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Dear cool teacher MR Adam would you mind explaining me about “WORD INVERSION” for example I take from a song.
Had I known how to save a life ( I had never known how to save a life)
Thanks in advance. Peace from Indonesia. Your Friend/student Iful :)

Saiful Anwar

    Hi Singleastronaut,

    In certain structures like the one you wrote, there is a formal style of inversion in which the verb comes before the subject. Had I known means If I had known. This is just a matter of remembering the structure. There is also ” should you remember, call me and remind me” which means “If you remember, call…”

    With other structures there is also inversion, for example, if you begin a sentence with ‘not only’— not only was he late, but he also wasn’t prepared. — notice the verb comes before the subject.

    Hope that helps.


      would you please make the video? I am still confused. pretty plese :)

      Saiful Anwar

        *pretty please

        Saiful Anwar

      HIi adam!
      why you use “could”. on your lesson.
      I could even go right now? why it is used past form?

      Takahiro Mano

        i think that because of that the could is more polite than can or may


      Hi Mr. Adam,

      I watched your video about EVEN and also did all quiz. It’s really useful! But I got the wrong answer for the number 8. I read your explanation for clarifying when to use each of the word when/if/though/after, but I don’t feel satisfy with it. In your video, you gave us the example of “Even when he presented the evidence, no one believed him”; then in the explanation, you wrote “‘when’ is the same as if for tenses” which “would need a present and then future tense”. It’s a little bit confusing here. Can you please explain it again?


        I know it’s a pretty late for this response, but Even When means if you want to talk about time laps, in your example, Even when he presented the evidence means, Even When (in the moment) he presented the evidence no one believed it.


      Hi Adam, you are doing a great job for us, thank you very much. I have one question – can I use even when instead of even if? In your examples- even if I win the lottery, I will not have enough money to buy a house, can I use it like the following?- Even when I win the lottery I will not have enough money to buy a house? And are there some tenses only which should be used after even if, even though and even when? Thanks in advance..


      Even if the team wins the championship, they will not sell their tickets. suppose I want to change the verb tense…should I say: Even when the team won the championship, they did not sell their tickets?


        if you say even when (when = in the moment) it means only a time laps, if you only use IF means a possibility


      Excellent. it is the first time someone clarifies that to me…


Another good lesson, Adam. Thanks!

Marcelo Machado

I laughed a lot with those answers in the quiz.

Marcelo Machado

    We laughed together!!! :D


      LOL…Have you been following me? lol. Such a beautiful picture of yours, btw.

      Marcelo Machado

Hi,thank you for teaching us
Please teach us How to use across,through…
and how to use Participle,Reduced Adjective Clauses or participial i don’t know what they are called ?


    good question


    Hi Majid,
    I will make a lesson on these soon.


even though i understand the lessons ,but my score was not really convincing, my score was 78 percent
at last very thnk u mr. adem

tarik hassun

thank you sir


Thank you MR.Adam was very helpful lesson

sara sharif

Thanks Adam!
nice lesson..


Thank you very much.


Even though you tried to have smile on your lips, but you looked angry today, Dear Adam! ;) You’ve been always nice and friendly!


    :) (no… really :) )


      Yeah, Even in your last video you look like before, but in this video, NO, you look angry… Sorry ;)


I think the right answer to question number 5 is the 2nd one not the 3rd one


    I think so. Why not?


      “even when he’s right, he’s wrong
      The above phrase doesn’t seem to refer to a rude person ,in my opinion it rather refers to someone who tends to argue everything and tries hard to prove their point whether it was right or wrong. maybe i’m wrong but that’s what I think :/


    I think all three answers could be correct. Difference is in acsents.

    Henk Seed

      Sorry for mistaking, I meant “Difference is in accents”.

      Henk Seed

    Actually, you’re right Ahmad,

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



Great lesson Adam, even though I did’t get a perfect quiz, it was worry it!! Thanks,


# worth# rsr


Thanks, Adam! I got 67%


Even though those sentences are a bit tricky for me, but okay now. :)


Very good lesson!! Could you check the answer of the 5th question? I think that the right answer is the second one and not the third one. Can you explain it, please? Thx in advance!! :D


    Actually, you’re right Luka,

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



Even though I got 78%, I´m very motivated to practice and improve my English.
Thank you Adam.


Excellent lessons Alex.

I don’t know if it’s my imagination but some time the quiz put other different answer that I selected.


Sometime I wonder about how I use it when I speak and forget it. Now I understood. Thanks Adam so much. Have a nice lesson.


I’m very glad with you, Adam. I’d like you, teacher. You’re a good one.Even I got 8 out 9, I agree with you, Ahmad.


    Actually, you’re right about question 5,Oscar

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



sorry I don’t understand its my fault


Adm Many thanks


thanks Adam


thank u Adam 7/9 little confused but i’ll prectice


THat was amazing more than I have even expected.

ahmad shadeed

I suppose there’s a wrong answer used as a correct one under question #5. Let’s have a look:

One thing Jack learned from his wife is that even when he’s right, he’s wrong.

In my opinion there should undoubtly be the answer “that you should never argue with your wife, because you will always lose” (who knows women will understand I’m right), but not “that his wife is very rude”.


    Yep, I agree with you. This question is not right.

    Marcelo Machado

    I completly agree with you Cosm. They should take a look at this question.


    Even though I had pointed to the mistake, it still exists and people’s opinion hasn’t been taken into consideration. Pity!


    I’m not agree! Because Your wife might be a good one!(his wife taught him to be not right).Have a good day!


      Even if his wife is a rude woman, it doesn’t mean the answer is proper to the question. As you can see here, this is not only my opinion, but also the thought of all the men, who have written their opinions here about the rightness of the answer to the question. Moreover, if a question has an unambiguous answer then it doesn’t make much sense to use such kind of a question/answer pair as an item of the quiz. I hope this clarified the men’s opinions :)


    Actually, you’re right Cosm,

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



    I’m sorry…


I got 8 of 9
Don’t you thing that the second choice in question No.5 will be right too,Adam??


    Actually, you’re right Hoda, it is the second.

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



Dear Adam what is the difference between ‘i will appreciate you’ and ‘That would be appreciated’.Thanks in advance


    Hi Pintuk,

    The first one is a direct opinion about you. The second suggests you will be thankful if someone did ‘that’, whatever it is.


Hey, it’s my Skype name ” sepideh1561″ thank you if accept me :)


    hey Spideh they will accept you (for sure)


      :) Thanks if you use Skype we can help each other I think.


        for sure hey Sepideh how long have you been studying English and what’s your level?


          I study English more than 1 year and now I’m in the Intermediate level :)


          thats cool keep studing just like that




          well are you a UNI-student if ya what’s your major?what so you know as the key of learning english?


          Yeah, I’m a student at university and I study IT, I learn English because at first I love it and also it’s necessary for approaching in abroad university too.


          that’s great yes you need ielts for applying there it depends on which country you are suppose to apply there.but the broaed idea is to have 6 or 7 keep countinuing just like that sorry about my dectation .that’s is not so good as well.


          I’ve got mistakes in my dictation too, and It can improve only with trying hard.


Thanks, Adam! That lesson was great, as always.


:( so bad just 4 correct


it was really good job but was very hard for me to understand even the quiz was also hard to understand sorry dear Adam this is my fault


    i have leasted some question below.plz answer them thanks in advance


Thanks, Very difficult, I got 44%

Abdul Qayum

Hello sir, very useful and difficult lesson.Your teaching style is very remarkable and exemplary.While I was watching a movie, I encountered a problem.It said “I am returned” instead of “I returned”Why is that?Thank you sir.Good luck!


    Hi Oshada,

    That’s a little bit old-fashioned formal English that people don’t really use anymore except to sound old fashioned and formal ;)


thank you Sir


I got 4 correct out of 9. I’m still confused :( I have to review your lesson and the quiz more. Never give up! Anyway, thank you for your lesson, Adam :)


Great lesson..Thanks a lot sir…


i only got 89


I heard in a movie “she got even”. I looked in a dictionary and I understood that “to get even” means ” to take revenge on someone”, “to pay back”.
And I saw that “even”, as an adjective, has also a lot of meanings(equal, flat, fair, regular, calm…)And can be a verb (meaning “to equalize, to level”).And “even”is even a poetic form for”evening”.
Regarding the lesson, I’m not quite sure as to when we have to use “even though” and when “even if”.I guess “even if” is more for hypothetical situations.
Thank you!


    Hi Arinamg,

    You’re right; but then, that’s one of the challenges of English: that words have multiple uses that are often unrelated. the key is to use context to know which one is being used. In the lesson here, notice that ‘even’ is not a noun or verb but an adverb.

    We use it to emphasize a point. The ‘if, though, when’, etc. are used as they normally would be, with the added stress brought about by ‘even’.

    (as for even meaning evening, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it used that way. Maybe eve…)


      Oxford Dictionaries mention “even” as an archaic or literary form for “evening”.Probably nobody use it in real life.I know,I have to learn basic things, not to go into useless details :)
      Thank you!


Thank you Adam for a very good lesson :) Even though I got 6 correct out of 9 I’m very happy :) And of course I will review this lesson again ;) Greetings from Polad!


i believe and i think it’s a very good way to learning English for all.


i am really happy for learning


Thanks Adam! I like your lessons very much.

Henk Seed

Useful lesson…Thanks a lot, Adam!




It was difficult quiz and I got only 78%. And it was just after lesson. Thanks, Adam, interesting subject. But in the question 5 answer is 2.


    You’re right Irena,

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



Oh my goodness I took 89. I wanted more, look that’s why we have to study hard even when we think that we are good enough about some subject.


a lesson little confuse


yay :-) I scored 100 :-)


even if I score 89, I still need help with my English vocabulary


Thanks Dear Adam.I have one doubt ‘I thought of calling you &I thought to call you’what is the difference here?Is that both correct?Thank you


    Hi Pintuk,

    I’m not really sure. I would use the ‘of’, or I thought about calling you.
    It might be a more situational thing;I had to act quick and thought to call you, but then someone suggested another solution. In this case, to call you is a choice of action, whereas thought of calling, suggests that is something that I was considering.

    Not sure if that helps. Let me know.


      Dear Adam it is a little difficult for me to understand this.Could you explain this verbally in your coming videos?


How it is used vs how it is being used.i didn’t understand why being is used.Please make a video about Being in detail..


    I’ll get on it. For now, the ‘being’ suggests that it is being used right now. How it is used means always, or in general.


      Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time for replying.This makes more interest in learning English,Though we are online English students.


Thank for this lesson I feel very happy when I got full score of this test but I have some point that I don’t clear is even when. Please describe about this to me.
Thank for given me this lesson.


    Hi Rithyvoleak,

    Even when is used in the same way as even if, with the difference being that if is hypothetical, and when is certain.

    Even if you fail, I will support you (you might fail)
    Even when you fail, I will support you (you will fail)

    Does that help?


I scored 67


7/9 – Thanks Adam. :)


Thanks Adam. This is a great lesson, even though I couldn’t got perfect score. Just 7 score out of 9.


Hi Adam,

Even although the following question is not related to this lesson, could you answer it for me?

Question: Why don’t we use the present perfect tense in

“Did you know that by using Firefox, you are supporting a mission-driven non-profit organization?”



    #Even although# -> #Even though# :))


    Hi Silverkylin,

    I’m not sure where you would put in the perfect, but you are talking about a general ‘truth’ which is usually written in the present simple.


      Hi Adam,

      I feel appreciated and happy when I see my question gets answered. :)

      I meant: “Have you known that by using Firefox, you are supporting a mission-driven non-profit organization?”

      Is it right? What is the difference between:

      “Have you known…?” , “Did you know …?”

      and “Do you know…?”

      In what situation should I use them?

      FYI: I have seen the sentence:

      “Did you know that by using Firefox, you are supporting a mission-driven non-profit organization?”

      one time on the Mozilla Firefox Start Page. So I suppose it is correct.


nice i loved it, what a good test


Thanks Adam for teaching.I couldn’t recognize deference between ‘even though’ and ‘even if’.Can you tell me please where shall we use them.


    HI Zeinali,

    We use it the same way we would use though and if. Even only adds emphasis to these. ‘if’ suggests a hypothetical,or condition, while ‘though’ shows a contrast.

    Does that help?


      yes.thanks a lot Adam


thank you !!


it’s my first day, i’ve got some logic from ur spirit. thankz sir!


I have some question unanswered in mind
1) What does language mean to you?
2) How can student articulate their thinking in writing?
3) What is the difference between language and speech?
4) What is PLS or pictological system?
5) I have heard that we have some formula to creat iiregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
Thanks in advance.


    Hi Mehdi,

    Looks like you have an essay to write ;)

    question 1 is for you to answer, not me. I have my own views.

    As for the others, I would need to write an essay for these and I don;t think this is the place for that.As for #5, there are already irregular verbs and regular verbs. I’m not sure if you are asking how to change a regular verb into an irregular one. Not sure you can.


Thank for this lesson, I know that your explanation so good and you work such a good teacher. I have done well job with this lesson. I suggest you some lessons relating to adjective+ preposition, adverb + preposition.


    I’ll see what can do.:)




well said and done ou great teacher, thank u and i have done well 8 of 9 of the quiz thakn u again and again,,,,,,,,,,,,


I got 5 correct out of 9. Better than the last score just a little. Thank you, Adam. I will try again :)


Hi adam, i just wanted to know if you could advise me on essays as i am dyslexic, i only found out a few weeks ago and i am having trouble as i havent a clue. I did watch your video and found it helpful. I am in college 10 weeks and am getting really stressed as this is like my second chance at education, iam 36 but i find it hard to connect paragraphs but mostly everything. If there is any other video clips that would help me learn that would be great!!Thank you

Elaine king

I scored 8 out of 9 but i think the answer to question five should be: that you should never argue with your wife, because you will always lose!!! Lol

Elaine king

    Actually, you’re right Elaine, :)

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.
    As for writing help, I will try to make more vids about it.



I even got 67


Is the following phrase correcrt or not anf why?
A police officer’s duties

Many thanx


    It is correct Zeyadhassan.

    This is a possessive and it shows that the duties are the police officer’s to fill. They ‘belong’ to him/her (as in, the responsibility belong to him/her.

    Does that help?


I disagree the answer of the 5th question hahahaha
Thanks for this awesome class!

Maria Laura

    Actually, you’re right Maria,

    I think there might have been a problem when the quiz was loaded. I will have that looked at.



Thank you Adam.Really that is very useful


Hi,Adam! I know that you can use the”even” instead of “in that precise moment”(sometimes I’ve met it in classical books). But how about modern English? Can I say: “I liked Adam, even before I saw him”. Thank You.


    good question KATRIN


    Hi Katrin,

    You can say that (and thank you ;)). But the meaning is essentially the same. You are stressing the fact that you felt something without having the experience first, which is unexpected.


      Thank You very much!


Hello Adam, do people confuse “even if” and “even when”? (I think the same would apply to if/when.) I know that “when” is more likely to happen, but in my country, we have the same expressions, and people use them more or less interchangeably. I can think of one example: there was an accident in mountains, and we have three people who are still alive. No one can rescue them, and they probably will die if they stay where they are. One person says:

1 — we could get help if we can get there
2 — not “if” but when we get there
3 — even when we get there, no one will help us

So, the second guy has more faith in that what would happen. He’s more positive and assumes they will survive and everything will be alright. In my opinion, “if” and “when” in that example mean the same, and “when” could also be used for emphasising something, but that doesn’t have to be true.

This brings me to the last quiz question. I think there would be either:

“Even if you got a perfect score on this quiz, it would be good to review the lesson.”


“Even when you got a perfect score on this quiz, it would be good to review the lesson.”

depending on how good you actually are. If you are a rookie, it certainly will be the first case because that was probably a matter of luck or something. But when you are a really great student, and you mastered the topic, you should review the lesson anyway — maybe you’re overlooked something that wasn’t in the quiz. :)


    You’ve actually answered your own question: it’s faith. People do use it to express a belief in a certainty or an unknown or hypothetical, but in reality, that’s what if/when mean… the first is a condition that might/might not be met, while the second is a certainty based on prior knowledge, logic, etc.


I have also two things to discuss.

1. Is it possible to use the past continuous and the present continuous tenses together and therefore replace the present perfect continuous tense? For instance: “You were and still are doing a great job.” instead of saying “You’ve been doing a great job.” The key thing is to emphasis that he’s still doing it.

2. I’m reviewing my old writings, and there was a weird sentence:

“Claims that the Stone is directing your actions suggest that not only are you ignorant of preplanning procedure, you and your group may also be in the early stages of lyrium poisoning.”

Why is there “are you”?


    1. I would leave the pres perf and add the pres simple:You have been and still are doing a great job. because the past action isn’t finished. That being said, if the action continues, then the pres cont becomes redundant.

    2. After ‘not only’ we have inversion, in which case the verb comes before the subject. You can avoid this if you want by saying: …suggest not only that you are ignorant…, but that you …’
    Does that help?


      Yep, that’s pretty clear. :)


Sir plz tell me what is it mean when we use “would” in an expression.Is it used for future.For example, in this lecture you have written in your transcript “You would expect that i will buy a big house”


    Hi Zaneulabadien,

    When we use expressions like this we take for granted the original condition, ie, If you heard that I had won $1 million, you would expect that…’
    We go straight for the second half of the expression.

    Does that help?


      No, It didn’t help. Teacher, please tell me the use of “would” and “would have”. I, actually, don’t understand how to use it?


Sir I have a very serious question to ask and that is “Is there any difference between american and british accentand Can I speak english in both accents?


    There is a big difference in terms of how it sounds, but then English is English. If you can use both accents, why not? :)


why i can not see the video? it just can not be opened. please give me some help. thank you very much.

Elena wuwa

    Hi Elena,

    Did you try to see it on youtube?


      I haven”t .But i can not open it,either.

      Elena wuwa

      it is weird that i open up the youtube.Usually it is just buffering.I will have a try .Good luck to me.

      Elena wuwa

      oh,still that. so terrible!

      Elena wuwa

        You should use another tool to connect youtube. 翻墙吧。

        Hill John

Thanks Adam!

i got 8 out of 9.

Rajender Gannu

Dear Adam sir please give a lesson for difference between LATER and LATTER I am very confuse in use of these words


    Hi Amitsoni,

    Later, means after a certain amout of time passes. It has to do with time.

    Latter means the second in a list of two things.

    I like oranges and apples, but I like the latter more. = I like apples more.

    See you later = maybe tomorrow, or next week, etc.

    Hope that helps.


My score is getting better :) Thank you, Adam :)


My correct answers are 5 of all 9 questions, but why is my score 56?


Isn’t suppose to be (even if I won) not (even if I WIN)?

jak ali

    Hi Jak,

    This is a real conditional about the future, so wins is ok.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Sorry about question 5. the correct answer is the second one. I will have that fixed asap.



Thanks Adam

Elaine king

thank you so much sir .. that was so helpfull for me , EVEN if i’m unable to practice it in the moment of speaking , and i realy need some advices from you about how to collect and recognize the vocabulary i learned befor to make a right sentence and bring my message to others


Hi Adam,

I have a question :)

Tho is though, isn’t?

I wonder when people put “tho” or “though” behind a sentence.

Can you explain to me more details about “tho” please??

thanks :) x


This lesson is good. Can I have more lessons


You are a great teacher thank you for the lesson


Thanks for your lesson


Very helpfully lesson


I like very much your explanations. They are both clear and well-prepared. I’m learning very much with your lessons (not only grammar and vocabulary, but listening and comprehension too) and I’m expecting every new lesson of yours. Sincerely, thank you.


Hi Adam. I just want to thank you very much for your explanation. I need to admit, that was a very tough subject and I’m pretty sure that I will review that lesson soon. Anyway, great job teacher. I’m expecting more similar topics in the future. Have a nice day :)))


Thank you very much Adam


Hi thanks my score was 8 of 9! It was because i need improve my vocabulary!


I disagree about the answer to the question 5. The particular wife is meant in this sentence, so the right answer should be “that his wife is very rude”.


Thanks for your lessons, Teacher Adam
Would you mind taking a lesson at how to use -ing/-ed in English to describe a subject?
It always makes me confuse.
Thank you so much!

Xu An

hi Adam,all your lessons are wonderful ,i like your accent and the way of your explanation. i ask you to prepare a lesson relating to ‘set’ and its phrases(set up,set down,set off…) thanks


hi adam thanks a lof for your helps .good job …….


Even I get that lesson, Istill need more exercices to practice.

abeer alward

please Mr i want to know what the difference between can and could further between will and would, i am very confused about that

Mohamed Mahmoud Zaher

Even it wasn’t an easy topic,you made it look really simple as always! :)
Proud of you Adam!


Hi Mr. Adam,

This is my first Class of yours. Even though the class was good, I am able to score 67 only.

Bibhuti Mishra

    Hi Mishra, Even though you scored reasonable points in your first class you seems to be worried. First class with 67 is very good. :)


Could you please describe the difference and usages of “Significance,Significant, Significantly, signification and Signify”


Thanks a lot.I am a fan of you!:D


I´ve also heard in a movie: Now we´re even.


I got 7 correct out of 9. Tomorrow,I will be try again.


Dear sir Adam,

I confused about these words “said or says” and “take care or be careful” Could you help me please, Thanks :)


Hi Adam, Adam what is the defference between assignment and task? could you explain me with example? I don’t get it Thank you
I look forward to your answer.

the best

My score was 89… I didn’t understand the first, but I think was very good result. Thanks!


Lessons of ADAM’s is very polite to me with a very easy to understand English. But I looking at the TRANSCRIPT with “Youtube”, make sure the place where I did not hear. But TRANSCRIPT will get done in the middle. I’m happy very useful for me if there is a perfect TRANSCRIPT to “engGVID.com.” I am not very good at English and most different pronunciation of the Japanese, it’s hear the pronunciation that is short shortening.


thank u Adam


Hi! Adam,
Why we can’t use Even when in the sentence “………you got a perfect score on this quiz, it would be good to review the lesson”. I couldn’t recognize how different between even if and even when. Thank you in advance!


well done, Adam! Thanks!


Even though I understood the lesson,my score wasn’t really good!(78)
Thank u Mr.ADAM


Even though I watch your video, my score is not perfect. 8/9. thx anyway


Hi Adam,
helpful lesson as usual :)
thanks a lot


It’s a bit confusing but I’ll watch the lesson again and again to understand it .. thank you Adam


I got 8/9 =)


Best regards from Roumania!


Thank you very much! Very useful lesson!


How about EVER ? I don’t know how to use. Please help me Adam.
For example ,
Have you ever been to Thailand ?
You are my best friend that I ever had.
This is the best carrot cake ever.

What is the different ? I know the meanning but I don’t know exactly how to use.
Thank you.


Great, I’ve got a 100%.
I can say that I understood the lesson.
Thanks Adam.


Hi Adam,
Thanks for your lesson. I am just wondering that will i able say this way



Hi Adam,
Your lesson’s are brilliant.
I a bit confuse the phrase “not even Kathy”..did it means Kathy thought that Tom’s joke was funny while the others not?


I am a beginner and want to learn a lot of English because I like to speak in this language!
My Skype is clarens.julio and my Whatsapp is 1-809-617-1991…. if you want to practice, learn or teach please add me to your contacts.


Hi Adam.
It was my first time to see your video and try the quiz.
It’s a awesome web site to learn english. I’m so happy that I found this site.
By the way, I have a question about question 5.
why there be used past tense??
Thanks in advance :)


Thank you Adam.


Still thanks .Even thought I watched the video times , I do not understand completerly


I get just 67 I won’t more next time .even if get low market I will always practes


Hi Adam…..Good job.


Thanks ;) ! I got 100%

Joel Tank.

Hello Adam,

Thanks for the video and nice lecture. Would you please post a video lesson on “How to use however and as well as”


What a useful lesson Adam ! … I understood all points you had mentioned in the lesson also your quizzes are a little bit difficult but it is cool because the more difficulty we get … the more english improvement will be.. by the way I got 100 :D so I won’t review it :p … hhhh just a joke .. I will go over it .. I promise :)
My regards.


dear teacher,it’s great lesson
until now, I have learned 5 your lesson,they’re very useful to me

thank teacher a lot
take care


Amazing Teacher, could you explain me the difference between EVEN IF and EVEN THOUGH, it isn’t clear in my little brain


Hello !

Can you tell me why I have to say Even i f you got a perfect score on this quiz, it would be good to review the lesson not even w h e n….? Above that question I have an information that “if” needs present tense and then future tense… and got is past tense right?


Thanks alot Adem
Could you just make a lesson on “have been” when we use it and why you said ” there might have been a problem” whart is the defferences if you say “there is a problem” lik I was working for Emirson or I have been working for Emirson. Please help us as you do everytime.


hello Adam i would like to know if there is any difference between “despite…” and “in spite of”… and could you give me some examples.


Thank you so very much Adam. Your lesson is so simple and clear. Can’t wait to watch and learn more from your tutoring videos.


Thank you mr. Adam! You explained this lession very clear, EVEN I can understand :D


Sir! i have playing problem when i click the lesson the message is display (The server refused the connection) please help me sir!


can when as a connector followed by past participle directly?


Thank you.


Dear Adam,
My question is about item 7 in the quiz. As how as I understand, when I use even if, when or after, I should be guided by conditional sentences’ rules.

Michael Zelenko

Hi, adam! you’re a amazing teacher!
Can you teach about “out” too? I have a little bit difficulty.

Thank you.




oooo! 3 true ansers .
i will revise my lessons


Thank you Adam. Nobody has too much time to review every lesson after finishing the quiz, even me)))


i dont understand with ‘even when’ any example sentence?


    can i have your mobile no plz , i want to chat in english on wahtsapp


hello teacher i got 67%




I did it,my result 78% 7/9. I am Happy because it`s my First time. :)


Thank you! Very useful lesson!


Dear Mr Adam,
thank you for what you teach us
so easy is this lesson for anybody that to get maximum scored
please help me for correct grammar structure in above senctence if even it is wrong
you are good man and friendly


Thank you, Adam, for this lesson and especially for humor in your quiz)) You raise my mood :)

Olga Ukolova

Great lesson…


Hi great Adam!Could you make more clear what’s the difference between even though and even if? On the whole I have understood the course.But this special point confused me.One idea is that the “even though”is refered to sth happened and the second(even if)expresses one hypothesis.Am I correct?


Hi! Mr.Adam Can you help me about different of another one , another, another’s etc.


Hi Mr.Adam, first of all i’d like to thank you for teaching me so well, you’re a fantastic teacher and you’re helping me improve my english a whole lot, now on this lesson i got wrong the question n.8 i said if instead of though,so i wanna ask you that to use if in that answer, the question should have been this way, “Even if we loose tonight, boys, i’ll be proud of you” Am i correct? Hope my english is quite understandable and hope that you give me an answer. Thank you so much for your help teacher.

Rosa Casiero

I really need to learning more.


thank you for this lesson


Hello Adam. I am from India. I am journalist. Hindi is my mother tounge. I am new on this website, I want to learn English perfectly.(Read,write,speake and lishten). I know the basic of English. But problem is in my vocab. how I increase my vocab. you are best teacher.Please Guide me. I saw your video on youtube.

Kunal Mishra

Even if I didn’t play well in this lesson at quiz I can do watch this same lesson and quiz again and again again till I get more mark in this lesson at quiz however I’m not going to get 10 to 10 but may possible 8 to 10 I think for me it’s going to be very challenging.. .
Good lesson Adam sir,,.


Hi adam, thank you for the lesson. i got a 89
I got complicated with the difference between ´even though´ and ´even when´. you see, i try to use it in examples but i can´t help it. To me, they seem interchangeables with each other.
Even though it was cloudy, we went to the beach.
Even when it was cloudy, we went to the beach.

Even though things seemed the worse, she was still optimistic.
Even when things seemed the worse, she was still optimistic.

see, I feel I’m mistaken, but i cannot see the difference.

help me,PLEASE
Thanks in advance
A worried student.


it seems to me “even though” used for past tense. check out an article especially on the internet you’ll be easy to find some where in a sentence “even though” used for past tense. just my opinion even though everything I said was true no one believed me. LOL. good lesson Bro.


Hi Adam
All your vídeos are very interesting.
Thank you very much.
My son(14 years) and me use to watch one or two every day. In that video, you have said you are learning spanish. Would you like to come to Spain?
We invite you to Madrid, to our house whenever you want; one, two weeks… what you want!
Alone , with your girlfriend…
We were happy to share the time you want.
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A very great lesson. Thanks!


Thank you Adam for your explanations. Tomorrow is my final exam, and this class was very important.


At least I understand this pretty even )))))

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You are a good teacher Adam, your lessons are completely usefull for me…..


that’s amazing i get 9 correct out of nine
thanx Adam for your lecture

rusul 93

thanq so much


Today my best score


I watched many videos.even though I am not able to take this words in speaking.

Hemant Rawat

8/9, thank you Adam!

Icchariya Nani

Thank you, Adam 6/9


Even though I didn’t reed the lesson carefully, I got 9 of 9. Is this sentence right?


9/9. The highest score! I was not sure I got all details of this topic, though.

Thank you Teacher!


Even when I’m tired, I study English! I’m serious about becoming fluent soon.

Adriano Martins Péres


    Amus Mauleky

I’m very happy. even though I couldn’t got perfect score. Just 8 score out of 9.


Even though this lesson is for beginners, there are many people posting their comments using advanced level of English.


I got 8/9!


Hi mr Adam,
I’m hapy to follow your lessons and I hope to grow up and improve my english skyll. I got 8/9 . by the way, even if I am not young I would like to know if I haeve any chance to speack english fluently. Do you have experience with old student?Coul you give me any advice ? thanks


    hi angelo73.. we are not yang any more but still have learning sprit..

    Amus Mauleky



Thanks Adam for the lesson. I got 8 to 9 . not bad . I have been studying too hard all days . I need to speak well , it’s necessary for me . I love ur Country , I was living in there for 6 months in Montreal to practice my French .


Thanks a lot Mr. Adam.


Thanks for the lesson. It was helpful.


this is something very important in whichi i think i should learn more of it we sometimes think to know in earnest something realting a tomic what we aee it easy when i look for a lesson to be explanation clearly we can convice us that we need to study more when language is our second language we werent born a spoken native laguague we have to work for it to climb up for our golas…

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Amus Mauleky

A million thanks for your outstanding lesson sir!It’s so useful and more informative.Even when we watch your lesson,we won’t get any clarity on this lesson.you have explained remarkable.I really like your lesson as always.


8/9! Good! Even if I understand all of Adam’s lessons, I also need to do more quiz to make comprehension.

Jerry Gu

even if I have two mistakes this is not big deal.


I don’t know why I always get bad score to your lessons. However, I always get 100 for the other engVid team members. I got only 56 in this quiz although I listened to your explanation very well. I even replayed the video ten times, but I got surprised that you brought up some expressions, which didn’t mention in video. For instance you said that even is only used for surprising however I found some answers of quiz focused on emphasizing. I don’t think that I am not even stupid that I can’t understand your explanation. thanks

Hameed Mido

thanks for this wonderful lesson

marc anthony

Thank you. I got 6 of 9.

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