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Hello Emma. Thank you for your lesson.
I’m taking IELTS test in September for the first time. I hope I get enough score to get into the school I want to go!

Profile photo of SayaBris SayaBris

    I´m sure you will do well on the IELTS test. There are still two months to go; enough time to prepare for it.

    The best of luck with your exam SayaBris.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Tips for any exam are always a big help especially if this is the first time you take it.

      Thanks for sharing this with us Emma.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Hope you get it!

    Profile photo of MN MN

    I am taking the test in October, guys if i follow Emma’s lesson , do you think this will be enough et get a good mark ? any suggestions ?? Thank you

    Profile photo of khadijaboudioun khadijaboudioun

      Practice your self, that the best. Adam’s lessons also very valuable.

      Profile photo of Dilanka Dilanka

        Adam lessons are great!

        Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

      Trust your self and I know you can do it! :)

      Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

    :) If you get enough score, I want to congratulation!

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

I am sorry to say that but I like this website it is going to improve my English

Profile photo of Afnan354 Afnan354

I like teacher Adam I watched the video in YouTube about how to increase vocab

Profile photo of Afnan354 Afnan354

Teachers you know the bad word was written by my friend who always hated me and he trying to get into trouble

Profile photo of Afnan354 Afnan354

Good morning Emma.

Profile photo of khalidse10 khalidse10

Many thanks

Profile photo of khalidse10 khalidse10

I was really confused. I got 3 correct out of 10. I didn’t breathe deeply at all, did I? I should breathe deeply before I would take tests every time. Thank you for your great lesson and advice, Emma :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

I see something which is not true.
There are more than 3 passages in the general module (5 or 6). The last one is the hardest and is academic style.

Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

Thanks EMMA!!!

Profile photo of ashish zala ashish zala

    hi Ashish.are you got ielts score.


thanks emma

Profile photo of Amar Amor Amar Amor

Thank you Emma , very useful information :)

Profile photo of MuhamedEllithy MuhamedEllithy

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

I can’t thank you enough.all the best 2 u

Profile photo of ibrahim1435 ibrahim1435

86 Nice :D

Profile photo of cipenad cipenad

I don’t no what to do.to learning more…thank you Emma.

Profile photo of anyarbuff anyarbuff

9/9 I’m getting prepared for IELTS. The truth is, the listening part is the hardest for me. Because you must listening and at the same time choose the correct words to fill in the gap in the answer sheet, and in the process you get lost in the listening.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of KoreanNeurosurgeon KoreanNeurosurgeon

Thank you Emma!

Profile photo of DreaMzy DreaMzy

Many Thanks!
Is anywhere online tests IELTS?

Profile photo of Katarinabelle Katarinabelle

Thanks Emma.Your english is so clear for me,I’am very glad to study english.

Profile photo of foxnannan foxnannan


Profile photo of Joshisadanandan Joshisadanandan

Thanks got 89%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Thank you so much for explaining! It is really good lesson for new users! I support you everytime! God bless you!


tks for help

Profile photo of Ricky Fiebig Ricky Fiebig

Thank for Sharing these important tips regarding IELTS with us Emma..

Profile photo of sohailpk87 sohailpk87

I get 89% thank you Emma for test…

Profile photo of anyarbuff anyarbuff

hi Emma… I’m your big big fan.I have watched each and every lesson of yours.I wish I would be from canada.Can u please teach us some strange idioms like the world is sb’s oyster etc.please!!!!!!

Profile photo of gyan22 gyan22

hello , Emma
hope you doing well.madam
I have 2 question
1)what’s the diffrency between synonym and activator of a word?
2)if the pulural of tooth is teeth,why isnt the pulral of booth beeth?one goose 2geese So one moose 2meese?
thanks in advance.
by the way.
this is mehdi from Iran:)

Profile photo of 123456mehdi 123456mehdi

I wander why you do not answer my questions please please not any answer make me satisfy

Profile photo of 123456mehdi 123456mehdi

Thank you Emma, you are always very clear!

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

thanks Emma.

Profile photo of kate1991 kate1991

Dear Emma,
I am new user for your teach. I want to learn English by you. I like you teaching method.

Profile photo of kasmasum kasmasum

thanks emma it is wonderful

Profile photo of staresilver0006 staresilver0006

very helpful !! thanx a lot

Profile photo of daniel solomon daniel solomon

Thank you emma your a good faculty for IELTS.

Profile photo of prashanthgopu prashanthgopu

Thanks, and good luck for me on the IELTS !!!

Profile photo of alex-yeah alex-yeah

thank you .best job you doing

Profile photo of Adl122 Adl122

Dear Emma, your tips are the best…Thanks

Profile photo of Ohmara Ohmara

    I couldn’t agree more Omara. The best for the IELTS reading test.

    See you when I see you (Elvis’ quotation).

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Hi Emma I achieved the score I wanted for my Academic module with an immense help from your videos. Now I’m preparing for the general module. Thanks for posting!

Profile photo of AshieHR AshieHR

hi mess emma thank you so mutch

Profile photo of soraya 050@ soraya 050@

Thanks for your lesson

Profile photo of MN MN

Thanks for the information

Profile photo of AndersonBanquet AndersonBanquet

Thanks Emma for your tips and advice!

Profile photo of xuan.nguyen xuan.nguyen

you”r is very good teacher.I like you..

Profile photo of shasha shasha

Hi Emma! How are you? I’ve been watching your lessons and I have to say, you are my favorite teacher here. That’s the first time I’m watching english lessons with native speakers. It’s far better than brazilians teachers, because often times they teach in portuguese (There are great teachers here, but I’m really excited to wath the whole thing in english). I’m very insecure with the grammar. I know it’s too much to ask, but it will be really wonderful if someday we can watch all the grammar book in videos. Meanwhile, I like to give a tip for a next video. If I may suggest. Last night I was watching “Friends” with english subtitles and one expression took me by surprise. I’m not secure in how to use “Whatsoever” (“Whatever” it’s more common). I didn’t understand exactly how to use this in a sentence. Congratulations to your lessons! Marco from Sao Paulo, Brazil. PS: Sorry for my grammar mistakes.

Profile photo of Marco Marx Marco Marx

Hi Emma. My name’s Daniela.
I’m an Italian women graduated in Foreign Languages.
Thanks to this website….with nothing else but English native speakers…I realize “what a mess my English is”!
i mean that my English value is about 5 out of 10. I feel really sad.
….and I’m looking for a new job! The only thing have to do is to pratize every single day of my life from now on.

Profile photo of lampinaus77 lampinaus77

*practise….(problems with keyboard…)…

Profile photo of lampinaus77 lampinaus77

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Ozeir Ozeir

thank you for suggestion

Profile photo of harikrishna shrestha harikrishna shrestha

ask the main statement of reading paragrafh’s k not a procedure quetions

Profile photo of ashok.usa ashok.usa

short but useful lesson emma, you guys are doing a great job

Profile photo of willito willito

Thanks for your lesson, good teach

Profile photo of cherkaoui ettahar cherkaoui ettahar

thnx mam

Profile photo of naveen011192 naveen011192

very good lesson

Profile photo of muntadher muntadher

it was very helpful lesson thank you so much Emma *************************************************

Profile photo of julchc julchc

Thanks Emma!

Profile photo of Toline Toline

appreciate the hard work.lets say its only a website which shows systematic approach to learning the language.

Profile photo of mehdi1346 mehdi1346

thank you Mrs. Emma its really useful.

Profile photo of Aisha.Jabr Aisha.Jabr

thx Emma , but i hope to have a series of videos to completely prepare for the IELTS.

plz Reply

Profile photo of Mohammed Hessen Mohammed Hessen

Hi emma….

saat samunder paar main tera peecha peecha aa gya…thnk for the tutorial…

Profile photo of aryagaurav1984 aryagaurav1984

I like your lesson.

Profile photo of LawyerWeerasak LawyerWeerasak

thank you for your help

Profile photo of Nyoeur Nyoeur

Hello Emma

Thank you very much for all the videos, You are a helpful teacher.!!

Profile photo of khadijaboudioun khadijaboudioun

thank you emma

Profile photo of bamshil76 bamshil76

its really tremendous web site for IELTS

Profile photo of rashed.duet rashed.duet

EMMMMMMMMMMA, EMMA EMMA EMMA… You know what? I have scored Band 9 in Reading ! Over All its BAND 8 in IELTS-ACADEMIC for me.

This is super effective I swear. Thanks Tons!

Profile photo of v3spertine v3spertine

the best respect and wishs for this web .
all the thinks for emma>

Profile photo of alhbabfalcon alhbabfalcon

thx for the lesson teacher

Profile photo of mohd salim mohd salim

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Jack911 Jack911

Thanks Emma you are awesome, easily and clearly understandable by anyone.

Once again thanks a ton.

Profile photo of puranam.pavan puranam.pavan

Hi Emma
Could you please explain how to find the correct heading for paragraph from the list of headings below. This is the toughest section in reading.

Profile photo of monisha monisha

Thank you very much Emma for your help.In November have my exam and this is my first time,i am studying at home so hope that i will be able to pass the exam.

Profile photo of ali.hazara ali.hazara

Hello teacher,I’m new Student

Profile photo of Sun Vira Sun Vira

Thanks so much, it’s very useful for me.

Profile photo of khanhchaumaster khanhchaumaster

thanks a lot for giving many useful information :)

Profile photo of dieunguyen dieunguyen

thank you so mach, it’s very useful

Profile photo of Sarah Sarah

i got 89 , and i have just 1 wrong answer of the number of passage of reading in academic version. because i will do general one after 10 days in Hawler..thanks

Profile photo of feziokam feziokam

thank you Emma .Please,can I do IELTS as simulation exam online by the one of websites ?

best regards

Profile photo of haider j touma haider j touma

Thank you

Profile photo of Reda Abdalhafdh Reda Abdalhafdh

thank Emma…
i firmly love your lesson, how you describe the IELTS prep. i hope i can get good band score for IELTS which do on November 13th.

Profile photo of omuar omuar


Profile photo of michaelnewsmart michaelnewsmart

iwill re-take my IELTS test in 2015,r u gimmesome experiences or resources about it, ok? thanks , iam on it?

Profile photo of michaelnewsmart michaelnewsmart

Thank you Emma…

Profile photo of Ameenatab Ameenatab

thank you Emma
take care

Profile photo of osama osama osama osama

Hello emma thanks for your lesson becaus iam going to write ielts exam on 17th jan i am so afraid say me any idea how to perform ielts test without fear

Profile photo of rajantony rajantony

Thank you !!!

Profile photo of AYAGOZ AYAGOZ

Many Thanks for You. I am Understand for the Quiz.

Profile photo of farukmiah farukmiah

Thank you.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

thank you

Profile photo of almazrui almazrui

Thank you Emma!, you are a good faculty of IELTS.

Profile photo of jerrinjacobk jerrinjacobk

Today’s lesson was too difficult. I think it is early for me to take IELTS test. I should study more to get listening ability.
Thank you Emma!

Profile photo of Yutaka Endo Yutaka Endo

89 ;)

Profile photo of mustaphataj mustaphataj

Dear Emma,
I just finished another lesson this afternoon and even in a hot weather here in the Philippines I managed to watch your video using only my cellphone while enjoying my “mirienda”. Im satisfied w/ todays lesson and is looking for more IELTS related lessons.
P.S. You’re an amazing teacher! :)

Profile photo of Yukinaruzegawa Yukinaruzegawa

    you can contact with me to share about ielts,
    skype- s.jaman3

    Profile photo of jaman0191 jaman0191

thank u emma

Profile photo of gpavank gpavank

tnanks emma

Profile photo of at09@engvid at09@engvid


Profile photo of prajol prajol

thanks very much EMMA

Profile photo of jakobe jakobe

Thank you maam emma it helps me alot! iam preparing for ilets test the most dificult module in ilets is reading according to me. so, please give me some tips and suggestions to improve my reading.

Profile photo of khayam Hafeez khayam Hafeez

hello Emma i want to give ielts test for the first time.plzzzz help me in preparing.im also new user of this site.but i have been watching your videos you are teacher and my favort also…

Profile photo of farzanaAli farzanaAli

Hi Teacher!
I want to improve my Reading and listening. I’m the student of IELTS Academic

Profile photo of Muhammad Xassan Muhammad Xassan

i am not getting quiz section. only one ques is getting displayed.

Profile photo of nandinireddy k nandinireddy k

Dear emma,

I want to improve my english about writing speaking reading and listining.i am a student of acadamic ielts.help me i cant speak but understand when speak others. And eassy writing is panic for me.Help me i can’t improve my english

Profile photo of Sehar khalid Sehar khalid

thanks for teaching

Profile photo of samir)) samir))

mrs/ emma ,
i am happy to get ur touch in learning English

Profile photo of jaman0191 jaman0191

good =D

Profile photo of Ann Cuaresma Ann Cuaresma

Thank for your lesson Emma :))))
it’s very easy to understand , so i can know what inside in the IELTS Reading test
Thank you , you’re good teacher . I’ll happy to get your more lesson

Profile photo of hoangminh hoangminh

i have ilets exam on feb 29th .i m scared of reading exam . please help me on this emma

Profile photo of prabhu prabhuswamimath prabhu prabhuswamimath

thats great

Profile photo of marwan Ahmed marwan Ahmed

Thank for your lesson Emma! It`s very informative.

Profile photo of Nikita.Suvorov Nikita.Suvorov

Thank you Emma
but the question is : what is the academic text .. is it very special ? for Example if Engineer wants to apply for IELTS and the text in geography or medicine .. it will be difficult specially with the vocabularies belong to the major who didn’t study

Profile photo of Monaf80 Monaf80

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of sunrise09 sunrise09

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of zsuliman zsuliman

Thanks for all

Profile photo of utheinhlaing utheinhlaing

Thank you for your efforts emma

Profile photo of Ramiosman25 Ramiosman25

thank u sooo much miss

Profile photo of Jihad Alam Jihad Alam

great Emma

Profile photo of gostogostoso gostogostoso

yes ,thanks emma :)

Profile photo of zainab Elgak zainab Elgak

thanks :)

Profile photo of Akash122 Akash122

Hi Emma I am taking IELTS academic exam two weeks from now I hope I pass it…..I kind of nervous though

Profile photo of Blurangel Blurangel

Hi Emma,
thank you for your help!

Profile photo of Julija Djurasek Julija Djurasek

Thanks emma !!!!!!

Profile photo of mohanish mohanish

thank you :)

Profile photo of masreeon masreeon

Hello Emma
I am going to take ILTS on February but my English level Intermediate. Now I prepare IELTS my reading skill low so how can I increase?
Could you give some advice me?

Profile photo of Mirzohid Mirzohid

you are the best teacher for me

Profile photo of Sadee87 Sadee87

ok guys what should i do in the reading i find it more challenging for me i did practice some tests and the time was over before finishing
i need ur advices me test next month

Profile photo of mohamed aref mohamed aref

Thank you for your lesson.

Profile photo of Khaled2010 Khaled2010

Thanks, Emma. I got 89.

Profile photo of nickandr nickandr

Hi am happy for the information you are providing to us am really gaining confidence in the IELTS exams.

Profile photo of millicent chole millicent chole

Thank you, Emma.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thank you

Profile photo of Charlie Masiku Charlie Masiku

Hi there Emma.I am planning to teach in the middle east and in order to be hired, I must get IELTS band of 7.5 . Should I get Academic or General? Need some advise. Thanks!:)

Profile photo of teacherlizzy teacherlizzy

Hi Emma, thanks for you valuable tips on IELTS. But I am very bad at reading and listening. Now I would like to get IELTS band of 7.5. What should I need to do to get that score ? please advise me. Thanks!!!

Profile photo of Usainu Marma Usainu Marma

Hello Emma. Thanks a lot for your help.
I’m taking IELTS test in December for the first time. I would like to get high score wishing to have good challenge job!

Profile photo of Hesham ElBasel Hesham ElBasel

thank you

Profile photo of soroushs24 soroushs24

Thank you so much for these Generals & Academic overview and for your personal advises ,but unfortunately I will not be able to get the ELTS Test in my country as we have a War since 3 years ,please pray for us that we can go out from this crisis and live on a peace

Profile photo of Wahab Wahab

Really you are not only a great teacher your high than this ,
I really love you

Profile photo of Wahab Wahab

Any one want to English speaking practice with me Feel free to add me in your skype. my skype id:hfzkamran

Profile photo of hfzkamran hfzkamran

You got 6 correct out of 9.


Profile photo of KARTAL KARTAL

hello mam,I gave IELTS once I score overall 6 bands with reading-6.5,listening-6.5,speaking-6 and writing-5.5. i want to score overall 7 bands please mam can you guide me.

Profile photo of Aakib vahora Aakib vahora

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

thank you, mam….

Profile photo of Asif@.123 Asif@.123

where can I find the general reading test?

Profile photo of Ashalatha Brahma Ashalatha Brahma

Tank you Emma , its very nice lesson and looking for more help from your side for free test to get more practice .

Profile photo of ADAM abdoulal ADAM abdoulal

I’m really happy because I got full marks

Profile photo of Alisalehali7127833462033 Alisalehali7127833462033

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Masaoud Masaoud

nice job emma

Profile photo of muhammed ly muhammed ly

Very efficient & helpful yo us. Thank you Emma:)

Profile photo of Gbca2019 Gbca2019

Hi emma, thanks for the video. It is really helpful for me for the my IELTS exam. By the way, do you have sample test for reading?

Profile photo of LordDonzkilla LordDonzkilla

Thank you Emma, i really appreciate this. My test comes up very soon, taking deep breaths already ‘smiles’

Profile photo of Jaimz Jaimz

Thank you Emma, i really appreciate this, i got all answers correct. My test comes up very soon, taking deep breaths already ‘smiles’

Profile photo of Jaimz Jaimz

10/10! One more time! Great! If I saw Emma’s English video early when I study at the university. I think I would get a good mark in my English course.

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