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Thank you!

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Thank Rebecca great lesson as usal

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As usual, you explain difficult grammar topics with great ease Rebecca. To tell the truth, this grammar structure is not that easy to grasp. It requires some practice before you put it into real use.

By the way, I looked high and low for the quiz and to my dismay, I couldn’t find it.

I’m sure you’re going to have it done for you (LOL), don’t you? (Is this last sentence correct? Rebecca)

Great Job, thanks a lot.

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    “I’m sure you’re going to have it done for you (LOL), aren’t you?
    And yes, she had me and Moderator do it for her… the quiz is there now!

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Thanks, I follow your videos and you are amazing.

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Thank you very much. I have my car painted when it is still under warranty.

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Amazing lesson! Thanks Rebecca. I had the pipes in my bathroom revamped this morning.Unfortunately, I’m not good with my hands.

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Thanks, Respected Rebecca.

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Thank you Rebecca, I quite understand after do the quiz. Your material online is very useful and very important for using to talk about something I don’t by myself. I got 10 correct out of 10 Thank you again.

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Hello Rebecca.
Thanks for this lesson . I wonder how to detail who have done the action . Must I say ?
I have the mechanic , my car repaired Or
I have my car repaired by the mechanic. Or
I have the mechanic repairing my car
Thank you again for all your useful lessons and kind answers .
See you

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GOt 10/10…
can you please teach us about the use of ” USED TO”…
I mean if we have to express our habbit in present past and future

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Hello,Rebecca! I’m always looking for your lessons. Causative verbs are one of the difficult tasks for me. Thank you for useful lesson!

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Hello again Rebecca ,
I left my comment before doing the quiz questions . I think I have had partially an answer to my previous question . However I would like if some of my sentences would be correct ?
I ´d like to know if for question 5 , ” Elena has portraits of her family taken ” has the same meaning than ” has portraits taken of her family ” .

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    interesting question. I think that both sentences might have same meaning. question 6 probably is your answer:

    6. Lucas had the roof of his house fixed after the tornado struck. He had to call in a professional repair company.

    If you get answer from Rebecca, let me know. Thx.

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    Hi .I think they are not the same. When you say: …has portraits taken of her family… it means her family had some portraits with themselves and she caused some one took the portraits from (of) them !!or something like that!I hope I’m right . Best regards.

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You´re right!, this changes will be useful to improve the lenguage… being honest, I usally say: I cut my hair last month. Now I´ll say: I have my hair cut last month. Thank you!

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    sorry, the correct form is: I had my hair cut last month :$

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I shave my bald head every day by myself, no problem; I’m autonomous and I need no barber!
But I need Engvid to improve my English, no doubt….

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thank you

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Thank you for this lesson.
I have my English improved everyday by Engvid.com.

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Thanks, Rebecca. Great lesson.

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Hello, Rebecca and Engvid teachers. Question 5: Would the sentence be grammatically correct and more effective if I write Eliana has her family portraits taken every Chrismas? Thank you.

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Hello Rebecca.Glad to see you again.This was most awaited video for me.Thanks for useful explanation.By for now :)

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Very very interesting and useful lesson. I have been studying English for a while, but it’s the first time that I realize how to say sentences like these. Thank you very much

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God bless you Rebecca, I’ve been waiting for this lesson for ages

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I have this lesson learned by Rebecca.
Thanks Rebecca/EngVid.com

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This is passive causative isn’t it.

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I got 9/10 without listening this lesson

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    Good boy! Take a cake from a shelf

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Thank you very much Rebecca!!!You´re a very good teacher, and you make lessons fun and useful :)

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Thank you very much.

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thank you very much

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That’s very interesting. Thank you Rebecca.

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Hi Rebecca! Nice lesson! Good job! But I did not understand the difference between “I paint the house every year”; “I have the house painted every year” Could you explain this more better? Thanks for all! Good luck)

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    Hi Batirbek,
    I will try to explain.
    1.I paint the house every day – this means that you paint your house yourself. Without any help.
    2.I have the house painted every year – you do not do anything about painting. You ask every year somebody else or firm to perform this work.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca ! I’m sure my students will love this lesson :-)

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Thank you very much

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I cook carnival “cenci” by myself. The most part of people have they cooked by pastry chef:)

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Hi Rebecca! This is my first time in your class videos!! I enjoyed!! Thank you for the great lesson.

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thank you :)

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I got 9 correct out of
Thank you Rebecca

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why you not add (ed) in ( cut ) ??

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why you don’t add (ed) in ( cut)

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    Hi alhousni008,
    the reason is very simple. Cut is irregular verb.

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Hi,first I would like to thank you and I want to ask you that `I have my hair cut every month` or `I have cut my hair every month`

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    I have my hair cut every month. It’s a way she explained us. rewind it. :) are you french speaker from Canada or?! I’m just curious.

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      I mean,is that present perfect or nope, and what tense is it?
      thanks for reply me.

      Profile photo of erru.habte54@yahoo.com erru.habte54@yahoo.com

        I have my hair cut every month. Passive sentence. It is not present perfect. The tense is present simple tense with passive format.

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          Thanks man for your curious.

          Profile photo of erru.habte54@yahoo.com erru.habte54@yahoo.com

It was a very interesting lesson Rebecca, thanks!

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hi everybody amyone want speck english can talk with me in skype and this my name there
momen flex
add me

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I love your teaching.

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Thanks a ton. I have finally anderstood this structure. It was kinda vague gramarical structure for me. so thanks once again. greetings from Georgia

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Rebecca thanks one more time, your videos are very clear and useful, i’ve learn a lot with you

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Thanks so much!

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You guys are my ideals , thanks alt .

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Thanks miss , your lesson are very important for improve my learning

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Thank you, Rebecca

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Great Lesson, I´ve just joined this website and can say that´s clear lesson and very understandable.

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A great explain 💜

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Thank you a lot teacher

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Thank you!!

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The tip that maybe we don’t know a lot ! Thank you very much.

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thanks you.
it was an useful lesson

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I got 10 out of 10. I’m truly happy as I’m making a progress in English using Engvig.com. & I am also happy that I found this site fortunately. As teachers at engvid.com you are doing a very good thing for those who still unable to speak and understand English. By using these kind of simple lessons anyone can improve their English. :) ♥ As I did. God bless you. :)

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Thank you. Very helpful.

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I cut my hair by myself. I haven’t have my hair cut at a salon for a long time. Thank you, Rebecca. Great lesson :)

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Dear engvid staff.
I mainly use my IPad and I can’t reply to a comment posted by other members on Engvid website .
It runs on a computer but not on a Ipad and it is the same on a IPhone .
Do you have any idea how I can fix this problem ?

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    Hi tsamp, we’re looking into it! I will get back to you.

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This website is very useful for English learner like me. I got a perfect score again!

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    Hi I’d like to practice with you English, if you want too add me on skipe my nikname is donatello133, byeeeeeee

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Thank you Rebecca!

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I have wonder the topic for long time!
Thank you!

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It was easy to understand!!. Thanks a lot for your explanation. It is always a pleasure to watch your lessons. Best regards Rebecca.

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Interesting and smart way of teaching

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Hello Rebecca. The lesson belongs to the “Complex Object” topic, doesn’t it?

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Rebecca!

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Hi Rebecca, I im Paulo Iam Braziam and I like very much learn english with you, I tihnk you are a simpathy or person. Keep these way you are 10

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Sorry above I wrong. ” I want to say: you are a simpathy of person”

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wow!!100% is my first time!!

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Thanks a lot!

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I liked it..

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Thank you!!

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Thank you very much!

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This topic is really useful specially, in the way we talk or type.
Thank you do much

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Dear Rebecca, I adore your video. Thanks a lot=)

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Thank you so much Rebecca for this great lesson. I will try to practice this week..

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thank you Rebecca very much!

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Thank you it was good quiz 90% wow

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Hi, Rebecca.
This lesson is very helpful, I really master it. But, I wonder if this expression way is structured from the passive causative form?
Thank you very much indeed, Rebecca.

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Thank you very much Rebecca’s nice return comment . I got a perfect score!
I really appreciate your help.

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very helpful lesson 4 me .. love it!

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how cool it is! first time I did the test 100%

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Thank you <3

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today i am not able to watch your video lessons. What happened?

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Rebecca you’re very clear whe you explain the lesson God bless you for your commitment, see you soon

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When sorry

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Thank you Rebecca. It is my first lesson and I am very satisfaction.

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Thanr you! Neve known about it

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Thanks a lot Rebecca

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that was very important to me.now i understand it.

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Thank Rebecca,very clear))

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See my picture…
I had my hair cut last week :)

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I had my report made for my sister last week.

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Great lessons. A lot to learn, Thanks Rebecca !!

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Very useful lessons! thank you a lot!

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Thank you, Rebecca! It`s very interesting. But, all your examples have only regular verbs:
Please,give us some examples with irregular verbs in the past tense. We must use second or third form of irregular verbs?

Profile photo of Igor Kichko Igor Kichko

    Cut is irregular verb) by the way it was said in comments above. I figure we should use 3 form in this case, like in passive voice tences

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Thank you Rebecca for the lesson.The form of sentence is new for me, so it makes to look the sentence on different angle.By the way, I had my shoes repaired a week ago.It did my father for me.He is good with his hands.:)

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Thanks a lot emo53! Now I understood. It was very kind of you)

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Excellent lesson as usual!
Thank you very much

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Many thanks. I get 90 degree in the quiz.

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thank you for your kindness and i appreciate you, actually it’s interesting lesson and important as well

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thank you for this useful lesson

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I love how easy and simple it was,thank u😀

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I have memorised many word to put them in to practice dat my problems

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Thank Rebecca!!!

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Thak You Ms Rebecca

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Thanks. In our country we can use something similar but is unusual. In the quiz, the first question is kind of tricky, lol

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thaku ma’am

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Thanks, Rebecca.

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Hi Ribecca,you are a realy wornderful teacher.this your lesson has realy helped me.tnks alot.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for this very helpful lesson for speaking correctly.
Yours sincerely.

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Thank you!

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I have a question: is this exam really for advanced english speakers? I consider myself at this said level, but, I probably need to improve it. I asked this though, because i found this exam way too easy, and I didn’t even watched the video lesson..Is the exam too simple, or is my english already fluent?

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    What is your goal in studying english? In what way did you use the word “way” in your question? Could you explain it, please?

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I really appreciated this lesson and my score for it was 100. Amazing :)

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Thank you.

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Yes! I´m so happy for passing the test with no mistakes. Moreover, I´m going to get through a life-changing interview this month in which I´ll have to perform a class. Well, I guees I´ll work on this subject due to its lack of use in Brazil. I found it interesting. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca. Take care.

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I hope you like it.

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    Profile photo of Bushra hg Bushra hg

Rebecca, thank you so much. It was very useful English to know the collect meaning. You are Great!

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Thank you so much!!!

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great lesson thanks!!

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Thank you so much, Rebecca. This topic was very helpful for me.

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Thanks Rebecca

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Question Num 7 is kind of complicated , the only question i got wrong xD , good lesson !

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thank You
10 of 10

I’m goood

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thanks for the lesson

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Perfect for me. Thank you Barbara.

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Very interesting, thanks a lot

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Thank you very much Ma’am!

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Thanks, Rebecca, for this lesson!

I really cut my “hair”, but when I was younger I usually had my hair cut every month or so.

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    maybe if you say: … when I was younger I used to have my hair cut every month” sounds better.. cheers.

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many thanks teacher, but i get confuse with what you discussed and prefect tense.

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Thanks Rebecca. I usually had my hair cut by my mother when I was a child. :)

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Thanks Rebecca.My husband has his hair cut every month by me.

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Thank you, Rebecca! This lesson helps me a lot!

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Very useful lesson, Rebecca. I don´t have my clothes washed on saturdays. I do it by myself. :-)

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Thank you Rebecca for your lesson!

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Rebecca, thank you for your great lesson! I understand the topic but it was not easy.

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Thank you Rebecca. I learned so much from your class. Could you please teach us the difference between the following verbs: to switch,to change and to exchange? I sometimes get confused with these verbs. Thank you in advanced! :D

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Appreciated Rebecca

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thank you so much for this lesson I receive i new knowledge thanks Mis Rebeca

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Many thanks Rebecca

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Thank you so much Rebecca! Your explanation so clear. I got 100% on quiz.

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Thank you so much Rebecca!

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Thank you very much Rebecca! Listening to your lessons is a really pleasure…!!!
Great Engvid!!! Learning English has never been so easy and fun…!!!

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    Go ahead.

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Can I say
John has cleaned his Apartment every week

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Great lesson! Thank you!

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Good afternoon Rebecca, thanks for the lesson. Today I got 9 correct , my answer by the first question was unfortunately not correct, but I think that is okay because I can learn with this mistake, and I want to make better in the future.
I like your lessons so much and you are really a very good teacher.
Have a nice Sunday! Best regards from Germany. Jacinta

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damm… I’ve just got 70, Thanks Rebecca, I think I need learn it harder….

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Thank you Rebecca, I’ve learned so much from you.

(This lesson is the 2’d lesson from you)

So far I give you a 5 star computer program.
And this is just the 2’d video!!

Thank You!!!!!

(Sorry of my face expression in the picture, I am not mad or sad, I am sooooooooo HAPPY!! :)

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Got 100%

Profile photo of danielhuynh804 danielhuynh804

Thank you so much, it is very useful…:)

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Rebecca, you made the correction in this video about the following example sentence – Original: I had my hair cut every month. Corrected: I had my hair cut last month. Don’t you think it was unnecessary? I mean there was nothing wrong with it. It simply means that you used to have your hair cut every month, but not anymore. Hope for your clarification on this. Thank you.

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    Hi, she made the correction because the verb is in past tense HAD, so the time can’t be every. I think that. bye

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thanks,Rebecca for your efforts ….:D

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thank you

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its was not a new thing but still in a new way.
i really appreciate. And i love this site. all the teachers here are fantastic

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Thank you Rebecca for you nice explanations.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca, I really enjoyed this lesson, it was wonderful, great idea, clear explanation and practical.

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So, I’d like to thank you for this great lesson, i wish i had my presencial english classes taught by you.

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Thanks, it helps to improve my skills.

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Thanks Rebecca! I love your lessons…

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Rebecca! Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

My score 100/100%

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Thanks so much! Love your video every time! On my way to improve my English Grammar!

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thanks very much for this lesson rebeca

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really useful,thnk

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I have 8/10 for the test
Thank you for this lesson

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I loved this lesson. I repeated the lesson two times and I could understand it. I think that the practice of the lesson is very important.

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Hello Rebecca, thank you for clear and helpful explanation.

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thank you Ms. rebeca

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thank you rebeca i really enjoy your lesson

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Thank you, Rebecca. The lesson seems easy, but I sometimes make a mistake.

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hi rebeca,i like your all lesson.but there is noone with whom i can speak in english…could you help me?/

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hi rebecca! it was very helpful, i appreciate it. thank you.

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Thanks a lot Reveca, it’s a really useful grammer!

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Rebecca you are very good teacher!
Thank you so much!

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Thank u,Rebecca.
It’s very useful lesson.Also it’s clear for me.
I got 10/10.

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I cut my own hair today,but I have my nails done at the beautyshop.Is it OK like this,Rebecca?

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Rebecca I love yours lessons. You are a excellent teacher. Thank you!

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it is really helpful.thanks rebecca

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My english is getting better.
You are the best english teacher.

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Thank you madame, you’re an amazing teacher

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good ! thanks.

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– I install my farm irrigation system every year
–> I have my farm irrigation system installed every year.
– I installed my farm irrigation system last year
–> I had my farm irrigation system installed last year
– I will install my farm irrigation system next year
–> I will have my farm irrigation system installed next year.
hope that my sentences are correct

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beneficial video ! thank you
in fact i used to have my hair cut , but now i cut my hair myself :)

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Thanks Becky very helpful lesson indeed!!!

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great class teacher rebecca…I learned very well, becouse you teache me all things about this theme…tank you very much …I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST…

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taught by teacher rebecca….

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Thanks, Rebecca. Great lesson. I made one mistake only.

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I’ve got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you for your lesson.
I’m always so happy that I can learn very important of English grammer from you. I will keep staying here to learn more.
However, I might have my computer fixed sooner or later because it doesn’t work well these days.

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Amazing lesson! i understood everythnig. i always use this web site to check myself and repeat other topics.Go on !

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thank you

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Amazing lesson…thanks Rebecca.
I’m confused in the beginning, but after the quiz it sticks in my mind.

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It is a little bit difficult for me to use this type of sentence without thinking before twice because in my native language I express both situation in the same manner, using the same kind of grammar. But, as I am on a mission to improve my skills, I will do my best to correct myself.

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Thanks a lot ! It was really helpful .

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thanks a lot,
i’m from Djibouti, i’m a trainee English teacher and i will have taught this lesson next week,
so it was useful for me…
thanks again,

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Great lesson. I do understand now. Thank you Rebecca :)

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After so many years that I’ve been studying English, I finally learned a correct way of saying these kind of statements. I’m really thankful to you Rebecca and to all the teachers in Engvid for making such a wonderful videos!

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Now, I don’t need to have my email checked by my coworkers if my message is all about this topic.

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Mr Dear professer thank you for the great lessons!

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Thank you for the lesson,mam.

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Thank you.

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Realy information given is very important & usefull in daily vocublary .


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daily i bring fresh vegitable – if same activity done by other person so how we can say.

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Thank you.

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Now I understood.

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Thank you

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Rebeca you are the best english teacher.

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