THAnk FOR The lessoN!I knew SOme of them but not at All ! Now I Can be clear XD thanKs For the lesson Alex….

see you In soon in one of your amazing Classes!

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    To talk about pains and aches we also use the word PAIN -of course, apart from the words seen in the lesson: hurt and ache)- for example “I had a sharp pain in my back”.

    Excellent lesson Alex!


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thank you so mutch ^_^

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thanks Mr Alex

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Thanks Alex V.much …….but where is the quiz??

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    This lecture doesn’t have a quiz

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      Hi amine,

      I apologize, but there is no quiz for this lesson.

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thanx mr.alex

thank you so much

I need learn English all the time


very helpful, thank you Alex


I am from Libya but now in USA for master’s studing .
It is good lesson,good luck


dear sir i realy impress from your first lecutre that was about health keep it up………..


plz tell me Alex where is the Quizz that lecture.i am waiting your prompt reply…………


    This lecture doesn’t have a quiz!

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Thanks for every lessons.
Do you think to prepare any lesson about “unless ,providing,as long as,other wise, but for , etc.”
Because these are really confusing…

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thaks a lot Mr.Alex

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thanks mr Alex you are the best teacher

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we need the quiz alex

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    Hi mohsino,

    I’m sorry, but there is no quiz for this lesson. The lesson is pretty easy.

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Great job !!!

But, what about example :
My teeth hurt … is that right ???
Because teeth is a plural.


thanks a lot Alex,u have clarified things fr me


thanks Alex..your method of teaching is very convenient.i am learning much from you.

Muhammad waqas

congratulations for all who are part of this site.

each has a differential that helps a lot in the way of learning.

am a math teacher living in Brazil have a big dream is to acquire fluency in English.

I would love to meet people from canada or USA to help me get one day in its country

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Thank you so much sir.


do u hv any lesson on the ‘subjunctive mood’?? i could’nt find any on dis website….

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    Hi veera,

    This is a good idea for a future lesson. Thanks for the comment!

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Thank You I am very happy with this way to explain tnanks and god Bless You

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Mr Alex…what about the word ‘ pain’, sometimes we use it eg back pain, neck pain etc…when we should use it..tq


    Hi saedon,

    You are correct. You can also say that “I have a pain in my arm,” or “I have a pain in my back.” The type of pain you feel is different from an ache, though.

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hi alex
i could not come cos i had headache (past)
i can not come cos i have headache (future)
is it correct?

Profile photo of ramzan ramzan

    Hi ramzan,

    “I could not come because I had a headache” for the past.

    “I can’t come because I have a headache” for the future.

    Thanks for your question.

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hi alex
(he was bored in the class)

can we use second form of the verb aftar was and were

Profile photo of ramzan ramzan

    Hi ramzan,

    I’m not sure that I understand your question. However, the sentence you posted is correct.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Maybe I can understand your question :))
    Look !! You didn’t use the second form after was you put an adjective !!but you can use (was/were+2nd form) in the passive “past simple in passive ”
    Is that right Mr Alex ???


Very helpful vocabulary when you are sick and need to explain symptoms. Thanks!

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God bless you, Mr. Alex

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It was very nice :)
Thanks mr Alex !!


hi alex thanks for this lesson could you teach about preposition becouse i am all time confuse them


Hi ALex Iam learning a lot with you you are very cool


Can we say legache, eyeache and legache. Are they grammatically right??


Thanks, quiz?


Thanks Mr. Alex but where is the quiz?
I like the way you explain

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Thanks a lot!)

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thanks mr Alex the lesson is easy and clear and helpfull


where is the quiz


hi Alex plz send me all your gramar videos


thanks Alex


Thankyou Alex,
Can I have a full course for speaking for download, please.
I’m 8th grade.




I have learnt a lot

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thanks Mr Alex its really nice and good lesson .


hi sir alex i love you way of talking its good oppourtunity for thirsty students like us for education god bless you can u please explain how can i improve my vocabulary? HAVE A NICE TIME


my headache!!

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tthank u so much :P


Hi Alex i ve tried all ur lessons they are outstanding i ve learnt a lot from that except for 1 matter in English can we use ear ache like everother aches of the body please kindly in form me soon .


and 1 thing more can you teach me french by accompanying yourself and ronnie kindly


I dont know how to thank u. I like this site and teachers very much.

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excuse me teacher i have a cuestion
when it all happend
can i say like this
”i’m sorry yesterday i had to go home because i had a headache”
sorry about my grammar i hope you help me!! please :)


Hello Alex, Could you please tell me how to talk about being sick? I’ve heard sick when you have nausea, but how about being ill, injured, hurt, having a cold, flu? Are there specific words describing levels of not being well?? Thanks for your further help!

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Thanks for lesson, Alex. It helped a lot! But you did not say what is the difference between pain and ache.

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João Carlos

this teacher is my fovorite.Thank you for all



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thanks Alex it’s very interesting I don’t know wyhy there is no quiz


thanks a lot


Thanx alot

Innocent Asim

you have been very helpfu.
thank you and carry on your goods

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Thanks Alex
I am a little confused about sometimes we say headache & for the leg we say leg hurts.
Please can I have more examples about that.
Thanks for everything, be in good health


hey alex you teach so i am understood very well thank you

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thanks alex.. but where is quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Thanks very much, my great teacher, I’m learning a lot of, with EngVid.


Alex, is it correct say chestache?
or pain in my chest.
or my chest ache.


Hi Alex
I really appreciate you for your teaching well but I want to know what will we say about eye hurt?

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thanks a lot,Mr.Alex.


I like how you teach english, you look like you know what you are doing, i have leard a lot from these lessons more than in the university


thank you so much sir.


Hello everybody,
I’m Ganaa. I’m so happy this english lesson and online training.

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Thanks for the lesson…..
So far we have studied structures such as “My head hurts” or “I have a headache” but what happens when the subject of the sentence is plural? For example they?… Do I have to say “they have a headache” or “they have headaches?”

Thanks a lot..


    They have headache.

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Think you so much


Thank you teacher. There isn’t any quiz for this lesson and I have a big headache, LOL).

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Where is the test???I wanna check my knowledge!(((

Any Russia

thank you so much sir

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thanks is useful


thanks a lot, I think this lesson made me improve.


Didn´t you say there is a quizz? I can´t find it =(
Please add the link again
thx in advance!

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thanks for informative lessons
last week i visit a hospital
Most of the patients had stomachache.
Two you teens had tummy ache.
Two patients had backache.
One girl had earache.
One old man had toothache.
After seeing I had headache too.
could you please check these sentences thanks
They are correct. aren’t they?

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

visited not visit it is past i realized

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

It’s very useful, thanks a lot!


Hi sir i’m in china and here we can’t use facebook as wll as youtube so your lesson are unattainable here and i’m totally pissed off please tell me the way or any anothe website.


thank you Alex I realy love this vid


I found this site view days ago I have learned Lots of things I wanna thanks people who have made this site.


Thanks a lot Alex


alot of thanks Mr. Alex


Thank u Alex! Its very interesting theme.



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Good classes, really njoy it


terrific way to teach Mr.


Thanks :) From now on I would be able to express the state of my heath in a better way :)

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Thanks Alex for all your lesson

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you feel dreadful.how do you feel?i feel better,dizzy.homesick,nostalgic,
sick headache.he had a stroke.in shock.abortion.


Thanks Alex!


affective much

Kartik Karmakar.

useful lesson


Hello sucked but I did not even watch the video


great lesson,thanks.

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thanks a lot guys , you are doing a great job

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You mean alot to me, thanx.


thank s

ahmed alani

Thnxxx for This lesson and i am getting to learn so many thing through your lessons so thnxx again alex..


we prefer using aches in mandatory fields. are there some exceptions in which we can use ache as well as pain also?? Like , can we use any of them in a sentence? if there are some exceptions.. do tell :)


i really appreciate your time


Thanks for your “talking about health”. Could you put a “Quiz?”


Great job Alex,thank you!
I have 1 question: what*s the difference between “ache” and “pain”?

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Hi Alex

thank you for the lesson. I have problems with a pronunciation of words: air, airport, ear, earache and sth like that. Could you make short lesson about it. You are very good explainer!

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Thanks Alex.. Ur accent is so soft.. i am learning so fast.. thanks alex..

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I wanted to try the quiz. That’s too bad for me. But today, I got a headache (not here). Perhaps it was lucky for my head. Thank you, Alex :)

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot, your lessons are great
take care

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Hi Alex, by any chance, do you have any list that contains words to express ache, pain, sore, etc. I mean, with which nouns can I use the ending -ache

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Alex, I have a tummyache. xD
Why are so many people asking for the quiz if the lesson is pretty easy.

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Mr Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you Alex. I cannot get the Quiz.


Thanks a lot:))

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thank you so much for your pronunciation. i always said headage, toothage. Actually is /hediek/.

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interessting lesson, I like your teaching manner

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Thank you.

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Dear Alex
I really enjoyed the way you teach this lesson. It is really clear and tangible. This way helped me how to teach my students .But I still have a question. if someone has a pain in her or his head because of hitting can we say I have a headache= my head hurts.I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance.

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sorry looking forward to your reply”making a grammatical mistake”

Profile photo of learner34 learner34

thank you, Alex. every topic is doing well.

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Thanks for your lessons!You are my the best teacher

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It was very interesting! Thanks Alex :)

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It was good lesson. Thanks.

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Alex you are a good teacher… thank

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Could you please clarify the difference between the words “sick” and “ill”?I would be grateful to you
if you did.

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It was a very interesting lesson
..thanks mr.Alex

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Good lesson! Thank you teacher Alex!

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Thank you Alex!

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thanks a lot! I liked this your present. Please would you like to teach more about health? Goodbye.

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