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I got 5 correct answers out of 9
I will need to to improve


thanks a lot.


This video really help me to understand some words and hot to describe my coworkers.

Thanks a lot.


Emma, thank you so much for this lesson! I’ve not heard almost all these expressions before. I love your way of explanation because everything is clear and easy. Take care! I’m looking forward for a new video!

Zhanna Maltseva

Wow so amazing

Hojor Malek liep bol

Thank you so for your giving me this test like that

Hojor Malek liep bol

Thank you Emma for improving my understanding of english.


Thanks a lot.

Khaled Rashad

two-faced is an insult? OMG… I thought it wasn’t that bad…

Chao Wang

    Dear Chao Wang
    The expression of (two faced) meaning some one do something but he do the opposite action


mine date 31/10/21 from Kazakhstan
thank a lot for sharing your knowledge, Emma


I got 8 out of 9. I still need to improve and I am excited to get this score at my first day here.


I like your picture “two-faced”


Great lesson Emma!!Thanks a lot!!


Right now, I don’t have a job. I unemployed. So I can’t complain or appreciate my(doesn’t yet exist) co-worker… I think, I’m too SLACKER !


Jackie was working as a chef at his job. Whenever there was a problem at the job, the boss always took his advice. In the eyes of the boss, Jackie was his go-to. Jackie and his colleagues always went deeply into their job when the boss was especially around them, and they did nothing when the boss was out. In short, they were slackers. Therefore, the business was always slow and delayed because no one was pulling their weight. However, they were always whining about how difficult their job was. One day the boss decided to hire someone named Fred to make the business become easier. Because Fred was a hard worker, Jackie and his colleagues realized that he was not a team player. It was obvious that he was going places. Jackie always praised Fred for working hard. However, he gave him all other co-workers’ jobs to overwhelm him. Finally, Fred stood up to Jackie. Jackie complained to the boss by saying that he was disturbing harmony at the job. When the boss talked to Fred, he understood how two-faced Jackie was. The boss fired Jackie and all his co-workers. Fred was now the boss’s spouse. The two of them were very happy and earned a lot of money from the same job.

Thanks, Emma!


Emma, you are awesome


I had 6 comment wel of 9! thank you


Thanks a lot.

Yee Mon Thet

Thank you my teacher emma iam quiz results exam prefect results exam 10/10

Ahmed Aden Elimi 12

lesson is great and worth learning


Superhero teacher


thanks a lot. Emma is a good teacher


even if I wasn’t get 10 out of 10 I really like the lesson

mesfin chali

Thanks, excelente video, as always!


    “Excellent video”,autocorrection


8/9. Emma’s going places.


I got 8 correct answers out of 9

Joseph Chiu

Thank you Emma for your detailed descriptions. It makes it easier to understand new things.
Greetings from Austria!


Thanks Emma for this another incredible lesson.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

I’ve got 9 out of 9, thanks Emma


Thank you ma’am nice dressing.

Irum Shah Nawaz

9/9. Thank you so much.


9/9 ,thank you

Nabukenya Betty

Today, I learned more. Thanks Emma


Thank you
you are amazing in teach English

Haytham elhawary 77

Hello ! I want to say thank you to all the Engvid staff for doing such an amzazing job; your’re helping so many people out there, including myself. I have a question but it doesn’t have to do with this lesson in particular. It’s about the intermerdiate plateau which is a level a lot of English learners reach and get stuck at. I’m among those students who have this issue. Could you please make a video about this topic like by giving tips to get off the intermediate plateau and keep making progress in learning English?






Thank you so much teacher


I’m so glad that I learned this course today and I got 100 scores for the quiz as well!! Thank you, Tr. Emma. ^^

Viviana angel

Thanks a lot Emma

Farah Abdulelah Jawad

Thank you Emma


Thanks a lot


you are the best teacher

Sayed-Hasib Ullah1

Thanks a lot Teacher I got 8 correct out of 9.

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