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Thank you Jon~

Monday, February 14th 2011

hehehe did you really farted??? hehehe
Nice lesson

Monday, February 14th 2011


    Wednesday, February 16th 2011

    No. That would be very embarrassing.

    Friday, August 12th 2011

good lesson jon. what is the difference between the word formality and convention . use them in two different sentences to clear their meanings.

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

    A formality is something that often must be done even though it appears redundant. For example: “They haven’t approved the loan yet, but that’s just a formality.”
    A convention is an agreement, sometimes between states, or sometimes it can be a gathering of a group. For example: “I went to a sales convention.”

    Friday, August 12th 2011

Hey, this guy really sucks. Hey Jon, how dare you farting in front of us during the class? Somebody opens the window please, this place is starting to smell bad. Hold your nose guys, it is a matter of life and death.

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Thanks Jon.

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

thanks valen

Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Thanks JoHn so Good in class i had study about pronoun V also it same you teach but i watched yr video again make me more understandd thanks =]

Thursday, February 17th 2011

thanks dear john

Thursday, February 17th 2011

    Hi, I need some friends to speak English.If you don’t mind add me on skype.

    Friday, February 18th 2011

      Add me on Skype Shayra. We’ll practice english together.

      Skype nickname: willianj

      Tuesday, March 15th 2011

      i will also try to help u all,n will learn alot from u both,,well i am thirsty for learning english,and i m pakistani

      Monday, August 22nd 2011

      Hi! My name is Nilson and I’m from Brazil. If you wanna someone to practice your english I am here.
      How can I find you on facebook?

      Thursday, February 9th 2012

        Hello Nilson, you’re a researcher in Linguistics; Please, can you explain me what is sociolinguistics. Thank you.

        Wednesday, May 8th 2013

      What’s your Skyoe Shayra, for we improve or english !

      Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

        i really want practice my english with some one, I’m from Mexico, please add me in facebook, Andoniestich arguelles, my E-mail is

        Friday, July 6th 2012

done very clearly and simply

Friday, February 18th 2011

wonderful ,I hope the next lesson would be soon cuz I like the way you explain with Mr.Jon I can understand easily .

Friday, February 18th 2011

good lesson jon

Friday, February 18th 2011


Saturday, February 19th 2011


    Monday, February 21st 2011

      hello.nice to meet from Mongolian.if you want .we can chat yahoo messenger by english.see you again

      Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

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      Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

great explanation meaning of words!))) so understandable! lol

Saturday, February 19th 2011

thanks that’s really helpful thanks again!!!

Sunday, February 20th 2011

At least i know a good word now :) it is “to fart” :)

Sunday, February 20th 2011

you are great teacher

Sunday, February 20th 2011

Thank you

Sunday, February 20th 2011

Great lesson!

Fat family fair! LOL!

Monday, February 21st 2011

    what’s lol stand for?

    Saturday, March 12th 2011


      Sunday, June 26th 2011

      lol means: “laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs”, essentially very funny.

      Friday, August 12th 2011

        when we can use it?

        Thursday, August 25th 2011

Thank you John…

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

thank you for your lesson

Thursday, February 24th 2011

Thanks very much that was very helpful

Saturday, February 26th 2011

thank you very much

Tuesday, March 1st 2011

intersting lesson…farted s very funny .very like me ur buitiful illustration of beans and flask

Thursday, March 3rd 2011

Nice Lesson, thanks

Friday, March 4th 2011


Monday, March 7th 2011

Hi, would be nice to embed a video of yours on our site!

Friday, March 11th 2011

funny examples

Saturday, March 12th 2011

can u fart again? it s so funny hahaha:)))

Sunday, March 13th 2011

Sana’a city

Tuesday, March 15th 2011


Tuesday, March 15th 2011

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email or facebook

Tuesday, March 15th 2011

    it is very useful

    Tuesday, July 26th 2011


Tuesday, March 15th 2011

hi Jon,
i really thank you for your lesson, but i have question please, the symbol for each vowel sound is given also a key word in which the sound occurs. for example,
symbol key word
/i:/ sheep
/I/ ship
/U/ put
/u:/ pot
i didn’t really understand them, if you kindly make some video about please


Saturday, March 26th 2011

    Do you want a lesson on the phonetic alphabet?

    Friday, August 12th 2011

      yup,i need this,plz make a video of it plzz

      Monday, August 22nd 2011

very funny haha thank you!!!!!!

Sunday, April 3rd 2011

thanks a lot jon

Monday, April 4th 2011

tanks Mr Jon it’s very importante

Friday, April 8th 2011

This is a wonderful program. It’s a shame that 1,300,000,000 people in China cannot open youtube.

Friday, April 8th 2011

Thanks John

Monday, April 11th 2011


Thursday, April 14th 2011

Jon, Interesting lesson.Thank you so much,buddy.
btw,could you teach us how to make glottal stop ? some tips,please.thanks.

Thursday, April 14th 2011

    Hi Jon,thank you for your email.
    How do you pronounce the words:mountain,curtin,written,fountain,curtain,buttom,etc.?. Americans have an special entonation to pronounce these words.somebody told me it is calls:glottal stop.My question is if is there any tip to make that.I appreciate your attention.Thanks.

    Sunday, August 14th 2011

thanks a lot jon u r a great teacher :)

Friday, April 15th 2011

Hi Alex and all the teachers team. This is my first time, surfing this website, and let me tell you that your lessons are very helpful for every one who is interested in learning English Language. You are doing an excellent job. Thank you very much to all the team.

Friday, April 15th 2011

Thanks Teacher Jon! :)

Saturday, April 16th 2011

thanks jon

Monday, May 2nd 2011

Wow,The lessons was really useful also funny,Jon makes me Smile with perfect and unforgettable examples :))) I am sure some of us will not eat refried beans anymore:PP
Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, May 4th 2011

thank you so much

Tuesday, May 10th 2011

hank you mr jon
good luck

Sunday, May 29th 2011

Thanks a lot, John. This really helped.

Saturday, June 11th 2011

A lot of thanks teacher Jon.this lesson is very funny.

Tuesday, June 14th 2011

I love your videos!You´re very good.I fun a lot
with you. Cool know you teached in Brazil.You’re
an excellent teacher and a very nice guy.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011

Very interesting!i very like how to explain the new words by you!thanks so much!and i hope that you will have more and more great videos like this video!:D

Monday, June 27th 2011

Thanks a lot. This really helped.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011

Thank very much you are really nice teacher.

Monday, July 18th 2011

nyc lesson thnx

Sunday, July 24th 2011

If somebody wants to practice speaking add me on skype : danielfloresmurga

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

Thank you Jon!!!

Friday, August 5th 2011

Thank you very much i enjoy with your class

Saturday, August 6th 2011

Thanks!I am a teacher i am taking benefit by your videos.Your teaching style is easy to understand by anyone in the world. I appreciate you on this effort.

Sunday, August 7th 2011

    I am pleased that you find these videos helpful. Take care.

    Friday, August 12th 2011

thanks Jon

Sunday, August 14th 2011

hEY jon,i like ur way of teaching,having a little question dear,i usually get confuse betweeen the difference of adjective and adverb,like in this sentence SHE RUNS FAST,so here fast is adjective or adverb,is ther eis an any easy way through which i can learn about the difference between adj and adv

Thursday, September 1st 2011

    An adverb often modifies a verb, so the best way to understand if a word is an adverb is if it follows the verb and ask yourself, how. For example, she runs. Run is the verb. She runs fast. Fast follows the verb run so I ask myself, how. How does she run? Fast. An adverb often answers the “how”. But, here’s a little trick. Fast can also be an adjective. If fast follows the verb “to be”, for example, he is fast, then fast is an adjective, because it doesn’t answer “how”, it just simply is.
    I hope that helps. I know it can be difficult. Keep trying. It already sounds as though your English is very good.

    Saturday, October 15th 2011

      Thanks Sir,,Itz really helpful for me,I m feeling glad to have a teacher like you,,I wanna ask something else about countable and uncountable noun,,,wht about Rice,,are they countable,,when we talk about a grain of rice we say its uncountable,but whenever we talk about the types of rice,we say they are countable,can u explain me how?

      Thursday, October 20th 2011

Thanks Mr.Jon,but you dont have to frat to explain it i was eating! yuuuuk :DD

Wednesday, September 21st 2011

    a classroom is not the best place to eat and drink. we’re dealing with some really crucial stuff here! ;-)

    Tuesday, February 3rd 2015

thanks a lot jon

Wednesday, October 5th 2011

Thank you so much for everything you guys do,
It’s very helpful

Wednesday, October 5th 2011

cn u tell me how to imporve my accent

Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Thanks a lot for all the videos and information you have they’re very usefull in my classes

Saturday, November 26th 2011

Thanks to you all teachers in this site.

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

Thanks soooo much nice

Sunday, December 11th 2011


Wednesday, December 21st 2011

thank jon

Friday, January 6th 2012

    thank you jon

    Friday, January 6th 2012

Thanks for the beautiful lesson. I am new on the site. Glad that I found it. I’d like to ask a question, in my case “F” if it comes at the beginning of word it is easy to say it when I am paying attention but in other situation like in beautiful, wonderful. TO pronounce these words correctly I have to pause beauti and afterthat ful. I can’t glide smoothly. Please any advice for me. Thankd in advance.

Friday, January 27th 2012

thank you jon, i need the diffrence betwen k ang g sound in english can u help me?

Saturday, February 11th 2012

    I’ve added it to the list of lesson requests!

    Monday, February 13th 2012

nice lesson, Jon. Thanks

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

thank you!

Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Heheheh i like u, Jon.
Thks u

Monday, April 23rd 2012

is there any videos that show the engVid’s teacher’s interactives with students? i think it would be very interesting..(any mistakes?i,m sorry i,m not a native speaker..salute.

Friday, April 27th 2012

hahahahhahahaha :)

Saturday, May 12th 2012

valueble lesson . Thanks john

Sunday, July 1st 2012

you are AGOOD FART

Monday, July 2nd 2012


Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

Great lesson,Thanks you John.

Tuesday, September 4th 2012

Thank you, jon, Great lesson

Saturday, September 15th 2012

Thanks a lot. I’m hispanic and always had trouble with the sounds of v-b (specially) and j-y… thanks your videos helped a lot!!

Friday, November 2nd 2012

Hi Jon! I’m from Florianópolis (south of Brazil) and I just want to ask where have you taught English here in my country.

Tuesday, January 1st 2013


Wednesday, February 27th 2013

complicated … but interesting

thanks a lot for your time :)

Tuesday, March 12th 2013

hahahhhhahah you are funny and gross at the same time but thanks you are really awesome

Sunday, July 21st 2013

Thanks Jon, was a perfect lesson! :D

Friday, January 17th 2014

thanks Jon!
But It’s so hard to discriminate between “f” and “v” when they’re at the end of the sentences, like: “of” and “off’ or “live” and “life”.

Monday, January 20th 2014

Thanks a lot Jon!

Sunday, June 22nd 2014

Thanks Jon, was a perfect lesson

Monday, July 7th 2014

Hhhhh I liked it when you farted

Monday, March 16th 2015

I enjoyed this lesson.

Sunday, May 31st 2015

Very nice lesson! Thank you John!

Friday, September 4th 2015

Great lesson!Thanks

Thursday, January 28th 2016

thank you !!! great lesson jon !!!

Saturday, October 15th 2016

Thanks, Jon

Monday, November 13th 2017


Monday, December 4th 2017

Thanks a lot Mr. Jon.

Thursday, April 4th 2019

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