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you ar so cute Ronnie


    my name is : lusiana and mawa, I want ask
    question : psychiatrist and pneumonia ??what please give
    me answer from you, teacher
    thanks you so much…


      Look the words up in an online dictionary!

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        Ronnie, can you tell us how and when to use, will & would, or can & could, And shall & should, I am not clear about their use when and where these words should be used.


        hi Ronnie! You look nice with your teaching style ,tll me one thing.
        These letters were silent when we were kids and now we are grown elder they are still silent are the on protest?:-)


        if i m chating with somebody n sudanly he want off n i wanna ask him
        so is tht right way to say that
        were u wnet off sudanly is that right ans


          If you want to ASK him you can say “Why did you go off suddenly”? Or Why did you go offline?

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          thank u thank u so much ronnie


          i m a big fan of yrs i like u very much


        Hi, I’m replying cause’ the leave a message button didn’t work. I just HAD to say that you made me laugh a lot we your cute and funny way to teach. I wish I had have a teacher like you when I studied in Brazil, Spain and in France. In those countries the English language is so badly thought !! OMG
        I think that we must at first learn how to speak before learning stuff like how to write a correct phrase because if no one understands when you speak a “correct phrase” because of your pronunciation … after writing this message to you, I’m going to look after a video where you teach us how to pronunciate the vowels when they are combined in words. ex: ae ai ao au ea ee ei … etc. And I would love to watch a video where you explain to us how we pronunciate the letter i because foreigners pronunciate it as the letter e. Most people don’t see the difference between bit/beat pitch/peach and so on. have a very nice day !! I like you very much. Carlos.


        hi ronnie how are you i learn a lot english by listening and watching your engvid.com and you are a very good expleaner


        thank you very much.I adore your lessons.It’s very interesting.

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        hey ronnie it’s very helpful but i need all silent letters rule in English can you help me

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    hi , is the letter b , the last one is silent ? I have checked it and found that it is a silent one .


    You are great, the best of all and very fonny.GRACIAS THANK ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you it great lesson
but you miss some letter h
like honest

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We love you ronnie.Thanks.


Thank you EngVid family. I have learning English a lot with you guys.

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Way 2 go!
My compliment.4/4
I’ve got a ? :Is “topi” the name of an animal?If yes,what type?!!
It was in the text:Zebras,topi and gazelles,all travel 2gether…
I coulden’t catch the meaning Topi.
Lots of tx.

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    I don’t know – google it.

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      u very gooddddddddd


      ifsomeone just arrived at office
      so we can say tht eg. sir has just came to office
      is tht correct?


        I suppose u wanna use “present perfect”,in this way u can say:
        He has just arrived or he has just come.
        present perfect:have/has+pp
        Goodluck with ur English!

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          thanks for yr reply



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          if i wanna say some one tht no one in the office noe he has gonne out for luch is tht correct or say he want for luch which one is correct


          I coulden’t catch u!!!!
          More & better explanation plz.

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          hi fatima i just wanna ask u tht
          someone is gonee for luch so tht we can say tht way e.g. he has gonneout for luch or say he went out for luch which one is correct?


          Hi there,
          Both r correct,but it depends on what tense do u wanna use?,simple past or present perfect??!
          Plz b careful about dictation,u know wrong dictation disturbs the Language n makes misunderstanding!
          The best 2 u.

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          yes but these sentenses r in past tense
          n wat u mean by diction


          He went out for lunch. He’s on lunch. He has gone out for lunch. He’s not here.

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          Thanks ronnie u the best


          means u all r right way to speak


          wat r the diff between gonne n went
          when to use these


          Gone is used when you have not returned.
          Went is used when you left some place and then returned!

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          if 2 peopele talking to eachother n sudnly some one coming in between n afer some time if i wanna iaske him so i can say tht
          who was came at home is right ans


          No – “Who has come home”.

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          liked it.

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          I like it. Very useful info.thanks

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          hiii ronnie


          Thanks Ronnie


          if i m chating with somebody n sudanly he want off
          so is tht right way to say tht
          hwere u wnet off sudanly is tht right


          Excellent “Ronnie” can u send me the videos


    This is an antelope. Latin name: Damaliscus.

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      Ur right.
      I’ve surfed n found,a fast antelope it is.
      Anyway tx.

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    “topi e gazelle” are mouses in italian language

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      Tx sir,
      But what do u mean by mouses?!


Thanks A lot


thank you Ronny.it was a great lesson .can you please make a video about how to pronounce i and g letters ?i got confuse every time i wanna say words that include these letters.thanks again



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thnx to you ronnie love u and the whole team, from egypt

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im hard here guys yeah thank you so much


    You are hard?????

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Tks Ronnie. You’re the best to teacher.
I did quiz very well. Lily from Brazil


Thanks a lot Ronnie. Pronunciation is a skill the most of the students require, like me!

A have a question about vocabulary: what’s the difference between “trip” and “travel”?

thx in advance, bye

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    Hi there,
    Trip:a journey 2 a place & back again,specially a short one 4 pleasure or a particular purpose.
    Travel:2 go from 1 place 2 another,specially over a long distance.(2 travel around the world)
    Hope I could help.

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    Trip is a noun. I’m going on a trip.
    Travel is a verb. I’m traveling to Alaska

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      But we can say: “I’m goint to traveling”?

      And “I’m going on a traveling”?

      thx Ronnie, you’re an excellent teacher!

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        You cannot say “I’m going to traveling”, but you can say I’m going to travel! Remember once and for all that GERUND and INFINITIVE are never used together!!!


          So, why “I’m looking forward to meeting you” is correct?

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        “I’m going to traveling” Is wrong. You can say “I’m going traveling”.

        “I’m going on a traveling” NO! Traveling is a verb. You have to say “I’m going on a trip”! Trip is a noun!
        I hope that helps Bruno!!!

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I have learned a lot here
thank you.




can you tell about ‘substances’. Is the T sound?


    We say it like “sub-stinc-siz”

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I hope u wash your chothes too.lol. prety,nice lesson Ronnie. one more topic like this please.


thank you master

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Hi Ronnie,
When you teach it is very easy; well, I guess that I’ll learn English.Hugs to You.


are there rules for using them properly?


hi Ronnie,
i like more then more English language when i see your video .. thanks u too much ., keep up

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Hi Ronnie. I love your style teaching. Your lessons always are useful and fun. Thanks a lot!!!


thank u very much ronnie i learned alot in this lesson and ur very clever teacher


Ronnie…you are the best !!!!!!

leo lizard

Wy sisland.my english is not good.I m not read a news paper.wen I read my pronuncistion very difrand
.I have ask the meamim other person.please tell Me how do improve my english just speaking.pleace

fahad sabir

Hy Miss Ronnie.

Send me basic Eng Lisning links Thank U Mam.

Nabeel Ahmad

Hi Ronnie,
Can you help me about sounds in middle of some words? I’ve great doubts on pronounce with vowel in middle of some words like LEAVE, LIVE, MEAT… Are there rules for these pronounces?


thanks you, ronny!

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hi there great lesson i enjoyed alot that lesson .thank you


this is so use full for us…..

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thank you so much Ronnie.

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Good one

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Thank you so much.you solve most of my problems.your way of teaching is fantastic.


please help me how can i learen english

hawbir omer

Thanks Ronnie, you are an excellent teacher


Thank you very much! Your lessons are so funny. They help me a lot.

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I have a question, about about the words TALK and WALK? does the L is a letter?

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as new student of English language, I enjoyed listening to your lesson . can we have more???




Thanks Ronnie You’re so nice teacher and a good teaching.God bless you.


Ronnie,thank you very, very much!!!!!


How are you?

I do like your lesson and I want to do your exercise but how can I take a quiz? When I click, It had no thing?
Could you help me?
Thank you!

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tanks ronnie i am new here .i hope you helpe me for learning englesh

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Hello teacher Ronnie! How are you? I will be migrating to Canada very soon. I learn a lot from your lessons especially “pronunciation”. I am not a native English speaker but our 2nd official language is English. So, I have a different accent, I pronounce some English word incorrectly and I find it difficult some times or most of the time. Lol!
I want to learn how to speak, talk and sound like a Canadian. If you don’t mind, can you teach me how to pronounce some of these words Teacher Ronnie:
-written, kitten, cotton, button, mountain, bottom
-mouth, months(I find it hard to pronounce month and months). How do you pronounce “THS”?
-coupon, data, about
-certificate, predicate(will it be pronounce as “KIT” or “KAYT”?), enumerate, alternate, liquidate, consulate(will it be pronounced as “EYT” or “IT”)
-able, applicable, convertible, table, vulnerable, adorable, cable, marble, gamble, humble(would you pronounce it as “BALL” of “BELL”?
I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day Teacher Ronnie.

Profile photo of jandox jandox

    Sorry, I cannot “type” how to say words! I suggest you go to an online Canadian dictionary and listen to the words! Good luck in Canada!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Could you make a video about phrasal verbs?, because that confuses a lot of people including me..please

your effort is greatly appreciated.

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hey ronnie . how to eat ourself . plz reply me soon . thanks.

Mad Person Rawail

    BBQ’d I think would be the tastiest!

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      I wish that you can help me to immigrate to Canada.I really want to work and study there and for sure i want to see you :) face to face

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Great lesson! Thanks.

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thank you so much Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie
U’r my favourite teacher, please can you give us a lesson about phrasel verb?

Mohamed Kabiri


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I have great regard your efforts .
Can you tell us why do we write the letter “d” in “Wednesday” although we don’t pronounce it ?

Profile photo of khalidmfy khalidmfy

    Because it is a silent letter!

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Dear Ms Ronnie,
Thank you very much for your free lessons. Your lessons are cognitive and marvellous.
Could you recommend me popular fairy-tales in Canada.
Yours faithfully,


    Sorry, I don’t know many. You should google “Canadian fairy tales”!!!

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Thanks a lot for this lesson!


como se diferencia los tiempos entre el presente perfecto y el pasado perfecto


    Present perfect – past events in you life. Ex. I have been to Mexico.
    Past perfect = The past perfect tense is often used when we are relating two events which happened in the past. It helps to show which event happened first. Ex.. After I had taken a bath, I brushed my teeth. (my first action = past perfect!)

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Can we say this? im goona traveling?

Profile photo of samsonpervaiz90 samsonpervaiz90

    No. I’m gonna travel.

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Hi there Ronnie! Your lessons are the best ones :D well, even if it isn’t connected to this lesson, I’ve always wanted to know if using “ain’t” was correct,what were its meanings because I usually read it in the lyrics and hear people using it but I didn’t see it on my English schoolbooks.. I wish you could light my mind and explain this “mystery” :P xoxo bye

Profile photo of pacoman17 pacoman17

    “Ain’t” means “isn’t”, “aren’t”, “hasn’t” and “haven’t”.

    • That isn’t right. >> That ain’t right.
    • They haven’t been there. >> They ain’t been there.
    • Aren’t you coming? >> Ain’t you coming?

    But it’s only okay for casual/informal conversation!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thank you so much EngVid :)

      Profile photo of pacoman17 pacoman17

    “ain’t” is very informal. I think it makes people sound uneducated when they say it – I don’t recommend using it! In songs they NEVER follow grammar rules!!! It is art!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Finally, I found some thing that It’ll improve my speech.


I think there are still so many silent letters left … would u mind to explain us the rest … ^_^ thanks …

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Hi Ms. Ronnie. How do you pronounce the word “says”?

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22


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Thanks a lot, Ronnie. Your lesson is really helping me a lot.


thanks alot
how you pronounce

talked and played is it t or d ?


    Play “d”.
    Look at Rebecca’s lesson on simple past pronunciation!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

please tell me the correct pronunciation.
climb, comb, crumb, debt, doubt, numb, plumb, subtle, thumb, tomb, climb, crumb, dumb, comb


    All of these have a silent “b”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

acquire, acquit, blackguard, czar, muscle, scissors, victual

When added to the end of a word, it changes the pronunciation of the word, but is in itself, silent. hope, drive, gave, write, site


thought, through, daughter, light, might, right, fight, weigh
hour, honest, honor, heir, herb


blackguard, knead, knell, knickers, knife, knight, knock, knot, know, knee, knowledge
calf, calm, chalk, folk, half, psalm, salmon, talk, yolk, balk, would, should

autumn, chimney, column, condemn, damn, hymn, solemn

colonel – opossum

corps, coup, pneumonia, pseudo, psychology, ptomaine, receipt, psychiatrist, psychotherapy, psychotic

butter, finger, garden, here, myrrh


I am still waiting your answer ms ronnie.how can I get to site of english dailogues

youssef morrocco

    Google “English dialogues”

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Ronnie you are a good teacher.Thank you for this good lesson


Hi Ronnie,
I have a question, but it doesn´t have anything to do with your lesson. I hope you can help me.
It is about the use of past perfect. I know past perfect is used to talk about an action in the past that happened before another action in the past. i.e:
“After I had bought the paper, I went home.”
I´ve seen a sentence that really made me feel unsure about past perfect. Here you have the sentence:”Before they had set up the social networking sites, we didn´t have any way of communicating over long distances.”
Logically we didn,t have it first, and then they set it up. Why is it used the other way around.Hope you can help me. Thanks, Richard.


    Because they use the word “before”, it is telling you that there were no ways of communicating, until the sites had been set up. The word before is what is confusing you!

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thank you Ronnie it Great Lesson

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you are perfect teacher , thanks a lot

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Dear Teacher Ronnie
I have homework.Can you help me?
Using TOO or ENOUGH in the answer.

Can we walk to the supermarket?(close) Yes, it is too close. or
Yes, it is close enough.
Thank you very much


    When we use “too”, it means something is bad or negative. “I have too much homework.” “I have too many problems.”
    When we use “enough” it means the quantity is perfect. “I have enough money to buy the top.” “I have enough time to help you!”
    Too = bad
    Enough = okay!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I’ve got 4/4.

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i hope i will understand & speak english in a better way ronnie u are a nice teacher.


Thanks Ronnie ma’am . You have been become of mine best English teacher in Engvid.com. Whenever i come to Engvid.com I choose your topic and listen to you very carefully. you know why i have liked you because of when you are going to teaching your body language expressions help to me understand to topic and you have a very excellent tact which smiling. Thanks Ronnie Madam.

Profile photo of kamleshmht922 kamleshmht922

Hi Ronnie
“Lan brought some food for the party”
“She_, we have plenty”
Which answer is right?
A. needn’t have brought
B. didn’t need to
thanhk u

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      thank you very much
      can you explain to me, i don’t understand

      Profile photo of kyu kyu

Hi Ronni, i want to ask about the word “obvious” it is has a silent letter?,because i heard many people say it with silent b & some others say it with silent v

Profile photo of friska friska

    I would say ah-vee-ous. So, the b is silent. People’s accents/where they are from will change the pronunciation of words!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

you know what Ronnie, there is something makes you special in explaining lessons in such an easy way. you are doing something like chatting with our minds so we won’t forget the rules specially when you draw or link the rule to something in life

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I love you Teacher Ronnie you have a good things for me




Hi Ronnie!! thank you so much.I learn a lot from you.

Carrie moses

Dr Teacher Ronnie , I want to be sit IELTS exam in march. Then how can I improve myself . Please give me an guidance.


you perfect teather


thanks i want to learn n speak english plz help me how can i improve my eng?????


thank you very mrs i am from morocco i learn a lot of you


Hi Ronnie,
A. I should take care of my child
B. I should take care my child
Which is correct.



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How are you?
Can you teach how to indentify the silent letter in a word?

Take care,BYE!


very nice engvid :}

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thank you for this awesome web site,it really helped me improving my english,thanks again.


can you teach me the grammer please


Gracias Ronnie, estoy aprendiendo como nunca y enseñas excelente.


Thank you Roonie, I had a lot a problem with these words but thanks to you I will not any more!

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thanks for this lesson Ronnie

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hi teacher
it is the first time i write here
i did not have twitter before but i signed in it only to thank you for your lessons
and i will be so greatful if you give me the honor of talking to you and i do not think that it is allowed to talk about any thing different from english learning here !
your loving sister


thank you for your time


I don’t Know say, only Thanks alot


Thanks alot


Hello teacher!
I would like to ask you some questions.
‘What r silent words?’
Are they every ‘ k ‘ before ‘ n’ ,
every ‘ p ‘ before ‘ s ‘ and ‘ n ‘ ,
every ‘ w’ before ‘ r ‘ ,
every ‘ l ‘ between ‘ u ‘ and ‘ d ‘ ,
every ‘ s ‘ between ‘ i ‘ and ‘ l ‘ ,
every ‘ b’ between ‘ vowels’ and ‘ t ‘ ,and
every ‘ t ‘ between ‘f’ and ‘ e ‘ , ‘ s and e’ , ‘ s and l’?
Answer me teacher please!!


    Sorry, English does not have a simple pattern like this for silent letters – they are all different!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      That is becouse english include many words for diffrent laguages and don’t have its own alphabet. Latin, greek and franch espcially and many others langugea affect to english. And I/ve even heard russian word ‘pgrom’. And Canada I know 50% franch country)))))))))

      Victor Adamenja

Hi Ronnie!
thank you for your wonderful lessons!they are very helpful!!!

i just have a question – I came to canada to study music at university and it’s been almost a year since i came here (i’m from russia).
Now i’m working very hard on my english because i’m trying to get rid of my russian accent although many people i meet think that I speak english since birth but not for a year..
could you tell me what can i do you to reduce my accent?


Hi Ronnie!thank you for your wonderful lessons!they are very helpful!!!i just have a question – I came to canada to study music at university and it’s been almost a year since i came here (i’m from russia).Now i’m working very hard on my english because i’m trying to get rid of my russian accent although many people i meet think that I speak english since birth but not for a year..could you tell me what can i do you to reduce my accent?

Profile photo of ar422692 ar422692

    The only advice I can offer you is to listen and repeat how native English speakers speak! And listen and repeat and listen and repeat – a million times!!! You need to hear how you say the words vs. a native speaker! You should also record yourself to hear how you say words! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie I am from Colombia.I am an AACOUNTANT ,I have my inetrview with american company (HOUSTON ) my porblem is that I can`t understands quick,Iwas studening in ELS HOUSTON TEXAS, 2005,2006, but I can havo good conversation my porobles is question
bye I love your job have a good day
cuidate te felicito por tu trabajo exitos


    You should think about what questions they will ask you in the interview – most companies ask the same questions. Prepare your answers. Also, if you don’t understand what they have asked you, just ask them to repeat it… if they are good people, they will try to help you understand the question!
    Check out these videos on job interviews in English –
    Good luck and tell me how the interview went!
    Buena suerte!!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi!teacher.I live in Toronto,Canada.Could you please tell me where you live,so i can come to the classes if i can.



    Do you want to take a private lesson?

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Yes.I want.Where do you live.


I love your ways in teaching English

Ibrahim shaqura

Thanks a lot,Ronnie!! Your lessons are the best and interesting!!

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Thanks Ronnie :)

Profile photo of wasa03 wasa03

than u Ronnie

Profile photo of veer18 veer18

Thanks a lot Ronnie You are good teacher for me.

Carrie moses

I like, it helps thankyou.


Ronnie i am ur big fan,i have in interview for scholarship plz do a long program about it. i have seen your program about it.bul i think its too short tips,plz do a program about my this program. i have interview in the end of this month.plz do urgently.
see u. bye.


My biggest problem with english is about listening, but if you ask me, you are head and shoulders above the others because i understand more with you and also i can’t keep a straight face. you are so funny
thank you

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YAY I took 4\4..such a great lesson!


you are excellent please we need more .


thank you for helping me


Hi..Sir.. i have a doubt. I passed exam, I have passed exam. When we use this ? what is diffrence between this two words ? Which is correct?. Thankyou.

Profile photo of shajibhai shajibhai

    First, I am not a “sir”. My name is Ronnie! Sir is only for men!
    You have to say I passed my exam = simple past tense.
    OR I have passed my exam = present perfect. They are both correct!
    We use present perfect if the action is based on life experience and has no time marker. We use simple past for routine actions with a time marker!
    In this situation, I would use present perfect!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

nice video

Lyn oxMy

Ronnie thanks your simple explanation really I get lot of words is difficult for me, i am from Somalia teacher Ronnie i want your consultant, I am interest to learn English prefect but there is two barrier for me one is grammatical problem and other accent so how can i solving that problems in a easy steps please advise me.



    For grammar, you just have to memorize the rules. For your accent, listen and repeat English words, then record your voice so you can hear and improved your accent!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Mrs.RONNIE.thank you very good.very nice .I wish your teacher.


hi miss ronnie, ah.. its been 2 month i didnt learnt english lesson on engvid.. and i miss u so much…. i have a question. i confused about some words in pronounciation, there are ‘death’,’debt’ and ‘date’.. all sounds similar.. how to distinguish that?

Profile photo of chenchen92 chenchen92

    Death – de-th (stick your tongue out when you say the “th”.
    Debt – the “b”is silent – det
    Date – day-t

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks alot Miss.


Hi Miss Ronnie, i wanna thank you for these awesome lessons , you are amazing teacher i really enjoy watching you <3


Thank you very much Miss Ronnie. I love the way you teaching. I’m from Sri Lanka, but now living in Italy. bye.


thanks a lot Ronnie, i’m learning with this useful program. your one of the best teacher i ever had………


Hi.. It’s me. Suci, a newcomer

Profile photo of suci92 suci92

thank so much

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hi ronnie my name’s otgoo. I am writing from Mongolian. Do you know my national. I wanna learn language too many. I hope you will help for me. bye see you send me mail ok


it was wonderful lesson thanks so much

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Hi Mam Ronnie ,your all videos are awesome ,i understand everything you just teach me through your video so thank you so much Mam and it’s an Pleasure and Honour meeting you on here :)

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Teacher Ronnie you are excellent teaching english, I studied during 6 years and I never saw teacher like you.
Congratulation and sorry because I know to write wrong. Bye


A day I’m going to study a lesson. Thanks!

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Teacher Ronnie thank you so much your good advice I will hope to make practices a


Could u tell me which of the followings are correct or best than other:
Per to my teacher recom……
As per to my teacher recomendation…

because i found people use both of them

thank you in advanse.


    Both are strange!
    You can say “As my teacher recommended” OR “According to my teacher!”

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

So this website be very interesting thank you for all =)

Christopher Cortez

Dear Miss Ronnie, Hope your fine and well, Many thanks for sharing all useful information. Can u please give us more information about job interview.

Asadullah Sediqi

Hi Ronnie,
As you described yourself, you are a little bit crazy but actually I like your way of teaching..thank you..I’ve enjoyed the class a lot!

Profile photo of andreiaoliveira40 andreiaoliveira40

Hi Ms. Ronnie, how are u? I have a question about this sentence ” I have not decided yet if what i would like for dinner”. Can i use “if” after yet or not necessarily? Please reply.

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22

    If = wrong.
    I have not decided yet what i would like for dinner.

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Hi Mr Ronnie.
thank you for vedio lessons


Ronnie your class is cool. Thanks a lot.

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I love your lessons they are great. I would like some writing like short essays with paragraphs, grammar and punctuation.Or short stories, but something show a good writing.


Mosquito breeding goes on unabated in rural India

The intensified antilarval measures taken up by the civic authorities during the recent outbreak of chikungunya and dengue in the rural India do not seem to have had a positive impact. Several areas continue to be mosquito-breeding centers on a large scale, researchers of the vector Biology and Control laboratory of the Andhra University have found. The laboratory officials found large density of mosquito larvae in the water samples collected from different districts. The samples were taken from East Godavari, Nellore, Srikakulam and areas near by lakes and ponds. The density was 2000 to 2100 larvae per dip of water in these localities on an average while the normal limit is less than 200 larvae per dip of water. Each dip of water contains about 300ml. The uni-dimensional method of using only chemicals to curb mosquito menace, perhaps , was the reason for this , the researchers surmise.
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Spreading of mosquitoes in rural Indian and need to have an integrated approach to effectively control the breeding of mosquitoes.


Modern Indian life

India is a culturally and ethnically diverse nation. In view of rising crime, it causes for several departments of administration of both central and state government have been failed to be vigilant. Many of elected leaders and administrations have been retorting since independence. During elections, voters have been hearing the rumble of wrong promises across the nation.The iniquities of Indian politicians and authorities are a bolt on humanity and it began to poverty and scurried death. The corrupted politicians must be battered in the court of law and according to world lore, the Indian politicians the highest depositors in the Swiss has healing properties.A confrontation between looting political parties and the parties led to a tense situation in all fields of employment and lives of people. Country side did not heed the advice of the others because of their obstinacy. People never dare to bias towards facilitation and development of infrastructure.
India is not only the oldest civilized nation but also mother of several launchers like “Yoga, Kamasutra, gurukula education”. The infrastructure of the rural life such as handy crafts, joint families influenced due to poor administration and unworthy policies. Authorities and elected leaders are making people burst into hysterical tears at the hopeless theories. Youngsters are bickering when they play crucial play in the society due to corruption and crime. How nation could see the pinnacle of the success above their expectations ? Let hope to see the path of climbing Himalayas.


hi Ronnie
I seek the rules of Words with Silent Letters ,please thx


    Sorry, there is no way for me to teach you all the rules! I suggest you start by searching for them on the internet! Good luck!

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i like your teaching style


hi mam :)
i am adnan from Pakistan.i am really really depress because i failed to pass my English paper continuously second…it will be your favor for me if you put me out from this affliction :'(


rooni i really like your teaching way its soo simple im going to give exam of ilets plz pray for me


hi mam :)
i am adnan from Pakistan.i am really really depress because i failed to pass my English paper continuously second…it will be your favor for me if you put me out from this affliction :’(


    You must try again! Never give up!

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i don’t know whats going on…i just want that you give me tips,exercises,tests regarding my course please get me out of this trouble… :'(
please help me…i implore you :'(






Dear Ronnie,, I heard u Lecture good way and best way for delivering. Could u give a lecture on hw to write a Persee.

Rehan Shah

    Sorry, I don’t know what a “Persee” is!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

how to per size a big paragraph. a summery of any big note.

Rehan Shah

Oh…this is new knowledge for me. IThanks a lot.


Thanks ..This is new knowledge foe me.


Remember words easily
What do I do???
If you reached out to people and the best way to upgrade English??? Writing or does not occur again???


    The best way to remember new vocab. is to review it daily!

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that is excellent


This is a very useful and enjoyable lesson , especially I find difficult to pronounce many words in the English . Thankyou

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It is very helpfull for us and u have very good exp in teaching


    sorry i am in offline faster


hello Ronnie,
I have been learning English at school, but nobody has told me that many information as You:)
Thank You very much for Your help!

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Jeff JB

thank you ronnie


Ronnie this is interesting but I also want to know how spelling single letters in IPA transcription for exsample upsetdown e is ‘schwa’. Thanks for your lessons.)))

Victor Adamenja

Thank you, Ronny. I really do always thought that my favorite magazine Psychology must be pronoced with (psi) as the greek letter.
You are really professional teacher – you can explain everything to everyone in many ways because you really understand it.
I’m really pleased to learn your lessons.
You are the best. But don’t turn up your nose ;)


    We say it like “sigh”!

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Ronnie that lesson was very informative. What is the rule when you have to pronounce words that have two constants in the middle. I have no problem with compound words, but other words I do with two constants letters that are together. Do you pronounce the first letter in the word or the second letter for example in the word investigate like the letters s and t. How do you determine what letter will be silent. Would you please do some examples and explain and how to use could and would whats the different with those two words. Please respond Thyou


hi ronnie i have a problem with songs specially rap songs i like to sing with lyrics and i can’t cause its really hard so please can u tell me what i’m gonna do to improve my english correctly :D ?


    Don’t listen to rap for grammar. Vocab is OK but NEVER listen to music for grammar! Keep on watching the lessons to help you improve!

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if i have a teacher like you in childhood i’ll be much much better


    Thankyou so much Ronnie for your valuable classes… i like fun with studies and i’m sucessfull in that bcz of you,now i’m regular student of you thanks.


Thanks for the lesson, Ronnie. I’m sure it helped a lot of people who struggle and/or are learning English. :3


Thank u for lesson. Questions are: “S” is always silent with letters ‘isl”? If there is any rule in what case letter “t” is silent ? May be when it stays after or together with some other letter(s)? In what words else “t” is silent?

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Ronnie, you’re amazing! I like your lessons very much! They are simple and understandable! Thank you! Keep on the good work :D


Thanks Alot it was really helpful..


hi ,, Can i say?
Your shipment is cleared Or your shipment was cleared or your shipment has been cleared


    If the shipment was just cleared (at that moment that you are talking) use “is cleared”.
    Was cleared and has been cleared are the same = they mean the shipment was cleared sometime in the past!

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Thnx Ronnie

Abdul Qayum

Thank you Ronnie


I think thousands of people have said to you a wonderful
But I will not be added again if
I think you’re passionate about language and teaching
I have loved you much and thank you for the wonderful effort
keny from cairo


please I need to know how to improve my writing
pleae i need your advice
Keny from Cairo


Great lesson . Thanks Ronnie .

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hi rani,
your voice quality is very good and soften.Every time i feel glad/happy for listen you .

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You are so funny Ronnie :)I am 21 years old and I’m Polish but I live in England for 3 years. I learn English at college because I want make my English more fluent. About a half year ago I found yours website and I really like lessons that you participate and I try watching all of them day by day,like today :) thanks for your time and I think that there are no better English lessons in the internet :) they are so helpfull and make me feel more confident with English :)

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what is the silent letter of word “work”



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Hello, I only want to tell you all THANKS!!
It’s a great job and you really help a lot of people, even me.
PD: Sorry if I wrote something gramatically wrong, I’m learning =)


hello mrs,ronnie! i was introduced the website through my friend. i really love it.thanks for giving me the intest in english.
nice to make friends with every one

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    OMG.I’m Vietnamese,too.Nice to meet you!How old are you? I’m 13 years old


Loved this lesson as all that I saw!Congratulations Ronnie!!!

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The second “s” in the word “glass” or other words ending with a double “s” or letter at the end of a word.

Jesse Corey

l-i-g-h-t goes below the line

Jesse Corey

Hi Ronnie, excuse for my english, but I need to know, how can I do to recongnize the words with silent letters


why we have different pronunciation of ‘gn’ in ‘sign’ and ‘signature’?


Dear Lonnie
thnk you so much for engvid.com so i have lot from you but i have some problemwith sentense when i met long sentense i cannot summury that sentense can you help me how to learn


very gooooooooood


how can i contact you i really want to learn English.


help me to speak english..i’m too weak..


hi ronnie . i’m firdaous from algeria .thanks for this useful lesson it was so good .i wanna ask you a question about this lesson i have a difficult in pronouciation of the words which contain the silent letters . so the words that you gave i learnt but there is no rule or something can help me to know if this letter i can say it or no .so i hope that you answer me .good bye.


hi mam..i have a doubt in asking a question..if he is 6th president of a country how should we ask it in a question format..


great Ronnie


you are my 1st choice

roshan narwariya

Hi, Teacher Ronnie the lesson is great
Thanks so much.


Hi, Ronnie mam I am watching your classes, amazing, I am very happy with your lesson, we would like to watch some more and ask some questions. Thank you mam.


Tks Ronnie very good lesson!!!!!!


you’re pretty creative teacher
you’re my best teacher
i have no words to describe y techniques to hand the lesson!!! Excellent go on what y doing

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Miss Ronnie thank you all the time.


A little bit difficult but understandble..tanxs alot


hi RONNIE first i say y are very very fun aften i say what’s does different from hallway and aisle…. i explane better when can i use one or one?


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for your teaching. You are very funy and perfect teacher. please send me your email.I want to invite you to my country.


what is the examples of silent k


thank you very much.


Hi Ronnie,

Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons.You make them so easy to understand and you are the best !!!

Best wishes,




Hello Ronnie my name is djalil and this is a great honor for me to write to you to thank you for your efforts you are already a great stadium, you give us lessons in a funniest and smooth way, well i want to ask you to give us a lesson about writing process and strategies.thank you again;your faithfully .

djalil madrigal

i like))


i have learned a lot of… thank you very much


thank you very much)))))


I see your website it’s good for Those persons who wants to learn English. I want to joint your online classes What should I do, please, tell me


hi ronnie ;how are you?

djalil madrigal

Pneumatic also has silent p

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Thank you so much for teach me a English, But i would like to lean is how to reply an email


hi…it’s my pleasure to know about you…so i always have mistake in my spelling ..how can i correct them..and more i have mistake in my grammar sometime i used past to continue ..i can not recognize then sentence which and where i have to u…so please lead me for my correction..i will be thank full to…


hi Ronny. I’m begining to study. that’s all Iwant to say)))))

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Thank you so much


I have spell mistake,and i want pronoun a proper way pls help


I can’t getin why

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Thank ma’am I always say those word wrong and some word I say it right but I never the reason why?

Yours explain is very clear for me THANK!!!

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u r so good in silent letters pls give me a a silent letter of /f/ pls ronnie


you are funny :D I love the way you teach :)

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thanks ronnie

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Wooooow really it was useful

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I found all of them.

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Best regards, from Argentina.

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Hi Mrs Ronnie,thanks for these helpful lessons,I like listening yours so much. I am a universal student in English Department in Cairo Uni., and i have difficulties in Academic writing,could you please do lessons about it.Thanks :D

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Dear teacher Ronnie,
Congratulations! Your lessons are whimsical and I learn so much.
Thanks and God bless you and your team!

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hello mrs.ronnie…
would you tell me what you sad there :”…so lets go d….ing to the firt one…” in the 2nd min of the vidio… i couldn’t follow u…
and i would ask you if you could add subtitle in the vidios… then when we will hear new words we can learn how to write its too… thanks for your great lessons…

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Thanks you Ms.Ronnie=]

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really great lesson .
but my questions :
Are there more words have silent letters ?
or these words only !
in case there are more words , how can i teach it in simple way ..
thanks in advance from your efforts .

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Hammed Nawar

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Very good lesson Ronnie! Thanks a lot… :D

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Hi Ronnie,

Though I got 4 out of 4 correct in the quiz. But, I have a question, in the word ‘hour’, ‘h’ and ‘r’ both should be silent. Right?

Profile photo of Ravi Ravi

    ‘r’ should not be silent.

    Profile photo of parveshmehta07 parveshmehta07

    no, just the h

    Profile photo of zetorka zetorka

thank you miss Ronnie for your lesson, but I did not found for you any lesson about formal letter

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It cool deg!

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Hi Ronnie! I ‘d like to know if the verb “TALK” also has a silent letter…I’m not sure about the pronunciation of TALK.

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i like this is lesson. thanks ms. ronnie

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i got 4 correct out of 4.

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Your lesson is very helpful. Thanks

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Knit is also “crochet”, almost the same word in Brazilian Portuguese: Crochê.

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Thank u Mrs. Ronnie
I have question? Can I say
what should I do now or what I should do now ?
I really want to know

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You are the best teacher. Are you teaching a private lesson?

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Mam your are amazing i like your video very much.
and its really helpful for me, I am having lots of problem in pronunciation and spelling mistakes i dint understand how to read and write its very much embarrassing in front of others, In this video i know about some silent words but how to read it all there are millions of words :-(

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Is there any list or rule for those words where “H” is silent… like “herb”? I’m not a native american speaker, and most of the time I struggle in conversatios when I ignore if the pronunciation. Thanks a lot, Ronnie. I love your videos!

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Hi Ronnie! Please make a video about silent e!
For example intEresting

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teacher,please let me know how to read correctly in the sentence.
Question 1, (at)some read …Ah..T the sound like (art)
(at) some read …at… the sound like (eight)
with one is correct.
Question 2, (at the) the sound (eight the)
but Look at me we didn’t read the sound (look eight me but we read (look cake me)
like> thank you (thank Q),.> we didn’t read thank you
like> come on (come mon)..>we didn’t read come on
please help me or can get the special dictionary to find out the (tricky sentence sound) .
hope you can understand my answer

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Thank you Ronnie for this lesson. It is very useful for us who are native English speaker. May God bless you.

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you are great teacher i love you so much

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appriciate lol

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Thank you!
Can you indicate more about silent words and pronunciation?
We don’t say the letter I…correct?

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ayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ronnie i got 100% in quiz and please can you make video on “spelling”
because i don’t know how to write a correct spelling

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thanks a lot Ronnie

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great lession. Thank you so much.

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Hi, Ronnie thanks for all your lessons I want to know you said you soften in your voice or soften your voice? and another broken into down into categories or broken them down…? thank you

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Is this all the word that have a silent letters or there is more ?

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