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why video in many times blurred and photo unclear ?
in all lessons

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    Because your photo is not clear either!! lol

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      hhh from where you got this wit

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    You are probably watching in low quality. Click the gear icon on the bottom left of the video. Change the quality to “720p” or higher.

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        sometimes your connection may get slower and because of that youtube automatically lower the resolution to make the video do not stop.
        I hate when it appens lol always i hit the gear to restore a good resolution.

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I got 10/10 thank u, Mr E.

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Thanks James!

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    Thanks Mr James the lesson is very interesting I like it … <3

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Thanks James. I’ve got 10/10 )))

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Great lesson James. I enjoyed it a lot, Thanks!

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    hi anyone who wanna talk in skype , in order to ameliorate the pronunciation and thx

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      hi ahmed , are you serious to want talking in skype !!

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        i`m serious to do that if u want

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When I discovered James’s videos I had some difficulties to understand because a little bit fast speaking. But I already knew that in this “game” mustn’t never give up! After listening many many James’s videos my ears are used to listen to easily and they ask me for faster and fluent English. Thanks Jemes for your trigger strategy communication to make disappear our difficulties!

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please provide a lesson on basic conversation at the airport and at the hotel in foreign country..please sir

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Thanks for the lesson! It is realy interesting! James, you are so cool! And I very like your joke!

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Yeah I got 90, It was a good lesson.

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Good~ fantastic! 10/10.

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Thanks, James.
Your speak skills is faster. :o)

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Fantastic lesson, James you are very good teacher.

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Thanks James!

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good job.

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I love this lesson. Thanks

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Thanks James!

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Thanks James!

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Thanks for good lesson, James. I’ve got 10/10.

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Thanks, James. I enjoy watching this videos. All ur videos crack me up. I think u could’ve been very good comedy actor :) Anyway, my hobby is watching movie. It doesn’t matter it’s my time off or not every day I’m watching two or tree movie or more. So, I’m Cinephile. I can’t stay without watching movie

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    Heh, me neither )) Especially horrors ones ))

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      But I don’t like horrors, coz I’m scared :)

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i love to watch your video, it’s so cool…

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Great and thans!
Concerning the verbs ENJOY and LIKE.
Yeah, “enjoy” is always followed by Gerund.
But after “like” Gerund is possible too, isn’t it?
I like dancing/to dance.


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Thank you James so much.

After my English has been improved, I am interested in more lessons like that. Grammar seems to be boring. Business English can be useful. I want to talk to usual people. Here I can pick up some vocabulary. Ronnie’s lessons are also cool!

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    … my English has improved…

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Thank you James!I enjoy watching the video!

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thank you James great and funny lesson as always

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Thank you for this great lesson! I have got 10 out of 10. http://youtu.be/0lHCemUta1w?t=5m59s Visit Ukraine my hobby is not cooking, but I know a good places where you could enjoy delicious dishes. My friends from the USA really liked it. And take Mister E with you ^_^

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thanks james :D ..great funny for ” the money don’t love me “

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yes i have got 100% thank u . excellent teacher

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Was fun thanks

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I like to watch these lessons. I got 10/10 =)

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James, you are a great and funny teacher. Thanks.

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Great lesson James! You´re chill! If you ask me what I do in my downtime I´ll answer: -“Learn English with EngVid” :-)
Best Regards from Brazil

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Thank you James

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Thanks James, I got 10 correct! By the way, one of my hobbies is studying English with EngVid! I really enjoy watching your videos, James!

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Yes i got 10/10 thank you Mr.E

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Awesome, thank you very much Mr E :)

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very cool

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Thank you very much for your lesson! Very interesting and useful information! I hope, my skills in speaking and others will improve)

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thanks james

but i want to know about the verb of behold .plz creat a video about behold ..i did not know how to use it ….

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“spare time, downtime, time off, hobby, enjoy ‘verb + ing’, like to + ‘base verb’ ”

Thanks James.

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thank you James.

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5. In my ________________ I like to _______.
downtime, collecting comics
spare time, play music
time off, playing soccer

James is “in my spare time” correct?

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    Same question!

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That’s really cool James

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wow :) ten answers are correct :) thanks James :)

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Its really cool. Thanks james…

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Hello James!I enjoy learning languages,Spanish
Swedish and English of course.Recently I started studing Swedish,but this is a hard language to learn.If is there some person who can help me with this language please,let me know!I thank.

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    Hi there! How are getting along with spanish? I actually can help you with spanish cause it is my first language; and also english, we can practice it each other! Greetings

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I’m impressed with “EngVid” Congratulations for the amazing work.

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Great lesson,great teacher,thank u.

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really great video from great one thank you james it improved my English :)

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Hey, I got perfect score. I really love these lessons on engvid.

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thanks for this!
so cool and knowledgeable

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HI James! I would like to ask a question.
“What do you do with your spare time” can it change to “What do you do in your spare time”?

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thanks, it was very interesting

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I enjoy watching engvid video lessons to improve my English. Thanks James!!!

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’twas really cool your lesson James txs a lot! By da way i enjoy collecting 10/10…..lol

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good lesson

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why these videos are not downloadable? plz tell me

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Thanks James
I really need to tune the antenna to understand your speaking!!!
tanks again.

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Hello Jame. I’m Luan. I comes from Viet Nam.You are exciting teacher and i want to be friend with you. I am crazy fan of you. ^^ So could you give me your facebook address? Thank you!

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pretty good! i’ve got 6/10,

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Did I see “Jadzia” there? :D
In polish Jadzia=Jadwiga, Jagoda
Greetings from Poland ;)

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Thanks James
I am really benefited from this lesson.

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Love the lesson

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U r the best English Teacher

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Oh dear! This is incredible. I enjoy your teaching style. It’s absolutely cool.

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thank you.
you funny and good teacher!!!

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    Yes ı think so

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    Hi Monika! how are you getting along with your english?? Greetings!

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hello sir,I’ve difficulties to understand your fast speaking.I want to know what to do to understand a person who generally speaks fast.I hope you will do a favour on me by replying me

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hi,sir.To be honest, you’re a funny man. :)

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you are really great teacher ..i understand ever things . thank you so much but i think you speak quickly but you are great teacher . can you make a favor to me?? how to improve my English, i can understand every things but i can not speak quickly like you and i have some problem in the grammar i can translate and understand every things but i can not speak , when i had an exam in the grammar i did not do well .. please make a favor to me and contact me on my email muath.alarish@yahoo.com
i am waiting you …
thank you so much

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thanks for the lesson!

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James, do you still remember me? this is Jingjing. I miss you a lot. You are one of my favorite teacher in the world.
I would like to go back to visit you, but I got a full time job.
It is great to see you here. would like to give you a big hug if possible.

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Nice and easy

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Thank you. That’s really cool~

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Thank you fot the lesson!

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how can i use ideo to improve my english too fast

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Thank you so much;)

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i like your style hehheheh,,,thanks James,,,

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I have fun in your lesson. That’s so cool!

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Thanks James


I got 10 out of 10 :)

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thank u so much :)

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thanks james
that was realy cool !

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Great! I enjoy watching Mr. E’s lessons

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Thank you James for this interesting course !
I got 10/10

Yours sincerely

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I’m not understand any think it’s bad

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Thank you James I Got 9/10

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    wow! so cool. congratulation!

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thanks very much man

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mr.e and james, why can’t i watch any of your videos

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    Oh dear! A few questions:

    – Can you see other Youtube videos?
    – Can you see the video on Youtube but not on engVid.com?
    – Are you looking at the site with a computer or with a phone? Is your browser up-to-date?

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yaa, that was great. i got 10/10.

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really nice ,you are speaking very fast that is little difficult.

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Thanks James! You are the best teacher!

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Hey Mr. James i really like your class and i have a good idea for Engvid to follow .. i wish you will like it .
at first you and Engvid teachers will find the most common 5000 words in English then you will divide them into ” Topics ” every topic has about 28 words like ” love at the first sight ” its words are ” Devotion, secret admirer, love story, candles, eye contact, affection, adore and treacherous ” .. it’s a sample after that You will say every word definition and then tell a short story include every word of these common words .. and the next video includes Grammar and non grammar skills like ” If conditions and polite request ” with phrasal verbs attached to the last topic … and in the end the quiz include all of these . that’s it i hope you will like it ;) Good luck :)

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thanks to you my vocabulary has increased by far!

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Thanks James..
I enjoy collecting 10/10….

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Wow! that’s good lesson!! (y)

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thanks a lot James

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I love your style. so cool! You are so fun, You know? Hah ha. :)
can you tell me some about reported speech? I’m not sure about that.

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Very interesting lesson,thanks:)

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Hey James!what means POO POO?

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well, james thank you for your video

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i speak english haha

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I’m your fan!!!!! I’m in love with you and your teaching methods :).

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really you a good teacher ,
tzhbk you very much
me to i’m your fan

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really you are good teacher ,
thank you very much
me to i’m your fan

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I’m really enjoyed with this lessons

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I like ur face expressions :D
Thanks james

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thank you James

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yes. that was great. i got 10/10

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Public Enemy – Bring the noise.

I like them, this music is awesome.

Thanks for the lesson.

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Really good

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Hi James,
This is an awesome and a great idea,I love it because it a very helpful tools to me and the class that Im taking currently ESL level 51 and 52.

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i enjoy : watching your lesson ..

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great teacher, i will recommend to my wyfe

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It was great! Thanks.

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100!!! I like it, thank`s

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great. i like it, it’s an useful video,thanks alot

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i got 9 out of 10
thank you for kind of lesson.
so..i am curious what means poo poo? LOL
i have been fun watching your lesson
when in the home,in the office.
i spread all of my around.
i has learn and laugh by your lesson.
thank you teacher James

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Hello James!
You teaches very well!

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i got 9/10

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Hello James! I like your teaching. Al thought some time I don’t listen you. But I’ll try to listening you.

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Nice to meet you, James. “Down time” and “time off” were my first idioms. Thank you :)

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Hello you all I am very happy to meet you

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I am in ambivalent way,,,first I am so sad because I got 6 points but I am happy due I got a funny teacher, I write while laughing yet….I don´t learn, but how I amuse oneself! ..it´s a mexican saying…thanks James.

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Hi James/Can I ask you a question?
Can I write gonna,hafta,wonna etc.words when I am writing in English?It is true?Please

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thank you teacher james

i am fun learning and lesining


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I enjoy learnig with you!

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My bad! LearniNg ;)

Profile photo of Rukawa8 Rukawa8

I got 8/10 that is a greet lesson

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thank you i got 10 of 10 in test :)

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thank you so much. that’s great lession. that’s so cool:))

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10 of 10 … thanx

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First time here and I loved this!!!
Thanks all of you for helping me with my English!!

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I can hear but I can’t see the video :(

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I dot 10/10.
I enjoy learnig with you!

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James,you are amazing !! Thanks !

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Hi James, in my free time i like watch your videos,you’re the best Lecturer in Engvid, but all Lecturers in Engvid are awesome .

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cool 7/10

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Its was easy. But i got 8 :( . Thank you MR. James for interesting and funny lessons :)

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Thanks, James….

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Thanks, James! I’m really improving with your lessons! I enjoy studying English with you in my downtime!!

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Thanks James.

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I got 10/10.
I enjoy learning with you

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I did it twice because my pc got stuck :( but fortunately i got 9 out of 10 and I really tank you teachers from the bottom of my heart and appreciate your efforts ( tusen takk ) god bless you all

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i enjoy i n g
what’s a best way to remember!!

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Thank you for that lesson.
And by the way, I got 100% :)

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James I’m really sure that you are smoking weed before every lesson! :)

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oh cool lesson.^^

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Hello James!
I really like to study English with you! Thanks!!!
It is my hobbie. :)

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good lesson but if you can go slower would be better for beginners.thanks

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Thanks James, 80%

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I love when u r dancing.
enjoy i-n-g, enjoy i-n-g, I’ll never forget it.
Thank You sooo.

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Thank you so much
I got on 100

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Hi James, Thanks for tips!

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that was really cool

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James,your videos and lessons are great!!!! Thank you!! Greatings from Armenia

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I ẹnjoying watching your lessons. and your hobby is really cool.hj

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Thank you… :-)

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this lesson was for me :) thanks

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Thanks. James. But why not develop an app for the phone? I love it

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I enjoy learning English with you. It’s the best of my hobbies right now! :)) Thanks a lot from Russia!

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you are great man i like your way

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How a fun lesson so really thanks (:

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10/10 feeling happy

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What Mr E likes to do in his spare time? :P
Thank you a lot from Brazil ;)

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This is very cool, was just started yesterday and then tried to do a test got 100 lol…Ty teachers

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9/10 .. yey , Better , I Enjoy Watching this Video …

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I will remember ‘I enjoy I N G’ he he It’s easy to remember.

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thank you. now I know how to say my hobbies in a different way… not always “my hobbies are……” boring!! thanks DUDE lol.

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I enjoy studying in engVid. =]

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thank you James,it was so good

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Thanks Mr. James you are the best :D

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Thanks! Very, very well. ;-)

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Yeah I got 90, It was a good lesson.

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thanks you again james for another great video.

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thanks james.I enjoy watching your eng lesson

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10/10! Thanks James! : )

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good lesson i had 9/10 answers. I like watching videos/TV/movies in my downtime and play Gaming also…well almost get outside every day to walk and visit places in my spare time, right now i have a lost of spare time to study english.

thankyou so much james and I enjoy your vid. see you in the next video.

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thnk u james

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thanks alot mr James for all you’re work

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Thanks James enjoying the lesson with you got 10/10

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Really enjoyed this class. Thank you!

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Really enjoyed this class. i got 10/8

Thank You!!!!!!

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Wow Amazing lesson i really like it Thank you James you are the best :D .. and i really liked the quiz i got 10/10 :D ..

and i am looking for someone to practicing withe me add me on Skype : Mr.abood_72

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I got 10/10. It’s really interesting and useful lesson. Thank you, James!

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Thank you James. 10 out of 10!!!

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I enjoy watching this video

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I loke this guy, he’s funny!

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Thanks a lot!!! :)

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Amazing way to teach , thank you .

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Really helpful and good lesson, thanks a lot James. I enjoy watching your video, always! Go on!

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thank you james. you are a good teacher and I offer that you play in a film . I think you can be a good actor.

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I got 9/10
I enjoy it

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What a great lesson :D … actually I enjoy watching your videos james :) .
Fot me I love sports so I play bodybuilding five times a week and I really enjoy it.

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Thanks James :)

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Thanks James! Very good lesson!

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    Hi Marysol you must be an Informatics Engineer, and you’re so inlove to your husband. And you want to be fluent in english language. ya me too want be fluent in english.

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thank you james

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One of my favorite teacher on engvid website. Both funny and professional.

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i love you James and i hope i can improve my english especially speaking

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authentic and viable

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huh! really need to study more i got 7 out of 10 all do i followed sir James well…thnks sir

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Hello James! Thank you for all you do. It helps me to achieve my aim and as I see that many people get a great help from you all over the world. It could be a very good feeling, is not it?! You deserve it because you are doing a very good job. Thanks again.

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i got 90, thanks Sir James. I am just confuse on using at,on,in,with, and etc. I would be please if I could watch a video on that lesson… :(

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i got 90, thanks Sir James. I am just confuse on using at,on,in,with, and etc. I would be please if I could watch a video on that lesson.

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thank u sir. James

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thnk’s sir james

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9/10 thank mr. James.

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hello James, thanks for the video i really like them but i have a question for you. i go to the official school of languages in spain which is called EOI and there we wre told to use like + ing… could you please explain me the difference??

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Your lesson is very interesting!
So I usually watch your lessons with my spare time.
Thanks, James!

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Learned New things today about Hobbies!

Grt work! Thanks!

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thanks teacher you are amazing

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Hi James!
Oh, you are joking, you are not illiterate!
You are VERY smart!

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Wow! Your lessons are so catchy. I enjoy them. Thank you.

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    Yes, I agree with you so much!

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thank you for your lessons

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Interesting lesson and funny teacher! I enjoy watch EngVid.com with my spare time! Thank you for you’re building an excellent website!

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Hi there! Can I say – I like playing (cooking… etc) ?

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thanks Jame! so fun :)

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I like the way you explain it easy to understand awesome

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I got 9/10, thanks James

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Hi. I got 10/10. James your Lessons are cool👍🏻

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Awesome lesson, i enjoyed watching it, i like to learn with your videos.
Thank you very much

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How did you make up Jadzia in the second last question?

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    I should have written “second to last”, I guess.

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Thank u for lesson;)

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“I enjoy, ING” shauhsua tks James S2

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Both are correct “What do you do with your spare time?” “In my spare time I like to play music”.
Why the second one contents “in” instead of “with”?

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    I wasn’t enough attentive. Sorry. :) “In my spare time” and “in my downtime” both are correct.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you

but sould not it be (with my) instead of (In my)

In my ________________ I like to _______.
downtime, collecting comics
spare time, play music
time off, playing soccer

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Well, I usaully play video games and draw my comic or read book! :D

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…im so silly

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That’s cool mr james , thank you from saudi arabia and keep going , i watch you everyday 😍

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Thanks James, you is great teacher and fun.

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Thanks for the lesson. It was great fun like all James’s lessons))But I don’t agree that we must use only a base form after the verb “like”. Using a gerund is quite correct too.”I like jogging in the morning”. Why not?

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Hey, James, I have no such word in my bucket to thank you. I love the way to teach everything. I learn so many things from your lecture and I am still learning lot more things. You know what, You change my learning process completely and I am really thankful to you.

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Thanks a lot Mr. James!

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Thanks Mrs.E and James! Your lessons always are the best.

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thank you

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Hi James
my English lang. is not good, but you speak clearly and fluently.
thank you
my score was 100 of this test. and it is for you.

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I love the way y’all guys are teaching us

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