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    hello everyone am new to this website and also trying to speak english fluently and effectively


      Thank you very much

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    nice to meet with you


    thanks for helping to improve my conversation.Ronnie have a good sense of humor.Your learning style is so good.

    Dinesh Sampang

    Thanks, I got 100%

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    Yes, very envy

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Hey Ronnie, I like your sense of humor. It makes your lessons more enjoyable!

Have a good end of year!


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That was good and l enjoyed ir

t Vivian

Hi Ronnie…. I love u!!! You’re really a good teacher with a sense of humar :)
Your lessons are so useful. Thanks…..

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    excuse me man , but ” humar ” means DONKEY

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      I’m sorry but “humar” doesn’t mean anything! I’m not sure but I didn’t find any meaning of this word on “google translater” )


        I think sada2012 would like to say mood and not humar. I agree the Ronnie has a nice mood. Thanks for the lesson.

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      :) Humar is arabic Donkey

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thank you rebecca your lessons make me smile and happy :)


    Dude she is not Rebecca. She is Ronnie my dear anonymous friend.

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I’m new here. This is very good tutorial for someone who want to learn English. It’s a clear explanation and examples. Good job.
Thanks so much Ronnie :)


oh no :)) you are not rebecca but I want to thank you and I want to say that your lessons are so funny and informative…


teacher Ronnie ^_^
thank you so Much in advance

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You got 9 correct out of 10.
I made a mistake over here
7. English speakers forget words, too.

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    don’t worry..I made same mistake.

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Thank you Ronnie.

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Ronnie, one more time I thank you.
Hugs from Brazil.

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you’re awesome


10 correct out of 10.
Thank you Ronnie.
But i hope you can bring some pictures into your lessons. It will be very perfect.


I love you! Your lesson with donkey, just beautiful structure !!!


hi ronnie,
nice teaching and good explanation


thank that help me how I can converse whit English speaker that was so use full for me .


    Hey your English is wrong.


You are great in explaining Ronnie


thank you very much Ronnie, your lessons are very useful :)


i cant see the quiz why ?

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You are the best!


i want to tell you you are a great teacher i would like to ask you when i use (was) the verb how i mean he was in the present, past, past participle i hope to help me
منذ 13 دقائق · Like


    I need to know that as well

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thank u ms Ronnie
u r great with ur humor sense


Thank you Ronnie

frndz u may catch me on SKYPE- javed.cpr or FACEBOOK- Jawaid Mohammad
pls catch me bcoz i want to improve my comm skills

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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It’s ok :-)*

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Ronny you are cool! You are super teacher! I wish you suсcess!


Hi, Ronnie! You’re the best teacher in the world!
May I ask you to make the lesson vocabulary of women’s underwear? There are many different things and I’m afraid to confuse during practice :)
Thank you for your wonderful lessons!


She has a great teaching style – is joking all the time. It helps me to remember better!

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very useful…. thank you

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thank’s so much madam Ronnie ;)


thank you

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I got 8 correct out of 10.


dear Ronnie i was looking for somebody intelegent person who would teach me,who would explain me some words.Today i was very upsed,even i was crying,i dont understand translate some sentences,when i found you,i have understood that you can help me.Thank you very much ,when you are speaking i understand you very well,thank you very much,God bless you!!!you are best!!!!!!!!

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Thank you, Ronnie!!! Ihave made 100%!!)))

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I got 9 correct out of 10.
Thank you.

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thank you so much!!


Thanks alot Ronnie

MR. Nawaf

Thank you. It’s useful.


You are amazing teacher thanks a lot

Nour al aml

thanks a lot

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thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot, this lesson is pretty useful!

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muchas gracias!

Shing mang tun

sorry, I can’t watch youtube because that is off our country means Bangladesh.


Hi Ms. Ronnie !
You are excellent as usual.
But my question today is:
When we use ” little and a little ” “few and


    “little” and “a little” are used with uncountable nouns
    “few” and “a few” — are used with countable nouns.

    Look at these examples:

    “He has a few friends.” — this means that he has 4,5 friends.

    “He has few friends.” — In turn, this means that he has one or two friends. You can emphasize “few” with “very” or “so” and you get — “He has very/so few friends.”, and this could mean that he has no friends at all. Poor guy. xD

    The same with “little” and “a little”.

    “I need a little water.” — This means that you want small amount of water to drink, for example.

    “There is so little water in deserts.” — And this mean that there is almost no water. xD

    Basically, “a little” and “a few” mean the same as “some”, and you can use it either with countable and uncountable nouns. So, if you have problems with “a little, a few” or when to use “A” , try to think about “some”. Sooner or later you will get it. xD

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      In addition to what you said !
      a few & few use before plural nouns .
      a few means ^a small number ^
      e.g. it will take a few minutes .

      few means ^not many^
      e.g. few people knew he was ill .
      It is mainly used in writing or formal speech
      in conversation or informal writing ,it is more usual to say not ^^not many ^^
      e.g. not many people saw what happened

      also ^^a little and little^^
      a little means some but not a lot
      British just keep saying a bit of instead of a little
      e.g. I`v got a bit of money left .

      little means ^^not much^^
      the same with little ,It is mainly used in writing or formal speech .
      in conversation or informal writing ,it is more usual to say ^^not much^^
      e.g. there was not much syrup left .
      :D :D :D

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      Thanks both of you, Morfik and Hisham,
      that was excelent explaination.


        Thanks both of you, Morfik and Hisham,
        Those were excellent explanations.


ur funny ms ronnie.
i like the way u teach us.
especially ur sense of humor

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thank you.


Thank you so much. I really enjoy your lessons and learn much. May God bless you!


This is the first to see your lecture.
Thanks. I like your humourous method to teach English.


Thank you Ronnie you are a fantastic teacher


Thank you, Ronnie, for that great hint!

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Thank you.

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Thanks Ronnie haw do you do?


Ukraine loves you Ronnie ^_^


hi Ronnie, did you know you’re my favourite teacher? you speak very softly.

Tony Espanto

Ronnie, do we use any preposition in
“How do you say…”
“What do you call…”?

For example:
“How do you say on this.”

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    Frankly,, I don`t think it will be proper,,it will be just like this :
    how do you say
    e.g. how do you say your last name ?
    I think you will noticed an imbalance in pronunciation if you add the preposition
    i`m not quite sure about that I prefer to wait the reply from the expert Ronnie .. :D :D :D

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      In my language there is a preposition, so this isn’t so simple to me. xD

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How can I download all beginner lessons ?

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    Here’s all our beginner lessons; can’t help you with the downloading, but there are sites that let you do that.

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Thanks Ronnie. I’m from Vietnam

slc hoi bat chuyen

I got 10 out of 10. Thank you, Ronnie !


Teacher vRonnie, you’re not just a teacher you are an artist in the art of teaching. Congratulations for you!

Ana Carolina

Teacher Ronnie, you’re not just a teacher you are an artist in the art of teaching. Congratulations to you!

Ana Carolina

Ronnie, you’re the best!


Hi Ronnie thank you for everything you do .
You’r the best teacher


I a’m looking for conversation partner to improve english at skype my skype id is ( sqsiddiqui )

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Thank you Ronnie. Appreciate your lesson!! Hugs from Brazil


hallo i am saying a story can u correkt it?
kloten and holten was on the last match
wen kloten do a gaol than he s enymy will be a good story that mens kloten will be thed
and than will be holten tehe best of the yaer
but kloten didt watet to be thed so kloten didt do a goal holten did a gaol and they went best
of the year and nobandy went thed. pleeeeeeeeeeeeess chek it !!!

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thank you Ronnie…useful like always.

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very thanks for you Ronnie . i am Arabian and i understand English from you .


Thank you



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Thank you Ronnie
frndz u may catch me on SKYPE javed.cpr or FACEBOOK Jawaid Mohammad
pls catch me bcoz i want to improve my comm skills

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this is what I call a good lesson by beautiful Ronnie, thanks a lot.

Efrain Dominguez

you are awesome, Ronnie. I am a teachers like you on computers. I like your teaching style. Thank you for more beautiful lectures than each other. from Turkey.


its ferest time -tankes su

khaled allam

Hi gais


anyone here


This was my first experience at ‘Engvid’ and it was nice, thanks..

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That’s a good lecture thank you I hope for you success I think that is a great for us a new people in English


wow , amazing lesson… with a good sense oh humor , please keep it up … thanks so much Ronnie and all the stuff team .

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    i want someone to talk to , would you like ??that’s good for learning that’ll suit our purpose fine

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thank you Teacher Ronnie


Thnx you Ronnie. Thanks also engvid.com


This English lesson is very useful for me. I am happy learning with charming teacher as you Ronnie.

Thank you

easy understood, great job! i love it.


I am very happy with u video…. I always download ur video


thanks dear good

sarwan singh

thank u so much Ronnie U R really fantastic..


thanks a lot Ronnie , you always make things easier .

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I like it :)

Salman Freshie

thanks dear good

udari Ranathunga

Thank you for this lesson.


Very Good,
really you are interesting

Anwar Alsardy

HI,teacher Ronnie,t


I got a 100 % in Quiz that’s great lesson , What does great mean ?! hhhhhhh Thank you soooo much


hi,teacher Ronnie,today is i first time to login this website to learn and want improve my english,i hope i can do it and improve when speaking,writing,and many many…hope teacher can help me,i know my english very poor,but i want to learn.sorry if i type wrong word.


it’s very useful. thank you so much


hi rani
i have given the test first time by watching your video. And i really like your teaching style. Thanks


Dear Teacher,

Thank you ..


it’s useful. love it……..

nm chowdhury

Thanks Ronni you actually a very good teacher :-)

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Thanks , is very usefull




thanks for this rly great video :)


thanks a lot teacher for this lesson i like it


Love You ronnie,I just saw a video of u today, you really are awesome

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Thanks a lot Ronnie


You are funniest and cutest teacher I’ve ever seen

Love you :)

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    Thanks teacher Ronnie your way very fatastic
    I love you very much
    can you help me ?
    I want to learn English quickly
    What’s way i have to do
    I hope you help
    please answer my question
    thanks again


Thanks anyway. Your lessons are very useful for me.

Eder Jose

I have 10 correct out of 10 :-)) best regards from Österreich well done


thanks Ronni so much you are a good teacher ,i want you to make lessons for TOEFL . GOOD LUCK FOR EVERY BODY IV THIS SITE .

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Hey there Ronnie how are you doing?
I just wanted to ask
What is a syntax?

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thanks ronnie

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Hi,Ronnie,I like your lessons,they are very interesting and helpful.The engvid is a great website to learn English.I want suggest if somebody had studied one lesson,the title of this lesson on the homepage should be changed another color,so that he can clear at a glance which one had studied.


Excellent Ms,Ronnie
I enjoyed it.I’m a teacher too


Thank you so much , What a great teacher

Ahmed Maged

Thanks Ronnie,great help por us.

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Thanks :)

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I congratulate you for this charity work

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    Thank you, although I have to admit, we don’t do this for free. We make money from ads, mostly (and also people can donate)!

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Good job. Thank you. :)

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    hi flavia I also want to improve my speaking skills,if u wish we can audio chat.

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Thank you very much madam….

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you are awesome teacher.
i love your teaching style.


Truly speaking , it is very usefull for, those who are learning daily conversation, hope this will be continue forever.

Thank you somuch….



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Thank u so much for this funny lesson ;)

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    hey zarifa i also wnt 2 learn english so cn u teach me if u dnt myn…….


Ronnie, you are incredible!Thank you and ask for more lessons at the intermediate level


Ronny you are cool! You are super teacher! I wish you suсcess :)

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That’s too good. that’s praiseworthy. no one can defy.


Thanks a lot and your teaching style is too good.


I really thank you so much for teaching me English . please sent me if am write wrong sentence i would like to leans about it .


Ronnie, Your teaching is so fun. Thank you very much!


thank you :)

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Very good lesson, thanks Ronnie

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Dear Roonie, I don’t know your e-mail and write just here.

I bumped into a strange GRAMMAR CONSTUCTION “that which”, e,g,:
This dog is ten times THAT WHICH an ordinary police og might earn.
Can not find such grammar in any book, please help me, Roonie!!! What is this grammar about?


hi, teacher i enjoyed the lesson and thank you very much for helping me.Bye bye……..

Tony Espanto

90 % ! amazing ! that’s cool ! I guess question n°6 is true indeed


thanks teacher Ronnie
I enjoy the lesson you are very kind teacher and I hope to benefit more from your lectures


Thank you, Ronnie! U are amazing!)) Hello from Russia)


thank you :)


Thank you, it was helpful.

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I messed around all this while thinking i understand English grammar not until now… :) I’m glad i found this page


Hi Ronnie,

It’s very funny and lot of enjoy to learn English from you.

Your are amazing teacher.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


Hi’i like the ,way how you teach ,and i hope you make more long videos about being confident during the conversation and how to use sling daily,this my first comment and i hope it will not be the last.thank you keep it up,exelent job.


i like your way and i need your Facebook mail or your mail thank you


Very nice lesson.
Thanks Ronnie.


Ronie is the best teacher


it’s really good way for me to develop my knowledge………….thank you very much


heyy teacher how r u doin.? i just wanna know what does (ya) refer to ?? i’ve been hearing it alot like i luv YA or i want YA,,:)

Profile photo of sarahmahmoud sarahmahmoud

    It just means “you”! “You” can sound like “ya” depending on the accent, or if someone is talking more casually.

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Hello! Thank you for all your videoes, you are very good teacher and funy teacher. It helps to improve my english very much.I hope you make a long video. thank you….so…much,and please to say ” thank you” to all of you team.


Thank u very very good your lessons


Thanks Ronnie
very in trested


I love your lecture!!


Those are very good tricks!!!!! Thank you…

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Wonderfull lesson…thank you very much

Amal Al Taweel

thanks Ronnie your a great teacher


Thank you Ronnie….


thank you
you are the best teacher.


shes a funny…i like the way she teach


hallo ronie is this write the diffrens between the and he are the same?
PLAES CHEK IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and your video was cool!!!!


hi Ronie. I am a medical transcriptionist. I think I have good grammar skills, but I have a little hesitation in English speaking. So plz tell me how to improve this weakness of mine.
Thanks. and Thank you very much for your Engvid Videos.

Takshak Sharma

What do you call the nicest, coolest and most addictive teacher of the web? RONNIE!! hahaha I love you!!

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    Hello gasolina987, how are you? Would you mind to add me at skype?

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Ronnie thanks a lot

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Thank you for all lessons it was very useful to me teacher Roonie

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you are a good teacher, i like your classes


wow it really useful for better learning English but i am here new but i know it is better i have a question and i hope your will be answer me how we should talk fast with best pronunciation plzzzzzzzz help me
tanks u so much


Nice Video, Thank you so much Ronnie Appreciate .

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Hi!please i didn’t understant well the lesson of “the past perfect” please can you help me to know why we use this tense .

morade meknassy

I love this class I relly learn somenthing when I open this page.Thank you so much all of you Teachers


Hello Ronnie! You have a way incredible to teach.Congratulation!


Hi, Ronnie. ı have never seen such a good teacher. your perfect. your method is very very very effettive and enjoyable. thank you very much indeed.


hello ronnie! it is my first time on this site u are a good teacher thnk u very much

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i like the way you theach us ronnie , im a new member on engvid ,
could you pleas tell me about when we used v1,v2,v3, because im little beat confiused ,
thanks before :D

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    V1 = present tense= talk about everyday actions.
    V2 = past tense = talk about past actions
    V3= past participle = use with passive, past perfect and present perfect.

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      Hi!!This is my first English lesson and i´ve really liked.Ít´s very good

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    my friend try to write correct spelling in order to learn perfect…..you are little bit confused….have a good luck in your learning

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hello, nice to see you on vidéo…. and thank you for your lessons…

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tnx u vry vry good your lessons

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What does that mean?
What is the meaning of that?
Is it true?
Is there a different between two questions?

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thanks 4 u

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hi ronnie,its really good to learn english from you.you are a good teacher.and i am enjoying to learn new english words with funny face expression.


it.s an amazing web site.i like it very much.very informative and interesting.


Dear Ronnie!
Thanks for your lessons. I profit by your lessons.

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it was nice…………..


Ireally liked!!!!

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Hi again Mrs Roonie really i love u So the vidio was watched by me :p you said wahat’s take a dump.and what does ronnie mean and you said the same i think that not the same so we can say what do your name and what’s roonie mean ? pleas answer me please please i’m waiting you :(


    Take a dump = go poo.
    My name is Ronnie. It has no meaning!

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i love thew way that u teach

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you are the best thanks


i got it this sentences 7 out of 10 it’s mean i improve my litter better english.then you must morethen helping me this english.i like your english teaching styles ..

Anil kumar

Dear Ronnie,
I like your way of teaching. I like your sense of humor, it help me to remember these lessons. Thanks a lot and love.

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sorry if i am getting rude, but was you first word when the video starts. I tried to figure it out but i was not able to understand it.(i am new to you website.)


excellent tips, thank you very much

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u r awesome ….
supar awsome ….
i lyk the way u teach …. :)

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Thank you very much professor.

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This site is amazing and Ronnie is awesome.. thank you for it…

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amazing site

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Great teaching, Ronnie from another English Language Teacher from Malaysia.

Joseph Arokianathan Amalraj

thank you so much my teacher. you help me a lot!!


hi all…iam new here, to level up my english practise…hace a god time ;-))

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thank you from my heart ,Ronnie

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Merry Christmas, Ronnie!
=))) It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!
Each merry bell chimes
A time for remembering
Old friends and old times
A time for warm greetings
Old ties to renew
And a time for good wishes
For good folks like you!
Merry Christmas! =)



thank you so much.i hope to see you soon. you are amazing!

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Thank you so much,Ronnie !
You’re really awesome, and your method is very very great. Thank you again.


Thank you so much for your efforts

Mr.Mahmoud Saad Mahmoud

Than you Ronnie
Little by little I’m learning.
It’s very difficult to me.

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that was great and you are the best


i got 100 tnx Ronnie for this lesson :)

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    add m
    skype for practice english and make friendship\


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thw way of your teaching is completely perfect,i hav no words to say thank you..keep it up.

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im also beginner so pls if there is anyone online on skype,contact me skype-shahin66620,we can improve our english through communication…

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what does pokeru maen?????????????????????????


Ronnie, I like Your lessons, You’re great!!!!! Best regards!!!!

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thank you very much madam ronnie , i got 9of 10
please i need a lesson about communication skills
god bless you


Ronnie, these videos are produced in a studio or in a conventional classroom? Where is (if it is not a secret)? In a room lend from a hospital (funny sirens), lol. You are kept by any company or volunteer teachers? You and the other teachers are friends barbecue? Thanks very much. I’m a fan of ingVid, can I have your autograph?

Profile photo of rikcardo rikcardo

    They are produced in a classroom, located on the longest street in the world in Toronto, Canada!
    The other teachers and I NEVER barbecue our friends!
    We are not owned by any company!
    The sirens are the police trying to find me!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Sorry Ronnie, I meant “fellow barbecue” (this expression exists?). Maybe one day all the world’s businesses and professionals can work with the method of donation and collaboration. Thanks for your reply, very kind.

      Profile photo of rikcardo rikcardo

        I think the expression is barbecue’s friend

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hi Ronnie,nice lesson…..could u plz tell me which sentence is correct-
1.Are you going to school tomorrow?
2.will u go to school tomorrow?
thanks nd pls pls reply to me


    There are both correct! Check out my video on “WILL vs. GOING TO”!

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Hi ronnie, you are the best , thank you so much having such wonderful information frm u….
please do me favour i m fresher goin 2 join MNC i want from u some tips on interview. How i start with easiness plz help me on dis .
hope u”ll focus on ma question? thank s again with best wishes
n happy year 2 u n all ur relatives n friends


    What kind of interview? I have done a video on job interviews…..search this site and you can find it!

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Ronnie, You are so funny. I even pay to come to your show. How can I see u in person?


thank you Ronnie ..You are funny hehehe

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Ronnie, you are very fun.
I’m learning very much with you.
You are the best
Thank you!


Thank You Ronnie. I enjoy your lessons! :D

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Thanks Ronnie, ur a good teacher I like the way u give examples and always u don’t forget the donkey…lolllzzzz…..kidding.

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Thank you very much Ronnie…


Thank you teacher


thanks so much Ronnie!!

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I got 9 correct out of 10


My name is Roberto, I’m brasilian. I like listen you very much.
Do you have some conversation movie with other people ? Kind of conversation with your friend in the street or at home?
Thank you

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    No sorry, I don’t have a lesson like that!

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I apologize if I am wrong, but the question of number 6 seems wrong to me
it says “If you forget a word in English, you should try to guess it.” I answered that it’s FALSE.
I do not think you have to try to guess it. You have to try to describe it so that the listener can help me. Right?

Profile photo of lisa28 lisa28

    The answer is TRUE – but you are also correct! You should try to describe it but you can also guess!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

No sorry, I don’t have a lesson like that!

Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I love all the teachers, but you and Jamie are my favorites (also Mr.E) LOL.
Thanks to all of you guys for the great teaching!

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Hello Ronnie,
This lesson is very interesting….
I’m learning day by day with you….

Thanks for all


What does Ronnie mean !
Thank you so much for your courses

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hi my name is omar i am new student but i have sdudied english before. so teachers plz can u tell me how can i speak english like a native speakers and what is the best way to do it??? thanks for teaching !


Thank you Ronnie.

Sunil Kumar

I really like your class.
Thanks for teaching.. :D

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Hello Ronnie! I think you explain very well all the lessons. In fact, with you I’ve been learned a lot. I was wondering if you learn some Japanese language?


thank Ronni you a good teacher

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Rennie you are amazing teacher
thank you for your lessons
you have a very interesting and funny way for teach.
thank you


thank you ronnie

I love your way to teach

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you”r greaaaat teacher good luck

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thank you Roonie I love your way.

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Hi Ronnie,
as I forget teh word I would say to you , how do you say when someone gives you a nice present (as you did with your lesson)and you wish to show this person your satisfaction :-)




I’m sending this email from Afghanistan to you please send me English lesson to my mail

jawid "samadi"

thank you very much.you are best teacher! Nadia.55.I”m from Moscow.


For me it s the fist time i discovered these website but i enjoyed it and especially how you teach the language as you are the first teacher listened to,


thanks a lot ..

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Hi Ronnie! It was such a nice lesson, i LOVE it))Thanks a lot!) But i have a question for u: what was the way u were greeting us in the video ( i can not catch a word :(- the very first word u have said, what was it?)=)

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i like your english Ronnie and i like you :)

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hi ronnie you are best eng lu teacher 10Qu. i ask u one Quetion iknow to read idon’t have full adersatandig if u can please help me how to start speak english steps

tilahun balcha

you are the best .go on

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Thanks. Excelente exercise.

Felix Berrouet

9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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nice one.

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thank”s ronnie for good lesson .

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wow i got 8 out of 10 thanks ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie , i have got valuable addition

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very nice teavhing


ronnie i need help by present perfekt


Ronnie )) i like u’re lessons and sense of humor! :)

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hello everyone am new to this website and also trying to speak english fluently and effectively

prachi jain

Thank you ^-^

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Hi Ronnie. Thank you very much for your lessons. I like to listen to you


Thanks from Spain. Ronnie you’re a great teacher

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Hi Teacher Ronnie,

Thank you so much for helping us to learned and to understand english lessons here at engvid. I’m a Filipino and i desired to learn to speak and to write proper english. I appreciate it if you can correct me in my grammar. God BLess You all! c”,)


Thanks a lot

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hey guys, i am new at this site. Please somebody please help me about how can i get lessons on the site.

Profile photo of shradha shradha

    oh i got the videos. My net was a bit slow at that time that’s why it was not visible to me

    Profile photo of shradha shradha

      That’s ok if you have any problem i will help you sweety.

      Profile photo of saifuddinkhan saifuddinkhan

      am also new 2 tis website …..

      Profile photo of Danielmcleancarter Danielmcleancarter

Excellent tip!!! :D thanks

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hi.. i’m new to this site.. ronnie the way you teach is really enjoyable… this site is very useful to learn english..but i’m not that much good in english, hope ll learn soon by this site.. keep rocking..


Thank you Ronnie!

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What does Donkey mean ?


first al salamu alaikum (means peace on you), second alow me to show my respection to you, because you deserve it . you teach honestly, give informations with no selfish and helpful. thank you very much. kamal


hi ronnie,
This my first lesson, i am glad see u and your way of speaking. Nice lesson.

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Thank you Ronnie. I find it very useful and easy to understand.

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Thank you Ronnie,, love you so much :))

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thank you ronnie i got 10 / 10

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Thanks Ronnie
I’m always looking forward to your new video.
Almost your vidos are for beginners.
So even I could understand the video content.
And I have a question.
What’s the meaning of ~~?
is often used in English speaking countries?

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Hi Ronnie, I am from Brazil and I am learning english, I like your classes.
Thank you

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Thank you very much sister ronnie

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hi, I’m new guy.

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    Welcome! Hope you stick around.

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thank you ..

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thanks to all the teachers it svery kind of you

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Hello Ronnie.. i want to Thank you …. for Amazing clsses……. you are really amazing teacher….

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Thanks Miss Ronnie. God Bless You. -Oh and do you say the word that means wet and sometimes is on the shampoo covers. Someone please tell me!!

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i like the way she teach

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thank you ronnie im very happy to join with you

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Hi Ronnie. I really love your lessons. you’re funny; besides, you’ve always come up with wonderful topics. i was wondering if you could teach us the titles of the doctors in medicine. what do you call them. i know cardiologist, dentist, optometrist, but what about the others.

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Thanks, Ronnie

Profile photo of ybraa ybraa

Hi ronnie.I arab guy and I can understand what you say.I watch movies everyday but I can not understand anything.I can not also understand economic programs.I want to improve myself in listening and I wish youcould help me.
thank you.

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Thank you!

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i love this one. it’s so useful~
thank you so much, teacher!
i won’t break my conversations any more. do not run or go home LOL xD

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native speaker mention slangs , old english, phrases from school. what do you mean by that? new vocabulary. stupid things. war stupid . be carefull. what do you call ? you used to play as a child. kiwie. you draw a circle .in the middle you put the caps of soda. you need a ball. two teams. you try to tear them down.you run anywhere. finally, you place the caps inside the circle before they catch you.

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I just love this video. I´ll take it into account every time I forget a word. Thanks Ronnie you´re great.

Profile photo of marifer marifer

i do enjoy watching you teach in an interesting way!

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Ronnie Thanks for this lesson!!! U r so funny

Hugs from Brazil

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ronni , thank you for everything ..

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I´m glad.I got 10 correct out of 10

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Thank you
I have question sometimes use am with I and sometimes don’t use can you explain thank you very much again

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Hi there!
Thanks a lot Ronnie for you help. Your way of teaching is amazing!
See you in another lesson.

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Super! Thank you, Ronnie :)

Profile photo of nadinka nadinka

I’ve to cofess you’re the best teacher, because you change the shame moments in funny moments. I think we need to learn the bad words to take care and don’t say in the wrong situation. I think as a Brazilian, which the biggest barrier to speak english fluently is a lack of knows this lesson.

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Thank ms Ronnie. I learnt a lot and it really useful. You so funny and lovely teacher.

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Hello, Ronnie I bet ur the best teacher ever, n all english teachers who teaches in this site are amazin but ur the cutest one :) U give us what we need thank u so much. Am wondering if u can teach us how to pronounce “tt” as little, and “er” as over, “t” as party (it sounds as parry). I’d like to improve my speech.

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This is my first time to joint the lesson,..and I was enjoy it. Thank you very much, I must be try hard to be Speak English well..

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I am a new in this website . it is very nice and easier to learn English . thank you

hi every one . how they are?

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Hi Ronnie, I love you. Your sence of humor mede a class very insteresting.

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I Cannot understand the first word that she said at the beginning,is it a greeting?. please help me, I want to understand everything!


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Ronnie,thanks so much cause u make English soo easy for me .

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Ronnie, i really like your teaching. u always make me laugh. lol

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Hello Ronnie, thank you so much! What I have do if my patner talks too fast? How we can speak with the same rhythm? I see often trouble with my chinese partners)). Thank’s in advance!

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Hi Ronnie
Thanks for everything ! you’re the best

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Hi Ronnie
Thank you so much you’re amazing teacher !

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hello my dear teacher i like your teaching i try to learn your lesson best regard

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thank you Ronnie

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Ronnie, thank you for your lecture. It’s very helpful for me ^^
p/s: Hi everybody. I’m Hien Nguyen, come from viet nam. I want to improve my english so i want to make friend everybody
if can, please add my Skype: hiennguyen.bk9

Profile photo of hiennguyenbk9 hiennguyenbk9

Thank Ronnie i love you and wish you to be successful in every mood of life.

Profile photo of saifuddinkhan saifuddinkhan

not very excited, but satisfied with your endeavor.

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thank you :D

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thank you Ronnie, i like study english with you.
your lesson so good with me.

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thank you Ronnie ..

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i got 8 correct !!! thanks Ronnie

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As always great lecture…..

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Thank you my great teacher !!!

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great lesson, thanks you

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I love When you teach. You speak so clear and slowly. Thank you teacher.

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Thank you Ronnie.Carry on!

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nice :)

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i’m from India, i saw your website through youtube. this is great . people like me are benefited through your website. i really appreciate yous website. thanks alot :-)

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Great job Ronnie! Keep up the good work:)Stay as humorous and good teacher as you are…You rock teacher!

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Thank you Ms Ronnie! i’m really appreciate your work. best wishes:-)

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I’m loving this site, all teachers are great and my favorite is Ronnie! of course

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I`m so laugh as spite out of heart.
If you forget a word in the middle of a conversation, you should:

look down and stop talking
go home
Thank you Ronnie for always funny and useful lesson.

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THANKS. It’s very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Astghik Astghik


Profile photo of Mustafa.Z Mustafa.Z

I got 9 correct out of 10.
I failed this question. “Some people are stupid, so you should be careful who you learn from.” My answer was “false.” But the correct answer is “true.” Why do you think so? I’d thought so, too. But I’ve thought “Nobody is perfect” these days. Am I goofball? So I think…I’m afraid…you should think another question. I’m too serious? But I love your lesson :)
Fun! Thank you, Ronnie ;)

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Thanks so much that you are teaching English. now I want to follow up your amazing teaching lessons that you tried to make for us. all the best

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Thanks a lot. I got 100.

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I got 8 correct out of 10

thanks a lot ronnie

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thanks miss ronnie i got 9 correct

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i am trying to enhance my speaking skills ,if any one want to speak in english with me
thats my skype name [hatem-magdy]

Profile photo of hatem magdy hatem magdy

Hi Ronnie, thanks for you lovely way of teaching, hope I will be able to improve my English step by step….cheers!!!

Profile photo of Made Dana Made Dana

Thanks, Ronnie.I will try to speak some people with English.

Profile photo of gpio8080 gpio8080

please please Ronnie …i urge u to do some videos on tenses , i love the way u explain things so smoothly faaaaar better than any other…. i hope others teachers r not offended if i say such…. :P

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You are great teacher…thanks Ronnie.

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thank you Ronnie

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hello, i am new on the website and will apreciate to practice ronnies lessons on skype… I am looking to speak english fluently… so… if anyone could help me.. tnx

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Hello Ronnie, i like the way you teach and enjoying the learning lesson. Thank you very much

Profile photo of nick nick

Thanks I got 80%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Thank you Ronnie you rock! Im shy but watching your lesson i feel i can work it. Keep doing such a great job!

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i like u very much ronnie u are my best teacher

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master ronnie!!

Profile photo of claudiag claudiag

hi ronie how are you i wan ask if it’s possible to have a conversation with you in skype that’s mine sadavid3……thank yu take care

Profile photo of sadavid sadavid

It’s a good website to learn english. thank you for all…

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thank you so much ronnie!:)

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Thanks a lot.sorry to spell it wrong before.

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how understandabe lesson, thank you

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ho roonie, i think your a exellent teacher, because you do the class very funny

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thanks engvid specially to ronnie

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Hello, I’m new here thanks a lot =]

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thank you for the lession!

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I learn it, TKS

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I want thank you RO for this lesson

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Hi Ronnie! I love your good mood! Thank you for the class.

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Thanks Ronnie, you’re awesome :) may I ask you, when to use can and could? thanks in advance for your reply

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thank you Ronnie you are the best

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I got 100 :D

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Thank you Ronnie !This lesson was very useful for me !

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Thanks Ronnie! I got 90% :)

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ronie you’re the best <3

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Thank Ronnie, I got 100

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thaanks ronnie
You got 10

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Good lesson, Thanks Ronnie!

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I think! I m only a Burma who learn on this website. I was luck I found you on YouTube. Please help me improve my English.

I m really bad in English.

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i like it very much. :)

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I gotta say, ronnie you are great!!
I really like your lessons

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you are amazing Ronnie I really love and like your lessons… :) ;)

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you are amazing Ronnie I really love and like your lessons… :) ;)

Profile photo of ArMand23 ArMand23

thanks:) for the God because he gave us a teacher like you. GOD BLESS YOU Ms.Ronnie

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Thank you so much Ronnie! This is very helpful in removing fears while trying to communicate in English!

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Ronnie your the best for me ;-)

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90.. not bad, thank u a lot my dear Ronnie.

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Hi Ronnie
Actually I’m trying talking with my teachers’ friends.
So, I’m teacher from CCAA the course from CCLS but sometimes I felt embarrasing.
I don’t know, but I want to know someone here to mantain a conversation by skype.

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thanks Ronnie :3 I feel excited :)

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Now I finished all these videos for beginner , I will jump to intermediate videos .

thank for all teachers who giving lessons in Engvid .

With all my respect

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Thank you Ronnie :)

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Ronnie thank you for teaching me. I got 70 should listen to you again

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Important lesson .. thanks Ronnie :)

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hi, teacher Runnie

I lik your lesson.thanks.:)

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I find you charming Ronie I enjoyed it with my kids .Regards from Egypt

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Amazing lesson. Thanks a lot Teacher, And I enjoyed study’s with you.
Step by step to learn any languages, we do that with you right now.

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Thanks Ronnie, geat lesson, you could also be an actress

Profile photo of kvmajstor kvmajstor

Hi Ronnie,
Your lessons are useful and great!! I just wanted to ask you “Do you give online private tutoring?” I´d love to have private tutoring from you, I really want to improve my English. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Ur amazing I started to listen to ur lesson like almost everyday…and feeling like I’m improving a lot.

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today’s lesson was very useful for me thanks so much.

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You are talented Ronnie. It is helping me a lot and I want to speak english very well like you. Cant wait for more lesson to listen and learn from you.

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Ronnie thanks a lot for those amazing Lessons!!! You are the best!!!! <3

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thanks Roonie i am watching your videos 3 to 4 time in a day.i am feeling that i’m improving my conversation skill in english
thanks you so much Roonie and other engvid teachers.

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i got 60% but i will struggle for next time

Profile photo of hamzajany hamzajany

very useful

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Easy to learn. Ronnie’s teaching helps a lot.

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This is my first day on engVId. And, I can say that I have learnt a lot from your videos Ronnie. And, I am going to watch each and every videos of yours.I will also watch videos from other teachers as well later. But, Ronnie just rocks. I would like to be a teacher like you some day. Do you have any lesson for British Accent as well? or it doesn’t matter ? Can I have a mixed accent(American/British) or I should be very much conscious about it. Please suggest. After 2-3 years, I want to be a good speaker(like a native one.

Profile photo of Ravi Ravi

hi it’s NADA from Egypt this is my first time to watch videos over the internet and ting to learn on line i liked roni’s style in teaching and i get it very easily i tried to learn from here because i am in bad conditions right now i can’t pay for lessons so i tried to learn from here by my self i just want to thank her very much and wish here all of the best and i want any body here to keep in touch with me to give me the power to continue and please roni i ‘ve interview in englis i need to learn how to introduce my self wrote every thing but my accent and pronunciation is not good as them so i need to know how to pronounce what i wrote :D i get benefit from you when u say want to mean wanna and java this things pls let me know more thanks in advance and thank you all :) luv uuuuuuu

Profile photo of Nada Ahmed Nada Ahmed

I have got 100%. I love Ronnie! The way how she teaches

Profile photo of EduRJ2015 EduRJ2015

Thank you Ronnie. It’s easy to learn English with you

Profile photo of Andreea Elena Andreea Elena

Good explaination Ronie. What do we call a person who makes some wierd acting, sometimes screaming and sometimes talking as if you are whispering, or sometimes talking some embarrassing word so easily?
You guessed it ! its …..

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hi excellent lesson…

Profile photo of Ambarlineth Ambarlineth

Very usefull! you are great!

Profile photo of cecispacc cecispacc

You’re the best! Do you give online lessons? By Skype, for example?

Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

thank you mam your the best. and i learn a lot

Profile photo of ricky25ph ricky25ph

who wants to practice add skype: bagietka291
I’m a beginner.

Profile photo of Mikasa Mikasa

Good class.
Very clear.

Profile photo of llleonardomiranda llleonardomiranda

hello Ronnie I am new to this website and also trying to speak english fluently and effectively
thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of victorB2V victorB2V

Hi Ronnita thanks for all the efforts.
about the lesson can I say *what’s the meaning of xxxxx.?* is it the same when I say *what’s* and *what does xxxxxx mean?
please answer me as soon as possible
ALLAH(GOD)bleses and guids you, say amen

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    Profile photo of youssef 01 youssef 01

Hello everyone i am a new in this web site ,thank you Ronnie i like you and i like your learning style it’s very good

Profile photo of Sarah oustif Sarah oustif


Profile photo of mohammed.sami mohammed.sami

Thanks Ronnie. You are my best teacher ever.

Profile photo of BARANI BARANI

Just a typo sense of humar should be sense of humor

to have a good sense of humor means to be skilled at telling and understanding jokes

Profile photo of lucyjoy33 lucyjoy33

Iv got 10 .. i like this

Profile photo of angelangel angelangel

hhhhh you’re so funny and your teaching way is very interesting … Thanks

Profile photo of Reemass Reemass

8/10 :-(

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

good lesson thanks ronnie

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Very useful!! Thank u.

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THANKS!! I got 100 on 100 it was all because of you thanks emma

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Hey everyone

Profile photo of Irism Irism

Show !!

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Thank you Ronnie you are the best teacher ever

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Hello teacher, awesome advices, like always. I understood this lesson better after listening it for second time. Thank you so much, teacher. See you later.

Profile photo of lorenzoyoques lorenzoyoques

My first 100… :D
I love you Ronnie..


Profile photo of roalmeida roalmeida

I love you Ronnie.
I don’t speak English very well and i thought that it was difficult but when i watch your videos, i decided to learn English.
You are the best :)

Profile photo of Sahar23 Sahar23

thank you verry match for your lessons it’s verry instructif and you make us funny :-)

Profile photo of docteurhamza docteurhamza

Great lesson! It’s a good idea try to guess the word that you don’t know or remeber. :)

Profile photo of alebleao alebleao

Thank you so much Ronnie!!

Profile photo of mikel hoang mikel hoang


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than you ronnie.. you make learn english so fun ..

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Thank you very much for this useful lesson

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Thanks you so much

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Thanx Ronnie I like this vid. and I am shy of talking English :(

Profile photo of asrar88 asrar88

Hello Ronnie

What is the difference between what do you call and how do you call?

Thank you.

Profile photo of bburcu bburcu

I got 7 out of 10

Profile photo of Sarada87 Sarada87


Profile photo of samgo samgo

Thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Boyo Boyo

Ronnie..it’s good to know you, I wanna ask, is that correct if I use the words “very kind reminding” for someone whom I tell, thank you

Profile photo of Berry Rach Berry Rach

Thank you Ronnie for this lesson. I got 80 current out of 10.

Profile photo of Thoeun Thoeun

Thank you, Ronnie!

Profile photo of JJulian JJulian


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Thank you Ronnie

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I like your method of teaching it’s fanny and very usefull.

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Thank you. Nice teaching.

Profile photo of Mart4444

Thank you ronnie.I need this questions whith my forigner friend.

Profile photo of Megiqva Megiqva

Everyone give me his number for I make group at wastapp for practice language English together at group

Profile photo of Esmaeel Esmaeel

    it is actually a great idea but you need 10 members at least to start a successful whatsapp group

    Profile photo of AMDI AMDI

we wasted our lives learning English from people who doesn’t speak English as a native language, Thank you Roonie

Profile photo of AMDI AMDI

Ronnie, you give to me great lessons everyday.

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x


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Thank you so much Ronnie.

Profile photo of Kientran19 Kientran19

Good adviser is Ronnie!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thank you, Ronnie. I have learned a lot

Profile photo of Maria Mirna Maria Mirna

Hi ronnie
Thank you for lesson but plz tell me what is the meaning of (pourkroo)? you said it in first of the lesson

Profile photo of Ahmad.b Ahmad.b

She is humorously.

Profile photo of Anderson Fernando Torres Anderson Fernando Torres

Thank You, Ronnie!!!

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Thank you,your English is good enough to me

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It was interesting.

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