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Thank you Ronnie

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    are you an egyptian

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Thank you, Ronnie. Useful :)

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Excellent lesson. Thanks.

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Thank you

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Thank you , Ronnie.
This is a useful video for shopping.

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Helpful Ronnie, 08 out of 9.

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Need to explain more of #8 question,please.more specific.thanks.

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Thanks a lot roonie

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Hello Ronnie and all Engvid internet users .
Credit card is so much used nowaday that a lesson on that topic is very useful . You can use it with bank machine as describe in this lesson and with card reader when you do shopping . You can also use it to purchase on the internet but in that case be very carefull because some websites are not secure enough and you could find your bank account emptied . Losing your credit card can be a big problem . If need be I hope that in any country a special phone number can be called at any time to cancel the lost crédit card .
Maybe a lesson on how to react in that kind of situation would be of great help .
Thanks Ronnie and all Engvid teachers .

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Thank ronie

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Hi Ronnie, your lessons are always very interesting! I have never used a debit card, because in Japan debit cards are not so popular. Credit cards are more popular, but most people pay by cash. This is because Japan is relatively a safer country. Credit cards are often used when we shop through the Internet. Just for your information. Thanks Ronnie for your lesson and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Engvid.com.

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Thank you Ronnie I got 8 correct out of 9 .Your lesson is new material online for me I have learned new vocabulary such as ” swipe” I often say to my colleague that Have you swipped pesonal card on the machine?

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Good lesson!! I like you, Ronnie!!

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Thanks Ronnie i appreciate

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From where did u get all these questions, Intelligent teacher, scored 10/10.

– things I’ve learned from the lesson:
1- How to spell Chequing.
2- Listening to a native speaker.
3- Gosh you are beautiful. ^_^

Best luck and wishes.

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thouhgt it was CHECKING account not CHEQUING acc.
Still good one, though

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    It’s spelled “checking” in the United States!

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      Yes, I lokked it up in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Eleventh Edition) And it says that your spelling is correct in Canadian English. As for US or UK it is : Checking. Just noticed u were Canadian after your reply. Should have noticed that earlier.

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        I always thought that said checking account instead of chequing account, but I know it now , in Canadian English

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thanks Ronnie, it’s important and great to know about cheking and saving.

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Thank u
Please, can u explain us how to open a bank account and how to get a credit card ??

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thanks Ronnie 8/9

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Thank you for the lesson. Where I live we usually give the credit/debit card to the cashier and he/she swipes or insert it, we only type the pin. When the transaction is finished, they turn it away, so we don’t forget it in the machine.

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Thank you so much

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Roonie ,under your eyes you got a very beautiful powder blue color

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It was a useful lesson , Thanks a lot Ronnie .

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Hi Ronnie, your lessons are always very cool!!! Thank you!!! I have never used a credit card, because in Russia credit cards aren’t popular. Debit cards are more popular, but most people pay by cash. We don’t like to use credit funds.

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thank you.

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you Ronnie) It’s very very useful lesson.

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i got 89 ^^

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thank you my teacher /…………… you are best teacher ever had in my life

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good one thanks

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Thank you Ronnie, You’re great!

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Hi Ronnie,this lesson is very useful,thank you a lot.
Really you are hard-working.

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thanks Ronnie, i love your lessons

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    me too

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tank you Ronnie tell as how do you have in your accent bank hhhh that was a joke.

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    thank you Ronnie tell as how do you have in your accent bank hhhh that was a joke.

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      how about you? do u have account on the bank.

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Thanks, you have remembered me what happened with my credit card. Ouch!

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Thank you Ronnie for teaching me to use my credit and debit card.

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It is very useful

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8/9 savings and chequing (x) transaction incomplete your bank account is completely wiped…….!!…??.. WTF………

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Thanks, teacher, Ronnie.

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Hi Ronnie,
As everytimes your lessons are so funny and really interesting!!!

Thannkkksss you :-) and i looking forward a new one.

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Ronnie I have done your 135 lesson but I didn’t find this lesson.
is the lesson part of 135 yours?

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Thanks Teacher İ got 7 of 9

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Thanks Teacher I got 7 of 9..

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thanks i got 8 correct out of 9.

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thanks very much for this important class

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thanks Ronnie

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Nice! I love ur class!

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Thank you very much Ronnie.

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thank you Ronnie teacher. :) I like your teaching video very much.

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thx Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie!! And I will remember you saying “oh my God, I forgot the debit card…” on the next time that I may pay with debit or credit card.
Thank you so much, Ronnie!

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thank you so much Ronnie this lesson is very important to me

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thanks! You got 9 correct out of 9.

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thanks a bundle ronnie ,am intersted to listen to your lessons on skype

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Thank you. It is very useful.

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Thanks Ronnie. You class was interesting


excellent :D

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Thanks a lot. If I had watched this program last month, I won’t ask what is the pin.

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I got 8 correct out of 9, thanks Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie!!! I got 9/9. Engvid as always is the best!!!!

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Thank you!!

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thank you So much

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Thanks Ronnie! you´re great!

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Super, hiper, mega awesome!

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Thank you!

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Nice one.

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I got 8. thanks Ronnie for teaching us.

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Thank you Ronnie

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I got 8 of 9 questions.

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:))Thanks, Ronnie!

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Hi! I just realised that you guys don’t have any lesson specifically about “Future continuous”. Would you guys prepare some lesson about it? PLease please please!! Thank you

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Thank you so much, i wanna learn more about english. if anyone want to practice to speaking with me. i’m beginner i wanna speak english well, i just try it.

contact me in skype mila.heben

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    Hi mila, i’m martin tamayo. I want to speak with you for practice.

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    Hi everybody, here is my Skype psodo nime.. Let’s speak English ;)

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      midomar808 this is mine

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thanks i love the ronnie’s lessens!!

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thank you ronnie

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Nice class , thank you…God bless

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Thanx Good Lesson. 100 You got 9 correct out of 9.

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Thank you Ronnie. I love it.

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Thak you. I like it your way of teaching

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Nice,thank you Ronnie..

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thank you ^^

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i liked too much, thank you great teacher Ronnie.

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Tks Ronnie, many examples for using a credit card!

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Thank you very much, Ronnie!

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Thank you , Ronnie.
This is a useful video for shopping.
I get 100

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thanks ronnie, ur great

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9/9 thx Ronnie my master :)

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks Ronnie *-*

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Thank you

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Your lesson is extremly funny. Thenks you Ronnie.

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Finally, a very interesting website to learn english. Ronie is top !

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If you swipe your card and the machine doesn’t read it, what can you say?

“It’s crazy.”


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thank you so much

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thank you ronnie
this lesson is good

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thanks ma’am

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Thank You!!!!! You is a best teacher!!!!

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thank you ronnie i get 9 correct out of 9.

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Thank you so much

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Thank you, Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie!!
Interesting lesson.

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Thank you! I AM ready to buy!!! :)

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Thank u soooooooooo much!

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Thank you…..

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Thank you

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thank you so much

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thank you teacher Ronnie, i got 9 out of 9. Happily. i understood what u said 90%. it is very clear accent and 10% left is my listening problem. i wish i could add up to 100% after i learn many many lessons form here.

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Thanks! Ronnie

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Thx Ronnie!!!

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it`s my first lesson on engVid)
Thanks, Ronnie

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Thank you

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Thanks a lot !

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thank you teacher

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i corrected 9/9! thank you so much and you are so funny
i like you ! :)))

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Thank you ❤️❤️

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you are the best … thankyou teacher *

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thanks alot

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If I had watched this video before, I would have avoided those problems rss… =)

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You are the best teacher, thanks Ronnie :)

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thank you teacher!!!

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That is so useful. I love Ronnie Lessons.

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hey Ronnie your writing is so beautiful ..:)

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Thanks for the lesson Ronnie :), I liked a lot ^^

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thank you

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Hi Ms Ronnie
How are you ?
I hope that every thing is allright
I want to thank you for
1- your funny moths to teach us
2- you write every words you say it’s good for me
best wiehes

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Can i say: “It doesn`t work”?in sentens nomber six?

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Tank you very much!~~~

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Is cool!!! this video is can help about my card. :))

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superb teaching. the way you are teaching it simply superb.u rock ronnie…

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I enjoy to watch your vids, you are so fun

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I love this teacher. She is cool

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thanks u so much , Ronnie. Because this very helpful for me , for a brief trip foregin. i need credit card anywhere . !

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You are the Best Teacher of the World ..

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than you Ronnie very much.

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It does work, Roniie! I can understand English with your lessons!

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thank u Ronnie

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thanks Ronnie..

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Thanks Ronnie, but two errors in my quiz..

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thanks Ronnie. You are the greatest teacher.

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Thanks so much Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie. I had one mistake.

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Thank you Ronnie, this is a useful lesson for me : )

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Thank you, Ronnie. You are a excellent teacher, I’m learning and having fun here.

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Thank you.You are the one of finest teacher i ever saw.

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Ronnie, you’re so cool!


Thank you so much

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Tanks, Ronnie! It was funny and useful as usual

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Thank you so much.
I like your class.

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Thanks. I like your manner of teaching. I am a teacher of french; I will do so.

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Thanks you

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Hi Ronnie
I like your teaching

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Thank you for the explanation.

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I live in Viet Nam. I’m benginer.

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I wanna make friend in the world to known about your country and to practice my English.
Contact me sky tra.my.1995

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good morning Ronnie your lessons are so cool….and i have oneproblem maam i want to study english course with you in canada and i want to join any university of canada or usa please help me ….my gmal is lakaybashiy@gmail.com and my skype is hassassins126 maam i will wait for your message please help me and thanks a lot for all your lessons

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Thanks a lot.

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Hello, Ronnie you are a excellent teacher, I’m a beginner, but i understand you up to 60%, I got 7, it was fun. thank you

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l cant see video

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thank you!!!!!!!

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Thanks for useful video! Ronnie!

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Ronnie, u’re absolutely my fav teacher. Quick question, u like purple, don’t u?

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you, madam. Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot.

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thank you

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thank you a lot to Ronnie really I got it a lot idea about you are class

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i am just know about this program several day before, and i think it is good program to improve our english. Thanks Ronnie and others

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Great! Faboulus lesson thanks Ronny

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Thank you Ronnie ♥

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Thanks ronnie.

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You not only teach english, but also teach things for life, thanks, you are great!!

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Thank you Ronnie
I love your lessons.
This is was important to me.
Here in Brazil, the process happens 80% like this video. And the banks are providing the users debit or credit cars with microchip, the magnetic strip card are getting out of use.
The only thing that I didn’t understand was the chequing or saving account. I thought that are ‘normal account’ or a account for saving money and getting taxes about it.

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Thank you miss Ronnie , im from KURDISTAN

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Thanks Ronnie!I looooove her lessons!She’s a cool teacher!
I’ll be in UK in 3 days and I’ve never used a credit card before,so this is really a useful lesson to me:D

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Excellent lesson Ronnie.

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Good tips Ronnie.

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Thanks you Ronny

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You are the best teacher :) Thanks Ronny

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I’m sorry. Yours name is Ronnie. Very nice name. I’m sorry again :)

Profile photo of krzemeg krzemeg

thanks lovely

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie. I like your lessons very much.

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many thanks

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thank you Ronnie for your lessons!
Is there anyone who want help me to improve my english?
I’m italian. My email is pucci18@student.unisi.it
Thank you

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I still have a bad pronunciation, there is something deficient !!!

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i like ur teaching style.
u r one of my fvrt teacher… <3

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Hi Ronnie, can you explain to me why say
“it didn’t work” not ” it doesn’t work” ?

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Hi Ronnie, I alreday find the answer in your another
lesson, Tks.

Profile photo of mimi88882003 mimi88882003

Apart from instructive feature, your lessons are relaxing and attractive very!

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thank you Ronnie….

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Ronnie, thank you, my dear teacher! Have a great day! :*

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Thank you very much Ronnie.
Your explain is easy for understanding.

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Thank you for the lesson

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Thank you

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oh ya i got 100 thank you teacher ronnie you are the best teacher.

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i like it :)

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thanks , you are best teacher :)

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yaaaayyy :D

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Thank you Ronnie!

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Thank you Ronnie:)

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Thanks Ronnie.
Greetings from Italy

Profile photo of Alessandro Alessandro

The last thing freaked me out!!!!

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You should start a drama club. Thanks for the lesson anyway!

Profile photo of yurei78 yurei78


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hello Ronnie greats from Romania,i have got the maximum score 100 thks you are the best!!

Profile photo of Bonica Alexandra Bonica Alexandra

thank you ! Ronnie …

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Thanks Ronnie
great lesson

Profile photo of MustaphaSource MustaphaSource

Hi Ronnie, informative lesson. I would like to inform we have two kinds of account in UAE. It’s current and savings. One can see different figures of amount on the ATM screen in order to help in making transaction. If someone want in different figures so they can choose others where it can write the amount as per your requirement.I agree in case of overlooking it can happen with anyone to forget their card. Whenever make any transaction should be active and focus will really work.

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

Thank you Ronnie!

Profile photo of Attila Attila

You got 9 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

How to pay with the credit card to Putin…

Profile photo of Valeriy M. Valeriy M.

nice lesson thanks

Profile photo of gerson santos arizandieta gerson santos arizandieta

Dear Ronnie. Thanks a lot. But the true magic processing is when the bank pay me for my money a rathe of interest equal to or greater than that they charge for their lends. utopic but not impossible. Bye Ronnie.happy day

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