What about ‘flip you the bird’? Is it good?

haha is it funny?


    Pretty, funny… DOGMAN!

    “Flipping the bird” means giving someone a rude gesture with your middle finger. It’s not good, and I think you knew that already. But just for other students to know, this is a rude and offensive gesture. If you do it to someone, be ready to get punched in the face!

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      It is good to know it so not get punch in the face, haa?


      So hi James, your vids are very easy to understand even for a Chinese person like me.
      I wanted to ask how does “flipping the bird” come about? Does it have a meaning like “kill 2 birds with 1 stone”?


        probably not dude, emory says that


    It is no funny In India we will call you idiot for such talking


    these lessons are very amazing !!! thank you sr.Now, i am ready to kill two birds with one stone


I learnt it well, James. I like your English idioms classes because they are funny and make me laug.

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    I agreed with u

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    heyy,i also have to emprove my english,so can we talk on skype

    rahul agarwal

    only with women?


Dear James,

Thank you for your lessons because it helped me really.
I’m from Kazakhstan and I want to watch your new lessens in future.

Thanks and best regards,


Cool, I already used this idiom in birthday situation.

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Awesome birds! :P Joking… thanks for the lessons. I’ve learned alot.

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Dear Jame,

Your lessions are very funny, i like them. i would like have courses so much.

Hope always see you with new lessions

Thanh cong

Great lessons, need some more lessons like that, thanks

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what is maning

I just got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

and plase i need shrt listing

Man: I’m feeling kind of sick tonight. I don’t know if I have a virus,or if it’s something I ate for lunch. Maybe we should stay home tonight.
Woman: I think you’re right. I feel a little under the weather myself.
Narrator: What does the woman mean?
(A) She believes the weather is too bad to go out.
(B) She is not feeling well herself.
(C) She didn’t eat lunch.
(D) She disagrees with the man.


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    I think It means: B) She is not feeling well herself.


good job james. i must say ‘u r killing two birds with1 stone ” as your lessons give knowledge as well as interesting to watch. I am to prepare for my interview , can we have some lessons on that?


    who are you?parvin? are you in iran?


thank you james so much


to kill 2 birds with 1 stone… ))) Russians have almost the same idiom – to kill 2 rabbits with 1 shot… ))) it’s sounds funny… and stupid =)

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    yeah, we have idiom “to kill 2 flies with one shot” :D …in Slovakia :)


      Flies?! How do you kill flies with a shot? :D

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    we got same idiom in china, kill 2 birds with 1 arrow.


Hi James
I spend a lot of time watching your videos and learning too much from you as well. Your way of teching is very dinamic.
I’ve heard the idiom “the early bird gets the bird” with the word catches instead of gets. Does it make a difference?
God bless you


that was a funny one, but helpful. thanx


Dear James,
I came across EngVid some days ago and have already been watching lots of your videos. They are very very good and useful for me. Thanks a lot!
But there is one thing I’ve been trying hard to understand but never could: the name of your little friend, the worm :-)
You always write a rounded letter ‘E’ and it seems to be a name starting with an ‘E’ but that’s all I can understand. Maybe you can write its full name on the board in one of your next videos.
Best wishes
The GerMan :-)


    Dear GerMan,

    ‘E’ stands for Ezequiel.


    Leandro from Brazil


you’re really very funny and i like how you teaching


man, i was just rolling by and found this page by luck and i really luv it, it’s great!
thanks Jimmy for takin your time to help our ESL improvements. Choko from Mexico


hi james..
that was a nice lesson..

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Glad to see you again, James!
i think i’got enough lessons for today, and i feel myself satisfied. I hope someday i will speak in english more fluently, because i am little shy or maybe afraid to make mistakes (you know that teachers used to over correct student’s mistakes, and that things make me diffident)
thank you!

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I no


Hi James!
I like your lesson so much, but why you didn’t make a quize a bout it. I think if you make a quize you’ll kill two birds in one stone.

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You are a good teacher and a good actor, too.
You kill two birds with one stone.

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thX for this

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James i had difficulties understanding “the early bird gets the worm” could you please write down the explanation to me?

Profile photo of narrek narrek

Are this idioms used in America in everyday life?
I think they are a bit merid
But your lessons are really awesome!!!!!

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Hey James, love your lessons. I am also a teacher and know how hard it is sometimes to explain simple things and how important is humour in teaching.

Regards from Ukraine


This idiom lecture was so interesting.Now I know what are the bird idioms.I always want them.I’ve learned alot.


so helpule, thanks


the videos are so helpfull, thank you very much, i love the way you guys are teaching us and i’m a fan.:)


James,thank you so much

Kinder Surprise

thank you so much for these idioms .
please what the meaning of :birds of feather flock together.

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greaaaaaaaat……..like your videos very muuuuuuch;)

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what does “she is a big bird” mean? thank you.

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hi thanks , the manner is good but i have note why you are alway drawing and begin you lesson handy with newspaper or book

atif alamin

Thank you so much.I really love the way you teaching it’s very helpful and easy to understand


to kill 2 bird with 1 stone and it’s mean vietnamese : two arrow hit a double target.

hoàng thế long

    one arrow hit a double target

    hoàng thế long

thank you very much I kill 2 birds with 1 stone this night thanks


Why did not you put quizzes in your class anymore???


thanks a lot james.


thank you so much for such good efforts , iam really proud of you such good group

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Arabic also says(to kill 2 birds with 1 stone )and (one bird in your hand is better than TEN on the tree)


james u teach very well i like ur teaching

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thanks sir james,,,, I got 2 birds in 1 stone from ur lesson.

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about “the early bird get the worm” in Italy we say “chi dorme non piglia pesci”, about a “a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush” we say “meglio l’ uovo oggi che la gallina domani” and “to kill 2 birds with 1 stone” means “prendere 2 piccioni con una fava” it’s funny how languages involve animals : birds, hens, pigeons, fishes…thank you james you’re very nice and…handsome as well


…..yes james I am gay


What do we call the worm you have drawn on the board?

Profile photo of malgosia malgosia

I have another question. Do we say: he is smaller than us?
or: he is smaller than we are?
or both are correct?

Profile photo of malgosia malgosia

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Poor Ezecchio! I don’t like the early bird!! LET’S SAVE MR E!!

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James you are a teacher very easy to understand i like the WAY
you teach thank for helping us to learn English that so we need to LIVE in USA.THANK JAMES.

Javiel Rodriguez

«A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush» has an analogy in the Russian language. In Russian it sounds like «Tit in the hands is better than crane in the sky» :)

Profile photo of petrovna83 petrovna83

thank you very much James

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Thank you James, your style of teaching is both funny and educational!!! My name is Dulat and I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m also learning, at least trying to learn english language.


Hii james, can u pls tell me the usage of the word aint

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thanks sir james you really brighten up my weekend. you’re a cool teacher.

Profile photo of laarni laarni

the birds were cool mr james)) and thanks for cool lessons!!!!


James you burning, means (in Ucraina) your cool…. nice job


    In English we say “You’re on fire!” to mean the same thing :)

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Good sense of humor,giving nice examples
I love your method man! you are awesome

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I am new to this site , i want to improve my vocabulary and speaking English

Profile photo of ssaxena786 ssaxena786

hi, james..how is it going? i hope u r fine & doing great..plz, tell me u r so…r u even reading my comment??..if so, plz,make avideo of ” the …mmm.. how can i say it …you know the words which express some situations like: oops! oooh ! yuk! ouch! ..& etc

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    They’re called “interjections” — request noted!

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i like that video learning English

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HI, James…how are you?I would like to thank you for your useful,funny and very interesting lessons.I like the way you are teaching and if only all the teachers could make their lessons both equally joyful and useful as you do.Thank you once more!!!!


good job !


sir .. i like your lesson. thanks

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Nice and very interesting lesson…thank you james


Thank’s,its very useful :)

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Very greate to know polite form and to know how to hide source of information and reply like: a little bird told me. Thank you for useful tips!!

Profile photo of ivan26rus ivan26rus

the Russian idiom, which is equal to ‘the early bird gets the worm’ sounds literally like ‘the one who wakes up early is helped by God’. Even this poor translation seems to be reasonable

Profile photo of tryzub tryzub

thank you james so much


hello..thanks for sharing every information with us..wanna ask Verbs Followed by Infinitives and Gerunds subject..such a challeng thing sometimes for me to choose the corect one..for example want to but avoid uses with -ing ..can you find a easy way for them..thanks in advance

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thank you, i like it.


i love this lesson


very nice!

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nice idioms

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Great teaching.
“Kill two birds with one stone”. We have this idiom in Albanian too :-)

Gentiana, Albania

I like these idioms.. thank u so much..

Profile photo of amoon11 amoon11

nice idioms,thanks.

Profile photo of rabbani rabbani

hi James I really appreciate the way you are helping us with that in mind ,can u please help me the word verify ,certify, testify and justify they are very confusing words for me even though I have checked them in the dictionary.With many thanks.


Good job James. Thanks a lot,dude…

Profile photo of ruslancik ruslancik

A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. is like mas vale pajaro en mano que 100 volando. en espanol


Very nice lesson james. very interesting. simple but learned a lot…!!!


I really enjoyed this class!!! I noticed that These English idioms are similar to Spanish ones.

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Hello James:)
The Beautiful in Turkish says “Bir taşla iki kuş vurmak ”

Take Care

Nihal TÜRK

I want to let you know that these lessons are extremely useful and funny at the same time..you’re all doing an excellent job…I’m really thankful….thanks a lot

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The early bird gets he worm. Grate! But i would like to tell you some funny story (not real): A woman told to her husband that he was lazy, he slept too much and he earned not enough many… etc. So he decided to get up early and went out for some fortune . But unfortunately he was caught and robbed by burglars in the street and came back home. Wife: What happened? Husband: There was someone who got up earlier then me. :)

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    I lol‘d.

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sorry I mean great

Profile photo of fitrat fitrat

no is useful, but if so funny


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tks! i’m glad when i see this video! you are fun. i like you. i hope i can see you next useful videos

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Thanks James!!! It was funny.

Profile photo of hugo1679 hugo1679

I liked the lesson, thanks James!

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Hello James,

In our country we use these idioms :D

Profile photo of SaffyBorn SaffyBorn

Really helpful. Thx

Profile photo of Omidm7 Omidm7

Thank you very much.

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thank you, you´re my favorite Teacher…

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Hi, James. I’m always looking forward to your lesson.
In this lesson, I’ve gotten idioms about birds, but actually I know the idiom that “to kill 2 birds with 1 stone”. Because, we have the idiom that has exactly same meaning in Japanese. The idiom is referred “一石二鳥(Isseki-nicho)”.
一(one)石(stone)二(two)鳥(bird). I think it maybe comes from Chinese.
It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

yes, I liked, in colombia we use the same idioms.

Profile photo of eduwin eduwin

We usualy say “to kill two rabbits with one shot” instead “to kill two bird with one shot”

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You are doing a great a job James, i now now what idioms are.

Profile photo of Ndamono Ndamono

interesting lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

That expression “A little bird told me” (and others) exits in spanish and it has its meaning equivalent to english. I think this kind of phrases are universal.It might be interesting for a lesson which involve some of the global meanings (different expressions, equal message).
Thank you James for being part of this.I´ve just realized what a great online page I´ve found.
See ya!

Profile photo of Berny Herrera Berny Herrera

    You’re right Berny! A lesson about that would be terrific! 😀 xx

    Profile photo of blueapplee blueapplee

I meant, …”spanish” instead of “english” (in the second line)

Profile photo of Berny Herrera Berny Herrera

No test?

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    Yeah, no quiz… -_-

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Thank you so much, It was funny too. Thank

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Very interesting lesson of idioms with the word “bird”, good explanation and performance. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid.

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Thank you James

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this info is really useful, actually are very similar in its spanish version

Profile photo of neto2211 neto2211

Thank you…JAMES

Profile photo of Jordan9438 Jordan9438

Great video! Thanks a lot!

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I really enjoy the videos here and on YouTube but there is this one thing I can’t understand the meaning idioms can u please explain to me

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My friend eats like a bird, HE IS EATING MR. E

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Wait, NO QUIZ!?!

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

We do have exactly the same idioms in Arabic language and we use them very often,I just knew it in English :)

Profile photo of NoorMajed NoorMajed

Thanks for the lesson, but there is no quiz!

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