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8/10 .
The quiz was a total blowout!!
I won :)
Thanx Mr.Alex

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    Nice job!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Alex I really wanna thank you for helping me learn English you are very very very nice guy. Whatever I say wont be enough so I’m going to say only thank you 10/10 :)

      Profile photo of Bobchoyyy Bobchoyyy

      Useful expressions to talk about sports Alex. However, this time we couldn´t get rid of the verb+preposition combinations either.

      The use of the correct preposition, however, help us to convey our ideas properly.

      Thanks for this superb video-lesson Alex.


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        No problem. Thanks for watching it.

        Profile photo of Alex Alex

      hello teacher,i’m learn english with you,have you facebook?

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Very nice Lesson!

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

Dear teacher ,

All is goode except you are wrong Rm 3 Barcelona 2, just imposible.
I dear to be an Arsenal supporter but not Rm, do you live on earth ?
No kidding! Just wacth Tv and learn!!! Break a leg!

Profile photo of ppintos ppintos

there is a wrong sentence on the quiz teacher!
Germany did not beat Argentina! Germany beat Brazil! it was super great blowout! kkkk
how to forget that?? :D

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

    I loved that game. Haha.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Actually it was a amazing huge total blowout! A national shame… Thanks Alex, I will try to use with my canadian hockey fans chatting friends

      Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

Great! Thank you Alex! I love football!

Profile photo of yaoqian yaoqian

    Same! I support the following teams:

    Arsenal(English Premier League)
    Montreal Impact (MLS)
    Poland national team
    Canadian national team

    I also usually cheer for Germany in the World Cup. They played beautifully at the last World Cup.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      That’s really nice that you support Poland national team. Our guys are very hard-working. They want to be better and better. Thanks for lesson. Very helpful! :)

      Profile photo of Aga Aga

      FC BAYERN is better then ARSENAL

      Profile photo of adilou adilou

      Any comments for Robert Lewandowski? Mr. Alex
      (By the way, I enjoyed the lesson) :)

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The lesson was very interesting, thank you

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    keep going

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I answered nail-bitter instead of nail-biter.. 9/10.. Totally a nail-biter.. Lol

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It is a great lesson, teacher. Thank you.
Chelsea will beat Manchester City tomorrow and it will be a blowout. No offense to Man Blue fans, I just wanna practice what I have learnt from our great teacher :)

Have a nice weekends, teacher and everyone :)

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    so sorry guy. haha .but this story was absolutely opposed !

    Profile photo of quychu quychu

      :( Really sad and disappointed :(

      Profile photo of Nam Huynh Nam Huynh

    You can’t always be right. :(

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Hi Adam, my favourit teacher…nice lesson…I wish I had you in our school in Toronto as a teacher for English learners or my private teacher …the method of teaching in our school is really boring cuz they always focus on writing essay and I don’t like it.

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Thanks!MR Alex
I know this lesson.teacher Thank You very much and Good Lesson.
so i think a great word a blowout! so I supporting Arsenal and Germany kkkk

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    If Poland is not in the World Cup, I usually cheer for Germany. I have an uncle who lives there, and I’ve always enjoyed watching Germany’s style. I know a lot of people dislike it, though.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

It was blew me up.

Profile photo of khel0522 khel0522

Im bad:(

Profile photo of neor neor

Pretty good! I got 9/10.
That means, I could say ” Arsenal were beaten by Chelsea 9-10″ I’m so sorry but I’m a great big fan of Chelsea. So never mind! Thank you, Alex-The Lion “I watched Madagascar”

Profile photo of Harry Benjamin Harry Benjamin

I won against the quiz 10-0
I blew the quiz out.
thank you MR the coch.

Profile photo of youssef 01 youssef 01

Thank you very much Alex!!
Yesterday night, in a spanish championship, Atletico de Bilbao blew Barcelona out!!!
Real Madrid supporters as me are so happy ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Hello, I added you in facebook. I’m also want to improve my English

    Profile photo of Zemei Zemei

    hi maria me too I want to practice my English
    I will send you an invitation

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Thank you, teacher, But your video not clear please I can not reading

Profile photo of shwan hasan shwan hasan

    Hi shwan, what was not clear in the video?

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

8/10 ! i was a good student :D
Thank you , teacher

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You are a wonderful teacher! Mr/ Alex

Profile photo of rasha farid rasha farid

    I really appreciate that. Thank you.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

i love soccer, and i love this lesson :D

Profile photo of thanhhien thanhhien

    That’s great to hear! Thank you so much!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Nice video, Alex!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

i got 9/10
and the quiz blowout :D
thanks mr.alex

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Thx teacher… :)

Profile photo of Erfanimi Erfanimi

I did it.
thanks, Mr Alex

Profile photo of tameradel tameradel

I have a question.

“Josh and Peter are siblings, another siblings are JJ and loner”.

“Josh and Peter are siblings, other siblings are JJ and loner”.

Profile photo of otoniells otoniells

    “Josh and Peter are siblings; another pair of siblings are JJ and Loner.”

    I’m not sure if this is your intention, though.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

FC Barcelona is more than a club for many reasons. Not because they’ve won a treble twice (three trophies in a single season)or because they’ve been the only team in Europe which has won six trophies in a year. But because they represent freedom of speech, especially under the Franco dictatorship, but also Independence of Catalonia and any other country in the world, just like Canada did on July 1st, 1867.

Profile photo of vwe3 vwe3

    Ja,Ja, ja…You have some sort of confussion about Spain. Catalonian is part of Spain and will remain Spanish till the end of times.

    Profile photo of alvaro03 alvaro03

      That’s what people like you said about Mexico, Cuba, etc. I’m sorry, nothing is forever. Oh, and I will pretend your comment didn’t sound totalitarian. Remember your own words and we’ll see who right and who’s not. Have a good one.

      Profile photo of vwe3 vwe3

i should repeat this video again because i got just 6/10 and i hope get 10/10 in next

Profile photo of msanae msanae

    That’s the right attitude. Review and try again.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

very useful video, thanks master alex

Profile photo of andi.sabir andi.sabir

    Thank you. I really appreciate it.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Unfortunately, I could not become a pro at speaking about the sports, because I am not a fan with those kinds of sports such as soccer, hockey, baseball. But I have learned the important vocabulary related to sports.
However, the quiz was beaten totally by Chloe. And all in all, Chloe blew the quiz out. Wow!…Go Gunners.
Thank you for this fun and useful lesson, teacher Alex. :)

Profile photo of Chloe.Lee Chloe.Lee

Very nice

Profile photo of jojo87 jojo87

I was beat by the quiz .7-0 for me but I don’t feel that it is good

Profile photo of Turki Ghaden Turki Ghaden

Hi Alex, I know this is completely out of topic but I was just wondering, about the use of “a few / few “, I saw a video on here that if you say, “I have FEW pens”, it means that you don’t have enough pens whereas “I have A FEW PENS” means you have enough. So my question is, does this rule apply to when, how do i explain this.. say, someone asks you “have you been to London before?”, Is it grammatically correct to answer with “yes a few times”?

Profile photo of magsprescott magsprescott

    Yes, that is correct. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

great less, Alex…thank you…it was very accessible.

Profile photo of Edu777 Edu777

    great lesson, Alex…thank you…it was very accessible.

    Profile photo of Edu777 Edu777

      Thanks. That’s what I was trying to do.

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

I like this lesson because I often watch Major League Baseball. It’s very helpful for me. Though the Jays made 11-streak win, and temporarily were on the top of the standing, they are now 2nd place due to beaten by theYanks. Today, Tanaka has done a complete game against the Jays. AL east division is as hot as this summer! Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

    Go Jays! I don’t follow baseball a lot these days, but I’m happy to see Toronto finally doing well after all these years.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

This is my 1St visit and i got a great experience

Profile photo of sanjith murukan sanjith murukan

9\10 thanks so much for the expliación Mr alex

Profile photo of edwin alvarado edwin alvarado

This was my first class wiht you, very interesting and fun,thank you for all, i am going to take a lot a classes.

Profile photo of Martin espinoza Martin espinoza

    Welcome to EngVid! Thank you very much for watching.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex!

Now, I know how to speak about sport matches in English. I will use this to talk to others about sports, excluding soccer :-)

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

The quiz was a nail-biter.

Profile photo of baguzzzaji baguzzzaji

7/10 :-( I never thought I could fail this quiz, but …. It happens. It was a blow out, I think.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you Alex I got 8 correct out of 10 . I really like your lesson because I love football match.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

this is my first time parctice English with you
i got 8/10….so exiting
thx so much

Profile photo of muffy muffy

Wow 9/10!!!

One little “t” on “bitter” and I didn’t do all correct =(…

Profile photo of Esdras Marques Esdras Marques

Hi Alex,
What a fantastic lesson! You have taught me this everyday English that I can use to communicate with friends in daily life. It is more than the dull English learned in school for taking the exam.
Fully support you as a fan living far far away on another side of the globe.

Profile photo of victor victor

    Thanks a lot. I genuinely appreciate your support.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex


Profile photo of dangcongtrang dangcongtrang

Thanks a lot, i got 9/10 ;)

Profile photo of MallikaP MallikaP

Hi Alex, wouldn´t be “Chelsea WAS beaten” instead Chelsea were beaten? I assume tha Chelsea as a group should be considered in the third singular person. Thanks!

Profile photo of alvaro03 alvaro03

    Good catch! “Chelsea were beaten” is acceptable in British English, which uses third-person plural with groups. The UK is the heart of English-speaking football culture, and so I think this is why Alex uses a bit of British English here.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi Alex, great lesson about the sports. Thanks!!!
I love football

Profile photo of molinafj molinafj

thanks a lot.

Profile photo of MISFER1990 MISFER1990

Good lesson ALEX ! Could you make lesson about rugby ? This will be great I Think )

Profile photo of Moralezzz Moralezzz

    I don’t think I know enough about rugby to make a useful video, but maybe one of the other teachers would be interested in this!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

the lesson is very good

Profile photo of kdsp17 kdsp17

very nyc lesson

Profile photo of kdsp17 kdsp17

Thnk you Alex !

Profile photo of Marcos Bruce Marcos Bruce

Thank you teacher. i got 8/10 _*_

Profile photo of Kanittha Tharanut Kanittha Tharanut

I am not really a football fan but I love Barcelona because of Messi

Profile photo of MichaMup MichaMup

    That’s a good reason. Messi is a wonderful soccer player.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Very good lesson.Thanks

Profile photo of crojas2015 crojas2015

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of Mounir Al-Otaibi Mounir Al-Otaibi

    You’re very welcome.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Wow ! great thanks my Gunner ^_^ Alex

Profile photo of damoka damoka

I love soccer, but in my country the baseball is the sport most popular. My favorite soccer team is the Barcelona, it’s the best team of the momment.

Alex your explanation was spectacular, congratulations!

Profile photo of carlosemagor carlosemagor

    Thank you very much!

    I know that baseball is the most popular sport in Venezuela. The Blue Jays are lucky to have Encarnacion!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex


Profile photo of hamza10zizou hamza10zizou

9/10 tnx

Profile photo of Xeyber Xeyber

Alex, I have a doubt.
Why not say “Chelsea was beaten by Arsenal”?

Profile photo of William Flores William Flores

    This is also possible. However, “was” comes after “it”, and I would never say “It was beaten by Arsenal” to refer to soccer. I will always say “They were beaten by Arsenal,” which is why I say “Chelsea were beaten by Arsenal” in the video.

    …and now I just like typing Chelsea were beaten by Arsenal. Haha.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

very cool

Profile photo of Fernando Miquelanti Fernando Miquelanti

9/10, this quiz was beaten by me =).

Profile photo of angelortiz angelortiz

Thanks a lot, Alex. The lesson is helpful.

Profile photo of TonyHaitaoLiu TonyHaitaoLiu

9/10))) thank you Mr. Alex for your lesson)))it was very interesting for me)

Profile photo of RitaWincharti RitaWincharti

Hi Alex, my favourit teacher…so nice lesson…I wish I had you in our school in Toronto as a teacher for English learners or my private teacher …the method of teaching in our school is really boring cuz they always focus on writing essay and I don’t like it.

Profile photo of haman87 haman87

    Writing is definitely important, but it needs to be combined with oral practice.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thanks a lot dr

Profile photo of alsheabi alsheabi

Oh, I was beaten by the test!! I need to repeat lhe lesson again.

Profile photo of Alvaro Martin Soto Alvaro Martin Soto

    Try again and see if you can improve!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

have you ever thought about record lesson together? i think it will be great.

Profile photo of david333 david333

    It’s difficult to coordinate our schedules because we live in different parts of Toronto, and I actually live around Montreal. However, I will let you know that we all had dinner together this past weekend, and there is a special video coming!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

i mean two teacher

Profile photo of david333 david333

Thank you

Profile photo of ujtordai ujtordai

thankyou very much

Profile photo of tranducquanueh tranducquanueh

10/10. A very helpful lesson. Thank you!

Profile photo of Mou. Mou.

    You’re welcome. Fantastic job!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex,It’s a good lesson.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

Can you explain how use once in a sentence

Profile photo of Huot Huot

    Once I make a video, I’ll let you know. :) You can basically use it as a substitute for “When” in a lot of cases, but it’s a little more complex, so a video might be a good idea.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thank you teacher is really amazing..

Profile photo of fredy1277 fredy1277

    Thank you very much!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Your explication is easy to understand. Thank you! Congrats! :)

Profile photo of Giovana Rabelo Giovana Rabelo

    Thanks, Giovana. Also, don’t forget to say “explanation” instead of “explication”. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thank you alex .
i confuse between blowout and blow out

Profile photo of ajiam777 ajiam777

    “Blowout” is a noun.
    -The game was a blowout.
    -I think it’s going to be a blowout

    “Blow (someone) out” is a phrasal verb.
    -Arsenal blew out Aston Villa.
    -Barcelona blew them out!

    I hope this helps a little bit.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

7 / 10

Profile photo of latheodoro latheodoro

    Not bad! Keep studying!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you Alex you are full of energy an pay a lot of attention to your learners I hope you would be so for ever

Profile photo of amir45 amir45

    As long as I’m healthy, I’ll be this way! :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you teacher, i’m very happy to be with you as a learner

Profile photo of Youcef Hunter Youcef Hunter

Step by step to improve my English

Profile photo of Youcef Hunter Youcef Hunter

Thank you Alex, but “Germany beat Argentina” reopened a wound in my heart :( haha

Profile photo of SkyArg SkyArg

    Too soon.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thanks alex

Profile photo of trinh1101 trinh1101

thank you teacher, it was a close quiz

Profile photo of challenge41 challenge41

Thanks :)

Profile photo of NormaDraper NormaDraper

Hi, Alex. Thanks for your lesson. Could you give me kind of advice: which website can I read for the news about English Premier League and others in English if my level is not higher than Intermediate?

Profile photo of rsharkova rsharkova

Nice lesson, thanks Alex.

Profile photo of Faresazzawi Faresazzawi

Best topic ever!:) I love sports, especially football (My favorite team is Galatasaray)
Thank you Master Alex :)

Profile photo of raming raming

thank you very much mr.alex

Profile photo of hassanyes hassanyes

I got 10/10 yeahh I got 100%

Profile photo of melvinjoseph melvinjoseph

Thank u Mr.Alex. I love sport, but my favorite auto sport (Formula 1) King Race)) Good job.

Profile photo of AlexanderEnglish AlexanderEnglish

Great! Thank you!

Profile photo of maryludip maryludip

Thank You Alex , Go Gunners :)

Profile photo of Mamdoooo7 Mamdoooo7

Hi Alex thank you very much.
engVid is the best :)
In italian language a team is considered a “third person” but in english isn’t.
So, I cannot say Chelsea WAS beaten by Arsenal.
It’s right?

Profile photo of Ivan C. Ivan C.

thanks Alex!

Profile photo of luoyong6 luoyong6

Thank you very much Alex. I got 8 correct answers of 10. It is my worth score. However, it remembered me the match between Arsenal and Manch Unit, which is Arsenal blew them out 8:2.

Profile photo of ZaminM ZaminM

Why does in the keis of some questions stand another answer then I`ve put?It wasn`t the first time.

Profile photo of achubak79 achubak79

I benefited a lot from this lesson,thx.


Very interesting vocabulary concerning sports because I am fond of football. I learned useful expressions to talk about it, thank you again, you are number one Alex!!!

Profile photo of jma321 jma321

Thank you

Profile photo of Luydmyla Luydmyla

thanks my dear teacher

Profile photo of halga3 halga3

9/10. Thanks Alex! One more great lesson on English Vocabulary!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Ĩlike Arsennal. But MU is the best . I wish serAlex came back !! 😭😭😭😭

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you, I prefer basketball, I think could I use the same information? Greetings,

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

you suport ARSENAL?FC BAYERN MUNCH is better

Profile photo of adilou adilou

hi,sir Alex.you have done it again.tnks u very much for this terrific lesson.but there is something I can not understand here,chealse were beaten by Arsennal. why not, Chealse was beaten by Arsenal because I was taught that a group of thing is singular.pls clarify me this doubt.tnks you sir and have a nice day.

Profile photo of matriarchal lord matriarchal lord

Thank you so mcuh Alex for your available!

Profile photo of lybo lybo

Thanks Alex, as always “GREAT WORK”

Profile photo of Jose Lazzo Jose Lazzo

Hi everyone; can someone add me in skype: yoshi.mendez

I want to practice my english ☺

Profile photo of yoselin mendez yoselin mendez

I have a question:
what is the correct sentence:
“Pittsburgh blew out New York”
“Pittsburgh blew New York out”

thanks a lot !!!

Profile photo of gabbianorosso gabbianorosso

What pain, what pain,
Argentina-Jamaica was a total blowout 5:0
Nice Lesson. Thanks!

Profile photo of Aleksey Kolesnik Aleksey Kolesnik

This lesson is very useful, thanks so much!

Profile photo of Arthurandrade Arthurandrade

Hi sir, Im from Bangladesh,I have got 7 out of 10

Profile photo of bobby98sinha bobby98sinha

9/10 ! Thank you for lesson :)

Spartak from Moscoü is the best team and Aiden McGeady is the best player. ))

Profile photo of Onegin Evgeniy Onegin Evgeniy

it was a total blowout.10/10

Profile photo of davinder14 davinder14

10/10 Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of monikamonika2511 monikamonika2511

First I got 7/10, so I got retesting 10/10.
These sports are hard for me to get perfect.
I will try my best.
Thank you, Sir.

Profile photo of Young Kyung Lee Young Kyung Lee

Hello Alex! Quite interesting lesson. Brazil lost against Germany in the last World Cup. The score was 7-1. It was a blowout. And a shame too. Everything happened at home… By the way, can I use the verb “to support” in other situations? For instance: “I am supporting my brother in his new job” (I mean I hope he gets on in his new job). Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

9/10 score…Thanks a lot, teacher :)

Profile photo of Duhi Tran Duhi Tran

Almost perfect 8/10

Profile photo of EduSkynyrd EduSkynyrd

amazing lesson

Profile photo of carlvin carlvin

Merci Alex pour cette leçon à l’usage des fans de football.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Hi Alex. As an Arsenal fan do you remember russian player Andrey Arshavin ? The four goals against Liverpool at 2009 were unforgettable. Have you seen Euro 2008 and what do you think about Russian national team and Arshavin there?
P.S. Did I write this sentence correctly?

Profile photo of Oleg123 Oleg123

I got 8/10. Thanks for the lesson! I live in Italy and I am an Inter Milan fan!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

    Will u be my friend

    Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

I got 10/10.I’ll have a party.The quiz was great,let us celebrate!!!😀😀😀😀😁😁😃😃😃🙂🙂🤓🤓🤓😇😇😇😍😍😍

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Sorry for the 2nd message.

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

I got 10 correct out of 10. :D. Let’s have a 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟 party. I 💜💜💜💙💙💙💛💛💛💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤Alex

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Thanks a lot Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you

Profile photo of tarek emam tarek emam

Thank you.
keep going.

Profile photo of M.Karbalaei M.Karbalaei

I have got 8/10 thanks Alex it was quite helpfull

Profile photo of Filawi Filawi
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