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    I am so delighted with programme.Our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you all because you are giving the chance to people to learn English all over the world.
    yours very kinder


      verry nice comment

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Very helpful. Thanks very much!


    Thank you so much.

    Now it’s clear to me the differences of uses

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Tks so much. This site, for me, is the best!


the simple repetition made it easy to understand the differences of the three. a good lesson. Thank you.

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    Glad to know the lesson helped you understand. My best wishes to you.

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      very good.


      thank you so much

      Bharathi A

      “Glad to know the lesson helped you understand.” Why the word UNDERSTAND didn’t received the past tense UNDERSTOOD,in this sentence?

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        because the word HELP was in past(?)

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This lesson is very useful.Thanks again, Rebecca.


thanks a lot it is really useful. i really appreciate u.


I did well these quiz. thanks a lot your video.




Thanks very much!


Can I say : She is the one that we saw last week” ? or it should be ” She is the one who we saw last week”??? thanks before…glad to join you…

oddy bere

    i think this one ,ll b correct,she is the one whom we saw last week.


    either way, is correct ^^


    Hello Oddy, I think you should use whom instead of that or who, this way your sentence would be:
    “She is the one whom we saw last week”
    instead of
    “She is the one that/who we saw last week”.

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Dear Rebecca,
I’m grateful for your lesson.
Could you have lesson about English jokes.
I look forward to your new lessons.
Your sincerely, Ramil


thanks Rebecca! In which class do you read? can we use “that” in this sentence if not then kindly tell me the reason !


    im kiano,which is used for comparing ^^ for example, which is better psp or ps3? in that sentence you are comparing the two which is better right? you cant use ” that ” in that sentence ^^




Thanks very much

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I always appreciate your wonderful explaination

Maliha Fatima

thank u a lot Rebecca ….
but how about which person … or which one ? please ….


    When you ask a question, then you have to use “Which” to refer to people, places or things.

    In sentences, the rules are as I have explained in the lesson.

    Thanks and all the best.

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      There is a quotation from Bible (NIV, Psalms 46:4-5) that “there is a river those streams make glad the city of Gad, the holy place where the Most High dwells. God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” Could you explain regarding the word “her” using here?


      Greetings from Prague.
      I’m a little bit confused with asking questions. In this comment you say, that we should use only “Which” to refer to people, places or things in question.
      But Philipp in his comment sad: “Where are the keys which were on the table?” and “Where are the keys that were on the table?”
      He used “That” in the question. Is it correct?
      Can we use “Who” and “That” in questions as well, or it was mistake and we can use only “Which” in questions?
      For example: Where is computer which was on the talbe/Where is computer that was on the table. and :Where is that guy who I saw yesterday/Where is that guy which I saw yesterday?
      With best ragards, Artem.

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Hi.Rebecca can you explain (how lonq …..have been+to…..


Thank you Rebecca, I have one question about this.
Why do we say, for instance WHICH OF THESE PEOPLE STOLE THE MONEY? We use which, but I suppose it’s different when we use it at the beginning of the sentence.


    this is the best way for you to understand this!.. by the way, im filipino.. the word “which^ in filipino is ” ALIN ” so i undestand that meaning of it very well since i translated it in filipino.. in our own language.. so the best way for you to undestand that word is to translate it into your language..^^try looking for the word “which” in dictionary


I have not seen, what is different between that and which in this lesson?



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Rebecca, thank you for this lesson, I’m always confused that and which, now I know it doesn’t matter :)


thank you for this lessons

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thank you for the useful lesson THAT i’ve just saw :)

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Dear Ms Rebecca,
I’m grateful to explaining these worlds in such an easy manner by the way i scored 100%


Ms Rebecca, thank you for this lesson, I’m always confused with usage of that, who and which, now I learnt these easily as u explained them in such an easy way . . by the way I scored 100%

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really helpful, thank you very much, clear explanation. good job

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that was a nice lesson, the teacher who taught is smart. which teacher is better the brunette or redhead -both. pretty short lesson, take care Rebecca.


very good lessons..which is my brain expand in english lessons that i learned this website.thanks maam rebecca

wella dela cruz

this lesson very heplful thank mrs Rebecca


Thank you alot
you are a very dedecated teacher.


helpful thank you.

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you always have job done.
I wish every Quiz have marks just to challenge each other, it will be good idea to see marks and members are running to be in the top.

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thanks for giving us a opportunity to learn english. God bless you all!

joan revilla

Amazing,She is an excellent teacher. A hug


hello. the videos really helpful for me as an English teacher.can I have a request?I need more explanations about many different types of text in English (analytical exposition,hortatory,news item,explanation text,narrative,descriptive and so on with its generic structures).thanks.

Linda Lisnatalia

Thank you a lot for this site. You gave me a hope to learn more about English.


Thank u reebeca,
1)Could u explain about – who,which,how,when,what ,where. How to use and where to use these question words.
2)could u help me how and where to use – in ,on,at,to,for,by,from.
Thank you very much for all your classes.

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I really appreciate this kind of learning thank you so much Rebecca. You are a good teacher.


I enjoy it

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very helpful Thanks very much <3


hey mrs rebecca how are you doing i really love this lesson it’s very helpful any way please i have a question for you please when i want to write something for example essy i have a really big problem with spelling i know so many voucabulry but when i start writing even i know them i have difficulte to write them please can you give me a piece of advice to overcome this problem thank you


    English spelling is challenging. If you are experiencing trouble in this area, I suggest you get hold of a specific spelling book and work your way through it systematically. That is the way to improve and also stay cool, determined and patient.

    All the best to you.

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How about whom? would you mind explaining the differences between them in use ?

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Very Helpful

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Thank you so much, This lesson is very helpful.


Thank you so much :)

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    thanks lot

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Thanks a lot Rebecca, you’re so so much professor.Lily from Brazil


hello teacher can you tell me the difference between past perfect and past simple and when we use those tenses

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    you can say past perfect if it is using ” had + past participle ” example i had seen an accident when i was walking ^^


    You can say, past perfect… (e.g)had + past participle.
    I had had my boyfriend before I went to University.

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very helpful thank you!


This lesson was simply and useful.I enjoy myself.


sometimes im confused between which and where would you please clarify them¿


The teacher WHO taught me how to use theses confused words is Canadian.
Thanks a bunch!

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    im filipino.. some of the foreigners ,learned their english in the philipines ^^


Dear Ms Rebecca ,
frankly,all lessons in this website which a vital subject who wants to learn English correctly and effectively that should be taken seriously ,so each teachers in this website always give us opportunity to improve our English Language please ,kindly handed over my
message to thanks whose website owner thanks for all teachers either i will never forget your grateful for everything did for us . In addition, for everything will be doing for us as well .
Yours faithfully,



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hej All teachers, I wish yours learning that is very nice.I learn more english yours lessons.


thnx rabecca…. :)


thank u alot


how aboout whom??

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    I wish you eternel life!
    God be with you


Very good lessons. My compliments


thank you very much

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Thank you Rebecca, a very useful and understandable lesson.

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Thank you, it was very clear and I missed this information


sometimes i feel confused the usage of verb to have ex :
what the difference between :
I don’t have time
I haven’t got time.
I have no idea
I haven’t the slightest idea


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    There is no difference between the first two sentences. They are just two ways of saying the same thing.

    All the best to you.

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hi Rebecca,thank you for the lesson.may i ask you how i can know when is your next engvid lesson shows?


Hello. It is very useful. Than you.

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    Hi, Alex I´m from Brazil and I´m also studying english in this website. Would you like to be my friend? Together we can practice english.


thank’s for lesson

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thank you my teacher
can you explain when we use whom and whose or any one you understand this lesson please


thank you techer I like this lesson


thanks a lot rebecca, a verry useful lesson

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hello teacher,can you tell me the difference between that & which and when we use those word?

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It was very clear explanation!!
Thank you.


Rebbeca, your classroms are so good. Thanks. Your accent and pronunciation is so easy to me. I got all you said.


hello master can i ask you a question tell me please the difference between for and since i could not get it please waiting for your answer


Everyday i access this site and study until 1 lesson. It’s very interesting and very helpful. Thank.


Thank you!




thank you so much teacher rebecca.i learn a lot to this lesson.


Hello teacher
You are the best teacher i ever meet you make it so clear, your examples are so easy o understand and with each lesson i feel i get better.
Thanks a lot.


thank u so much.. that was a nice one!

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i couldn’t download this video,cuz my own connection on internet is so slowly.huuuh..
i want to permission download this video,
can i ? :)


plsss teach me about the past participle after noun ^^


thank you very much


nice video, anyone like to speak with me on skype my id is imranhatim


hi rebecca , when i was watching your video i was learned a lot of grammar and usage and i hope you can give more lessons and keep always care yourself i love u so much bcoz everytime you teaching u look like my mother in style..


thank you so much for the lesson


Hi! Thanks a lot for the clarity of your lesson. I´m happy to find this page.
Has been very useful for me…


Thank you for a lesson.
I just come Canada to study English.
So,I don’t unserstand English.
But,I think who I try study English.
(Do you know my English…? I’m sorry.)


thank you very much , your lesson was clear and simple. thanks again.


When I should use WHOM in my sentence, and what is different between whom and who.
thanks in advence, and thank you a lot for your english lesson.


thank you


thank alot


than yo so much.


thank you so mach for video


thnx a lot it just cleared my confusion


Hola soy de chile y soy principiante en esta lengua y este es uno de los mejores sitios que he encontrado para practicar y aprender.
Hi, I’m from Chile and I’m a beginner in this language. This is the best site that I’ve found to learn and practice.
Thank you so much for your lessons

Sebastián Rodríguez

yes …it’s a good lesson . thank you teacher .

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I am glad I’ve found this site… now i know when to use the words WHO, THAT, and WHICH. Thank you teacher Rebecca :)


best lesson mem keep it up thank you so much..,

zakir afridi

good and lesson,thanks so much.

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ok no the best, like media five!!!!!!!!!

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    So,Do you know more than the teacher?


thanks alot Rebcca u r a best teacher .

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Hi, Rebecca,
very nice lessons!
Thank you !


Thank you Rebeca, Your class was very clear and interesting. I understood very good.

Jose Moreno

Thank you Rebecca,
you’re a good teacher, I could understand because you speak so claer and the lesson is very helpful.

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I like your lesson line,because I can look back again and again.Thank you.


Hello dear Rebeca
This is my first time,lets say short an sweet
Thank you wery wery wery wery much.

Sofia Holm

thank u so much ^_^

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great…i love the way you do to enhance people learning English

gus ri

thank you T.Rebecca really i love all your video its halp me alot alot thank you very much


    thank you T.Rebecca really i love all your video its help me alot alot thank you very much


Thank you very much !

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Dear Rebecca,
I wish you a long live!
And May our Lord Jesus Christ be with in your life until you reach paradise
Yours very kindest
Joseph M


Thanks you soo much!!!!

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Thanks for your lesson

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Hi Rebecca! that was very clear you teach.. Can you please correct my eglish.. I wanna learn more eglish,,.. thank you..

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thinks for yours lesson,i’m new for your site and i think ,one day i’ll capably


Thank you very much for this lesson.
May I ask you .. what is the difference between (that & which) ?


Thank’s You Teacher I got the 100% Correct answer from Your lesson and I got Idea for Improve My self Thank You So Much…..

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Thank you Teacher

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thanks you make it very easy :) .

mr Egypt


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thank you so much:)
it’s good practice for me)

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Dear Rebecca,
The lesson is very interesting and clearly explained. My sincere gratitude to you and to engvid team as well.

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thank you very,very,very much!


thanks Rebecca. you are superb

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Very simple and can understand it easily.

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what we use for animals , suppose for an elephant or a a parrot


And still, in which cases it’s better to use THAT and in which we should use WHICH with the things?

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*found (sorry)

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good education

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Thank you very much for describe about who,which and that.

abdul sattar

very helpful


thank you respected madam….i love to learn ENGLISH through ENGVID,may I know about WHOM please


Very Useful…TKS!!!!!!

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thank you for lesson


why i can’t see the quiz ?

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    Hmm. Is your web browser up-to-date? (If you’re not sure, try installing a new version.)

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may be , i’ll try something else


The lesson is very good,

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wow…what a wonderful explanation I really understoot completely the grammer lesson and I have scored one hundred percent….GOD bless you teacher …thank you.Chandana.c


good class! perfect. thanks!


thanks a lot, Rebecca!


Hi dear Ms Rebecca,

Thank you very match for this lesson. You are realy amiable.

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Thank you for your help for this lesson! It was very useful!


Thanks a million


Thank you ,I like all your lessons and your prounounciation,it is very clear.
Good job, thnak you again.


thank you very much .itis good lesson.

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Thanks for this it’s very good


hi Rebeca i d like to know about the second question on the quiz. when i have a plural thing i should use just ‘which”

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thanks for teaching

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che che

Nice lesson thank you for teaching us in a simple way.


Hello! May I ask, when referring to a country do you use “which”, “that”, “it” or “her”?

1. Canada is a country which/that has the second-largest land area in the world and her/its flag carries the symbol of a maple leaf.


    Nowadays, it is best to refer to a country as a thing and refer to it using “that”, “which” or “it”.

    All the best to you, Supa.

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Hi Rebecca,
Really Amazing!I see that I’m always learning with you on this site. I have to thank you. A Hug from Brzil.


Thanks a lot for lesson. But there is some problem. What should we use if we talk about plural persons like boys, girls and so on?


    Whether you talk about singular or plural people, the choices are still the same. For example,

    I like the guys who/ that play in the band.
    I like the guy who / that plays in the band.

    Good question, Igor. All the best to you.

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Thank you so much….I’ve learned alot from your lessons and this website is very helpful. God Bless you All! I Love You…many kisses..


i coveer all the response


Thanks !

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Crystal Clear to me now. Thanks,


    Great, Steve. My best wishes to you.

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question: If you start a goggle fight with the two sentences
“Where are the keys which were on the table?” and “Where are the keys that were on the table?”, the one with that has a lot more hits…. In your test there is only the answer with “which”


    In the lesson, I explained that you can use “that” or “which” for things, such as keys. In the test, the choices you were given were “who” and “which”, so the correct answer was “which” and not “who”.

    As you said in your comment and I said in my lesson, we can use “that” or “which” to refer to keys. So, we are in agreement, my friend.

    All the best to you.

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Thanks mam Rebecca , marvelous. i like it . Hamza from Pakistan

Hamza Platonic

hi Rebecca i need to know about RATHER that what is rather and how we can use it thanks

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Ajmal. My best to you.

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Thank you very much …
I like all your lessons

Soufian tlm

nice teacher

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thank u very much i like your all lessons i learn a lot and i like it.


Hi ..Ma’am RABICA …. i hope u’ll be ok …i am so happy bcz onemore time i get 8 out of 8 .on lesson ..WHO,THAT,WHICH …………..by engvid .com ..
i want to say gr8 Thanx to you/all of you …………….GOD BLESS YOU/ALL OF YOU …Bye

sana syed

    Way to go, Sana! My best to you.

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Thanks very much!

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Very nice lesson. Thanks Rebecca.

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thanks you mam

raseeth badusha

hi rebacca think you veyr much for this lesson this lesson i like all your lesson and your prounounciation it s very clair


Hi, Rebecca! Can you explain the difference between British and American pronounciation in cases like this:
what /wɔt//wʌt/ or want /wɔnt/ /wʌnt/ /wɑnt/, lobby /lɒbi//lɑbi/. In all the dictionaries I’ve found there’s only British pronounciation, but I prefer American. Are there any rules?
All the best to you!

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why in the phases “I like the piano that cost $800” and “The house which she lives is huge” there is no option to use “which”?


thanks, good job. i will stay around here everyday.

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Thank you miss


Very useful and helpful lesson that you had shared with us.


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thank you for the usefull lesson .you good techer for me.thank you for exersice




i love you more Rebecca thank you for everything

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This is very helpful, thankyou Ms. Rebecca

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Thnx Rebecca

u r lovely teacher

Abdul Qayum

Thanks a lot!

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for me this lesson not so difficulties. it’s a piece of cake. I did it so perfect 100% right. I scored 8 out of 8.
remarkably in this occasion.


Thanks for your class, Rebecca!!!! It helps a lot!!! God bless u and your family!!!

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this lesson very useful to me. thank u ver much


Thank you for the lessons!!!
They’re very helpful!

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thank you, for the useful lesson ….

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useful lesson thank u so much

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why in the scand qustion used which

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thank you dear teacher
my best wishes to you and all the teachers of engvid…

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thanks for lesson.

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At the question ,,2. Do you know ____________bus goes north?”
My answer was “that” but the correct answer was “wich”. Whay?



Thank you!


thanks a lot ,i did very well,please is this sentence correct?the women that i work with her needs extra time.


Hi Rebecca
Your teaching style is awsome which i do like ever.



very nice explain


Hi Rebecca! How are you? If I want to talk about animals or plants, should I use who, that or which??? Tks!

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thank you so much, do we always use verb after who?

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Thank you very much Rebecca!

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Hi Rebecca. I have a question: There is a question in your quiz. ” Do you know ____________bus goes north?

And answered “that” but it is wrong. The correct is ” which “. I couldn’t understand. By the way this is only one mistake. The others were correct. :)

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Hi Rebeca! You are a very good teacher, keep it up! I just would like to suggest you to make a lesson of “when not using ‘which’ ‘who’ ‘that'”!

And thnk you again!


HI Rebeca i’m new please can you tell about me more, how to use the adj and why we use; thank you

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hi rebeca i don’t understand why we use which and that but how and where;(because they are a lot of things)please send me back;thank

Profile photo of tenzin776 tenzin776

hi rebeca you know i read a some book; i saw, which +noun (things or people)for example which train did you catch-the 9.50 or the 10.30? Or which doctor did you see. how about this tens; in your lessons; which use with things; thanks please send a reply;


I really loved it its a nice tutorial site for someone like me whos not really good in english grammar


Hi Rebecca I want to thank you about this lessen .its very useful

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Thanks;who people, that people/things , which things,,, wow that is new for me I like ur teaching that all the people will ues it

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Hello Rebeca, thank you for teaching us :) Can you tell me if this sentence is correct ? . “Considering your company is looking for a student who is interested in …”
Thank you


i like that lesson.and i learned how to ues which. thank you rebeca.


Hi rebcee i,m not understand lesson thanks


thank you for the lesson. It is very interesting and clearly explained.

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Thanks for this video

The shops that/which??
Can use that/which for plural also?

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I almost forgot this lesson..

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thanks Rebecca for this lesson. Can you tell me what is the different between who and whom.


was wonderful

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10O good job

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Oh! I got 100! It’s very helpful, tnx ma’am Rebecca.

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Rebecca Mam. I have got 100/100.In previous comment, I had written that I will get 100/100 and I get also.So,I am happy.Thank you Mam.
With regards

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Hi Mrs. Rebecca,
I am one of your new studen on this website and love it. Just want to say thanks and hope you are well.

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Call the fire department i’ve got in test 100 percent. Great job thank you teacher i’m very pleasant for that. Cheers from Greece.

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yeahhhh…I got 100%. Thanks for teaching.

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Hi Rebecca,
about the sentence
“The house that she lives in is huge.”,
what’s the difference if I say
“The house where she lives is huge.”?
Is it incorrect or has different meaning?
Thanks for your work! Ciao!

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i got 8 out of 8~~thank you Rebecca~

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It was really amazing lesson and I got 100 :D thanks a lot Ms. Rebecca

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Thanks for your good lessons for us,Rebecca.
I’d like to know the difference of use between “large” and “big”. I’ll appreciate if you teach me.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca i got 100%

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Thank you for your amazing lesson, But I still think there’s more to say about these three relative pronouns. I would like you gave a second part of these explanation please.

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Your lessons are informative. I like the way you teach keep it up! :)

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thanks teacher:)

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Hi , and if the subject isn’t a person or thing ,if it’s an animal? we put wich or who? thank you.

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

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may u give a lesson on diff. in usage of ‘WHO’ and ‘WHOOM’ ,thanks!!

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thanks rebca

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Hi Rebecca,
Thank you very much! I have a question regarding relative pronoun ‘who’ and antecedent ‘you’. Which sentence below is the correct writing?
1) It is you who has the authority.
2) It is you who have the authority.
Does the relative pronound ‘who’ inherit both number and person? Some people suggest that if you refers to one person, then first sentence is correct. If ‘you’ refers to a group of people, then second sentence is correct. However, some argue that relative pronouns accord with antecedents in both number and person. Hence, second sentence is correct as ‘you’ is second person.

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good lesson, thank you

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choice, it’s help a lot

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Dear Rebecca,
A reminder of the basic rules is always helpful. Thank you.
Best regards.

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Thanks mam! its very helpful to improve englsih.

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Thank you so much, teacher! I learned the difference between that/which and who. See you next time.

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thanks Rebecca as always your lessons are great

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thanks Rebecca I really enjoy your lessons

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Thank you Rebecca!!!!!

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Hi Ms. Rebecca,

Thank you for the explanation.Could you explain what is different between “In Which”, “On Which” and “Of Which.”

again, Thanks a lot.


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thanks for this video, it was very helpful, as an example, the teacher who was in this video is awesome. i hope my sentence is correct, please let me know if i have any mistakes. thanks for the video one more time

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Very clear lesson.Thank you

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it is very useful for me. i like your lesson. Thank a lot.

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I kiilled the quiz ghanés so much Rebecca youbare My favorita Teacher.

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Thank you Rebecca !

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I anderstend this lesson thanks

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To be honest… it’s a clear and great lesson..

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Why the 2 question the correct answer was WHICH and not THAT?

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Thank you

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i got 100%

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8/8……. yes.. :)

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Cool lesson

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Thank you

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Hi Rebecca, I was studying who/that/which when I found this:

“In conversational English relative pronouns can be omitted when they are the object of a relative clause. In a formal context it is usually wiser to leave the relative pronoun.”

Is this rule correct?

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Thanks, Rebecca. Good lesson. I got 100

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So am I. They are such a great teacher. I love the way they teach. Through these videos I learnt a lot of things which I didn’t learn in school. Especially when I was in my elementary and high school years. Maybe because I was a hard headed or stubborn one, or maybe an ignorant too. Because of this I would like to say thank you for being such a good person.

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Thanks! I got 10/10 in this lesson.

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Thank you mam finally i understand the differences between who, that and which…please create many more lessons.

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Thank you for this explanation

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that lesson was wonderful it is very useful big thanks

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I have No Words to appreciate you for your kindness.
Thanku Rebecca Maam

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You got 8 correct out of 8.

thanks a lot…

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It was a good class. Thank you for teaching !!!

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thank you Rebecca

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Hi Rebeca, thank you for your lesson was very clear and nice. Have a great day. Regards from Bogotá, Colombia.

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Hello, the lesson was great, but I have a question…
Which is the best form to use That/which?
I mean, sure there are some sentences that is better use some of them. Thanks

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thank yo very much

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Thank you very much teacher.

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca!

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Thank you for the lesson. I understand very well and yes i had a 8/8.

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you Rebecca
I get 7 out of 8

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Thank you Rebecca!
I have a question: In the second question in the quiz:
“Do you know ____________bus goes north?”
I thought that the answer can be “that” or “which” as in this lesson, so I chose “that” but the result was that the answer was incorrect and must be “which”, I don’t know why!

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thank you for the lesson 100

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Hi Rebecca for the good clip, I have a question about the “Subject” in the relative clauses. Some clauses have it, but some clauses not.

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teacher Rabbecca you’re the best your lessons are very undanstable

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Thanks a lot Ma’am Rebecca!!😍

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I like your lesson but ı couldn t find the most information page

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Thank you very much, Rebecca, for your best lessons. I love them.

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