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100% . Rebecca, I have a little confusion. Does it matter if we join the independent clause with the dependent clause by using a semi- colon or only matter is ,if we connect the two same idea irrespective of any clause by using a semi colon? And also confirm me ” It’s getting dark; let’s head back to the campsite” In this given question the first part is independent clause while the other one is dependent clause? Am I right?


    Thanks for your questions, Jasmine. When talking about sentences, we can only connect two independent clauses with a semi-colon.

    I want some ice cream; let’s go to the store and get some.

    In this example, we have two independent clauses, or complete sentences. Therefore, we could use the semi-colon.

    It would be wrong to say:

    Because I want some ice cream; let’s go the store.

    The first is a dependent clause, and the second is independent. It does not work.

    You would need to say,

    Let’s go to the store because I want some ice cream

    Hope that helps! All the best to you, Jasmine.


      Hi, so you don’t use a comma before “because” in the second sentence? “Lets got to the store, because I want some ice cream”?


        That’s right. Either of these:
        Let’s get to the store because I want some ice cream.
        Because I want some ice cream, let’s get to the ice cream.


          Sorry about the typo. The second sentence:
          Because I want some ice cream, let’s get to the store.


      Thanks so much teacher Rebecca and am not sure that I can say it to the fullest because since I started listening to your lessons; a big change occurred God blessed u,in add


      Would be correct if I say: I want ice cream; so let’s go to the store.

      Gloriana Caine

Another thing is ” In the middle of the sentence with the coordinating conjunctions we should use comma while with the subordinating conjunctions we shouldn’t use comma? Is that the case ?


Rebecca , make a lesson on “The different usages of since”


    Thanks for the suggestion!


Great lesson, Thx Rebecca. I really need to fix my writing! :)


Great lesson.Your explanation is very good and obvious.
Thanks Rebeca.


It’s getting dark; Let’s go back to the campsite. I thought this sentence was incorrect because there might be an interval between the black word and the semicolon. I’m not really sure, but maybe you’ll tell me the answer.
Thank you for your excellent course, Rebecca.


    It’s getting dark;let’s go back to the campsite.

    This is the correct version. You were almost correct. We do not need to capitalize the second sentence after the semi-colon! All the best, Beernaard.


Hi Rebbeca thanks again. Great video, but I have question. Is it right to say ‘because of people are buying books…..
Take into account that ‘people’ is a noun?


Thank you, Rebecca. I have no question on this because it was very fine clarified, but I allowed myself-asking a favor. Would you please allocate some lessons to explain a law business and its characters. For example, when the person graduated from a law school; what he or she has to do to become a lawyer or judge. In addition, what are the justices and law establishments name? What are they dubbed?

Hassan ABS

    Thanks for the idea. Actually, the issue is that legal vocabulary can be quite different in British and American English. It’s best to consult a specialized book of Legal English to help you increase your vocabulary, depending on where you are planning to practice law. I wish you all the best, Hassan ABS.


      Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your precious piece of advice. I’ll try to do my best but as you know, the law field is a very complicated area, and as the first step, it needs to be simplified and has to be taken gradually. What I meant was that you and most of your colleagues are very good at simplifying intricate stuff, so I dared and asked you that request.
      Thank you all, so far you have been presenting a very good help to us, nor could, anyone ignore that.

      Hassan ABS



difficult to follow but easy to understand; thanks a lot Rebecca


Thanks a lot for the lesson Rebecca. 8 out of 10 though :/, since the capitalized “W” was tricky ? .
I hope I didn’t use the colon in a wrong way above ?

Ali - kh

    It is ok me to i did this wrong error


10 out of 10? great, but is more difficult than it looks.


    Thanks, Alex. Remember to add the word “it” to this kind of sentence in English:

    It is more difficult than it looks.

    I wish you all the best, my friend.


Thank you Rebecca.
8. I like pizza, but I don’t want any right now.
Is this sentence correct ? Does it need a coma ?


    I didn´t see your comment and asked the same question again!!


      No problem. I love Dire Straits.. :)


    This is my problem too:
    8. I like pizza, but I don’t want any right now.
    Is this really correct? In the example of your video, in this case, you didn’t separate the sentences with a comma. Please clarify this problem.
    Thanks for your great lesson!


      I think you need to put a comma in sentences with coordinate conjunctions, except “and”.

      Hassan ABS

        In the UK, a comma is required before conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘but’ if they can be used to merge two sentences into one. Ex : He is a good swimmer, but he prefers to play golf.(He is a good swimmer.He prefers to play golf). (Grammar for grown-ups, Craig Shrives.Kyle Books)


          Thanks for your answer and your reference. So in the UK (in British English? Am I right?), we should put a comma between two sentences in the case of my question. What about American English? Should we put a comma? Is it optional? Shouldn’t we put it?


          Hi mohammad177.
          I’m out of depth here, so I quote the book above again :” In the US. Always put a comma before ‘and’ unless there are only two list items. For example : Lisa, vampires are make-believe – just like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos.(US)(Homer Simpson). If Homer had said like elves and gremlins, a comma before ‘and’ would have been wrong. Hope this helps.
          This “https://www.grammar-monster.com/lessons/commas_before_conjunctions.htm” may be more helpful…


          Hi Tyrion,
          It was really helpful.
          Thank you


Yeah! a very great lesson. Thanks for your excellent explanation.

Basil Al Sayed

Very good quiz. My mistake was at number 8. I was not sure if a comma came before “but”. I thought it doesn´t need the comma.


Was very useful.


Hi mam


I didn’t understand the lesson well or the grammatical rules.


    I understand, Caonez. Try to watch again and master one solution at a time. These are very basic and common mistakes in English writing and it will help you to overcome them. All the best to you.


It’s a little harder than it looks, just practicing to get a better score.

Leo Lima

Thanks Rebecca so much, 8/10 which is useful.


    Sorry, 7/10 is corrected.


Thank you so much Rebecca!!
Just one question: is it necessary to use a comma before but as in question number 8???Wouldn´t it be better if there wasn´t any comma???
I like pizza but I don’t want any right now.
(in the test there´s a comma before but).
Thanks a lot!!!


    You can put a comma before “but” if you are connecting two independent clauses or sentences.

    I like all animals, but cats are my favorite.

    In the example above, we need the comma before “but”.

    I like all animals but snakes.

    In the second example, we do not need a comma before “but” because what follows is not an independent clause or complete sentence.

    Hope this helps, knopfler86. Take care!


      I like all animals but snakes.

      This means i like all animals except snakes.Am i right?

      nithin saji

Your lessons make grammar a piece of cake, you’re a really talented teacher. Thanks a lot


    Thanks so much. Here, I’ll help you out a little:

    Your lessons make grammar a piece of cake; you’re a really talented teacher. Thanks a lot.

    All the best to you.


teacher please make a video about sign language
i can’t listen well my left ear is damage and my listening skills is very bad


I got 90 pounds. And immidiately understood my single mistake. Thank you for explonation. My advice to everybody:try to use different sources,especially when you learn grammar. Engvid teachers are best!

Mir Murad

    Thank you kindly, Mr Murad. All the best with your English learning.


Very good explanation. Thank you very much.


90%. I made a careless mistake.

Enjoyed the video.


The amount of 1000 rupees is not sufficient.
Pls check


“The results are in” is a bit tricky for who don’t know this expression. I had to look for it. Useful lesson to improve writing. Thanks Rebecca!


thanks, it was a great lecture.


Congratulations to those of you who watched and learned from this lesson. I see these mistakes all the time in business and academic writing. Unfortunately, because they are so basic, they don;t reflect well on you, so it’s really important to correct them. Hope my lesson helped increase your understanding. Have a look at your last five emails to check if you have any of these mistakes and see how you might have corrected them. All the best!


    thank you dear Rebecca. :)

    Ghulam Rasool Narejo

Thank you Rebecca. I got 10/10.


I enjoyed your teaching lessons.

Onesimus N. Nyemah

thank you very much T. Rebecca.
You are the best English teacher I know.
I hope that the videos are short and there are many examples, because that is useful.
This is the first time I’ve written a comment here.


hi Rebecca, i would ask you about when can i say some letters and when i can’t, because some letters write but we don’t say it. and as ex( letter c sometime c and others k as you it in your name lol) thanks alot and for all your lovely awesome team,


Hi, please I am not understand question 7, why need comma slice, if have comma slice after the word moved?


Got 70 ;i need to practice more.You are a very good teacher,thanks Rebacca.

Rashmi Malde

Can I retake the quiz?


Thanks for the lesson Rebecca.I got only 6 correct out of 10. I’m going to watch the video again for more understanding.

parnid nps

Thanks for your lessons, i need more practice.


7 out of 10. THasks for the video ☺


Many thanks


I got 9 out of 10! This lesson is hard; I still like to improve in English writing and speaking.

Chan M.

It’s really helpful. I first time undestand the usage of ;

Thanks Rebecca


I’m surprised how I got 100%


I honestly thought I was going to get some of these questions incorrect xD


l learned something new today.Thanks a lot madam.


Is there any platform where I can write and it can chek by someone?

Awadhesh Shankar

After I watched this video-an excellent learning video- I I will be very happy as writing in English.


? I’ve learnt something new and different .


Rebecca, this lesson is very well organized. In the beginning, it seems very easy , and then it becomes more complex. I have a question about punctuation of compound sentences: should we use a comma before the coordinating conjunction? In these case, is there a difference in punctuation in American English in comparison to British English?


Amazing lesson!
I learnt a lot; in a few minutes.




Thank you Rebecca ! Hopefully, my mistake will be eliminated.

Kong Huynh



Rebecca, make the topic on essay writing;how should write in right way and is unprofessional way can be correct or not!?


Hi Rebecca how can I book lessons with you I’m not sure how?


    i want to book free lessons which i saw on engvid


7/10,I need more practice in those methods. Thanks you teacher.

Ye Yint Aung

:D. perfect




Hello Rebecca, thank you so much for this lesson! I have a question about coordination conjunctions. In your video there was an example “People are buying books and bookstores are closing” without a comma before ‘and’. You also mentioned that if we’d used ‘so’ instead of ‘and’, we’d have needed a comma. In the quiz there was a question #8 where we also needed a comma before ‘but’. Does it mean that we always need a comma before FANBOYS conjunctions, except AND?


Thanks Rebecca; it is a very good explanation!


Wonderful class


This lesson was incredible!
Thank you!


Thanka Rebecca. Amazing lesson!


Difficult lesson but with more practices, I will get there.

Joaquim Fernando

Because this lesson is very important in english writing; it should be taught to beginners.But very helpful lesson for all levels.?


God bless you Rebecca.
Although I attended a course for punctuation, I could not sense these rules. You presented it so softly.


I require more practice of this lesson especially coordinating conjunction and subordinate conjunction. Do you give any suggestions?


Thank you teacher.


9 correct out of 10 , thank you very much .


Dear Mam,

I usually make this kind of mistake in my writing. I am a little bit feared about grammar because when I try to understand the logic of grammar it became more complex for me, so I started my writing journey without following the grammar and try to improvise my writing watching such kind of videos. When I watch your video something new come to learn and I try to watch at least 1 video on my whole day. Thanks for making such kind of video.


I truly appreciate the video as it taught me the mysterious part of ever confusing complex sentence and punctuation. I Would be highly obliged if you make any advance lesson on the article ‘the’.


I often have problems with the right comma punctuation because I tend to mix it up with our German punctuation rules ??So, thanks for that great and informative lesson!


Hi Rebecca,

I am so blessed to getting a chance to learn wonderful lesson from you. you are the best teacher. Thanks a lot.




thank you Rebecca


I got 9/10 Rebecca I really like your lessons I only watch your lessons.



I really like your grammar explanations Rebecca! Good examples, easy to understand


is my last comma used correctly?..


I have a question
Do we only use coordinating conjunctions for compound sentences?and subordinating conjunctions for complex sentences?
In other words, cant we use cooridinating conj. for complex sentences?
& what are the qualities of complex sentences?

Thank you in advance
I love your videos, they’re very simple and clear


I got 100%! Rebecca was right. I’m so much smarter than few minutes ago.

Thank you for making this kind of video. It helps a lot on my mission to master the English fluency.


Hi Ms Rebbeca. What if I use subordinating conjuction in the middle of the sentence? Just like the sentence below.

Bookstores are closing, because people are buying books online.


9/10. Thank you for the helpful lesson
I love to study English, so I practice it every time.


Hi Ms. Rebecca: Thank you for that lesson. I liked it.


I love your lessons, and I shall keep learning from you.

TahseenB Bhutto

got 50 :(


I’m curious about that sentence. Why is it correct? In your video, you used coordinating conjunctions without a comma.

8. I like pizza, but I don’t want any right now.


I have a question.
If I write: “People are buying books online. That´s why bookstores are closing” ( Is it Correct?). Thanks.


Thank you.


Well… I’ll get 100 score, but I did 60 only just (is it correct?). It isn’t easy. hahaha

Julia Hissatomi

Hello, I have a question.People are buying books online and bookstores are closing. why did not you put the comma before “and” ?

Ambitious Muffin

Dear Professor
Thanks a lot, and would you please give me a favor? Please make a video lesson about how and where we can delete subordinators as we want to make a complex sentence.


I got 10/10


I got 6/10, I will watch vedio again and again, that time I can understand


Really helpful. Thanks


very helpful. Great job mam


After semicolon using capital letter is forbidden ; i forget every time.




I more focused on the option, “this sentence is correct”, that’s why I loose marks, when there is a coma splice, I thought it’s correct.
Thank you mam


Miss Rebecca. Regarding your sentence, My brother is a doctor, he works in the hospital. You said it’s wrong to use comma splice. So, what’s the correct way to say it? What’s the right punctuation mark to use? Are we going to use a period after the word doctor?


Such a great lesson! Thanks again.


This Quiz is tricky.


Ms. Rebecca, I really love the way you teach, I’ve been watching your videos for almost 6 years!


Logical analysis or of the period?

al willis

Hi, Ms. Rebecca, I really enjoy your teaching. thanks a lot


Is “when” use as subordinating conjunction? You didn’t mention it in the video, but there is a choice in the Quiz. Thanks


Thank you, Ms. Rebaca. I got 8/10


Thank you so much teacher


It’s good I got 5 out of 10.
After the complete quize, my doubt has been clear.

Mohd Amish.

Thank you. it is helpful to check


Hi! I scored just 50% of the quiz, but i’ll keep watching over and over until i learn this lesson, but i something to ask you professor; Could you explain the difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous? There’s one more thing. Did i use semi-colon correclty?


    But i have something* Sorry.


Hi Rebbeca,

Using coordinating conjunction, when do I have to use a comma before it? It was not clear in the video. I am talking about option 3, FANBOYS.
I really enjoy your teaching; thank you so much.


Thank you for the lesson)


Although got 7/10,but learnt new lesson.

Renu Khurana



thanks, Rebbeca!

Matthew Yu

Thank you Rebecca; you are wonderful!!!


I watched the video twice on September 15, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten correct out of 10.


Thanks a lot, Rebecca. This is an amazing lesson. (Azores islands, 17sept2021);


thank a lot Rebecca,hugs (Kazakhstan 16 oct2021)
you are the best


Thanks a lot Rebecca. It’s a very informative video. I was able to answer all the question correctly, also it was fun learning with you.

rojina kafle

Thank you for informative video, it help me a lot with your video. By watching your video,i have done quiz and i got 50.

suman bista

10/10 Thank you ma’am Rebecca…


i love your lession

ranjit jaiswal

Really it is very useful to me. Thanks a lot for your nice session.

ratan manik sarker

I got 9/10.

Thank you!


Amazing! thank you!


Hello Rebecca thank you very much for teaching us, I love your methodology and your classes.
I have learned a lot of interesting things with you.
you are the best of the best.!!!!!!

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