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It’s really a useful lesson,
Thank you very much.

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    I wanna be excellent
    I’d like 2 be Perfect

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It’s very useful for me!
Thank you very much for your help!


    thankx mis for your serivice i hope i will be as u in the future

    the ambitious

      Why not? All of us can improve every single day. My best wishes to you.

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I’d like to say thank you!

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It’s powerful lesson English
Thank you

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ooh!what a huge difference.It’s so easy to be polite.Thank you Rebecca.


Thanks for the lesson

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Thank you for your polite compliments!

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    I really comprehende your method and your way of teaching.
    Tanx Rebecca:)


I’m so happy because i find this site.
These kind of lessons are very useful for people that learn English.
Thank you for site, thank you Rebecca for your good lesson!


    Glad the site is helping you. Thanks for your feedback.

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thank you so much to provide excellent information.

safdar a khan

    My pleasure, Safdar.

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thank you so much

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    You’re welcome, Ahmed.

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i would like to learn english, for me is very dificult because i can not to speak with somebody in this languaje, i like found this web because help me very much, thank you

jannett bueno

    You may be able to find some English-speaking people to interact with somewhere in your city or else online. My best to you.

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thank u so much


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As always, one very interesting detail

I send five start for you

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Sorry, I want to say:

“I send five star for your excellent work”

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    Thanks kindly. Glad I could help you.

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Beautiful. I love English moore than food and every time I find something like this I come very often and learn more.

Thank you very much.

Wison Hamón

    Wow! Thanks very much.

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    Hi Wison Hamon,

    Glad to hear that you learning english everyday. kindly add my skype: wahyudi@amcl.com.sg

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I was looking for a website that would help me improve my english. And i’m so happy i found this one. God BLess!!!

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    Thanks, and the same to you. All the best with your English.

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Dear Rebecca,
When someone asked me”Would you like…….”What may I answer?
Thank you.


    Great question.

    Your answer depends on the situation.

    If you are a child, speaking to someone older, your answer could be:

    Yes, please.
    No, thank you.
    No, thanks.

    If you are an adult, speaking to another adult, you could say:

    Question: Would you like some coffee?

    Yes, thank you. (formal situation)
    Yeah, thanks. (less formal)
    Sure, thanks. ( informal)


    No, thank you.
    No, thanks.
    No. Thanks, anyway.

    As you can see, in English, we don’t usually say just “yes” or “no”. We usually follow it up with another word or two, to sound more polite.

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thank u very mach rebecca sister you are fantactic teacher


    Very kind of you, Almaz. Thanks. All the best.

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Its realy gud way to train the peoples whose native language is different than english………so i am pakistani and it realy helps me……..specially thanks to my favourte teacher REBECCA.


    So happy I could help you. All the best with your English.

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Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I’m happy the lesson helped you.

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I would like to thank you for the lesson.


    Beautifully said! Thanks so much, Dante.

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THX :) tis is my 1st day to enter tis website… haha… is a good lesson…. thx a lot… and i would like to thx u for the lesson.

and.. sorry for my poor english

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    You don’t need to apologize at all. Be proud of your achievements and move forward confidently each day. All the best to you.

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“i’d like some coffee, please. ” may i know the” i’d ” actually is stand for what ? hm… sorry for this simple question… because i.. would like to learn more about english.

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    “I’d” stands for “I would”.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything you like, that’s the best way to learn.

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Hello Rebecca. I have just seen this video and must say it is great. I would like to ask you where to use “would want”. I have heard that I cannot use it in “normal” sentences but only in “specific condition” (e.g. I would want a beer – it is not possible to use it). I think “would like” and “would want” are not the same. Can you help me, please? I’m waiting for the answer.

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    You are right.

    “Would want” and “would like” are not used in the same way.

    As you said, “would want’ is used when a specific condition exists. For example,

    “If I were sitting at the side of the pool on a hot day like this, I would want a beer.”

    In the example above, you are not actually sitting by the pool at all, so it is a hypothetical condition.


    “If I decided to rent out this apartment, I would want the tenants to give me two months rent as a deposit.”

    Also above, the situation is hypothetical.

    Hope this helps you. Good luck with your English!

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      I’m glad that you’ve answered. Thank you very much.

      There’s another problem being in my head. I have got to decide if this sentence “I WAS KNOWING IT” is very polite English or it’s not polite English at all (or more precisely wrong English). I’m not kidding. I always thought that “I WAS KNOWING IT” is wrong and that “I KNEW IT” is correct. Thought it can’t be a standart English. But recently I’ve seen it written in one old book (published in 1899) and started thinking if I am wrong.

      Could you help me this time, Rebecca, please?

      As always I’m waiting for the answer.

      Don’t know if my question is meant to be here, hope it doesn’t mind.

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        Since “to know” is a stative verb, you cannot use it in the continuous form. It would be wrong to say “I was knowing it.” It is correct to say ” I knew it.”

        English has changed over the years so it’s better to use newer books. Hope this helps you.

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      Hi Rebecca..Thanks for you excellent video..Regarding to your comment above, could we just use “I want a beer” without “would”?

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Rebecca You are Blessing for me !!!
Thanks a lot !!!
May god Bless you in all your endeavors.
Once again…thanks a Lot !!!

Gr8 Video !!!
Sahil Rally

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    Wow, Sahil, thanks so much for your blessings. I wish you all the best with your English and your life, in general.

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Exellent lesson.Enjoy the way of teaching.


thank a lot!that is usefull lesson!

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So glad I could help you, zach and hoangtran.

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thank you for improve my english


dear teacher
yours lesson is really useful on me.
thank you so much.wish you have a nice day


You are fun and beautiful and good teacher !! I wish you could see my interest in your classes…
Thank you very much.

Silvana C.


Dear Teachers
I ‘m so pleased ,having found this site. It’s really useful .Please keep it up.
Thank you ever so much.

dona shirani

My thanks to all for your feedback.

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thank you teacher, you are very respectful helpful .
I love this kind of communicate between us and you.

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thanks for directing me. i really enjoyed it!

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it’s a clear definition !it made me easy to undertand and more important is that help me remember it deeply.thanks a lot !


i would like to listen more from you


ssunil kumar

who!! i got 100!!


Thank you so much Rebbaca
i am your new student
and you made me very polite in very first teaching lesson only.


ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ།Thank you very much. (Tibetan) རེ་པེ་ཁ྄ཱ།Rebecca
I like your English class a lot.
Your new student,


Rebecca ! i’m surprising to see a teacher like you ! Because you are a good teacher and considerate too ! Best wishes to 2010 !

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first of all hello Miss Rebecca :))
And since you can tell more of their classes are excellent!!!!! :P
and I appreciate you’re on this site and you show great skill in doing this work and because I like learn English very well, especially now that I’m studying my career because in truth if I need the English educated (English Polite) and they hope you can help with any lesson to help me have more vocabulary in administrative field since that is what race I

thank you very much for your attention =))))


yhfsihjhello miss rebbeca i really liked ur lectures you explain so well and when ever i prepare my language test i take help from ur videos


Dear Rebecca!!!
It was absolutely fascinating lesson! I really enjoyed it!
After your lesson I would like use this site 24 hours a day!
Thanks kindly.
May God bless you!!!


Thank you very much Rebecca.


I like very much with your lesson. i often watch it every night when i have free time. I hope that you have more lessons about life.


thank you so much

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Hello mam, How have you been? its very useful to me…


First I’d like to thank you, Rebecca, and all of you! I’m glad that I found this useful site.
Now about this theme: I think it would be appropriatly to say about using expression – FEEL LIKE. Please explain, what’s the difference.
See you later)) here I mean.

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Thnks soooooooooooo much Rebecca i hope to meet you


Rebecca, I love your teaching! Most of the times, I know how to say what I want to and, I know understand english texts but, my booring problem is, the listening! And I know I’ll just get through that, practising it. So I started to watching EngVid videos, and after more or less three days doing that, my listening incredibly got better. And it’s getting better each day! I haven’t ever an english course, and I got no time to do that. I think so: “If I got all I know about english until today, with no especial class, I guess I can learn all the rest by the same way”. I’m 18 years old, and I’m brazilian. I love english! I just wanna say: “Thank you a lot!” You’ve been helping me with yours lessons!” You’re one of the best teachers of here! Kiss’

Rômulo Félix

I am going to take an IELTS test on May 7, 2010. Would you please provide me some suggestions?


i saying really very very thank full to all the team members because your doing very great service to all.


Thank you, for your class.
i’m learning with you, so much.But i need study english very much.


hi teacher.you are very good teaching.please advise for me beacuse i am pakistani and my language urdu but i am very fast want to learn english languge.please madam.my age 22




Thanks a lot miss for your Excellent way of teaching.
can you tell me how can we improve English pronunciation and what’s the importance of accent in English Speaking and how to overcome wrong pronunciation of words?


thank you very much! It’s really useful

thu thuy

Hi Robecca! I’m Thu Thuy.I’m Vietnamese.I love English very much but I can’t speak English.For me, English Grammar is very difficult.I can’t remember and usually wrong in use.

thu thuy

thank you for your help
i hope i meet you


thanks a lot, your are doing a really good jod and God is going to help you with more knowledge. Take care and God bless you teacher!


really so superb….i like your english classes rather than my food

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It’s really helpful lesson for learner.

Dildar khan

I would like to know that if it exists videos about these followings topics:
1. What tenses I can use in a paragraph that has the same idea? Example: Which tenses can i mix with Past Tense when i am expressing an idea.
2. Please explains the meaning of the verbs that join with the word “up” “down” “back” “in” “on” “out” “into” “around” and others
Example: verb + prepositions


its really helpfull

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Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for teaching us, you are the best:)I was in the USA a few months ago and I was following your all videos from there.. Now, I am in Turkey and I’d like to watch your all videos that you put in here but I can’t:( I have problem to watch the videos on engvid.com. Engvid.com doesn’t allow me to watch them cause I am in Turkey now or is there a different reason? Could you pls help me?


    Hi Mujde. The lessons on engVid are hosted on YouTube. YouTube is currently blocked by the Turkish government, so you will need to find a way around that. Try looking for a “proxy server” that will let you connect to YouTube from Turkey,and engVid will work for you again also.

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Awesome………… great work by you guys. Its really helpful for me to make myself correct in English Language. I am looking for a lecture on “Subjunctive” but didn’t find it yet on your website. Its my humble request to you all please upload the lecture of mentioned topic.

Arshad Mehmood

hi rebacca,
u r such a great teacher.. i love english.im getting better after watching your videos.my hubby is appreciating about my english.Thank you very much.i would like you to clarify the difference between CAN & COULD.


thank you for this site., i hope my english will improve thank you more power..

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thank you mam Rebecca for sharing your knowledge to us.godbless :)

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i would like to know when will i use the word ” can and could ” shall and should.thank u


you are very respect teacher and you have wonderful style to explain the lesson,i hope to see you happy all the time. take care

i am from saudi arabia.


hello,I am a new user, i was looking for something about would like and want, i found your website.I became intrested in your style of teachin after reading all these comments. but unfortunately I can’t watch the lesson. would you please help me?

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    Hi shadies,

    The lessons are embedded from YouTube, so you should be able to see the lesson if you can see YouTube videos on other sites. Some countries and schools or offices block YouTube, so that might the problem you are having.

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Hi Rebecca,you are THE BEST!Thanks a lot


Thank you very much.

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hi rebecca, thank’s my score was 100.00 i’ve downloaded on youtube for learn and learn english specially grammar. my bless to you

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Hi Rebecca,your lesson is awesome…………

Would you like my comment…..?


i would like to thank all of ENG VID teachers. ENG VID is an excellent platform to learn english..All of them are very dear to me… good wishes to all………


teacher, what about ” Shall” Shall we dance? shall we go?

Charlie Stud

Hello to all of EngVid teachers , i would like to thank all of you for your EXCELLENT Work…
really theses videos are Helpful for me and thank you so much once again! Thank you madam!

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The sessions are very much useful for me..I thought to improve my english. Fortunately i got envid website. ..I can understand english but i am not able to speak with official officer as i have some fear that i might speak incorrectly. How do i overcome this problem?


Hi Rebecca. Thank you for the interesting lesson. I’d like to speak English as you. You’re very polite and clever teacher and i’m glad to learn English by listening your lessons.

Thank you very much.


Hi Rebecca. Thank you for the interesting lesson. I’d like to speak English as you. You’re very polite and clever teacher and i’m glad to learn English by listening to your lessons.

Thank you very much.


Was writing a quick business letter to my local bank here in Jamaica and quickly needed to know the difference or which was more appropriate …Thanks a million!


Thanks for such a good lesson ;)

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Madam, you are really a nice teacher.Pl tell me about use of “would” as sometimes it is used in future sense and sometimes in past sense.I get confused.pl help.


This is very good site to learn english at home. The method of teaching is good and interesting


thanks for lesson . its very good for me :)
bu I would like to speak english with someones.
Which website Am I speak English .Please. Who is help me ?
Can you add my messenger for talking?
I am learning English this year.



Thank you Rebecca. You are great teacher and also you look and sound like a very kind person and it’s my pleasure to listen your lessons which is very helpful.


This lesson is very usefull for me.I would like to say Thanks a lot.
your explanation is really very nice :)


really thank u i am too happay to see that


thank you for whis sight learning


thank you verymuch really iam very satisfied to your teaching

gopi cheedepudi

thank you very much , i hope to see more lesson from you ,,, ( i would like to learn more from you …. thanks a lot

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you are really a good teacher………….

nirupam banik

:) hey teacher :) thanks for your lesson:)
i am from turkey…
:) would like to eat baklava:) when you come istanbul … dear teacher:)) i am a good student as you see:)

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thanks for your Sincerity.Live long


thank you kindly it is usefull.

nice day to you Rebecca


Thanks a lot!I really appreciate yours all lessons and every day 2hours I am sitting,enjoying with yours lessons.I am also future teacher,it helps me more great.Thanks


This class was absolute amazing.
It has helped me in my work.
Thanks a lot!

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I Like the method for teaching

Emad Caesar

hi,I am a new student here. I like your teaching method.
its so good and useful.
thank you madam.
I Like it.
what’s the meaning of the sound is good?

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hi i am very happy to visit this website and i just watch some of the videos here that is all great, thanks a lot about all the efforts you are putting on your work as a teachers to help the peoples like us..thank you !and i hope that what i wrote is be correct !


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your lesson!
Is it okay if I say ‘I want sleep.’


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Thanks Rebecca! :)

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hi Rebecca its me taimoor i am having a question for
that is where we use “would mind” or
is there any concept of this
if will it so would you like tell us about it
and i would like to say you thank you for all kind of lessons


thanks a lot


I would like to say thankyou for this lesson and I have one question
Would you like some coffee? or Can I take some coffee? which one is good


thank yuo so much
good teaching

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This is very fantastic!! I ddnt sleep all night!!! I would like to hear some more please?? Very helpful a lot. I am very impress and greatful. Very amazing isn’t it? bless you teacher!!!


thanks, rebecca
but i have little confusion in the use of “would like” and “want “. will u help me at which situation i must say “would like” or “want”


thanks rebecca,
am very eager to speak in english but i always got stuck when am trying to speak in english with others.when i imagine that am speaking english with someone i dont get stuck in my imagination.i dont know what’s the reason for this.could you please tell me where am lagging,that will be very helpful for me

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Dear teacher,
I hope you’re doing well.I like that lecture but would you explain would like in more detail such as in offering, requesting someone,inviting, making choice etc

Hey teacher

It’s nice


Hi Rebecca,
Can you please help me how to use the word (this,those,does,doesn’t).because i confusing when,i will use that..pleaseeeee…..
Thanks in advance


i am totaly confused with would, could,had.whenever i speak if the situation comes i will be stuck there which expressions should we use.so pls help me with this.thank you


Thank you so much!

Richard Salvatierra

Thank you so much teacher rebbeca!You’re a good teacher thanks.^^
from Philippines

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thanks for this lesson. I didn’t know that there is a way to say things politely in English.

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thank you so much maam rebecca…


lol i wanna learn 8th in english i need it for study in usa i gonna this year and i need it please :) lol


thanks rebecca mam…..u r really a great teacher..your teaching way is so wonderful…its good for learner..




I would like to thank you for the very useful lesson. I learned so much for this.

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I like… that class tankyou Rebeca

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Deat Rebecca,
How can we use who and whom? Can you please explain?
Thank you so much.


I appreciated that lesson about how to use the words want x would like.

pericles antunes barreira

I like english.thanhs so much, Rebecca.:D


engVid is excellent




thanh you so much!Teacher


All of lessons are skillfully helpful.
All of teachers are very intelligent.
I have confused some words such as to offer and

Profile photo of cindy123 cindy123

    I have confused some words such as to offer and to give.
    When should i use them ?
    Thanks for all of your lessons!

    Profile photo of cindy123 cindy123

thanks for this lesson


Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for all.
You are very kindly teacher.
Your English is good understandable.
All best with your teaching and to you in general.
Lenka, Prague

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I would like to thank you, Rebecca . :D

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Thank you very much for your generous lessons!


    very thank u rebecca


It was nice and cool like you Rebecca.


i understand that


Thanks a lot, learned a lot.

More power.


thanks for a good lesson

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Hello Rebecca!!How are you?Thank you very much for teaching English so well.Your kind of teaching it is very good.It is quite a very nice method.In your own idea ….How would you use …Can I help you? or What would you like? or May I help you?–Which one do you choose Rebecca?Thanks a lot and thanks for giving me so nice English lessons..Good bye…CARLOS SIMOES


hi this is bitsat I Like the way you teach because you exaplained every detail obviously, so i am marvlous on your work. thanks your assist to improve my grammer skill. REBBCA your a good instructor i am alwasys glad to you evreyday I am able to understand when you teach thanks


hi this is bitsat I Like the way you teach because you exaplained every detail obviously, so i am marvlous on your work. thanks your assist to improve my grammer skill. REBBCA your a good instructor i am alwasys glad to you evreyday I am able to understand when you teach thanks
also I need your help if you can I have writing problem so how can improve my writing skill could you help me?


i’d like to see your lesson but i dont understand enlish many meaning world ..I would like to see your lesson i came to usa here one month i cant speak english very well

so young

thank you very much Madam for the usfull lesson

Farhad Jalily

As you have said it on this class, It’s so easy to be polite. But It’s not so easy to find someone or a teacher with such profesional skills as you have. Great job.

Jesus Enrique Camaran

Thank you Rebecca. If I may say so, “you’ve done it again!” It was a great lesson on being polite and proper in English.


thanks alot


I would like to say this is a nice one….

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Hello! Dear Teacher,

Thank so much for your teaching skill and clear pronunciation that helps me a lot and I am quite bold to speak out English with other everywhere.


Dear, hello teacher!
I like this lesson .. very useful for my English language :) Thank you so much. By your lesson then I’ve bold enough to talk to everyone :)
Would you like to teach me more lessons ? ^^ I’m just practicing :)

Benjamin Pham

hi madam dear teacher
I would like to listen your explanation lessons


i would like to thank to ms. rebecca because i have learned


Thank you ma’am Rebecca to all your efforts to teach us english language. I know now what is the difference between want and would like. Thank you very much :) Good job ang keep up the good work.

I am sorry if some of my grammars are incorrect.

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it was very helpful lessons thanks

Profile photo of niga niga

perfect! excellent!


Shall we dance? xP


Thank you very much


Thanks ,your lesson pretty good :D


you are best ….

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Thank you for a very useful lesson!

Does it sound rude if I use “I would like to” to order something?
For example, at McDonald’s, the server asks me “How can I help you?”
and I say ” I would like to have a 5-piece chicken select.”

Does that sound rude?

Is it better to say “Can I have a 5-piece chicken select?”

I know it’s definitely rude to say ” I want a 5-piece chicken select”, but how about ‘ I would like to have”?
I need your native speaker intuition.
Many thanks!

Li Ming

HI Rebeccea, i hope u r fine.
I always see ur videos , because i like the way in which u teach .
In my whole life i have never seen a polite and very useful teacher of english language like u .
According to me u r the best teacher of english in whole “world”

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Hi , how r u Ma’m .
ur videos are very benificial for me

Profile photo of moazzam moazzam

I send my respect to all teacher in site here because of I usefull from video

omar nour


Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

Due to this blog, I broadened my horizons and I am even more happier.

tree maintenance bloomington indiana

Wow! thanks you so mcuh now i know which words should be better to use..it is clear to me now…..


Hi Rebecca!

what is the difference between You and I, and You and me?

Thanks for your attention!

Profile photo of habakkuk habakkuk

it was easy and helpful lesson



i would like to thank Rebecca because i learned a lot 4m u


dear rebecca
can you tell me the diffrence between do you like and would like please ^^.
thank you you for this usefull lessons


hi it’s really wonderful and helpful. thumbs up ,


Thank you so much. Very good lesson.

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its useful lesson for me thank you very much


Hi Ms.Rebecca,
it’s wanderful lesson for me
Thank you kindly.

Ramzan Hosen Bhuia

Thank you Mrs. Rebecca. I would like your manner of teaching, please I don’t know why your recording always almost have a noisy in background sound? Please can you fixed it for next recorded lessons.
with my best appreciation.

Ali Murad

I very much thank you for this excellent elucidating.You forgot to say “would like” in number 3.
with my best regards.


I once read”If you want someone,you want to have sex with him.”
What do you think of this sentence?


Realty you are very good teacher, i’d like to say thank you from my heart miss Rebecca and kind regards from the land of olives and jasmines.

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thank Rebecca. could you write me one sentences about free time about all week we do please?about 30 words


Thank you very much for the lessons and teaching i really enjoyed them and i wish to continue to listen to them again and again.

Henry Jembi

hello mrs Rebecca I want you tell me the difference between again and back please I really need your answer
I love your way to explaining lessons I really want you nswer me

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You’re an amazing teacher Rebecca….Thanks a lot. I’m so grateful. Ciao from Italy :)

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I feel lucky to have a teacher like you Rebecce!
I’ve joined the site only today, it’s wonderful!

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Thank you!!! You are a good teacher!

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Hello Rebecce how are you myself is hamid from baramulla when i saw this site i feel good.you are one of the intelligent teacher. Your speaking absolutely good so that is all about for me towards you. that is a very kind of you

Qazi hamid

Dear Rebecca,

What wonderful intent! This video clip clearly has been of great service to many people interested in learning English. Having researched the subject of “want…” versus “would like…” extensively online, I was very pleased to have found that you had taken the time to produce it.

Indeed, it is remarkable that there exists such scant discussion online regarding the discourteous nature of saying “I want…” and “Do you want?” versus the polite way of speaking, as you have so kindly taken the time to point out, of “I would like… ” and “Would you like…”

As a native English speaker, I am compelled, nonetheless, in the interest of correctness to make the following comment:

1. At Minute 1:32 in the clip, “I WANNA go home.” This is not just “said fast,” as you offered; it is bastardized. It is a colloquialism at best. It is badly pronounced English – pure and simple. While several online dictionaries provide definitions of the term, most likely in order to provide insight into how English has evolved, you will see that possibly the most highly respected English dictionary in North America is loath to show that that “wanna” is a real word (see link below):

The term “Wanna” results from sloppy pronunciation. So, given your admirable intent with respect to teaching good English to students, wouldn’t you rather avoid exposing foreigners to the term “wanna” instead of validating its unworthy existence?

2. In addition, please allow me to add a small modicum of clarity to your statement “it is not wrong” regarding the term “Do you want…” While it is not GRAMMATICALLY wrong, in terms of etiquette, it is RUDE, DISCOURTEOUS, and IMPOLITE. Wouldn’t it make sense to discourage foreigners from using phrases such as “do you want…” altogether, rather than approve them for use in certain “casual” contexts?

English language and English culture have traditionally been regarded as the last bastions of good etiquette and linguistic precision. By validating the use of colloquialisms (many of which originated as Americanisms) it seems one might ultimately and unwittingly cast a negative pall upon users of such terms.


    Easy on the prescriptivism, buddy. This is how people actually talk, and a student of English needs to understand what people are saying, whether it’s “good English” or not.

    Here at Engvid we try to avoid saying certain language is objectively proper or improper. Instead we focus on whether it’s proper in that setting. Slang from pop songs isn’t appropriate for a TOEFL essay or a job interview. Likewise, the formal English you’d use in a business letter isn’t appropriate when making small talk at a party. And the stilted, verbose language you use in your comment, I’m sorry to say, isn’t ideal anywhere.

    P. S. OED 4 LYFE

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