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I do appreciate my scores in quiz despite I didn’t watch video lesson. But next time as I promise I will be doing better than what I do today. I will not be forget to give warmly thank to teacher Ronnie, she is very good teacher with her little funny so I like her lesson the most, just keep it up God bless your high excellency to do more, I am from South Sudan but I live Cairo, Egypt


6/6 thank you Jon.

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thanks too much


6/6 Thanks for your effort.


thank you. that’s fascinating – now I am studying the conditionals with my teacher and this lesson was very useful to me.I was not so good at guiz. nevertheless it helps.

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I did the little quiz and got 6 outta 6
thanks, man


yeaaah !!! 6/6 , thank you very much , i am being able to use the right structure on the right place now !!!

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If I had a million dollars, I’d rent a castle in Scotland and organise the biggest party never seen in the world.
Of course, Jon & Ronnie would be the guest star of it !

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You gave examle “If I had a million dollars, I’d give most you”

Why is the wrong that “If + subject + simple past,
subject + would/might/could + present tense”

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    Hi Gokmen, I hope I can help you: “If I had a million dollars, I’d give most you” = “If+sbj+s.past,sbj+wld/mgt/cld+p.simple” ; This answer is correct for that exemple, but the question was about the correct form of the third conditional, which is “If + subject + past perfect, subject + would/might/could + present perfect”. The other form of conditional, which you mentioned is called “mixed conditional” and you can use it to say that if sth in past had been different, the present would be different. See ya!

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Thank you for your time Jon.


not too bad, only one is wrong ;;)


pretty nice freaking lesson Jon. if I had a million dollars, I’d travel to Brizil 4 a year n’ Jon will be my partner to drink that way I would learn English once and for all. lol.

Efrain Dominguez

i hate this kind of Grammar
thanks jon


Great lesson Jon.I got 3/6 but I think that is not bad cause I have not studied conditionals for years…..well just need to study harder.Thanks


Thanks jonny ! 6/6 lo0o0o0ve engvid.com

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You’ve asked me in the last moment of the vedio what would I do if I had a m dollar ?! the answer is I would give most to you, how about that ( hhh )


Thank you so much and regards


Tnx Mr Jon

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Hey John,
Thanks for the lesson. I don’t hear if structure in my daily converstion with people or while listening to radio that much,do people don’t say the “if ” word ?I mean is it possible to make an if structure without saying “if”.


really it’s a wonderful lesson
thank you very much Jon

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But isn’t the second conditional structure past simple/ would+infinitive ? If I were a young man, I WOUL BE able….


But isn’t the second conditional structure Past Simple/Would+Infinitive? If I were a young man, I WOULD BE able…

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Thank you Jon

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Good job. I would have liked it better, if you had written the sentence structure formula under the examples. However, I really appreciate the lesson on conditionals. I have been looking for help on understanding them.


6/6 I didn’t watch the video and I’m not an advanced student, so I’m very happy for my results !!


TY a lot. Is really useful.


Great teaching! Thank you!

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so thanks for your important grammar..

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this lesson was very benefit for me.. good luck

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thanks for yours lesson guys


hahaha awesome


thanks for the lesson, it was very good and important.
thanks teacher

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Wow this is cool i like this very much. these lessons are very usefule.

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Iam here to thank engvid especially teachers Iam improoving my english and how to use prepositions exactly thank u


thanks jon! for the nice lesson.can you teach me how to use on,in,at in the sentence? im just confuse.thanks a kjot I’m always watching engvid.


6 correct answers!
Thanks a lot John :-)

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hey jon how are you doing you’re a very good teacher please can you write the structure of the 1 and 2 and 3 conditionals and also i want to ask a question you said that when we want to give a dvice we always write or say if I were not if I was ???


    Conditional Structures:

    if + subject + simple present verb + , + subject + simple present verb

    if + subject + simple present + , + subject + will + base verb

    if + subject + simple past verb* + , + subject + would + verb
    Note: in the case of verb BE. whatever, the subject, the verb form is ‘were’ not was.

    if + subject + past perfect verb* + , + subject + would Or could Or might + have + past participle.


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      Thanx alot Mursaleen ^_^

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      thanks dear friend

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      Hi.Thanks Mursaleen for your complete answer to your friend’s question.

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Great ! Thank you Jon and you too Ronnie ! If I had one million dollars ( or more : I am allowed to dream ! ), I’d leave France and go to live in America ( I think it would be Hollywood ) and I would meet lots of celebrities. But I bet it will never arrive !!!

gateau !

I had 5/6 but I’ve understood everything. Thanks again.

gateau !

I did not watch the video, i just answer the question directly..thanks for the quiz it might help for someone like me. i hope more questions in the future..


Watching the video helped me a lot. Thanks.

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    I think the same.

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hi jon, i have 6/6 in this exercise, but now i have some douth about the exercise that apear no exames, the name of exercise is like the use of english word formation, could you have some lesson about word formation when sould i used to: ous, ful, ness, al ic e,t.c


Thank you Sir. Your method of teaching is excellent. All the videos on this site have helped me a lot to improve my English. By watching them, I was able to learn something new. I think, for the first time I’ve come across this kind of video lessons on the Internet. These lessons are useful to everyone who is interested in learning English.

-I’m Gamini from Sri Lanka

Gamini C. Kumara

thanks teacher


6 correct answers!
Thanks a lot John so much ;)

redOne fasi

Thanks for all the videos. But I think the videos are too short.


wow, 6 of 6 It’s ok, I hope don’t forget it…Thanks for the video Jon.

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Thank you teacher Jon.Your lesson can help me a lot.I will following your video everyday.


Thank you for a great video! Very educational and interesting. But I wish I could learn something about mixed conditional sentences, because I think it’s the most difficult) Thank you


Could you create a lesson about MIXED Conditionals, please?

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I really appreciate all of your lessons and they are plenty of worth to take. I’m very fond of all the teachers here and talk to my friends about this terrific http://www.engvid.com!!! :)

Huijeong Bak

i like this grammar it is interesting i need to learn it by heart or else i will not get a good english

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Thanks a lot,I got high score. Fantastic job.

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Good explanation. thanks


soryy i dont realyy inderstand because in condition 2 as i know we do the simple past not the past perfect the first example is conditional 2 and you do had why ?? :(

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Hi Mr.Jon .. I liked the video a lot .. but there’s a question I want you to answer it please .. I wanna speak English Fluently in about a month or less .. and when I read A book , I wanna To read it quickly .. Please Mr.Jon .. How Can I Achieve this .. I will wait your reply .. Thanks For reading ..


If I had amillion dollars, I’d bay a beateful car just for you
Thanks so
You are the man ..


although i read this thing before, i did not understand know i got it , if i had a million dollars , i would buy own island.

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thank you so much

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you make it easy jon,thanx alot :D


Hi, Jon.Could you tell me please what is the correct answer in the following sentence: “Everything (be)____________ spotless by the time they get here.”(future simple or future perfect and why)?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.


The way you guys teaching its really amazing and great.
thanks jon and ronny

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hi: i did it again!! i’m so glad, my result shows that i’m learning…thanks byeee everyone *_*


Great lesson! I got 6/6, but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to use it correctly in my conversation or not :)

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thank you so much

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thank you very much Jon

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Thank you!!

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4 out of 6. I think the test easy with out looking to the video


Thanh you a lot.

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Now, I can understand those conditionals. thanks.

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good job jon!!!!!!!!
i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Jon, thanks a lot. Great Job again.

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Thank you so mucj Jon :)

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Thanks teacher Jon <3

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thank you so much ,what is the defrent betwen the word(had ) in the first sentence and (had)in the second sentense.

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Thanks a lot

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Great video! Greetings!

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Tks, Jennifer!
I loved your class.


Fantastic result! 6/6…after years of mistakes with conditional :-)


Thank you!

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I really don’t uderstand the last question of the quiz : “If Wesley WAS a girl, I _______ _______ the show better.” I think it is ” If Wesley WERE a girl” ??? Because it is an unreal/imaginary situation !!! Please help me ! And thank you for this great lesson ! :)

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    Hi there! Some question here. I think you are right. As is an imaginary situation he should have used “were” instead.

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6/6 unbelievable John!. Some thing mistake on me 555!!!!.


6/6 .. awesome !
thak you <3


Thank you Jon 5/6 :)


thanks Jon. I really like your teaching.I got 100 score of the quiz.

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thank,s so much Jon I got 6

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Thanks! Now, I learned.


very interesting jon. Thanks foryour time


I got 6/6. thanks


I got 5 ^^

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Well, sorry again but “I would give” isn´t WOULD and present tense. It´s WOULD and PRESENT INFINITIVE, which makes the form of PRESENT CONDITIONAL. “I would have passed” isn´t WOULD and present perfect. It´s WOULD and PAST INFINITIVE, which makes the form of PAST CONDITIONAL. Past infinitives are made: Have + past participle and they are used mainly in perfect tenses, past conditionals and with modal verbs…. Soooooooory, if you say “would and present tense”, you can expect that some of students could use it i.e. this way: He would gives (!)……


Generally, I think conditionals are one of the most difficult part of English Grammar for foreign students. I found it very hard to be explained as although past conditionals do exist in other languages, the situations expressed by the 3rd conditionals in English can be said by simpler ways in students’ mother language and that’s why past conditionals are not used frequently. It’s not for beginners for sure. And I have not mentioned mixes, which are extremely difficult even for university students.
Anyway, I enjoy your site and admire your effort and I have used many videos of yours during my lessons. Hope you won´t be upset with me if I disagree with you from time to time, :))))). Go on, guys!


Thank you for the lesson about 2nd and 3rd conditional.



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hello jennifer :p

ahmed haddad

Thank you so much, Teacher)))


6/6. Thank you so much.


Hello Mr Jon .I am from Vietnam. I have just joined your lesson and I liked it very much because it is short, and it is easy to understand. You are a humorous teacher, If I had a million dollars, I would change it into Vietnamese dong , Okay?


    That’s a lot of dong!

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6/6 thank you and chokran in arabic

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this video is very helpful for me.. thank you so much..


Hi, thanks Mr. Jon :)
Now I am seriously mixed up because of your lesson :/
Is it okay to use present perfect in one sentence, two clauses ? For example, ” he could not HAVE stayed this long unless something evil has happened to him” . Or shall we say ” he could not HAD stayed this long unless something evil has happened to him.”? If they are both correct, what is the difference? I hope you got me!
I must beg of you to please answer me, it may sound stupid to you though! X_X
Thanks in advane :)


Hi everybody!!!
I have to notice that all of ENGVID’s teacher do very important things for all of us.
And I would like to say big “THANKS” for all of them.

Now i’m talking to you Jon!
Thanks for interesting and useful lesson! And thank you a lot for your effort that you have been doing.
You know, Albert Einstein once said: “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value”!!!
But you don’t have to try anymore. You already became a man of value. Just look at all your LIKEs that you already got (and comments).
My best regards JON.

Now I want to talk to the English-studying audience a little bit.
I’m from Ukraine, and i do study English us you do.
But the point is my speaking skills kind of looooow, because I don’t have the opportunity to improve it:(
The cause is, in Ukraine we do not have a lot of English-speaking foreigners, so I cannot communicate with them.
I want to and I have to improve my English (especially my speaking)!

I’m talking to somebody who got the same problem or just want to communicate and have some fun.
So if you want to help me (and yourself), i will be happy.
I suggest you to communicate with me over Skype.
I’m looking for a person with Intermediate or Advanced English-speaking skills from all over the world.

My Skype ID – jevgeniikyrychyk, my name is Ievhenii Kyrychyk (you can call me just Zhenia, like Jack).

I prefer to speak with girls, sorry guys – i’m just joking :).
Thanks for reading this, hope we’ll contact soon.
Let’s take advantage fellow, let’s take advantage:)!

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    I’m from Ukraine, and i do study English us you do (as). You misspelled word “AS”.

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    Hi Zhena. Your english is not as bad as you said ! Sorry , please don’t count on me , I am not in the levels that you want .I’m higher !I’m joking !
    Best regards.

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thanks Jon awesome lesson

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gr8 lesson.. I got 6/6

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5 correct out of 6 – Thomas from Poland thx

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i got 6\6 :D ! ^_^

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you guys are doing a great job. But I think it’s better for you to use another type of board. It’s kinda hard to see what’s on it.


6. If Wesley was a girl, I _______ _______ the show better.

This question is wrong, please correct.
Correct grammar in this case is “If Wesley were a girl”…


Hi john, I want to said thank you for this website, I quick regular school because I attendent some classes in colleges.
How I improved my writting , if possible you

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6/5 :/

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Great site to learn??
Please practice with me on facebook
dakshmalik12345 @ gmail.com

Daksh Malik

It is incredible!! I thought that I had a lot of problems with those subjects but it’s easier than i thought Thanks x3!


thanks , i really enjoyed watching the video <3

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Nice video. Thanks the Engvid team for the vídeos. They are help me to improve my english.

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Thanks so much.

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Thank u very much
Of I had à million $, I would support this grateful web site

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6/6 Thanks!

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I’am stil confused ! :(

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6/6 thanks so much. now I finally understand conditionals :-)

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I got it. Thanks for your lesson!

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is there someone who can help me

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Thanks for letting me know Jon!

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Thanks, Its great!

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An explanation about MIXED CONDITIONAL ¡¡ Please

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Jon, please, why in the question 6, is not, like you explain in your video class “If Wesley was a girl…”?

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Thanks a lot for this lesson teacher, It was grate and so useful, before this lesson I was so confused about conditionals, thank you so much.

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thank you Mr Jon!

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The argument is a bit difficult. Of course I think that practice (oral, spoken and written) is essential. Thank you Mr Jon for the lesson

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Thank you so much Jon. It was a wonderful lesson as always.


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thanks teacher Ronnie Im getting this lesson!

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hi teacher
is this statement correct?
“if we were not sick we would have come to the party” thanks.

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6/6 :) thank you

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I want to ask about would near IF because I heard that in realle really polite sentences we an use would, ady I wonder why?

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Hi everyone, just i would like to know, If i say(( would you mind if i opened the door ))) Is that right or wrong ? please, tell me

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    You’re absolutely right!

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      would you please, tell me why can I use the past tens instead of present.

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      Thanks a lot,

      Profile photo of Harpoon Harpoon

Thank you !!! Very useful video and easy to get it. I had a confusion before, now it is clear for me

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thank you Jon. This lesson is very important

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6/6, great and thank you Jon.
If I had become at school an english teacher like you, I would have spoke this language like my mother tongue.
… hope this is correct…

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It’s a treasure this lesson!

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Thanks Jon I got 100%.

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Hello! Please tell me can we use “should” instead of “would” in conditional 2nd and 3rd? And why? Thank you in advance.

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I got it! ;)

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very useful lesson……thanks mentor.

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I didn’t got full mark 6/6 by seeing your video 2 times.Y

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I got 83 %. Thanks Jon.

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Thanks you so much teacher

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could you prepare another second and third conditionals lesson? please thanks in advance

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this lesson was’t enough even though your lesson was so useful and great. because this topic is important of course it is my thought

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Like this website

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Could we say that in the third Conditional
the verb tenses are (if) Past Perfect + Conditional Perfect?

In my language we have these tenses, you know.

Thanks for the lesson.

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Hello guys! I have a question about third task in the quiz. Could we say “If I had arrived on time, I would not have been fired.”?
Thanks in advance. Greetings

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Thanks for the lesson, Jon. A question:

The third Conditional “If I had seen you, I’d
have talked to you.”

So, you said it’s present perfect, but I’ve learned that “I WOULD have talked to you is
Conditional Perfect tense.

Now I’m confused. Please, help me because I
need to know the correct tense.

Thanks in advance.

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thank you so much

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thx for the video

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Thank you Jon !

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I got 5 correct out of 6.Thank you teacher :)

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If someone wants to speak english with me,it could be great :)

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    I would like to speak English with you.
    my skype id is: adnan.hassan83
    thank you

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I still cant understand very well

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thank you, Why I were, Isnt it I was? Is it the only way?

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not so bad 5 correct out of 6 ;)

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Very good this video!!!

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Thanks a lot, cleared my biggest confusions

Baderhussain1 on skype if anyone wants to practice english , french guys are more than welcome :D

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6/6 Yeeah ! that’s what i’m talking about

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83 nice great

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nice lesson, thank you.

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6/6 – perfecto

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Very interesting lesson, Jon! I’ve made only one mistake, I got 83. By the way, If I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world. Thank you! Júlio César from Brazil.

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your way of explaning is not as it must be

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Thanks a lot!!!!

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Thanks. I have used your teaching films in my own class. My students have learned alot.

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Thank you, Jon. I aced it! Horrayyyyy

Btw, I a few questions regarding If Conditional Type 2 for the following sentence

If I won the game, I would be happy.

I am wondering if it is real or unreal If Conditional?

If it is unreal/hypothetical, is the fact “I don’t win the game so I am not happy” ?
If yes, is it semantically appropriate (taking into consideration:the use of Simple Present Tense) to say “I don’t win the game” ?

If the fact is I didn’t win the game…, can I say that the sentence -If I won the game, I would be happy- is not appropriate?

Please kindly explain it. Thank you.

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Great !!!

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Thanks very much

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Hi jon, I got 9 out of 10 on the quiz thanks to your good explanation. Thanks you so much and have a nice time!

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I got 6/6 I’m happy thank you it is great class

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50 % becouse i am not too thoughtful . that’s a pity . the lesson is really good . and if i were you i wouldn’t be able to teach as well as you . thanks you

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I got 6/6 thank youuuu

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Well I got 100% score, I think reading and writing are easier than listen and speaking, how is so difficult to upgrade all the skills at the same time?!! anyway thanks for the lesson. If I were in an English spoken country I would have better second language.

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if students ask, why we must put “were” in this conditional sentence, what is the best answer?

Profile photo of luckyn91 luckyn91

I think the sentence should read, If Wesley were……….(in stead of “was”)
It’s a second conditional and the verb should be “were” in all persons

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I’ve just got 4/6.Oh no.But I will listen your video again and try to do.
Thank you,Mr John.

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I got 5/6 thank you 😊


No bed 5/6…

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Thanks teacher(score:10/10).

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Can we use in third conditional modals like could or should or it’s only for would?

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Thank you Jon

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Thanks for this amazing class. If I had lost this class today, I would have missed this opportunity to learn more.

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6/6. I understand better now
Thanks teacher

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Dear teacher,

Please correct me if I was wrong about this sentence.
The question is:
If she was a girl, I will make friend with her.
If she was a girl, I would make friend with her.

Thank you very much!

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Great job!

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