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Great lesson thank you very much for your education, God bless you for the work your doing.

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    Making telephone calls demands some previous practice, no doubt about it.

    Well, I would say that making telephone calls in any foreign/second language is always a real challenge for language learners. Practice makes the difference.


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Thank you so much, Emma! This is really an useful lesson. It might help me a lot when I emigrate to Canada. I always have trouble in English telephoning.

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    hello my name is edwin a want to be your friend by my english is not strong

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    Making telephone calls demands some previous practice, no doubt about it.
    Well, I would say that making telephone calls in any foreign/second language is always a real challenge for language learners. Practice makes the difference.


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Good morning. Many thanks good lesson. I would like to explain to up charge

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Great lesson :) thank you.

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Hello Emma! Thank you for this great lesson, it was very practical advice for people starting to work abroad or with foreigners, I used to be extremely nervous when I was just beginning to speak English on the phone, I wish I had known all of these tips before :)

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You are really a wonderful teacher, thank you :)

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Thanks a lot Emma, it was a very good lesson. I got 10 correct out of 10. You are the best. God bless you.

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I got 8 correct out of ten

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Thanks I got 70%. You and Ms Rebecca are number one teaching wise and and only you on engvid are number one beauty wise. Today you are looking very comfortable and easy. Thanks very much again for great lesson.

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    Hi abdul. How are you?

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Thank you so much. thank to such lessons I can see a difference between mentality of British and our people

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9 :)

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Thank you dear Emma that was great, keep it on

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you are my one of the best teachers. thank you. I am looking forward further more on phone.

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how could this question to consider ok ?
10. Where can you practice phone English?
If I live in an English speaking country, I can practice with telemarketers when they call to sell something. (I won’t actually buy the product, just practice my English)
to practice phone english should i wast time of who are working telemarketer even-though i won’t buy !! i think it’s rudeness and selfishness this question has failed me

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I got 8 correct out of 10 :) I liked phone English practice with text books. But I had tried to call native teachers a few times when I was younger. I might be nervous, so I didn’t understand so much what they said.
Thank you, Emma. I also think smiling is important :)

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thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu =) can ask u when we use ” being and been plzzzzzzzzz help me Mss Emma

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Thanks Emma ;-) ( informal )

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100, Thank you Emma!!! Could I to practice with you?

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Hello Emma, thanks for this very important tool and all of your advices. Sure next phone conversations I’ll feel more comfortable and relax.

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Hye emma.i appriciate your lession.it’s very usefull for me

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thank you so much…..

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Hi there, Serbia is on the line. I would like say to thank you, Emma. I am smiling. :)

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    …to say thank you… Just correcting myself.

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Thanks Emma for the great tips .

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Thank you Emma,but i think in the test it was a little difficult in the meaning of the questions.

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Hello Emma, thank you for your lesson, I have 8 because I don’t understand “All of the above.” what mean this sentence please ?

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    I think all of the above means what was said before true or fall.Like
    She has an apple.
    She has one apple.
    All of the above is true.( :

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Thank you very much Emma teacher, your tips were very useful for me. After I watched this lesson, I realized that I had a lot of problems in talking on phone.

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Thank you…..ma’am.
You are my favorite teacher.I never miss any of your classes.Could you please and please take class regarding IELTS Writing task .
I hope you consider my request.
Have a great day!!

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Good job. Thank you for all advices :)

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Love the tips ! I got 8 correct out of 10 ! Thanks so much !

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hi emma am mohamed
please on the phone when we answeing do we say ” am mohamed” or “it’s mohamed”
could you please explain ?
thank you so much

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    I often hear people say it’s (name) speaking.

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great lesseo , and thanks

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Thank you for all lesson.Good job.

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Thank you so much :)

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i really liked it!

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Cool, i just start today and i think that this is a good way to learn English

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Hello Emma! I really liked this lesson! Could you tell us more expressions???

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i thank , they were very imprtent tips to help me how to talk on the telephon.

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Thank you so much Emma

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Hai Emma…. thanks a lot for sharing these tips.. (try to smile)..

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HI,Emma! i am new here. You’r doing a great job.

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“””Where can you practice phone English??”””

could you please make me understand what’s difference between PRACTICE AND PRACTISE??? Actually i am little bit confused with these two words. please help me.!

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    I think practice is the noun and practise is the verb, but in American practice means both the noun and the verb.

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    If you ask me you should Google all these words.
    and i’m sure you’re gonna get the right answer.

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Thank you Emma. You have made great lessons.

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    Hi guy, u’re cambodian too, we’re country mate.

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Thanks a lot for your kind help, Emma.

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This is really nice

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thank you so much :)

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great it’s very good

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100. Sorry, Emma, but the answer for the 3rd question sounds like: ‘U’ ass in uniform, ‘m’ ass in Mike, ‘a’ ass in Amanda, ‘r’ ass in Robert. Or: “You, ass in uniform” .

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thank you mam

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    HAVE A VERY GOOD ONE, Shivivek!

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I love your lessons, Emma :)

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Thank you a lot Emma. Your lesson makes me confident to speak english on the phone :)

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I love all the guys and ladies here on engvid, they are amazing, Emma is a very beautiful and dynamic teacher . ^^ i just admire her and learn at the same time is like wash the eyes and learn ;)

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    pass to me your address facebook

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Thanks a lot Emma all Your lesson are superbs

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Thanks! This lesson has been very usefull

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Thanks a lot Emma U R the Best!!
and would anyone here mind joining me at Skype
sharing English and having fun?
U can find me with: mrm.13740@gmail.com

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thank you Emna,you are the best
at all

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thank you EMMA

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7/10. Lovely lesson

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oh it was great and really useful for my phone speaking… engvid… thanks

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that is great ! thank you

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Thanks Emma :-D

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thank you for lesson

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I appreciate.

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Thank you very much, it help me a lot I trying to write every day a list one or two lines!! Ones again thank you!! God bless you!

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very good emma!

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Don’t make so many comments guys, she’s not gonna reply any comment.


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Good tips, thanks a lot!

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thank you, very useful lesson

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thanks alot ,it was really a nice lesson .
could you just please make some IELTS preparation videos like (vocabulary – grammar – writing easy ………) thanks alot .

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thank you Emma , it was really benificial …..

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Thanks, Emma,It was great and it has been very usefull.

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10x u a great…

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I really liked this video it’s so useful, thank you so much!

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thank you

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I would like to say much thanks,Emmi. Honestly, you are best.

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Thank you for the great lesson!

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Thanks a lot, Emma

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Thanks!!! 9:)

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Thanks a lot, Emma!

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Thank you so much, Prof. Emma

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Thanks..I’ve got 9 :)

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Hi,Emma, you are one of the most favorite teacher of mine. These tips absolutely give me a direction in telephoning foreigners, especially with customers. I have much more confidence now! Thank you.

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thank you my teacher Emma, i am nabil, n as in nuclear,a as in address, b is in booby,i as in improve. l as in lesson, *_^

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it was nice) you have my thanks))

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Thank you a lot I really enjoyed it.

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thanks Emma >> you`re the best

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May I know who is calling?
No, you can’t!
May I know why?
No, You can’t!
Thanks for calling.
No, you can’t!

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Good job Emma .

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I learned a lot.

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thank very much Emma for this

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Good job thank you

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Thanks a lot Emma. It’s really useful for me.

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In fact i face many problems on speaking on telephone but now i think that this vedio will help me to overcome my problems
really i don’t know how to thank you emma

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Thank you emma, great lesson ;)

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Thanks for the class! You’re a nice teacher!

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Thank you and very useful in day today life

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Τhank you,Emma.

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Smile 9 :)

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I got ten out ten. haha
Have nice day friends.

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you are a good teacher emma

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Hi Emma may i ask why in the cuiz in the first question the thierd answer consider wrong answer?
“Would I leave a message, please?”

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thanks so much

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Thanks for the lesson. Is fantastic learn english with your lesson.

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I think this video comes in handy for the people who are trying to study English.

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Thank You

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Thanks Emma. 9 out of 10. Great!

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I liked it. congratulation Emma.

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Thank you very much medam.it has helped me .

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60%? :(

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thank u emma

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what is an amazing tips. They are really helpful to me because I usually get nervous when I am on the phone. Thanks a lot.

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    Also, I got 100% on the test :)

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Thank you emma. Your lectures always make my English improve for sure. I don’t have opportunity to talk to English speaker on the phone yet, but this video is absolutely helpful when I have to talk them.
I want to know more detail.
So, I look forward to new videos

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yup, why you know that i also don’t like talking on the phone? im trying to avoid it usually. thanks

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Thank you so much Emma -I need to much practice english !

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hi Emma..I have problem that how to use modal verbs in all tenses.could u plz help me in that?

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The best site ever to learn English… I’m loving it so much… thank u…

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thanks emma

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W oh, this one a little bit tricky for me.I got 50!

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hi Emma… your 8th tip made me smile

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Thank you Emma. It is very important lesson for me. I’m very thankful to you…

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Thanks a lot. Could you please add more lessons related to this topic, where will be used more specific words for telephone conversation.

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Ifeel more confident thanks to your lessons. thank you

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hai emma, :-) thank you for your tips, its really useful. i have one trouble while i am speaking english. if i meet other language people i am comfortable to speak english but when i meet someone from my own language i am getting nervous to speak english actually i am struggling i can’t speak. can you help me, please??

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excellent Emma

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Excelent tips, Emma. Thank you.

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Thank you Emma~ You are so great teacher~God bless you and take care^^

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    HI! I belong to Jesus as well! From Brazil, serving the King of the Nations!

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      Yes we are all His bride~ ^^ha ha nice to see you bro~

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Thanks Emma for your great tips. Hope that I have chance to practice English speaking with someone :)

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thanks Emma that was very good. hi shamim? how old are you?

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thank you

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you are the best teacher I have seen

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thnks alot ms Emma

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very usefull topic,, thanks

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Thanks Emma for these useful telephne tips. They help you a lot to cope with formal/informal telephone calls.
I do like your vidio-lessons Emma.


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well ,I would like to say thanks a lot for your valuable time .I sincerely appreciate your talent of teaching, respectable Emma Madam.

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That was really useful.It’s working.

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thanks you teacher….

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You’re such an amazing teacher ..

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Hello !
May i speak to Miss Emma, Please.

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Thank you Emma!

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It was a good video and it helped me.
thanks for the video Emma.

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May I speak to Mis. Emma!
It was very useful lesson. thanks Emma.


I got 10 correct out of 10 thank you so mutch Emma

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Hi Emma,
thanks a lot for your useful lesson.
You’re a amazing teacher
take care

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thanks a lot for your lesson

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Great….Thanks Emma

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Emma. You said “I” as a Erin, M as a Marry and A as a En. You speak Ema, but spell it Ime? It’s confusing. The same letters are speak out very different. I think you English need to reform the spelling.

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Thank you so much, Emma!

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Thanks for such a clear explanation.

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Very nice video !

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Great Job

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Thank you Emma. I love this lesson.

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Nice! Thank you Emma.

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Nice !Thank you Emma

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i got 100!thank u much!

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Thanks a lot Mrs Emma.

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thanks Emma…. its really helpful.

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You are a great teacher.

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Hardfall thanks for Emma. I would like to practice by skype:masumbsbc

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i got 90%

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thx so much for this lesson …It was helpful thx so much :)

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Hi Emma! I loved the class!! I’m going to use your tips! :) I want to learn English very well! :p

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with all respect but May I ask who’s calling?
is not a doble question in a question.
thanks for your answer.

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GREAT!! ;)

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Thank you! I am so sorry, I scored 7 out 10

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your teaching is fantastic.

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thank you, Emma :)
Hi everyone, it’s nice to talk to all of you in English in order to practicing English and share your beautiful culture. please contact my facebook account: phùng tấn phát. thank you

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I love smile, I liked Emma’s smile :)

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Great lesson! Thank you … :) Emma teacher!

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Emma … I really enjoy your classes . Congrats !!!

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Emma ,
May I call you to practice conversation on the phone?
I am kidding but I really would appreciate that .

Profile photo of locosta locosta

Best Teacher

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OMG, WTF I got 7 I hope at least i could get 10 haaaaa>,<

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This lesson is very useful with me.Now I’m sure that I won’t get mistake on telephone anymore!

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Thanks, this lessons is Ok.

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Emma, I have the same difficulty. I’m going to work hard to overcome this.

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This is so great,Thanks Emma.

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Profile photo of Ndamono Ndamono

i need some one to practise english with me please

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    you can practice with me.

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Hi Emma,
Your teaching ability is perfect completely. Thanks for lesson and smile :)

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thank you Emma

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Great lesson!
Best Teacher :)

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i would like to think you for your efforts.

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Thank you very much. Do you know how I practice I have nobody to speak with so practice by taking dictionary over there common first names are given I am picking up formal one e.g Is Harry there , please ? This is Awais calling for Harry.I practice with different names Adam , bob , Chris , Daniel etc. God taan k hI na chrismas may dare saarieU n Koshun day . (English translation) GOD will give you lots of happiness in this Chrismas. Happy Chrismas.

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Emma you are very nice,Thank You?
Good class

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Hello Ms Emma!. I am very much fascinated by your teach methodology. Love it. May I know how to contact you through e-mail for any queries related to “grammar”? or Can I use these “posts” as a means to have communication with you? Eagerly awaiting for the response. :)


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Emma! I would to tell you one more thing… you are Amma ( meaning mother in south Indian languages) – Grammar Amma to me… I keep admiring your teaching… ;)

Profile photo of Manjula R Manjula R

I joined the course lest thaan 24 hours ego. I already how interesting it is.Thank you so much Emma and all the teachers.

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You are a great funny person Ms……
I wish you a great luck in your life Emma and will be glad to meet you somewhere.Thank you.

Profile photo of Abdullah kateb Abdullah kateb

We become to be nervous when answering the phone.
Most helpful tip of today’s lesson is “When we speak on the phone, we should smile ”
This is very important not only English but also native language.
Thank you so much Emma!

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Nice one.. Thanks!!

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It was my first test 70% thanks a lot

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Thanks you Emma.
It´s a wonder fast lessons.

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my english is not strong

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Hi, Emma. I’ve looked to your all videos about telephone and eventually I can say heartily that I can talk on the phone without any hesitation. Thank you so much.

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ive got 6

Profile photo of Emad Daoowd Emad Daoowd

شكراً جزيلا it means many thanks

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ive got 9

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Great lesson! Emma. Thanks.

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Wonderful Emma!

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thanks for teaching

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Hi Emma,

Thanks for putting this together. I have seen many of your videos on youtube. And, I’m pretty much impressed by your teaching skill. I’ve scheduled my IETLS for 14th Nov – I would love to have online coaching from you. Would you mind to provide me online coaching?

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Thank you Emma. You have made great lessons.

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How to spell a word? Use NATO phonetic alphabet (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, et..). Much clearer.

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Thanks Emma for teach us ,good lesson

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Thanks a lot dear Emma for this great lesson ^_^
about the last question,
in my Opinion, the 2nd choice is the best.
the first one wastes credits or increases the Tel. bill.
The 3d one wastes the seller’s time
and I dont like that>
its my peersonal Opinion ^_*
regards :)

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Thanks Emma!

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it’s an important lesson thanks a lot teacher Emma :)

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thank you ,i like your lession!

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Thanks emma for this very useful tips on making a call. It would be very useful to me especially im practic8ng english. Because 8m planning on applying a job which is an call center agent. And this is very useful to me because i will know how to speak more polite on an phone coversation. Thank you again emma and have a nice day.😀😀

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I looking for someone to speak with him.

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Thank you Emma,You make me more confident when I conversation via telephone.

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your lessons are most helpful, and your expressions and teaching way is quitely helpful, you are an amazing teacher,I wish I would meet you someday whenever I come in canada

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Many thanks Ms Emma I got 8 points I need more study to get a high scores to your lesson ……I’ll try my best next quiz .

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Have a nice day!!! Thank you, Emma!!!!

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thanks emma

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Thanks Emma alots. You are a great teacher.

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Thanks, Excellent tips, when I have the opportunity I will put it on practice

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It is very help full thank u Emma.

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Hey Emma!
Congratulations for the lesson. It’s really important for us (English students) to improve ours learning.

I’d like to congratulate all of you teachers for this amazing website.

Thanks a lot! ;)

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Thank you for your lesson. I liked your tips about practice with the answering machine and smile on the phone. i think that very good ideas and very helpful.

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Thanks Emma I learned a lot . I will use this tips on my workplace

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guys i want to practice speaking English
i wish you help me to find guys interested in it like me
or tell me where can i do it

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Don’t be direct, Use “may could would” instead of “I want”. Practice practice practice, practice more. Spelling you name in example. Pay attention to the number. ask if you don’t understand. remember the useful expressions. Use different sentence between formal and informal situation. Finally don’t forget to smile.
It’s a very helpful lesson.
Thank u Emma!

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Hi Emma! I use the expression “May I help you?” This form is formal, or informal, or both?

Profile photo of cjcarvalho cjcarvalho

I’m learning … thank you Emma

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thank you Emma :))

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Thanks Emma! I love you!

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I got 8 out of 10. That was fun. Thank you Emma once again.

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Thank you so much it is very helpful.

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Can anybody help me to explain the meaning of “Hey,put Emma on for a sec.”?

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Thank you EMMA 😊
📞📞 ☎️☎️

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Thanks a lot. I got 9 but all my choices were green ( correct !) and now I don’t know which was not correct !

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Thank you Emma.

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very useful ! thanks Emma :)

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Thanks, Emma. I got 90

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i think i put my feet on the right track … thanks Emma

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thanks, Emma, that’s funny how I felt identified on this video. I have this problem with number especially with 30 and 13! hehe when I go the gas station and I ask to pay 30$ and they ask me many times how much I want to pay, I repeat 30 and they put 20!!! hehehehe

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Grad lesson. Tkanki you veraschap much 😊

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I had got a call last Friday, but I really nervous and don’t understand what he talks about because my English is very weak, today is my third lesson, I will keep learning, thank you, Emma.

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Thank you Emma. I got a wrong answer to the last question of the quizz; it sounded so funny to me to use cold calls this way…

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank you

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Emma, thank you very much. You are really a wonderful teacher! I really enjoy learning English with your videos… Thank you agayn! :)

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I got 9 correct

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Wow I got 10 out of 10 .Thanks Emma

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Sorry this time I got 80 and thanks for this useful, and interesting lecture. Can I ask something Were you suffering form cold when you made this video because your voice is some different form all video.

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    You’re wrong, look at her well.

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thanks Emma.

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I got 90… Emma you are brilliant teacher. Thanks from Costa Rica

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Thanks ema your classe is helping me..

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Thanks, Emma!

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this is awesome for the second time quiz I got again 9/10. thank you Emma it makes me feel more confident now but I need more practice too.

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Thank you Ms. Emma.

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Hi Emma, this lesson is useful to me. I’m trying to learn English online for free and this page and you guys are awesome. Thank you for you support.

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10/10! Wonderful! Today is a tried day, but I also keep learning English with Emma.

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A million thanks for your great lesson mam!It’s so useful on the telephone conversation.more informative,very clear.I really love your lesson as always.

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