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It was interesting :D *Big smile*, thank you very much, Ronnie!! :D

Sunday, October 20th 2013

    Hi… Dear Ronnie I Love Your Lessons..your energy make me to listen more number of times…

    Thank you for valuable Inoformation

    Saturday, October 26th 2013

    thnx ronnie

    Monday, February 17th 2014

      thank you ronnie

      Monday, March 3rd 2014

    I love you Ronnie ! I love your lessons !

    Saturday, March 22nd 2014

I subscribe ! :D:D

Sunday, October 20th 2013

THanks Ronnie

IF anybody needs to practice English with me
he / she is very welcome

my Skype : waeladam

Sunday, October 20th 2013

thank for the lesson Ronnie.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Thanks for the lesson Ronnie. Can you give a positive synonym for “of course”?

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Now I know what to say for an opinion.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

I sometimes use “so-so,””maybe,”and the other one words. I should be careful haha. So it was interesting topic :D
Thank you for your lesson :D

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Great class!! Great teacher!!

Sunday, October 20th 2013

I like’s your style … fantastic lesson
Thanks a lot … Ronnie

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Well Ronnie, u keep on impressive me as usual.. it’s interesting lesson :D
ThanQ so much.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

thank you Ronnie you are a good handsome

Sunday, October 20th 2013

If for natives it’s very hard to get a stop-conversation-answer, imagine it for who aren’t native. I can sound that person don’t want to speak with us.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Ronnie, I think this class was a little bit repetitive about the words we should not use to give our opinion about something. I would have liked to have more of the ones that we should use. But, thank you anyway for the class. :0)

Sunday, October 20th 2013

    i just new her

    Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

      Ronnie is the best teacher in English

      Tuesday, September 30th 2014

Thank you for your good lecture.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

What is doozy?

Sunday, October 20th 2013

thanks for the lesson ROnnie, It was interesting :)

Sunday, October 20th 2013

A really interesting lesson, Ronnie! Thanks a lot!

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Thanks for Class.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

    Hello can we practice together

    Thursday, February 18th 2016

you are Gorgeous. Many thanks

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thanks for the lesson Ronnie!

Monday, October 21st 2013

thank you! it was interesting! (:)) i’ve never thought about how interesting the facial expression could be….but you did it~~ :D

Monday, October 21st 2013

a interesting lesson! :) haha

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thanks alot Ronnie!

Monday, October 21st 2013

Other good ones:
“THAT I don’t know but…”
“It never came to my mind to think about that in this way but…”
“If I were you I’d…”
One bad one:
“It’s complicated”

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you!my teacher..

Monday, October 21st 2013

Hello Ronnie,
My opinion about your video: I don’t know, but let me think…I think this lesson could be improve. Like my English!
Honesty, your are marvelous.
An take care with beer, I think too much it’s not good for brain.
Have a good day

Monday, October 21st 2013

Hi, in my opinion a think which the session es very good, becaus the teacher is very interesting

Monday, October 21st 2013

This lesson was great, i always feel complete when you teach in your videos. Thank you very much Ronnie!

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thnak you so much :)

Monday, October 21st 2013

thank very much for the lesson Ronnie , it’s useful.

Monday, October 21st 2013

what a pity, you have not made a test for this video. That would be very useful because I am not sure to have grapsed the sense of what you said . Thank you very much Kind regards Francis

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you so much Ronnie,
I often use so-so,maybe and of course and right now your lesson make me change. It is more helpful to me.

Monday, October 21st 2013

thank u very much. it’s so useful

Monday, October 21st 2013

AS always great lesson, thanks you very very much Ronnie. ACtually i used these bad expressions a lot,especially the word of course:)

Monday, October 21st 2013

Ronnie,Thank you very much!I like your lesson.It is interesting and easy to follow.

Monday, October 21st 2013

thank you a lot ronnie, you are a good teacher )) ı love your explaning methods

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you, Ronnie, i think the video very interesting because it will enrich my learning.

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you so much, it was a good lesson :)

Monday, October 21st 2013

    thanks for your interesting lesson

    Monday, October 21st 2013

Hey Ronnie
How are you today
thank you for your video its really helpful

i have a question its not about this video but please help

i wanna know how can i talk english fast ! I Always get confused what tense i have to use and these grammar stuff

and please can u give me any tip to understand English slang ?

Monday, October 21st 2013

I’ve never thought about that but this class was amazing!!!

Monday, October 21st 2013

Hello, Ms.Ronnie. You class is really interesting. And I just curious that you always came out from the bottom and raise up suddenly on the video. If you could come out from the top I will be wondering. XDDDD

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you very much for the lesson, it was very interesting!!!

Monday, October 21st 2013

hi…dear help me….

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thank you..

Monday, October 21st 2013

Thahk YOU RONNIE, you are exellent!!!

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013


Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Thanks Ronnie, interesting lesson… :=)

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

It was interesting :)

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Thank you for giving good tips to words the challenge of now days

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Look Ronnie how many “interesting” comments people left here haha change the record guys! Hey Ronnie it’s like you say directly DO NOT overuse this expression and they do right the opposite!
Sorry…being sarcastic today

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

thank you so much . It was really interesting. :)

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Great lesson,thanks

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

thank you so was really good lesson

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

thank you it was interesting

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

This was intersiting i didnt know about those mistake! but now I’m going to fix them!

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Ronnie, you’re so a wonderful teacher. Thank you very much for this lesson (and for the others ones as well). I have never heard about the “real” meaning/feeling of the answer:”of course”, it’s tricky.

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Thank you for your lesson .It is very interesting.

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

I like this video because I made a lot of this mistakes in the past so I promise to not doing it again , but you know the main problem for me is to find a person to talk with daily in English , I hope to solve this problem soon :-)

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Thank you very much for your lesson.
it was interesting. I like Ronnie lesson (*’▽’)

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

THanks Ronnie
u are so funny and i enjoy and learn
thank u so mach

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Thanks Ronnie I really love you You are wonderfull

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

thanks ronnie , you make studying english very interesting .i hope talk english fluently

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

It was interesting

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

I really want to practice English with friends so if you interested in practicing English add me on Skype : anas.mahmoud3

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

thank you Ronnie

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Thank you so much for your lesson, I´m a new student.
I want to have a subtitle in english when you teach for easily understood. Because some words/vocabulary I don’t get it.

Thursday, October 24th 2013

    We have been subtitling our videos for a while now! If you go to the bottom right of the video and click on the “CC” button that comes up, you can see them. You can also enable them by default in your Youtube preferences.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013

      oh! I see.
      thank you so much :)

      Tuesday, October 29th 2013

hi maam ronnie o you have skype??

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Hi everyone. :) I need someone who I can talk to improve my english. Thank you. :) Feel free to add me ..

my skype : nephelle0214

Thursday, October 24th 2013

It was interesting. Thanks so much ronnie.

Friday, October 25th 2013

i want to improve english speaking and i hope you will help me greatly.thank you

Friday, October 25th 2013

Thanks Rony

Friday, October 25th 2013

Thanks for the lesson Ronnie

Saturday, October 26th 2013

Oh Ronnie ! You’re AMAZING <3
You're my favorite teacher ! I really like the way you teach
Actually I'm studying at english education college and after four years I will be a teacher too and I hope I can be "Awesome" just like you .
And this is not an compliment you deserve that ..because every time I watch your lessons I like english more and more ..
Thank you for the great lesson ..
Regards ..

Sunday, October 27th 2013

well done Roney…

Sunday, October 27th 2013


Sunday, October 27th 2013


Sunday, October 27th 2013

Thank you Ronnie

Sunday, October 27th 2013

That was great ROONIE ma’m

Monday, October 28th 2013

Many Thanks Ronnie..

Monday, October 28th 2013

Oooooooooo u uuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrr amazing teacher

Monday, October 28th 2013

I Loved this class. I was really interesting

Monday, October 28th 2013

Thank you so much……<3

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

wow, amazing lesson, Ronnie is a funny teacher…

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

Thank you Ronnie.

Tuesday, October 29th 2013





Tuesday, October 29th 2013

this video was cool just like you
thank you very much

Wednesday, October 30th 2013

I like CanadaDry too!

Wednesday, October 30th 2013

How was this video? I dont know but let me think, it was class. Thank you!

Friday, November 1st 2013

it was interesting

Friday, November 1st 2013

I have a question
i am a college sudent
they teach us English , and i have a problem
they give us vocabulary to memorize and the part of speech
and they ask us to put the part of speech in a sentence and i have a problem with it
with the adj ,adv ,and n
and if i want to ask you Ask you in Private

Friday, November 1st 2013

of course

Saturday, November 2nd 2013

it was interesting! with happy face and flower everywhere pouring my head

Saturday, November 2nd 2013

Oooh Ronnie!! Of course I’d like your lesson!! haha, thank you for all!!!!

Saturday, November 2nd 2013

hello i am much interested to listen your English class even though I am from Kerala in India. thanks a lot.

Sunday, November 3rd 2013

thank you ronnie….the lesson was interesting…

Monday, November 4th 2013

thank you ronnie , best my teacher

Monday, November 4th 2013

Ronnie, I very love your lessons. You’re the best ! :) I’m beginner and when I watched your films I’m very very interested in English.. I want to know about EN vocabluary more and more and more…

Monday, November 4th 2013

thank you you make my English language become better

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

Thank you Ronnie, that was very interisting! I used the wrong words often in my conversations. but not anymore ;)

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

Thank You vert much

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

you are the best English’s teacher of the world.

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

Your video was interesting!

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

So exciting, Ronnie!

Friday, November 8th 2013

Hi Ronnie, I nerver know when I have to use “there are”, “There is” or “have”. For example, The correct form is “there are no problem” or “have no problem” ?
Thanks for help us.
You are an amazing!

Friday, November 8th 2013

    there is no problem.”There is + Object”
    I have no problem. “Subject+have+object”
    These are how i use them.

    Friday, November 8th 2013

It was interesting. (-_-)

Friday, November 8th 2013

it was really interesting

Saturday, November 9th 2013

I enjoy this lesson ,your way is intersting ,thank you.

Monday, November 11th 2013

Hello Ronnie
It was interesting
thank you for lesson

Tuesday, November 12th 2013

I like this teacher , Good job !

Wednesday, November 13th 2013

Thank you so much…!!! very very very interesting lesson Ronnie…!!!

Thursday, November 14th 2013


Thursday, November 14th 2013

how i can learn offffff

Friday, November 15th 2013

    Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest

    Saturday, February 29th 2020

Thank you my best teacher
than lesson was very interesting

Saturday, November 16th 2013

Hi Ronie!
I did not know the answer “of course” mean teribble like that until I watch this video.
:(. I did answer like that many times, I just thought It’s another way to say yes.
I really appreciate you for this lesson.
And I hope you could give us more lesson about the conversation skill like this.
When we study English in school we have to study as much vocabulary and grammar as possible,but no one teachs us about the conversation skill. In spite of the fact that we study very hard our English is still so poor in conversation.
I really hope you will have more videos like this. Once again thank you!

Monday, November 18th 2013

    Hi Ngoc, pls be friend with me on skype : buitiennhat, then we can practice eng as conversation together.

    Monday, March 31st 2014

Hell Ronnie,
Thank you to your valuable expressions in conversation. It will help me a lot as a tool for future.

best regards,

Monday, November 18th 2013

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Monday, November 18th 2013

Help me

Monday, November 18th 2013


Monday, November 18th 2013

it was interesting :)

Tuesday, November 19th 2013

Thank Ronnie for lesson. This video very good. If I have a good teacher like you, I really really fell happy.:-*

Wednesday, November 20th 2013

it was interesting

Wednesday, November 20th 2013

Ronnie your course is great,thank you

Thursday, November 21st 2013

i like it…it was interesting

Friday, November 22nd 2013

We can use capital letters in writing: IT WAS INTERESTING!

Saturday, November 23rd 2013

This lesson was very intersting thank you very much dear Ronnie

Saturday, November 23rd 2013

thank u ronnie, like u so much .

Tuesday, November 26th 2013

When I listeaned this lesson, I was shocked.
Because During world-trip I really usually used “so so ” or “maybe” when someones asked my opinion. If only I knew these anweres isn’t good..
Anyway Really Thank you
Much Love Ronnie

Wednesday, November 27th 2013

It is very useful for everyone who learns English! Thank you for that!

Wednesday, November 27th 2013

Really Thank you so much Teacher Ronnie it is very useful and frankly all your lessons is very useful and interesting frankly I have learned a lot from you thanks indeed :) .

Thursday, November 28th 2013

you are very nice and good teacher we love you

Friday, November 29th 2013

I love you, Ronnie. Your lesson is great and I like it so much.

Friday, November 29th 2013

what’s meaning

Saturday, November 30th 2013

    i’ve = i have

    Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

WOW Ronnie, that was fantastic, you doing really well
Thank you so much

Sunday, December 1st 2013

it was interesting Mrs Ronnie :D

Sunday, December 1st 2013

hello Mrs.Ronnie… thanks a lot for your great lessons… they are veryyyy helpfull…

Wednesday, December 4th 2013

Well, It was interesting!! :)

Thursday, December 5th 2013

These answers should not be used in any language.

Friday, December 6th 2013

Hi,Mrs,Ronnie thanks a lot for your a amazing lessons`they are super helpful.

Friday, December 6th 2013

Of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was interesting.

Friday, December 6th 2013

Dear Ronni , your skills in teaching is very interesting ….

Sunday, December 8th 2013

“That pop can could be full of beer and no one will notice that”. is this phrase correct?

Tuesday, December 10th 2013

    1. “Would notice” sounds more natural than “will notice that”, and 2. I’m interested in where you’re smuggling this beer :P

    Wednesday, December 11th 2013

      It’s not of my interest tell about my illegal secrets to a person who put “I AM THE LAW! I SEE EVERYTHING!” on “about me”.. :D Just kidding
      Thanks for answer me!

      Wednesday, December 11th 2013

thank you

Wednesday, December 11th 2013

Awesome… I like ronni so much

Thursday, December 12th 2013

You’re such a great teacher , i really enjoy all your lessons , a huge thanks to you

Thursday, December 12th 2013

Fantastic! I loved Ronni’s lesson ; )Thanks so much.

Monday, December 16th 2013

So so :) I’m just kidding it was helpful,Thank u so much

Friday, December 20th 2013

u told me be honest ?
I was scared of you , but the lesson was very useful.
thank u

Sunday, December 22nd 2013

Dear Raanie you are the best teacher to me in my life thank you

Monday, December 23rd 2013

Skype : Iem-Prog
It’ was interesting !

Sunday, December 29th 2013

Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, December 31st 2013

thank u teacher .. Any body if he/ she want conversation ..because i want improve my language else . please add me in a Skype my skype is .. crew-2

Thursday, January 2nd 2014

It was very very interesting :)
Thank you Ronnie!

Friday, January 3rd 2014

IF anybody needs to practice English with me
he / she is very welcome
my sky id : aliyev.natiq587

Friday, January 3rd 2014

Hi Ronnie. Thank you for lesson and perfect exlanation. Could you give me some tips for speaking? i am going to take IELTS exam, but i am a bit shy, i find it hard to express my thoughts. is it ok if i give short answers to the examiner? how i can manage giving my opinion better?

Saturday, January 4th 2014


Saturday, January 11th 2014

It was interesting! :p honestly !!

Tuesday, January 14th 2014

great lesson ;)

Wednesday, January 15th 2014

    I want to practice english with someone
    if you want my skype : khaleduwk ;)

    Saturday, March 22nd 2014

It’s was interesting Ronnie. Thanks

Thursday, January 16th 2014

It was really interesting! Thank you again, Ronnie :)

Friday, January 17th 2014

It was interesting :)

Saturday, January 18th 2014

hi Ronnie you are amazing teacher thank you it was interesting

Monday, January 20th 2014

Hi Ronnie I found you way for teaching is great I useful.
thank you and it is really interesting

Tuesday, January 21st 2014

Thanks a lot.

Thursday, January 23rd 2014

Ronne it was great and interesting thanks

Saturday, January 25th 2014

it was very intersting lesson :)

Thursday, January 30th 2014

Thank you very much for your lessons. I can understand you only subtitles, as my native language is Russian. Hopefully soon I will understand and your speech, but do not really know yet how to do it

Friday, January 31st 2014

you are so cute. ^^

Sunday, February 2nd 2014

    i support

    Tuesday, February 11th 2014

HI Ronnie, I’m just new here and you know what?you got me!! All of your topics are very interesting! Keep it up.
Gonna watch all of the videos here so that I can able to speak English fluently.
Thank you so much and god bless

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

yeah i support @namtransai

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

you’re awesome!

Wednesday, February 12th 2014

Wow Ronnie……!!!! :-)

Friday, February 14th 2014


    Thursday, November 24th 2016

Your videos are always fun and easy to digest ; ) Thank you Ronnie!

Saturday, February 22nd 2014


Sunday, February 23rd 2014

Thank s D

Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Thank you, Ronnie! You can drink alcohol everywhere in my country)))) You are invited to Ukraine!:-)

Tuesday, February 25th 2014

Thanks Ronnie Iam happy for you

Thursday, February 27th 2014

Thank you Ronnie!
As usual very enjoyable!

Sunday, March 2nd 2014

thnaks Ronnie Of course I like your information!!

Sunday, March 2nd 2014

I rrealy like the way you teach us. thank you very much.

Wednesday, March 5th 2014

subscribed and the lesson is not interesting its awesome!

Thursday, March 13th 2014

thank you ronnie

Saturday, March 15th 2014

I’m understand for you word, ronny :)
you the best teacher , love you

Tuesday, March 18th 2014

Hi! Ronnie,

I would like to know, Have you prepared any lecture on Tenses if yes, then please give me the Youtube link so that i may know.

Tuesday, March 18th 2014

So Useful <3

Saturday, March 22nd 2014

Thank u,it was interesting :) ,not ‘interesting’ :)

Tuesday, March 25th 2014

it was interesting

Tuesday, March 25th 2014

love you sir

Wednesday, March 26th 2014

it was interesting in good mean of this word.
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26th 2014

It was “interesting” :))

Friday, March 28th 2014

tnk u ronnie

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014

Thank You Very Much Ronnie .. That was really Useful

Wednesday, April 16th 2014

for language practice
SKYPE : ibrahim.mohamed.saad92

Wednesday, April 16th 2014

It was interesting (positive meaning)but not “interesting” lessson.Did you catch it? :)

Wednesday, April 16th 2014

I really liked this video ..Ronnie is the best teacher here =)

Saturday, April 19th 2014

hello Ronnie tanks for this lesson its really help me just i have a question for you. When I go to the bank and they asking me can I see your ID and I said sure that is correct. I’ll be grateful if you respond me. sincerely RM

Friday, April 25th 2014

I like it, thanks a lot Ronnie.

Saturday, April 26th 2014

Ronnie, you’re the best.

Sunday, April 27th 2014

Teacher Ronie
I’m learning a lot with your teaching. Very Thanks

Tuesday, April 29th 2014

Thanks Ronie! You are attractive :)

Monday, May 5th 2014

I love you Ronnie please merry me!!

Monday, May 12th 2014

it was interesting and very useful foe me Thanks Ronne.

Wednesday, May 14th 2014

Thanks Ronnie! I see your lessons and I learn very much. Sometimes I forgot to do the quiz, but I will do all the questions now. I have a dream, I wish to know English, I have many dificults because I study in home, alone. Someday I will do the course for it, but your lesson help me ever. Really, thanks.

Friday, May 16th 2014

Its really helpfull and u are so cool

Wednesday, May 28th 2014

you have great energy Ronnie ,, thank you

Friday, May 30th 2014

it’s was interesting…tanx a lot Ronnie

Friday, May 30th 2014

When I watched this lesson, I was shocked.
I often use “so-so,””maybe,”and the other one words. because I’m not good at English.
But I should be careful.

Thank you Ronnie. *^^* .

Wednesday, June 11th 2014

I was interesting without quotes

Tuesday, June 17th 2014

I think your lesson is wanderful because when you teach you jokinking and I remember easily that you teach I don’t know is correctly that I wrote but if you want you corrige me thanks

Wednesday, June 18th 2014

thank Ronnie

Sunday, June 22nd 2014

Ronnie you are the best teacher :-)

Wednesday, June 25th 2014

Very nice Ronnie, thanks!!

Tuesday, July 1st 2014

Ronnie, you have a great magic for teach. Thanks a lot, your class was “interesting”.;)

Thursday, July 3rd 2014

Thanks ronnie for this lesson. It was interesting.

Saturday, July 5th 2014

Hi dear Ronnie , your lesson was interesting

Sunday, July 6th 2014

Hi Ronnie, thanks , the lesson was very interesting.

Thursday, July 10th 2014

This video was interesting :)

Thursday, July 17th 2014

EngVid is amazing and Ronnnie is the best!!! :D

Monday, July 21st 2014

it was interestig

Saturday, July 26th 2014

your lesson was interesting.

Monday, July 28th 2014

t was interesting. Please keep it up the good work.

Tuesday, July 29th 2014

It was interesting! :)

Tuesday, July 29th 2014

it was interesting

Monday, August 4th 2014

It was really interesting *big smile * :)

Tuesday, August 5th 2014

Hi Ronnie, my name is Mateus. I’m brazilian. I’m 16. I enjoy your classes too much, and at present I need you to help me! I’m working in a school here in my city, and I am very good in English, I know the grammar, I can speak English well, I can read and understand what I’m reading or listening. Then, my boss asked me to teach English at the school and I accepted, and I’m doing well. But now, people are assking me for private classes of English, and they want both grammar and conversation, so I wanna ask you how can I teach coversation? How can I make they learn. Thanks for your time and since now thanks for your help.

Friday, August 8th 2014

Hi ronnie txs for the lesson!!

Tuesday, August 19th 2014

it was interesting

Monday, August 25th 2014

thanks ronnie :d

Friday, August 29th 2014

Of course :D

Sunday, September 7th 2014

It was Interesting :D thank you Ronnie :P

Monday, September 8th 2014

Ronnie, I am catching up all your lessons and they are really very helpful! Thanks a lot! Would you also teach me the Rhythm of English, I found it’s difficult to learn English intonation!

Thursday, September 25th 2014

It ws amazing! Thank you!

Saturday, September 27th 2014

You lesson is useful for me to learn english.

Sunday, October 12th 2014

what an exciting lesson you give me !

Thank U Ronnie :)

Tuesday, October 28th 2014

Thank you Ronnie :) This lesson’s awesome and useful :)

Wednesday, October 29th 2014

Thank you ronnie ilove your way in teaching..
And you are so funny..:D

Monday, November 17th 2014

it was interesting (with a smile) :-)

Tuesday, November 25th 2014

Thanks Ronnie it was really interesting:)

Thursday, December 18th 2014

First of all, thanks for this wonderful lesson!! And, Do you have any lesson or practise method for us wherein we can speak and check our pronunciation? Probably if we can send a video reading the sentences designed by your team and you can find out the areas of improvement. Or, if you can suggest some other resource where we can find out such methods. I know it’s too much of expectation but I am an aspiring teacher and I want to master this language like a native speaker.

Friday, January 2nd 2015

Hi, Ronnie it was interesting,, you could me teach more examples, please. I need improve my English conversation.
Thank you.


Tuesday, January 6th 2015

It was interesting Ronny

Wednesday, January 14th 2015

It was interesting.

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

very funny your art of teaching thank you…so much

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Thanks Ronnie it was really really interesting:)

Tuesday, January 27th 2015

Hi Ronnie!!
the lesson was very very interesting, I learnt very fast with your examples…

Sunday, February 22nd 2015

This lesson have been very interesting and could be useful to practice my speaking english

Tuesday, February 24th 2015

Thank you Ronnie!

In fact your lessons are very interesting and usefull. I would argue that all your tips will help us to improve our english.


Friday, February 27th 2015

Love you Ronnie, l like all your lessons.

Saturday, February 28th 2015

One question, Ronnie. What do you think of this sentence:
“… or who knows, maybe in the future you will end up teaching both portuguese and German”. Is that sentence well written. I mean, I’m not sure about the position of “in the future”. Or I dont know, maybe I shouldn’t even say “in the future” at all. Would you please tell me how to write that sentence correctly?

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015

thank you Mrs you are the best

Wednesday, March 11th 2015

I didn’t know “of course” is bad.
Thank you…..!!!!!

Friday, March 20th 2015

Hello Roniie!
This lesson was interesting without any quotation marks ;)
You can make simple lesson wonderful!
Thank you!

Friday, March 27th 2015

you are awesome Ronnie. Thank you so much

Tuesday, March 31st 2015

I have just listened first time you Ronnie. And you made a great impression to me. I promise I’ll try to listen to your lessons as possible. Big big thanks to you, dear teacher :)

Saturday, April 11th 2015

Dear Ronnie
thank you very much for your teaching.
how can I have CD from your product.
best regards,
kourosh faraji

Thursday, April 16th 2015

It was interesting :D. now I know what I can say when my Friend’s dinner isn´t delicious xD thanks for this video

Friday, May 1st 2015

Hi Ronnie,it’s a interested and useful lesson for me.I think I could have a chat well with my foreign friends.Thanks a lot!

Monday, May 11th 2015

thank u Ronnie

Monday, May 18th 2015

your the best teacher to me thanks Ronnie

Tuesday, May 26th 2015

Hi. It’s nice to meet you here. I’m an English teacher in my country and I’m going to improve my English language, so I’m happy to see your videos and thanks for your help…

Monday, June 1st 2015

Dear teacher Ronnie: You are an excellent funny English teacher.
I´d like to buy not only one beer for you, I will buy several beers, but I am very far from you. Colombia Southamerica.
God bless to you and to your family.

Tuesday, June 9th 2015

It was interesting! Thank you Ronnie!

Sunday, June 21st 2015

It was so-so… may be, I liked it… if I understood correctly, of course… sure, it’s difficult for me ))))))))))))) Thank you Ronnie!
But… where is a quiz???

Wednesday, June 24th 2015

It was interesting! Your classes always are interesting ROnnie.I’m so happy, because I’m able to understand what you are speaking. yes yes yes

Thursday, June 25th 2015

The class was really interesting and I liked a lot however it could be better with a quiz. Do you agree?

Wednesday, July 1st 2015

Thanks Ronnie, I laugh a lot with your class !!
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I just find these fantastic English lessons. I would like to speak English fluently. In my opinion I can learn tons of English conversations from you🌹
It is good to know ,”of course” is not a good reply to someone’s asking. Thanks for sharing this useful lesson with us☺

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Thanks Ronnie

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I think We should think before to speak, in any language, the person who is going to give an opinion should think that other people are not going to receive the message as We thought. sometimes it’s better if we just listening to the message correctly and then We make an answer fixed to the question without harming other people.

I was really interesting to know how shorts phrases in English are interpreted as bad education.

Thank you Ronnie! I’m your fan :)

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It was very useful

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