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Enma is an excelent teacher, Thanks for everything, I would like to know if there are an EngVid Institute in Canada for receive a presential class. And how much is its cost?

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I know that my next question it’s out of poin but I hope you can help me. This is: is it OK to say “how do you like to people call you?” Or ” how do you like to people to call you?” I think “to” it’s no necessary next to the word people.I just don’t know. Please help me with this

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    How do you like people to call you?

    I guess.

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    You may probably say: What do you like people to call you?

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Way to go! a really helpful lesson…

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i did the quiz 9/10

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I don’t have words I had been busy with other things and I did not see your videos but yours are excellent and very helpful

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I really like your lessons.Thank you very much!

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Thanks Emma this lesson was great..

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What a wonderful lesson! Way to go Emma :)

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100 !!! way to go!!!

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Unfortunately just 5 from 10 :-(
You are so right Emma, it’s better to repeat the lesson again and again. Also the Quiz!!!
So, here we go ;-)

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Thank you Emma

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Great lesson

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Thanks a lot teacher Emma!

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Thanks Emma!!Interesting lesson!

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great emma


This is a very useful lesson, thanks teacher….!!

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Thank you..

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With Emma my classes are going great.
Thank you.

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I know that my next question it’s out of poin but I hope you can help me. This is: is it OK to say “how do you like to people call you?” Or ” how do you like to people to call you?” I think “to” it’s no necessary next to the word people.I just don’t know. Please help me with this

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    Hello Jenny , hello everyone.
    I would say : How do you like people to call you ?
    Hope this help

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      Hope this helps

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        Thank you very much! ^_^

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There we go! Confidence! We can learn English, it depends only on ourselves. Thanks a lot Emma, you always go out of your way to help us.

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Thanks for the leasson, way to go!

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Awesome Video-lesson, as usual I love the way teachers on this channel explain their classes and makes them easier to understand “thank you Emma” keep going with these wonderful Video-lessons.

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Excellent class! way to go!

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You’re a very patient, motivator and kindness teacher and I enjoyed this lesson about “go” expressions. Thank you Emma for your support!

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Thank you Emma

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Thank you for great lesson, Emma.
I’m getting bald, but I’ll try to embrace that.

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you are always brilliant Emma

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really good lesson

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Thanks emma i got 10/8☺

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What a wondeful lesson that we don’t know something about “go out of way to do something.” This sentence is really important to tell someonethat you make an effort :)

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Thank-you for sharing your beautiful lesson i love your different explanation like Australian english expression way n CA etc very useful … i’ve got a good score

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I always do your advised ! yes i do your quiz for how many times specially when my scored are not good i tried a lot until i get 100 % score thank-you so much teacher Emma really help me a lot

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This was my first class in this web site, my english is better that I thought, I just made 100 score! Thankyou Emma for this class :D

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Thank you very much for the lesson! It’s great!
Is it the same “Here you go” and “Here you are” when you are giving something to someone?

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I’d been waiting for this lesson all my life. The meanings of these expressions were nightmare for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards? Dmitri.

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Every time I watch your videos I go crazy loving you :) heheheh
thanks teacher I always keep going learning from you ..

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You are a great teacher. Way to go! Thanks for your teaching.

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Can you teach about fragments, RO and CS.

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    heey, Let´s talk English cause I need somebody to trainning!

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Hi! May I say:”There/Here HE go again”or”There/Here SHE go again”?
Thank you teacher Emma! I always learned a lot from your lessons.

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Our teacher Emma has the reason when she recommend us to revise or watch this video class again to set up all these expressions and keep or beard them in mind, obviusly it has been a long lesson. I am trying to keep on going with my revisions and new expressions with “go”, way to go. Thanks a lot, teacher Emma, a very useful revision of some expressions with “go”, here we go.

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Oh, it was a great lesson, a way to go, thanks a lot for sharing it with us, teacher Emma. Greetings from Egypt. :)

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Thank you Emma. I havn’t been here so long and I forgot about you.:D

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congratulations Emma. i get much out from this so i can say go out of your way to educate us those useful English expressions.


Thanks Teacher Emma.
You go out of your way to help us improve English.
Way to Go!!!

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Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much!:)

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congratulations emma
very useful information

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I get many useful ‘go’expressions from this lesson,seem like l talk with native speaker.

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You are very nice and cheerful

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Thanks very good lecture different kind of expression.

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Thank you Emma!!

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I wachted a couple time

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Thank you, Emma! You always go out of your way for us!!!

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thank u ^_^

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Thanks a lot Emma.

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thanks Emma for you classes
I very like so.

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thank you Emma ,you always go out of your way to help us .thank you a lot

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I really enjoys your teaching. Your video clip is really way to go.

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Thanks, Emma!!Interesting and very useful lesson

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Thanks, Emma!

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Emma i would like to say you thank you for your excelent lessons realy you’re expert teacher. I wish you long life

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What’s going on?

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Excellent!!!… great!!!… amazing class!!

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Got 09/10 ☺ Excellent lesson and amazing quiz. I really enjoyed. You are one the best teacher Emma. Encourage your effort! Thank you so much for giving such a worthiest lesson. Keep teaching us!

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i really love engvid and specially there quizes and the way they explain.also i really like to thank them for giving us such useful lessons that will help us in future . PLEASE DON’T STOP TEACHING US!!!!!!……

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I GOT 9/10

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Charming voice.

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Thanks Emma😊

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What’s the meaning of “my life is pretty much the same”?
I see that you often use the phrase “pretty much”, so what does it mean? Thank you!

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    “Pretty much” is like “basically” and “more or less”: it means “almost completely” or “mostly”. So “My life is pretty much the same” means “my life is mostly the same”. Your life is a little different, but the differences aren’t important.

    It can also be a sentence on its own. For example:
    – So your job is driving the bus?
    – Pretty much.

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tq you teacher emma!i got 9/10. “”way to go””. I’m glad to see your lessons. Now i’m getting confidence in English. tq tq so much teacher…. making all these lessons for us.

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Tr Emma is there any lesson on how to write..composition of different types..like descriptive ,narrative ,argumentative…and story writing..

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I need this for my acedimic test…can you please prepare a new lesson on the above topic….please..

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    No reply yet…why so??

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Well done! Emma l want to tell you)) l love your lessons and you too!

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Thank you, teacher. Way to go.

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Thank you Emma. You are a wonderful teacher.

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Thanks for the lesson! Do you want to teach us English again? Go for it!

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I like this way of learn. thanks emma for your time.

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Thanks, Emma.

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awe thanks EMA ! <3, this is what i need, i was confused when my friend said "way to go kimmy !", i tried to translate it on google but it didn't help me at all. :D but after i watched this, i understand !

and i got 9 out of 10 for the quiz !

thank you teacher !

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Thanks Emma

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Hi,Emma!I always keep learning so much from your videos ,please make a video about the English of the Call center
Thanks for your reply,

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Thank you enma

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Amazing! Great teacher I love your lessons. You are doing great! Way to go!

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Thank you very much. I like your class.

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Thanks Emma it is a Very usefll lesson

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It was a little difficult.but I got 9

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Thanks a lot.. perfect lesson

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Thank you very much, Emma! I did it well. I will repeat this quiz again and again. You very good teacher.

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going bald not goes bald !

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First of all I would like appreciate you mam you are really a good teacher and I am learning so much of you

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Thanks, Emma! I win 10

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Thanks a lot Emma!
9/10 :)

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Thank you Emma! I love your lessons and voice!

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks alot

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there I go !!! I got 10/10 at quiz. Thanks Emma for this video

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I got nine correct out of ten.

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Thank you,Emma.

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thank a lot

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Hi Emma,
I want to ask you about the question NO.8
I think Scotty ______________ bald.
Why we use is going although when you explained it in examples you used present simple form like go gray

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Thank you so much.

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I love Emma; great teacher!

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last week I attended an international IT event in Vegas, at lunch time someone near me said “How’s it going?”. As I did not know the expression at this time, without being convinced, I just answerd : ”well!”.
Thanks to Emma, because now I know exactely what it means.

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Great lesson!!! Thanks Emma!
You go out of my way to learn English.

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I’d like to learn English here untill I go grey.
Thank you very much.

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that was a informative lecture thanks

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Thanks for this amazing lesson, way to go!

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I am happy had Emma for teacher.

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I did it three times, first one 80, second one 90, third one, absolutely confident 100! I know sounds kind of silly but I took your advice at the end of the video, thankyou my dear teacher Emma!

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Oh I got 9/10 just becuz iv forgot to choose are insewd of is :/

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Thank you so much .. this is the best website ever!

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Thank so much my teacher Emma

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Thanks lovely Emma :)

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thanke you for helpful lesson

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Tnx Emad I glad to found your page in YouTube you are the best teacher 🙏🏻🌹❤️

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thank you so much

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Thank you I’ll make it many times

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Emma,you’re doing great! Way to go!
As you always do. Thank you so much for your help.

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Thanks Emma!

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Way to go dear Emma as always your classes are brilliant thanks for teaching us… anyway greetings from my mom and my hometown Surco.

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What about “Here your are”? Is it the same as “Here yor go”?

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it’s spring time

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You got 9 correct out of 10 Well done! Tks Emma ,great teacher !

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One of my favourite English teacher here in Engvid is Emma. Thanks for very easy explanation and I understand well. I’ve passed to your quiz but not perfect. Keep it up and go on sharing your knowledge. Thank you very much.

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Thank you Emma !!!.

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Thanks Emma. I didn’t flunk the quiz.

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Thank you Emma.You’re a great teacher

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Thank you Ms. Emma for a good lesson.

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8/10. Make mistake is great! I record all mistakes I made. My English is more better than 2 month before.

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Great lesson. Thanks a lot.

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