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All correct. This lesson is easy but useful. Sometimes the non-English speaker they are not following this phone conversation format in real life.

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    Oh! So you did well on the test? Congratulations!

    Now you’re ready to talk on the phome, aren’t you?


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      Dear Emma,

      Answering the phone may seem easy at first sight. However before we engaged on a phone conversation, we should know how to start and end it.

      Of course we also should know which expressions to use according to the level of formality in the conversation.

      Now we have the complete picture.

      Thanks Emma for this hands-on video lesson.


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        I agree with you… Sometimes the words get away of my head… and it gets worst on the phone.

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          Guess what Carol? We both have exactly the same problem. But as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”.

          Have a nice weekend Carol! All the best.

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          Yeah… I had an I idea. Would you like to practice by WhatsApp?

          Ha a nice week, Regino! Best regards!

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          I want learning english , can you
          help me?

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Thank you Emma, you are the best teacher I have ever known in my life. we all students love your best teaching way. and we look forward your next unexpected useful as well as helpful lessons. wish you best of luck. DO NOT FORGET WE RESPECT YOU AS WE DO OURSELVES, WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN UMM…………….!WOW I DO’NT KNOW SORRY .I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT

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thanks Emma.your videos are always helpful.

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perfect score thanks emma hope to see another lesson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank u

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could i share my test score with my facebook friends?
i got 100% in this test.
Thank You emma

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Perfect score after a long time! Thank you, Emma. Take care ;)

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Could EngVid tell Emma she is the best and take care.

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Good morning Emy. Many thanks could please explain how to pronounce like lake look lack lock. You are gorgeous

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Emma Sorry

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Than you Emma.It is useful.

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Thank you teacher, great lesson,….

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Thank you my teacher.

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thank u. emma, it is useful, i really like many teacher in engvid.com , they are great!<3 i love you so much! :D

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Thank you,Emma. You are great.

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Thank you Emma.

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Thank you Emma

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Wow! It’s great lesson for telephone English. I really thank you for your lesson. :)

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i watched your first telephone lesson,it was good. the second one is great as well.thank you emma.

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Thank you very much Emma for Calling Lesson 2, it was interesting and also hope that in the close future we will see Calling Lesson 3 with business level

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Thank you Emma , Great lesson :)

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Like it , as usual your lessons are so useful
Thank you so much

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and??!!,… 8/10. Incredible but that´s it, when you answer with to much confidence you will make mistakes.
Ring-Riing….Yes please who´s there? Hi, My name it´s Jorge (international call, from Portugal), can I speak with Emma please? No, Emma isnt here at the moment, sorry sir. Take care, see you, by the way pay more attention when responding on the quiz, bye.

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And again I scored 10/10 thanks to you Emma. You are so lovely. I would want to stay in your class forever. :) Greetings from Serbia!

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Thanks :)

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Good teacher and good lesson.

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All correct, but I don’t think if I can answer phone call as perfect as you.

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Hi Emma,

My score is 10/10. Thanks!

You are the best teacher in Engvid!

Could you help me? I wasn’t at school when our schoolmates have the Future Continuous Tense; Future Perfect Tense; Future Perfect Continuous Tense; and I haven’t understand that since then. How I use them? What is the different of them? Can you explain me?


PS. Thank you in anticipation!

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I got 10 out of 10.Thanks a lot!

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I got 10 corrects out of 10. Thank you for the lesson! It was really informative. Greetings from Turkey!

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Thank you Emma

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Thanks for the lesson Emma you’re so cute. God Bless you.

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Thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma. Your performance was really superb.

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7/10 useful lesson

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Thank you for this lesson

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8/10 thank you Emma. you are amazing

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Much great teacher’s performance !
Many thanks Emma.
I have got 80%.

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Thank you Emma.
I got 10 out of 10.

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Thank you Emma.

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Hello! Is Emma in?
No, would you like to leave a message?
Yes, can you please tell her that she is a great teacher?
Sure, I’ll pass on the message.
Ok thanks, take care, bye!

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Thanks a lot. This lesson is very useful for those who doesn’t have real English environment to learn. Greetings from Mexico!

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I like the way you convey the lesson. Thank you!

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great lesson !

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    first show patient because you may see so many challenges during learning the language and second make more efforts to achieve your goal in terms of watching videos per day for minutes if you can hours is ok but don’t stop it by feeling disappointment or laziness that is what i’m doing right now and i am sure i am not same with how i was one year ago, every night i don’t sleep without watching video lessons and some times i watch movies with sub titles, if i remember one year ago even i couldn’t understand most words of the video lessons but today i can catch every word without subtitles.
    thanks those who dedicated their valuable time and energy and organized these useful video lessons because of us, i really appreciate you. God bless you.

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Thank you Emma!

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keep up the hard work

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it is so useful. thank you .

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It’s perfect Emma. Thanks :)

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thank you Emma nice class

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hello everyone how you all doing.this kind of lesson are really good because that’s what we actually need,i mean know grammar is good,that way way can write correctly and structure phrases but in my personal opinion I think it’s better to learn expressions but like I said that is just my point of view.hopefully u guys read my comment.i’ll appreciate any feedback

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Thank you Emma for these tips, I’m always looking for telephone expressions, because it’s a little bit difficult to remember in a real situation, so that’s why these lessons are so helpful for me.

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Hi there thanks……for lesson

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Thank you,Emma.It’s very useful for me.

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How I love your lessons! 10 out 10! Thank you :)

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wow nice its very useful for everyone and how to use this for speak well

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Good I very prefect…..

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I want to know how to write good sentence

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Hi Emma…Thank you very much

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Thank you very much!

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what detailed presentation!
Thank you Emma :)

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Thank you Emma takecar bye

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Thank you Emma.

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Thank you Emma, got 80%.

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It’s easy but useful.
Thank you Emma !!!

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Thank you Emma

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I got 100%
feeling exciting :)

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Many thanks

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EMMA very useful for me thanks a lot my score was 90

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thank you very
much EMMA

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i got 100%

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thank uuuuu Emma <3

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You’re sick!! I got 100% You taught it clearly.

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thank you ,,,,

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thank you

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Thanks! it’s very useful!!

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Thanks! it’s very useful!!

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I need help, the button no answer

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It’s very helpful to watch your video Emma.I can get plenties of knowledge even in about 3 minutes.Your ways of teaching is so effective!Thank you!

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Great lesson!

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thank you Emma, I got 100%!

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thanks Emma.your videos are always helpful.

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Thank you Emma.

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it’s amazing emma
i got 90%

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90/100 I like Emma, she explains everything very well-

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thanks for appreciation

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thanx a alot

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10 out of 10 ! :)
Thanks Emma, you’re incredible!

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for me, it is the first time to find the website that is very very useful
thank for your preseverance

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wow! Thanks Emma I liked the class!! :) But Could you put some information about use of the “Let”? please!! :)

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waw i just solved 3 out of 10

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Wow amazing teaching emma. Thank u so much.

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10/10 perfect thank U

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Thanks Emma, I appreciate all your help.

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Tank you Emma, Take care…………………

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thank you very mach emmea.

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Emma thank you, I enjoyed it.

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Thanku Emma.. I got 90%.

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Thank you emma, i got 9/10.

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got perfect score!thanks for that.it really helps.

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thank you emma, so much

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Thank you Emma ♥

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Hello Emma, let me tell you that I had the opportunity to travel to Canada to improve my English, but you know what? One day I was surfing trough the web looking for a good videos to make a complement, suddenly I saw you in youtube. Since that day, I watch each one of your videos. Believe me, you are my favourite in this channel (Engvid). Sorry for my grammar writting, but I’m learning :)


thank U Emma .
very good lesson to hang up the phone.

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Thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma, you are the best English teacher for me. And this is my first comment on engvid.com :)

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very good. thks Emma.

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Thank you

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Thank you Emma, it was great :)

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Hi Emma thanks
But I have a question
you say: [I wasn’t prepared] at 5:11
why didn’t you say [I didn’t prepare or I wasn’t preparing]

if u have feel time plz teach me
thank you so much ^______________^

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thank Emma Excellent your video.

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10/10 thank you .. keep going

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Thank you for this phone conversation video

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thank you emma

I benefited a lot from this lesson

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thank you sweetheart !

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Thank you.

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thank you Emma :)

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Great lesson

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so sweet of you !!

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tank you emma.

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Thank you,Emma ^_^

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It’s good to practice for dealing with everyday life situations.Great lesson!

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Tks, Emma for the lesson!

Somebody here to practice with me at WhatsApp?

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    I’d like to. I sent you a request on Skype!

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      Did you sent me?

      My Skypename: carol.e3139.

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    Hi! I sent a request to you on skype.

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great lesson!! thank you teacher..
hello everyone,if you want to practice English with me please kindly add me on:
facebook : summer yurii
skype : summer_yurii48

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    Hi, summer_yurii!

    I sent you a request on Skype! ;)

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Thanks for the lessons Emma. I got 90% from 9 questions. I have onw question for you – Great!!! I will let her-him know that you called…? If I add that is it correct…..? Please answer to my question Emma. Thanks a lot

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Thanks Emma, these are words that need to be used in everyday life for me.

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Thanks just last night I had stuck in conversation on the phone.

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oh mis imma u r verry beast teacher.i folow u.

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well, i had some mistakes

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Congratulations Emma , You are the best¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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I am so glad to listen to you Emma!!!

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Hi Emma
i am very happy for watching in your video.
thanks emma

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Thanks Emma you explain all very easy

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Thank a lot Emma

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It’s very easy lesson Thank you again Teacher :)

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it’s great

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if any want wants to practice english with me this is my skyp name mhmoud.mozo

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Thank You Dear Emma You are always great.

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Great Emma, Thank you!

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perfect… thank you Emma!

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I love this. Teacher, you are doing a great job.

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thank you Emma but in my country there is no one to practise with can you help me please ?

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Thank you Emma. I want to speak with native english speaker. You can produce for me such as nick facebook or skyper. Thank you very much!

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thank you Emma

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easy and very useful

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Always i say thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a loooooooooot Emma

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thank you mam….

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awesome Mrs. Emma … I really was like what I am suppose to say and I always give the phone to my friends for unknowns numbers … but after watch you I would give it easily … thanks a lot … love for the best Emma .

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nice lesson :)
hi guys, does anyone is available to help me practicing English through skype?
feel free to contact me (spyros al.)

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Thank you

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thank you Emma, this is very important subject for non-native spekaers

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Thank you Emma.

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Thank you Emma for your learning English tutorial.

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Thank you very much Emma.

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thank you a lot

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lol good

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Thank you teacher, great lesson,….

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Thanks for your lecture

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this lecture is very important for me thanks

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Very useful! This is great lesson as if I were in front of Emma. I got perfect. Thank you so much.

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my quiz emma:
You got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thank you for teaching us this so useful topics

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thanks emma.you’re the best teacher.

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very nice, i got 90 ,thank you Emma ,

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Thanks Emma

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i hope the best for you Emma .
i love you so much

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its very useful lessons emma.thank u so much.i got 70

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This video was very helpful to me.
Your classes are easily understandable.
I like very much your Teaching style.
Thank You Very Much Emma.

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Wonderful. Engvid is a big platform to learn English,,

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i got a smile face!! :D

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hello, I’m Satya n from india. iam learning my English in interesting this lesson it was a gud for me i need to more the meanings how are combined in the sentence to be clear but i have a doubt question. What is the difference between take and a give text???

Can u explain me these are meaning for the answer. . Thanks in advanced

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thanks emma

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Hold on , I need to grap a pen and paper .

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wonderful lesson. Thank you.

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thanks for teaching

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thank you Emma!

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in 03:52,
why didn’t you use “a paper” instead of “paper” ?

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This is a great lesson of yours emma. Now i know how to end calls or leave a message on a phone conversation in english. Even though i have not watched the other video which is the you are saying emma. This very important because i can use this in my everyday life. Thank you emma.

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Thank you Emma very it is a very usefull lesson for me ;)

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Emma, very helpful lesson!
Thank you so much!
love, love and peace to you! :-)

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Great , this video is easy but useful :)
Thank Emma

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Thanks Emma, a lot. I is very useful to me, i took a note down to use it.
Take care now

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Ohh my ! I’m on a cloud 9 i got 10 , today most of my quiz are flying colours , wish i can maintain this score..! feel i’m alcoholic to my study ,And this lessons are very important because i can use them to my work and when i have a chance to talk to a native speakers ……many thanks Ms Emma i’ve learned a lots to your beautiful education lessons .Well i’m going to watch your other vids lesson .Thx a lots .

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Thanks a lot Emma,you’re the Best teacher.

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Thank you,Emma! This is very useful.

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perfect score , very useful video thanks Emma More power

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I love your lessons Emma.

You have a special way to tech.

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Thank you Emma for providing this useful video lesson.

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tks emma ,it’s useful for me to make phone call in a formal way.

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good point,simple but useful, actually to get it smooth in phone conversation is not easy, right.More practising more confident, all best to you Emma,i owe you one

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Thanks you!!!

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thank you so much Emma, You are an amazing teacher!!!

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i got 100

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I got 100

I Would like leave a message to You,

Thank You.

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Thank you Emma. Take care 😊

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Nice lesson. Good teacher.

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10 over 10 :) Very helpful
Thank you, Teacher Emma.

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Thanks, Emma. Good lesson. I got 90.

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Hold on! I got 10/10 at first attemted. What a feeling! :D Who am I!
I love Emma forever!

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i need to practice with someone.if somebody is interested ……..

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We should practice each other who is in interest ?

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Thank you very much Emma. This lesson was a very good lesson and you are a great teacher. Can’t wait to see more vids

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these are reallu useful expression I didn’t know how to end the phone conversation.. funny ,…I know …

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You got 8 correct out of 10


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Thank you Emma.

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thanks Emma

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Thank you, Emma. You are great teacher.

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thank you Emma
i got 10/10
you are the best teacher in english
I like how you teach !!

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8/10. Terrible! I forgot Emma’s Test Tips. I need to go over the notebook and learn it again.

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A great thanks for your wonderful lesson mam!Your way of teaching is remarkable and excellent.It is so useful,more informative and very clear.I have not learnt these expressions before.you are great and impressive mam!I love your lesson as always.I really improve my English day to day through out the tips which you give on every lesson.

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