re able to provide these lessons for free. I’ll look into other ways you might be able to watch the videos from Iran.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    try a premium vpn

    Profile photo of Guillermo Guillermo

thanks alex… :)

Profile photo of afrin afrin

your exam was so funny thanks

Profile photo of nastaran nastaran

Can you give us a little details about the history of London English school, please?

Profile photo of Faqeer3 Faqeer3

9/10 thanks!!!

Profile photo of reza nikhah reza nikhah

Thank you!

Profile photo of lemingue lemingue

Thanks very much Alex !!! I can remember vocabularies about my nose in short time.

Profile photo of phattaras phattaras

This lesson was so useful to me because I have a flu and now I know how to speak to someone if I’ll have it again!!
Thank you!!

Profile photo of Andrewphilip Andrewphilip

thanks alex, your explanation is very clear and easy to understand!!!

Profile photo of Romilson Romilson

Great ! thanks

Profile photo of Junior Correia 27 Junior Correia 27

stop picking yours nose Alex!!!!!,hahahah I’m joking teacher,I’m got 9/10.Thanks.

Profile photo of lotte.jolene lotte.jolene

Thanks so much, Sir Alex

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

Thank you.Alex

Profile photo of oyunaa84 oyunaa84

100% :D

Profile photo of fcupo10 fcupo10

nose hairs? or nose hair? I thought Hair is already plural…

Profile photo of Niurochka Niurochka

10/10 . Thanks a lot Alex.

Profile photo of oscargutierrez502 oscargutierrez502

Thanks alot

Profile photo of suhyila suhyila

Hi, Alex! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

Thank you Alex! I love your lessons very much. I need it for my work in Day Care.

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

Very thanks, Alex.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

Hi, Alex! Could you answer, please: nose hairs? or nose hair? I thought Hair is already plural…

Profile photo of Niurochka Niurochka

It was funny. Thanks

Profile photo of iatamanyuk iatamanyuk

I think Another word that we can use instead of “clogged” is “plugged”.
I heard a mom said to her daughter : “neat your nose please”

Profile photo of haman87 haman87

great thanks for you Alex
but what is the most effective order for lessons to be learned

Profile photo of khaledezz khaledezz

Thanks. sir Alex. I got 10 hahaha.

Profile photo of Sharlene Noora Sharlene Noora

Thank You. I had problems to memorize all new words.

Profile photo of drabelo drabelo

Thanks Alex. I got 60

Profile photo of Abdullah Abdullah

Thanks for explaining alex

Profile photo of 12sb 12sb

it’s fun and easy i love new words like snot,boogers

Profile photo of quena trez quena trez

100% Yes bless you Alex

Profile photo of Primoss007 Primoss007

Thank you very much)))

Profile photo of vik5121 vik5121

9 out of 10..:) Thanks!

Profile photo of fox4you2012 fox4you2012

I got 9 not really bad :-)

Profile photo of werawan werawan

I love it

Profile photo of Nancyvietnam178 Nancyvietnam178

Nice lesson and I got some new vocabulary by Alex sir..

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Patricia-Montserrat Patricia-Montserrat


Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Sooo perfect :) This really helped me a lot, Thank you so much.

Profile photo of fidik fidik


Profile photo of Amer.Rayes Amer.Rayes

Got 9 out of 10. There’s nothing to be disgsuted about this alex. It’s just normal. But thanks to you, now i know how to call the liquid that is running or clogging my nose and it’s called “snot”… thanks for this lesson alex…

Profile photo of Ryan18 Ryan18

Hi Alex. Great lesson. Engvid is really help me with this kind of lesson. And you are a incredible teacher you pronunciation is so good. I’m really happy about your lessons. I’m Brazilian and English is really dificult for me. I’m sorry

Profile photo of Alberto Marins Alberto Marins

My dad picked his nose and leave the boogers under the sofa

Profile photo of Astri Astri

we interesting with you give me more hahahaha

Profile photo of alisam alisam

Thanks Alex
so useful
i got 9 correct out of 10

Profile photo of tasneemmohsen hamoda tasneemmohsen hamoda

I trimmed my nose hair in my nostrils after shower this morning. I don’t pick boogers in my nose unless when I am sure I am alone, usually driving alone on the road. I have seen some pretty looking women picking their nose while driving alone. LOL. Thanks for the excellent lesson. I kind of knew some of the words. The lesson refreshed and reaffirmed those words for me.

Profile photo of zyou zyou

    Nose-picking unites us all!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

the vocabulary for today has been a great, new world for me caused by I did not know to express by using nose part and it works but I nowadays can communicate with no problem. to related to the nose it is required to get familiar with those words which are nose, brigde, nostrils, sinuses, nose hair, pluck, pull out or trim, runny, stuffy, blocked, clogged with up it can be possible.blow my nose, I need a tissue or a kleeney.
I did not memory for these words but I do now I can express with confidence and enthusiastic at a moment
my nose is full of snot or boogers.i have to blow out my nose…great explanation.

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

Thanks again Alex! Great job!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank yoj Alex.

Profile photo of Juls Juls

Thank you Mr. Alex.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956
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